The Bloodlines of Magi

The human magic users require a lot of knowledge and information to grow stronger. This knowledge takes a long time to acquire and thus those who already have access to it are in a much better position to ascend in power. Thus, the magic users from the great Houses of the Magi are usually more powerful than the others.

The Seven, or the Council of Seven, is a council of the seven leaders of the most prestigious and powerful of the houses. These houses hoard the power and every member is required to submit his life's work to the house. Every house-member has the house's surname, and most of them are focused in certain powerful bloodlines. There are some people adopted to the houses, however. The council regulates magic and acts as one against outside forces, but there are certain bitter rivalries between the houses. The symbol of the whole council is a circle, divided in seven parts. The house crest has this symbol with the house's own symbol in the middle of it, and the symbol of the council has the symbols of the houses in their own slices of the circle.

The seven houses each have a leader, whose title refers to the house's special knowledge. The titles are:


Caster's house is the house of Lethan. Their symbol is a teardrop and their specialty is special magical places, areas with a high concentration of magic.

Magician's house is Mithar and their symbol is an ancient rune, literally meaning 'magic'. Their specialty is a wide variety of different spells. Cessie's house.

Wizard's house is Raken and their symbol is a spellbook. Their specialty is the study of new and more powerful spells. They have the best researchers of all houses.

Sorcerer's house is Yuran and their symbol is a crystal ball on a pedestal. Their specialty is the use of one's inner magic source and thus the wordless spells one can use even while muted.

Warlock's house is Khares and their symbol is a crooked dagger. Their specialty is war, and the warmages of this House are feared all over human-controlled lands.

Shaman's house is Tarken and their symbol is a branch turning into a hand. Their specialty is nature and the magical powers one can affect it with and derive from it.

Conjurer's house is Shin and their symbol is an emerald. Their specialty is using magic to modify the abilities of items and pouring their own magical energy inside them. They are known for having a large collection of jewels filled with magical energy, and they are said to possess enough power to utterly destroy any of the other houses in one shot. Afterwards they would be less powerful than most, though.

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