Places And Groups

The Heartlands: The lush area surrounding the Ion Sea, once a part of the Nerathian Empire it's now divided into a number of smaller kingdoms. The home of the Ithari Demon Hunters.

Ruthan: The northern seat of the Nerathian Empire that now only includes this land. A very ragged snowy, mountainous landscape which wouldn't attract many travelers if not for it's rich quantity of valuable materials.

Erathia: A western region fully controlled by the Seh'dran Empire and it's seat of power on the western continent the city of Zul'um.

Scadian: A western region much like the heartlands divided into smaller merchant kingdoms calling themselves the free cities. Opposing it's Seh'dran controlled neighbor Erathia.

The Emerald Coast: A long coast spanning between Brown mountains all the way to Rasmourn.

Jihera: A large southern kingdom.

Veron: A large eastern kingdom.

Rag Men: A name given to the various clans living in the open plains of Erathia and Theran.

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