Rp 13

[23:52] Happy: okay, let's say we talk while Cessie is talking to Ferrous
[23:52] Wolfbane: Okay
[23:52] Happy: We're in the crews quarters.
[23:52] Happy: "Aegnor… is Cessie going to be okay?"
[23:53] Wolfbane: Goldie is asleep
[23:54] Murska: (oh, wait, who's talking? »)
[23:54] Happy: Hope
[23:55] Murska: 'Of course she will.'
[23:56] Happy: "She's just… sometimes I forget how sheltered she is."
[23:57] Murska: 'Yeah… but she's tougher than you'd assume.'
[23:58] Murska: 'As you probably know.' *smile*
[00:02] Wolfbane: Promise can't help but smile a little.
[00:03] Happy: "Yeah, but I thought after the desert, she wouldn't be so troubled by this."
[00:05] Murska: 'She'll either get used to it or find a way around it soon enough.'
[00:05] Happy: "I guess."
[00:06] Wolfbane: "Still, two months on here is going to be a little hard on all of us." He takes a glance at Goldie.
[00:06] Happy: "Maybe we can teach her to fish."
[00:08] Murska: 'Maybe. Two months isn't such a long time anyway.'
[00:08] Happy: "It is when you're that age."
[00:09] Murska: (It is when you don't live a thousand years…)
[00:09] Murska: 'I guess.'
[00:12] Wolfbane: "Even so, we still need to find ways to stay occupied."
[00:13] Happy: Hope nuzzles against Promise. "Truth or dare?"
[00:13] Wolfbane: Promise chuckles. "Truth."
[00:14] Murska: Aegnor smiles. 'After all the running around we get a few months of not being able to do anything and now you want to stay occupied?'
[00:18] Wolfbane: "In these cramped quarters?"
[00:19] Murska: 'There is room aplenty where the thought can fly.' Aegnor sounds like he cites something.
[00:23] Wolfbane: Promise raises his eyebrow. "Sorry, but I don't read much literature, let alone much of anything."
[00:24] Murska: 'Well I doubt you'd have read that anywhere. I don't think the piece of paper I wrote it down on even exists anymore.'
[00:25] Happy: "Maybe…"
[00:26] Happy: Hope doesn't continue.
[00:26] Wolfbane: Promise looks at her. "What?"
[00:27] Happy: *muttering* "… it's nothing"
[00:28] Wolfbane: Promise squeezes her hand. "Please, tell me."
[00:29] Happy: "… I just thought maybe I could learn to read."
[00:30] Wolfbane: "Why not? We can teach you."
[00:30] Happy: "I doubt I could learn in two months though."
[00:32] Murska: 'Well, at least we can start. It's not like we part ways after two months.'
[00:33] Happy: "We're usually pretty busy."
[00:34] Wolfbane: He shrugs. "Maybe, but at least its a start."
[00:39] Murska: (Like my slogan?)
[00:42] Wolfbane: (the trophy room?)
[00:42] Murska: (?)
[00:42] Wolfbane: (What slogan? I just checked you sig)
[00:42] Murska: ("<insert category here> in the Playground
Murska - Radical Contextualism")
[00:43] Wolfbane: (Oh, one sec)
[00:43] Happy: "No, forget reading. Aegnor should teach you to play an instrument."
[00:44] Murska: (Only if we find drums for Hope on the ship. :P)
[00:45] Happy: (you're about to roleplay going to the bazaar,you know)
[00:45] Wolfbane: "Hope, I'd rather teach you to read than play an instrument." He looks at Aegnor. "No offense intended."
[00:45] Wolfbane: "Or we can do both."
[00:46] Murska: 'Yeah. And practicing to play an instrument might annoy the crew somewhat.'
[00:49] Murska: (I was supposed to write 500 words about a book. Instead I wrote my name and a pretty picture of a butterfly.)
[00:50] Wolfbane: (…I'd write the 500 words)
[00:50] Murska: (Well I haxxord the outline of the butterfly through the paper ;))
[00:52] Happy: "It's just… there are so many languages. Which one would I start with?"
[00:52] Wolfbane: "Common maybe? Especially since we are going back to a place that uses it."
[00:53] Murska: (whatever Cessie's books are in)
[00:53] Murska: (since we don't have anything else to read :P)
[00:53] Murska: (or kyouen if we buy from the city)
[00:54] Happy: (I guess at least some of her books are in Common, since she shared them with Simone)
[00:54] Happy: (although Simone's book could probably provide text in other languages)
[00:54] Happy: I think I go to bed now
[00:54] Wolfbane: (Night)
[00:54] Wolfbane: *hugs*
[00:54] Murska: (Common is called Common because it's the main language used in literacy. *hugs* night)

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