The Structure of the World

The dusty old parchment had been hidden in the shelf, amidst all the books, probably untouched since it had been put there. But somehow, it had drawn her to it, maybe it's age, the whole uniqueness of it's existance had served as the powerful force influencing her hand to seek it out from it's safe nest. Carefully, her hands opened the text, her eyes starting to read, her mind absorbing the knowledge of the long-gone writer who had poured what he knew and had found out into it.

Structure of the World

An essay by a forgotten scientist after the War, after elves had departed for the Trees, found and copied by the hand of Brother Jesai.

The world. What is it? People have asked this question of themselves and others for thousands of years. We see the trees, the rocks, the animals and the people around us. But what are they? What do they consist of?

I have spent my life studying the texts and scriptures of the subject. I've talked to the most prominent figures of authority. I've debated, and discussed. And I've formulated my own theory of the matter.

To start, we need to enlargen our perspective. To know what the world is, we will have to define 'world'. I've taken the stance that world is the combination of matter and energy around us. This distinction is important. The matter of the world I shall be calling 'Nature', while the energy is 'Magic'. I have studied the flows of these, and I believe I have come to a solution. The beings of the world, plants, animals and sapient creatures, they all consist of Nature. But what they also have, is Magic. In animals and plants, they do not actually possess Magic, but they affect the Magic 'field' all around them. As new plants and animals are born, they add to the Magic. Now, sapient beings are different. They consist of a shell of Nature around a spark of Magic. As new sapient beings are born, a lot more Magic is brought to the world, but it's locked up inside them, as the spark. As the beings die, it is released into the Flow, the Magic field, as Lifeforce.

Lifeforce is just Magic, energy, they're both just terms for it. All magical powers, spiritual powers, powers of god are, fundamentally, parts of the same field of energy.

This is all a part of previous theories, which most people studying this text will hopefully know. But next comes my part. We need to go even farther, look upon this all from an even more distant perspective.

My belief, reinforced by quite a lot of testing(the details of which can be found in the notes) is, that Magic is actually something vastly more powerful than what we believe. It isn't just the energy field around this world, it's a whole new class of being, a being which would be on another Plane of Existance. Now, the theory behind this is horrendously difficult to explain. The technicalities aren't suitable for this summary paper, so I've decided to try and explain it by comparison. This being, Magic. Let's think of it like it would be an actual creature. It lives in a symbiotic relationship with Nature. It has created Nature and keeps it alive, but as new beings are born on Nature, the world we see around us, their Lifeforce joins Magic, giving it energy.

This world is just a part of Magic. This part of my theory is barely more than a hypothesis. It's based on mostly the measurements made of the Magic field that pervades the world, and the massive size it has according to them. If Magic were this being, Nature would just be a small part of his body, like a bodypart.

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