random discussion 14-7-09

[09:50] Hope: gmorning
[09:55] Shadowcaller: Oh, hi
[09:56] Shadowcaller: How are you feeling?
[09:57] Hope: Still kind of nauseous
[09:57] Hope: but not feeling sleepy, weirdly enough
[09:57] Hope: how long did you guys roleplay last night?
[09:58] Shadowcaller: Less then a hour or so? You weren't needed for this part at all actually
[09:58] Shadowcaller: Cessie send in her elementals behind the doors
[09:58] Hope: You need to put the log up
[09:59] Shadowcaller: Yeah I know >.>
[10:00] Shadowcaller: There was a hall then a double door and a small door with a magical lake
[10:00] Shadowcaller: Something in there killed the fire elemental
[10:00] Shadowcaller: But left the air elemental alone
[10:01] Shadowcaller: We discovered that there was stone slabs that we could push to open the doors
[10:01] Shadowcaller: When we opened the door we were in front of, we neded the session
[10:02] Shadowcaller: The elementals could get in by sqeezing themselves into the gasps in the door
[10:04] Shadowcaller: Thats all that happend basically
[10:06] Hope: ok
[10:07] Shadowcaller: In what way were Seren confused with both Aegnor and Cessie there by the way?
[10:12] Hope: He doesn't want Aegnor to notice how he feels about Cessie.
[10:12] Hope: He doesn't want Cessie to notice either.
[10:12] Shadowcaller: Hehe, well she can't really imagine it
[10:13] Shadowcaller: She don't really see herself as something that guys fall for

[10:14] Hope: Yeah. Even after everyone tells her how beautiful she is, she doesn't believe it.
[10:14] Hope: You think hearing it from a goddess of beauty would convince her.
[10:14] Hope: Morning Murska *hugs*
[10:14] Murska: mornin'
[10:14] Murska: it's way too early
[10:14] Murska: *sigh*
[10:14] Murska: and I gotta start cleaning again
[10:15] Shadowcaller: Yay, cleaning!
[10:15] Hope: :(
[10:15] Hope: One of you should put the transcript up for me
[10:15] Hope: cleaning sucks :(
[10:15] Shadowcaller: Eh, its a time killer
[10:15] Shadowcaller: And it got its uses
[10:16] Hope: i don't need things to kill time
[10:16] Shadowcaller: Hm, true
[10:17] Shadowcaller: Well, Cessie have a tendency to forget such comments, its not like she spends time on her spperance anyway. Except when it comes to clothes that is
[10:17] Shadowcaller: As long as she is beautiful to Aegnor…
[10:18] Hope: Well she's beautiful to Seren too, and he really doesn't want Aegnor to notice that.
[10:21] Shadowcaller: There might complications I suspect, but not from Aegnor:P
[10:22] Hope: What do you mean?
[10:22] Shadowcaller: Murska did say Aegnor would not care right?
[10:23] Hope: Yeah, that he'd understand. And he trusts Cessie, so it's not like he'd worry about losing her to another man.
[10:23] Shadowcaller: Oh right, in Hestopia wizards are actually allowed to have intercourse before marriage, they are even allowed too do it without it >.>
[10:24] Shadowcaller: Since they really need those wizards…
[10:24] Hope: heh
[10:24] Hope: So why was Cessie so determined to wait?
[10:24] Shadowcaller: Tradition, even if she techically wasn't included in that one
[10:25] Shadowcaller: She didn't want to have casual relationships with someone
[10:25] Hope: Well she didn't
[10:27] Shadowcaller: She did not
[10:27] Shadowcaller: But she was afraid of it
[10:27] Hope: I'm sure she's glad now that she overcame her fear
[10:27] Shadowcaller: Thats why she waited so long with Aegnor
[10:27] Shadowcaller: She is very happy:P
[10:30] Hope: She was so jealous of that bard
[10:31] Shadowcaller: Hehe
[10:31] Shadowcaller: Yeah;)
[10:32] Hope: Too bad we're on the other side of the world. it'd be funny to see Cessie's reaction if we ran into her again
[10:32] Shadowcaller: Hehe, yeah:P
[10:33] Shadowcaller: I wonder what she would say really…
[10:33] Shadowcaller: Aegnor must have been quite the bachelor before he met Cessie >.>
[10:34] Hope: he never let himself get attached to anyone.
[10:35] Shadowcaller: Many casual relationships then? I'm sure he broke many hearths…
[10:35] Hope: he never made any promises, I'm sure
[10:36] Shadowcaller: Well, some people imagine themselves such things anyway
[10:37] Shadowcaller: Cessie sure would have
[10:40] Shadowcaller: Not that she would have thrown herself at someone. She was afraid of casual relationships after all
[10:43] Hope: And I don't think Aegnor initiated them.
[10:44] Shadowcaller: He didn't, I really wonder what made him stay with Cessie…
[10:45] Hope: Because she was his friend first.
[10:46] Shadowcaller: And intercourse made their relationship into something else then?
[10:46] Hope: No, admitting their feelings made it into something else
[10:47] Hope: The physical expression was a result of that, not the cause.
[10:47] Shadowcaller: Hm, thats very true
[10:47] Hope: Happy says:
"You really think you'll never marry then?"
Shadowcaller says:
"Of course not, why would I?"
[10:47] Hope: Happy says:
"Maybe if you met somebody?"
Shadowcaller says:
"I would not give away my life like that."
[10:48] Shadowcaller: Yeah… >.>
[10:49] Shadowcaller: I think thats beacuse she was in a grumpy state of being after the nymphs. She never really thought Aegnor would like her
[10:50] Shadowcaller: She saw it as a hopeless cuase, bad personal image…
[10:50] Hope: aww
[10:50] Shadowcaller: She could not really imagine meeting someone
[10:51] Shadowcaller: Then when he said that… well, she went very happy
[10:51] Shadowcaller: She even thought he was attracted to Hope at first
[11:01] Shadowcaller: How was Hopes relationship with Aegnor before the glade anyway?
[11:02] Hope: I don't know how Hope would have reacted if Aegnor had ever tried to initiate anything
[11:02] Hope: She would have been all torn between not wanting to hurt Aegnor by refusing him and not wanting to hurt Cessie by accepting him.
[11:03] Shadowcaller: She knew about Cessies feelings?
[11:03] Hope: She suspected, after Marella.
[11:04] Hope: But even if Cessie hadn't felt that way about Aegnor, it would have made her very uncomfortable.
[11:04] Shadowcaller: So she had no feelings for him beside as a fraind?
[11:04] Shadowcaller: *friend
[11:06] Hope: More than a friend. But I don't think enough more that she would have risked alienating Cessie.
[11:07] Hope: Just imagine, even if Cessie didn't have feelings for Aegnor, how she would have felt if she'd woken up to see him and Hope together.
[11:07] Hope: all her inhibitions would have been combined with feeling left out
[11:07] Shadowcaller: Yeah… she might have closed in even more
[11:08] Hope: If she reacted so badly to Aegnor spending the night with a stranger, how would it have been if it had been her closest friend?
[11:09] Shadowcaller: She would not have been as angry if it was more then casual and they really "loved" each other
[11:09] Hope: No, maybe not angry. But she would have been hurt.
[11:09] Shadowcaller: She would yes
[11:09] Hope: Hope even felt a little left out, but not very much because she had her prey. And also her close relationship with Ai.
[11:10] Shadowcaller: Ai tried to make everyone feel good about themselves
[11:11] Shadowcaller: He was a bit involved into things that happend actually >.>
[11:12] Shadowcaller: He knew about Cessies feelings and he also knew about Hope's and Promises feelings later on
[11:12] Hope: Yes.
[11:12] Shadowcaller: That really was the best thing in his life
[11:12] Hope: And he loosened Cessie's inhibitions a bit that night, didn't he?
[11:13] Shadowcaller: He did yes, he didn't really want to admit it but he didn't deny it either, as Hope found out
[11:13] Shadowcaller: It was a such a perfect night…
[11:14] Hope: Yes. And it was only the smallest bit of interference, since she really did want to tell him.
[11:14] Shadowcaller: Yeah, he didn't really need much
[11:14] Shadowcaller: He was just helping her a bit along the way
[11:16] Shadowcaller: He didn't see why they were hiding from each other. There was no negative things about revealing their feeliings for each other
[11:17] Hope: He didn't have to interfere at all with Hope and Promise though.
[11:17] Shadowcaller: He didn't need to
[11:17] Shadowcaller: He thinks its better if they found out themselves
[11:18] Shadowcaller: But in Cessies case, she needed a helping hand
[11:18] Shadowcaller: To not live in misery her whole life
[11:18] Hope: Yes
[11:19] Shadowcaller: Not sure what would happend if Cessie find out about it…
[11:19] Hope: Heh
[11:19] Hope: She'd be infuriated
[11:20] Hope: But Hope would never ever tell her.
[11:20] Shadowcaller: Yeah:P
[11:20] Shadowcaller: Hm, Yuki is still roaming free…
[11:21] Hope: Fire elemental ought to run her off if she turns up
[11:21] Shadowcaller: Heck, even the other spirits doubted about killing Ai
[11:22] Hope: How could anyone want to hurt Ai? :(
[11:23] Shadowcaller: Well… there is a story behind Yuki, but she is just mad right now
[11:23] Shadowcaller: She only want to cause misery
[11:23] Shadowcaller: Since thats all she feels
[11:23] Hope: mad angry? or mad insane?
[11:24] Shadowcaller: Mad misery
[11:24] Shadowcaller: Someone needs to put her to rest
[11:25] Shadowcaller: Or she will continue very much like she did against Ai
[11:26] Hope: Well the PCs can't do everything.
[11:26] Hope: Maybe Iname will handle it
[11:26] Shadowcaller: Possibly
[11:28] Shadowcaller: Hm, when do you think you can GM again Happy?
[11:28] Hope: Not sure
[11:29] Hope: I still have to get the dog into the vet
[11:29] Shadowcaller: Yeah, how is it now?
[11:29] Hope: She's fine. The lump doesn't bother her at all. but it needs to be removed
[11:30] Murska: Cleaning interrupted by an allergy attack
[11:30] Murska: but at least I got to read this interesting conversation. ^^
[11:33] Shadowcaller: Allergy attack? o.O
[11:33] Murska: yeah
[11:33] Murska: skin on fire
[11:33] Murska: not that that's unusual for a flaming eye
[11:33] Shadowcaller: Hehe
[11:33] Shadowcaller: I sneeze all the time…
[11:34] Shadowcaller: Well, what is your option of all this by the way?

[11:34] Hope: yes. Inquiring minds want to know.
[11:34] Murska: That's quite the question… I'd say my opinion is…
[11:35] Murska: I hope Happy's dog does well. :)
[11:35] Murska: and now back to cleaning
[11:35] Shadowcaller: Aww
[11:43] Shadowcaller: pokes
[11:48] Murska: >.> *flees again*
[11:49] Hope: *gives Murska a sick note to get him out of cleaning*
[11:49] Shadowcaller: How large is your house anyway?:P
[11:52] Shadowcaller: Hm, question: Should the horrors also be able to detect disturbtion in the next game?
[11:52] Shadowcaller: Or just another version of the queen?
[11:56] Murska: Sick note won't really help since I'm the only one cleaning, so after I'm healthy I'll have to do it anyway.
[11:57] Shadowcaller: You need to do a really big cleaning every week? o.O
[11:57] Murska: Nah.
[11:58] Murska: Windows are cleaned once a year. :P
[11:58] Shadowcaller: Oh^^
[12:02] Hope: *pokes* one of you to put the transcript up
[12:03] Shadowcaller: Er… he will have to
[12:03] Shadowcaller: Since I don't actually got it
[12:04] Murska: *sigh* fiiine, once I have time
[12:04] * Aegnor has left the conversation.
[12:04] Shadowcaller: Huh
[12:04] *
moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[12:05] Hope: bah. next time I just stay logged on when I go to bed so i'll have it
[12:05] Shadowcaller: Well, Murska just lost our intresting disscussion:S
[12:06] Hope: do I need to post the interesting discussion on the wiki? ^^
[12:06] Shadowcaller: Put it in the misc section
[12:06] Shadowcaller: Could be intresting
[12:06] Murska: MSN decided that since I pushed 'read chatlog' it means 'close Messenger'

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