Ruthan 8

"Ssoulss? Dissgussting." Damon spits the words out angrily, "It will be good when you ceasse to be a demon."
"You care about that?" Pause. "What do your people do anyway?"
(Huh. Good question. SC! What do shadow people do? :P)
(I don't know, make it up!)
(Maybe they're all lawyers?)
(I don't think so >.>)
(Actually, I know…) "Not much. We keep to oursselvess. Mosstly we jusst form ssmall farming communitiess."
"And that makes you…?"
"Unussual. I act ass a contact for a man in thiss world. I keep him informed of…thingss."
Pause. "Why do you follow them then?"
"The group I'm travelling with? Becausse the demonss musst die. My people have ssuffered too much. Mosst of them don't even realisse how sseriouss the demonss actions are, but I do, and I ssay enough iss enough."
"So you come to kill demons?" Pause. "How foolish."
"Foolissh? Perhapss. But I will compromisse. If I can find a way of protecting my people and preventing the demonss from corrupting any of them ever again…that will be good enough. Thiss iss ssimply the besst lead I have for now."
"You can't defeat them." Pause. "Kill one and a new takes it's place."
Pause "Demons can't be defeated."
"Anything iss better than doing nothing. Jusst…jusst sstopping them will be good enough."
"You won't stop them."
Damon shakes his head and glares at her. "There musst be a way. There hass to be!"
She shakes her head "There isn't." Pause "You can only hope the demons don't notice you."
"Then I will make a way. I will make ssure my people are ssafe. I don't care what I have to do, I sswear I will keep them ssafe."
"Milliosn have sworn such oaths." A pause. "Me among them." A pause. "They have all failed."
"I will not. That, or I will die. Either end iss better than jusst ssitting around, letting them do ass they pleasse."
"Then you will die."
"At leasst I will have tried. I do no exsspect you to undersstand…any more than I can undersstand you conssidering ssuicide."

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