Random Discussion 18 7 09

[11:41] Shadowcaller: Hm, if Murska is not coming back we could continue a small bit without him. But I would only do so if he haven't come online for about 4 days or something
[11:43] Shadowcaller: Anyhow… do you know about the races?
[11:44] Hope: not really
[11:45] Shadowcaller: Lets see… dwarves, humans, elves, wolfen, lizardmen, kobolds… yeah I think thats all of them
[11:47] Shadowcaller: Dwarven, humans, elves and wolfen are all "young" races, created by the so-called "mother". They can all use magic (expect pure wolfens) and have no connection to the spirit world
[11:49] Shadowcaller: Then we have the "old" races, lizardmen and kobolds that can't use magic but have a strong connection to the spirit world. Dragons is another race that comes from a blessing given to a certain city of lizardmen
[11:49] Shadowcaller: The blessing was given by the five dragon spirits that were the lizardmens and kobolds gods
[11:51] Shadowcaller: Then every race invidually… are you reading this?:P
[11:51] Shadowcaller: You can come with suggestions and stuff
[11:52] Hope: yes, I'm reading
[11:54] Shadowcaller: Humans are, well like humans. Most of the worlds population consists of humans
[11:54] Shadowcaller: They have many separated kingdoms and empires
[11:54] Shadowcaller: And tribes
[11:54] Hope: why can't pure wolfen use magic?
[11:55] Shadowcaller: We decided that during the orgin of the races I think, they were created mainly for combat and not for magic useage
[11:55] Hope: But they know of the spirits
[11:55] Hope: I wonder how?
[11:56] Shadowcaller: Hmm…
[11:56] Shadowcaller: Spirit speaking comes from dragons, kobolds and lizardmen…
[11:56] Shadowcaller: Maybe wolfen was one of the orginal races too?
[11:57] Shadowcaller: It fits really
[11:57] Shadowcaller: They have spirits like gods, much like the lizardmen and kobolds
[11:57] Hope: why would three of them be reptilian and one canine?
[11:57] Shadowcaller: No idea:P
[11:58] Shadowcaller: We could always have them to be "ypung" races that were accepted by the spirits…
[11:58] Hope: Are there any avian races?
[11:59] Shadowcaller: I would like to have some actually… bird people are really cool
[12:00] Shadowcaller: Carnians, thats what we can call them
[12:01] Shadowcaller: They can't fly thought
[12:01] Hope: awww that's sad
[12:01] Shadowcaller: Hehe, thats why they worship spirits, to be able to:P
[12:02] Shadowcaller: The spirits give them wings so to speak
[12:02] Shadowcaller: And lets them fly, like their ancestors did
[12:02] Hope: neat
[12:02] Hope: we should meet a flock of them
[12:02] Hope: I liked the harpies
[12:03] Shadowcaller: You did? Well, they were quite evil >.<
[12:04] Shadowcaller: You know… we could just take away the kobolds, saying that the oracle was a short lizardman
[12:04] Shadowcaller: Then we have one reptilian, one canine and one avian race
[12:05] Hope: as the original races?
[12:05] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[12:05] Hope: they were evil, but fun
[12:05] Shadowcaller: Humans, elves and dwarves all look like each other so it makes sense they had the same creator
[12:07] Shadowcaller: I have a few ideas for nymphs too, why they look so much like humans…
[12:07] Shadowcaller: WHen humans/elves/dwarves dies, nymphs can (if they are nearby) offer their souls to become nymphs
[12:08] Shadowcaller: Or, Nymphs can offer alive persons that as well… not really sure
[12:08] Shadowcaller: Any ideas?
[12:08] Shadowcaller: Same thing with all other human-like spirits
[12:15] Hope: I thought they were like Ai, and took the form most pleasing to the ones they were with
[12:16] Shadowcaller: But they are still females right?
[12:17] Shadowcaller: Or are they like Ai and switches around genders?
[12:17] Shadowcaller: Cuase we haven't seen any male nymphs just yet
[12:18] Hope: no, just Pan
[12:19] Shadowcaller: Yeah, I figured they did change forms to be as pleasing as possible to the viewer but still always female
[12:20] Hope: So there would be satyrs too. we just didn't meet as many of them
[12:20] Shadowcaller: Are satys their male equivalence?
[12:21] Shadowcaller: *satyrs
[12:21] Hope: yes
[12:21] Shadowcaller: Make sense, thought Cessie didn't like to look of either of them >.>
[12:23] Shadowcaller: Of course, being her. She is most likely more resistant to their charms^^
[12:23] Hope: indeed
[12:24] Shadowcaller: Okay, nymphs and satyrs change forms to be as plesant as possible…
[12:25] Shadowcaller: I guess they can change other peoples apperance to, like Helena
[12:26] Shadowcaller: Cessie have a dislike against nature spirits
[12:26] Hope: She doesn't understand them. Too flighty.
[12:27] Shadowcaller: And not modest enough, the satyrs are always intrested in her for some reason >.>
[12:29] Shadowcaller: She don't like that at all, it don't go well with her somewhat tame world view
[12:32] Shadowcaller: Anyhow… thats humans. Like normal humans really, except some of them do magic such as Cessie
[12:33] Shadowcaller: Then we have elves…
[12:33] Shadowcaller: Any ideas there beyond what we already know?
[12:34] Shadowcaller: They live very long, they don't need sleep that much…
[12:34] Shadowcaller: How to explain why they haven't taken over the world yet?:P
[12:34] Shadowcaller: They should be experts and basically everything
[12:35] Hope: There's a sort of lethargy to them. They don't tend to be as ambitious as humans
[12:36] Shadowcaller: The ones we have seen, like Aegnor don't really feel like lerhargic to me really
[12:37] Hope: He sort of is though
[12:37] Shadowcaller: He is?
[12:37] Hope: How he went so long without letting himself care about anything
[12:37] Hope: And he tries not to let thinga affect him
[12:38] Shadowcaller: Hm, I guess
[12:39] Hope: And of course, individuals can be more or less ambitious. Reorn and Helena were. But in groups, not so much
[12:39] Shadowcaller: Well, they are both gods, so that might have changed
[12:41] Shadowcaller: Thats why they are so easily enslaved…
[12:43] Shadowcaller: Anything else about elves?
[12:50] Shadowcaller: I guess that means no >.>
[12:50] Hope: sorry, playing civ >.>
[12:51] Shadowcaller: Oh >.>
[12:53] Shadowcaller: Wolfen then?
[12:53] Shadowcaller: The are strong and fast… had a ancient empire with the elves long ago
[12:54] Hope: Did the elves consider them equals?
[12:54] Shadowcaller: Um, not really
[12:55] Shadowcaller: Almost equals you could call it
[12:55] Shadowcaller: Elves are a bit arrogant after all
[12:55] Shadowcaller: They have the highest magic number of magic users
[12:58] Shadowcaller: ANd the wolfen had none
[12:58] Shadowcaller: Of course they saw themselves as a bit better then them'
[13:00] Shadowcaller: What did wolfy say about wolfen?
[13:00] Hope: Are there any cultures that don't particularly value magic?
[13:00] Shadowcaller: Humans, elves, dwarves
[13:01] Shadowcaller: Or certain cultures among these people
[13:01] Shadowcaller: *peoples
[13:01] Shadowcaller: And I would not say that all wolfen, carnians or lizardmen worship spirits either
[13:03] Shadowcaller: Oh, you mean magic?
[13:04] Shadowcaller: I don't think wolfen like magic very much
[13:04] Hope: I can see some people looking on magic the way Cessie looks on physical strength
[13:04] Shadowcaller: Lizardmen and Carnians can't do magic either, but some of them try to use it anyway
[13:04] Hope: "That's pretty impressive, but what's the point?"
[13:05] Shadowcaller: I don't really understand that viewpoint:P
[13:06] Hope: heh
[13:06] Shadowcaller: There is a reason magic users think themselves as above all else…
[13:06] Shadowcaller: Magic cna do a lot of things after all
[13:06] Shadowcaller: *can
[13:07] Shadowcaller: If we jus go by pure strength (no tactics whatsoever) magic will always win
[13:08] Hope: But you can run out of spells. Hope would have gotten through the jungle better than Cessie did, after all.
[13:09] Shadowcaller: Well, she had used up most of her strong spells at that point
[13:09] Shadowcaller: ANd those birds could see throught her invisibility and silence spells
[13:12] Shadowcaller: So she was at a disadvantage there really
[13:14] Shadowcaller: It was like some of Hopes attacks hd no effect
[13:14] Shadowcaller: Or she could not sneak
[13:14] Hope: exactly. And that's why magic isn't the only answer
[13:14] Hope: everything has strengths and weaknesses
[13:15] Shadowcaller: Tell that to them >.>
[13:15] Shadowcaller: Enough magic= every problem solved:P

[14:47] Shadowcaller: Try to think of a decent background for Sarenna, Cessie actually can relate to her
[14:49] Shadowcaller: They are a bit alike after all
[14:52] Shadowcaller: Where were she from again?
[14:53] Hope: brb
[14:54] Hope: Well she's been there a long time
[14:54] Hope: So what was there 200 years ago?
[14:55] Shadowcaller: I guess it was after the elven wars…
[14:55] Shadowcaller: Shortly after the house wars…
[14:55] Shadowcaller: Or during that time
[14:56] Shadowcaller: She should have seen legions, or at least know of them
[14:56] Hope: She didn't get to finish her wizard education
[14:56] Hope: seems to be a theme, doesn't it?
[14:56] Shadowcaller: Um yeah >.>
[14:57] Shadowcaller: They really are alike
[14:58] Shadowcaller: Well, I think it was pretty much the same, thought Hestopia wasn't as widespread, hardly a nation at all
[14:58] Shadowcaller: Kuori and Artaris didn't exist
[14:59] Shadowcaller: Helia was still the god of knowledge
[15:00] Shadowcaller: Necromancy was still allowed
[15:01] Shadowcaller: Kyou didn't exist
[15:01] Shadowcaller: It was ruins of a elven city by then
[15:04] Shadowcaller: + a lot of other changes
[15:04] Shadowcaller: Other empires..
[15:05] Shadowcaller: The elves had just ebgun retreating
[15:05] Shadowcaller: *begun
[15:05] Shadowcaller: Aegnor still lived by then
[15:05] Hope: hmm… maybe it was the war that caused the interruption in her studies
[15:06] Shadowcaller: It could have been really
[15:06] Shadowcaller: Is she a part of a house?
[15:13] Hope: No, I don't think so
[15:13] Shadowcaller: Unlike Cessie then
[15:14] Shadowcaller: The houses was at war by then, later they all united against the neccomancers however
[15:14] Shadowcaller: *necromancers
[15:15] Shadowcaller: So that Cessie is in a house might shock her or something
[15:17] Shadowcaller: Err.. thought she already heard Cessies last name, which means she already knows. Maybe she isn't that shocked then
[15:20] Shadowcaller: [08:02] Murska: /I apologize. I am Saranna./
[08:02] Shadowcaller: /I see, so what are you exactly? Some type of… spell?/
[08:02] Murska: She keeps staring at the gem, unmoving.
[08:03] Murska: /I'm a mage./
[08:03] Murska: /From Krysalia, actually./
[15:24] Shadowcaller: So , shes from Krysalian, whatever that is

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