Rp 12

[20:39] Shadowcaller: (I guess this is before they leave to Terra Port? Or during the boat trip?)
[20:39] Wolfbane: (Before they leave. Cessie does have his rock)
[20:40] Shadowcaller: /Ferrous?/ She says with a low voice
[20:41] Wolfbane: /Hello, Miss Cessie/
[20:41] Shadowcaller: /You are calling me "miss" now too?/
[20:42] Wolfbane: She hears the equivalent of a mental shrug. /What should I call you then?/
[20:42] Shadowcaller: /Back home they mostly.. just Cessie please./
[20:43] Wolfbane: /Okay, I shall call you Cessie then/
[20:43] Shadowcaller: /Thanks, is there anything I should call you?/
[20:44] Wolfbane: /Ferrous is fine/
[20:45] Shadowcaller: /Very well, may I inquire a few questions?/
[20:46] Wolfbane: /Of course, ask anything you wish./
[20:47] Shadowcaller: /First of all, did you dedicate some thoughts about your reproduction cycle?/
[20:48] Wolfbane: /Some, I "think" I have worked it out. Do you wish to hear it?"
[20:48] Shadowcaller: /Of course!/
[20:51] Wolfbane: /I believe that to create another of my kind, at least two others… "combine" parts of their energies to make another./
[20:52] Shadowcaller: /But you do not have genders? It's genderless reproduction?/
[20:53] Wolfbane: /Maybe not physically such as you humans do, but some are more compatable with other elementals than they are with others. Something to do with how their energy feels, I think./
[20:54] Shadowcaller: /I understand… I think./
[20:55] Shadowcaller: /How old are you anyway? If you measure ages like that…/
[20:55] Wolfbane: /I'm not sure how you can keep track of time here, but I think I am fairly young./
[20:58] Shadowcaller: /What was the name of the one binding you?/
[20:59] Wolfbane: /His name is Lintrag, he claimed to be a great wizard./ (Up to Cessie if she knows the name)
[20:59] Shadowcaller: (Depends on his nationality and house I would guess, if he is in any house.)
[21:00] Wolfbane: (Let me check the houses)
[21:02] Wolfbane: (Wizard's house, Raken would fit it the most)
[21:02] Shadowcaller: (Nationality?)
[21:03] Wolfbane: (Ferrous was found near Kyou, maybe around there?)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (Ah… then I guess she woudn't know him.)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: *wouldn't
[21:04] Wolfbane: (Possibly the Hyrillian Empire since he's been on the run)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: /Never heard of I'm afraid…/
[21:06] Wolfbane: He sighs. /For the better I suppose./
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (He is going to ask anything;) Or isn't he curious?) /How so?/
[21:08] Wolfbane: /Hmm… probably because it means that if we meet him, you wouldn't mind making sure he released my binding./
[21:09] Shadowcaller: /I doubt I'm that powerful… I'm hardly a /great/ wizard, if even a wizard after all./
[21:09] Wolfbane: /Why not?/
[21:09] Shadowcaller: *at all
[21:11] Shadowcaller: /Why not? I know my own limitations and I know other wizards, compared to them, I'm very weak./
[21:11] Shadowcaller: (Well beside Saranna and Seren…)
[21:12] Wolfbane: /How are you weak? You seem quite strong. Do you think that perhaps in time you could undo my binding yourself?/
[21:12] Shadowcaller: /Uhh… how do I seem strong?/
[21:13] Wolfbane: /You said yourself taht not many people can use magic./
[21:13] Shadowcaller: /Yes, thats true./
[21:15] Shadowcaller: /But… I'm weak compared to others who can use it./
[21:15] Wolfbane: /Is there anything else you wish to ask me?/
[21:16] Shadowcaller: /Yes a few… if you don't have any questions for me that is?/
[21:16] Wolfbane: /Go ahead and ask./
[21:17] Shadowcaller: /Are you busy? I could ask another time…/
[21:18] Wolfbane: He laughs. /How can I be busy?/
[21:18] Shadowcaller: /It sounds like you want to hurry along the conversation…/ She replies weakly
[21:19] Wolfbane: /No, it just sounded like you wanted to change topics, thats all./
[21:20] Shadowcaller: /Oh, no. I can improve my inner powers after all. It just goes very slowly…/
[21:20] Shadowcaller: /I suppose you don't know anything about that?(
[21:20] Shadowcaller: */
[21:22] Wolfbane: /I'm sad to say that I don't/
[21:23] Shadowcaller: /So am I, belive me…/
[21:24] Shadowcaller: /Anyhow, do you remember what happend when you were summoned?/
[21:25] Shadowcaller: /Why did he summon you? You are a defender in the first place after all./
[21:25] Wolfbane: /He wanted me to fight for him. Some kind of war that he was in against other wizards./
[21:26] Shadowcaller: /…a war? Did he mention any details?/
[21:27] Wolfbane: /Not really, when I told him I wouldn't fight, he trapped me here./
[21:28] Wolfbane: /It was a long time ago though./
[21:29] Shadowcaller: /How long? He might be dead you know./
[21:30] Wolfbane: /I can tell he is alive, I believe my binding would have been gone if that were otherwise./
[21:31] Shadowcaller: /Humans live about 75 years, did he have a beard? What color was his hair?/
[21:32] Wolfbane: /A small one I think, reddish I believe./
[21:33] Shadowcaller: (Do females have "beards"?:P) "I see… his features then? Did he have wrinkels?/
[21:33] Wolfbane: /Maybe? Green eyes, wore multicolored robes, mostly blue I think./
[21:35] Shadowcaller: /Hm, red hair? Green eyes? Whoever he was, he wasn't where I'm from./
[21:36] Shadowcaller: /How would I unbind you?/
[21:36] Wolfbane: /I don't know, I ws hoping you'd tell me/
[21:38] Shadowcaller: /Hm, I can try to figure that out, but I got a lots of unfinished projects right now I'm afraid…/
[21:40] Wolfbane: /Take your time, I've learned to have a lot of patience./
[21:40] Shadowcaller: /What do you think of the village this far anyway?/
[21:41] Wolfbane: (They are still in the village?)
[21:42] Shadowcaller: (I guess this is before they leave to Terra Port? Or during the boat trip?)
Wolfbane säger:
(Before they leave. Cessie does have his rock)

[21:42] Shadowcaller: (Ah, before they left for New Dys? Right…)
[21:42] Wolfbane: (Yeah)
[21:43] Shadowcaller: /What do you think of the group this far then?… if you can see outside my pocket that is./
[21:44] Wolfbane: /So far you all seem very trustworthy people even though I don't know most of you all that well./
[21:45] Shadowcaller: /You can see out of my pocket that is?/
[21:46] Wolfbane: /More of sensing, but not very far, 10 feet perhaps. When I am out of it, I can actually see./
[21:46] Shadowcaller: (Hm, can you warn me if anyone we don't know is coming to close to me?/
[21:46] Shadowcaller: */
[21:46] Wolfbane: /I guess I could/
[21:48] Shadowcaller: /Thank you, that will be perfect for our little trip into town./
[21:49] Shadowcaller: /Is there anything /you/ need there?/
[21:49] Wolfbane: /I don't think so./
[21:49] Wolfbane: He sounds a bit puzzled.
[21:51] Shadowcaller: /Right…/
[21:52] Shadowcaller: SHe takes up the rock from her pocket
[21:53] Shadowcaller: /What do you see now?/ (they are in the top dec right now, sailors going around.)
[21:54] Wolfbane: He describes the deck fairly accurately.
[21:54] Wolfbane: He doesn't know what most of the boat terms are though.
[21:55] Shadowcaller: (Neither dose she:P)
[21:56] Shadowcaller: (bah, Murska is taking a really long nap.)
[21:56] Shadowcaller: (I won't be able to stay up much longer.=
[21:57] Happy: Go to bed, then
[21:57] Happy: if we don't rp late, maybe Murska will finally get his sleep schedule adjusted
[21:57] Happy: (I know… probably a vain hope…)
[21:59] Wolfbane: (hehe)
[21:59] Shadowcaller: (*sigh*)
[22:04] Shadowcaller: (I guess I'm going to sleep then, no use of staying up.)
[22:04] Wolfbane: (Night then)
[22:05] Happy: gnight
[22:05] Shadowcaller: (Or sec…)
[22:06] Shadowcaller: (Just need to finish one thing.)
[22:06] Happy: I'm starting to feel a bit better. Maybe I'll be okay by tomorrow
[22:07] Wolfbane: I won't be able to RP a lot tomorrow since I'll be leaving for the weekend
[22:07] Shadowcaller: (:S)
[22:07] Shadowcaller: (When are you going?)
[22:07] Wolfbane: I leave at 9 your time
[22:08] Shadowcaller: (Any classes?)
[22:08] Wolfbane: If it weren't for classes, I'd be leaving earlier
[22:09] Shadowcaller: (Oh >.>)
[22:09] Shadowcaller: (So nothing at all?:S)
[22:09] Wolfbane: (Two hours, max. After my first two classes)
[22:10] Shadowcaller: "Hmm… intresting, when can you transform?"
[22:11] Wolfbane: /Not on the ship. I need contact with the ground/
[22:11] Shadowcaller: *//
[22:11] Shadowcaller: /If I took with me a bit of earth?../
[22:13] Wolfbane: /I "think" I could make a smaller sized form.
[22:13] Shadowcaller: /I understand, how do you react to elemental energy by the ay? Fire?/
[22:13] Shadowcaller: *way
[22:14] Wolfbane: /I think I may be immune to being hurt or changed by it. The elementals you summon react differently I believe/
[22:15] Shadowcaller: /Water then? Wind?/
[22:16] Wolfbane: /It should be the same. I *know* I won't be hurt by wind unless I build a body mainly from dust and sand./
[22:17] Shadowcaller: /Force? Acid?/
[22:18] Shadowcaller: /Ice?/
[22:18] Wolfbane: /It would all depend on my form, but acid would hurt. Ice, not so much./
[22:19] Shadowcaller: /What are you weakest against then?… I'm just seeing what energy is best to use against other earth elementals./
[22:20] Wolfbane: /Intense heat will hurt, but it has to be more than a normal fire. Water will weaken most forms I can take, but not one of solid rock. Force is partly, after all, most of the time I am solid stone./
[22:22] Shadowcaller: /There are different reactional energy that could break down a earth elemental… I just don't remember which./
[22:24] Wolfbane: /Fire and wind together can get rid of sand and dust elementals. It melts them./
[22:25] Murska: (ohai)
[22:25] Shadowcaller: /Yes… I'm mostly doing research on fire magic however./
[22:25] Shadowcaller: (Hi >.>)
[22:25] Shadowcaller: (You take long naps… >.>)
[22:25] Shadowcaller: /But thanks for the tip./
[22:26] Wolfbane: /If you were able to combine both Earth and Fire elemetals, you'll get one much more powerful. Do you know what Magma is?/
[22:26] Happy: (*hugs Murska*)
[22:26] Wolfbane: *hugs all*
[22:26] Shadowcaller: /I'm no good with earth I'm afraid…/
[22:27] Wolfbane: /Fire doesn't combine with much naturally I am afraid./
[22:27] Shadowcaller: /But, yes. I know what magma is./
[22:28] Shadowcaller: (Hm, changing computer.)
[22:30] Shadowcaller: (We can do the city part withot wolfy however… should we wait with it until the weekend?)
[22:30] Shadowcaller: *without
[22:31] Shadowcaller: /Wizards have strong and weak elementals…/
[22:31] Wolfbane: /What is your weak one? Earth?/
[22:31] Shadowcaller: /Indeed…/
[22:32] Shadowcaller: /And some more./
[22:33] Shadowcaller: /I'm better at actual reactions then misnomer's that carry their names./
[22:33] Shadowcaller: /Do you know why that is?/

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