New Dys 55

[13:16] Happy : Okay. I guess Hope will go speak to Cessie then.
[13:18] Shadowcaller: She will be in the kitchen, waiting for her. She looks up as she enters"Oh, hi… could you lock the door?" >.>
[13:19] Happy : "Okay." She does so.
[13:21] Shadowcaller: "Um, so… sit down here with me, I feel like I need to open up a bit."
[13:22] Happy : "Okay. Is something wrong?"
[13:23] Happy : (I used the word Okay three messages in a row -.- )
[13:23] Shadowcaller: "Not really…" She smiles slightly "I'm just… well there have been quite a lot for me lately."
[13:24] Happy : "Being engaged?" *smiling*
[13:24] Shadowcaller: "Uh, yeah. It seems to have brought other changes as well." >.>
[13:25] Shadowcaller: "…why did you get married so fast?"
[13:26] Happy : "I think we were just so caught up in the moment, that it felt right."
[13:27] Shadowcaller: "I have been taught that you always should step back and think before you do something …"
[13:28] Happy : Hope chuckles. "I was never taught that. And just as well, since thinking isn't my best skill."
[13:29] Shadowcaller: "I'm afraid I can't agree with that Hope, you aren't some sterotype "dumb" barbarian." She smiles encouragingly
[13:29] Shadowcaller: "You have a lot of insight. Thats why I come to you."
[13:30] Happy : "But you and Aegnor and Simone are so much smarter than me."
[13:30] Happy : She pauses. "But if I did want to try and learn something, you could help, right?"
[13:31] Shadowcaller: "Of course, besides "smartness" don't really have a defenition, there is no such thing as intelligence really."
[13:31] Happy : "I want to find out more about the creature we saw in the Deep Realms. It was the strangest thing - so fascinating."
[13:32] Shadowcaller: SHe raises en eyebrow looking a bit confused "Uhh… okay."
[13:33] Happy : Hope describes what it looked like. "What do you think it is? Where did it come from?"
[13:35] Shadowcaller: "I might need to look it up first, once I get more access to more books. But it sound like some type of elemental, if even such things exist there…"
[13:36] Happy : "I feel like it's very important. I need to know what it is."
[13:36] Shadowcaller: "Important for what?"
[13:36] Happy : "I… it just is."
[13:40] Shadowcaller: "Uh, okay." Cessie pauses, not really sure how to comment that, "It dosen't really sound like something I would like to meet."
[13:40] Happy : "No, it was pretty terrifying."
[13:41] Shadowcaller: "I can understand that, i'll promise I will look into it… but to change subject…"
[13:42] Shadowcaller: (Did Hope know about Cessie's heritage?)
[13:42] Happy : (yes )
[13:44] Shadowcaller: "I was visited by that nymph we meet in port, Zelia."
[13:44] Shadowcaller: "In a dream." *cough*
[13:44] Happy : Hope looks a little disappointed at the change of subject. "Really? I didn't know that was possible."
[13:46] Shadowcaller: "It is apperently, you learn something new every day… but we talked a bit about my bloodlines."
[13:48] Shadowcaller: "It's nothing that special really, but later I talked to Helena…"
[13:49] Happy : "You're not so worried about it anymore, it seems."
[13:49] Shadowcaller: "Um, no thats… I have been feeling a bit more free-spirited lately."
[13:51] Shadowcaller: "Everyone appears to be more free-spirited then me, so I guess I have been influenced." >.>
[13:52] Happy : "You don't have to change unless you want to. But I'm glad you aren't feeling guilty anymore."
[13:54] Shadowcaller: "I can't say I complain… I have had a period when I'm… uh, I'm not sure how to explain his without…" She blushes a bit.
[13:55] Happy : Hope waits to see if she wants to continue.
[13:56] Shadowcaller: "Well, when you want to… do things? Willing?" >.>
[13:58] Shadowcaller: "No, that dosen't sound…"
[13:58] Happy : "I'm not sure what you're asking."
[13:59] Shadowcaller: "I don't know a better word for it..- *I* have been feeling very passionated lately."
[14:00] Happy : "That's good… right?"
[14:01] Shadowcaller: (Passionated is a word she actually can use >.>) "…well, I guess."
[14:02] Shadowcaller: (Quite simpel really^^ What she saw as somthing huge become reduced to a question:P)
[14:03] Happy : "And soon you'll be married." *smiling*
[14:04] Shadowcaller: Cessie smiles back "Yes, and soon I will be married, feels a bit wierd really."
[14:05] Shadowcaller: "Did it feel wierd for you?"
[14:06] Happy : "Yes. Strange but wonderful."
[14:07] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… wonderful, I actually feel all warm just by thinking of it."
[14:08] Happy : "Yes. That's exactly how I feel. Especially since… "
[14:08] Shadowcaller: "Since?"
[14:09] Happy : "Well, we decided to adopt Goldie."
[14:11] Shadowcaller: o.O "What? But… thats wonderful Hope." Cessie hugs her.
[14:12] Happy : Hope happily hugs her back. "It is. It feels so right, being a family."
[14:14] Shadowcaller: Cessie smiles "When did this all happend? I didn't know Goldie was so close to you."
[14:17] Happy : "I'm not sure. But when she was in danger, I knew I would do anything to keep her safe."
[14:19] Shadowcaller: "Kind of like I feel with Aegnor then?"
[14:20] Happy : "Well, yes. But it's different."
[14:21] Shadowcaller: "Of course, she's a child after all." She breaks off the hug "How is Promise and Goldie taking it?"
[14:23] Happy : "Promise cares for Goldie too. And I think she was just desparate to be accepted by anyone."
[14:26] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… adaption… might be an option I would also consider, but a younger child then Goldie of course."
[14:27] Shadowcaller: "It's not very big in Hestopia however, I only heard about it after my exile."
[14:27] Shadowcaller: "If I want a child at all that is."
[14:30] Happy : "My uncle advised me not to mate, because he thought having children might interfere with my fate. Then when Promise and I… well, of course we can't have children. But this feels like the right choice for us."
[14:31] Shadowcaller: "If it's making you all Happy, I can't really see anything wrong with your choice."
[14:31] Shadowcaller: *happy
[14:31] Happy : "I wish my uncle could have met them," she says wistfully.
[14:33] Shadowcaller: "Wasn't there someone else but your uncle?"
[14:33] Shadowcaller: *anyone else
[14:34] Happy : "Oh yes. My parents, the shaman, everyone in the tribe. But my uncle… he was the one who understood me."
[14:35] Shadowcaller: "I thought you didn't have any… traditional parents."
[14:37] Happy : "It's not the same in the tribes. Most people aren't monogamous, and fathers typically aren't as important as uncles are in raising their children."
[14:39] Shadowcaller: "Oh… must have been very different for you to learn how others did then."
[14:40] Happy : "I think I was more familiar with other cultures than you were. We were a nomadic tribe, after all, so we met other types of people often."
[14:41] Shadowcaller: "I'm sure you told me something about this before out memories were erased."
[14:41] Shadowcaller: *our
[14:42] Shadowcaller: "Do you remember anything about when there was only the two of us?"
[14:44] Happy : "Only vague memories. Not as vivid as my childhood."
[14:46] Happy : (posted the conversation up to when you logged on, Murska)
[14:46] Shadowcaller: "…do you remember what happend at that old guard tower? You know that… mob."
[14:49] Happy : "Just images really. You were in trouble, I know."
[14:49] Shadowcaller: "Do you remmeber what you were thinking?"
[14:49] Shadowcaller: *remember
[14:52] Happy : "Not in detail. Just that I needed to protect you."
[14:53] Shadowcaller: "Why did you want to protect me? After the things I said to you at the inn…" >.>
[14:54] Happy : (what did she say?)
[14:55] Shadowcaller: (Nothing *too* harsh, she just suggested that she wasn't "proper".)
[14:55] Shadowcaller: (Cessie don't often use harsh words after all, it was more of her attitude towards Hope.)
[14:57] Happy : "I think if you'd found me in trouble, you would have tried to help."
[14:58] Shadowcaller: "…yeah, I guess. But iI still shouldn't have acted like that."
[14:59] Shadowcaller: *I
[15:00] Happy : "I barely remember it, but if it makes you feel better, I forgive you.
[15:00] Happy : "
[15:01] Shadowcaller: She grins "Your forgiving me for something you don't remember? Well, I shouldn't feel bad for something that happend so long time ago either."
[15:02] Shadowcaller: "Oh… and you, Promise, Goldie needs to come down here, I got something to show you."
[15:04] Happy : "Really? What is it?"
[15:04] Shadowcaller: Cessie smiles "A suprise, just something Helena and I mixtured with."
[15:06] Happy : "I see."
[15:07] Shadowcaller: "It's fun, you have to see it."
[15:07] Shadowcaller: (Hmm… Arik meeting Goldie can't have good consequenses.)
[15:08] Shadowcaller: (*consequences.)
[15:10] Shadowcaller: (He would see Goldie as something to experiment with, finding out what makes her… tick.)
[15:10] Shadowcaller: (If he got to learn she was elemental that is.)
[15:10] Shadowcaller: *learned
[15:10] Happy : (Somehow I think Hope might take that badly…)
[15:11] Shadowcaller: (He wouldn't be that obvious about it:P)
[15:12] Murska: (Hmm. I can just see Arik pacing around over a table on which Goldie has been cut open. 'Hmm… indeed…' All kinds of weird instruments all around)
[15:13] Shadowcaller: (Ugh… thats sadly what he would consider doing >.>)
[15:14] Happy : (Would /that/ finally convince Cessie that he's evil?)
[15:14] Shadowcaller: (Err… yeah.)
[15:14] Shadowcaller: (The only reason he wouldn't do it, is since Cessie wouldn't like it:P)
[15:18] Happy : "I'm glad we got to talk. I'll come back later with Promise and Goldie."
[15:18] Shadowcaller: "Okay, I see you later then." Cessie pats Hope on the shoulder and smiles.

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