Shadowcaller says (7:13 PM):
There is a knock on your tent
Wolfbane says (7:14 PM):
Promise stirs from his too short amount of restful sleep and making sure the blanket covers Hope, looks outside.
Shadowcaller says (7:15 PM):
Michicora stands there, she looks rather impatient "Long time…"
Wolfbane says (7:16 PM):
He looks a bit tired. "Yes, it has. What is it? Something wrong?"
Shadowcaller says (7:16 PM):
"I was checking if Hope want to come. I'm going to scout the town."
Wolfbane says (7:17 PM):
Promise grabs the axe he keeps nearby and attaches it at his side. "She has fallen asleep. She needs to rest. Mind if I come in her stead?"
Shadowcaller says (7:18 PM):
"You look tired…"
Wolfbane says (7:18 PM):
He shakes his head. "Just a few nightmares, I'll be fine."
Shadowcaller says (7:19 PM):
She looks him directly in the eyes "You sure, dangerous. You make a obvious target."
Wolfbane says (7:20 PM):
He grabs his nearby cloak (The one that Helios' servant gave him). "All the better for you to sneak behind them."
Happy says (7:20 PM):
(He should be wearing /his/ cloak so it gets his scent again)
Wolfbane says (7:21 PM):
(>.> Okay, his cloak then. Which he gave to Hope)
Happy says (7:22 PM):
(She still thinks of it as 'his'.)
Shadowcaller says (7:22 PM):
She steps away, "Don't fall behind…"
Wolfbane says (7:22 PM):
"I won't." He follows as quickly and quietly as possible.
Shadowcaller says (7:23 PM):
Michicora keeps a steady phase, running very fast over the rocky plains. While it seems simple to keep up, she never slows down.
Wolfbane says (7:24 PM):
(I imagine it would take a long time for him to get tired of running. After all, he's done quite a bit of it on the other side. <.<)
Promise keeps up.
Shadowcaller says (7:27 PM):
After some time they reach a river and Michicora finally stops. You are sligthly out of breath.
"We need to pass…"
Wolfbane says (7:27 PM):
Promise looks around for a way across.
Wolfbane says (7:28 PM):
How wide is it?
Shadowcaller says (7:29 PM):
Its about 15 feet
Shadowcaller says (7:30 PM):
There are no trees nearby, just a bunch of smaller rocks
Wolfbane says (7:30 PM):
(Thats it?)
Okay then, easy running jump
Shadowcaller says (7:30 PM):
(Bah, I missed one thing… very well.)
Wolfbane says (7:30 PM):
Nah, go ahead
Aegnor says (7:30 PM):
150 feet, that was
Wolfbane says (7:31 PM):
Aegnor says (7:31 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:31 PM):
If it was…
SC, you were saying?
Shadowcaller says (7:32 PM):
Right… you jump over and so dose Michicora
Wolfbane says (7:32 PM):
"Lead on since you know the way."
Shadowcaller says (7:33 PM):
She ia already ahead of you
Wolfbane says (7:34 PM):
Promise follows quickly.
Shadowcaller says (7:36 PM):
You have to change direction a few times as the mountains curve slightly. After quite some time you can see the sea at the horizon.
Shadowcaller says (7:37 PM):
And the city. Terra Port lies before you.
Shadowcaller says (7:38 PM):
"There are guards… milita. Any idea how we pass?"
Wolfbane says (7:38 PM):
"How many?"
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
"Maybe three at every gate?"
Wolfbane says (7:39 PM):
(Is this the dwarven city near where Promise was taken?)
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:40 PM):
(You see the fortress lying up in the mountains, high aobe the city.)
Happy says (7:41 PM):
(with a big ole hole in the side? =D )
Wolfbane says (7:43 PM):
Promise sees the fortress and growls, before looking at the city. "I'm not sure. They are most likely warned about Wolfen from my escape and no doubt exaggerated the story until I am a 20ft tall bloodthirsty monster. I am not too sure about elves though. You may be able to go in or we could always climb a wall."
Shadowcaller says (7:43 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:44 PM):
What? No hole blasted through the side?
Shadowcaller says (7:44 PM):
(You can't see it from this direction.)
Shadowcaller says (7:46 PM):
"It's possible."
Wolfbane says (7:47 PM):
(How high are the walls?)
Shadowcaller says (7:47 PM):
(18 feet.)
Wolfbane says (7:48 PM):
"We'd need ropes and grappels if we tried to climb. Otherwise, if we can draw off the guards one by one from a gate…"
Shadowcaller says (7:48 PM):
"And kill them? We are just scouting."
Wolfbane says (7:51 PM):
"It was simply an idea." He seems awfully angry at the city though. "SHould we move around the city a little more, perhaps we can find a drain to enter through."
Shadowcaller says (7:52 PM):
"Go ahead…"
She follows him closely
Wolfbane says (7:54 PM):
Promise gives the city a wide berth, staying just close enough to make out details, but staying in cover as much as possible.
Shadowcaller says (7:54 PM):
The walls reach around most of the city, but there are, as he saw when they were flying down, large parts of the city outside the walls
Wolfbane says (7:55 PM):
flying down?
Shadowcaller says (7:55 PM):
(yes, when you broke out?)
Wolfbane says (7:55 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:56 PM):
"There should be tunnels going between the outskirts and the city itself. For illegal contraband if nothing else."
Shadowcaller says (7:57 PM):
"Ask around outside walls first?"
Wolfbane says (7:57 PM):
"I'm not sure about asking, since we don't exactly blend in, but if you have an idea, go for it."
Happy says (7:58 PM):
(idea: send Simone)
Shadowcaller says (7:58 PM):
She shrug "You been here."
Wolfbane says (7:59 PM):
Did Promise see anything other than dwarves?
Shadowcaller says (7:59 PM):
(You are still outside the city, otherwise I would have described it >.>)
Wolfbane says (7:59 PM):
I meant when he was flying over it
Shadowcaller says (7:59 PM):
Yes, humans
Wolfbane says (8:02 PM):
"There were a few humans last time. If Helena can disguise you and Aegnor, we could probably get in."
Shadowcaller says (8:03 PM):
"Or he could hide his ears?" She smiles at him
Happy says (8:04 PM):
(Michicora smiled? O.o )
Shadowcaller says (8:04 PM):
(She did.)
Wolfbane says (8:05 PM):
Promise snickers. "Then we'd need a few hats, but that makes better sense than being disguised. Still, if you and Aegnor are able to do that, I think I know a way that Goldie and I can get in."
Shadowcaller says (8:06 PM):
"I'm not good with disguises.." She returns to her blank expression
Shadowcaller says (8:07 PM):
"But we can try."
Wolfbane says (8:07 PM):
"Okay. The only other thing we'll need are two collars."
Shadowcaller says (8:08 PM):
"Okay slaves?"
Wolfbane says (8:09 PM):
"From what I've experienced, they should be partly used to the idea of Wolfen slaves, or at least wouldn't mind the idea. If we get two collars made, Goldie and I should be safe."
Shadowcaller says (8:10 PM):
She shrugs "Sure."
Wolfbane says (8:11 PM):
"I'll have to hide my weapon though. Hopefully it'll fit under the back of my cloak." He looks around one last time. "Any other ideas?"
Shadowcaller says (8:13 PM):
"Not my expertise."
"What do you need inside?"
Wolfbane says (8:14 PM):
(They have been informed they need a ship, right?)
Shadowcaller says (8:14 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:15 PM):
"We need to get to a ship."
Shadowcaller says (8:15 PM):
"On a ship or take a ship?"
Wolfbane says (8:16 PM):
"Hopefully /on/. But if we can't get passage, we'll need to take one."
He sighs. "But we need money to do it."
Happy says (8:17 PM):
(slaves fetch good money you know)
Wolfbane says (8:17 PM):
(Sell, Promise and he breaks out? )
Shadowcaller says (8:17 PM):
"Know anyone that sailed?"
Wolfbane says (8:18 PM):
He shakes his head. "I don't know. And that means we'll probably have to hire a ship."
Shadowcaller says (8:19 PM):
"Fair enough."
Wolfbane says (8:20 PM):
"As for the money… I have one idea, but I sure as hell won't like it."
Shadowcaller says (8:20 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:20 PM):
"Sell me as a slave, you hire a ship, and then I break out and get to the ship before it sails."
Shadowcaller says (8:21 PM):
"Sounds like a risk."
Happy says (8:21 PM):
(Hope would absolutely freak)
Aegnor says (8:22 PM):
(I'm sure we have better ways of getting money. Such as forcing Helios to give us some, Aegnor can perform…)
Wolfbane says (8:22 PM):
"/Only/ as a last resort though. I'd prefer we found another way."
Aegnor says (8:22 PM):
(And, of course, the eeeeevil flute )
Happy says (8:23 PM):
(Simone can steal)
Shadowcaller says (8:24 PM):
"I have done without money until now."
Wolfbane says (8:24 PM):
"Have you been able to hire a ship without any?"
Happy says (8:24 PM):
(she'd just sneak aboard. they'd never know she was there)
Shadowcaller says (8:25 PM):
"If it was needed perhaps."
Shadowcaller says (8:27 PM):
"But your too loud."
Wolfbane says (8:27 PM):
He shakes his head. "Our group is too large to sneak onto a ship." He chuckles. "Compared to you, anyone is."
Shadowcaller says (8:28 PM):
"Your thinking of a plan then?"
Wolfbane says (8:29 PM):
He nods. "I know another way we can get money, but /none/ of us will like it."
Shadowcaller says (8:29 PM):
"Sell a body?" She rolls her eyes
Wolfbane says (8:30 PM):
He shakes his head sadly. "No. Ask Helios to fund us."
Shadowcaller says (8:32 PM):
Michicora sigh "Contact him /again/?"
Wolfbane says (8:33 PM):
"I don't like it, but fortunately, he /needs/ us to do this. And to do it, he'll have to fund us completely, no deals, no favors, but /give/ us what we require to do our job."
"Otherwise, we simply cannot."
Shadowcaller says (8:33 PM):
"It's never like that. He will burn you in the end, I can feel it."
Wolfbane says (8:35 PM):
"If so, then I'll make the deal with him. I already owe him one favor, what is another? And its better that only I owe him for this, than the entire group."
Shadowcaller says (8:35 PM):
"I don't own him, never signed the contract…"
Wolfbane says (8:37 PM):
"Then it is for the better you don't. But still, he can't escape that in order to do this, he needs to willingly help us with few exclusions."
Shadowcaller says (8:38 PM):
She's silent for a while "Have you heard of dopplegangers?"
Wolfbane says (8:38 PM):
He shakes his head. "I am afraid I haven't."
Shadowcaller says (8:40 PM):
"They aren't supposed to exist. Helios claims so. But we all know…"
"They watch a person, for yers."
Shadowcaller says (8:41 PM):
"Why do you think Helios want personal secrets?"
"One day… they replace you. They can be anyone."
Wolfbane says (8:41 PM):
"Can they mimic scent?"
Shadowcaller says (8:42 PM):
"I don't know. I haven't actually seen… them."
Shadowcaller says (8:43 PM):
"But it is said that no one will know the differance…"
"Not even their loved ones…" There is a dark tone in her voice
Aegnor says (8:43 PM):
(Well then it won't matter anyway. ^^)
Wolfbane says (8:43 PM):
Promise looks at her, shocked. "Are you saying that /I/ am one?"
Shadowcaller says (8:45 PM):
She looks at him oddly "No."
Wolfbane says (8:46 PM):
"Then what are you trying to say?"
Shadowcaller says (8:46 PM):
"I'm trying to say /don't/ trust him."
"Simone… for example, or anyone else."
Wolfbane says (8:48 PM):
Promise nods. "I wouldn't trust Helios even if my life depended on him. And it probably has. As for Simone or any others, I think I would be able to tell by their scent. Scent almost never changes naturally."
He looks at her oddly.
"And why is it that you have none?"
Shadowcaller says (8:49 PM):
"Kuori know of wolfen, so dose Helios."
"Smell is not perfect."
Shadowcaller says (8:50 PM):
"Don't trust yours too much."
Aegnor says (8:51 PM):
(Heh. I wonder if he'll draw conclusions about Aegnor's chance of scent… )
Wolfbane says (8:51 PM):
(It'd smell more… cold and reptilian)
(He'd know that he changed, but not what a dragon is)
Shadowcaller says (8:52 PM):
"Helios is part wolfen…. after all."
Wolfbane says (8:53 PM):
He looks at her oddly. "Really?"
Shadowcaller says (8:53 PM):
"Yes. He have parts."

Aegnor has left the conversation.

Wolfbane says (8:54 PM):
"Then you'd think he would have a better sense of Honor."
Shadowcaller says (8:55 PM):
"And all humans are arrogant?"
"All elves are elusive?"
Wolfbane says (8:55 PM):
"No! Of course not!"
Shadowcaller says (8:55 PM):
"Then have all wolfen honor?"
Wolfbane says (8:56 PM):
"No. Its just that I have been around friends who do for too long I guess."
Shadowcaller says (8:57 PM):
She nods "I been around…"
Wolfbane says (8:57 PM):
"Even though, I have to admit, you /are/ elusive."
Happy says (8:58 PM):
(is Michi an elf?)
Shadowcaller says (8:58 PM):
(Yeah >.>)
Happy says (8:58 PM):
(how did I never realize that?)
Shadowcaller says (8:59 PM):
(Maybe I wasn't clear enough? )
"Perhaps, but not all are."
Shadowcaller says (9:01 PM):
"Kuori said the name was Nidra, not a wolfen name…"
Wolfbane says (9:02 PM):
"That is… odd. I think I will have to look into it if there are still records somewhere."
Shadowcaller says (9:02 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:03 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:03 PM):
(What will he look after in the records.)
Wolfbane says (9:04 PM):
"If there are any records, I'll look the name up. There can't be many references to a Wolfen with that name, and if they became part of Helios, they would have left a trace somewhere."
Shadowcaller says (9:05 PM):
"She did. The servant have a book."
Wolfbane says (9:06 PM):
(Does she mean Simone?)
Wolfbane says (9:08 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:10 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:10 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:12 PM):
(normal time eh Happy? )
Wolfbane says (9:12 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:13 PM):
"Simone? Then I'll ask her when possible. If I can find out about her, I may be able to deal with Helios better. Get an upper paw, so to speak."
Shadowcaller says (9:14 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:19 PM):
/Or…/ You suddenly hear a voice you regnoginize as Eneva's (dwarf that helped you escape). /You could ask him./
Wolfbane says (9:20 PM):
Promise sighs loudly. /How are you doing this?/
Shadowcaller says (9:21 PM):
(Michicora) "She is one of them."
/Been watching you a while… Helios said you would come by./
Wolfbane says (9:22 PM):
/Then I am sure he knows of our plight and what we need./
Happy says (9:22 PM):
(she's a doppelganger? O.o)
Shadowcaller says (9:22 PM):
(helios servants )
Wolfbane says (9:24 PM):
(Memes Updated)
Shadowcaller says (9:24 PM):
/He's aware./
Wolfbane says (9:24 PM):
/Then does he have what we need?/
Shadowcaller says (9:25 PM):
/He will provie you with a tour to New Dys./
Wolfbane says (9:25 PM):
/And supplies?/
Shadowcaller says (9:26 PM):
/You be eating with the crew./
Happy says (9:26 PM):
(since you stole Promise's lewt. )
Wolfbane says (9:26 PM):
/I don't just mean food. We'll need currencey from New Dys. We can't just go there with nothing on us./
Wolfbane says (9:27 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:27 PM):
Michicora looks at you oddly.
/That wizard knows people there./
/Helios said so… you can make it./
Happy says (9:28 PM):
(yeah, the /exiled/ wizard? We'll probably need bribe money )
Wolfbane says (9:28 PM):
/The wizard isn't exactly welcome there, I should think. Probably least so by her family and friends./
Shadowcaller says (9:28 PM):
/Hellios said it wasn't a problem./
Wolfbane says (9:29 PM):
/Well, it *is* a problem. I doubt anyone important will have forgotten her./
Shadowcaller says (9:29 PM):
/It's no longer a problem./
Wolfbane says (9:29 PM):
Michicora may recognize that Promise has blanked.
/How so?/
Shadowcaller says (9:30 PM):
/Dunno, ask him?/
Wolfbane says (9:31 PM):
/Helios?/ he asks.
Shadowcaller says (9:31 PM):
/Who else?/
Wolfbane says (9:31 PM):
(He was trying to contact him <.<)
Shadowcaller says (9:32 PM):
(He can't.)
Wolfbane says (9:32 PM):
Happy says (9:32 PM):
(not his god. )
Wolfbane says (9:33 PM):
/Then contact him if possible and have him contact me. I'm certain we have things to discuss./
Shadowcaller says (9:33 PM):
/The hunter chick got summoning powder rigth?/
Wolfbane says (9:34 PM):
"Do you have summoning powder?"
Shadowcaller says (9:34 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:34 PM):
/Her name is Michicora, I suggest you use it./
Shadowcaller says (9:34 PM):
/Eh, names…/
Wolfbane says (9:34 PM):
"Helios has apparently arranged passage for us, but I am trying to get some funding."
Shadowcaller says (9:35 PM):
"It will be the death of you…" She warns
Wolfbane says (9:36 PM):
He shrugs. "Honestly, it would probably be one of the better ones than what I have been close to lately."
Shadowcaller says (9:36 PM):
She takes out a bag out of her pocket and presses it into his hand "You make it."
Happy says (9:36 PM):
(not if he kills you and sends a doppelganger to Hope's bed… )
Wolfbane says (9:37 PM):
He does so. "Helios?"
(Then Michi better kill the damned thing)
Shadowcaller says (9:40 PM):
A singel shadow appears inside the circle "You are expected." Comes a disbodied voice.
Wolfbane says (9:40 PM):
"Then you know what I will ask."
Shadowcaller says (9:40 PM):
"Yet I want you to humor me…"
Shadowcaller says (9:41 PM):
"Never go after your assumptions right?"

Wolfbane says (9:41 PM):
"We'll need substantial funding in New Dys and I would like to know how Cessie is supposedly not a problem there anymore."
Shadowcaller says (9:42 PM):
"You get one of those. Choose."
"Information isn't free after all…"
Wolfbane says (9:44 PM):
"See, that is where we disagree. In order for us to do our job correctly and quickly, we need all the information we can. /Especially/ about New Dys, the matters happening, and most importantly, why Cessie suddenly isn't a problem. But, we also need funding. Bribes, extra supplies, other expenses. Even /you/ can't know everything we need. So we need a stripend."
(Promise is all lawyer like if he needs to be. <.<)
Shadowcaller says (9:45 PM):
"No. You don't need any of that. Cessie have contacts in New Dys."
Shadowcaller says (9:46 PM):
"If you fail to get their money, then you may ask."
Wolfbane says (9:46 PM):
"Okay, what contacts then? Friends, family, old teachers? Trust me, I know from experience that they will almost /never/ help you if you are an exile."
Shadowcaller says (9:47 PM):
"They will help her."
Shadowcaller says (9:48 PM):
"Or do you wish to buy the information /why/ they will aid her?"
Wolfbane says (9:48 PM):
"Most likely because they owe you I presume. But can you honestly be sure of where their loyalties lie?"
Shadowcaller says (9:49 PM):
"If they don't match, then I will give you all the money you need."
Wolfbane says (9:49 PM):
"And should we be unable to ask you for money? What then?"
Shadowcaller says (9:50 PM):
"Then I guess it sucks to be you?"
Wolfbane says (9:52 PM):
"No, it sucks to be /you/. You've already let is slip that your own agents can't handle this, so you need outsiders. Thats us. Give us 3-4 days worth of money in case of emergency then if you want to cover yourself."
Shadowcaller says (9:55 PM):
"What about… no? You will be shipped there, thats all I have arranged and its really too generous. If you need extra money, I suggest you take it from someone else."
Shadowcaller says (9:57 PM):
"I already know you would be going there anyway… you should be more careful with what you are saying."
Wolfbane says (9:57 PM):
"Even you cannot predict everything Helios. And /you/ should be even more careful."
Shadowcaller says (9:58 PM):
"Is that a threat Promise? Ugh, how sad you would come to that."
Wolfbane says (9:58 PM):
"Not a threat. I could never hurt you after all. I just meant that you've let some nice things slip is all."
Shadowcaller says (9:59 PM):
"Really? What might that be?"
Wolfbane says (9:59 PM):
"What? You expect information for free? You'll have to pay for it."
Shadowcaller says (10:00 PM):
"Hmm… is this that "hole" you told Simone about for about a week ago?"
Wolfbane says (10:01 PM):
"Nothing I am going to tell you as of yet, or for free."
Shadowcaller says (10:01 PM):
"I already read her mind every time she enter… I basically now everything going on in your little group right now."
Shadowcaller says (10:02 PM):
Wolfbane says (10:02 PM):
"Not exactly. You only know things that Simone has seen, and that means you don't know the hole I am talking about."
Shadowcaller says (10:03 PM):
"How sad… but you are still going to accept the geas right?"
Shadowcaller says (10:04 PM):
"5 days from now."
Wolfbane says (10:04 PM):
Promise smiles. "If you remember correctly, I did not agree to a geas."
Shadowcaller says (10:05 PM):
"No a favor, and the favor is to accept the geas."
Wolfbane says (10:05 PM):
"No, I agreed to do a favor for you, but never agreed to the geas, and should you put one on me, I don't owe you."
"If I had agreed to the geas, I would have said so."
Shadowcaller says (10:07 PM):
"The /favor/ will be that you will accept a geas I put upon you 5 days from now."
Wolfbane says (10:08 PM):
Promise's smile gets broader. "See, if you do that, you break the deal. A geas would directly harm me. Specifically, my freedom."
"And besides, if you had an /honorable/ wolfen as part of you, you'd know I wouldn't go back on a deal."
Wolfbane says (10:09 PM):
( ^^ *is having much fun*)
Shadowcaller says (10:09 PM):
"Harm you? Not directly…"
Wolfbane says (10:10 PM):
"No, it does. You may have /meant/ physical harm, but /I/ agreed to any direct harm. And I consider limiting my freedom very harmful."
Wolfbane says (10:11 PM):
(What is Michi doing during this?)
Shadowcaller says (10:11 PM):
(Looking away.)
Wolfbane says (10:11 PM):
(She must be hearing it though)
Shadowcaller says (10:11 PM):
"Really? Not that it matters, you will then do a favor for me without the geas."
Shadowcaller says (10:12 PM):
"It's the same thing."
Wolfbane says (10:13 PM):
Promise shakes his head. "No, not at all. But that being aside, I doubt I would have cause to break our deal should it prove not to be… harmful."
Shadowcaller says (10:13 PM):
"The geas is just for /your/ safety after all."
Wolfbane says (10:14 PM):
"No, your geas would have been to make sure I finished the deal. I'm sure my safety would have come a distant second."
Shadowcaller says (10:15 PM):
"No, see here. Will you do a favor for me or now?"
"That is the question."
Wolfbane says (10:15 PM):
"I haven't gone back on my word yet, if that is what you mean."
Shadowcaller says (10:17 PM):
"Very well, you will then do whatever I ask of you as long as it dosen't break the deal? You won't argue of "direct" spiritutal damge or other nonsens when I call the favor?"
Wolfbane says (10:18 PM):
"Spiritual as in Faith, or as in my actual spirit? If the former, of course not, the latter, it would have to depend."
Shadowcaller says (10:19 PM):
"An order can never lead to direct huring you anyway… unless you claim it hurts your ears."
Shadowcaller says (10:20 PM):
"As long I get something out of the deal I'm pleased Promise."
Wolfbane says (10:21 PM):
"Good then. But we have strayed from the topic. Would you be willing to give us a retainer? One that should we have any extra from using on /reasonable/ expenses should the case of an emergency arrise in New Dys?"
Shadowcaller says (10:22 PM):
"No, you won't get that from me."
"I will take you there, thats it. If you need money, then get it from someone else. This is nothing that can be disscussed."
Wolfbane says (10:23 PM):
"Then are you able to give us a name or two of people we should contact should we need anything?"
Shadowcaller says (10:24 PM):
"Hmm… as long as you know that you *don't* want to own me a useless favor Promise."
Wolfbane says (10:24 PM):
"So you'll only tell me if I owe you another favor?"
Shadowcaller says (10:26 PM):
"No, I'm just saying you should be *very* careful about trying to use wordplay to get out the favor I will call for you."
Wolfbane says (10:27 PM):
"Helios, again, if you had an honorable wolfen as part of you, you'd know that I wouldn't try to get out of it. Besides, without a geas, it means I can work outside the deal to get the favor done."
Happy says (10:27 PM):
(okay, i've been up watching this play out, but i really can't stay up any longer)
Wolfbane says (10:27 PM):
Shadowcaller says (10:28 PM):
Wolfbane says (10:28 PM):
(How is it so far?)
Happy says (10:28 PM):
(see you tomorrow)
(very entertaining ^^ )
Wolfbane says (10:28 PM):
( ^^)
Shadowcaller says (10:29 PM):
"Good… I only care for your safety Promise. Thats why I wanted to put a geas upon you in the first place. You see… there are other deals I have with certain beings that might trigger…"
"But you need contact persons right?"
"What kind of contact persons?"

Happy has left the conversation.

Wolfbane says (10:30 PM):
"Those who would be able to shelter us for an extended period of time, and one who can give us money should we require it."
Shadowcaller says (10:31 PM):
"Thats easy, Dell Mithar and Narisa Mithar."
"Are we done now?"
Wolfbane says (10:31 PM):
"Unless you would like to try and arrange a deal with me." He says with a smile.
Shadowcaller says (10:31 PM):
"You want a deal?"
Wolfbane says (10:32 PM):
"No, I meant if /you/ wanted to deal."
Shadowcaller says (10:33 PM):
"No… I already got you exactly where I want you. Not that I try to offend you or anything. But all the pieces are placed so to speak…"
Wolfbane says (10:34 PM):
"No offense taken. After all, you've only seen the pieces I've wanted you to and I'm sure you are thinking the same. The game has only begun after all."
Shadowcaller says (10:36 PM):
You hear a laugh inside the shadows "You consider yourself a player? You are but a pawn I'm afraid. But your /my/ pawn, so don't need to worry."
Wolfbane says (10:36 PM):
"That is what I want you to think Helios, and a single pawn, no matter if his delusions are real or not, can change the entire game."
Shadowcaller says (10:39 PM):
"Really? I'm sure your brilliant schemes will lead you to… cry at bed at night or something. Your too emotional attached to ever be more then a piece to move around."
Wolfbane says (10:39 PM):
Promise grins. "But you should remember, I do serve the Goddess of Actors."
Shadowcaller says (10:41 PM):
"Ah, well you are a very /amusing/ little thing at least. But unless you got something real to talk about…"
Wolfbane says (10:42 PM):
"Good day then. Don't let me keep you."
Shadowcaller says (10:44 PM):
"Just one more thing. The ships name is… oh, you surely must already know that. With all the secret information you somehow managed to kept from me. That must be among it."
Shadowcaller says (10:45 PM):
Wolfbane says (10:45 PM):
"No, I don't know it."
Shadowcaller says (10:46 PM):
"What? No, you must be acting. How very clever of you…"
Wolfbane says (10:46 PM):
"No, I honestly don't know which ship. And it'd be to your gain to tell me."
Shadowcaller says (10:47 PM):
"I'm sure you can figure it out yourself, it can't be *that* hard for someone that considers himself as clever as you?"
Wolfbane says (10:48 PM):
"Did I say I considered myself clever? I never did, but if you insist I am, then I take it as a compliment."
Shadowcaller says (10:49 PM):
"I only said that you considered yourself to be clever, a very wierd compliment to be sure."
Shadowcaller says (10:51 PM):
"But… what did you need again? I forget *so* easily."
Wolfbane says (10:53 PM):
"Hmm… but it isn't what /I/ need, is it? It is what /you/ need. And what /you/ need is for us to find that ship you have ready."
Wolfbane says (10:55 PM):
"And that would help you because as soon as The Worm is gone, your agents can return to the open. The sooner, the better."
Shadowcaller says (10:56 PM):
"Right… not that killing the worm would change anything fro me, except for the threat of being devoured. The crusade will keep going…"
Wolfbane says (10:57 PM):
"Maybe, but not with as much fervor, especially if word got out that you helped us kill it."
Shadowcaller says (10:58 PM):
"THen you never spoken to Norhold. He would still kill my servants, even if I set them on bulding oranhages all over the world."
Wolfbane says (10:59 PM):
"He'd /try/ but would his servants hurt yours if they helped save Norhold and his?"
Shadowcaller says (11:00 PM):
"They are fanatics… like trying to convince a rock it dosen't exist. But no matter. The ships name I
is Tarmant."
Wolfbane says (11:01 PM):
Promise bows. "Thank you for your help Helios. I'll be sure to repay it by doing the favor you've asked of me before so nicely."
Shadowcaller says (11:02 PM):
"Of course…"
Shadowcaller says (11:03 PM):
She shadow fades away. But there is still something in the circle, it appears to be a green figurine of an cat.
Shadowcaller says (11:04 PM):
Michciora returns "Are you done?"
Wolfbane says (11:04 PM):
"Almost." He takes his axe and breaks the circle.
Shadowcaller says (11:04 PM):
It breaks.
Wolfbane says (11:05 PM):
After scattering the dust a bit more, he looks closer at the cat.
Shadowcaller says (11:06 PM):
The cat appears to be grinning widely, it's quite wellmade and not larger then his fist.
Wolfbane says (11:06 PM):
"Michicora, do you feel or see anything odd about this cat statue?"
Shadowcaller says (11:07 PM):
"You found it inside /his/ circle?"
Wolfbane says (11:07 PM):
"He left it."
Shadowcaller says (11:07 PM):
"Then leave it too."
Wolfbane says (11:08 PM):
"See, that is a problem. I /do/ owe him a favor, and this may be part of it. But, on the otherhand, I just gained a lot of free information from him, so he may be annoyed."
Shadowcaller says (11:09 PM):
"You did? I couldn't tell…"
Wolfbane says (11:09 PM):
"Yes, I did." Promise unstraps his cloak and puts it over the statue to see if anything happens.
Shadowcaller says (11:09 PM):
Noting happends
Shadowcaller says (11:10 PM):
"I still think it's safe to leave it… but it's up to you."
Wolfbane says (11:12 PM):
"I'll at least take the statue back to camp and ask Cessie and Simone to look at it to see what it is. If they get even the /faintest/ sense of anything hostile, or harmful in anyway, I'll bury it myself." he wraps his cloak around it, not wanting to touch the statue, and picks it up.
"But yes, I did get quite a bit of free information from Helios and I'm proud of it." He grins
Shadowcaller says (11:13 PM):
She shrugs "More lies…"
"What now?"
Wolfbane says (11:14 PM):
"No, he gave us the name of the ship he hired for us and the names of two of Cessie's relatives I presume who we are supposed to be able to trust. In return, all he got was confusion and he is likely a bit put off by me."
Wolfbane says (11:16 PM):
Shadowcaller says (11:17 PM):
"I wouldn't know…"
Wolfbane says (11:18 PM):
"This is the second time I've beaten Helios at his games, but is there anything else we need to do before heading back?"
Shadowcaller says (11:18 PM):
"Do you?"
Wolfbane says (11:19 PM):
"Nothing that I know of, but we should probably get back soon before too much happens without us." He looks at his bundle. "And I'd like to know what this thing is."
Shadowcaller says (11:20 PM):
"Maybe you don't eh?"
She stands up again. Looking out at the horizon.
Wolfbane says (11:21 PM):
(What time of day is it? I imagine it took several hours)
Shadowcaller says (11:21 PM):
(Sun set.)
Wolfbane says (11:21 PM):
(damn, Hope is going to be /pissed/)

Shadowcaller says (11:22 PM):
Wolfbane says (11:22 PM):
"Maybe not, but whatever it is, I'd like to know."
Wolfbane says (11:23 PM):
"And I'll bet that Simone's book knows what it is." (I imagine he knows about that now)
Shadowcaller says (11:23 PM):
Michicora dosen't reply for a while, she appears to be focused at the setting sun that spreads a warm yellow/red light over the entire horizon.
Wolfbane says (11:24 PM):
He watches it for a moment too.
Shadowcaller says (11:24 PM):
"Possibly…" She replies a few moments later as the sun finally sets.
Shadowcaller says (11:26 PM):
"You wanted to head back?"
Wolfbane says (11:26 PM):
"Unless there is anything else we need to do."
Shadowcaller says (11:26 PM):
"i don't know, is there?"
Wolfbane says (11:27 PM):
He shakes his head. "Nothing that I am able to think of."
Shadowcaller says (11:28 PM):
She glances back at the darkening town and then she sets out. "Le'ts return."
Wolfbane says (11:28 PM):
Promise follows quickly.

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