New Dys 70

[23:18] Shadowcaller: So Paak have just been healed
[23:18] Happy: Simone meets him back at the inn.
[23:18] Happy: She couldn't go to the temple, because Norhold's servants were everywhere.
[23:19] Wolfbane: Paak smiles and waves to her with his newly repaired arm.
[23:20] Happy: Simone beams and runs up to him, but stops short before hugging him.
[23:22] Shadowcaller: Mote would be there was well >.>
[23:23] Shadowcaller: S/he is in the shape of a small boy at the moment that s/he saw passing by.
[23:24] Wolfbane: He smiles. "Its okay now, you don't have to worry about my arm anymore."
[23:24] Happy: She colors and looks down at his hand, and shyly takes it. "It's fully healed?"
[23:25] Wolfbane: "It is." he tests it by moving his fingers.
[23:25] Shadowcaller: (it's fully and perfectly healed…)
[23:26] Shadowcaller: Mote moves away a bit from them, inspecting some preacher nearby.
[23:26] Happy: She finally gives in and hugs him.
[23:26] Happy: (Does Mote still look like wind?)
[23:27] Wolfbane: Paak hugs back. "Thanks for bringing me along."
[23:27] Shadowcaller: (Um, would they have asked Helena for a illussion? S/he still changes shape a lot.)
[23:27] Happy: (Helena can't make an illusion that would shift with Mote)
[23:28] Shadowcaller: (yeah… and s/he still looked like wind at the ships, so yes.)
[23:28] Happy: (When Mote decides on a form, Helena can fix it.)
[23:29] Shadowcaller: (Mhm…)
[23:29] Happy: (but otherwise it would require her to be linked to Mote, which would only happen if Mote became her priest/ess. Somehow, I can't see a Simone/Helios combo doing that. ;) )
[23:30] Shadowcaller: (Not really, no…)
[23:30] Wolfbane: (heh)
[23:30] Happy: "I'm glad… I'm glad it worked out."
[23:34] Shadowcaller: *poke*
[23:35] Wolfbane: Paak lets go, a little embarrassed. "I guess I don't need to stay around anymore."
[23:39] Happy: "I don't think we'll be in New Dys very long. And I know you want to go back home."
[23:40] Shadowcaller: (What? Why wouldn't they be? >.>)
[23:41] Happy: (because they have to go to World's End?)
[23:41] Shadowcaller: (Yes, but after that…)
[23:41] Shadowcaller: (It's the last stop… maybe.)
[23:41] Happy: (Smone has no way of knowing that)
[23:41] Shadowcaller: (I guess.)
[23:41] Wolfbane: He nods. "I understand. And I do need to get home and make sure my father makes it back."
[23:45] Shadowcaller: Mote walks up to them "Whats with you?"
[23:48] Shadowcaller: *pokes as I can't stay up late'
[23:48] Happy: Simone looks at Mote curiously. "What you mean?"
[23:48] Wolfbane: (Would paak know about Mote?)
[23:48] Shadowcaller: "You act wierd."
[23:50] Wolfbane: "What do you mean we act weird?"
[23:51] Shadowcaller: "Unusual, from my observations I have noticed a certain pattern in your behaviors, this current bahvior exceeds what I have learned of you to this point."
[23:54] Wolfbane: *pokes*
[23:55] Happy: (Mote's existence, yes, but not his origin)
[23:55] Wolfbane: (Okay)
[23:57] Shadowcaller: (Murska is taking naps…)
[23:57] Shadowcaller: (I'm not sure why he is so tired lately.)
[23:57] Happy: Simone blushes again.
[23:58] Happy: "Paak… was healed. That is a big change for him."
[23:58] Shadowcaller: "I see… is that why you are acting wierd as well?"
[23:58] Happy: "I… guess so."
[00:00] Wolfbane: Paak turns a bit, also a tad embarrassed. "She's right. It is a bit of a change for me. I had just gotten used to being one handed too." he smiles jokingly.
[00:01] Shadowcaller: "Okay… I guess i can't understand bodily limitations yet."
[00:01] Shadowcaller: "Or how it is to regain such functions."
[00:03] Shadowcaller: Mote lowers her/his head.
[00:04] Wolfbane: At the first comment, Paak moves slightly away from Simone. "Its okay. And you don't want to know what its like to lose an arm."
[00:04] Happy: "I talk to you about it later," Simone says to Mote.
[00:06] Shadowcaller: S/he nods "I understand."
[00:07] Shadowcaller: "So what are we going to do now?"
[00:10] Happy: "Um… I going to take a walk with Paak. Could you go and wait with Cessie until we are back?"
[00:10] Shadowcaller: "A walk? For what reason?"
[00:11] Wolfbane: Paak is also a little confused, but would be grateful to get away from the awkward conversation with Mote.
[00:13] Happy: "Because I want to."
[00:14] Shadowcaller: "Uh… okay, to help him deal with the pain?"
[00:18] Happy: "I answer questions later, okay? Tell Cessie we be back soon."
[00:18] Shadowcaller: "…okay, be safe."
[00:18] Shadowcaller: Mote slowly walks away, glancing back at you.
[00:19] Wolfbane: Paak nods even though he is isn't sure if that was to him, Simone, or both.
[00:21] Happy: Simone smiles at Paak. "Found a place you might like to see."
[00:22] Wolfbane: Paak smiles. "Okay."
[00:24] Happy: She leads him through the streets, going uphill all the way, until they reach a clear area with a stone wall. Simone clambers up onto the wall and looks back at Paak to see if he follows.
[00:25] Wolfbane: Paak will climb to follow her.
[00:26] Happy: From the top of the wall is a view overlooking the Harborside sector, the ships, and the sea.
[00:26] Shadowcaller: (And the collosus most likely.)
[00:27] Happy: (Oh, right)
[00:27] Happy: (add in any details I've missed)
[00:27] Happy: (But Simone knew he'd enjoy a view of the sea)
[00:28] Wolfbane: Paak smiles as he sees the sight. "Its nice up here."
[00:29] Happy: "Sorry about Mote. She very inquisitive."
[00:29] Wolfbane: he nods. "I understand."
[00:29] Shadowcaller: (She eh?)
[00:32] Happy: (She was in Simone's form most of the trip, right?)
[00:32] Shadowcaller: (yeah.)
[00:34] Shadowcaller: (Sleep is coming >.>)
[00:34] Happy: (did you put up the log for yesterday?)
[00:35] Shadowcaller: (Forgot that, have been gone most of the day.)
[00:35] Happy: Simone reaches out to take his hand, but chickens out at the last minute and just sets her hand down on the stone next to his.
[00:35] Happy: "You think maybe your father's ship down there?"
[00:36] Wolfbane: Simone may notice Paak being a little figity. Like he is trying to make up his mind. "No, he won't be here this time of year. he should be farther north."
[00:39] Happy: "You have some story to tell him, eh?"
[00:39] Wolfbane: He smiles. "Yeah. I wonder how he'll take it all.' He chuckles.
[00:40] Happy: "Did you ever know your mother?"
[00:41] Wolfbane: He looks down and quietens for a moment. "I barely remember her face. She died when I was four."

[00:49] Happy: Simone takes the braid of her mother's hair out of her saree.
[00:51] Wolfbane: Paak looks at it, not quite sure whether or not to ask who its from.
[00:52] Happy: "It was my mother's. All I have of her now."
[00:52] Wolfbane: (Did she tell him before hand about her mother?)
[00:52] Happy: (He knows she's an orphan)
[00:54] Wolfbane: Paak sighs. "I don't have anything from my mother, though my father kept a strip of her favorite dress to remind himself of her."
[00:59] Wolfbane: *pokes*
[01:00] Happy: Simone puts her hand on his.
[01:05] Wolfbane: Paak holds it for a moment. " Thanks for bringing me along."
[01:05] Happy: "You're welcome."
[01:10] Wolfbane: Paak lets go and starts to rummage around in his pockets.
[01:10] Happy: Simone puts the braid away.
[01:13] Wolfbane: Paak finds what he is looking for and holds a closed hand to her. "I wanted to get something for you, to show how much I appreciate all of this."
[01:17] Happy: Simone catches his gaze, and then turns red (again) and looks down at his hand.
[01:19] Wolfbane: Paak opens up his hand, revealing a polished coral necklace. "I'm sorry I couldn't do better, but with all I had, it was what I could make. I hope you like it." He sounds nervous.
[01:19] Wolfbane: (I'm assuming its pink, I haven't seen the log for its reveal)
[01:19] Happy: Simone looks at it, then looks up at him. "It's… beautiful"
[01:20] Happy: (I just described it as 'a coral necklace')
[01:20] Wolfbane: (Probably several colors then)
[01:21] Happy: (pinkish orangish mostly?)
[01:21] Wolfbane: (Pink, orange, white, possibly a red or purple)
[01:21] Happy: She reaches out and touches it, but doesn't take it.
[01:23] Wolfbane: "Really?" He sounds a bit surprised, like he didn't expect her to like ti.
[01:23] Wolfbane: it*
[01:24] Happy: She looks up and meets his eyes again. "I never have anyone give me something so pretty before."
[01:27] Wolfbane: She'll see that he is blushing a bit. "Go ahead and take it. Its yours now."
[01:32] Wolfbane: *poke*
[01:33] Happy: She does so, and runs it between her fingers. "Th-thank you."
[01:34] *** moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[01:34] Happy: (Simone and Paak)
[01:34] Wolfbane: (Hey)
[01:36] Wolfbane: He smiles. "You're welcome. It was the very least I could get you. i wish I could have gotten something better for you."
[01:36] Happy: (*is suddenly starving* brb)
[01:43] Wolfbane: *pokes to keep alive*
[01:48] Happy: *returns with cheese on toast*
[01:49] Happy: "No… it's beautiful. I love it."
[01:52] Wolfbane: He smiles. "Aren't you going to put it on?"
[01:54] Happy: Is it the lift over the head kind or the shorter kind that has a clasp?
[01:56] Wolfbane: Its the lift over the head kind. He wouldn't have been able to find a clasp or make one
[01:57] Happy: Simone does that then.
[01:58] Wolfbane: It fits over her head easily.
[02:01] Happy: She meets his eyes again and smiles shyly
[02:02] Wolfbane: Paak smiles. "It looks good on you."
[02:03] Happy: She looks away, towards the sea. "I never had anything so pretty that I didn't steal."
[02:05] Wolfbane: "Glad thats changed?"
[02:11] Wolfbane: *pokes*
[02:12] Happy: "I treasure it always," she says in a quiet voice.
[02:13] Wolfbane: Paak stays silent for a while, pleased with her response to it.
[02:16] Happy: She is silent too, twisting the necklace around one of her fingers and biting her lip as she looks out at the sea.
[02:17] Wolfbane: Paak sighs. "I hope my father is safe."
[02:24] Happy: "I hope so too."
[02:24] Happy: She doesn't say 'I'm sure he is' because she knows the probabilities of such things.
[02:26] Wolfbane: Paak also knows he is lucky that his father is still there after all these years at sea. "He'll be shocked to hear what all happened. i hope those people don't come back for me."
[02:32] Happy: "Do you think they might?"
[02:32] Wolfbane: he shrugs. "I don't think so. They've left other survivors alone if they didn't take them right away."
[02:33] Wolfbane: "But I just don't know."
[02:34] Happy: "Maybe once your father return, you should go to sea with him."
[02:34] Happy: She looks down. "I felt responsible, you know. You were only there because of me."
[02:35] Murska: (Actually, Simone was only there because of Paak)
[02:35] Wolfbane: Paak sets a hand on her shoulder. "It wasn't your fault. Better me than anyone else. At least I knew someone who could help me." He smiles.
[02:35] Happy: (it was mutual)
[02:37] Happy: "There was a time, not so long ago, when I would have run away and left you." she says quietly, still looking down.
[02:38] Wolfbane: he shrugs. "I wouldn't have thought differently if you had. At least you would have acted like you had seen it, unlike everyone else."
[02:39] Murska: (Paak said he goes there often :P)
[02:39] Happy: "It all cause of Aegnor."
[02:40] Happy: (that particular place and time, taking the bowls back into the bakery… would he have been there if not for Simone?)
[02:42] Happy: "He always trying to help people. It make me want to be more like him."
[02:42] Murska: (More likely than Simone being there without him)
[02:42] Wolfbane: "I'm thankful you helped. And I guess I should be thankful for Aegnor too."
[02:44] Happy: "I guess after you leave… I never see you again."
[02:46] Wolfbane: He shrugs. "Maybe. But if you ever need someplace to stay, just stop by."
[02:47] Happy: (I think I should go to bed)
[18:22] Happy [8]: "Maybe." She shifts a little on the stone wall, moving a bit closer to Paak.
[18:25] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak doesn't move away. "Well, what do you want to do while I'm still here?" he says smiling.
[18:31] Shadowcaller: …
[18:32] Happy [8]: "I don't know."
[18:35] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "Want to walk around for a bit and see what all is here?" he chuckles and smiles to her. "Who knows, we could always find a place to dance if you want."
[18:36] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (*sigh* I knew he was going to be auto'd in HP)
[18:36] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: HP )*
[18:37] Shadowcaller: (Indeed.)
[18:39] Happy [8]: She smiles. "Lead the way."
[18:40] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak begins to climb down the wall and waits for her to follow.
[18:40] Happy [8]: She jumps down, landing lightly in a crouch.
[18:40] Shadowcaller: What section of the town are they in?
[18:41] Happy [8]: they were on a hill overlooking Dockside
[18:41] Shadowcaller: Shipside, but I guess that would be midgarden then. What were they looking for?
[18:42] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: They are just looking around for now.
[18:42] Happy [8]: someplace to dance, apparently
[18:42] Shadowcaller: There are a lot of fancy houses and parks here and guards as well
[18:43] Shadowcaller: Keeping an extra eye on them, however there appears to be a dancing platform in the middle of one of the parks (time of day?)
[18:45] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (Uh… Midafternoon maybe?)
[18:47] Shadowcaller: There is a small-ish band there, setting up their gear. It's the same band Naib saw (thought they wouldn't know)
[18:49] Shadowcaller: There are a few kids of higher class walking around in the park
[18:51] Shadowcaller: There is a gang of five boys of varied age, most of them appears to be slightly older then you, glaring when you are walking by. One of them says something in Hestopian which makes the others laugh quite loudlyy
[18:52] Shadowcaller: *loudly
[18:52] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (Paak carries his machete at his side, you know. He always carries it. <.<)
[18:52] Shadowcaller: (Indeed he is.)
[18:53] Shadowcaller: (Not that I think anyone would dare anything with guards around the block.)
[18:56] Shadowcaller: Another boys points at Simone and says something to the others which you can't understand either.
[18:56] Shadowcaller: *boy in the group
[18:56] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak ignores them.
[18:57] Happy [8]: Simone gives the boy a contemptuous look.
[18:58] Shadowcaller: He glares back at her, whispering something to his friends.
[19:00] Shadowcaller: They don't move thought, they mostly stand there glaring at you, chatting and laughing to each other.
[19:00] Happy [8]: "Hmph. Let's go somewhere else," she says quietly to Paak.
[19:00] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak nods. "Sure."
[19:01] Shadowcaller: I guess they just go around randomly then?
[19:01] Happy [8]: Yes. Unless the boys follow them.
[19:02] Shadowcaller: They don't
[19:02] Shadowcaller: Eventually, you come to the entrance of the merchant quarter.
[19:03] Happy [8]: (what were they saying?)
[19:03] Shadowcaller: (Um… you don't want to know >.>)
[19:03] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (I'm sure that if they tried anything, they would be in for a shock. )
[19:04] Shadowcaller: There are wagons passing by constantly, filled with different types of goods.
[19:05] Shadowcaller: (They aren't stupid, there are guards nearby.)
[19:05] Happy [8]: (boys who make catcalls rarely do more unless the girl seems bothered by it)
[19:06] Shadowcaller: (Indeed.)
[19:07] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: I guess they keep wandering around.
[19:09] Shadowcaller: To the merchant quarter? Shipside? Staying in Midgarden?
[19:09] Happy [8]: what is Midgarden?
[19:09] Shadowcaller: The rich district, fine houses, parks, where they are now.
[19:10] Happy [8]: Merchant quarter then
[19:11] Shadowcaller: Right, there is a number of sailors here drinking, singing songs nearby one of the stands that apperently sells alchol of some sort. Some of the permenent stores appears to have closed.
[19:13] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak probably knows some of the songs and hums a few lines to himself.
[19:15] Shadowcaller: There are a few stores still open, like "hack-n'-slash", "the best defence", "the main potion"
[19:16] Shadowcaller: More stands also seems to be open. One of them is apperently selling off really cheap potions, while another is selling clothes.
[19:16] Shadowcaller: They can see a Servant of Norhold argue with a sailor, it appears to be a quite heated argument.
[19:17] Happy [8]: "Somewhere else," Simone murmurs, and moves away from the Servant.
[19:18] Shadowcaller: Beggars constantly move around, there are notes with different job notes and such.
[19:18] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak nods and goes with her. He doesn't understand why, but feels it probably a good idea to leave.
[19:19] Shadowcaller: The servant turns around, suddenly ignoring the sailor. It moves towards them, quite quickly for being a person in such a heavy armor.
[19:21] Happy [8]: Paak will probably see the fear on her face, before she takes off running.
[19:22] Shadowcaller: (*sigh* Ibris is really going for it…) "Stop!" The servant shouts (it appears you have encountered Tyril again.)
[19:23] Shadowcaller: She goes after Simone.
[19:24] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak waits and trips himself to fall right in front of Tyril, as close as possible so Tyril can't avoid him. He didn't want Simone getting in trouble.
[19:25] Happy [8]: (I will ban Irbis from any game I run if she does this)
[19:25] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (Understandable)
[19:25] Shadowcaller: (Which game are you talking about?)
[19:26] Happy [8]: (Thursday Next)
[19:29] Shadowcaller: Paak lands right in front of the servant, that suddenly stops chasing Simone and lifts up Paak with her armored hand "What in name of Norhold are you doing boy?" She says in a tone that really demands him to reply.
[19:29] Shadowcaller: "Was that your friend there?"
[19:30] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "I tripped." He looks at the servant oddly. "Why? Is she in trouble?"
[19:30] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (Run Simone!)
[19:31] Shadowcaller: "That was a spy you… you are hiding something from me." The servant declares.
[19:31] Happy [8]: (She is running. Trying to disappear in the crowd, which she's good at doing)
[19:32] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "I don't hide anything." (He honestly hasn't >.>)
[19:32] Shadowcaller: "Tell me, who was that girl?"
[19:33] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "She was the one who brought me here to get my arm healed. And she is also a good dancer."
[19:34] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (He is answering the questions honestly)
[19:35] Shadowcaller: "…yes, I remember you. You were in the temple today."
[19:36] Shadowcaller: "That girl is a spy, boy, what were your dealings with her?"
[19:37] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: He waves his left arm and wiggles his fingers. "Yep, good as new. As for my dealings, I was at one point her dancing partner, and am a friend of hers."
[19:39] Shadowcaller: "You are a friend? How did she come here?"
[19:39] Shadowcaller: "How long have she been here?"
[19:40] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "By boat. As long as I have."
[19:40] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (How far is Simone?)
[19:40] Shadowcaller: (Quite far by now I guess.)
[19:40] Shadowcaller: "How long have you been here then?"
[19:40] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (He is still stalling for time for her. Hopefully she is on her way to the inn)
[19:41] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "<insert how long he has been there>"
[19:41] Shadowcaller: "I think I saw you at shipside yesterday…"
[19:41] Shadowcaller: "Where is she staying?"
[19:42] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "Here."
[19:42] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "For now anyways."
[19:42] Shadowcaller: "Where? A inn?"
[19:42] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "Where else?"
[19:42] Shadowcaller: "Answer me straight boy, what is the name of the inn?"
[19:43] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Is there an inn nearby?
[19:43] Shadowcaller: (There is the merchants inn.)
[19:44] Shadowcaller: "What in is she staying at?"
[19:44] Shadowcaller: *inn
[19:44] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Well, at first he says the name of the nearby inn as she didn't specify.
[19:44] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Is he being compelled to answer truthfully?
[19:45] Shadowcaller: (He is not. But I'm not sure how "what is the name of the inn" can lead to that answer:P)
[19:46] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: (She only said, /the/ inn, she didn't specify which)
[19:46] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "I don't know. I wasn't paying attention."
[19:48] Shadowcaller: "Well, you better know soon enough, I can take you back to the temple right now, A'lar would most likely ber very intrested in this and he is not as merciful as I am."
[19:49] Shadowcaller: She puts him down on the groud again, but still holds his shirt in a iron grip.
[19:50] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak isn't putingt up a fuss. Giving Simone time to get away is the least he could do for bringing him along.
[19:50] Shadowcaller: SO what is he replying=
[19:50] Shadowcaller: ?
[19:51] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "How is she a spy? She is younger than /me/."
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "Dosen't matter, small children are often used, I could feel it and I trust my feeling boy."
[19:53] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "My name isn't "boy", its Paak. And of course it matters, she is my friend."
[19:55] Shadowcaller: "…very well "Paak", your friend is a spy and hiding her is therefore a serious crime."
[19:57] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "Again, how is she a spy? She never did anything wrong that I know about." (Other than pickpocketing, but he won't mention that. >.>)
[19:57] Happy [8]: (and she hasn't done any of that in this city)
[19:59] Shadowcaller: "She have a connection to a certain god, she spies for him."
[20:00] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "And what makes you believe she is a spy for a god?"
[20:00] Shadowcaller: "Beacuse I could feel it."
[20:02] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "You could "feel" that she was a spy just because she knows someone? That seems kind of iffy." He clearly sounds skeptical.
[20:06] Shadowcaller: "What? I don't care what you think of the matter, I felt the keepers presence in her. Now do you have any idea where she could be?"
[20:07] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "No, not really."
[20:08] Shadowcaller: She sigh "Then I have no choice the to bring you to the temple."
[20:09] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "But I was already healed!" He waves his now functional arm in front of her.
[20:11] Shadowcaller: "Not for that, I have been ordered, sadly, to bring in anyone who might know about a spy of Helios, usually they hide much better, but this one just turned up."
[20:12] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: "But I honestly don't know anything about a spy."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: "Sorry, Paak, but I must obey my orders."
[20:15] moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow: Paak shrugs. "Okay I guess, I won't argue your orders, but I don't believe her to be a spy."
[20:18] Shadowcaller: "You are free to belive what you wish… I will let you go now and you will follow me, do you understand? If you run away, this will become a lot of harder for you, do you understand?"
[17:26] Wolfbane: "I believe you've made it clear."
[17:28] Shadowcaller: "Good… follow me then." She releases her grip.
[17:28] Wolfbane: Paak follows.
[17:29] Wolfbane: He'll be whistling a sea shantie

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