New Dys 66

[01:45] Murska: Zola?
[01:46] Shadowcaller: She seems okay, but Aegnor haven't spoke to her yet
[01:46] Murska: Then that's what he's doing now.
[01:47] Shadowcaller: She is sitting in her room, by her bed. (you hired a lot of rooms.)
[01:47] Murska: (apparently) 'Hey. How are you?'
[01:47] Shadowcaller: (Cessie did >.>)
[01:48] Shadowcaller: "Greetings kin, I'm well I guess…"
[01:49] Shadowcaller: "Not sure what to make of all this, everything has been so chaotic… it's intresting to be intoduced to a new culture and all… but I have no base, nothing left to stand on. No loved ones alive…"
[01:49] Shadowcaller: "I'm suprised I haven't broke down crying yet."
[01:50] Murska: 'Oh… Yeah.'
[01:51] Shadowcaller: "You are as close to a friend I get… do you know other elves?"
[01:52] Murska: 'I know a few, over in a village we saved. But they're sadly on the other side of that sea we just crossed.'
[01:52] Shadowcaller: "Oh…"
[01:53] Shadowcaller: "…and whats our destination?"
[01:53] Murska: 'Here, mainly.'
[01:54] Shadowcaller: "*sigh* Jaina said we would be freaks here…"
[01:57] Murska: 'Well, you wouldn't be there. It's a mixed wolfen and elven village and has quite a few escaped slaves. Maybe we'll arrange you a transport there if you want.'
[01:58] Murska: (So we're gonna ask for healing for Goldie, Paak and possibly Jaina?)
[01:58] Shadowcaller: "…would I be accepted there?"
[01:58] Murska: 'I'm sure.'
[01:58] Murska: 'Not much comforts however, considering how they just recently resettled.'
[01:59] Shadowcaller: "How far away is it?"
[01:59] Murska: He says it roughly. 'And the climate might not be good for you.'
[02:00] Shadowcaller: "Sunny huh?… I have my magic… but I'm more used to wintery conditions."
[02:01] Murska: 'It's barely off a desert.'
[02:02] Shadowcaller: She shudders, barely noticeable "Oh Noud… not the perfectly place for me." >.>
[02:04] Murska: 'Yeah. We'll find some place for you to start a new life. Most likely you'd be accepted in time in most placed, in fact. And I'm sure there are communities of wizards who would be glad to meet you.'
[02:06] Happy: (back)
[02:07] Shadowcaller: "Very tropical around here, down at the academy, there weren't any sun at all. Or there was,or so they claimed. Never saw it thought, siad to be quite different from ours."
[02:09] Shadowcaller: *said
[02:09] Murska: 'I'm sure.'
[02:09] Shadowcaller: "Do you really think I'll get accepted around here?"
[02:11] Murska: 'I don't know this place well enough to say. But in my experience most wizards would look at your magical skills over appearance, and especially the scholarly types would be overjoyed to meet an elf.'
[02:11] Shadowcaller: "Oh… I'm used to be the one who analyze really…"
[02:13] Shadowcaller: "You don't happend to know what that thing in my drea, was?"
[02:13] Shadowcaller: *dream
[02:13] Murska: 'I was going to ask you the same. If I had to guess it was some sort of a Deep Realms creature, but I don't know.'
[02:14] Shadowcaller: "Never any type I have seen, or heard of…"
[02:14] Murska: 'The main thing is that you don't seem to be affected today.'
[02:15] Shadowcaller: "We didn't kill it, what if it returns?" o.O
[02:16] Murska: 'Then we get rid of it again.'
[02:26] Shadowcaller: "Thanks… I hope I can repay you somehow."
[02:27] Murska: 'Don't worry about it. Maybe I'll ask you for help some day.' He smiles.
[02:28] Shadowcaller: She smiles slightly "Let's see…"
[02:29] Murska: 'Is there something you need? Or something in the city you want to do or see? We might have a bit more time before things start happening.'
[02:30] Shadowcaller: "Um, mind if I ask you some more questions?"
[02:30] Murska: 'Go ahead.'
[02:31] Shadowcaller: "Okay… say if I too deep here."
[02:32] Shadowcaller: "How would you define your relationship? You said there was no dominant partner?"
[02:33] Murska: 'I can't say I know too much about the subject but it's very much a love relationship. You'll have to clarify the question if you need something more.'
[02:35] Shadowcaller: "Uh, sorry… a bit tired. My head isn't working as it supposed to. What is your role, accrding to yourself?"
[02:37] Shadowcaller: *according
[02:37] Murska: 'Hmm. Well, I tend to be the more sociable one. We trust each other's expertise in matters related to them and talk to each other about decisions.'
[02:38] Shadowcaller: "She then, whats her area?"
[02:39] Murska: 'Magic. She also knows more about the cultures and world off the tree.'
[02:40] Shadowcaller: "You don't?"
[02:40] Shadowcaller: "And is magic needed in a relationship?"
[02:40] Shadowcaller: "Do you think it plays an important role in yours?"
[02:42] Murska: 'Well, our relationship has been happening in the middle of quite a lot of turmoil, such as multiple wars, fights against insane people and being kidnapped into the Deep Realms. So considering without magic we'd both be dead, yes.' He winks.
[02:44] Shadowcaller: "Uhh… right." o.O
[02:58] Shadowcaller: "…I suspect you will be busy all daq long if I ask you whats that all about. However… how dose relationships work in this very special envoirment."
[03:00] Murska: 'Luckily for us, it seems to be working very well.' He smiles. 'Really, even though the presence of danger makes us want to live all we can, neither of us wants to think we're going to die sometime soon, and we rather plan for the future.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(I guess.)
"So you think the present of danger makes you more aviable?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'I don't know, we'd have to try without. But we aren't following the 'we might die soon'-cliché, at least as far as my subjective perspective can see.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Do you think your relation would have been any different if you both were elves or you both were humans?"
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"In what way? I know, it's guess work, but it's differance I seek really… my society was strongely divided between elves and humans. Elves were rich outcasts so to speak. We hold together into large families that arranged marriages between each other. Humans kept away from us."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, we've talked about the differences a few times and all. It might've been a bit easier to admit the feelings at first, I suppose.'
'Age issues would've been different and we'd have known each other's culture a bit better.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Hmm… not as much as you think, both elven societies and humans societies are more diferent then you think. While elves belive they have a global language, that is not the case… I traveled the world a bit before I came to the academy and I saw a lot of elven cultures that spoke very differently."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Yeah, I knew that too.'
'But most humans are familiar with the current major regimes.'
'Whereas I've seen them come and go, and thus have only a passing familiarity.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Perhaps, there is also the class differance… what classes would you assign you and her to?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'She's grown up as a royal, then a wizard. Though she's travelled somewhat. I'm hard to place for myself. I'd maybe be considered rather low due to not having a home and travelling a lot, but…' He shrugs. 'I'm well educated and have no monetary trouble.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Well educated?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Not prestigious education, due to it being bits and pieces over the years. But well enough.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"You lived in a world tree right?"
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Have you stayed there for all your life?"
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Quite much you must picked up… but your learning is most likely more updated then mine. All I have learned of the world must be gone now…"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, you'll relearn it quickly with access to some history books. Who knows, it might be interesting.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Perhaps… will be intresting to see what the wrote of my home. I wonder if anyone from my family is mentioned there."
Aegnor sanoo:
(uh oh »)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(What? )
Aegnor sanoo:
(She doesn't happen to know that most likely they were all killed ages ago, right?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Er… elves live long lives >.>)
Aegnor sanoo:
(the purge)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Yeah… that…)
"I sure hope so, the city most have suffered a lot when the uniuversity fell."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Considering I haven't ever even heard of it, I doubt it's a very large center anymore at least.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Yeah… empries rise and fall huh?"
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I still want to see it thought, it must still be there."
"What happend to your home by the way?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'It was destroyed.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Oh… do you mind if I ask…?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'The Legion we're hunting.' He sighs.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I see… the city I lived in feared legions as well, I understand now that they aren't as common now s they were during my times."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Very rare, in fact. But this one has evolved somehow.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Oh… I know very little of them. Only that they are very dangeorus."
She smiles slithly "Naib… where is he from? He woke me up…"
Aegnor sanoo:
'From a desert. You'll have to ask him for more details. He joined us to help in a fight against the city of Kyou.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Just like that? Against a city?" Zola chuckles "Your replies just awakes new questions."
Aegnor sanoo:
'That's the way most answers are.' He smiles.
'I honestly don't know why exactly he joined. I suppose he got caught in the events.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I have to ask him about that I guess."
Aegnor sanoo:
'He's very handy in a fight, so I'm glad he stuck with us.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I wouldn't know about that, but I did notice that armguard or whatever it's called in common he wears."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Yup. Enchanted somehow.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Intresting… well I guess I need to talk to him and your fiancee if you don't mind that is." She smiles again.
Aegnor sanoo:
'I won't if they don't.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Zola nods "I will ask if I have more questions.. I think I need to use the bath room now."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Right. I'll be available as long as I'm not too busy.'
(haha… two more people investigated the Murderer)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
( )
She nods and walks away.

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