Spirit Realm 02

[14:00] Shadowcaller: Want to try to finish your little break out?
[14:00] Wolfbane: Yeah
[14:00] Happy: yay! :)
[14:00] Wolfbane: As I recall, I was charging my way towards a midgit on a staircase, trying to get to the gatehouse
[14:01] Shadowcaller: So, you were going up the stairs with a midget blocking your path, there was a golem and another midget chasing you
[14:02] Wolfbane: Promise swings his looted sword to try and knock the midget off balance before knocking him off the ledge.
[14:03] Shadowcaller: Edge of what? The wall they are on isn't just a flat stone line, it got like a second higher wall that archers and such are supposed to take cover between
[14:04] Wolfbane: Oh, then he'll just try to unbalance the guy then kill him.
[14:06] Shadowcaller: The midget bravely attempts to fend you off, attempting to disarm you as you swing your sword against him, your swords met and the midget retreat backwards
[14:07] Wolfbane: Promise follows, trying to get to what he assumes is the gatehouse.
[14:07] Shadowcaller: You run away from the little man then?
[14:08] Wolfbane: Whichever way is the gatehouse, he'll go. But only after picking up the crossbow so it isn't used against him.
[14:09] Shadowcaller: The crossbow is actually resting at a stand by the second higher wall behind the dwarf.
[14:10] Wolfbane: Ah, then he just runs to the gatehouse as quickly as possible, trying to avoid fighting anyone.
[14:11] Shadowcaller: When he suddenly turns his back toward the dwarf it charges him, cutting him in the leg
[14:12] Wolfbane: Promise growls and tries to stab the dwarf.
[14:14] Shadowcaller: Turning around yet again toward the dwarf this time. You make a slash which he just manages to parry.

[14:15] Wolfbane: As quickly as possible, Promise tries to punch the dwarf's face before he can recover from parrying.
[14:15] Wolfbane: >.>
[14:16] Wolfbane: (Promise fights dirty. =P)
[14:18] Shadowcaller: With a fast blow you manage to crush the dwarf's nose, his nose start to bleed and he almost drops his sword as he quickly backs away from you. Now very defensive all of sudden
[14:19] Shadowcaller: Bu now, you can hear more shouts from the courtyard how the dwarf that were following you is climbing up the stairs along with the golem.
[14:19] Shadowcaller: Some more dwarves emerges from the longhouse, one with a huge battle axe
[14:20] Wolfbane: Which way is the gatehouse?
[14:20] Shadowcaller: Its in the same direction as the longhouse, that is, right
[14:21] Shadowcaller: But on the wall, they aren't close to each other or anything
[14:21] Wolfbane: Is there a way along the top of the wall to get to it?
[14:21] Shadowcaller: Yes, there is
[14:22] Shadowcaller: The wall leads to a door on the gatehouse
[14:22] Wolfbane: Promise turns and sprints towards the gatehouse, ignoreing any attack from the drawf.
[14:22] Wolfbane: dwarf*
[14:23] Shadowcaller: you come to the door, you can feel that its not locked
[14:23] Wolfbane: Proise opens it and goes through.
[14:26] Shadowcaller: Inside there are what looks to be the gate opening mechanism, its like a round table with levers sticking out of it, it looks quite heavy. There is also a staircase leading up to another level as well as a door on the other side of the gatehouse.
[14:27] Shadowcaller: There are no windows in the room, but there is a torch in a holder on the wall to your right
[14:27] Wolfbane: Promise tests to see if the table turns. (locking mechanism?)
[14:30] Shadowcaller: Trying to push one of the levers its not really easy, it seems to take more then one person to use this. As you try to push it, you can see some rope near the stairs hanging from a hook
[14:31] Wolfbane: Promise takes rope and goes up the stairs. (how long is the rope?)
[14:32] Shadowcaller: (darn… I'm not good with american measurements.)
[14:33] Murska: (Fifty-seven zqardz)
[14:34] Shadowcaller: (Huh?)
[14:35] Shadowcaller: about 23 feet
[14:35] Wolfbane: What does he see when he gets upstairs?
[14:36] Shadowcaller: A quite empty room, two tall and thin windows
[14:37] Wolfbane: He looks out the window if there is one that looks out of the fort, checking to see how far down the ground is.
[14:38] Shadowcaller: You would think its about 50 feet to the ground
[14:38] Shadowcaller: You can hear the dwarves entering the gatehouse
[14:39] Wolfbane: Is there a torch in the room?
[14:40] Shadowcaller: Not in this upper room no
[14:40] Wolfbane: Does the other window lead to the courtyard?
[14:41] Wolfbane: Just in general direction
[14:43] Shadowcaller: There are two windows, both of them leads straight out to the outssde the fortress
[14:43] Shadowcaller: *of the fortress
[14:43] Shadowcaller: (my keyboard is slowish…)
[14:44] Wolfbane: What kind of terrain was it below the window?
[14:45] Happy: (stop trying to kill mah mate! >.< )
[14:45] Shadowcaller: Short yellowish-grass
[14:45] Shadowcaller: (hey, I'm not doing anything, this was already planned out this way.)
[14:46] Wolfbane: (Not by me! I only gave general ideas, not this insidious plot!)
[14:46] Wolfbane: =P
[14:46] Shadowcaller: Its a tall hilltop, with a road leading down to a port town
[14:47] Shadowcaller: You can see the sea at the horizon
[14:47] Murska: (bah, the whole point of IFs is to try and kill the player)
[14:48] Murska: (Now what Wolfy should do is to find a way to kill the GM instead)
[14:48] Wolfbane: =P
[14:49] Wolfbane: I can't believe I am saying this, but, I'm completely stumped.
[14:50] Shadowcaller: Try something and see what happends
[14:50] Happy: :P
[14:50] Happy: that's not a hint
[14:50] Wolfbane: =P
[14:51] Shadowcaller: There are no hints >.>
[14:51] Wolfbane: Promise waits next to the stairs and tries to contact Zubera. /Zubera? Can you hear me?/
[14:53] Shadowcaller: (Huh…) You can hear Zubera's voice reply back, quite suprised to hear you again /Promise? What- where are you?!?/
[14:53] Shadowcaller: You can hear the dwarves below
[14:53] Murska: (IF-style 'save' 'jump down' 'restore')
[14:54] Wolfbane: /I-I don't know. In a fort/prison near some body of water. Can you get me out of here?/
[14:54] Wolfbane: He sounds very desperate.
[14:55] Shadowcaller: /In the spirit realm? I can't sense your presence./
[14:56] Wolfbane: /I don't think I am in the spirit realm anymore./ Promise readies himself to cut off the first head that makes its way up the stairs.
[14:57] Shadowcaller: The dwarves seems to have stopped, they are still moving, but not coming up the stairs at least
[14:57] Wolfbane: Promise stays still, but keeps the sword ready.
[14:58] Shadowcaller: /Not- where are you then? I have been looking all over for you./
[14:58] Wolfbane: /I don't know! I can't remember much. I would love to know where I am./
[14:58] Shadowcaller: /Can you make a circle? I can't find you on those lose guide lines I'm afraid./
[14:59] Shadowcaller: /…sorry./
[14:59] Shadowcaller: /Are you in danger? You sound afraid./
[14:59] Wolfbane: Promise takes the rope and makes a circile out of it. /I'm… injured. I hope rope can make a good enough circle./
[15:00] Wolfbane: circle*
[15:01] Wolfbane: /I'll tell you what I can when I get out./
[15:03] Happy: (yay. work person came and left)
[15:04] Wolfbane: (yay!)
[15:04] Murska: (As opposed to staying for the night? :P)
[15:04] Happy: (she might have pulled a gun and taken me hostage or something >.> )
[15:06] Shadowcaller: There is a very faint glow coming from the rope circle, you can feel its very weak /Its very… blurred. I'm not sure my magic can work inside this weak circle. Please tell me your not in too mcuh danger?/
[15:06] Shadowcaller: It sounds like the dwarves have started working with something downstairs
[15:08] Wolfbane: /I wish I could without lying. Can we at least try?/
[15:09] Shadowcaller: *much
[15:10] Shadowcaller: /What do you want me to do Promise? I attempt anything…/
[15:11] Shadowcaller: *I will attempt anything
[15:12] Wolfbane: /I… don't know. I'd just rather not rely on Helios again. One of his agents somehow found me here. Would it be possible to teleport me if I step into the circle or something like it?/
[15:15] Shadowcaller: /I rather not attempt that… the circle is far too weak for anything like that… I don't know what to come up with Promise./
[15:15] Wolfbane: Promise gets an idea. /Would blood help stablize the circle?/
[15:18] Shadowcaller: /I- I don't know Promise, is there not any other way I can aid you? Teleportation is something very powerful./
[15:18] Wolfbane: /Could you send some magic powder through? That way I can make a better circle?/
[15:19] Shadowcaller: (Would not that be teleportation too?:P)
[15:20] Wolfbane: True, but it would be a much more stable circle. >.>
[15:21] Wolfbane: /Longer rope perhaps?/
[15:21] Wolfbane: /I'll settle for any help at this point. Whatever you can do./
[15:21] Murska: (Well, technically it'd probably require more power to teleport a rope than to teleport some powder)
[15:23] Shadowcaller: /But you surely must know the situation better then I am, I have no idea what you are doing Promise. I'm sure you can come up with something I can help you with, that was the way you cured me right?/
[15:24] Shadowcaller: (Help out Wolfy a bit here will ya? I can't help him >.>)
[15:25] Happy: (I don't know what the rules about magic circles are)
[15:26] Shadowcaller: (Just come up with something that logically would require low amout of magic power.)
[15:27] Wolfbane: /Are you able to heal me a little?/
[15:27] Murska: (Well since teleportation = a lot of power and basically anything done through a magic circle = teleportation in some form plus this circle is weak…)
[15:29] Shadowcaller: /I can try…/
[15:31] Wolfbane: /Right now, I am trapped in a room, with a lot of armed people in the room below me, I have a crossbow bolt sticking out of my shoulder, and I've been experimented on for who know's how long. I'll gladly take whatever risk. Thank you./ As he says that, Promise wrenches the bolt out of his shoulder and wipes the blood on the rope, just in case it helps.
[15:33] Wolfbane: /I'm sorry if I'm angry/
[15:33] Shadowcaller: SHe sound shocked and perhaps a bit hurt as she slowly replies in a weak voice you never thought a god would ever use /Step in…/
[15:33] Happy: (i'm going to go take a nap guys. Have fun.)
[15:33] Happy: (*hugs*)
[15:33] Shadowcaller: (Bye.)
[15:34] Happy: (will stay logged in so i can do the log later)
[15:34] Happy: (poof)
[15:35] Wolfbane: Promsie steps in. /I'm sorry. I should never have gotten angry. You couldn't have known./ He sounds very remorseful.
[15:39] Shadowcaller: He can feel a sudden discharge of magic and he suddenly feels a bit better /Its okay, now that I know… your invisible, but I don't know how long it will last… and it may break with bodily contact./
[15:40] Wolfbane: /Thank you. Again, I'm sorry. Please tell the others that I will be with them soon./
[15:41] Shadowcaller: /Once I returned, its harder to contact them from the spirit realm./
[15:41] Shadowcaller: /Please be safe…/
[15:42] Wolfbane: /I'll try to./
[15:43] Shadowcaller: Smoke starts coming up from down below
[15:43] Wolfbane: Promise hurries downstairs to see what is happening.
[15:45] Shadowcaller: The dwarves have started a controlled fire down below, the smoke may reveal his features…
[15:45] Wolfbane: He quickly tries to get to the door.
[15:46] Shadowcaller: The room is pretty packed with dwarves, it might be hard to get by them without touching one of them
[15:47] Wolfbane: What is the fire burning?
[15:47] Shadowcaller: Wood
[15:48] Shadowcaller: They have encircled it with stones so it won't spread any further
[15:48] Wolfbane: How many dwarves are there?
[15:49] Shadowcaller: About seven of them
[15:49] Shadowcaller: (Get it?:P)
[15:49] Wolfbane: (Cliche much? :P)
[15:49] Murska: (About seven, eh? 7,2? 6,89?)
[15:49] Wolfbane: Is the one with the battleaxe there?
[15:50] Shadowcaller: (They are seven…) Yes, he is. Resting his both arms on the axe
[15:50] Wolfbane: Is he close to Promise?
[15:51] Shadowcaller: Many of them got crossbows aimed at the staircase
[15:51] Wolfbane: O.o
[15:51] Shadowcaller: No, he is sort of behind the others
[15:51] Wolfbane: Is there any way he could sneak past them?
[15:54] Shadowcaller: The largest gasp between them is at against the right wall, but even that might be hard to get by. The dwarves are staring at the stair case and one of the crossbow wielding one says something on his own language, pointing at you
[15:56] Wolfbane: Promise tries to get through the gap, slowly, so he may look like part of the smoke, but keeps his sword ready.
[15:57] Shadowcaller: The dwarf next to him shakes his head as you pass them
[15:59] Shadowcaller: You manage to just sneak past the first dwarf, just brushing against his clothes that he thankfully don't appear to notice
[15:59] Shadowcaller: The one with the battle axe appears to be impatient and makes his way through the group, pushing one of the dwarves into you
[16:00] Wolfbane: Is he visable now?
[16:02] Shadowcaller: He dosen't know, but the dwarf that was pushed into him turns around, facing him
[16:03] Shadowcaller: *facing you
[16:03] Wolfbane: Promise quickly tries to slit the dwarf's throat if no one else is looking at him.
[16:03] Wolfbane: Strike that
[16:04] Wolfbane: Promise moves to the side and readies his sword in case the invisibility is still working.
[16:06] Shadowcaller: The dwarf shout something and points at the location you were a moment ago, the ones that aren't directly looking over the staircase turns in that direction, even the one with the battle axe
[16:06] Wolfbane: Promise continues making his way towards the door.
[16:08] Shadowcaller: The dwarves look around confused, just so you know, both doors are closed
[16:09] Wolfbane: Does the locking mechanism look like it has turned at all?
[16:09] Shadowcaller: Nope
[16:10] Wolfbane: Promise goes to whichever door that fewer dwarves are watching
[16:13] Shadowcaller: The room is not that large actually, so they could be watching both doors at the same time
[16:14] Wolfbane: Are any of them watching the doors?
[16:16] Shadowcaller: Some of them are looking in that direction yes
[16:17] Wolfbane: Promise crouches down just to the side of the door he is nearest and and tries to push it open easily, as if someone was sneaking out.
[16:19] Shadowcaller: A dwarf looking in your direction notice this and shouts, soon enough you have every dwarf in the room looking in your direction, some of them already stepping towards the door
[16:20] Wolfbane: Promise readies his sword just in case, but otherwise moves away from the doorway a bit if possible.
[16:21] Shadowcaller: How open did you leave the door?
[16:22] Wolfbane: Open enough to make it look like someone would be able to fit through if they were trying to be sneaky.
[16:25] Shadowcaller: One of the dwarves fires a bolt that its the wall, just a few inches from your head, another passes you and kicks the door wide open,
[16:26] Wolfbane: Promise stays still.
[16:28] Shadowcaller: Three dwarves rush through the open door, while two of them go upstairs. Just two stays in the room, one among them the one with the gigantic battle axe. He looks around in the room suspiciously while the other are putting out the fire
[16:30] Wolfbane: Promise follows the ones who left the room, but not too closely.
[16:31] Shadowcaller: There are even more dwarves outside the room and down on the couryard there are several golems wandering around.
[16:33] Wolfbane: Any exits that he can see?
[16:34] Shadowcaller: Exits from what? The fortress?
[16:34] Shadowcaller: He's on top on a wall right now
[16:34] Wolfbane: Promise looks over the wall.
[16:35] Shadowcaller: Which side? Down on the couryard or the same direction the windows were aimed at?
[16:35] Wolfbane: Outside the fort.
[16:35] Wolfbane: He is searching to see if there is anything soft he could land on or something he could jump to.
[16:37] Shadowcaller: The land around the fortress looks kind of barren, what do you mean with soft anyway? A heap of hay?
[16:37] Wolfbane: That, a patch of bushes, a tree, things like that
[16:38] Shadowcaller: No such things, I don't know how a tree, or a bush would make his fall better thought:P
[16:38] Wolfbane: How high up is he now?
[16:40] Shadowcaller: About 34 feet up in the air
[16:41] Wolfbane: Promise looks back into the gatehouse.
[16:42] Shadowcaller: No0thing have really changed that as it only have passed a few seconds game time
[16:42] Shadowcaller: The one with the battle axe is moving around in the room
[16:43] Wolfbane: Hmm…
[16:45] Wolfbane: Is the other dwarf watching him?
[16:45] Shadowcaller: He is still stomping out the fire
[16:45] Shadowcaller: There is a blanket they used to push the smoke with too
[16:46] Shadowcaller: Laying on the floor
[16:46] Wolfbane: Promise goes to the nearest stairway to get to the courtyard
[16:48] Shadowcaller: Its blocked by the dwarves that also are taking that path down, they already seems to have spread the word around and every dwarf is going around "sensing" things
[16:48] Wolfbane: Promise waits until they get off the stairway before going down.
[16:49] Shadowcaller: There are a few dwarves on top of the wall too, you can see the one you punched in the face holding his nose, leaning against the wall while two other dwarves are searching around
[16:49] Shadowcaller: Near him
[16:50] Wolfbane: Promise goes down the stairway a bit then, but slowly so he doesn't bump into the dwarves on it
[16:53] Shadowcaller: The dwarves are seatching around the court yard, more of them are called out to aid in the search
[16:54] Wolfbane: When able to, Promise goes through the door leading to the slave cells.
[16:56] Shadowcaller: Inside, he can see how a dwarf in black clothes (but not the same one you met before) is using some type of magic on the dwarf you wounded. Watching him are two golems
[16:56] Wolfbane: Can he get by them to the stairway down?
[16:56] Shadowcaller: They are no blocking the way down so yes
[16:57] Wolfbane: Promise does so and makes his way to the cells.
[16:58] Shadowcaller: He encounters one lonely golem patroling the corridors
[16:58] Wolfbane: He tries to move past it if there is room.
[16:59] Shadowcaller: The golem is moving in the middle of the corridor, so its kind of hard with its amrs streached out
[16:59] Shadowcaller: (Link: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/thumb/c/ce/Golem.png/180px-Golem.png)http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/thumb/c/ce/Golem.png/180px-Golem.png
[17:00] Shadowcaller: thats about how they look
[17:00] Wolfbane: Ah, if he crouched down, would he be able to let it walk past him under it's arms?
[17:00] *** Aegnor has left the conversation.
[17:01] Shadowcaller: Promise is kind of large, he needs to make himself really small in that case
[17:01] Wolfbane: He'll press himself against the wall and floor, laying down if he has to.
[17:02] Shadowcaller: *arms
[17:03] Shadowcaller: It passes him without notice
[17:03] Wolfbane: Promise gets up and continues on.
Shadowcaller says (11:03 AM):
He comes to the four corners again
Shadowcaller says (11:04 AM):
The prisoners seems to have quiet down now
Wolfbane says (11:04 AM):
Any guards?
Shadowcaller says (11:04 AM):
Not what he can see
Wolfbane says (11:05 AM):
Promise goes to the cell farthest from him and starts to hack at the lock.
Shadowcaller says (11:07 AM):
Its not making much of a damge, the prison bars are made of a really strong material (the lock is built into the prison door)
Wolfbane says (11:07 AM):
He sticks the tip of the blade into the lock itself and starts to try and pry it
Shadowcaller says (11:09 AM):
Shadowcaller says (11:10 AM):
The lock is quite well made and his method might be a bit too crude to break it up, he might cuase it to break it instead
Wolfbane says (11:10 AM):
Cause the sword to break?
Shadowcaller says (11:10 AM):
The lock
Shadowcaller says (11:11 AM):
AKA, not be able to open it again
Wolfbane says (11:11 AM):
Promise stops and goes to the right corridor that he didn't have a chance to go through before.
Shadowcaller says (11:13 AM):
As he is going without a torch, its kind of dark in here, even for his eyes, he can see another torch and a torch holder in the distance
Wolfbane says (11:14 AM):
Promise creeps along quietly towards the light.
Shadowcaller says (11:15 AM):
You reach the torch without any incidents, beyond the torch light is only darkness
Wolfbane says (11:17 AM):
Promise grabs the torch and moves on.
Wolfbane says (11:18 AM):
He thinks his invisabilty is gone anyways because of the lock hacking
Shadowcaller says (11:19 AM):
He can see a door to his left and his right as he moves down the corridor
Wolfbane says (11:19 AM):
Promise listens at the door to the left to hear anything.
Shadowcaller says (11:20 AM):
He can't hear much except pages of a book turning
Wolfbane says (11:21 AM):
He listens at the other door
Shadowcaller says (11:22 AM):
It sounds like someone is moving stuff around
Wolfbane says (11:24 AM):
Promise sets the torch to the side and cracks open the door a bit to look in.
Shadowcaller says (11:24 AM):
To the side?
Wolfbane says (11:24 AM):
He sets it on the ground near the door
Shadowcaller says (11:25 AM):
Some type of fluid starts to leak out from it
Wolfbane says (11:26 AM):
The torch?
Shadowcaller says (11:26 AM):
Yes, you put it on the ground
Wolfbane says (11:27 AM):
Promise quickly sets it standing up against the wall to stop it from leaking.
Shadowcaller says (11:27 AM):
It dosen't really lean well against the wall, it might fall at any moment
Wolfbane says (11:28 AM):
He does his best then cracks open the door a bit.
Shadowcaller says (11:29 AM):
(the problem is that the bottom of the torch isn't that big, it hardly got anything to stand on
Wolfbane says (11:30 AM):
(He'll brace his foot against it then)
Shadowcaller says (11:32 AM):
He creacks the door open a bit which cuases a voice to call out something he dosen't understand, but it sounds like a question
Wolfbane says (11:33 AM):
Promise stands out of the doorway, sword ready.
Shadowcaller says (11:34 AM):
He hears footsteps and the voice call out something again
Wolfbane says (11:35 AM):
He knocks the torch over a bit so it makes a noise. He gets ready to stab whoever it is.
Shadowcaller says (11:37 AM):
The torch falls over and its light is almost extinguished as it falls to the ground, the footsteps stop
Wolfbane says (11:38 AM):
Promise stays still
Shadowcaller says (11:40 AM):
He can feel… magic, then the footsteps continues towards him
Wolfbane says (11:41 AM):
Promise mentally curses himself and tries to hide in the shadows, gettting readdy to strike if need be.
Shadowcaller says (11:43 AM):
He hear the door open, but can't really see who's opening it up, the voice once again calls out and he hear more footsteps from the other room
Wolfbane says (11:44 AM):
Promise stays still.
Shadowcaller says (11:46 AM):
The other doors open and he see a little man in black clothes looking out, its still not the same person that tortured him, but he don't seem to see him at least. He says something to the person in the other room.
Wolfbane says (11:47 AM):
Promise waits for things to settle down before moving on without the torch
Shadowcaller says (11:47 AM):
The black clothed person can apperently see the torch and goes out to pick it up
Shadowcaller says (11:48 AM):
The unseen person mumbles something
Wolfbane says (11:48 AM):
Promise makes sure he is out of the way.
Shadowcaller says (11:50 AM):
He picks it up and then turns in your direction, he titles his beardless head a bit as he looking into the darkness of the corridor and then he picks up a red wand from his pocket
Wolfbane says (11:52 AM):
Are they inable to see him because of the shadows, or because of invisibility?
Shadowcaller says (11:53 AM):
He can't tell really
(How would he be?)
Wolfbane says (11:53 AM):
Promise tries to move out of the way the wand is pointing.
Shadowcaller says (11:55 AM):
He can feel magic once again as the little man raises the wand, magic fire emerges from it and sort of sorround the little man, most of the corridor lights up and Promises is a bit blinded by this
Wolfbane says (11:56 AM):
Promise stays still.
Shadowcaller says (11:58 AM):
The little man shakes his head, takes up the torch in his other hand, says something to the unseen person and then goes back into his room, closing the door
Shadowcaller says (11:59 AM):
He hears the unseen person mumble something and then everything goes completly quiet once again.
Wolfbane says (11:59 AM):
Promise mentally breathes a sigh of relief and moves on.
Shadowcaller says (12:00 PM):
(the other persons door is still open, he can see light coming from it.)
Wolfbane says (12:00 PM):
Promise takes a peek in as he moves past.
Aegnor says (12:01 PM):
(I'll go sleep, but also stay online, just for lulz'n'possible coming back in some six hours or so)
Shadowcaller says (12:02 PM):
(Going to sleep already? Oh well…)
Wolfbane says (12:02 PM):
(sorry if I am slowing things down)
Shadowcaller says (12:03 PM):
(Eh, you aren't.)
(I might have made this too hard, but then again, escaping from prison is supposed to be…) You can see the other dwarf standing in the doorway, its your torture
Wolfbane says (12:04 PM):
Any other things in the room?
Wolfbane says (12:05 PM):
(ugh, just got told that I have to go back home this coming weekend)
(For the weekend only)
Shadowcaller says (12:05 PM):
You can't really see much of the room beside an old desk with some type of chest on top of it.)
Wolfbane says (12:06 PM):
Any magic feeling?
Shadowcaller says (12:06 PM):
(well, from his "sessions" he have learned he can only feel magic once its "activated".)
Wolfbane says (12:07 PM):
Since it is likely the torturer is shielded Promise moves on. For now.
Shadowcaller says (12:09 PM):
You move down the corridor, this time without any light as the torture leaves his room, closing and doing something non-magical with the door after him
Shadowcaller says (12:10 PM):
Then he goes along the corridor, to the left
Away from you that is
Wolfbane says (12:10 PM):
Further down the corridor or the way he came?
Shadowcaller says (12:11 PM):
The way he came
Wolfbane says (12:12 PM):
Promise keeps going down the corridor.
Shadowcaller says (12:13 PM):
Without any light sources, everything goes pretty dark
He can't see anything
Wolfbane says (12:14 PM):
He keeps going, feeling his way along the wall
Shadowcaller says (12:15 PM):
You can feel the wall ending
Wolfbane says (12:15 PM):
Its a dead end?
Shadowcaller says (12:15 PM):
No, he just can't feel the wall anymore
Wolfbane says (12:16 PM):
Promise feels the edge and looks past it.
Shadowcaller says (12:17 PM):
He can see light somewhere out into the corridor
Wolfbane says (12:17 PM):
Promise goes towards it warily
Shadowcaller says (12:18 PM):
As he goes towards it, he can hear heavy footsteps coming from the other side of the corridor
Wolfbane says (12:20 PM):
Promise stays along the side of the corridor and continues moving.
Shadowcaller says (12:21 PM):
He can soon see one golem wandering about
Wolfbane says (12:22 PM):
Anything else?
Shadowcaller says (12:23 PM):
Yes, just at the edge of the torch light he can see a very heavy door
Wolfbane says (12:25 PM):
Does it look locked?
Shadowcaller says (12:26 PM):
He can't tell from this distance
Wolfbane says (12:26 PM):
Promise moves closer to the door
Shadowcaller says (12:27 PM):
The golem is coming towards him
Wolfbane says (12:27 PM):
Does it look like the golem saw him?
Shadowcaller says (12:28 PM):
Not really, its slowly walking along the corridor
Wolfbane says (12:28 PM):
Is there any way he can avoid it?
Shadowcaller says (12:29 PM):
Well, the same way he avoided the oher golem?
Wolfbane says (12:33 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:33 PM):
(he dose so…) The golem passes you
Wolfbane says (12:34 PM):
Promise gets up and gets closer to the door
Shadowcaller says (12:35 PM):
He can see another door, next to the first one, and then one next to that one… in fact, the rest of the corridor seems to be a long row of doors
Wolfbane says (12:35 PM):
Promise listens at one of the doors
Shadowcaller says (12:36 PM):
He can't hear any sound except the heavy step of the golem
Wolfbane says (12:36 PM):
Promise tries to see if the door will open
Shadowcaller says (12:36 PM):
Its locked
Wolfbane says (12:37 PM):
Promise goes down the corridor
Shadowcaller says (12:39 PM):
While one side of the corridor is filled with rows of doors, there is only one door on the other side
Wolfbane says (12:40 PM):
Promise goes to it and listens.
Shadowcaller says (12:41 PM):
He can't hear anything from it
Wolfbane says (12:41 PM):
Promise tries to open it
Shadowcaller says (12:41 PM):
It opens up, he can barely see stairs down there, but its really hard since he have moved away so far from the torch
Wolfbane says (12:42 PM):
Promise goes to grab the nearest torch than goes down.
Shadowcaller says (12:43 PM):
The golem that have its back turned at him is slowly moving away
Shadowcaller says (12:44 PM):
He grabs the torch and makes his way towards the stairs, as he carries it, he can now also see a door at the end of the corridor
Wolfbane says (12:45 PM):
Promise goes to the door and listens through it.
Shadowcaller says (12:47 PM):
He can't hear anything from it, but he starts to hear someone running along the corridor he just left
Shadowcaller says (12:48 PM):
Actually, its more then one person running
Wolfbane says (12:48 PM):
He quickly tries to open the door and enter.
Shadowcaller says (12:49 PM):
It dose open, and he enters yet another very short corridor that ends with a turn
Wolfbane says (12:49 PM):
Promise shuts the door behind him and goes around the turn
Shadowcaller says (12:50 PM):
Its another corridor that ends with a round room, he hears the footsteps even closer now
Wolfbane says (12:50 PM):
Any doors in the room?
Shadowcaller says (12:51 PM):
Nope, but he see a machine very similar that was used in his own cell…
Wolfbane says (12:52 PM):
Is there a hole in the middle of the room?
Shadowcaller says (12:52 PM):
Yes, there is
Wolfbane says (12:53 PM):
Promise goes and removes the cover and looks down into it.
Happy says (12:53 PM):
Wolfbane says (12:54 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:54 PM):
The cover is quite heavy, but with an effort he pulls it off
Wolfbane says (12:54 PM):
(I'm back underground, trying to free prisoners to kill all the guards and stuffs)
Wolfbane says (12:55 PM):
(And I am invisible! =D)
Shadowcaller says (12:55 PM):
(He is going down into the fotress again…) Far down below he can see something moving around
Wolfbane says (12:55 PM):
(*runs around naked* WHOOO!!!)
Wolfbane says (12:56 PM):
Promise tries to lower the chain
Shadowcaller says (12:58 PM):
He dose so, when he have lowered it a bit, he can hear the door around the corner opens
Wolfbane says (12:58 PM):
Promise tries to lower it faster, but gets his sword ready
Shadowcaller says (1:00 PM):
He can hear a shout and more running. but he can't see anyone coming around the corner yet, the chain is now all the way down to the floor of the cell
Wolfbane says (1:00 PM):
Promise stands to just the side of the opening and readies his sword and torch.
Shadowcaller says (1:01 PM):
(they still see the torchlight you know…)
Wolfbane says (1:01 PM):
(I know they can see the light, but if I am standing to just the side of the entrance, it'll be too late to realize it.)
Wolfbane says (1:02 PM):
(They shouldn't be able to see me I think)
Shadowcaller says (1:02 PM):
Around the corner comes his torturer with two golems behind him
*no one golem
Wolfbane says (1:02 PM):
Promise stabs at the dwarf's face with the torch, followed by his sword aimed for his neck.
Shadowcaller says (1:05 PM):
The torch bounce of some type of field. but the sword he is holding seems to cut through this field for some reason, you cut the tortuer in the throat and he falls down bleeding greatly
Wolfbane says (1:06 PM):
Promise grabs lifts the man's head up and finishes severing it if possible.
Yeah, he is /pissed/
Shadowcaller says (1:07 PM):
The golem behind him reaches out for you as you contuinue to attack the man, grabbing you by your shoulders
Wolfbane says (1:08 PM):
Promise tries to shove the tip of the blade into the golem's eye.
Shadowcaller says (1:09 PM):
He dosen't succed as the golem holds him ina quite firm grip
*in a
Wolfbane says (1:09 PM):
Promise hacks at one of the arms if he can.
Shadowcaller says (1:10 PM):
He is not making a dent
The golem proceeds by throwing him into the wall of the round room
Wolfbane says (1:11 PM):
Promise tries to get up.
Shadowcaller says (1:11 PM):
His back is in pain, he have trouble standing up, but apperently the golem won't walk over the torturer and just stands there, lifting up its master.
Wolfbane says (1:12 PM):
Promise lets it be and concentrates on standing.
Shadowcaller says (1:12 PM):
He can hear more footsteps coming
He manages to stand up
Wolfbane says (1:13 PM):
Promise growls and readies his sword again.
Shadowcaller says (1:14 PM):
behind the golem he can see a lot of dwarves turn up
Wolfbane says (1:15 PM):
Has the person in the hole climbed up yet?
Shadowcaller says (1:19 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:23 PM):
(disscussing things.)
Wolfbane says (1:26 PM):
(No problem, take your time)
Shadowcaller says (1:36 PM):
(We do >.>)
Wolfbane says (1:36 PM):
Wolfbane says (1:37 PM):
(I'm currently making a character for a Dark Heresy 40k game. He has purple skin)
(And yet has the ability that he is easily forgotten
Happy says (1:38 PM):
A clawed hand grasps the edge of the pit, then a second. Then a pair of beady eyes rise just above the lip, staring at the golem.
Shadowcaller says (1:38 PM):
The golem turns it back at Promise and the other prisoner, trying to carry away its most likely dead master
Shadowcaller says (1:39 PM):
And the same time, the other dwarves are trying to make its way past it, you notice how a wand falls out from the tortures robe
Wolfbane says (1:39 PM):
Promise tries to grab the wand.
Happy says (1:40 PM):
The captive tries to drain the magic from the golem.
Shadowcaller says (1:41 PM):
Its to far away from the captive, dwarves are pushing its way behind it, but with amazing speed Promise dose manage to get the wand, a sword almost hitting him
Wolfbane says (1:42 PM):
Did Promise sense the magic?
From the Captive
Shadowcaller says (1:42 PM):
Not really, but perhaps a lack of it
Wolfbane says (1:43 PM):
Promise hurries to the hole to help the captive out.
Happy says (1:43 PM):
The captive screeches in anger, and tries to drain the nearest dwarf instead.
Wolfbane says (1:44 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:44 PM):
A dwarf uses this oppertunity to pass the golem and charge Promise with his axe (not the large axe mind you.)
Wolfbane says (1:45 PM):
Promise thrusts his sword at the charging dwarf.
Happy says (1:46 PM):
The captive is very light. Much lighter than you would expect from the size.
Shadowcaller says (1:46 PM):
(err… actually Promise only hears the dwarf that stupidly roars in rage)
Wolfbane says (1:47 PM):
(A different dwarf roared?)
Shadowcaller says (1:47 PM):
(No the same.)
Wolfbane says (1:47 PM):
Wolfbane says (1:48 PM):
Well, He'd be pulling the captive out with one hand and thrusting with the other.
Shadowcaller says (1:49 PM):
(Lets make a remake shall we? Missed Happys action there…)
Shadowcaller says (1:50 PM):
Promise hears someone behind him roar in rage, the captive that just managed to get out of the hole can see him just behind this strange shaved wolfman
Wolfbane says (1:51 PM):
Promise spins around, sword at the ready.
Shadowcaller says (1:53 PM):
The dwarf leaps at you, you just manage to parry its cut with your sword, but the strain but on the sword cuases it to break. You are forced to back away towards the hole
Happy says (1:54 PM):
The captive tries to leap free of the wolfman and dwarf, and then drain the dwarf.
Wolfbane says (1:54 PM):
Promise throws the pitiful remains of his sword at the dwarf.
Wolfbane says (1:55 PM):
(Hey, he has no idea what the bird-man is going to do)
Shadowcaller says (1:56 PM):
It dosen't do much to the dwarf, but the captives touch dose, the dwarf the is busy attacking the wolfman suddenly loses all color and fall over
Shadowcaller says (1:57 PM):
The golem is at the end of the corridor now, along with two dwarves that seems to hesitate
Happy says (1:57 PM):
The bird creature flies after the golem, at top speed.
Wolfbane says (1:57 PM):
Promise grabs the fallen axe and charges.
He'll try for one of the dwarves
Happy says (1:59 PM):
Promise can see that it is missing quite a few feathers. Probably wondering why it climbed up the chain instead of flying out, if he has time for wondering.
Shadowcaller says (2:00 PM):
One of the dwarves goes for the bird creature, slashing her left arm, but that dosen't seem to stop her however, she flies over him and grabs the golems back. Meanwhile the wolfman charges the other dwarf that while being suprised by the sudden attack from the captive don't react in time…
He goes down on the floor
Wolfbane says (2:00 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:01 PM):
Looks that way
Wolfbane says (2:01 PM):
Promise swings the axe sideways at the other dwarf.
Happy says (2:01 PM):
She drains the golem.
Shadowcaller says (2:01 PM):
The golem suddenly stops and falls forward
Shadowcaller says (2:02 PM):
This time the dwarf parrys, but is forced backwards, screaming something
Happy says (2:02 PM):
She goes for the torturer next, trying to claw his face off.
Screeching in fury.
Happy says (2:03 PM):
Probably reminding Promise of the harpies.
Shadowcaller says (2:03 PM):
The torturer is underneath the fallen golem, but I guess his head is still there, she rips it off
Wolfbane says (2:03 PM):
Promise takes another swing at the dwarf
Useing as much force as possible
Happy says (2:04 PM):
She keeps tearing at what parts of the corpse she can reach.
Shadowcaller says (2:05 PM):
If the captive would look up, she would see another black clothed figure at the other end of the corridor, sorrunded by flames
Promise breaks the dwarves sword in half, and kills him
Behind the glaming figure are two other dwarves
Happy says (2:06 PM):
She looks up. Can she sense magic off of him?
Shadowcaller says (2:06 PM):
She can yes
As the figure sees her, he suddenly seems to panic and runs around the corner
Shadowcaller says (2:07 PM):
The two other dwarves covering his retreat
Wolfbane says (2:07 PM):
Promise howls and charges, swinging at the two dwarves in his way.
Shadowcaller says (2:07 PM):
(the captive and the fallen golem is in his way.)
Wolfbane says (2:07 PM):
Oh, then he moves around them first if possible.
Happy says (2:08 PM):
The captive is chasing after them.
Shadowcaller says (2:08 PM):
These two dwarves have long halberds
That they have lowered
Wolfbane says (2:09 PM):
Promise stops the captive by putting a paw on it's shoulder.
He holds out the wand. "Can you use this?"
Happy says (2:09 PM):
She takes the wand. Does she recognize what it does?
Shadowcaller says (2:11 PM):
Not really, she only feels that its magic
Shadowcaller says (2:16 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:23 PM):
(Disscussing details yet again.)
Wolfbane says (2:23 PM):
(yep, I figued)
Happy says (2:24 PM):
(my method of character generation is a big random…)
Shadowcaller says (2:28 PM):
Happy says (2:30 PM):
The avian tries to drain all of the magic out of the wand.
Shadowcaller says (2:30 PM):
SHe feels how the wand quickly is drained of energy and how that energy fills her
Shadowcaller says (2:31 PM):
You can hear more shouts aourn dthe corner
Happy says (2:31 PM):
She then tries to use the magic to set the shafts of the halberds on fire.
Wolfbane says (2:32 PM):
Promise readies the axe for whoever is charging.
Shadowcaller says (2:32 PM):
The haldbeards burst into flames and the dwarves drops them in panic
Shadowcaller says (2:33 PM):
Wolfbane says (2:33 PM):
Promise charges and as soon as he is close enough, attacks one.
Shadowcaller says (2:35 PM):
They attempt to draw their swords as he charges landing a blow at one of them while the other manages to draw his sword while retreating into the corridor
Happy says (2:36 PM):
She aims a blast of fire at the other dwarves face, trying to set his beard on fire
Shadowcaller says (2:37 PM):
This last corridor before the stairs is filled with halberd carrying dwarves that have managed to set up quite the defense, you can see the blackclothed flaming figure here (the corridor turns as you remember so the captive can't see all this)
Shadowcaller says (2:38 PM):
(ANd this dwarf don't actually have a beard, but she misses him anyway as he have retreated around the corner.)
Happy says (2:38 PM):
Wolfbane says (2:38 PM):
Promise stops as he rounds the corner.
Happy says (2:38 PM):
(a dwarf without a beard?!)
Wolfbane says (2:38 PM):
A dwarf w/o…
Wolfbane says (2:39 PM):
Promise goes back around the corner and looks at the captive. "Can you understand me?"
Shadowcaller says (2:39 PM):
(Yes, these dwarves aren't really all the same…)
Happy says (2:40 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:40 PM):
Remember that there are rows of door on one side and only one door leading to a stair on the other
Wolfbane says (2:41 PM):
"Sorry, I've just been a here for too long, not used to people who can speak the same language. I'm Promise. Careful, there are a lot of pikemen around the corner."
Happy says (2:45 PM):
"Kraaaw! If I could just get to the wizard," she says in frustration.
"How many pikes?"
Wolfbane says (2:46 PM):
Promise looks around the corner and counts.
Shadowcaller says (2:46 PM):
There are about 5 of them and one wizard, behind the wizard are three golems
Wolfbane says (2:47 PM):
"5 pikes, the wizard and three golems"
Happy says (2:50 PM):
"I can set them on fire again. But first, I think I have enough magic to try something…"
She tries to make herself invisible and to make Promise look like her.
Shadowcaller says (2:51 PM):
SHe feels herself empty of magic as she dose that
Happy says (2:52 PM):
"Grr… no more magic. Try and keep their attention, while I try to fly past them to the wizard."
Wolfbane says (2:52 PM):
Promise nods.
Wolfbane says (2:53 PM):
He runs around the corner and readies his weapon
Shadowcaller says (2:53 PM):
A bold darts past Promise
Happy says (2:53 PM):
She creeps after him, ready to fly overhead if the halberds are lowered at him.
Shadowcaller says (2:54 PM):
There are more dwarves coming to support, but they can't all fit into the corridor
The halberds slowly start to move towards them
Happy says (2:55 PM):
Can she fly overhead?
Shadowcaller says (2:55 PM):
(that is by the sides.)
(Well, she can fly over the dwarves, but maybe nott he golems.)
Happy says (2:55 PM):
(the golems are behind the wizard?)
Shadowcaller says (2:56 PM):
Happy says (2:57 PM):
She flies overhead then and straight into the wizard's face, to try and clutch onto him with all four claws and drain him dry.
Shadowcaller says (2:57 PM):
His flames suddenly fades away as she attacks him, making the corridor go dark
Wolfbane says (2:58 PM):
Can Promise still see?
Shadowcaller says (2:58 PM):
(Well, you dropped that torch you had… so no.)
Shadowcaller says (2:59 PM):
The golems blindly attempt the grab the captive as she quickly drains the wizard
Happy says (2:59 PM):
If they touch her, she drains them as well.
Shadowcaller says (2:59 PM):
Bolts blindly fly by, one hitting Promise in the leg
Shadowcaller says (3:00 PM):
Another hits the captive in her shoulder
Shadowcaller says (3:01 PM):
Two of the golems collapses, there is wild panic among the dwarves as shouts from both them and the nearby prisoners can be heard
Wolfbane says (3:01 PM):
Promise tries to leap over the halbreds and swings his axe.
(Ugh, lag)
Shadowcaller says (3:02 PM):
He feels a pike against his wounded leg, and one against his shoudler blade
He can't reach the dwarves and backs away, bleeding greatly
Wolfbane says (3:03 PM):
Promise backs up and throws his axe from a distance, hoping to hit a dwarf.
Happy says (3:03 PM):
The avian lights up on fire, as the wizard just was.
Shadowcaller says (3:03 PM):
He halts, he isn't in the best condition anymore
Wolfbane says (3:04 PM):
Frankly, he never was since the start. Promise leans against a wall and tries to apply pressure to the worst of his wounds.
Shadowcaller says (3:04 PM):
The room is once again filled with light
Happy says (3:04 PM):
She screeches in the dwarve's tongue "Drop your weapons!"
Shadowcaller says (3:07 PM):
The turn around towards her confused, not really sure if they should finish off the wolfman or attack her, but they don't look like they want to surrender, the group of dwarves trapped between her and Promise stands back to back, the cross bown men at the stairs fires off some bolts that donät hit thanks to the fallen golems
Promise leans against the wall, not really fit to fight
Happy says (3:07 PM):
Still armed with their halberds?
Shadowcaller says (3:08 PM):
Happy says (3:08 PM):
How many?
Shadowcaller says (3:08 PM):
5 of them
Shadowcaller says (3:09 PM):
There are more dwarves behind the golems however. but right now the corridor is filled with them. You can feel that the dwarves didn't really plan this
Happy says (3:10 PM):
/Right. Now or never…/ she thinks to herself.
She tries to blast through the wall.
Shadowcaller says (3:10 PM):
What wall?
Shadowcaller says (3:12 PM):
there are two walls, and there also are some doors in the corridor itself, one of them leading to her torture room, while the two others leading to her tortures room and another to the wizard she just killed's room
Happy says (3:13 PM):
doors in both walls?
Shadowcaller says (3:13 PM):
(thought Promise might remember, and she also that their cells where to the right.)
Happy says (3:14 PM):
(the player has no real sense at all of the space we're in)
Shadowcaller says (3:14 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:15 PM):
Give me a second…
Shadowcaller says (3:18 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:19 PM):
(Those long rooms are the prisoners cells, the round rooms are your cells)
Happy says (3:19 PM):
where are we?
Shadowcaller says (3:21 PM):
In the long corridor leading upwards, Promise is right at the end of the two rooms that are facing each other and the captive is higher up in that corridor
Want me to mark it out?
Happy says (3:23 PM):
okay. And at the top of the corridor is the courtyard?
Shadowcaller says (3:23 PM):
Not really, it leads to a staircase that leads to a guard room
Which leads to the courtyard
Happy says (3:24 PM):
Are we below ground?
Wolfbane says (3:24 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:24 PM):
You are yes, this complex is built into the mountain side
Happy says (3:25 PM):
so much for blasting out through the walls then
And there are five scared dwarves between me and Promise?
Shadowcaller says (3:25 PM):
There are yes
Wolfbane says (3:25 PM):
Blast them! =D
Shadowcaller says (3:25 PM):
But they are standing back to back
Wolfbane says (3:26 PM):
Make them explode into little bloody bit!
Shadowcaller says (3:26 PM):
With their halberds lowered
Happy says (3:27 PM):
Do any of them have beards?
Shadowcaller says (3:27 PM):
Err… yeah
Happy says (3:28 PM):
I set them on fire >.>
(somehow I think Murska would approve)
Shadowcaller says (3:29 PM):
Um okay, you set the dwarves beards on fire, they scream in panic and can't really concentrate on holding their halberds.
Happy says (3:30 PM):
What, they don't drop them and try frantically to put them out?
Shadowcaller says (3:30 PM):
The last golem reaches out for you
Thats what I meant
By not concentrating
Happy says (3:30 PM):
GAH! my FACE is on FIRE!!!!!
Shadowcaller says (3:31 PM):
Yeah, yeah, they panic with all the sudden fire. insulting their berds…
Happy says (3:31 PM):
Drain the golem. (You sure I can't manage to control it instead? )
Shadowcaller says (3:31 PM):
Nope, it goes down with the others, now there are three golems laying there, blocking the corridor
Shadowcaller says (3:32 PM):
(This jail break took a bizzare turn…)
Happy says (3:33 PM):
fly over the panicking face burning dwarves back to where Promise is.
Shadowcaller says (3:33 PM):
You do so, the dwarves can't really concentrate
On you
Wolfbane says (3:33 PM):
Promise is trying to take strips of cloth from dead dwarves to make bandages
Shadowcaller says (3:33 PM):
With their faces on fire…
Happy says (3:34 PM):
The two big rooms… which is which?
Shadowcaller says (3:34 PM):
That are close to you?
Happy says (3:34 PM):
"Are you alive?"
Shadowcaller says (3:34 PM):
The one to the left is the wizards room, the one to the right is the tortures room
Wolfbane says (3:35 PM):
"Yes. Just hurt. You wouldn't happen to be able to heal things, could you?"
Happy says (3:35 PM):
try and blast into the wizard's room.
"I can cauterize it."
Shadowcaller says (3:36 PM):
You do so, the relavivly thin wall gives away from your blast
Wolfbane says (3:36 PM):
Promise nods and clenches his hands into fists. "Then do it."
Happy says (3:37 PM):
She puts one flaming hand to his wound.
Wolfbane says (3:37 PM):
(The crossbow bolt is still in his lef by the way)
Shadowcaller says (3:37 PM):
(flaming? o.O that can't be good)
Happy says (3:38 PM):
(that's what cauterization is)
(but it will stop the bleeding, anyway)
Wolfbane says (3:39 PM):
When she is done, Promise tries to get back up.
Shadowcaller says (3:39 PM):
Okay, she dose so, Promise feel a sharp pain and almost blacks out. But he somehow manages to stay conscious
Happy says (3:39 PM):
She goes into the wizards room and looks around.
Shadowcaller says (3:39 PM):
He rises, his vision is blurred, but he can still move somewhat
Wolfbane says (3:40 PM):
(Promise is thinking something along the ways of "Wow, its been a /long/ day")
Wolfbane says (3:41 PM):
Happy says (3:41 PM):
A staircase in the corner would be nice to find…
An important guy like the wizard deserves his own entrance, right?
Shadowcaller says (3:42 PM):
There are a desk with a pile of books on the top of it, there is an books case, a simple rug on the floor, some type of black plantish thing. There is also a torch with an holder and a chest of some sort, behind the desk
Wolfbane says (3:42 PM):
Promise tries to open the chest
Happy says (3:42 PM):
Can I sense magic?
Shadowcaller says (3:43 PM):
(Well, dwarves have different casts, the black robed ones belong to the night cast…) Promise attempts to open the chest, which is locked. He can sense magic coming from it as he attempts to open it. She can sense magic from the chest once Promise attempts to open it
Wolfbane says (3:44 PM):
"Should I try to break it open?"
Shadowcaller says (3:45 PM):
(Night cast dwarves can lose their rank by just being out in the sun.)
(There is a staircase leading down in the corridor you left behind, the one that lead to the captives cell
Happy says (3:46 PM):
"Let me try." She puts a hand to the lock and tries a knock spell
Shadowcaller says (3:46 PM):
She feel some of her magic drain away
Happy says (3:48 PM):
Does it open?
Shadowcaller says (3:48 PM):
Wolfbane says (3:48 PM):
Promise tries to open it again.
Shadowcaller says (3:48 PM):
It opens up
Happy says (3:48 PM):
She screeches something that sounds like a curse.
Shadowcaller says (3:48 PM):
( =
Happy says (3:48 PM):
(before it opened)
Shadowcaller says (3:48 PM):
Wolfbane says (3:49 PM):
Oo! What loot did we find?
Shadowcaller says (3:49 PM):
Inside there are many different things, some wand-like, others that looks like carved stones…
Happy says (3:49 PM):
Do I recognize any of them?
Shadowcaller says (3:50 PM):
No, she haven't seen any of these before
Wolfbane says (3:51 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:51 PM):
Neither dose he
Happy says (3:52 PM):
Is there any kind of sack or something we can carry them in?
Wolfbane says (3:52 PM):
Yeah, speaking that neither of us are wearing a stich.
Wolfbane says (3:53 PM):
ANy clothes?
Shadowcaller says (3:53 PM):
Inside the chest? Yes, but they are all black and look a bit too small for you
Happy says (3:54 PM):
Carnians don't wear clothing to cover themselves, so she isn't really concerned about that
Shadowcaller says (3:54 PM):
There is a empty plat on the table
Wolfbane says (3:54 PM):
Promise tries the door across the hall.
Happy says (3:54 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:54 PM):
Happy says (3:54 PM):
anything special about the plate?
Shadowcaller says (3:54 PM):
It seems to be made of silver
Shadowcaller says (3:55 PM):
It looks like the kind you eat from
You mean the tortures room?
Wolfbane says (3:55 PM):
Oh, different area than I though
Happy says (3:56 PM):
And did I find a sack? If not, I'll improvise one from the clothing.
Shadowcaller says (3:56 PM):
You can't find any sack
Shadowcaller says (3:57 PM):
How do you improvise them exactly?
Happy says (3:57 PM):
what kind of clothing is it?
Wolfbane says (3:57 PM):
You take a cloth, put things in it, and bundle it up?
Happy says (3:57 PM):
a robe?
Shadowcaller says (3:58 PM):
Yes, a robe and some under clothes
Happy says (3:59 PM):
Tie a knot in the bottom of the robe. Drop items in from the neck. Use arms to tie the bundle around waist.
Mine, since I'm a lot skinner than even a mistreated wolfen
Shadowcaller says (4:00 PM):
The artifacts feel kind of heavy
You aren't sure you can carry all of them like this
they drag down the little bag you have made to the ground
Happy says (4:01 PM):
stop making it so hard
Wolfbane says (4:01 PM):
Thats what I've been saying all along! =P
Shadowcaller says (4:02 PM):
(bah, this is relativily easy compared to what I have seen.)
(Heck, you are powered up to the max.)
Happy says (4:02 PM):
(yeah, but a simple thing like improvising a sack shouldn't be so difficult
Shadowcaller says (4:03 PM):
It wasn't, but it is kind of heavy, there were a lot of artifacts in it.
Happy says (4:03 PM):
is there a bed in the room?
Shadowcaller says (4:03 PM):
There is yes
Happy says (4:03 PM):
Use the sheet to improvise a second sack. divide the artifacts
Happy says (4:04 PM):
Marli will carry as many as she can, trying to feel which ones are the most powerful
"I'm Marli. Who're you?"
Shadowcaller says (4:05 PM):
Well, the most powerful artifact is a eye-shaped stone
Wolfbane says (4:05 PM):
(He said his name a while back)
"I'm Promise. I wish we could have met under other circumstances"
Shadowcaller says (4:05 PM):
There is also a wand that is shaped as a rose
Happy says (4:06 PM):
"I can try and blast through the golems. That'll probably use up what I drained off the wizard, but I can recharge with some of these."
"Any ideas?"
Shadowcaller says (4:07 PM):
and what looks like a a rat skull, but made of an green amterial
Wolfbane says (4:07 PM):
"Well, above surface, there is a metal gate blocking the exit. I tried to get out earlier, but failed."
Shadowcaller says (4:07 PM):
Promise is still in pretty bad condition
Shadowcaller says (4:08 PM):
He have trouble moving with his right leg
Happy says (4:08 PM):
Do any of these items look like healing things?
Shadowcaller says (4:09 PM):
You can't really know that, there are different colored stones, a mask made of what looks like silver, a very tiny crown
Most of it are different wands however, and colored stones
Happy says (4:13 PM):
She looks at him sharply. "Can you keep up?"
Wolfbane says (4:13 PM):
"I'll try my best, but I've been running around here all day."
Wolfbane says (4:15 PM):
(Have to get dinner in 15 minutes)
Wolfbane says (4:16 PM):
(And tomorrow I won't be able to RP most of the day so you can continue the other story line)
Happy says (4:16 PM):
"I can't really heal. But I can give you an energy infusion." She puts a hand on him (not burning) and sends some lifeforce into him.
Wolfbane says (4:17 PM):
Promise nods. "Anything will help at this point."
Shadowcaller says (4:17 PM):
He feels a bit better, but she feels more of her magic draining away
Since its life froce, she feel a bit weaker
Happy says (4:18 PM):
She grabs one of the items at random and drains it dry. (woohoo! batteries!)
Shadowcaller says (4:19 PM):
She feels the magic left the item and it restores her a bit, Promise can hear the dwarves moving on the other side of the golems
Happy says (4:20 PM):
(and the face burning dwarves?)
Wolfbane says (4:20 PM):
"Dwarves are just on the other side of the Golems."
Happy says (4:20 PM):
"Yeah. Imma blast through em. Hoepfully get em running scared."
Wolfbane says (4:21 PM):
(Or kill them)
Happy says (4:21 PM):
"And if we get trapped? Don't get any crazy ideas about putting me out of my misery. I'm a survivor. I'll go back in that hole if I have to."
Shadowcaller says (4:22 PM):
(they don't really look to be fit of fight. blinded by the fire that enfluged their faces, they are just walking around feeling their way.)
Wolfbane says (4:22 PM):
"Same here. Glad we are the same then. But I won't go without a fight.
Happy says (4:22 PM):
"Ready then?"
Wolfbane says (4:23 PM):
Promise readies his axe. "Ready"
Happy says (4:24 PM):
Marli returns to the corridor, headed for the golem barricade.
Wolfbane says (4:24 PM):
Promise follows as best he can.
Happy says (4:25 PM):
She tries to blast through the barricade.
Shadowcaller says (4:26 PM):
(Err… okay.) The golems heavy bodies are pressedfurther down the corridor, you can hear shouts coming from the dwarves on the other side.
Happy says (4:27 PM):
(what, are they solid inside?)
Shadowcaller says (4:28 PM):
(yes, they are.)
Wolfbane says (4:28 PM):
(Well, if you have a better way of getting us out, we'd like to know. =P)
Happy says (4:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:30 PM):
(Um, fighting yourself out might not be the best way… you have gotten yourself stuck in a quite complicated situation…) Promise can hear the voice in his head again as the golem barrier sort of tips over on each other /Where are you?/
Happy says (4:31 PM):
(there's another way?)
Wolfbane says (4:31 PM):
/Back underground. I released the other Captive. You didn't tell me that the gate was barred. Is there a back way out?/
Happy says (4:31 PM):
(I don't know any way other than fighting)
Shadowcaller says (4:33 PM):
/Describe the situation./ It replies shortly
Wolfbane says (4:33 PM):
Promise relays it best he can
Shadowcaller says (4:36 PM):
The voice is quite for a while as to comprehend what you are telling it. /I… see. Well if you have that massiv acess to magic… from what I have learned, or seen, there is a cell window in your cells right?/
Wolfbane says (4:37 PM):
Promise asks Marli if she had one.
Shadowcaller says (4:38 PM):
(she did as their cells looked pretty much the same.)
Wolfbane says (4:38 PM):
And I have to go to dinner, brb
Shadowcaller says (4:41 PM):
(I should have marked down the windows too…)
Shadowcaller says (4:46 PM):
In fact…
Happy says (4:49 PM):
(also dinner, brb)
Happy says (4:56 PM):
Happy says (4:59 PM):
three windows in each cell?
Wolfbane says (5:01 PM):
Happy says (5:02 PM):
(I think SC's afk)
Wolfbane says (5:02 PM):
Did you get the first part logged?
Happy says (5:03 PM):
not yet
Wolfbane says (5:03 PM):
Blarg, I think Giant is dead
Shadowcaller says (5:06 PM):
(also, I come of thinks of ways you could have escaped earlier…but anyway…)
/Is that enough?/
Happy says (5:07 PM):
(explain the windows? how can there be windows on the left? Wouldn't that be towards the interior of the mountain?)
Wolfbane says (5:07 PM):
"Do you think you can blast though beneath the windows of your cell?
Shadowcaller says (5:08 PM):
(they haev carved out towers sort of.)
Wolfbane says (5:08 PM):
Happy says (5:08 PM):
"Dang. I should have thought of that." Marli says.
Happy says (5:09 PM):
(well it's easy for /you/ to think of things )
Wolfbane says (5:09 PM):
Promise bows and extends his arm towards her cell. "After you." He says, chuckling.
Happy says (5:09 PM):
They head back for Marli's cell.
Wolfbane says (5:10 PM):
/That should work, thanks./
Shadowcaller says (5:10 PM):
(hey, I didn't think up them for you to use, it just came to me.)
There is no reply
Shadowcaller says (5:11 PM):
In Marli's cell, or rather in the round room above it, there are three windows
Each with an equal distance away from eahc other
Happy says (5:11 PM):
Oh, so we don't have to go back into the cell?
Happy says (5:12 PM):
Can we see out the windows?
Shadowcaller says (5:12 PM):
There is day light coming from them yes, but its hard to really see anything
They are really small and have bars over them
Shadowcaller says (5:13 PM):
The light is pretty blinding for your eyes
Happy says (5:13 PM):
Marli blasts the wall.
Shadowcaller says (5:13 PM):
Dose she stand back first? Any details?
Shadowcaller says (5:14 PM):
Its a hole in the middle of the room after all
And a mchine with a vince
Wolfbane says (5:14 PM):
(I'm pretty sure they would be standing a bit back so they weren't hit by the blast or shrapnel)
Happy says (5:14 PM):
(and not over the hole. )
Shadowcaller says (5:14 PM):
So… she stands where exaclty? In the corridor? In the room? Where is Promise?
Happy says (5:15 PM):
anyway, the blast should be going outwards, not inwards
and if it makes the ceiling collapse and kill us, then I guess we start over from our last save
Shadowcaller says (5:15 PM):
How much energy is she using?
Wolfbane says (5:16 PM):
(*loading* Cessie Aegnor and Hope are all sitting in a glade…)

Happy says (5:16 PM):
5.68 gigajoules of energy
Shadowcaller says (5:16 PM):
(That was the last save? Oh man…)
I mean, all her energy?
Or just bits of ir?
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
Dose she try to save some?
Or go all out?
Happy says (5:17 PM):
She tries to save some. She doesn't wantt o bring down the whole building
Shadowcaller says (5:19 PM):
(o.O thats one cool avatar wolfbane) There is a enormous blas, the whole building starts to shake as the whole wall is blown out inot the air, even parts of the ceeling falls down, it looks like it might collapse at any moment
The sunligth blinds you, fresh air blows into your faces
Happy says (5:19 PM):
Go to the edge and look out.
Wolfbane says (5:19 PM):

Shadowcaller says (5:19 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:20 PM):
Far down bellow you see a port city and at the hirizon you can see the sea
Happy says (5:20 PM):
If she has enough magic left, she casts flight on Promise.
Wolfbane says (5:20 PM):
Are we able to climb down?
Shadowcaller says (5:21 PM):
How a couple of large ships lies anchored there
(well, since… batteries?)
Happy says (5:21 PM):
(oh right)
Shadowcaller says (5:21 PM):
Happy says (5:21 PM):
She drains another magic item then…
Shadowcaller says (5:22 PM):
(Bah, this is not what GM's are uppsoed to do,) Promise suddenly feels much lighter as Marli drians the item and casts some type of spell upon him.
Wolfbane says (5:24 PM):
Promise will follow her. "I'm not sure if the town will be friendly or not."
Happy says (5:24 PM):
(you didn't have to let us find that many magic items)
Shadowcaller says (5:24 PM):
(It made sense, thus it was so.)
Happy says (5:24 PM):
(you and your sense making and realism. What ever happened to rule of cool? )
Wolfbane says (5:24 PM):
(It'd be funny if she just drained one that would have given Cessie true immortality =P)
Shadowcaller says (5:25 PM):
(Bah, you don't need to make her a party member you know, but anyway…)
Wolfbane says (5:26 PM):
(Well, its not like Promise has any other way of getting out right now)
Happy says (5:27 PM):
(But I clearly don't have enough characters…)
Shadowcaller says (5:27 PM):
Happy says (5:27 PM):
(but I'm sure she has her own flock somewhere she'd like to get back to)
Does Marli recognize the city?
Shadowcaller says (5:28 PM):
Not really… she think she was captured elsewhere
Happy says (5:30 PM):
"Where to now?"
Happy says (5:31 PM):
(gah. need haircut. but can't afford it yet)
Wolfbane says (5:31 PM):
Promise shrugs. "We can't be sure the city is friendly. I asked a friend earlier where we were, but she didn't know then. I could ask again since its been a while."
Shadowcaller says (5:34 PM):
(Hm, I think loony got out of her grounding.)
(By juding by her name…)
Wolfbane says (5:34 PM):
(Yeah. She whined herself out of it =P)
Shadowcaller says (5:34 PM):
Happy says (5:37 PM):
I guess we fly down into the city then
oh wait
invisibility first
Wolfbane says (5:38 PM):
On the way, Promise attempts to contact Zubera again.
Shadowcaller says (5:38 PM):
(with a hello or something?) You invisibly fly down to the city
Wolfbane says (5:38 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:39 PM):
/Promise?! Are you okay? I tried to contact you again, but all I heard… I almost thought you were gone a second…/
Wolfbane says (5:41 PM):
/I'm hurt, but I got out of the prison. I met a spellcaster in there who helped me get out. I had to leave the other prisoners behind./ He sounds saddened by that.
Shadowcaller says (5:42 PM):
/Its okay… as long as you are safe…/ She sounds very relived
Wolfbane says (5:43 PM):
/I'm sorry for being angry back there. It's just that I don't know how long I've been there, or anywhere for that matter./
Wolfbane says (5:45 PM):
/Are the others doing well?/
Shadowcaller says (5:45 PM):
/The others?… I don't know Promise./
/I'm sorry…/
Shadowcaller says (5:46 PM):
/I know they are alive, but I haven't really contacted them for a while./
Wolfbane says (5:47 PM):
/When you get the chance, please tell them that I am back. And tell Hope that I will find her./
Shadowcaller says (5:48 PM):
/I will, just don't do anything more dangerous things okay?/
Shadowcaller says (5:49 PM):
Where are you flying? You are quite hungry
Happy says (5:49 PM):
What do we see? And don't just say 'city'
Wolfbane says (5:51 PM):
/I'll try. We are going to a nearby city. I don't know if it is friendly or not, but we are going to try and find a safe place to lay low until we heal a bit. I'll try and find out the name of it for you./
Shadowcaller says (5:51 PM):
Well, it looks like the city first was quite planned, close to the fortress there are strict rows of houses sorrounded by yet another wall. Outside the wall hoever the houses have no pattern at all, lying randomly with one dirt road that connects them all.
The port is just outside the wall
Wolfbane says (5:51 PM):
Any abandoned houses?
Shadowcaller says (5:51 PM):
Thats quite hard to spot from here really
Happy says (5:52 PM):
we want outside the wall
Where is the harbour?
Shadowcaller says (5:53 PM):
Okay, there is a house that is quite far away from the others, its shaped as a pentagon
At the sea, there aren't really any houses there (the harbor is outside this wall too.)
Shadowcaller says (5:54 PM):
You hear seaguls scream as you fly over the city
The air feels very fresh, its windy out there
Happy says (5:54 PM):
"The sea… I'm starving!"
She heads that way.
Wolfbane says (5:55 PM):
Promise follows.
Shadowcaller says (5:55 PM):
You come closer to the port where you can see both dwarves and humans work, loading things off and on the ships
Most of these ships appears to be made for dwarves
Happy says (5:56 PM):
Marli moves a bit away from them, and fishes in the tide.
Shadowcaller says (5:56 PM):
She manages to catch one fish
Wolfbane says (5:57 PM):
Promise follows.
Happy says (5:57 PM):
She tears into it ravenously.
Having it half eaten by the time she reaches the beach to sit down.
Shadowcaller says (5:57 PM):
(follow up on Zubera.) /Stay away from that if you aren't sure Promise, you are only safe with me and your other friends…/
Shadowcaller says (5:58 PM):
There isn't a actual beach, but there is a quite cliffy shore where the city and the harbor ends
Wolfbane says (5:58 PM):
/We'll try to stay on the outskirts, but other than the city we don't know where we are/
Shadowcaller says (6:00 PM):
/I will try to return to the mortal plane… good luck Promise and stay hidden, just call me if you need any help./
Wolfbane says (6:00 PM):
/I will. Again, thank you and I'm sorry. I should have listened to you./ Mirla will probably see his ears fold back into a sad expression.
Shadowcaller says (6:01 PM):
The waves are hitting the cliffs pretty wildly
/You have nothignto be sorry for Promise, I should have protected you better…/
Shadowcaller says (6:02 PM):
Happy says (6:02 PM):
(gah! Why does EVERYTHING we try to do fail! I can't even sit on the friggin beach!)
Shadowcaller says (6:02 PM):
(of course.)
Wolfbane says (6:02 PM):
/No, it wasn't your fault./
Shadowcaller says (6:02 PM):
(I just said the waves were hitting the cliffs…)
(not that you needed to avoid them or anything…)
Happy says (6:03 PM):
This is frustrating, SC
Shadowcaller says (6:03 PM):
(What… I haven't done anything… )
(It was just fluff.)
Happy says (6:04 PM):
i know, but it was one more 'no' after a very long session of no
i know you think i say yes too much when I'm the GM, but you don't have to take it quite so far in the other extreme
Shadowcaller says (6:05 PM):
(Oh well… this was a pretty hard part, I just try to make the players think a bit beyond the obvious, and I could not really think a reason why the swarves would keep the gate open.)
/It was I who took you to the spirit realm wasn't it?/
Happy says (6:06 PM):
(yeah, but at least let a girl catch a fish and sit and eat it without telling her why she can't )
Shadowcaller says (6:06 PM):
(I never said she had to move, she just get some drops from the waves…)
Wolfbane says (6:06 PM):
/Yes, but it was I who wanted to go./
Happy says (6:07 PM):
(you said the waves were hitting the cliff. That means there's nowhere for her to even sit between the cliff and the water, and she can't swim in breaking waves and eat at the same time)
Shadowcaller says (6:07 PM):
(Well, they were hitting the cliffs yes, but the cliffs are pretty tall.)
Happy says (6:08 PM):
(but we're at the bottom of the cliffs, right?)
Shadowcaller says (6:09 PM):
/…whoever its fault it was, I still feel guilty for it./
(I thought you sat on the top of them since I said there wasn't a beach.)
Happy says (6:09 PM):
(I thought the top of the cliff was where the fortress was)
Wolfbane says (6:10 PM):
/As do I, its just been a bad day for me./
Happy says (6:10 PM):
(since we went down)
Wolfbane says (6:10 PM):
(I thought the fortress was in a mountain away from the city and the cliffs were far away?)
Shadowcaller says (6:10 PM):
(no these are… coast cliffs?)
(Yeah the fortress was on the mountain and the cliffs where at the coast.)
Shadowcaller says (6:11 PM):
(they are not *that* high.)
Happy says (6:11 PM):
(bah. can we skip the part where we forage for food and clothing for promise and grab some dwarf somewhere and make him talk and stuff
Shadowcaller says (6:12 PM):
(actually…) /Are you outside yet?/
(voice again.)
Wolfbane says (6:12 PM):
/We are on the cliffs at the coast/
/Who are you?/
Shadowcaller says (6:13 PM):
/I see… come and met me just outside town, at the dead tree./
Happy says (6:14 PM):
(just outside town? that doesn't narrow it down much)
Shadowcaller says (6:14 PM):
(Its a lone dead tree.)
Wolfbane says (6:14 PM):
Promise tell Mirla.
Shadowcaller says (6:14 PM):
(can't be hard to miss.)
Happy says (6:14 PM):
(there's only one tree in the whole city?)
(Marli, not Mirla)
Wolfbane says (6:15 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:15 PM):
(one dead three, its quite far away actually, the envoirment around here is not that lush, no trees at all here.)
Happy says (6:17 PM):
"Kraaw. I could eat another five of these," she says, tossing aside the bones which have been cleaned off, head and tail and all. "But if your friend can help us get as far away from here as possible, then I guess my belly can wait."
Wolfbane says (6:18 PM):
THen they go I guess
Shadowcaller says (6:19 PM):
You land near the dead tree, you can't help to notice a very crude stone altar near it, Promise can smell blood from it
Wolfbane says (6:19 PM):
Promise readies the looted axe.
Shadowcaller says (6:21 PM):
/Relax, its just a part of some humans blood cult./ A figure comes out from behind a large rock, its a dwarf, that much you can tell, but most of its features are hidden by its hodded cloak
Wolfbane says (6:22 PM):
/Who are you?/ Promise lowers the axe slightly.
Shadowcaller says (6:23 PM):
/A friend, as I said…/ The dwarf picks up some clothes and rations from a packpack it was carrying
/Isn't it cold running around like that?/
Wolfbane says (6:23 PM):
/Very./ Promise lowers the axe all the way.
Happy says (6:24 PM):
"What's going on?" Marli asks suspiciously.
Wolfbane says (6:25 PM):
"He is the one who helped me escape my cell."
Shadowcaller says (6:25 PM):
/Put some clothes on, I don't like to see all your organs flying by the wind./ The figure turns to Marli "I'm helping out, thanks to me, you will be gron from this place as soon as possible."
"And that is "she"." (the voice do sound a bit femenine now that it talks.
Shadowcaller says (6:26 PM):
*gone from this place
Wolfbane says (6:26 PM):
Promise takes some clothes and puts them on.
Happy says (6:27 PM):
"What is this place?"
Shadowcaller says (6:27 PM):
Its a gray cloak, a pair of short pants that are kind of roomy and a thick woolen shirt.
Wolfbane says (6:29 PM):
Promise puts them on.
Shadowcaller says (6:31 PM):
"They call it "Terra Port" in common tounge, its the gateway to the Half Ocean and the Seperian archipelago."
Happy says (6:31 PM):
Has Marli heard of any of these places?
Shadowcaller says (6:32 PM):
(she might have heard about all of them acutally, the Seperian archipelago is her home after all.)
Happy says (6:33 PM):
"Oh! Then my nest is near!"
Shadowcaller says (6:33 PM):
"Not really… girl? Unless you are thinking of flying all the way down there."
Shadowcaller says (6:34 PM):
She turns to Promise again "So, are you feeling any better? You need to get moving…"
Wolfbane says (6:35 PM):
"I could probably go a little ways, but I probably can't go too far for long."
Happy says (6:35 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:37 PM):
The figure rubs her eyes tiredly (not that you can see her eyes) "Right… when you do that then?"
Wolfbane says (6:39 PM):
"It would be nice if there something that could heal me, but I'll go as far as I can."
Shadowcaller says (6:41 PM):
"Heal you? I got you food, clothes, water… bandages. But I don't have any healing magic if you think that."
Happy says (6:41 PM):
"Where are we going? And why are you helping?"
Wolfbane says (6:42 PM):
"Hopefully, away from here is where we are going."
Shadowcaller says (6:42 PM):
"I'm helping beacuse I was paid to do so. Simple and easy, I'm supposed to set this guy on his way home."
Happy says (6:45 PM):
"Which is where?"
Shadowcaller says (6:45 PM):
"Somewhere out there in the desert, its moving apperently…"
Wolfbane says (6:46 PM):
Promise stops. "The desert? Why are they there?"
Shadowcaller says (6:47 PM):
SHe shrugs "How would I know? I'm just hired to get you there."
Wolfbane says (6:49 PM):
Promise nods. "Fine." He turns to Marli. "What are you going to do now you are out of there?"
Shadowcaller says (6:54 PM):
The figure turns away a bit getting something behind the rock
Wolfbane says (6:56 PM):
*pokes Happy*
Happy says (6:58 PM):
"Back to my nest. My flock."
Wolfbane says (6:59 PM):
"I wish you luck then. Thank you for everything."
Happy says (7:01 PM):
She unties the bag o' batteries from her waist. "You should take half of these."
Shadowcaller says (7:02 PM):
THe figure comes back with a small continer "You aren't going to fly over an ocean are you?"
Happy says (7:04 PM):
"Not all at once. But I can sleep on the water."
Shadowcaller says (7:05 PM):
"Pray that you don't encounter any storms then, or worse…"
Happy says (7:06 PM):
"I have to try… it's my flock."
Wolfbane says (7:06 PM):
Promise nods. "I understand."
Shadowcaller says (7:07 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:10 PM):
"The wolfman here needs to get moving, this drowsing rod will help him find water, and wherever there is water, there is civilization, your home has to be around there somewhere."
Shadowcaller says (7:11 PM):
She takes up such a rod from one of her many pockets
Happy says (7:12 PM):
(Marli is taking the items out of the bag to let Promise take his pick among them.
Shadowcaller says (7:14 PM):
"…those artifacts must be pretty heavy right?"
Aegnor says (7:14 PM):
Happy says (7:14 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:14 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:14 PM):
Happy says (7:18 PM):
"Some of them, yeah."
Shadowcaller says (7:19 PM):
"Mind if I ease the load a bit? Just the heavy things."
Wolfbane says (7:19 PM):
(Yep, they definitely work for Helios)
Wolfbane says (7:20 PM):
Promise turns to Marli. "Its all your choice. As far as I know, I can't use any of them."
Happy says (7:21 PM):
To dwarf: "Do you have a way of identifying these?"
Shadowcaller says (7:22 PM):
"Not right away, but…" She opens up the container "I know someone who can."
There is a very fine powder within it
Shadowcaller says (7:26 PM):
Happy says (7:26 PM):
"What's the price?"
Wolfbane says (7:26 PM):
Promise chuckles mentally.
Shadowcaller says (7:27 PM):
"He decides that, I'm just one of his agents… Helios that is./
Happy says (7:28 PM):
"And the price for you to call him?"
Shadowcaller says (7:30 PM):
"Oh, nothing at all, I just take a part of what you pay him."
Happy says (7:30 PM):
"So if we make no deal, there's no cost?"
Shadowcaller says (7:31 PM):
Happy says (7:31 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:32 PM):
"I could probably find out some of this from a wizard friend of mine, but I am not sure she could identify much of it, if any at all."
Shadowcaller says (7:33 PM):
THe dwarf gnores Promise and starts making a circle with the powder
Shadowcaller says (7:34 PM):
WIth a silent command shadows start to appear inside the circle
The dwarf appears to have some type of mental communication with something.
Shadowcaller says (7:35 PM):
Then the shadows suddenly takes a somewhat humanoid shape with two pupil-less red eyes
Wolfbane says (7:36 PM):
"Hello Helios."
Shadowcaller says (7:36 PM):
"Promise… how good it is to see that you are still alive."
Shadowcaller says (7:37 PM):
"It took quite the effort to free you actually… yoo have no idea who I had to contact to get the information I needed."
Wolfbane says (7:38 PM):
"Thank you and I'm sure you may have actually had to call in a favor this time."
Aegnor says (7:38 PM):
(Okay, all read)
Aegnor says (7:39 PM):
(Heh. I don't see much of an effect with our decision that magical artifacts, not including one-shot ones, are exceedingly rare and precious )
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
(THose all are one shot-ones.)
Shadowcaller says (7:40 PM):
(Except a few wands that have been made by the people that make most artifacts…)
(And they weren't all that powerful either.)
Shadowcaller says (7:41 PM):
"Yes, yes… its not like you would understand. However, the qustion is how fast you want to get home."
Wolfbane says (7:41 PM):
"The quicker, the better."
Wolfbane says (7:42 PM):
Promise raises an eyebrow. "But what cost?"
Shadowcaller says (7:45 PM):
"The magic word… there are two ways to return home, you can walk through the desert, or I can show you a much faster solution. Oh, and by the way…Eneva here tells me that your mind is quite the mess."
The dwarf sigh
Shadowcaller says (7:46 PM):
Eneva: "Wasn't we supposed to identify artifacts?"
Wolfbane says (7:46 PM):
"Yes, I don't remember much between me entering the Spirit Realm, and the day she gave me the acid pellet."
Wolfbane says (7:47 PM):
"Except that it was a very long time. That, and pain is just about all I remember."
Shadowcaller says (7:47 PM):
Helios: "Yes… I can help you with that also, for a price of course."
Wolfbane says (7:47 PM):
"Let me guess, my share of the artifacts?"
Aegnor says (7:48 PM):
(Don't bother. It's not like we don't know a large amount of OTHER gods who're indebted to us and possibly not as annoying.)
Shadowcaller says (7:49 PM):
"Oh? I don't really care for them, I want something else."
Shadowcaller says (7:50 PM):
"I want a geas, a short timed one of course."
Wolfbane says (7:50 PM):
"What would it entail?" Promise asks warily
Shadowcaller says (7:51 PM):
"It will make you do one mission for me, then it will break by itself."
Aegnor says (7:51 PM):
(Okay, no chance.)
Shadowcaller says (7:51 PM):
"The mission… is whatever I want. As long as it dosen't endanger you or your loved ones, intrested?"
Wolfbane says (7:52 PM):
"And what if I only want to return home? My mind could recover on its own."
Shadowcaller says (7:53 PM):
"Well, of course it could, but you could also easily die in the desert and your mind could /not/ recover on its own."
Shadowcaller says (7:54 PM):
"I just want to make things easier, weeks od torture isn't really something you just get out of your head like that."
Aegnor says (7:55 PM):
(Or Zubera can tell us where Promise is and help him through the desert to us.)
Shadowcaller says (7:56 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:56 PM):
"A question comes to mind though. Why would you even search me out in the first place unless someone made a deal with you? And if that deal was to bring me back home, then forcing me to cross the desert alone could very well break that deal. I know you wouldn't have searched me out otherwise."
Shadowcaller says (7:58 PM):
"Yes, your dear mate made a deal with me yes, to bring you back home. Which I'm doing, isn't that right Eneva?" The dwarf silently nods "But I can make you come home even /faster/ see? Otherwise it would take weeks, maybe months to see your loved one again…/
Wolfbane says (8:03 PM):
"But in that time, I could very well die. For all we know, I could have poison running through my veins right now. I already know for a fact that something other than blood is. Sure, you could get your friend to watch over me, but even she can't withstand much. Do you really want to be in debt should this happen?"
Shadowcaller says (8:05 PM):
"Oh, Eneva will make sure that won't happend won't she?" Eneva: "Wait, what? I was never…" The rest of their conversation appears to be made metally.
Shadowcaller says (8:07 PM):
"She will" Helios says after a while "Unless of course, you spare her from that fate by taking the quick route…"
Wolfbane says (8:08 PM):
Promise grins slightly. "But, I'll make you a deal. Return me and Marli to our respective homes as quickly as possible, and I'll make sure you get my share of the artifacts. Right now, I don't care if I can't remember what happened to me. I'll even give you my share right after you say deal."
Wolfbane says (8:09 PM):
"And while they may not be powerful, I'm sure you have people who would give you anything you asked for them."
Shadowcaller says (8:09 PM):
"I'm not intrested in those artifacts, I already have a plenty of those…"
Shadowcaller says (8:10 PM):
"Hope misses you so very much Promise… I have seen it in her companions minds, she is breaking apart without you at her side. She is starting to think your dead…"
Wolfbane says (8:13 PM):
Promise growls. "What is this "thing" you need done?"
Shadowcaller says (8:13 PM):
"I don't know yet acutally, it can be a lot of things really-"
Wolfbane says (8:14 PM):
"Nothing that could intentionally, or unintentionally hurt me, my friends, or even allies, through action or inaction. Right?
Happy says (8:15 PM):
Marli speaks up. "Can I take that deal? Could you get me to my home?"
Shadowcaller says (8:17 PM):
"Well, I can't really perdict all unintentional harm that could happend to your friends, but I asure you that-" Helios turns to her "Hmm… I tell you what Carnian, I will fix your mind and return you home for the price of such a favor. And then I'm really generous, the things I'm offering here are hundred times more worth then your lives."
Happy says (8:19 PM):
Marli makes a trilling sound in her throat. "So long I have dreamt of my flock…"
Wolfbane says (8:19 PM):
"Thank you Marli, and good luck,"
Shadowcaller says (8:21 PM):
"Let me show you the ticket…" a orb takes form in his clawed hand. "This… this is a one of the most powerful artifacts in existance. It can take you anywhere, but the extreme energies it takes, makes you able to only use it once."
"These are extremly rare…"
Shadowcaller says (8:22 PM):
"No wizard can possibly cast this spell on his own."
Shadowcaller says (8:24 PM):
"Step inside the circle Carnian, and I will give you your life back."
Happy says (8:26 PM):
"I let you finish negotiating with Promise first."
Shadowcaller says (8:27 PM):
"Very well…"
"As I said, the deal is only direct harm since its impossible to foresee all possible unintentional harm that can come from it."
Wolfbane says (8:33 PM):
"How about you can only call on the favor 2 weeks after I return home? I need to heal and rest. And should any significant injury, by mortal standards, happen to me, my friends, or allys happen while doing whatever favor it is, you get them healed. Plus, I want my teeth fur, and claws back. But you must return me home instantly and fix my memory between the time I entered the Spirit Realm and
when your friend gave me the acid pellet. Any other memories or parts of my mind are off limits.
Wolfbane says (8:35 PM):
"If you can't return my claws, teeth, or fur, that is understandable"
Shadowcaller says (8:35 PM):
"I don't have much use of you damaged, so yes, two weeks of rest first then I will be able to call in the favor. I will return you home instantly and not look around in other memories then the ones I'm reparing."
Wolfbane says (8:36 PM):
"And should any friend, ally, or myself become significantly injured in the process?"
Shadowcaller says (8:38 PM):
"No, the favor won't require to hurt anyone you personally know of that consider you his or her friend. Or yourself of course."
Shadowcaller says (8:39 PM):
"By "Hurt" I of course mean every defenition of the word…"
Wolfbane says (8:39 PM):
"Good, but before I say deal, I need you to restate the deal as you see it. I don't want any tricks."
Shadowcaller says (8:42 PM):
"Very well… in return for instantly return you to Hope, the woman you love aswell as fixing your memories under certain limits decided by you, I Helios will be at any time, two weeks from now be able to call in a favor from you that won't require you to hurt anyone you personally know of that consider you his, her or it's friend."
"Is that good?"
Shadowcaller says (8:47 PM):
"that will be, directly hurt."
"Exhuse my misstake there…"
Wolfbane says (8:50 PM):
"Then, I, Promise, agree to the deal under the limits that I have previously stated."
Wolfbane says (8:51 PM):
(Have we mentioned that we hate Helios? )
Aegnor says (8:51 PM):
(not enough)
Shadowcaller says (8:51 PM):
"Which was?"
Happy says (8:51 PM):
(Simone doesn't hate him)
Aegnor says (8:51 PM):
(But she's weird)
Shadowcaller says (8:55 PM):
"You know… for a quick look into your memories I can give you a magic weapon."
Shadowcaller says (8:56 PM):
"Collected by one of your trusted allies, how dose that sound?"
Wolfbane says (9:01 PM):
"1) You return me instantly to Hope
2)You must wait a /minimum/ of two weeks before you call on the favor 3)You can enter and repair my mind, but only through the time I entered the Spirit Realm and when I recieved the acid pellet. Any other memory or part is off limits.4) I will not be required, at /any/ point, to do anything which would cause harm upon myself, anyone I consider a friend or any
Wolfbane says (9:02 PM):
one they consider their friend.
And I would appreciate it if you were able to repair the damage done to my teeth, fur, and claws."
Shadowcaller says (9:02 PM):
"Direct harm" Helios corrects
Shadowcaller says (9:03 PM):
"Besides, how lose is this "friend" thing, for example, do you consider Arik a friend? A unknown member of your tribe?"
Wolfbane says (9:04 PM):
"Arik has helped me, so I do indeed consider him at the very least an ally, but again, he is Cessie's brother, and thus friend. He is protected by the statement."
Wolfbane says (9:05 PM):
"And should anyone else in the group have made other friends, they are protected by the statement too."
Shadowcaller says (9:06 PM):
"What do you consider to be your group?"
Shadowcaller says (9:07 PM):
"Hope is waiting you know… this is hardly instantly, so technically you are breaking your own deal."
Wolfbane says (9:07 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:10 PM):
(talking to my father)
Happy says (9:13 PM):
Marli divides the artifacts into two piles while they dither.
Aegnor says (9:14 PM):
(instantly after the deal is accepted, obviously)
Wolfbane says (9:18 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:22 PM):
" Those I consider in my group would be Aegnor, Cessie, Hope, Simone, Windwalker (I'm sure her learned his name sometime earlier)and Zubera and I will not be made to directly harm them, or those they consider their friends, in any way. And I haven't broke my deal because we have yet to make one."
Happy says (9:22 PM):
(he didn't have a name when Promise last saw him)
(he was just the Yokai wolf)
Wolfbane says (9:23 PM):
(Well, whatever Promise knows him by. He still refuses to hurt him because it would hurt the village)
Shadowcaller says (9:25 PM):
"Anyone you or those you just named and those they consider friends you won't directly harm."
"While doing this favor for me."
Wolfbane says (9:28 PM):
"Then under the terms just stated and previously agreed upon, by both myself /and/ Helios, I agree to the deal."
Shadowcaller says (9:29 PM):
"Perfect, do you still want to have that magic weapon?"
Wolfbane says (9:29 PM):
"I believe the weapon I carry is good enough for now."
Happy says (9:30 PM):
(what weapon?)
Wolfbane says (9:30 PM):
(The ax >.>)
Happy says (9:30 PM):
(you threw it)
Wolfbane says (9:30 PM):
(He kept it)
No, I didn't
Did I?
Happy says (9:30 PM):
(eh, never trust my memory)
Wolfbane says (9:31 PM):
(I remember throwing what was left of the sword)
Shadowcaller says (9:31 PM):
"Very well… who of you step into the circle first then?" (I don't remember… but he could have picked up another one I guess…)
Wolfbane says (9:32 PM):
"Marli can go first if she wishes"
Happy says (9:32 PM):
Marli hands a bag with half the artifacts in it to Promise.
Wolfbane says (9:33 PM):
"Thank you."
Happy says (9:33 PM):
"I want to go home. But I want to remember everything that happened," Marli says.
Shadowcaller says (9:34 PM):
"You will… once I fixed your memory, that I will once you stepped into the circle."
Happy says (9:35 PM):
"Okay. Then my deal is this. You send me home, I do a favour for you. You try to screw me over, I eat your face. Okay?"
Shadowcaller says (9:36 PM):
"Scew you over? I will go exactly by our deal, nothing more, nothing less."
Happy says (9:36 PM):
Marli looks back to Promise. "Goodbye. And thank you."
Happy says (9:37 PM):
And she steps into the circle.
Shadowcaller says (9:37 PM):
In the circle, she is handed the orb /Thnak of home…/ whispers a voice
Happy says (9:38 PM):
She does that.
Shadowcaller says (9:38 PM):
Promise can see how dhe dissapears from the circle in a bright flash of light
Shadowcaller says (9:39 PM):
Another orb appears in Helios hand
"Your turn."
Wolfbane says (9:40 PM):
Promise takes the bag and steps into the circle.
Shadowcaller says (9:41 PM):
The orb now appears in his hand /Think of Hope…/ comes a voice in his head
Wolfbane says (9:41 PM):
Promise thinks of Hope.
Shadowcaller says (9:41 PM):
Everything goes white
(want to continue? )
Wolfbane says (9:42 PM):
Well, of course!
Shadowcaller says (9:42 PM):
Happy says (9:43 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:43 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:43 PM):
Where is Hope?
Happy says (9:44 PM):
what time frame are we in?
Aegnor says (9:44 PM):
(Aww. I wonder what Helios would've said)
Shadowcaller says (9:44 PM):
(what do you mean?)
Aegnor says (9:45 PM):
('Gee, thanks for the orb. Now when will, according to the deal, /YOU/ send me home?)
Wolfbane says (9:45 PM):
Happy says (9:46 PM):
She's snatching a few moment's sleep in one of the infirmary tents.
Shadowcaller says (9:47 PM):
(actually, it was Helios magic who acticated, the orb, so it still counts.)
Shadowcaller says (9:48 PM):
With a bright flash of light Promise appears beside her, in the same clothes and his axe
Wolfbane says (9:48 PM):
Does Hope wake up?
Shadowcaller says (9:48 PM):
(She decides that.)
Aegnor says (9:48 PM):
(Was it magical or spirit-magical item?)
(For non-spirit magic isn't a part of the wielder)
Wolfbane says (9:48 PM):
(I think a bright flash of white light would wake her up)
Happy says (9:49 PM):
Yeah, Hope wakes at once. She wasn't sleeping deeply.
(is Michicora there?)
Shadowcaller says (9:50 PM):
(Eh, that defenition is flawed, but yeah, its a combined spirit/magic item.)
(Of course she is, but isn't sleeping) She already got her crowssbow aimed at the furless wolfen
Shadowcaller says (9:51 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:51 PM):
Promise completely ignores Michi when he sees Hope. "Hope?"
Wolfbane says (9:52 PM):
His voice suggests that he is barely holding himself together
Shadowcaller says (9:52 PM):
"Don't move…" Michicora hisses
Wolfbane says (9:52 PM):
(I take it he remembers all of the torture?)
Happy says (9:54 PM):
Hope just stares at him a moment in shock, and then is somehow on her feet and taking him in her arms.
Shadowcaller says (9:54 PM):
(Well… his mind would break beacuse of that, its sort of comes to him once he wants it to (you can make up thins he remembers here, but it was hakarki who took him back to this realm by the closes spirit portal
The rest is yours
Wolfbane says (9:55 PM):
Promise looks at Michicora in annoyance. "I've been shot twice, stabbed, tortured, burned by acid and fire, clubed, and beaten within the last day. Whoever you are, you better drop your crossbow because nothing will keep me from comeing home today, not even you."
Shadowcaller says (9:55 PM):
Michicora lowers her crossbow as they embrace, looking at them, not really sure what to think
Wolfbane says (9:55 PM):
Promise hugs Hope.
Strike the speech
Wolfbane says (9:56 PM):
I didn't see when Hope embraced him
Happy says (9:56 PM):
Hope can't speak. She just sobs.
Wolfbane says (9:56 PM):
Promise is also crying
Shadowcaller says (9:57 PM):
Michicora sadly backs away, leaving them in the comfort of each other
Shadowcaller says (9:58 PM):
(Do you mind if I got to bed now? You might not need me anymore, since Happy is the GM here >.>)
Wolfbane says (9:58 PM):
Hope will notice that Promise feels incredibly weak compared to normal and a lot of injuries on him. Many recent.
Shadowcaller says (9:58 PM):
(Also, Promises bundle of artifacts aren't there.)
Happy says (9:59 PM):
(yeah, we already knew that)
Wolfbane says (9:59 PM):
(kinda figured that was a given)

(But Promise switched them all with rocks!)
Shadowcaller says (10:00 PM):
(Helios would have seent hat anyway >.>)
Wolfbane says (10:00 PM):
(That is the onlyu reason why I am kidding)
Shadowcaller says (10:00 PM):
8And also why you didn't mention it)
Shadowcaller says (10:01 PM):
(You made a own privte chat right?
Wolfbane says (10:01 PM):
Shadowcaller says (10:01 PM):
Wolfbane says (10:01 PM):
Shadowcaller says (10:01 PM):
Michicora might tell people around the camp
Shadowcaller says (10:02 PM):
Now I need to sleep before my parents wake up >.>
Wolfbane says (10:02 PM):
Have a good night

Shadowcaller has left the conversation.

Aegnor says (10:03 PM):
school startin' soon
Aegnor says (10:04 PM):
oh, and the artifacts still belong to Promise wherever they are.
Happy says (10:04 PM):
makes sense though to leave in a loophole you know about
Wolfbane says (10:04 PM):
Happy says (10:05 PM):
I suppose they'll hug until Promise's legs buckle under him
Wolfbane says (10:06 PM):
Which would be right about…
Happy says (10:06 PM):
(poor Michicora v.v )
Wolfbane says (10:06 PM):
Hope can feel Promise' feet go out from under him and he starts to fall.
Happy says (10:07 PM):
She can't really carry him, but she can convert it from a fall to safely lowering him to the pallet where she had been sleeping.
Wolfbane says (10:08 PM):
Promise winces in pain. "Sorry. I tried to get back in one piece but, dwarves didn't take kindly to me coming back."
Happy says (10:09 PM):
She looks him over, really seeing for the first time all his injuries and how he has been scarred and disfigured.
Wolfbane says (10:09 PM):
(And she has yet to look under his shirt)
Happy says (10:10 PM):
For her part, she looks fine, just thoroughly exhausted.
Wolfbane says (10:11 PM):
Promise squeezes her hand. "I feel better knowing that you are hear though." He hasn't stopped crying yet.
Happy says (10:18 PM):
Hope looks at his paw, holding hers, and brings it to her lips to kiss it.
Then she loses herself in sobbing again.
Wolfbane says (10:20 PM):
Promise puts his arms around her and tries to pull her closer, but she may notice that it hurts him to move a lot.
Happy says (10:22 PM):
She stretches out on the pallet next to him. "How bad are you hurt?" she finally manages to choke out between sobs.
Wolfbane says (10:22 PM):
(Oh, and he is probably /covered/ in blood. Both his and other's)
Wolfbane says (10:24 PM):
Promise turns his head in shame for a moment before pulling off his shirt. His chest fur has been cut extremely short so she can see right to the skin. Much of his front is covered in scars, scabbed wounds, and even a few burns. Both from the fire and acid.
Wolfbane says (10:25 PM):
And she may notice that his claws are much shorter than they were too.
Happy says (10:26 PM):
"Oh Promise…" O.O
Wolfbane says (10:28 PM):
Promise keeps crying. "I-I couldn't stop them. They kept me imprisoned and did… /things/ to me." He can't seem to meet her eyes.
Happy says (10:31 PM):
She starts trying to get control of her emotions and examines him as a healer, trying to decide which of his wounds are the worst.
Wolfbane says (10:32 PM):
He has a deep wound on his right leg from a crossbow bolt, one in his shoulder, and if she checks, his back is badly bruised, possibly cracked ribs.
Wolfbane says (10:33 PM):
And if she decides to check his teeth, she'll find them filed down as well.
Happy says (10:37 PM):
The teeth can wait. The leg wound was cauterized, so probably not urgent. So she uses the last of her healing on the shoulder wound.
Wolfbane says (10:41 PM):
Promise nuzzles her neck. "Thank you. I feel better now."
Happy says (10:53 PM):
She sinks down next to him. "I'm sorry. Need rest before I can do more."
He can feel her tears on his shoulder.
Wolfbane says (10:55 PM):
Promise tries to pill her closer. "Hope, just seeing you again will help more than any magic."
Happy says (11:05 PM):
She used all her reserves for that healing, but she's fighting to stay conscious. "I don't want to sleep. I'm afraid you won't be here when I wake up."
Aegnor says (11:07 PM):
(Promise's totally gonna get pulled into an eddy in the space-time continuum by some freak accident)
(And she'll be convinced it was just a hallucination)
Happy says (11:08 PM):
(the only reason she's sure it's not a dream is the extent of his injuries. )
Wolfbane says (11:09 PM):
"I'll be here when you wake up, Hope. I can barely move and I can't see why anyone would go to the trouble of moving me. Go to sleep, I promise you I'll be here." She can hear him crying quietly.
Happy says (11:10 PM):
As soon as he says the word 'promise', he can feel the tension leaving her body.
Happy says (11:11 PM):
"I trust you," she mumbles sleepily.
Wolfbane says (11:12 PM):
Promise puts an arm over her and clings tightly to her. "Thank you."
Happy says (11:14 PM):
She falls asleep in his arms.
Wolfbane says (11:15 PM):
Promise lays there for about an hour, crying, before finally passing out from exhaustion.

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