Ruthan 5

Sanna glances at Derek, her face once again expessionless. "I feel no cold." A pause. "Can stay."
'Come anyway.'
I guess Maelly holds onto the amulets then.
"I seek only death. I'm not going where you going."
*you are going
'So you absolutely will not stop being an idiot?'
"You can still take up my offer. Burn forever, but you'll be able to redeem yourself."
(Wow, you make that sound so tempting! Live in perpetual pain and torment…but you'll redeem yourself!)
(Redemption is a stupid idea anyway)
"At least that way you can do some good."
(It's not like one deed can make another undone)
Luna looks on the map. Her indexfinger going over the map searching for something. "Saron… Saron…"
Sanna: "Nothing you can do can make any things I have don any better."
(redemption is being able to feel good about yourself again Murska.)
(Despite what you have done.)
(Then it's a term used in stupid ways)
'No, that's true.'
'But what you've done doesn't have anything to do with what you might do in the future.'
"That's not the point. The point is to accept what you have done, and keep it in mind as you try to do good. We can't ever be forgiven fully, but I don't expect to."
(Well, thats the way I use the term.)
"Alternately if you inssisst on choossing death, at leasst tell uss how to grant you a painlessss one."
"Maybe Sifiera will give us another amulet."
"The guilt, the sin…" A pause. "Grant me one of those amulets." A pause. "But don't expect me to follow you to the father."
'I won't draft anyone against their will. Now let's go inside before I freeze to death.'
Sanna goes up and follows Derek inside.
Luna: "Okay…" She points at a point of the map and is just about to say something else when Derek enters with Sanna, she blinks. "She's going to follow us now?"
Sylvia doesn't appear too bothered by this. "We should return to the capital, they had dragon bone there. They should have such amulets."
Arim: "Well… it's good if we can save another soul."

(*mutter grumble* phone surveys *mutter grumble*)
'Sounds good.'
Luna sigh "Well, in any case, Saron mountain is here." She points at a location on the map. "Looks like more mountains, more fighting against the wind…"
"Jussst wonderful."
Hey! The shadow guy can be sarcastic!
"Could take from three days to a week to get there depending on the weather."
Luna rolls her eyes at Damon's remark.
"Iss there no other way around? Three dayss of thiss ssoundss dangerouss."
"It's a freaking mountain, I doubt you can go around it to get up on it." Luna remarks in a slightly annoyed tone.
"Well ssince you're hogging the map, how wass I ssuppossed to know that?" Damon replies, still sounding quite calm…which probably only makes him more annoying. "In windss like thiss, how are we going to keep warm at night?"
(why are we going to Saron mountain?)
(Thats where the portal to Onyx's sanctuary is.)
(oh… right. dooooooom)
"I don't even know how you things can keep warm. Do you even have a body?"
(Yeah, we're suprisingly near the final boss!) (although, if this turns out to be like a final fantasy game then we're probably only about halfway through and still don't know who the real big bad is :P)
"Whether we go to the city, or to the mountains, there is one thing I must do. It is supposed to be time for my Second Test and I need the help of another Baelron."
"If I didn't have a body, you wouldn't be able to ssee me! We rarely need to warm oursselvess up in my world, but then again, I don't think any of uss have ever gone up a mountain in bad weather."
"Well, your not getting any of *my* heat at least…"
'I think the first concern is getting down from where we are now.'
"Indeed, I suppose we need to take the normal way down."

Any of /her/ heat? That sounds kinda…weird.
You hear something crumble from the collapsed passage.
'By the way, infernal.'
"…it survived that?"
"That thing iss ssurprissingly sstrong."
Sanna: "It can survive most things."
A pause. "And I belive it likes to kill you´ now."
/Where would you find another Baelaron?/
Are there cracks in the rubble? >.>
/There is a temple on the way to the mountains, or a secret one near the city. Either one will do./
'Hm. Well, I'm not much of a help for now.'
(There are cracks in the rubble.)
"We should get going!"
Maelstrus gets next to the rubble and starts sending burning light through the cracks. A lot of it, trying to burn the Infernal before it gets out.
Luna: "I agree, let's get out of here…."
She gets up the map and puts it back in her packback.
Sanna: "I did wonder where it went…"
Maelstrus have a feeling the light dosen't reach the infernal.
But he can feel it shaking.
The rubbel that is.
He curses and follows the others, calling the Bronto to him as he leaves the cave. (Yes, he's there, what made you think he wasn't? >.> )
(Hmm… in this wind eh?:P)
(He can call it telepathically :p )
(I mena… the flying part.)
(It doesn't have to be flying. It could be in that giant cat form. >.> )
(I see.)
(Which would actually be good for climbing up mountains)
As you start moving over the mountain passage the Bronto catches up with you. But in the distance you can also see the infernal making it's way out of the cave, moving at a suprising speed towards you.
(You are at a very small passage right now.)
Someone might notice that Derek is shaking pretty badly.
Luna: "Derek…?"
(Argh…I can barely see my computer screen right now…stupid flickering lights.)
(Also, I may well drop in a moment.)
"Are you okay? How is the arm?" She goes closer to him, trying to share a bit of her warmth.
(Huh. Or maybe not. My house is being weird. The wireless router is playing games with me, the downstairs lights are flickering…weird.)
Sanna is slowly moving in the back of the group, seemingly unconcerned about the approaching Infernal.
Maelstrus notices Derek and sighs. "Put him and Sylvia on the back of the Bronto."
'D-don't feel so good.'
Luna glances at Maelstrus and then back at Derek. "Do you want to get up on the Bronto?"
'Moving… Is good…'
She nods, trying to move him along. "Okay, just stay with me okay? We are going to get out of this soon enough."
"Maelstrus!" Mael can hear a familiar voice over the wind's howl.
It dosen't sound very happy.
(Not without a 'H'!)
Does he know who?
(Aeon <.<)
"No… get on the Bronto!" Karen says to Derek.
He doesn't seem to react.
(You know, the revenant.)
(I'm guessing we can't all fit on the Bronto?)
(Not everyone, but the smallest and wounded first)
(Sylvia is almost as large as Karen.)
(I guess Damon is walking then!)
(Hey, Damon can shrink:P)
brb phone
(Damon can also double in size and probably match the infernal's speed quite well.)
(He could…)
(Hence he's a good choice in terms of people not going on the Bronto)
Maelstrus groans. "It's the revenant. We need to hurry."
(He can possess other demons so… <.<) Sanna: "Aeon? So he decided to check in after all…"
(But only lower demons.)
"Derek?" Luna asks, there is a hint of fear in her voice. She is basically pushing him forward at the moment.
Sylvia climbs up on the Brontos.
"Fantasstic. Thiss getss worsse by the ssecond. Lookss like our angel friend didn't get every demon."
"We don't have time for this." Maelstrus will try to ignore any protests and toss Derek over the back of the Bronto.
'Unh…' He doesn't resist much.
(I think we need to wait for Happy here for Karen's reaction:P)
(I leave in 20 minutes to get some food and for class)
Luna seems a bit shocked as Mael throws Derek up on the Bronto.
(Hm, okay.)
(Do Mael have any orders for the Bronto?)
For it to run down the mountain. And since I remember it being able to carry three people, he'll urge Karen or Wren onto it as well.
(Hehe, just came up with an hilarious idea…)
(Eh, it's for the IF^^)
(You will see…)
(I think a need a list of who is taking the Bronto and who isn't…)
(Sylvia, Derek and Karen is on it I think.)
(Okay. I guess Wren can…I dunno…ride on giant-Damon's back?)
Which leaves Maelly, Luna, Arim, and Sanna…
Luna can teleport the rest away then? Maybe? If she does it one at a time over a series of short hops…
(She might be able to go once.)
(Sight is severely limited here.)
She's on the phone <.<
So we're still stuck with two people unable to get out of there quickly…assuming Luna 'ports off with someone.
(Who? She would take Derek…)
(Or Arim.)
(And he would inssist she would take Karen.)
If she takes Derek, that frees a space on the Bronto for Arim as he can't defend himself to my knowledge. >.>
(He's not a warrior, no.)
Okay, so we have Maelly and Sanna left over.
And Wren
Unless Damon is taking her
Damon is taking her.
Unless Elly reappears and objects.
Yeah, I think just Sanna and Maelly left then…
looks like the party's demons are gonna get caught…by…the other demons.
(wouldn't he need to take Karen or keep tethered to her?)
(He has a half kilometer range, I think he can keep up for the most part. It's Sanna that is the problem…)
Um…dump Sanna on Mael's back?
Would a winged Maelly be able to carry her?
Oh, SC, don't forget that Sylvia can regenerate as well
And I need to go
If that doesn't work…giant Damon is almost as big as the infernal. Maybe he can carry Sanna, and Mael gets Wren?
Summary: Derek is suddenly feeling ill. Mealstrus threw him up on the Brontos back.
Derek is really cold and somewhat delirious. Also his arm is broken but yeah. :P
How is Derek attattched to the Bronto anyway?
I imagine Karen and Sylvia will be holding onto him
Well, with three riders it can't go that fast, and with a rather sloopy passage…
Mael will have trouble with the winds as soon as he leaves the relative safety of the passage.
Damon can hear the infernal coming up after them.
Well he can't exactly do much other than run, can he?
There is a sharp turn in the passage, the sight is limited and the storm is blowing you in the neck. The bronto is forced to slow down as it turns, to not fall down.
It's sharp claws digging into the ground underneath the snow.
Then it charges again, trying to keep a large distance between it and the infernal.
As the infernal moves, the ground shakes underneath it.
Snow above your head keeps falling down beacuse of it. All along the passage.
As the infernal closes in a bit, you all suddenly hear a even louder rumble.
Coming down from the mountains.
The bronto and the infernal sprints along the passage, the demonic golem is slowly catching up, but the rumble is closing in.
Damon…keeps running.
Because no one else is doing it…
Maelly takes a quick look back. >.>
He can see an enormous mass of snow that have been released and is coming down against the passage.
Karen is holding Derek
Trusting Sylvia to hold herself
/Hurry, there is an avalanche behind us. It should kill the infernal, but we better make sure it doesn't kill *us*/ @Karen
(Actually, Passage > | <-——Avalanche's direction
Ohh…so it's gonna broadside us.
Well, we're dead.
Juse a drawing…. Passage-> _)TTTTTTTTTAvalanche.
We run until we die or until something happens…
So there is some cover
Anyway, the passage is actually going downwards now which makes it's easier to run.
There is a moment, then the snow washes over your heads.
Karen tries to protect Derek
The Bronto tries to press itself to the side, you can see the infernal being washed along with the snow, down into the ground below.
If Maelly is caught in it, he'll try to keep his wings wrapped around Wren to offer some protection.
The ground shakes terribly, causing the Bronto to lose grip of the ground.
Derek… doesn't do much. :P
He dosen't >.>
Wren ish terrified. But also being held by Maelstrus.
You are soon drowned in snow.
Which ought to be even more terrifying :P

(Well, not as in dying.)
Okay, well, Damon tries to clear out a small patch of snow and get a shadow flame going.
(Just that you just got a great mass of snow on your heads.)
(which pretty much means dying)
(that's usually fatal >.> )
Yeah. <.<
We died! …Well, actually. Wren and Mael would be alive. Sorry guys.
(At least we should be getting down the mountain)
How much air do we have?
As in great mass thats not lethal, sinc eotherwise you wouldn't even experience it.
Aaanyway. Does the shadow flame work?
I don't think we can find that out until the snow stops moving
*since otherwise.
Not that much snow stayed on the passage.
Mael will try to melt the snow above and around him. (I assume that the Burning light can be used in any form)
I'm assuming the snow has stopped moving now, as otherwise, we can't do anything :P
Well, Derek has passed out
I imagine it'd have been somewhat painful
to roll down a mountain with a broken arm

You are tightly pressed against the side, the Bronto toppled sort of. Sylvia, Derek and Karne is in relative snow free zone, but it's like a white wall around them. Damon and Sanna got hit by more snow then the others and lies partly buried under it.
Karen first tries to make sure that Derek is alive.
And Damon is trying to clear out a bit of space so he can get a shadow flame going. Hopefully that'll help him figure out which way is up.
The Bronto is mostly buried underneath the fallen snow.
(don't kill the bronto! D= )
(Does even the shadow flame give away heat?)
(go ahead and kill it! Or gimme as cool a pet)
Well, Maelly don't have much to land on really.
(Hey! Don't kill him!)

Karen finds out Derek is alive. Really cold though.
He'll try to find a place near the others if possible if he isn't buried as well. >.>
His broken arm looks horrible
and is in a weird position
(Wait, did he land on the passage? Where were he when the avalanche fell?)
(He was following the others)
(how far away from the mountain?)
(Um, I don't know?)
(I have to get dinner, brb)
(Well, it's… right.)
(It's pretty important.)
(Since being hit by a avalanche or not do play a important role in this game:P)
(if it results in most of us dying if he's caught, then let's say he wasn't :P )
(Right, let's say he wasn't.)
(As I think he would have died from that <.<)
(And Wren…)
"Sylvia? Are you okay?"
Sylvia have managed to crawl up a bit, getting her feet free from the snow. She is shaking "Y-yeah."
"I felt it Karen, but I paniced…"
(Is dead? =p )
(What? >.>)
Yes, shadow flames give off heat.
It's still fire.
"You felt it? Felt what?"
She crawls up to Karen and Derek, still trembeling. "Da-danger sense… sen-sensed it coming." She says, barely audiable.
Damon burns away some of the snow, finding that he is laying upside down.
Awesome. Now knowing which way round he is, Damon looks around to see if…wasshername is anywhere nearby.
She looks to see if the Bronto is okay
It's still moving, slightly.
Derek lays on the ground.
What he first thought was snow, seems to be Sanna laying on top of him.

Well, that's awkward.
"Could you get off me pleasse?"
(Or rather, on his back…)
(Either way, she needs to shift)
"We aren't we dead yet…" He can hear her voice come as she shifts position.
But not well?
Nope, not well.
"Becausse I'm ssmart enough not to dig randomly." And with that, he starts digging /up/.
*why aren't we dead yet
"I could kill you right now." She remarks, seemingly untouched by the extreme cold.
"Sss, mosst unwisse. Bessidess, I thought you wanted to kill yoursself…or redeem yoursself…ssomething like that."
"Yes." Pause. "Hard to do the first thing however." Pause "And you annoy me."
(Well, dosen't he annoy everyone?:P)
"Sseeing passt emotion sseemss to make me annoying. It can't be helped." No way is Damon changing from his current state of near-emotionless existence.
You quickly burn and claw your way out of the snow, seeing Karen and Sylvia sitting near the fallen Derek. Sylvia looks pretty bleak and shivers in the cold.
I thought we were buried?
Damon reaches to help Sanna out.
Not exactly, as the Bronto pressed itself against the cliff, you are right between the fallen snow and the cliff now.
Sanna gets out and sits down some distance from Sylvia, Karen and Derek. "You need to move." She remarks.
"And sshe ssayss I'm annoying…" Damon shivers and makes another shadow flame in his other hand.
Karen is trying to help Derek, trying to keep him warm.
The shadow flame warms them some. Sylvia watches it intensly and then suddenly the flames appears to grow in size, coming closer to her. She lets out a yelp. And the the flames return to normal.
Damon gives her an odd look. "How did you do that?"
Maelstrus will try to make his way to Karen and that group. Once he gets there, he'll give off a lot of heat.
"Don't know… or…" It looks like Sylvia is struggeling to remember something.
Damon walks over, just one shadow flame in one hand now. "Go on, do it again. Jusst do it sslowly, carefully…"
/I don't know how to set his arm./
/Just ask Sylvia to heal him. She *can* do that you know./
Sylvia's eyes are drawn to the flame once again, that expands a bit, this time more slowly.
/She can…?/
/Yes. Hasn't she told you her powers?/
/I can heal, but if his arm is set wrong, won't it heal crooked?/
The flames go up higher, getting much warmer.
/I'll set it, but I don't think Sylvia's powers tire her out./
"Impressive…" Damon watches, finding himself rather interested in this. He's used to just setting things on fire and letting them burn to ash…
Sylvia glances away, but the flames remains in the same state. "Thanks…"
With both Mael and the improved shadow flame, the snow walls around you start to melt.
It actually feels rather pleasant here.
/Thank you/
The snow protecting you from the winds.

Sanna stays motionless, she doesn't exactly seem ready to help anyone.
As soon as Maelly can see Derek, he'll check his arm before pulling it in place to set the bones. "Now, if one of you could heal him…" (He's still not allowed to speak directly to Sylvia I believe)
(Karen told him he was allowed to speak.)
(it depends on how literally he takes these things)
(She's not genre savvy… doesn't know she's supposed to work everything carefully)
Sylvia appears to be a bit distracted by the flame she just created.
Or improved
Damon made it.
(he figured it was in response to being told to /not/ speak)
Give credit where credit is due!
Damon did something helpful!
"Sylvia? Can you heal Derek?"
Sylvia glances at Maelly "Uh… oh, right. I'm so sorry, I had completely forgotten."
She goes up to Derek and seems unsure what to do. "I guess I should touch him…."
SHe touches him and is actually mending his bone.
After a while she removes her hand "Uh… did it work?"
I gues Maelly checks it.
It's seems like his arm have bended back into a normal ankle.
that'll be awkward
He is still passed out, but his arm is better. (And yeah:P)
heehee, ankle.
Well, you know what I mean…
I guess for deadtime's sake,he's still unconscious.
"It'll work for now. He can't move it much."
"Thank you, Sylvia."
She suddenly goes pale. "Oh gods… Arim…"
(Is Luna a child? Can't remember, if so maelly could ask…)
(Yes, Luna is a child)
(Yeah, unless you missed the blinking part:P And you can talk to people who aren't children…)
/Luna, Karen needs to know if you and Arim are okay./
/…what happen up there? There was a rumble.. yeah, he's okay. We both are./
/Avalanche. Derek is unconscious and we've healed his arm. Everyone else seems to be uninjured./
He nods to Karen. "Luna and Arim are fine."
(except the Bronto)
/By the moon… I'm trying to get up there./
He goes to check the Bronto, to see how bad it is.
If the Bronto is dead, Damon is going to burn and eat it…
Damon would be beheaded. >.>
He's had no orders to protect Damon.
Or even serve him. <.<
And everyone finds Damon annoying.
Wouldn't stop him from trying though.
Isn't he kind of stuffed at the moment? :P
Eh, he'd have a very good reason for eating the Brontos.
Not to the rest of the group. >.>
*pokes SC*
the Brontos just saved our lives.
Well, it looks like it have broken some ribs and two legs.
"Can someone heal the Bronto as well please?"
"With someone you mean me?" Sylvia replies as she approches it.
He doesn't respond.
As Sylvia puts her hand on it, it growls in pain. "Poor thing…"
"Can you? I can try, but I don't have much energy left."
Sylvia nods. "I'll try my best… I think." The Bronto seems to relax after a while, breathing more regulary.
"Think it's better now." Sylvia says, letting her hand run across it's soft fur.
"It saved our lives."
Maelstrus scratches it's head. "It's a loyal friend, of course it did."
Aww, Damon was looking forward to eating it! He contents himself by not doing much…same as always.
Sanna just watches it coldly.
"You disslike it?" Damon asks, walking over to her.
"Lesser demon." Pause "Not a loyal friend."
"Not a loyal friend? It sseemss loyal enough to Maelsstruss…"
"it's useful." Pause. "I don't dislike it."
"Then why are you giving it that look?"
"Since he missunderstands it."
"Then explain to me. How?"
"It would cause a conflict." Pause "Unessecary."
"I am curiouss. I would not inform any of them. They disslike me."
"Sso pleasse, tell me."
(Maelly doesn't misunderstand, but expects it to be friendly now because he never gave the Bronto an order to protect the people he put on it, but it did)
"It's mindless." Pause. "When it's not bound, it just kills." Pause. "He gives it intelligence."
"Sso in reality it iss little more than an animal? I ssee…" Damon watches the Brontos and scratches his chin as he thinks, "Iss that ssuch a bad thing though?"
"No." Pause "As I said." Pause "I don't hate it."
(Turtledog is an animal, but she's not totally mindless. :P )
"It'ss jusst…a missundersstanding to do ssuch a thing to an animal?" (Yes, because Damon has encountered dogs before! :P) (Also…I hate my dog at the moment.)
"No." Pause. "But it's a mindless killing machine." Pause "Lesser demon, not an animal."
"I fail to ssee the difference. It ssoundss like it would normally behave like any ssimple animal."
"Animal dosen't kill everything." Pause. "They kill to survive." Pause "Demons kill to kill." Pause "For fun." (They are cats…)
"Sss…I know that only too well." I mean, seriously, why did they kill everyone at his HOUSE? What did that accomplish aside from angering him?
(Anyway, what are the others doing?)
Fretting over Derek.
Maelly is comforting the Bronto
Sylvia is sitting near it as well. "Why are you doing all this…?" She asks quietly.
To who?
He still doesn't answer her. You think she'd figure out why by now…
(It was arethorical question, she didn't expect an answer:P)
(why doesn't he ask Karen to remove the order?)
(Because he doesn't know he's allowed to? Karen seems pretty strict to him)
(really? She hardly tells him to do anything. :P )
(most of her orders at first were about protecting Sylvia)
"Your extremly confusing."
(Never to speak to Sylvia, not allowed to be /seen/ near her or Sylvia while they were in the city for most of the time, not allowed to give away any secrets(understandable anyways), and not to mention forcing him to hold the silver arrowhead until he couldn't use his arm for a while)
(it was to do his best not to let Sylvia see him. not to not be seen at all. :P)
She sigh "I have no idea whats going on in your head. Your a murderer, a slaver, and you just saved us."
"Even I can ssee that he hass actually changed. Why do they find it sso hard to accept thiss?"
(Really? From when?:P)
(You sure your not mixing it up with some other characters memories here…? <.<)
(Hmm? Was that directed at me?)
(Well, I'm assuming that they introduced themselves and did a bit of backstory offscreen. And of course, to Damon, demon = evil. But Mael = not evil. Ergo, he changed from evil to not evil.)
Sanna: "Demons dosen't change."
(Bah, I need Luna to take intiative…)
"Clearly they do. Maelsstruss iss living proof of that."
(hasn't she gotten here yet?)
(She can't see where you are.)
(And there is a storm out there with limited sight.)
/Why don't you answer her?/
/You ordered me not to speak to her./
/I meant while she was still changing… ugh… I hate this./
/I'm sorry, but I *must* follow your commands as you state them. It is not my choice./
/I'm not a slaver!/
/Maybe not, but the bond makes me follow your orders as you say them. I have no ability to interpret them how I wish./
*mental sigh* /What other orders are you following?/
(What is Wren doing? >.>)
/First, not to speak to Sylvia. I'm also supposed to follow your orders first, Derek's second, and Sylvia's third. I must aid and protect you, and I'm not allowed to speak anyone's secrets./
(she specifically did not put Sylvia in the chain of command, because she was worried about Sylvia's sadism)
(Sleeping on the job.)
(Oh, then remove that, sorry)
(At first she did tell him to listen to her)
(But later countermanded that)
(Wren is sleeping on the job? Bah!) Damon pokes Wren…
(Is Maelly carrying her around? xD )
(like a sleepy toddler?)
(I guess…)
(*goes to find out what's actually going on*)
/Fine… forget all that. Except for not telling our secrets. If you really want to be a good person, you have to figure it out yourself, like the rest of us./
/Thank you, though I am still bound to you, I will have to follow your orders, though perhaps a bit more loosely now./
( Huh. A lot of nothing over the past… lot of hours. >.> )
Also, if Mael is carrying Wren around, then she doesn't get poked. I thought she was just sleeping on the floor…or something.
In the middle of the snow, or did I miss something? >.>
yOu missed where Damon and Sylvia made an epic shadow fire
and it's very warm and toasty
Yay. =p
Not really.
That fire went out,
*forces Maelly to light a new one* Problem solved.
"We need to get Derek somewhere warm and safe. Are we sure no more demons are coming?"
we're back down to Mael's natural brightness and warmness now.
Aaanyway, Is Wren being carried around or not!
Sanna: "Can't be sure." (Silver is always shining for you now anyway so… >.>)
"Then we need to move."
Sanna: "Yes."
Who is carrying Derek?
The Bronto is still passed out.

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