The Trees

The Trees, also called The Higher Plane are creations of the elves. They were originally created as safe havens from the wars on the Lower Plane. Each Tree was created from an elven forest, and is a gargantuan living being, sucking off the nutrients and minerals from a wide area and leaving that area unsuitable for farming purposes. They also shade the area underneath, so the ground around the Trees is usually barren and lifeless, except for trade ports for airships coming to and from the Tree. All Trees are located near water, and they can use both saltwater and freshwater for their needs.

The Trees consist of a large underground network of roots, a single massive trunk and the branches which spread out all at a certain level, create a basic support structure for the ground on top of them and then turn upwards in certain spots to create 'forests' on the tree. The Trees pump out water through the trunk into the branches, some of which turns into rivers. The ground itself has been brought by the elves during the creation of the Trees and isn't replaced nowadays.

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