New Dys 97

[20:44] Murska: Let's say at an inn they're stopping in, very early morning.
[20:44] Shadowcaller: So he steps down to eat breakfast or something (It's the most important meal of the day!)
[20:45] Murska: (Not that I usually eat it :P)
[20:46] Shadowcaller: (See, I don't think I have ever missed breakfast in my entire life.)
[20:47] Shadowcaller: Michicora is already waiting for him as he steps down the stairs. "Your late."
[20:47] Murska: 'Huh?'
[20:47] Shadowcaller: "You sleep long."
[20:48] Murska: He smiles slightly. 'I just like staying in bed.'
[20:48] Murska: (Geesi is right, btw, Happy)
[20:48] Shadowcaller: (In what way?)
[20:48] Murska: (My robot is in Machine Shop instead of Aft Machine Shop)
[20:49] Shadowcaller: (And thats was the wrong thing to say to Michicora.) "Sloth breeds corruption."
[20:51] Murska: 'I'm thoroughly corrupted then. Humans sleep longer, and it's sad to leave her side.'
[20:52] Shadowcaller: "Hmph, lot of work could have been done."
[20:52] Murska: 'Like what, finishing my breakfast a little earlier? I'm doing quite my share of the work in this world even with a little sleep.'
[20:53] Shadowcaller: "Not a excuse."
[20:55] Murska: 'My brain works better with enough rest. Besides, all the work I do is by my own choosing so I also get to decide how much of it I do.'
[20:55] Shadowcaller: "You slept more then enough."
[20:56] Murska: 'Are you sure?' There's that small smile again.
[20:57] Shadowcaller: Michicora dosen't smile, she looks as stern as usual. "Yes, I took time."
[20:58] Murska: 'From inside the room?'
[20:58] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, she dose that kind of things:P) "Until you came down."
[20:59] Murska: 'Well, maybe I didn't spend all that time sleeping.'
[20:59] Shadowcaller: "If I listen, I can hear your heartbeat."
[20:59] Murska: He raises his arms. 'You spent the whole night doing that? I give up.'
[21:00] Shadowcaller: "I slept, enough."
[21:00] Murska: (Cessie didn't put up silence this time. :P)
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (Well, they weren't doing anything so…)
[21:00] Murska: (Well, Aegnor was awake for a while before he got up and went downstairs)
[21:01] Murska: (In case she was listening)
[21:01] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, but she still think him as a sloth:P)
[21:01] Shadowcaller: (Among with a lot of other things.)
[21:02] Happy [8]: (she has nothing better to do than to spy on Aegnor? O.o )
[21:02] Murska: 'So, did you have anything else to say than to chide me about my sleeping habits?'
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (Oh, she was waiting for him since she wanted to talk to him, so she diecided to listen to him.)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: "I want to speak with you."
[21:03] Shadowcaller: "So I waited. A long time."
[21:04] Shadowcaller: ("long" here being relative.)
[21:05] Murska: 'I apologize for making you wait, then.' (Aegnor had a mental image of the idea of having Cessie come down and then using the 'drop clothes' thing on Michi. :P)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: (Dose it even work on armors?)
[21:06] Murska: (*shrug*)
[21:07] Shadowcaller: "What are you going to do?"
[21:07] Shadowcaller: She says, straight to the point.
[21:07] Murska: 'About what?'
[21:07] Shadowcaller: "You told the plan, but it have holes."
[21:07] Murska: (When is this?)
[21:08] Shadowcaller: (The morning after the guardian.)
[21:08] Murska: 'Oh, you noticed. That would be mainly because my information has holes.'
[21:10] Shadowcaller: "You decide everything, after all."
[21:11] Murska: 'I did ask for any input from /everyone present/.'
[21:12] Shadowcaller: "You went quiet at times."
[21:12] Shadowcaller: "Spirits talking, only you knew."
[21:14] Murska: 'Well, unless you're assuming I'm attempting to lead you into a trap…' He sighs. 'Whatever. Considering we can't risk the guardian, we'll have to do the job ourselves, as usual. And our only card is the fact that they might not know of us yet. Mostly offset by the other fact that we don't know much of them either.'
[21:14] Shadowcaller: "We didn't get information."
[21:14] Shadowcaller: *all information
[21:15] Shadowcaller: "Happends lot of times."
[21:16] Murska: 'True enough. But that also means we can't make a complete plan.'
[21:17] Shadowcaller: "You are hiding things."
[21:18] Murska: 'I'm always hiding things.'
[21:19] Shadowcaller: "I don't like it. Don't like you lead alone."
[21:20] Murska: He laughs somewhat harshly at this. 'Oh great. Go ahead and step up then, I'll be glad to follow.'
[21:22] Shadowcaller: "I don't like you lead alone."
[21:23] Shadowcaller: "We should vote."
[21:24] Murska: 'Vote for the leader? Any candidates?'
[21:24] Shadowcaller: "Vote for decisions."
[21:25] Murska: 'Well, I'd be fine with that if someone else proposed solutions from time to time.
[21:26] Shadowcaller: "People don't listen to me."
[21:27] Shadowcaller: "You have… serpents tounge, as my people said."
[21:27] Murska: 'People might listen to you if you said something every once in a while.'
[21:28] Shadowcaller: "Everyone likes you. You're that type. Can't compete with you."
[21:30] Murska: 'So if we'd vote, it wouldn't change anything. Everything would just be slower.'
[21:30] Murska: 'Do you have an actual reason for the complaint? Has my leadership failed? Are you power-hungry?'
[21:31] Shadowcaller: Michicora looks away a bit "Don't like you leading all time."
[21:32] Shadowcaller: (Hehe, DC have come online)
[21:32] Murska: 'Trust me, I don't like that either. But as you just pointed out, there's no working alternative.' He sighs.
[21:34] Shadowcaller: "There is."
[21:34] Shadowcaller: "Stop leading, set someone else."
[21:34] Murska: 'You volunteer?'
[21:35] Murska: (Happy?)
[21:35] Murska: (I roll 4d6?)
[21:35] Happy [8]: (yup)
[21:36] Murska: (nineteen)
[21:36] Shadowcaller: "Not very good speaker…" She shakes her head, "Can't lead." (Her voice have improved thought, she actually sounds female now:P)
[21:36] Murska: 'Who then?'
[21:37] Shadowcaller: "Hope, Promise… anyone."
[21:37] Happy [8]: (Hope keeps working on her voice every day)
[21:37] Shadowcaller: (Aegnor should give her speaking
[21:37] Murska: 'Well, should I hold a meeting to ask for volunteers or do you want to go ask everyone individually?'
[21:38] Shadowcaller: "Second option."
[21:38] Murska: 'Okay. Anything else?'
[21:39] Murska: (Gah! I killed a baby!)
[21:40] Murska: (I love the map… 'Mm… Baby!' 'G(ender)B(ent) Baby')
[21:41] Shadowcaller: (Gender bent baby?)
[21:42] Shadowcaller: "Have you trained?"
[21:42] Murska: 'Trained what?'
[21:43] Shadowcaller: "Fighting? ANything?"
[21:43] Murska: 'Ever? Recently?'
[21:44] Shadowcaller: "Recantly. Notice a trend of lazyness in group."
[21:45] Shadowcaller: *recently
[21:45] Happy [8]: (*hugs* is off to bed)
[21:46] Shadowcaller: (See you.)
[21:46] Murska: 'Besides dreamwalking, I haven't had time to start training to demanifest yet. Oh, and I've practiced freeing dragons and controlling the minds of bystanders a bit.'
[21:49] Shadowcaller: "Don't lose your edge. We are both of the same people you know?"
[21:50] Murska: He sighs. 'I just want a nice home somewhere with Cessie. I don't want to have to train killing people.'
[21:51] Shadowcaller: "Thats your goal?" She raises an eyebrow
[21:51] Murska: 'Along with freedom for slaves everywhere and the complete eradication of legions and the harmonious co-existance of all species, yeah.' He rolls his eyes. 'I can't do everything.'
[21:53] Shadowcaller: "Hmph… found out who attacked me?"
[21:53] Murska: 'Yes, and killed him. But I don't know who sent the one who attacked you, no.'
[21:55] Shadowcaller: "No clues…?"
[21:55] Happy [8]: (goodnight then. I'm off *hugs*)
[21:55] Murska: (*hugs*)
[21:55] Shadowcaller: (Night.)
[21:56] Murska: 'Only thing I can think of is someone who hates Kuori if you don't have any personal enemies around here. And he'd have to have quite a bit of information to know of us all beforehand. That 'network' which gave us the boat ride for instance.'
[21:58] Shadowcaller: "I see."
[21:59] Shadowcaller: At first it appears that she is going to finish the conversation, but then she suddenly ask "Where are you from?"
[21:59] Murska: 'What?' He tilts his head slightly. 'From the Tree?'
[22:00] Shadowcaller: "Where is the tree?"
[22:02] Murska: '*rough directions*'
[22:03] Shadowcaller: "*That* tree? Didn't realize…" She pauses "It's far."
[22:03] Murska: 'It is.'
[22:05] Shadowcaller: "Village is at it's shadow. North, cold, winter. Wasn't like that before it they said."
[22:06] Murska: 'How was it before then?'
[22:06] Shadowcaller: She shrugs "Warmer I guess."
[22:06] Murska: 'The tree was a forest.'
[22:07] Shadowcaller: "I know, they said we help make it."
[22:08] Murska: 'Didn't help much in the end.'
[22:08] Shadowcaller: "It didn't?"
[22:09] Murska: 'Well, everyone died anyway.'
[22:09] Shadowcaller: "Why? Your family?"
[22:10] Murska: 'Everybody. I was the last elf on the tree to my knowledge, and I spent years looking.'
[22:10] Shadowcaller: "How come you lived?"
[22:10] Shadowcaller: "You had no defence?"
[22:11] Murska: 'Luck? Someone had to be the last.'
[22:11] Shadowcaller: "Someone isn't always last."
[22:12] Shadowcaller: "Some of my village came from the tree."
[22:13] Murska: 'Maybe I have some distant relatives who never knew of me and of whom I never knew, then. Does it really matter?'
[22:14] Shadowcaller: "Yes, family is important, village is important."
[22:15] Murska: 'I could hear that from Hope but you aswell?' He smiles again. 'I suppose if I ever go there, I should go look.'
[22:15] Shadowcaller: "You don't know your family?"
[22:16] Murska: 'All dead.'
[22:17] Shadowcaller: "No names?"
[22:17] Shadowcaller: "Memories?"
[22:18] Murska: 'I remember feelings. Touches. Someone singing. Someone rushing in and cutting my mother's throat out. Simple things.'
[22:18] *** moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow (Wolfbane) has joined the conversation.
[22:19] Wolfbane: (hi)
[22:19] Shadowcaller: "How do you know they are dead?"
[22:19] Shadowcaller: (Looks ike it's only you and me tonight wolfy, Murska is most likely going to bed soon.)
[22:20] Wolfbane: (alright)
[22:20] Wolfbane: (Sorry I couldn't get on earlier. v.v)
[22:20] Murska: 'Saw my mother die. And the rest told me my father died too.'
[22:21] Shadowcaller: "Other relatives?"
[22:21] Shadowcaller: "names?"
[22:21] Murska: 'They had names. I don't like to remember it.'
[22:22] Shadowcaller: "Other relatives then?" Michicora seems oddly curious about this matter.
[22:22] Murska: 'Not on the tree at least.'
[22:23] Shadowcaller: "Families last name?"
[22:23] Shadowcaller: "…you should eat. This is ineffective."
[22:24] Murska: 'Amarond. What's it to you anyway?'
[22:25] Shadowcaller: "Amrond… heard it." She nods.
[22:25] Shadowcaller: *Amarond
[22:25] Murska: 'What? Where?'
[22:25] Shadowcaller: "In village of course."
[22:26] Shadowcaller: "Never realized you looked familiar."
[22:27] Murska: 'You've met my relatives?'
[22:27] Shadowcaller: She nods again.
[22:28] Murska: 'Please, tell me…'
[22:28] Shadowcaller: "Makes you part of village…" She seems to take this bittersweetly.
[22:29] Wolfbane: (What is this? )
[22:29] Murska: (really sleep time »)
[22:30] Murska: (got 6 hours 'till wakeys)
[22:30] Shadowcaller: (Bah, sometimes I got 4 hours >.> but yeah, Aegnors family tomorrow.)
[22:30] Murska: (bye)
[22:30] Murska: (I suppose I'll be out of WW-games soon »)
[22:30] Shadowcaller: (Night.)
[22:31] Shadowcaller: (I'll start a experiment one soon.)
[22:31] Shadowcaller: (Time travel!)
[22:31] Murska: (Awesome. :P)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"There were two sisters, Morn and Mikka…"
"A eldery one. Angus."
"Didn't see them much."
Aegnor sanoo:
'What were they like?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She shrugs "Lived for themselves."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Please… anything you can tell?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Red hair like you, except Angus, had white."
"Sisters came to trade at times."
"Angus was part of council… at times."
Aegnor sanoo:
'At times?
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Michicora nods "Yes, kept to themselves."
Aegnor sanoo:
He breathes deep and calms himself. 'Thank you.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"…you didn't know of them?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'No. Of course not.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I mean, names."
Aegnor sanoo:
'There was nobody to tell me.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Were all you read haired?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Just my family.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You didn't know of Kuori?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Kuori? I heard of him on my travels, why?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Guess they didn't knew either…"
"Village knew of Kuori. They kept out of village."
"Like you then."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Right, you worshipped Kuori, of course…'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You didn't have gods?"
(brb, need to take a walk with the dog.)
(I'll be back soon…)
Aegnor sanoo:
'Not that I knew. Maybe they didn't teach them to children.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Hm, they did have a temple, and you did say they didn't have any gods at first.) Michicora looks at you strangely "Why not?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'How should I know. I didn't know any gods. (Talking about his own village.)
(I can just assume that old elven literature had a prominent atheist viewpoint)
(well, not atheist )
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Childred are teached first."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Maybe they cared more about staying alive than gods who never helped them anyway.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Hey, maybe you cna disbelive them to death? )
"Gods care."
"Kuori cares, you have seen it."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Then they're simply too weak.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"…the gods aren't weak."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Then why are there legions? And slavery? Corruption, disease, wars. Why did the elves have to sacrifice the entire World Tree to the Worm?' He's getting angry again.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Beacuse of us."
"Gods aren't to blame."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So since everything is our fault and gods aren't capable of fixing it, what use are they?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Too many gods. Can't cross barriers. We need to learn, they offer a hand."
Aegnor sanoo:
'And all these benefactors want from us is the simple sacrificing, depending on the god, our children, our selves or perhaps our enemies, waging war on the followers of another god, spending the money needed to feed ourselves on huge temples built with slavery, for of course the enslavement of anyone not following our god is just…'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"There are bad gods."
"Kuori is not a bad god."
Aegnor sanoo:
'He's not a good one either. They all preach freedom for as long as they're not the largest, but suddenly once a god gains a large enough following, he'll start trying to weed out other gods to be more secure.'

Happy [8] on lisätty keskusteluun.

Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You don't know him." Michicora replies in a very stern tone.
Aegnor sanoo:
'You're right about that. I'm being just as prejudiced as the ones I preach against.' He sighs.
Happy [8] sanoo:
(*falls asleep against Murska*)
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
SHe shakes her head "*Don't* speak I'll of him."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Freedom of speech is the first thing to go. Next, they burn books. Then, they burn people.'
Happy [8] sanoo:
(who are they talking about?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"…Kuori isn't like that. You don't know anything."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So where's the fault in my logic? Kuori is perfect and there must be no criticism. That means anyone opposing him is evil. That means Artaris, Norhold and most of the other gods. Thus, everyone following one of these gods is evil.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"No, Kuori don't kill just gods."
*Good gods
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, if he is perfect then he of course defines good gods. And since Artaris is against him, he must not be a good god.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Artaris suppreses people."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Exactly. So, everyone who worships him must either be convinced to switch to Kuori or be killed aswell.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Never killed them. Not needed."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So what, Kuori is a god who doesn't need or want more followers?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"They will see the right way. I don't kill them."
Aegnor sanoo:
'What about if I told you that every single devout follower of every god thinks theirs is the right way? Just like you?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I know…"
Aegnor sanoo:
'So would you worship someone else then?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Thats whats said."
"Makes me not kill them, so it's good."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So, logically, if other gods' followers are allowed to follow other gods that means these other gods are just as good choices as Kuori.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Michicora shakes her head "No, Kuori have more then that."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I'm sure he does, to you. But what's wrong with other people speaking ill of him?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You speak ill of him. I'm calm."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So you don't mind, then?'
'Good, then there's no problem.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Not that everyone is like Michicora >.>)
She nods "Good."
"Why not have any god?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'I've found no evidence one is better than the rest.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Gods helps."
"You have seen it."
Aegnor sanoo:
'And I help them in exchange. Equal.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Both profit."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So why worship them?'
'They're just mortals who happened to get power.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Now you start to sound like Helios ) "Happend?…"
"There is a reason, always a reason."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So you believe in fate?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She nods. "Yes."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well I don't.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You make deals with evil gods."
"Same thing as worship."
Aegnor sanoo:
'So I worship Helios, Artaris, Zubera and Helena now?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You don't belive."
"You lack faith."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I know the gods are there, I know what they preach and frankly I do not care. Nobody needs my worship and I don't need to worship anyone.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Very well."
"Everyone else dose thought."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I guess I'm strange then.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You aren't effected?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Everyone else believes in gods. I don't. Everyone else died. I don't. Everyone else has brown hair. I'm just different.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Even your promised (aka fiancee, aka Cessie.) dose."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Gee, I think that means we're not the same person. How wondrous.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Thought it can be disscussed how much she really belives )
Aegnor sanoo:
(Well it's not really about belief when you've met your god)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Thats what I mean, it's rather aobut zeal.)
Michicora shrugs, "Heard someone else like you."
Aegnor sanoo:
'And let me guess, he ended up with a bad fate.' He sighs.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Don't know." She pauses "Tried to tell me to give up."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Eh. Then he's not quite like me. If you want to do what I see as waste, go ahead.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"He saw my life as a waste…" Michicora appears strangely concerned about this.
Aegnor sanoo:
'If you like doing what you do, then it's worth it for you.'
'If you're not enjoying it, then not.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
The tone in her voice is as in deep thought. "Life is not as clear."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Maybe not. I don't enjoy being a leader. But I enjoy being with Cessie and it's hurt her if her family died.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"If you are raised to belive something, *cough* how do you know thats what you really want?" It sounds like she is quoting someone.
Aegnor sanoo:
'Very good point. Considering I wasn't raised and I'm not believing in anything…'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You agree then?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'With what? That was just a question.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"The thought. Some people do not belive. It's only what they are told."
Aegnor sanoo:
'It's possible. You can't know why you believe. If it was fate, then something set you to believe it before you were born. Or it might've been how you were raise.'
'I know, and you can see all around this world, that you can make people believe ANYTHING.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Father told me." She nods slowly.
Aegnor sanoo:
'But the fact that you were taught to believe something doesn't automatically mean it's wrong.'
'You need to take a step back and decide for yourself.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"No. You don't understand. Father told me when I was chosen."
"Told me what I told you."
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"…nevermind." She looks away.
Michicora looks a bit ashamed "I should train."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Tell me. /Was/ it you who decided you would worship Kuori?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Aegnor sanoo:
'Because that is the most important thing.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Should really go." >.> She looks quite uncomfortable with this conversation.
Aegnor sanoo:
He looks at her intently. 'Tell me?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Tell you what?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Don't avoid the question.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"It intrests you?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Yes. Even if it isn't the god's fault, the point where someone decides who others should worship things start going to hell.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"It wasn't… I was chosen." >.>
Aegnor sanoo:
'That's not right. You are the only one who is allowed to choose for yourself.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I was best." She nods "…logical."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Logical how? Wouldn't the village have needed the best?'
'And that avoids the point. It is YOU who decides.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I was the offering."
Aegnor sanoo:
'You were sacrificed.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"No!… I wasn't…"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Servants are chosen after death. But did you ever have a life? They traded Kuori's favor for you. Both sides profited, only the one who was traded didn't.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I'm not dead…"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Because you weren't allowed one.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She shakes her head as if to get rid fo the memories "What done is done. I shouldn't think of it."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Yes, you should. Kuori preaches freedom, doesn't he? You should still be free to choose.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Choose what? No options."
Aegnor sanoo:
'You can do anything you wish.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"…I don't understand."
Aegnor sanoo:
'You can settle down and go live somewhere. Or worship another god. Anything.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"What?! I can't!"
Michicora appears quite taken emotionally. There is even a lsight hint of anger in her voice.
Aegnor sanoo:
'You can. YOU choose.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"No… Knew I shouldn't told you…"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Who is stopping you? I'm not telling you you shouldn't believe in what you do, I'm telling you you need to find out what YOU believe in.'
Aegnor is speaking like he did in the God's realms and a few other times, from his heart.
Happy [8] sanoo:
(should Hope walk in on them?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You care too much…" She turns away, her voice filled with scorn "…need to go." She adds with a more quiet voice. (If you wish.)
Aegnor sanoo:
He moves as if to take her arm but doesn't. 'Think about it. Please.'
Happy [8] sanoo:
Hope walks in then, and sees that the atmosphere is emotionally charged. She looks at both of them in concern.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Hmph…" Michicora walks away, out the door of the inn.
Happy [8] sanoo:
"What happened?" Hope asks.
Aegnor sanoo:
'We had a talk. Maybe you should go after her.' He sighs.
Happy [8] sanoo:
"Are /you/ okay?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Yeah, I'm fine.'
He seems a bit subdued.
Happy [8] sanoo:
Hope squeezes his shoulder, and then goes after Michi
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Hope can't see her when she leaves the inn.
Happy [8] sanoo:
She goes in the direction of the nearest forest then
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"What do you want?" She can hear Michicoras voice coming from above as Hope enters the forest, she can't see her thought.
Happy [8] sanoo:
"To make sure you're okay."
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I'm okay…"
Happy [8] sanoo:
"Do you want to talk about it?"
Hope sits down, and rests her back against the tree she thinks Michi is in.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I hate him…"
She replies after a while.
Happy [8] sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Happy [8] sanoo:
"Michi, what did he say to you?"
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You should ask him…"
Happy [8] sanoo:
"Whatever he says, it won't tell me what I most want to know."
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Told me stupid things. My fault, shouldn't have talked to him."
Happy [8] sanoo:
"He told you somehing that upset you badly."
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"It wasn't…" She pauses "Was like my father."
Happy [8] sanoo:
"You're straining your voice. Come, sit next to me."
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Michicora silently leaps down from the tree, she looks troubled. "My voice is fine…"
Happy [8] sanoo:
(how does it sound?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Better, as I said before. She actually sounds femaale now >.>)
(Not harsh and broken.)
Happy [8] sanoo:
(I mean, after a heated discussion, it might have started sounding hoarse again)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Ah, it sounds a bit strained compared to earlier yes.)
Aegnor sanoo:
Meanwhile Aegnor finally goes eat his breakfast.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Happy [8] sanoo:
(send Cessie down)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Need to eat… ordered a pizza…)
(I will.)
(Two windows?)
Happy [8] sanoo:
"What did he say to you, Michi?"
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Just… stupid things."
Happy [8] sanoo:
(does she sit down?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She shakes her head as if not even want to think about it.
She remains standing for now.
Happy [8] sanoo:
"He's a bard. A lot of what he says is just words."
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Words… yes, only words." Michicora sigh.
Happy [8] sanoo:
"You don't have to talk about it. But I wish you would."
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"It's complicated."
"Said I could throw it away."
[18:55] Happy [8]: "Throw what away?"
[18:55] Happy [8]: (third chat for what?)
[18:55] Shadowcaller: (Plot >.>) "Everything. My service."
[18:56] Happy [8]: "Yes, you could. But that doesn't mean you will."
[18:57] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… but… father said the same."
[18:59] Shadowcaller: "Before I entered."
[19:00] Happy [8]: "Did you have doubts?"
[19:00] Shadowcaller: "Doubts? It was no choice."
[19:03] Happy [8]: "Why would you say that? Of course you had a choice. Kuori doesn't take people against their will."
[19:04] Shadowcaller: "My village… tradition."
[19:05] Shadowcaller: "Chosen by council." She nods.
[19:07] Happy [8]: "But ever since you left your village, you've chosen to do what Kuori asked of you."
[19:08] Shadowcaller: "Yes."
[19:12] Happy [8]: "Then you did have a choice. And you chose the path your own."
[19:13] Shadowcaller: "It's not choice. It's duty."
[19:13] Shadowcaller: "To village and to god."
[19:16] Happy [8]: "How many people have you seen who had a duty, but abandoned it?"
[19:16] Shadowcaller: "None."
[19:18] Happy [8]: Hope blinks. "Never?"
[19:18] Shadowcaller: "Never."
[19:20] Happy [8]: "I've seen it all my life. People do selfish things all the time."
[19:21] Shadowcaller: "None from the village have."
[19:22] Murska: (Selfish things like, say, choosing Michicora?)
[19:27] Shadowcaller: "What do you think?"
[19:28] Happy [8]: Hope reaches up to take Michicora's hand. "I think you're a good person."
[19:30] Shadowcaller: Michicora sits down with Hope "Yo-you think?" She stammers.
[19:32] Happy [8]: "If you could look at the people you grew up with and find them selfless, you must be looking with pure eyes."
[19:34] Shadowcaller: "Father didn't think so."
[19:40] Happy [8]: "What did your father say to you?"
[19:41] Shadowcaller: "He said… 'If you are raised to belive something how do you know thats what you really want?'"
[19:42] Shadowcaller: "Said they were taking me from him."
[19:42] Shadowcaller: *cough, cough*
[19:45] Happy [8]: "Do you want to see your father again?"
[19:46] Shadowcaller: "Yes…"
[19:48] Happy [8]: "You know Kuori would never forbid that."
[19:51] Shadowcaller: "Duty to serve him. Can't return."
[19:51] Happy [8]: /Kuori?/
[19:52] Shadowcaller: /Hope./
[19:53] Happy [8]: /Why does Michicora think she can never return to her home?/
[19:54] Shadowcaller: /Her village send me a hunter, they don't want her to return. To them, she is no longer a part of their village./
[19:55] Happy [8]: /Why?/
[19:56] Shadowcaller: /Thats their tradition, the things they give away, to them we made a deal. And if she returns, the deal is broken."
[19:57] Happy [8]: /That's not right./
[19:58] Murska: (addicting song: (Link: )
[19:58] Shadowcaller: /Not much is right in this world./
[19:59] Happy [8]: /But it's *your* deal. Why can't you change it?/
[20:00] Shadowcaller: /The deal have already been made and I respect their choice./
[20:01] Happy [8]: /What about Michicora's choice?/
[20:02] Shadowcaller: /She follows the tradition as well./
[20:02] Happy [8]: Hope buries her face in Michi's shoulder and cries.
[20:04] Shadowcaller: Michicora attempts to comfort Hope the best way she can, looking a bit confused.
[20:05] Happy [8]: "/It's wrong./" (both aloud and to Kuori)
[20:06] Shadowcaller: "What?" Michicora asks confused.
[20:07] Shadowcaller: /Thats both their choice./
[20:08] Happy [8]: "/Making her leave your village forever. Why should she have to choose you or them? Why can't she have both? You didn't force me to make a choice like that./"
[20:09] Shadowcaller: /Should I force the villagers to accept her again?/
[20:11] Shadowcaller: "…Hope…I…" Michicora appears quite chocked.
[20:13] Happy [8]: /"It was *your* deal. Why did you agree to it?"/
[20:14] Shadowcaller: /The villagers "gave" me Michicora, not that I own her./
[20:16] Shadowcaller: Michicora remains silent.
[20:16] Happy [8]: "/And what did you give them in return?/"
[20:16] Shadowcaller: /Nothing. It was a "gift" from them./
[20:17] Happy [8]: "/Then how was it a 'deal'?/"
[20:18] Shadowcaller: /The 'deal' was that I didn't decline it. It would be most offensive./
[20:21] Happy [8]: "/You let them make a choice for her. I thought you believed in free will."/
[20:24] Shadowcaller: /I didn't make them to anything, they offered her, I had to accept since was the best solution. Otherwise she would have been cast out. They would belive she was unworthy./
[20:25] Happy [8]: /Find a way to let us return, so she can see her father. Tell them you wish it./
[20:26] Shadowcaller: /I will see what I can do./
[20:28] Happy [8]: Hope is still clinging to Michicora.
[20:29] Wolfbane: (see you tomorrow)
[20:29] Shadowcaller: "I'm sorry…" Michicora says quietly.
[20:29] Shadowcaller: (See you.)
[20:32] *** Wolfbane has left the conversation.
[20:33] Happy [8]: "No one should be forced to leave their tribe," Hope says.
[20:34] Shadowcaller: "It was… duty…"
[20:36] Shadowcaller: (brb.)
[20:38] Happy [8]: Hope is quiet for a while, then says in a small voice "I miss my daku."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: (Back.)
[20:39] Shadowcaller: "Daku?" Michicora replies softly.
[20:39] Happy [8]: "My uncle."
[20:40] Shadowcaller: "Where is he?"
[20:41] Happy [8]: "Dead."
[20:41] Happy [8]: "I killed him."
[20:42] Shadowcaller: "What?" o.O
[20:43] Happy [8]: "He was dying of the cholera. Suffering."
[20:45] Shadowcaller: "Is there anything I can..?
[20:45] Shadowcaller: "
[20:46] Happy [8]: "They're all dead. The plague took them all."
[20:48] Shadowcaller: "So sorry Hope…" Michicora hugs her, flushing slightly.
[20:50] Happy [8]: "That's why… I was so angry. It isn't right that you shouldn't be able to see them."
[20:55] Shadowcaller: "Yeah. Maybe…" She shakes her head "Did I do wrong?"
[20:56] Happy [8]: "No, you did nothing wrong."
[20:57] Shadowcaller: "I mean… should I have ignored… duty?" She sounds regretful.
[21:02] Happy [8]: "I think if I had been in your place, I would have done the same. But… oh, it would have been so hard…"
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (What would Aegnor think of this?;)) "Then you aren't angry?"

[21:39] Happy [8]: "I'm not angry at you."
[21:40] Shadowcaller: "..okay."
[21:43] Shadowcaller: "Was worried that the duty I have…" *cough, cough, cough*
[21:47] Happy [8]: Hope touches her throat and tries to heal her.
[21:48] Shadowcaller: Michicora reacts instinctivily and grabs Hope's hand, *cough* "…sorry." She says in a weak voice.
[21:51] Shadowcaller: She lets go of it again.
[21:52] Happy [8]: "It's okay. I'm just worried about your cough."
[21:52] Shadowcaller: "I'm much better…" Michicora replies in a still quite weak voice.
[21:53] Happy [8]: "Yes, you are."
[21:53] Happy [8]: "But you've talked a lot today. More than you used to talk in a month."
[21:54] Shadowcaller: "…yeah."
[21:56] Shadowcaller: "Like it." >.> She nods
[22:02] Happy [8]: Hope smiles. "Good.
[22:06] Shadowcaller: "Are you good?"
[22:06] Happy [8]: Hope nods, wiping her eyes.
[22:08] Shadowcaller: Michicora gives Hope another hug. "Good I'm not alone…"
[22:13] Happy [8]: Hope hugs her back without saying anything.
[22:14] Shadowcaller: After a while Michicora lets go of her, she is blushing slightly (mostly unoticeable) "…we should go back."
[22:24] Murska: .
[22:25] Happy [8]: "Yeah."
[22:25] Shadowcaller: (You are going to bed Happy?)
[22:30] Happy [8]: (not yet… but i think i'm out of rp energy)
[22:30] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[22:30] Shadowcaller: They go back I guess.
[22:31] Shadowcaller: And we ended, perfect.

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