Session Start (moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit#moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit:Group Conversation 27648): Sun Jan 10 22:40:56 2010
[22:40] Murska: And this for Demons?
[22:41] Shadowcaller: Sure
[22:41] Wolfbane: *waves*
[22:41] Elly: Hai.
[22:42] General Shrimp: …
[22:42] General Shrimp: evil demon guy is back.
[22:42] Murska: brb shower
[22:42] Shadowcaller: Okay, we are going to do a slight recon. You are now on the road, Karen and Arim are heading away from the group, Wren and Hector have just been thrown off balance by that lighting bolt, Hector and Luna are standing close to each other, killing the monkey demons pouring out of thew woods.
[22:42] Murska: Apparently Derek has disappeared
[22:42] Murska: or you messed up names
[22:42] Shadowcaller: *Derek
[22:43] Shadowcaller: I did:P
[22:43] Murska: *Derek where? :P
[22:43] Shadowcaller: Near Luna
[22:43] Shadowcaller: Wren and Hector are a bit away from you due the lighting bolt
[22:45] Shadowcaller: The demons are breaking throught Wren's shadow shield.
[22:46] Shadowcaller: There are at least four monkey demons heading for Derek at the same time.
[22:46] General Shrimp: …
[22:46] Shadowcaller: Some of them are falling into Hectors traps.
[22:47] General Shrimp: (*hits the reset button* Okay guys, let's take a different route this time! :P)
[22:47] Shadowcaller: (Hey, no resets.)
[22:47] Happy: (maybe we should go back to the last save point and level up first…)
[22:48] Shadowcaller: (And this encounter is supposed to be hard >.>)
[22:49] General Shrimp: (Which would be why we're taking the run away option…or trying to.)
[22:49] Happy: So Karen is running away with Arim. Are they safely away yet?
[22:50] Shadowcaller: Since the demons appear to be focusing their attention to the main group, they are now quite some distance away. If it's a safe distance it's hard to say thought.
[22:51] Happy: "Wait… what about Derek? And the others?"
[22:51] Murska: b
[22:52] Shadowcaller: Arim look at her, like he just remembered something. "Oh…" He looks back the way they came "I- I don't know, Luna can transport her and another, but the others…"
[22:53] Murska: /Luna, go after the others with Wren. We'll be falling back./
[22:53] Murska: Derek grabs a bolt to his other hand and starts moving back.
[22:53] Shadowcaller: /What about you? I could take you aswell Derek!/
[22:54] Murska: /You said only one other. She's the most vulnerable./
[22:55] Shadowcaller: Luna looks in another direction as a monkey demon screams, then she's gone without another word.
[22:55] Shadowcaller: Four demons are quickly catching up to Derek.
[22:56] Murska: He turns to face them.
[22:56] Happy: "We have to go back…"
[22:56] General Shrimp: Hector is taking shots at what demons he can…and trying his best to make life difficult for the rest with ground spikes.
[22:56] Shadowcaller: With a scream one of them leaps towards him, it's claws aimed at Derek's head. Another is mearly charging, a bit back from the leaping one.
[22:56] General Shrimp: If Derek is falling back, then so is Hector.
[22:56] Shadowcaller: The other two is just behind.
[22:58] Shadowcaller: "…ye-" Arim is intrttuped as Luna appears near them in a blue shimmering light "Run!" SHe yells.
[22:58] Shadowcaller: *interrupted
[22:58] Elly: And Wren is left behind looking confused and trying to catch up. ( >.>?)
[22:58] Murska: Derek stops the bolt in air on the path of the leaping one
[22:58] Murska: and jumps backwards himself
[22:58] Happy: "Where's Derek?"
[22:58] Murska: then swings his sword at the charging one.
[22:59] Happy: (Did Luna bring Wren?)
[23:00] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I missed that part of Derks orders, but I guess she did. Sorry for that elly:P)
[23:00] Elly: ( Ewps. )
[23:01] Elly: So, I guess that leaves Wren confused and standing around with the others, and starting to run when Luna yells to do so. O.o
[23:01] Happy: "Where's Derek?!"
[23:01] Shadowcaller: The leaping goes right into the bolt and screams, unable to move. The charging one slashes towards Derek's sword arm.
[23:02] Murska: Which holds a sword that's slashing at said demon.
[23:02] Shadowcaller: "He said he was retreating the other way… he wouldn't let me take him."
[23:03] General Shrimp: "Derek…get her back here, so she can get you out!"
[23:04] Murska: 'Let's lead these idiots the wrong way first.'
[23:04] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, that was kind of the point >.>) The demon scratches Dereks arm as he cuts the demon deep into the right shoulder.
[23:04] Murska: He keeps retreating.
[23:04] Shadowcaller: *it's right shoulder
[23:05] Shadowcaller: The demon slashes against him with it's other arm which be barely manages to dodge. His sword arm is bleeding a bit.
[23:05] Happy: "But…"
[23:05] Murska: Doesn't the hit have any effect on it's balance?
[23:06] Shadowcaller: It did, the demon second strike throws it completely off balance, it falls down.
[23:06] Murska: Where are the other two?
[23:07] Shadowcaller: One is coming around to the side, while the other appears to make itself ready for a leap. In the confusion, he can see that the Reverant is coming out of the woods, it's not going towards them thought.
[23:07] General Shrimp: Hector sighs and keeps making floor spikes. "You still need to get out of there. We won't last long if you try and fight them. We need to run!" Hector shoots at the one round to the side.
[23:08] Murska: 'As soon as I get a breather.'
[23:08] Murska: wait
[23:08] Murska: //
[23:08] Murska: not ''
[23:08] Shadowcaller: "COme on Karen, he will be okay!" LUna yells, trying to get her to move, Arim is doubtful as well. Wren have managed to get away quite a distance from them now.
[23:09] Happy: Karen is kind of frozen in indecision for a moment, but finally responds to Luna and starts to run.
[23:09] Shadowcaller: Arim runs as well then.
[23:09] Shadowcaller: Luna blinks away some distance.
[23:13] Murska: /Hector, start running. I have a little trick and will be joining you after./
[23:14] Murska: I'd guess quite a bunch of demons are through the wall already.
[23:14] General Shrimp: /Are you sure? I don't want to just run off and abandon you./
[23:14] Murska: /Don't worry, I'll be a few seconds behind you./
[23:14] General Shrimp: Hector shrugs, turns, and runs.
[23:14] Shadowcaller: The demons appears to be gathring around the reverant.
[23:15] General Shrimp: And in case you haven't guessed, being a merc who was normally used as a scout, he's pretty damn fast.
[23:15] Happy: I guess Wren is running too?
[23:15] Murska: As the one monkey leaps, Derek puts a bolt in it's way and charges at the last monkey with two slashes. Is the revenant at throwing distance?
[23:16] Elly: Mhm.
[23:16] Elly: (Sorry. Have a lot going on right now. =\)
[23:17] Shadowcaller: It's not.
[23:18] Murska: Then since there's nothing pursuing he runs aswell.
[23:18] Murska: No point in wasting explosives.
[23:20] Shadowcaller: Wait… the first monkey never leaps. It never gets off ground, it was just fegin it.
[23:20] Murska: Well then he doesn't place the bolt
[23:20] Murska: nor charge
[23:21] Shadowcaller: Right, he notices how the horde of demons split off into two, one after them and the other in the direction Luna and the others went, that groups includes the reverant.
[23:21] Murska: So the two monkey demons don't do anything?
[23:22] Shadowcaller: They do, they sort of circles around Derek, not really attacking him, but tries to ran past him far to the side so the can cut him off. He can see the larger horde coming right after them (or at least a distance away.)
[23:23] Murska: He runs away as he sees they aren't going at him but around.
[23:23] Happy: (I've probably got about a half hour left before I go to bed)
[23:23] Shadowcaller: (Right >.>)
[23:24] Murska: Out of Derek's knowledgebase, how does one usually kill Revenants?
[23:24] General Shrimp: Hector…is still running. Derek might want to update him or something before he's too deep into the trees.
[23:24] Murska: Why? He's doing exactly the right thing.
[23:24] General Shrimp: Meh, fine then.
[23:25] Shadowcaller: (Wait, what direction are they running? The others are following the road according to my mental map.)
[23:25] Murska: Wait, huh.
[23:25] Murska: Why would someone with Arim's power follow the road?
[23:25] General Shrimp: Hector was heading for the trees on the other side…
[23:25] Murska: He can run through the trees so he's much faster in a forest than anyone else
[23:26] Shadowcaller: (But the forest seemed to be full of demons, he didn't want to take that chance.)
[23:26] Murska: Luna going along the road makes sense since she can see farther and probably escape easily.
[23:26] Murska: So they were on both sides?
[23:26] Murska: Gah.
[23:26] General Shrimp: (Oh, I thought the demons were on one side only?)
[23:26] Murska: Well, if the demons are on both sides then I guess Derek and Hector are running after the others.
[23:26] Murska: Since otherwise they'd be cut off completely.
[23:26] Shadowcaller: (They aren't on both sides, but the forest aren't on both sides.)
[23:26] General Shrimp: …yeah, what Murska said.
[23:27] General Shrimp: (So…it's an open field on the non-demony side?)
[23:27] Murska: A road 'in the middle of a forest' sort of implies that there's forest on both sides.
[23:27] Shadowcaller: (I never said 'in the middle of the forest' actually, 'at the edge of a forest' were my words.)
[23:28] Murska: Mmh. Oh well.
[23:28] Happy: *runs*
[23:28] General Shrimp: (Okay, well, if everyone else ran back up the road then, yeah, Hector is running across whatever is on the other side of the road.)
[23:28] Murska: Whatever, everyone runs away.
[23:29] Shadowcaller: Okay, the demons divide… Is anyone in Luna and Wrens group looking behind?
[23:29] Elly: ( Not I. )
[23:30] Happy: Karen is
[23:30] Happy: Looking for Derek.
[23:31] Shadowcaller: She can see the reverant right after them, it's floating extremly fast, it's speed apperently boosted by some type of magic.
[23:31] Murska: Hmm. Not much of a general.
[23:32] Shadowcaller: (Well, it dosen't need to worry about dying.)
[23:32] Shadowcaller: (If the suit is destroyed, it just possessess one of the demons it have under it's control.)
[23:32] Shadowcaller: (Of course, it the entire army was wiped out…)
[23:33] Shadowcaller: *if
[23:34] Elly: (And Karen will warn us… right? o.o )
[23:34] Shadowcaller: Anyhow, it really needs to get those children. It's catching up to them.
[23:34] General Shrimp: *Uses nuke powers on demon army*
[23:34] Murska: *sics Zerg on demons*
[23:35] Murska: Taking the enemies and infesting them and then popping more of that new and improved type? Sounds like a fair match.
[23:35] Shadowcaller: It's basically what the demons dose really. Thought some demons aren't really biological.
[23:36] Murska: Also Zerg have space travel so they can attack the demon's moonbase.
[23:36] General Shrimp: (Why does running away never work?)
(Well, I suppose it does for some. *Points at the speck that was Hector.*)
[23:36] Happy: "They're right behind us!"
[23:37] Elly: "Into the woods, into the woods!" Wren tries to run off the side of the road and toward the trees.
[23:37] Murska: Wren is ahead of the others I'd guess
[23:37] Shadowcaller: (Well, the zergs can't counter attack the demons and the demons can appears wherever they want…) Luna is ahead of Wren actually.
[23:37] Murska: Arim can run the fastest in woods so if Luna grabs Karen they can head.
[23:37] Elly: *nod*
[23:37] Murska: (If a single Zerg drone gets into the demon world)
[23:37] Murska: (they'd infest it)
[23:38] Shadowcaller: (No… not really.)
[23:38] Elly: ( Nid's would do it better. Turning the demons into demonids. >.> )
[23:38] Murska: (Nah, Tyranids infest worse than Zerg)
[23:38] Elly: ( Pff. )
[23:38] Murska: (They devour more tho)
[23:38] General Shrimp: (Zerg/Nid crossbreeds…there, problem solved.)
[23:38] Elly: ( O.o )
[23:38] Murska: (Add a hint of deathclaw)
[23:38] General Shrimp: (Yeah, with a hint of deathclaw to make armour useless.)
[23:39] Murska: (Also maybe a bit of Ork)
[23:39] Murska: (for spores)
[23:39] Murska: (and psychic power)
[23:39] Elly: ( 'nids post Ork sector. :P )
[23:39] Elly: ( Giant hulkgaunts with Dakkaborers )
[23:39] Shadowcaller: ((Shall we not waste more of happys time?)
[23:40] Murska: (Well it's your turn)
[23:40] Happy: *run run run*
[23:40] Shadowcaller: (sorry… I just have a bit trouble breathing >.>)
[23:40] Elly: ( O.o )
[23:40] Murska: (Ouch. »)
[23:40] Murska: (RP isn't worth dying over, however breathtakingly amazing we are)
[23:41] General Shrimp: (I've made Hector completely useless again! Since…he's running…and Derek is behind him…and I have no idea where the demons pursuing them are.)
[23:41] Elly: /dismiss shadowwall back in the other trees/
[23:41] Shadowcaller: (Anyway…) Wren, Arim and Karen goes into the woods?
[23:42] General Shrimp: (In the jungle, the spooky jungle, demons kick their asses!)
[23:42] Happy: (er… SC? You need to go lay down?)
[23:42] Shadowcaller: (No, it's okay.)
[23:42] Wolfbane: (Is it bad allergies?)
[23:42] Shadowcaller: (It will pass, and no, it's not.)
[23:43] Shadowcaller: (Just some side-effect from coughing a lot.)
[23:43] General Shrimp: (Well…if you're sure you're okay…)
[23:43] Shadowcaller: (I think I just need a good burp or something >.>)
[23:44] Murska: (If the demons keel our GM, I call hax)
[23:44] Elly: Wren stops once she's a few hundred meters into the treeline, and looks back for the Revenant, or other demons.
[23:44] Elly: ( o.o
[23:44] General Shrimp: (Maybe the demons are using him as a puppet, threatening to suffocate him if he lets us live!)
[23:44] Wolfbane: (*goes back to writing notes on everyone’s characters*)
[23:44] Wolfbane: <.<
[23:45] Elly: ( *tapes Wolfie's eyes shut* )
[23:45] Wolfbane: (*noms*)
[23:45] Elly: ( o.o )
[23:45] Murska: *already has a foolproof plan to beating Wolfy's character*
[23:46] Murska: For of course, we shall put the matter of any PC vs. PC confrontation resolution to a vote between all the players. ;)
[23:46] Shadowcaller: Not really no.
[23:46] Murska: He's getting all dictatorish again.
[23:46] Murska: Someone make him go to bed.
[23:46] Elly: >.>
[23:48] Shadowcaller: (Just give me a moment…)
[23:48] Shadowcaller: (It's passing.)
[23:49] Elly: ( The dictatorship or the sickness? >.> )
[23:49] Wolfbane: (Both?)
[23:49] Shadowcaller: (dictator ship remains.)
[23:50] Murska: ( Viva la revolution!)
[23:50] Murska: (Abuses the powers of liberal civics to overwhelm SC's backwards economy and production)
[23:51] Shadowcaller: (Sorry Murska, but I don't got the energy or the will to disscuss anything with you right now:S)
[23:52] Murska: (Then go to bed, sheesh.)
[23:52] Shadowcaller: (I will just concentrate on the GM'ing.)
[23:52] Shadowcaller: (And I will go to bed really:P *starts laptop*)
[23:52] Murska: (If you want. We're waiting.)
[23:53] Shadowcaller: (Indeed.)
[23:54] General Shrimp: (So…is SC going to bed then?)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: (I'm going to use my laptop.)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: (changing computers.)
[23:55] General Shrimp: (Quick, somebody throw a sleeping gas grenade at him! SC MUST SLEEP!)
[23:55] Shadowcaller: (I'm not tired.)
[23:55] Shadowcaller: (Just sick.)
[23:55] General Shrimp: (Sleep makes people less sick! Anyway, don't feel like you have to bother with this or anything, we can wait.)
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (no, sleep makes people more sick.)
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (Your immunity system is less active when you sleep.)
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (But I suppose it's some truth in it >.>)
[23:56] Murska: (No, sleep passes the time faster and time heals)
[23:57] Murska: (Also, doing pretty much anything makes you more sick)
[23:57] Murska: (while sleep is doing pretty much nothing)
[23:57] Elly: ( Unless it's lethal. In which case you get closer to dying. >.> )
[23:57] Murska: (If it's lethal, he should be enjoying the pleasures of life before death. One of said pleasures is sleeping. )
[23:57] General Shrimp: (Sleep always helps…always. That's why your body pesters you to sleep when you don't feel well.)
[23:58] Murska: (Even when you're carefully balancing on some dangerous rock wall without any safety gear?)
[23:58] Elly: (Yes. Especially then.)
[23:58] Happy: (*thwaps Murska* no semantics in SC chat. He is too tired for that)
[23:59] Murska: (But he can just ignore me. that's what I do.)
[23:59] Happy: (it takes energy to ignore you :P )
[23:59] Murska: (Oh. I always thought ignorance takes less energy than being aware.)
[23:59] Shadowcaller: (There we are, now I just need to prevent the cat from sleeping on my stomach…)
[23:59] Murska: (By making it sleep IN it!)
[23:59] General Shrimp: (Not with msn…damn that annoying orange flashing thing!)
[23:59] Happy: (sling it into the wall?)
[00:00] General Shrimp: (Aww, let the kitty sleep!)
[00:00] Shadowcaller: Okay, so what was the last thing that happend?
[00:00] Elly: ( o.o )
[00:00] Happy: [23:36] Happy: "They're right behind us!"
[23:37] Elly: "Into the woods, into the woods!" Wren tries to run off the side of the road and toward the trees.
[00:02] Shadowcaller: Okay, who were running into the trees beside Wren?
[00:02] Happy: Karen is running wherever Arim is dragging her, but looking back a lot.

[00:02] Shadowcaller: Arim decides to follow Wren.
[00:04] Shadowcaller: The reverant seems ready to hit you with it's mace, but is hindered by the trees. Arim is running right throught them with Karen.
[00:05] Elly: Wren stops a few meters into the trees, and looks back for the Revenant and other demons.
[00:05] Shadowcaller: She can see the reverant, Arim and Karen have already passed her without noticing.
[00:05] Shadowcaller: It's moving much slower now.
[00:05] Elly: /Spike in front of the Revenant's face/ >.>
[00:06] Shadowcaller: Hector and Derek are running across the plain?
[00:06] General Shrimp: …yes.
[00:08] Shadowcaller: They have a bunch of monkey demons after them, in the distance they can see a few houses.
[00:08] General Shrimp: monkey demons! Only one solution to that. MORE FLOOR SPIKES!
[00:08] Elly: ( L BLOCK! )
[00:09] Shadowcaller: (He can do it while running?)
[00:10] General Shrimp: (I don't see why not. Small spikes to cut people's feet open isn't hard to do…since they're so small and stuff.)
[00:10] Shadowcaller: Wren creates a barrier right in front of the reverants face. It walks right into it. While the spike seems to stick right into the helmet, it dosen't seem like it died or anything "You are here…" It grips the spike with it's hand and breaks it off, throwing it to the side.
[00:11] Elly: Oh. …back to running like a pansy!
[00:11] Happy: (gah! It's a possessed mall map!)
[00:13] Shadowcaller: The demons go into the spikes Hector created, which seems to slow some of them down slightly.
[00:14] General Shrimp: Well, since he's in the lead (by a fair way I'd imagine), Hector slows down briefly and fires a shot at the lead demon. Then…back to running!
[00:14] Happy: Karen is still running and looking back, trying to catch sight of Derek.
[00:15] Murska: And Derek is running after Hector.
[00:15] Shadowcaller: Are they running toward the buildings or do they try to run in another direction?
[00:15] Elly: /dismiss… broken spike/ She stops again after she's certain there's a great enough lead, looking back for the Evul Demon Leader.
[00:16] Happy: ooc, I would say away from buildings. IC, wherever ARim is dragging her
[00:16] Shadowcaller: It's floating among the woods, suddenly reaching out a hand which calls a ligthing to torch a nearby tree.
[00:16] Shadowcaller: (That was for Hector and Derek Happy.)
[00:17] Elly: ( >.>? )
[00:17] General Shrimp: Houses = people. So, Hector changes direction sharply and resumes running.
[00:17] Elly: ( Ahh. )
[00:17] Shadowcaller: Arim and Karen comes into a small glade, there is a stream running by here, it's quite wide.
[00:18] Murska: And depending on whether Derek can see Hector he does the same. If he can't see him he'd switch direction but most likely their courses would then diverge.
[00:18] Elly: /blade between trees at about waist height/ Wren shakes her head tiredly, raising a hand to rub her eyes.
[00:18] General Shrimp: Hector shouldn't be that far ahead.
[00:19] General Shrimp: (Ugh, headache…I'm gonna go get something for it. Be back in a bit.)
[00:20] Shadowcaller: "You can't hide…" The reverants voice continues as it appears to notice the shadow barrier as it floats into it gently
[00:20] Shadowcaller: The monkey demons turns aswell, but they are catching up to them, slowly but surely.
[00:23] Shadowcaller: "Foolish mortal, you are using the same trick over and over again, and it will cost you dearly."
[00:23] Elly: Fleeee!
[00:23] Elly: O.o
[00:24] Shadowcaller: The reverant stops and appears to gather a huge amount of magical energy.
[00:25] General Shrimp: (There…I'm back. If it doesn't get better I may well give in and call it a night though.)
[00:25] Shadowcaller: Wren can hear the sound of thunder above her.
[00:25] Shadowcaller: (Sure.)
[00:25] Elly: Wren ducks behind a tree! …maybe?
[00:26] Shadowcaller: Lighting bolts starts to shoot down from the sky above Arim, Karen and Wren.
[00:27] Shadowcaller: Torching trees and bushes alike. Some underbrush near Wren catches fire as a lighing bolt striks down nearby.
[00:28] Elly: "Oh hell!' She starts back to sprinting, "Run! Ruuunn!" She screams to the others ahead of her.
[00:29] Happy: *runs*
[00:29] Murska: Where'd Luna go?
[00:29] Happy: (um… can we skip ahead to where we either die horribly or prevail soemhow? I don't feel like there's much for us to do.)
[00:29] Shadowcaller: (Well, there was… >.>)
[00:30] Happy: (oh)
[00:30] Happy: (so… we're going to die horribly then because we didn't do it?)
[00:30] Shadowcaller: Anyhow, if we time skip, Arim legs will be wounded and Wren will have catched fire at some point but managed to put it out. You seem to have lost the reverant thought.)
[00:31] Shadowcaller: You have reached a very old water mill.
[00:31] Shadowcaller: It's no one here-
[00:33] Shadowcaller: Not sure about Arim and Derek thought.
[00:34] Shadowcaller: Wren, Karen and Arim are in the old mill, Luna's whereabouts are unknown, Hector and Derek are being hunted by monkey demons.
[00:35] Shadowcaller: It's getting late in Karen, Wren
[00:35] Happy: Karen is almost in tears.
[00:35] Shadowcaller: s and Arims time-zone. Arim is trying to comfort her.
[00:36] General Shrimp: "Derek for goodness sake get Luna back here to help!" Hector shouts as he runs.
Well, they don't really have another way out, do they?
[00:36] Shadowcaller: "He will come back Karen… he is trained, he knows his way around…"
[00:38] Murska: /Luna? How is everyone?/
[00:40] Shadowcaller: /Derek?! Thank the moon… I lost track of them a while, there is still that suit of armor floating around here. I think it made them flee into the woods. I'm tracking them right now."
[00:40] Shadowcaller: /
[00:41] Shadowcaller: /…are you okay?/
[00:42] Murska: /Still fleeing, but not in trouble. The Revenant and half the demons followed you./
[00:43] Elly: Wren will check if there's either a second floor, or a basement for them to get into…
[00:43] Shadowcaller: /Haven't see any more of those smaller ones, see no track of them in the forest./
[00:44] Shadowcaller: It have a second floor, no basement thought.
[00:45] Elly: "Come on…" Wren tries to get Arim and Karen to go upstairs, "We can see what's going on outside better from there…"
[00:46] Happy: Karen follows. She doesn't let go of Arim's hand for a moment.
[00:47] Murska: /Hm. Do you think you could extract us?/
[00:48] Shadowcaller: Arim is halting, but still leads up Karen as safely as possible for the small stairs. As Wren reaches the top, she can see that there is a large hole in the left wall, she also notices how it's raining outside (but you have most likely heard that already. It
[00:48] Shadowcaller: *s very dark.
[00:50] Elly: And Wren will go over to look out of the hole curiously, to look outside and see if there's anything else around. "Not the most comfortable place we've stayed…"
[00:51] Shadowcaller: /Where are you?/
[00:52] Shadowcaller: There is a river floating nearby, still making the old wheel of the mill move slightly.
[00:53] Murska: /We ran straight off the road until we saw some buildings and then circled around, now we're some way to the *???* of it./
[00:53] Murska: Insert wherever we went
[00:54] Elly: (West/East/North/South?)
[00:54] Shadowcaller: (Hm?)
[00:56] Shadowcaller: /Still running? I try to find you… night, I guess I need to leave the others. But I know they are safe, so no matter./
[00:56] Shadowcaller: (Night=damn.)
[01:01] Elly: Wren backs away from the hole in the wall, and wanders around, looking at anything and everything in the watermill. "They'll be alright." She says it to try and reassure Karen, but is talking more to herself.
[01:01] Happy: "If he's okay, why doesn't he contact us to say so?"
[01:01] General Shrimp: (*Waits to see if Luna saves 'em before the demons rip their faces off.*)
[01:02] Elly: (Bad Derek. You's supposed to make a telecall to your worried daughter.)
[01:02] Elly: "Might still be a bit… busy, still…"
[01:03] Shadowcaller: (I guess we time skip and she dose, but both Derek and Hector got a few cuts and scratches on them.)
[01:04] Murska: Derek'd contact the others once he's done with talking to Luna.
[01:04] Elly: (Ohmigawd you'repoisonedpleasedon'tdie.)
[01:04] General Shrimp: (Hooray! So…sometime later they all end up back at the house…or wherever the rest of them are?)
[01:04] Murska: How does that perma-healing artifact work?
[01:04] General Shrimp: (Wait, what?)
[01:04] Shadowcaller: (Uh… it heals wound and stuff, can't fix a broken leg thought. You need to place it over the wound.)
[01:06] Murska: And it can be used as many times as we want?
[01:06] Shadowcaller: (I guess they reach the old mill eventually. Yes.
[01:06] Murska: Good, bye bye cuts.
[01:07] General Shrimp: (Hooray! Note to self: Never split the party!)
[01:07] Elly: (But noone is a tracker! *sends them back out to be lost in the woods for an hour or two first* )
[01:08] Shadowcaller: (Luna is a tracker.)
[01:08] Elly: ( >.> Shh. )
[01:08] Elly: ( Oh well. They'll be soaked anyway. :P )
[01:08] Shadowcaller: (Oh, they will be/Yoda.)
[01:09] General Shrimp: (Nothing Hector ain't used to.)
[01:10] General Shrimp: (Anyway…*presses play button again.*)
[01:10] Shadowcaller: Luna leads you towards the mill in the storm.
[01:11] Shadowcaller: "Seems likely they would stop here,"
[01:12] General Shrimp: "Well I can understand why. I'm not particularly keen on staying out here any longer." Hector runs for the entrance.
[01:14] Shadowcaller: Luna comes inside with him, getting her very wet leather armor off. "Brr… we need a fire." The others can most likely hear this.
[01:15] Murska: 'Anyone here?'
[01:16] Elly: Wren comes down over the stairs, "There you are! Come on up. We've… almost got a fire going." The soggy firepit hadn't been cooperating very well, but she had hung a few sheets (or other large objects) in the way of the hole. >.>
[01:16] Happy: Karen flies (not literally) down the stairs and flings herself at Decker.
[01:17] General Shrimp: …Hector runs up the stairs and puts his arms round Wren. "I'm glad to see you're safe…"
[01:18] Shadowcaller: *Decker? Hmm…:P
[01:18] Murska: Derek kicks this imaginary Decker aside and hugs Karen.
[01:18] Elly: Wren hugs him back, looking down at him, for once. "You almost worried me this time." She smiles, "What kept you?"
[01:19] Shadowcaller: Arim smiles at Wren and Hector, but his foot dosen't appear to be in good enough condition for him to move.
[01:20] Happy: :P
[01:20] General Shrimp: "Almost?" Hector pulls back slightly and frowns. "You had me worried sick, you little pest! As for what kept me…trying to keep half the demons off your back was rather time consuming."
[01:20] Happy: Then she starts crying. *smacks Karen for being such a crybaby character*
[01:21] Shadowcaller: Luna glances at Karen and Derek and then continues her way up to the stairs to check up on Arim.
[01:23] Elly: "And left us with the lightning casting leader!" She exclaims, but simmers down, "You did have me worried… I just knew that you were going to be alright, though. It'll take more than a chimp to kill you, right?" She tugs his ear, dragging him in for a kiss.
[01:25] Murska: 'Is everyone okay?' Derek notices Arim. 'I have something that might help.'
[01:25] Happy: "He hurt his foot," Karen says through her sobs.
[01:26] General Shrimp: "Right," Hector smiles and kisses back, running a hand through Wren's hair. "Sorry about leaving you with the leader…Derek said he had some way of dealing with them, he told me to run off ahead. I guess he was unlucky."
[01:27] Murska: 'Didn't get a chance when they all decided to gather around the leader. On the other hand it did give me a chance to run away.'
[01:27] Elly: She looks over Hector's shoulder at Derek, "Not too unlucky. You both made it out alright." She slides her arms down around his chest, "Anyway. Would you like to get the fire started for us? Or it's going to be a long, cold night."
[01:28] Murska: Derek carefully lets go of Karen and takes out his healing item, heading to Arim.
[01:30] General Shrimp: "Well, I can't really with your arms around me like this." He chuckles and gently pushes her back, then heads over to start the fire.
[01:31] Happy: Karen goes with him to check on Arim.
[01:32] Elly: And Wren will get back to trying to tidy the place up, and stack anything else garbage-ish up closer to the broken wall, trying to block it off.
[01:33] General Shrimp: Oh, by the way, the little pyramid device thing…Hector's gonna slowly be using earth powers to get it over to the mill.
[01:34] General Shrimp: Anyway, once the fire's started, Hector gets out of his leather armour and places it carefully by the fire to dry.
[01:34] Shadowcaller: Why? >.>
[01:34] General Shrimp: Um…because it's demon stuff? And because he can. It might be useful!
[01:34] Elly: ( Our pyramind thing! )
[01:34] Murska: (Maybe it'll unlock the Secrets of the Stonemasons!)
[01:34] Happy: (because it denies it to them)
[01:34] Elly: (Or maybe we can stick Wolfie with it. >.> )
[01:35] General Shrimp: On top of that, it could have some other child's power in it, which they could maybe get back out of the pyramid?
[01:35] General Shrimp: I dunno!
[01:35] General Shrimp: It just might be useful!
[01:35] Shadowcaller: Luna is by the fire as well.
[01:35] Shadowcaller: "Well… no one died."
[01:36] Shadowcaller: Arim's leg is strained, you can only improve it a bit.
[01:36] Murska: He does what he can
[01:36] Murska: and then heals anything everyone else has
[01:37] Shadowcaller: The artifact is very cold to have on your naked skin, but it's a price to pay…
[01:38] Happy: Karen snuggles with Arim and kisses him, not caring that Luna or anyone else is there.
[01:39] Shadowcaller: Luna dosen't seem to care that much either anymore.
[01:39] General Shrimp: "Yeah, I can't help but feel that we kind of got lucky there though…"
[01:39] Shadowcaller: Arims mood is very good, despite what just happend…
[01:39] Shadowcaller: "They might still follow us Hector."
[01:40] Happy: (hmm.. you could let Wolfy play Arim or Luna)
[01:40] Shadowcaller: (He could play Arim if he wants to >.>)
[01:41] Happy: (time for sleeps?)
[01:41] Happy: (for players and characters?)
[01:41] Murska: I can't
[01:41] General Shrimp: "Yeah, I suppose. We'll have to have a couple of people on watch during the night." Hector sighs, he's one of the people better suited for watch duty. So much for spending the night curled up with Wren.
[01:42] Murska: so I guess I'll read that math stuff if everyone else leaves.
[01:42] Shadowcaller: (Don't worry Murska I stay right by you… and I guess wolfy will as well.)
[01:43] Murska: Derek'll hand whoever's taking the first watch a silver-tipped crossbow bolt that'll start glowing if there are demons near.

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