Promise is a Wolfen. He is tall and in his mid-twenties. He is covered in gray and silver fur and has a bushy tail. He also looks much scarier than he really is.


Because of what he is, Promise has enhanced sight, smell, hearing, agility, and strength.
Excellent Melee capabilities, but his ranged combat is limited
Can sense magic and whether or not it is good.
He is also able to track things by scent
He has enhanced regenerative abilities, and while he heals fast, it does not mean he can heal instantly.
Can be subject to bloodlust in battle and go into a rage.


Promise had been born and raised in a small tribe of Wolfen. The tribe only numbered a few dozen and was ruled by a Tribunal of older warriors. The tribe was slightly nomadic and had few laws, but consequences are normally severe for those who break them. His original name is not known since Wolfen earn their names through their actions, not heritage. This is key to understanding who he is.

When he had come of age, he and several other younger Wolfen were sent out to earn their names. This included his brother. They had been gone for several weeks when "Wolfbane" returned alone, severely injured. When he finally recovered, he gave his account. Hoping to earn good names, they ventured much further than they should have. At one point, they came across a small glade. They could tell that something evil lived there through scent, so they decided to rid the world of it and possibly earn their name while at it. But, the evil wasn't tangible. His brother decided to go first, followed by the rest of the pack with him covering the rear. Wolfbane's brother was the strongest, and thus was the one to be possessed. When they entered the glade, the air seemed to fog over even though it was perfectly clear. They all lost consciousness. When he came to, his brother was busy chopping the only other living pack member to pieces. What scared Wolfbane most though wasn't the blood. It was that his brother had no face anymore. When his brother was done, he turned on his own kin. He originally tried to reason with him, but the only way his brother would stop was when he pierced his heart with his spear. Afterwards, he was alone and far from home.

When he finally finished his story, he was brought to trial for the worst possible crime. Murdering your own family and blood. Even though he had defended himself, the tribe had strict laws. But, they let him off easy. Instead of killing him on spot, they exiled him and gave him a name. The name Wolfbane means Poison of Wolves, but in the Wolfen society, it also means Kinslayer. When given the name, it marks you as an outsider. You are no longer accepted by your kind, and if lucky will only be driven out of a place, if not, killed.

Wolfbane is now a servant of Zubera even though he doesn't exactly know what that entails.

Happy( Now Hope), has given Wolfbane a new name which he now considers his true name. Promise.


Due to his nature, Promise was quite the loner. If he meets someone new, he will seem rather distrusting, but once he gets to know a person, they will find him quite witty and even slightly humorous. Those who have earned his trust can find themselves labeled as part of his “Pack” and can count on him to fight by their side.

He is obsessed with finding his death to the degree that he will put himself directly into harm's way as long as it is honorable.


Long Spear, now enchanted with ice. (Lost forever?)
Dwarven Axe (Looted from a prison)
Animal hide cloak
Various small camping supplies in a pouch
Claws and teeth

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