People and Places


Aegnor - An elven 'bard' of sorts.

Ai - a servant of Nega, the god of desire. He/she has the ability to read and influence the desires of others. Tends to go overboard in trying to encourage them to fulfil those desires.

Alegias - A Witchar from Hestopia

Arik - Cessie's brother

Artaris - Considered by many to be the most powerful god in existence due his vast number of worshippers. Artaris is the god of Civilization, Duty and Modesty.

Baxter - A "mage" who lives in Lower Saltcross, though he seems to rely on mechanical devices rather than magic. Has a clockwork daughter named Poppy.

Black Stripe - A young Wolfen who has not yet earned his name, trained in diplomacy. Firethief's son.

Caster - A mage in a tower near Minster.

Cessie - A (female) Wizard from the Magecracy of Hestopia

Dal - An elven boy in Gallion, being trained as a wizard

Dawnhunter - A Wolfen priestess of Iname. Firethief's mate.

Evaya - Simone's mother, now dead

Fargoer - A Wolfen alpha, kin to Firethief's mate. Known only by report.

Firethief - A Wolfen alpha who performed the mating ceremony for Promise and Hope

Freedom - A Wolfen priestess of Helena

Gallain - A priest who owned Nigma's stick. Killed by Nigma.

Gilraen - An elven priestess of Helena

Grandon - An old wizard whose powers are fading, specializes in ice and water. Member of the Hidden Blade. Adopted guardian of Taro

Goldie - A Wolfen girl with golden fur. Has a magical link with an earth elemental named Ferrous

Hasu - A warmage of the house of Khares. Member of the Hidden Blade

Helena - Elven goddess of beauty. Formerly Seos's goddess. Now the protector of Gallion.

Helios - The god of knowledge and lies, god of the leftovers. Cessie's god.

The Hidden Blade - A group of mages that work for the Emperor of Hyrillia: Lorani, Hasu, Grandon, and Taro

Hope - a barbarian from a matriarchal tribe and a chosen of Kuori

Itef - the Servant of Helena, who appears as a beautiful elven man. He has protective abilities and power over vegetation.

Iwi - a small lizard creature who is a spy for Helios, captured by Caster and released by Happy. Promises to serve her and not to betray the party but can he be trusted? (Due to nobody actually roleplaying him, is assumed to have run away at some point after they left Caster's Tower.)

Kelaron - a holy warrior and servant of the god Norhold.

Kilia - a healer and servant of the god Artaris, killed by Ignion.

Kowa-Tengu - A bird shaped spirit allied with the party

Kuori - the Hunter. Happy's god.

Lorani - A mind mage. Member of the Hidden Blade.

Marella - a travelling bard that the party met in Bearsted. Took a liking to Aegnor. Last seen headed towards Saltcross.

Margaret - An older woman who was captured by the druids for sacrifice.

Michicora - Servant of Kuori

Myubi - A kitsune spirit that has formed a bond with Simone

Naib - An npc struggling through his player's antipathy towards multiple characters to become a PC

Nature Spirits - Nymphs, dryads, pixies, and other nature spirits. They are able to communicate with each other, with Aegnor (through his ring), and with the Tree. Though normally playful and childish, they are capable of working together to accomplish serious goals. They are all a little in love with Aegnor after his concert in the glade and would do anything he asks of him.

Nigma - a thief who used to travel with the party

Noel - A mage who lives in Minster. He helped Cessie recover her memories. His sister's family was killed by the druids, with his sister and 8 year old niece being taken to the temple and sacrificed. Killed by the worm as they were draining it.

Pan - A satyr who is a powerful nature spirit. Is rather attracted to Cessie, but so far is behaving himself.

Promise-A wolfen who had originally been on a quest to find his death. Formerly called Wolfbane, he now has a new name given to him by Happy.

Reorn - An elven wizard who discovered how to elevate a mortal into a god. Caused the ascension of Helena and created Cessie's black orb. Presumably died long long ago.

Rilian - A servant of Artaris, sent to recover Kilia's remains.

Sam - a little boy from Minster, whose father the Miller fought undead at the Tower

Seos - an elf who infiltrated the druids to try and gain power to defeat the worm. Spoke to Aegnor in his dreams. Killed by Happy.

Seren - a wizard and former slaver, captured and serving the people of Gallion under a geas as his punishment. He is training Dal. Still thinks elves and wolfen are inferior species.

Simone - A teenage girl in Isandwana who is hired as a translator

Spiritguardian - Promise's brother, killed by Zubera, but now serves her

Suroshian - an old man from Kyou who was rescued from the spirit plane by Promise and Aegnor

Taro - a deformed and crippled wizard, adopted daughter of Grandon. Member of the Hidden Blade.

Xavius - A hapless satyr

Yani - A Yūrei spirit in Isandwana who appears physically as a young woman in a sari

Yuki-joro - An ice spirit who killed Ai

Zubera - Once insane, now restored to sanity by Promise, she is the goddess of actors, musicians, painters and other kinds of artists.


The Acid Sea - A large body of acid, which, despite it's name, is a lake.

Bearsted - A village destroyed by the druids. Most of the inhabitants have been slain and turned into undead.

The Glade - A place of strong nature magic where dryads and nymphs gather and the place where Cessie and Aegnor discovered their feelings for each other.

Lower Saltcross - The town below the tree. Communicates by airship with Upper Saltcross. Home of Baxter, and where Nigma was last seen.

Minster - A village, currently abandoned. It's pretty large, and has been evacuated from the way of an approaching army.

Pluckley - The village of the red Dancer's Moon, somewhere north of the Stone Forest.

Upper Saltcross - Town at the edge of the tree's canopy, where airships take passengers to the town below.

The Stone Forest - Centered on an ancient elven city, where the essence of the Worm first reached the Tree.

The Temple - Collapsed by the Tree after Happy and Cessie broke the worm's link with the altar.

The Tree - The site of most of the adventures thus far, it is a giant tree.

Kyou - A large village that is a part of the Hyrillian Empire. Is heavily populated by spirits maybe beacuse its said to be the location of the gate between our world and theirs.

Gallion - A small village west of Kyou which is home to elves and Wolfen


Black Orb - Allows Cessie to speak to Helena.

Bucket of Devouring - Capable of changing it's size, if something is placed in it and then it's changed to it's smallest shape that something disappears.

Kazoo - Aegnor can channel some of his natural magic through it to affect the moods of living creatures present. It acts as a focusing point to Aegnor's own powers and nothing is yet known about what it itself can do.

Rock - Certain magical stones can be melded into the rock to provide boosts to certain types of spells.

Stick - If its owner wants, everything it touches can not make a single sound.

Wooden Ring - Given to Aegnor by Caster, who didn't know what it was. It allows Aegnor to communicate with the mind of the Tree.

Backpack of Poisonous Snakes +2 - Lost forever(?). :(



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