New Dys 85

23:48:16 Shadowcaller: He arrives at the main room.
23:48:35 Shadowcaller: The inn-keeper gives him a lock, but not much else.
23:49:30 Shadowcaller: *look
23:49:39 Aegnor: anyone in there?
23:49:57 Shadowcaller: He can see Zola reading a book in the corner.
23:50:13 Shadowcaller: And some guy in a brown west
23:50:26 Shadowcaller: With a friend by his side
23:50:26 Aegnor: He walks to Zola. 'Oh, hey.'
23:51:21 Shadowcaller: She looks up, her eyes glimmer slightly in the fire light "Salutations Naib."
23:52:43 Aegnor: 'Good to see you're still up. I came across something I thought best to show the group, and you're a wizard after all.'
23:53:52 Shadowcaller: "Things have been forgotten, but I guess I'm still am." She puts away the book.
23:54:24 Aegnor: Did he see anything about what the book was about?
23:55:52 Shadowcaller: She appears to have burrowed Cessie's book about body magic. "Have been sipping this tankard all evening." She raises it slightly.
23:57:05 Aegnor: He takes the statue out. 'It's actually got a spirit inside it, but eh.'
23:58:22 Shadowcaller: "Is it safe to touch it? I can feel a lot of magic about it…"
23:58:34 Aegnor: 'Should be, I've been carrying it around for a while.'
23:59:54 Shadowcaller: "Yeah, but some things react strangely…" She cuts herself off "What is it?" He places her hands on it and takes it closer to the candle, carefully inspecting it.
0:00:16 Shadowcaller: *she
0:02:28 Aegnor: sexc
0:02:30 Aegnor: c
0:03:03 Aegnor: 'It somehow allows anyone to speak to the spirit, and the spirit grants one wish with limits.'
0:04:25 Shadowcaller: "Really? A wish?" Zola looks at him with an eyebrow raised, holding the statue in a bit more firmer grip.
0:04:44 Aegnor: 'You should talk to it. Easier to explain.'
0:05:59 Shadowcaller: "Talk to it? Uh, okay…" She carefully places it on the table, near the candle.
0:08:13 Shadowcaller: "Greetings… I don't know what to call you, but I'm Zola Eaburn."
0:10:16 Shadowcaller: "Haha… a girl? I like girls!" The statue suddenly responds. Making Zola shock a bit.
0:12:18 Aegnor: 'Behave. It says we should call it Kaos.'
0:14:17 Shadowcaller: "Behave?!" The statue shouts, making the two men on the other table look at you. "So how dose it work?" Zola asks, trying to keep her voice down.
0:15:04 Aegnor: 'Not too sure. I hoped maybe one of you could figure that out.'
0:16:52 Shadowcaller: "I don't work man, I am!" The statue continues, it seems to have a problem with keeping it's voice down.
0:18:48 Aegnor: (Hey, if I get imprisoned)
0:18:50 Aegnor: (I'm totally escaping)
0:19:32 Shadowcaller: (right… it's horror proof >.>)
0:19:59 Aegnor: (What about a horror who can remotecontrol a robot filled with explosives? )
0:20:19 Shadowcaller: They have guards as well, don't you think they remove all your things first?
0:20:26 Aegnor: (From inside horrors?)
0:20:29 Aegnor: (Like, in my gut)
0:21:58 Shadowcaller: Well, they still have guards at the cell
0:22:18 Aegnor: why would that matter?
0:22:30 Shadowcaller: How do you mean?
0:22:57 Shadowcaller: The static cell is onboard the ship anyway
0:23:01 Aegnor: guards, schuards
0:23:03 Aegnor: 1they all blow the same
0:24:08 Shadowcaller: So you can't get in, where did you get explosives anyway?
0:24:41 Aegnor: stole, like I said in my RP
0:24:56 Aegnor: I'm in a cell, I control the robot to move near it
0:24:57 Aegnor: kaboom
0:24:58 Aegnor: :P
0:25:11 Shadowcaller: Then you need to blow up the ship…
0:25:16 Aegnor: well fine, I do that then
0:25:27 Shadowcaller: You can't enter the ship
0:25:35 Shadowcaller: Or well, the robot can't
0:25:40 Aegnor: it came with me
0:25:44 Aegnor: I swallowed it
0:25:47 Aegnor: horror-style
0:27:41 Shadowcaller: Really? don't you think they check you for electronics first?
0:28:10 Aegnor: how are they gonna do that?
0:28:29 Shadowcaller: The same things they have at airports, but stronger?
0:28:39 Aegnor: horror biology is too strange for them to draw any conclusions
0:31:03 Shadowcaller: (Really? I doubt they… anyway, there are guards outside, we will see how that turns out.) "So can I make a wish now?"
0:32:04 Shadowcaller: "No! Must pay first!"
0:32:41 Aegnor: 'Oh, right.'
0:32:52 Aegnor: 'It needs to be bought from the original owner apparently.'
0:34:02 Aegnor: (add my escape to the end narration if the villagers win :P)
0:35:41 Shadowcaller: (Sure…)
0:36:01 Shadowcaller: "Oh.. Um, so how much do you want? I have no money." o.O
0:37:12 Shadowcaller: "It's not one of those twosted wishes right?"
0:37:19 Shadowcaller: "Have you wishes for anything?"
0:37:24 Shadowcaller: *twisted
0:37:30 Aegnor: 'I don't think so. I wished for what I paid for it back.' He smiles.
0:38:20 Shadowcaller: She chuckles
0:38:21 Aegnor: 'So, we're of course going to give it to everyone in the group for their one wish.' Naib fishes a silver coin from his pocket. 'Take this and buy the thing from me with it?'
0:38:48 Shadowcaller: "Hey! Thats cheating!" Roars the statue.
0:38:53 Aegnor: 'Why?'
0:39:56 Shadowcaller: "Since I consider it to be."
0:40:02 Aegnor: 'Riiight.'
0:40:04 Shadowcaller: "Haha!"
0:40:13 Aegnor: 'Well, whatever.'
0:41:11 Aegnor: 'Since I decide the price, I say it's worth exactly what you'll offer for it.'
0:41:11 Shadowcaller: Zola glances at the statue "Right…"
0:43:34 Shadowcaller: Zola thinks for a while "Dose it have to be something material?"
0:44:01 Shadowcaller: "Can't you just give it away?" To which the statue replies "No!"
0:44:34 Aegnor: 'Ask it, I suppose.'
0:45:00 Shadowcaller: "Hey! That no was to both questions!"
0:45:52 Aegnor: 'Right.'
0:46:30 Shadowcaller: "Okay, so what about I give you a wish Naib? Seems fair I'll do something for you in exchange for the statue."
0:47:01 Aegnor: 'Um… A wish?'
0:47:18 Shadowcaller: "Yeah, or a favor, whatever you can call it."
0:47:42 Shadowcaller: She smiles slightly.
0:48:26 Aegnor: 'Well, I suppose that works.' He smiles back.
0:48:46 Shadowcaller: "Whatever… you must use that favor!"
0:48:50 Shadowcaller: (statue.)
0:48:59 Aegnor: 'Not yet, however.'
0:49:43 Shadowcaller: "Make sure it will be… or else I recall your wish."
0:50:13 Aegnor: 'Sure, I'll use it some day.'
0:51:08 Shadowcaller: "Some day eh? Well, I will be watching you!"
0:51:41 Shadowcaller: Zola takes up the statue "Hm, now that I think about it, I have no idea what to wish for."
0:52:41 Aegnor: 'Well, you have time aswell.'
0:53:08 Aegnor: 'I don't get a new wish even if I buy it back, right?'
0:54:02 Shadowcaller: "It? IT?! I'm me!"
0:54:07 Shadowcaller: "I am Kaos!"
0:54:28 Aegnor: 'Well are you a he or a she then?'
0:55:27 Shadowcaller: "I am he of course, mainly beacuse I like mortal women."
0:56:30 Aegnor: 'In any case, I was referring to the statue.'
0:56:48 Shadowcaller: (It was always the statue there.)
0:57:03 Aegnor: (huh?)
0:57:16 Shadowcaller: (That was speaking… oh you mena like that.)
0:57:20 Shadowcaller: *mean
0:57:35 Shadowcaller: "The statue? Thats only a stupid prison…"
0:58:51 Shadowcaller: Zola seems to be thinking, lost in her own thoughts.
0:58:57 Aegnor: 'Well, what about the answer to the question?'
0:59:30 Shadowcaller: "Which is? I forget things, my thoughts swirl out into the very void!"
0:59:47 Aegnor: 'I don't get a new wish if I buy you back, right?'
0:59:58 Shadowcaller: "Of course not!"
1:00:10 Shadowcaller: "Such a stupid question… you must be really stupid."
1:00:36 Aegnor: 'At least I'm not trapped in a statue.'
1:00:37 Shadowcaller: "Hey!" (Zola.)
1:00:53 Shadowcaller: "Don't insult him like that, I have power over you."
1:01:48 Shadowcaller: (statue) "Not my fault! Was imprisoned here by a god you know?"
1:02:10 Aegnor: 'Which one?'
1:03:06 Shadowcaller: "Pandounium, but he was replaced I think… some new guy."
1:04:09 Aegnor: Naib turns to Zola. 'Anyway, you don't need to wish for anything yet of course.'
1:04:36 Shadowcaller: She nods "What was the limitations you said?"
1:05:03 Shadowcaller: "Right now, all I want is a another drink, but thats not a wish you…" she glances at the statue.
1:06:44 Aegnor: 'What you wish for can't be too far, magically protected, too powerful… something like that.'
1:07:58 Shadowcaller: "Hmm… I need to keep it while I think of something right? This is quite hard, I'm suprised you spend your wish so quickly, but then again, your a very special person."
1:08:40 Aegnor: 'I don't like indecision. It's not like I lost anything and I've already gotten another wish to replace the one I used.' He smiles.
1:09:44 Shadowcaller: She chuckles, "Too true."
1:10:41 Shadowcaller: "Hmm… you know… what would happend if I wished for money? Would someone discover it?" She asks Naib for some reason
1:11:06 Shadowcaller: "I mean, just a lot of money would screw up the system or something right?"
1:11:16 Aegnor: 'I don't know. I think it'd have to take it from somewhere.'
1:13:44 Shadowcaller: "And the wish can't be too far away…"
1:13:49 Shadowcaller: "Darn."
1:14:08 Aegnor: 'But you only need to go close to something very valuable'
1:14:33 Wolfbane on lisätty keskusteluun.
1:14:36 Wolfbane: Hey
1:14:43 Shadowcaller: "Steal huh?…"
1:15:04 Aegnor: 'Hey, Kaos. Mind telling us how that works?'
1:15:10 Wolfbane: (What?)
1:15:23 Aegnor: (we found your cat statue)
1:15:56 Wolfbane: (Heh. What happened?)
1:16:01 Shadowcaller: "Uh, well I just transport it I guess. I can only affect an area near my prison."
1:16:39 Shadowcaller: (It grants limited wishes.)
1:17:03 Aegnor: 'Anyway, just money probably isn't worth it.'
1:17:04 Wolfbane: (Like what? And when is this?)
1:17:58 Shadowcaller: "Naib, I can't live on you, it dosen't feel good."
1:18:56 Shadowcaller: *right
1:19:02 Aegnor: 'You can pay me back once you get on your feet. A wizard will always find a job.'
1:19:47 Shadowcaller: "How did you get money on your journey?"
1:20:45 Aegnor: 'I do some small jobs here and there, and I get a lot from winning tournaments.'
1:21:41 Shadowcaller: "I was mostly sponsored from my family, I never really had a real job. It was quite easy for me getting money anyway."
1:23:08 Shadowcaller: "I could do jobs on the journey I suppose…"
1:23:37 Shadowcaller: "Just wish I could pay your tab once in a while." Zola winks
1:24:21 Aegnor: 'Hey, I'll be low on money soon enough and then you'll get rich from something for a while.'
1:26:35 Shadowcaller: "You would have to teach me to work first." ;)
1:27:57 Aegnor: 'Well, it all depends on what you can do.' He smiles.
1:28:20 Shadowcaller: "We don't really seem to work in the same bussniess." She drags back her long sleeve, showing her very slender arm.
1:30:29 Aegnor: 'You work with your brain. I, with my lack of one, have to use my arms.' He winks.
1:32:27 Shadowcaller: "You lack a brain? You seem a lot smarter then me you know." She seems to get an idea, "Want to arm wrestle?" She grins.
1:33:24 Aegnor: 'Me? Is this some sort of a trick?' He smiles.
1:35:35 Shadowcaller: "Trick? Me?" She looks shocked (in a playful way) "Would never even dream about it."
1:36:31 Aegnor: 'Well, fine with me. Let's try.'
1:39:08 Shadowcaller: She puts her arm on the table "Yes, unless you are afraid of a girl?"
1:39:53 Aegnor: 'Hey, girls can be just as difficult opponents as men…' He offers his un-armguarded arm.
1:41:04 Happy [8] on lisätty keskusteluun.
1:41:41 Shadowcaller: "Really? Where I came from, all men did the physical work…" She takes his hand in a grip
1:42:14 Aegnor: 'Thoughts like that disappear soon enough once a girl kicks your ass a few times.'
1:43:15 Shadowcaller: She chukles and appears quite suprised "Really?! Who?"
1:45:28 Aegnor: 'Mainly Reza. A few times in some tournaments too, however.'
1:45:56 Shadowcaller: "Wow… she must have been like Hope then?"
1:52:58 Shadowcaller: (Um, should we finish the Miranda thing while everyone is here+)
1:53:43 Shadowcaller: ?
1:53:58 Aegnor: (probably)
1:54:10 Wolfbane: (I don't care)
1:54:20 Aegnor: 'Well, she was quite agile and good with her feet.'
1:54:22 Shadowcaller: (We should as Murska is going to sleep soon.)
1:54:42 Happy: (ok)
1:54:57 Shadowcaller: (And it's rare that everyone is here >.>)
1:55:02 Wolfbane: v.v
1:58:14 Shadowcaller: "What type of fight? Boxing?" She tests his arm a bit.
1:59:08 Aegnor: 'Her style was probably Panther from it's base.'
1:59:20 Aegnor: His arm is firmly held and doesn't move either way.
2:00:42 Shadowcaller: "Panther? I have seen panthers, but I never thought they had a style." She tries a bit harder, quite stubbornly
2:04:24 Aegnor: He lets her move his arm slightly, then moves it back and a bit to the other side. 'The 'White Panther'. One of the basic styles which emphasize feet and movement.'
2:05:37 Shadowcaller: "Oh, all I know is about hip movement." She grins and puts the preasure further down.
2:07:16 Aegnor: 'I tend to use my arms.' He smiles and holds his arm steady.
2:09:44 Shadowcaller: "Really? Well, it feels like I'm trying to bend down a wall of stone here."
2:10:55 Aegnor: 'This is a good way to earn a few drinks with some bets.' He starts bending her arm towards the table.
2:13:47 Shadowcaller: "I can't imagine anyone foolish enough to challenge you." Her arm is quite easily bend down so she just lets go of his. "ouch."
2:17:37 Shadowcaller: …
2:30:05 Shadowcaller: ..
2:33:51 Aegnor: 'Well, I don't look /that/ strong. And, when the guys are drunk…' He grins.
2:36:29 Shadowcaller: Zola smiles back, holding her own hand. "Dosen't matter if you are then?"

2:37:15 Aegnor: 'Well, usually I only get drunk after I win enough to get some drinks.'
2:37:26 Aegnor: 'I didn't hurt you, did I?'
2:38:11 Shadowcaller: "Of course not! I'm just somewhat of a wimp at heart, you defeated me very gently thank you."
2:38:34 Aegnor: 'I'm sure you'd beat me easily at throwing fireballs or something.'
2:40:20 Shadowcaller: "Like I would use magic in such a primitive way while mostly sober."
2:41:10 Aegnor: 'Well, don't ask a dumb guy to mention something requiring finesse.'
2:43:59 Shadowcaller: "Finesse? Do I look like a girl that uses finesse?"
2:44:46 Aegnor: 'Yes, actually. More than you look like a juggernaut, at least.' *wink*
2:45:49 Shadowcaller: "So *thats* what they call you eh? May I ask in what area…" She bursts out laughing "Sorry, too risky."
2:46:57 Aegnor: 'Heh. Actually, I'm not classified as one either. It's what we call the fighters who rely on pure strength.'
2:49:35 Shadowcaller: "So what do you relay on then?"
2:50:31 Aegnor: 'Dumb luck.' He smiles.
2:51:42 Shadowcaller: "It didn't feel that way when I tried to take you down."
2:52:26 Aegnor: 'I avoid people hitting me and sooner or later I manage to hit them back.'
2:53:37 Shadowcaller: "And how often dose that work? Your face is still… whole and your not looking very dead either so I'm gussing you are doing quite good."
2:54:56 Shadowcaller: *guessing
2:55:09 Shadowcaller: "I mean, you still look good."
2:55:55 Aegnor: 'Good enough. I keep ruining clothes because of the armguard however.'
2:57:54 Shadowcaller: "I can just imagine those duels, many girls watching I guess?" Zola chuckles
2:58:01 Shadowcaller: "I'm so crude…"
3:00:12 Aegnor: 'Well, usually when someone's stabbing holes in my clothes it's more of a 'trying to stay alive' than 'fighting in front of spectators'.
3:02:20 Shadowcaller: "Sorry, it's just my stupid imagination, I'm sure it get's very dangerous from time to time, please forgive this poor airhead."
3:03:06 Aegnor: 'All is forgiven. Imagination is a good gift to have, after all.' He smiles.
3:03:33 Shadowcaller: She smiles back "Not the kind of imagination *I* have, trust me."
3:06:20 Aegnor: 'I do, I do. You should know.'
3:09:38 Shadowcaller: "Should I?"
3:10:31 Aegnor: 'It's yours, after all.'
3:11:08 Shadowcaller: (Ah, missunderstood, scratch that.)
3:13:30 Shadowcaller: "So any other intrests then traveling and fighting?"
3:15:04 Aegnor: 'I'm interested in anything.' 'With exceptions.'
3:15:37 Shadowcaller: "Like? Women like me?" She says jokingly.
3:17:38 Aegnor: 'Hey, you're interesting.' He smiles. 'I like new places and things. And if I weren't a fighter I'd probably try acting.'
3:19:45 Shadowcaller: "Acting? Why am I not suprised, you have the looks of a actor really."
3:20:19 Aegnor: 'Well that's new. I don't think anyone's ever said that to me before.'
3:20:50 Shadowcaller: "Now that is something that suprised me…"
3:23:08 Shadowcaller: "You must be the first person who thinks I'm intresting, but that might be beacuse I'm not sober."
3:24:11 Aegnor: 'I'm sure others have. Especially considering what you've told me about partying.'
3:24:46 Shadowcaller: "They never used the word "intresting" actually." (night.)
3:29:12 Aegnor: 'Well, they should have.'
3:29:54 Shadowcaller: "How come?"
3:30:00 Shadowcaller: (Good night >.>)
3:30:13 Aegnor: (night, night)
3:30:43 Aegnor: 'You're fun to talk with, and certainly not dull.'
3:30:59 Shadowcaller: (Now you go to bed!)
3:31:05 Happy: *hugs Murska goodnight*
3:31:11 Aegnor: *hugs*
3:31:15 Aegnor: (soon enough)
3:33:02 Shadowcaller: "Just give me some liqor and I get intresting." She smiles
3:33:38 Aegnor: 'Hey, you can be interesting while sober. What do you like to do?'
3:35:02 Shadowcaller: "Well, I like to play board games, strategy and such, to think… when I'm sober. And of course, see the world, finding out how other people see the world and how they live life."
22:23:27 Aegnor: 'Okay.'
22:25:01 Shadowcaller: "Ahem, well if not money then what? It's all I can think of really…"
22:26:19 Aegnor: 'Well money isn't a bad option. Or you can save it until there's something you really want.'
22:26:51 Shadowcaller: "But then the others don't get any wishes…"
22:27:17 Aegnor: 'I'm sure we can arrange to give it to them if they can think of something before you do and then have them give it back.'
22:28:12 Shadowcaller: "The statue, idol or whatever it is, donsen't feel that generous."
22:28:54 Aegnor: He shrugs. 'I guess.'
22:31:07 Shadowcaller: Zola drinks up whats left of her drink "Well, I just have to think of something. I'm just enough tipsy to get good ideas."
22:33:20 Aegnor: 'I'm sure.' Naib leans back on his seat. 'Don't let me disturb the brainstorming.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Okay so…) After some moments Zola leans forward "Hey, you know, maybe I'll wish you into a elf?" She chuckles
Aegnor sanoo:
'I don't /think/ it can do that. I'm not sure whether I should call that a good thing or not, though.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She looks him in the eyes "I was joking, relax, I'm just teasing you a bit."
Aegnor sanoo:
He smiles. 'Me too.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Maybe I could learn myself every language… or make me look human?" She smiles, "What do you think?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, we already had a few plans to make you look like a human, if you want.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"We?" She pauses, looking a bit suprised "What plans?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'We talked about it, don't you remember? About the illusions or asking Helena?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Oh, I thought you talked about some others… "we" indeed…" She pauses "Well, for a illusion, I first need a model."
"I used illusions a few times while I traveled, sometimes it worked… sometimes it didn't."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I think maybe the best way would be to ask Helena first. She's helped in that way before, aswell.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Right, she lived in some orb or something right?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, not anymore. You'll need to ask Cessie or someone for details about that.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Sure, I can do that as soon as I can."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I suppose in the morning then. I doubt you'll need a disguise yet.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You then? If you would be an actor, apperance would be important for you as well, anything you like to change?" She smiles.
Aegnor sanoo:
'I don't have a hated feature about myself and I'm not known enough for that to be a problem so I'll look like myself for now.' He smiles back. 'Though if all the fans get too tiring, maybe I'll need to look into it.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola laughs "At least I never have to worry about that."
(You read that Helios did accept the deal right?)
Aegnor sanoo:
(we oughta talk that part anyway at some point)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Aegnor sanoo:
'Hey, I wouldn't either. Then I joined this group and now they're actually trying to give me credit when they're being sang about on the streets. So who knows.' He grins.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I'll never be able to handle any fame, I would just make a fool out of myself, I'm very good at doing that actually, I consider it a valuable talent."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Clearly something to hold in high regard.' He smiles. 'On my part, I'd be fine with the bards only singing about Aegnor and the others. They're the heroes after all.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"How come they got famous and you didn't? You were there right?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'They're the type. I was just tagging along. All the war poems talk about single heroes or commanders, not the soldiers who happen to be there aswell.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I would never see you as a mere "soldier", there is more about you then meets the eye Naib, a lot more."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Maybe. But as long as it's all safely tucked under the thick layer of a dumb brute, it's all good.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola grins "So how come the "dumb brute" came to me with the statue first then?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Because the dumb brute doesn't understand it, mainly.' He smiles back. 'I'm sure Aegnor'd be interested about some spell that allows everyone to talk to a spirit. Unless he'll feel threatened.' *wink*
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola places her elbow on the table to support herself as she leans forward, "It wasn't about that kiss was it?" *wink*
Aegnor sanoo:
'Of course not, I would never allow something like that cloud my judgement.' *grin*
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"At least your not like every other guy I kissed."
Aegnor sanoo:
'That bad?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Her eyes widens a bit "No, no… uh, I just kissed you on the cheek." >.>
Aegnor sanoo:
'Now I was teasing.' He smiles.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She coughes and blushes a bit "…so you were." She smiles back a bit awkwardly.
"You don't happend to remember what I did before I woke up at the boat?"
She attempts to change subject.
Aegnor sanoo:
'Um. Back when you were sick?' He also seems to be glad to end the mental sparring with words.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Mental sparring?)
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(What else would he end it with? >.>) "Yeah… sick."
Aegnor sanoo:
(With a KO of course )
'Well, I only saw you at a glance before you arrived on deck to look for your cat in the middle of a cloud of darkness.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Oh… the cat."

Wolfbane on lisätty keskusteluun.

Wolfbane sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I still remember that… a bit, how was I?"
Wolfbane sanoo:
(Naib and Zola?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Aegnor sanoo:
'Quite strange and confused, I think. Then you started fainting on me.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Beside the fainting, is there really any differance now?" ^^
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, you don't insist I go find your cat, and you also lack the cloud of darkness.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She touches the statue on the head and some cloud-like substance starts to appear behind her head "You were saying?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Oh dear.' He smiles. 'Well, now that you mention it I guess I did find you a cat.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola lifts the statue from the table with a smile playing on her lips, still leaning on her other hand "Well now I need to know what to do with it. Hmm… whats the time?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Pretty late… or even early, I'd guess.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola sigh "Well, we could always do something tomorrow."
"I mean, if I ask Helena to change me, we two could go out."
Aegnor sanoo:
He smiles. 'Really?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Well… yeah, providing there is anything fun to do in this town."
"I need a guide after all." She smiles back
Aegnor sanoo:
Naib decides to not pursue the 'go out?' line of conversation. 'Well, I can show you around at least. It's a big place, there's bound to be something you like.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Yeah, a city with a statue that big have to have *something* fun to do."
Aegnor sanoo:
'In the middle of all the hero-stuff we came here to do, of course.' He smiles.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Which is? This air head dosen't know anything."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Save the city from a Legion and free some spirit.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Uh, right, I heard about the legion a bit. Not really my deal of work thought."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I'll do what the heroes order, I suppose. Like a dumb brute.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Please Naib, don't say that, some times, it sounds like you actually mean it."
Aegnor sanoo:
He laughs. 'Sorry, sorry.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Hmph, I'm starting to take things serious again. I need more to drink apperently."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, you need to be serious every once in a while. But don't you need to sleep?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Not as much as you do… do you?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, I slept some in the evening but yeah.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Will you guide me tomorrow then?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'I will.' He theatrically places a hand on his heart. 'By my name I promise you this.'
Wolfbane sanoo:
(Hey, can either of you hear me?)
Aegnor sanoo:
Wolfbane sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She claps her hands *gleee* "I got an actor to guide me!"
Wolfbane sanoo:
(Huh, it gave me an unable to send message)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Aegnor sanoo:
(well I didn't see you say anything after 'Naib and Zola?' and before 'Can you hear me?'
Wolfbane sanoo:
(It randomly popped up)
Aegnor sanoo:
'I wonder what I just got myself into.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She giggles "Don't worry, I promise I won't do anything *too* wild."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Somehow I imagine I might be quite a bit more well-known here after tomorrow.' He grins.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola smiles "Lets just see what happends okay? Whenever I go out, I promise myself to make no plans, just seeing what the night will take me."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Do you keep that promise?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Of course… unless you don't want me to.
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, I'm sure we'll do fine without a plan. All plans do are fail at the worst moment, usually.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"So have I learned the hard way…"
"But I guess you need to sleep now if we should be up all night tomorrow?" She winks.
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, if I was to make a plan I'd sleep the morning.' He smiles. 'But like we just noticed, probably the instant I get to bed someone'll come yell at me to go bash some bad guys.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"That happends a lot?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Not usually, luckily.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Thank Nout, then maybe you have time for me tomorrow."
Aegnor sanoo:
'I'll try.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Good, thats all I ask of you. Good Night Naib."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Sleep well.' He smiles. 'I suppose I'll head back.'
He stands up
'Maybe you'll think of something to wish for tomorrow.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She stands up as well. "Yeah, I'll try to think of something. Really, you need to give me some ideas."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Why me? I gave you the statue.' He smiles.

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