New Dys 45

[21:01] Happy 8 ): Hope wakes up later, but Goldie is still asleep?
[21:01] Wolfbane: I guess Promise leaves to hold to tell Hope there is room.
[21:01] Wolfbane: Yeah, she is
[21:03] Happy 8 ): Hope looks over Goldie carefully, trying to make sure that she's still 'there' and not taken away in her dreams again.
[21:03] Happy 8 ): Not that she has any way to do that.
[21:04] Happy 8 ):
[21:04] Wolfbane: I think she is sleeping comfortably without any motion unless SC has something to say.
[21:04] Wolfbane: aw…
[21:05] Shadowcaller: (hm?)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: (Why would I?)
[21:05] Wolfbane: (Okay, wanted to make sure we were clear of the Deep Realm)
[21:05] Wolfbane: Yeah, she is sleeping well.
[21:06] Happy 8 ): Michicora is still there?
[21:07] Shadowcaller: She is standing nearby yes. The ship swings a bit roughly, but she dosen't appear to be effected.
[21:10] Happy 8 ): "I need to go and talk to Promise. Will you watch over her please, and try and wake her if she has any nightmares?"
[21:11] Shadowcaller: SHe nods "I will."
[21:12] Happy 8 ): "Thank you."
[21:12] Happy 8 ): Hope goes to find Promise then.
[21:12] Wolfbane: SHe'll find him making his way up from the hold.
[21:13] Happy 8 ): She walks right up and puts her arms around him, not caring that there are sailors nearby.
[21:13] Wolfbane: Promise does the same and smiles. "I made some room in the hold for us."
[21:16] Shadowcaller: (You want me to GM the sailors? >.>)
[21:18] Happy 8 ): (if you want. but they aren't sticking around.)
[21:18] Happy 8 ): "Why don't you show me?"
[21:19] Shadowcaller: (Eh not really.)
[21:19] Wolfbane: Promise takes her hand, smiling. "Okay."
[21:20] Happy 8 ): (insert sailors making crude remarks once they're gone :P )
[21:22] Happy 8 ): They go to the hold I guess.
[21:22] Shadowcaller: (^^)
[21:23] Wolfbane: Promise leads her to the area he cleared up. "Its a little out of the way and a bit small, but its the best I was able to do."
[21:23] Happy 8 ): "I'm sure it'll be fine."
[21:24] Happy 8 ): "I want to tell you what happened."
[21:25] Wolfbane: Promise sits. "I'll listen."
[21:25] Happy 8 ): She sits and snuggles against him, and then goes over the story.
[21:26] Wolfbane: Promise keeps an arm around her and waits till she says she is finished.
[21:28] Happy 8 ): She only gets to the part where she finds Goldie.
[21:28] Happy 8 ): "Are Wolfen cubs normally so self-sufficient at that age?"
[21:29] Wolfbane: "A little. But if she is an orphan, she'll have to have been more so."
[21:29] Happy 8 ): "How do you feel about her?"
[21:30] Wolfbane: "I've grown fond of her. Why do you ask?"
[21:31] Shadowcaller: (grow fond of her?:P Sounds wierd for some reason.)
[21:32] Wolfbane: (It just means he really likes her)
[21:32] Shadowcaller: (Yeah I know.)
[21:33] Shadowcaller: (I just thought "fond" sounded wierd for unknown reasons.)
[21:34] Happy 8 ): "I felt so protective. And when I found her, it was more than that."
[21:34] Happy 8 ): "She was so scared and trying not to be."
[21:36] Happy 8 ): "Then later… I'm skipping ahead here, but when we met Jaina, I don't think she'd ever seen a wolfen before.
[21:37] Happy 8 ): "She called Goldie 'that creature' and I got angry and said, 'She's not a creature, she's my daughter'."
[21:39] Wolfbane: Promise is silent for a moment, taking that in.
[21:40] Happy 8 ): "I know I should have talked to you about it first."
[21:41] Wolfbane: He pulls her a bit closer. "Did you honestly mean it?"
[21:41] Happy 8 ): "I did."
[21:42] Wolfbane: "Its more than a bit of a surprise, but I see no problem with it."
[21:43] Happy 8 ): "Of course adoption is the only way we can have a child. But I shouldn't have made the decision on my own."
[21:44] Wolfbane: Promise smiles at her slightly. "No, you said the right thing, I'm fine with it."
[21:45] Happy 8 ): "How do adoptions work for Wolfen?"
[21:46] Wolfbane: "I don't know. I think its mostly verbal."
[21:47] Happy 8 ): "I guess I should tell you the rest of the story."
[21:47] Wolfbane: He nods.
[21:48] Happy 8 ): So… she tells the story
[21:49] Wolfbane: "You were only there for a few hours?"
[21:51] Happy 8 ): "Yes."
[21:51] Shadowcaller: (It's shorter time here…)
[21:51] Wolfbane: Promise pulls her close and tight.
[21:52] Happy 8 ): She buries her face against him, shuddering a bit.
[21:53] Wolfbane: "I was afraid it would have been longer."

Session Start (moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit#moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit:Group Conversation 18698): Tue Sep 29 23:25:15 2009
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[23:25] Happy 8 ): Promise and Hope return to the crews quarters, where Michicora has been watching over Goldie.
[23:26] Shadowcaller: She still is. She glances at them as they enter.
[23:27] Wolfbane: Goldie slowly wakes, finally having good sleep.
[23:27] Happy 8 ): "She sleeping well?"
[23:28] Shadowcaller: "Yes."
[23:28] Wolfbane: She stretches sleepily.
[23:28] Happy 8 ): "Hey, you."
[23:29] Shadowcaller: (hm, how good can she be after all that?)
[23:29] Happy 8 ): (it was at least sleep with her mind and body in the same place)
[23:30] Wolfbane: She smiles. "Hi."
[23:33] Shadowcaller: Michicora keeps herself quiet as she don't want to be in the way.
[23:35] Happy 8 ): "No bad dreams?"
[23:35] Wolfbane: She wakes up fully, smiling at Hope. "Nope."
[23:37] Happy 8 ): "Good."
[23:37] Happy 8 ): "Michicora was watching, just in case."
[23:37] Shadowcaller: "Yes."
[23:38] Shadowcaller: She nods
[23:38] Wolfbane: She looks at Michi, still smiling. "Thanks you."
[23:39] Shadowcaller: "It wasn't a problem."
[23:41] Happy 8 ): Hope gives Goldie a hug and a kiss. "I'm glad you slept good." And though she came to check on Goldie, she suddenly realized she needs to talk to Michicora.
[23:43] Happy 8 ): She catches Michicora's gaze. "I haven't told you what happened yet."
[23:45] Shadowcaller: "Tell me when needed."
[23:46] Happy 8 ): "Walk with me?"
[23:46] *
Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
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[23:48] Happy 8 ): "Walk with me?"
[23:52] *
Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
[23:52] Wolfbane: (Can you see this one SC…nope)
[23:52] *** moc.liamtoh|norewes#moc.liamtoh|norewes (Shadowcaller) has joined the conversation.
[23:52] Wolfbane: Happy 8 ) says (5:47 PM):
"Walk with me?"

[23:55] Shadowcaller: (Hm?)
[23:55] Shadowcaller: (In contex.)
[23:55] Happy 8 ): [23:43] Happy 8 ): She catches Michicora's gaze. "I haven't told you what happened yet."
[23:45] Shadowcaller: "Tell me when needed."
[23:46] Happy 8 ): "Walk with me?"
[23:55] Shadowcaller: "If you wish."
[23:57] Happy 8 ): Hope gives Promise a squeeze of the paw and heads out of the cargo area to the deck, looking for a place where they can sit and talk out of the crew's way.
[23:58] Wolfbane: Promise is the one to tell Goldie that yes, she is definitely adopted by him after they leave.
[23:59] Happy 8 ): (and her reaction?)
[00:00] Wolfbane: She hugs him and cries. Partly in joy and partly letting go after the entire Deep Realm thing.
[00:01] Shadowcaller: They find such a place I guess, near the gallion figure.
[00:01] Happy 8 ): Once they've found a place to talk, Hope sits down and waits for Michi to sit down too.
[00:02] Shadowcaller: SHe dose so aswell.
[00:04] Happy 8 ): "I realized I needed to talk to you."
[00:04] Shadowcaller: "Yes…"
[00:05] Shadowcaller: Michicora taps the deck underneath them slowly.
[00:05] Happy 8 ): "Promise and I can't have children, you know."
[00:05] Shadowcaller: "Okay."
[00:07] Shadowcaller: (Michicora dosen't understand the need to have children really >.>)
[00:07] Happy 8 ): "We decided to adopt Goldie."
[00:08] Shadowcaller: (Sure, other people can do it to reproduce…)
[00:08] Shadowcaller: "Okay." She still seem rather calm except for her quiet tapping.
[00:09] Happy 8 ): "I don't want you to feel left out, Michi. You're part of my family too."
[00:10] Shadowcaller: She shakes her head "I don't feel left out." She pauses "Family?"
[00:15] Happy 8 ): "You know what family is, right?" *smiling*
[00:16] Shadowcaller: She shrugs "Heard about it."
[00:16] Shadowcaller: "Never had one."
[00:18] Happy 8 ): "Am I pushing too much?"
[00:18] Shadowcaller: "No."
[00:20] Shadowcaller: "I don't mind."
[00:22] Happy 8 ): "You mean a lot to me,"
[00:23] Shadowcaller: "…thanks." She seems slightly uncomfortable.
[00:23] Shadowcaller: *cough*
[00:24] Wolfbane: brb
[00:25] Happy 8 ): "Is your cough getting better?"
[00:27] Shadowcaller: "No, it's when I speak… my throat." She touches her throat to empasize.
[00:29] Happy 8 ): "May I see?"
[00:30] Shadowcaller: "Sure."
[00:31] Happy 8 ): Hope touches her throat and looks inside using her spoooooky powers (that really needs a name)
[00:31] Shadowcaller: Michicora shudders noticeably as Hope touches her.
[00:34] Shadowcaller: Her vocal cords have been damaged, permanently. They look quite unhealthy,
[00:38] Happy 8 ): Is there anything that can be done to help?
[00:41] Shadowcaller: You are suprised she can speak at all. She seems to have had this a very long time. It simply haven't healed of itself.
[00:41] Shadowcaller: It's going to be very hard to heal.
[00:42] Happy 8 ): Hope does whatever she can then.
[00:42] Happy 8 ): even if it's only a tiny bit
[00:44] Shadowcaller: The healing makes Michicora gasp for air.
[00:45] Happy 8 ): Hope stops at once. "Are you okay?!"
[00:46] Shadowcaller: *cough* "Yes…I… what happend?"
[00:47] Happy 8 ): "You're throat is very badly damaged. I tried to heal it."
[00:47] Shadowcaller: "Oh…"
[00:48] Shadowcaller: She takes a deep breath.
[00:48] Shadowcaller: *cough* "Feeling better."
[00:49] Happy 8 ): "Good. Maybe if I do a little bit each day…"
[00:50] Shadowcaller: "…I was training."
[00:51] Shadowcaller: "Was hunted. Feel under the ice. Swallowed a lot of water."
[00:51] Happy 8 ): "You're lucky you survived."
[00:51] Shadowcaller: "I made it, the hunter didn't."
[00:53] Shadowcaller: "Yes… can't speak thought."
[00:53] Shadowcaller: *cough*
[00:56] Happy 8 ): "And since you've been with me, you've been talking more, and it's done more damage."
[00:57] Happy 8 ): "It's going to take time to heal."
[00:58] Shadowcaller: "…you can heal it?"
[00:58] Shadowcaller: "Fully?"
[00:59] Happy 8 ): "I don't know. But I'll try every day."
[01:00] Shadowcaller: She is quiet for a while "Thanks."
[01:02] Shadowcaller: "…I like you." She adds.
[01:03] Happy 8 ): Hope hugs Michicora tightly.
[01:05] Shadowcaller: Michicora actaully blushes and hugs Hope back lightly. Hope can feel that Michicora is quite warm.
[01:09] Shadowcaller: Hope might feel how Michicora is almost afraid of touching her.
[01:10] Happy 8 ): >.>
[01:10] Wolfbane: *passes Murska popcorn*
[01:10] Wolfbane: >.>
[01:10] Shadowcaller: …
[01:10] Murska: *nom* ^^
[01:11] Happy 8 ): "After I touched Goldie, I found myself in a dark room…." And she tells the story of the Deep Realms.
[01:11] Happy 8 ): *pokes Wolfie to other chat*
[01:13] Shadowcaller: Michicora nods at certain points of the story.
[01:16] Wolfbane: back
[01:16] Happy 8 ): And after she finishes the story, she just sits, looking out over the sea.
[01:17] Shadowcaller: Michicora dose the same.
[01:23] Shadowcaller: "How dose it feel?"
[01:23] Happy 8 ): "What do you mean?"
[01:24] Shadowcaller: "Returning."
[01:24] Shadowcaller: "So many dead."
[01:26] Happy 8 ): "I wasn't sure we would. When we learned we were in the Deep Realms…."
[01:27] Shadowcaller: "All people that died there."
[01:27] Shadowcaller: "All bones."
[01:28] Happy 8 ): "I couldn't… I couldn't let myself think about them. Not as people." Her voice shakes.
[01:30] Shadowcaller: "They weren't."
[01:30] Shadowcaller: "But they were."
[01:31] Happy 8 ): "There were so many others there that were still alive. Mad, but alive. And we saved so few."
[01:33] Shadowcaller: "The lizard wizard?" (she seems to indicate she likes to know what happend.
[01:33] Shadowcaller: )
[01:33] Shadowcaller: (With him.)
[01:34] Happy 8 ): "He escaped. But I don't think the carnian did, or the other slaves."
[01:34] Happy 8 ): "I think Sligaroshi … I should have tried to save him."
[01:35] Shadowcaller: "Why?"
[01:36] Happy 8 ): "Tiron was just a slaver who cared about nothing but power. But Sligaroshi, at least, he had some kind of moral compass, however rudimentary."
[01:37] Shadowcaller: "Tiron should be hunted."
[01:37] Shadowcaller: "Didn't deserve the fate."
[01:39] Happy 8 ): Hope starts to cry, silently at first.
[01:40] Shadowcaller: Michicora suddenly looks confused, she puts an arm on Hope's shoulder "…Sorry."
[01:43] Happy 8 ): Hope breaks down completely, sobbing and shaking.
[01:45] Shadowcaller: Michicora seems unsure what to do, finally she just sits there near Hope a hand around her back, trying to comfort her.
[01:46] Happy 8 ): After a while, Hope seems to have gotten it out of her system.
[01:47] Shadowcaller: "…so sorry." Michicora seems almost depressed.
[01:48] Happy 8 ): "No, don't be. It was… it was that place."
[01:49] Happy 8 ): "It made those people into monsters."
[01:50] * Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
[01:51] *
moc.liamtoh|norewes#moc.liamtoh|norewes (Shadowcaller) has joined the conversation.
[01:51] Happy 8 ): [01:47] Shadowcaller: "…so sorry." Michicora seems almost depressed.
[01:48] Happy 8 ): "No, don't be. It was… it was that place."
[01:49] Happy 8 ): "It made those people into monsters."
[01:52] Shadowcaller: (yes, technically, but Raphel and Sorcher cuased it >.>) "How so?"
[01:53] Happy 8 ): "The Deep Realms… the madness."
[01:53] Shadowcaller: "They shouldn't be there."
[01:53] Shadowcaller: "Magic cuased them to."
[01:54] Happy 8 ): "We were nearly trapped there."
[01:55] Shadowcaller: "Not your fault."
[01:56] Shadowcaller: "You saved them by coming."
[01:58] Happy 8 ): "If I think about what might have been… " She shudders, and her voice drops to a whisper. "It might drive me as mad as them."
[01:59] Shadowcaller: "You wouldn't, your stronger."
[02:05] Happy 8 ): Hope takes a deep, ragged breath and stands up. "I don't know sometimes."
[02:08] Shadowcaller: "I know you Hope." She pauses, swallowing a cough "You might break, but you survive."
[02:09] Shadowcaller: "Like the reed in storm."
[02:10] Happy 8 ): "Thank you." Hope blinks back her tears.
[02:11] Shadowcaller: Michicora pats her back. "It's okay…"
[02:13] Shadowcaller: "Is there anything *cough* I… can do?"
[02:14] Happy 8 ): "You already have."
[02:15] Happy 8 ): "Don't strain your voice."
[02:16] Shadowcaller: *cough* "It's okay." Michicora dose sound even more raspy then usual.
[02:16] Happy 8 ): "I'm afraid I made it worse."
[02:17] Shadowcaller: She shakes her head "No, I'm fine."
[02:18] Happy 8 ): "Let me make you some slippery elm tea."
[02:18] Shadowcaller: "…thanks."
[02:22] Shadowcaller: She touches her throat and coughes a bit when Hope goes to do that.
[02:26] Happy 8 ): (I think this is finished)
[02:27] Happy 8 ): (or maybe skip ahead a bit to when she returns to goldie)
[02:27] Wolfbane: (Sure)
[02:29] Wolfbane: She'll see Goldie hugging Promise still. He has an arm around her and smiles when Hope walks in.
[02:29] Happy 8 ): (that long?)
[02:30] Wolfbane: (Okay, maybe more of sitting down leaning against him)
[02:30] Happy 8 ): Hope smiles at them.
[02:31] Happy 8 ): (She waited until it wasn't obvious she'd been crying before she came back)
[02:31] Wolfbane: "Hi Hope." Goldie's stopped with the Miss in front of it.
[02:35] Wolfbane: Promise smiles.
[02:35] Happy 8 ): Hope laughs and sort of tackle-hugs the both of them.
[02:36] Wolfbane: Promise grabs her and holds her close and Goldie joins in, hugging them both.
[02:38] Wolfbane: "Everything okay?" /Promise
[02:39] Shadowcaller: (WooOOooOOoooOOooOO)
[02:40] Happy 8 ): "I love you guys."
[02:40] Shadowcaller: (She's drunk!)
[02:40] Wolfbane: Promise nuzzles her. "We love you too." Goldie nods.
[02:42] Wolfbane: (Hope will never have to worry about a cold night again)
[02:42] Happy 8 ): (yeah, got drunk on that herbal tea, she did)
[02:42] Murska: (Except when Promise gets too busy with psychiatric counseling for the eye in the spirit realms)
[02:43] Murska: (for another few years)
[02:43] Happy 8 ): (We know the Eye can never be cured. ;) )
[02:43] Murska: (Promise doesn't ^^)
[02:43] Wolfbane: (help me here, I can't remember the eye)
[02:44] Shadowcaller: (The watcher!)
[02:44] Happy 8 ): (big… green… on fire…. )
[02:44] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, that eye:P)
[02:45] Wolfbane: (Okay, I remember, thanks)
[02:46] Murska: (I'm hurt you could forget, Wolfy.)
[02:46] Wolfbane: (Its been a long time)
[02:47] Murska: (But I thought we were friends. v.v)
[02:47] Wolfbane: Goldie looks at Promise. "Promise?"
[02:48] Wolfbane: He looks at her. "Yes?"
"What was your previous name?"
[02:48] Wolfbane: (She said she'd ask)
[02:49] Wolfbane: Promise looks to Hope.
[02:50] Wolfbane: He looks a bit worried.
[02:50] Happy 8 ): "I told her the story of our hunt, and why I named you promise. But I said the other story wasn't mine to tell."
[02:54] Wolfbane: Promise nods and pulls Goldie a bit closer. "Its… a long story, but I think you should hear it." He begins to tell the story.
[02:55] Happy 8 ): And Hope holds them both.
[02:55] Happy 8 ): Nice snuggly furry hug pile.
[02:57] Shadowcaller: (D'awww…)
[02:58] Wolfbane: By the time he is done, Goldie is shocked and speechless. Promise is obviously a bit shamed by it.
[02:59] Happy 8 ): Hope continues to snuggle them both.
[03:00] Shadowcaller: (Hm, is Michicora better now?)
[03:00] Shadowcaller: (How much tea did Hope drink really?)
[03:02] Wolfbane: "And then Hope gave me my new name." Goldie is still shocked.
[03:03] Happy 8 ): (The tea just soothes. It doesn't really repair damage that old.)
[03:03] Happy 8 ): "Goldie. ARe you okay?"
[03:04] Shadowcaller: (Of course not, but she is feeling better at least?"
[03:04] Shadowcaller: )
[03:04] Wolfbane: (She was just told one of her favorite people, her new father, was an exile, no, she kind of isn't <.<)
[03:05] Shadowcaller: (More shocking then the deep realm?:P)
[03:05] Wolfbane: She snaps a little out of it, still trying to make sense of it. "Yo-you were a Wolfbane?" she asks quietly in Wolfen. Said in Wolfen, it actually sounds a bit more like a curse.
[03:06] Happy 8 ): (Yes, it makes her feel better and soothes the coughing.)
[03:08] Murska: (Quite a bit more shocking. ^^)
[03:10] Happy 8 ): "There's more to the story," Hope says
[03:10] Happy 8 ): And she tells about Zubera and Spiritguardian.
[03:10] Wolfbane: brb
[03:11] Happy 8 ): "You see, it all happened for a r-reason."
[03:11] Shadowcaller: (Zubera? She have overcome that?)
[03:11] Happy 8 ): (Yes she stammers a bit during the story telling)
[03:11] Happy 8 ): (She'll probably never completely overcome it)
[03:12] Shadowcaller: (:S)
[03:14] Wolfbane: back
[03:16] Wolfbane: Goldie scoots away from Promise a bit and wipes a few tears away. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."
[03:20] Happy 8 ): Hope goes over next to Goldie and tries to hug her.
[03:21] Shadowcaller: (Hm, both Murska and wolfy offline.)
[03:21] Happy 8 ): (I can see them both)
[03:22] Shadowcaller: (Yes, but still showing as offline.)
[03:22] Wolfbane: Goldie lets herself be hugged, she's really too stunned for much.
[03:22] Murska: (Then she screams 'No!' and runs to the deck and jumps overboard)
[03:23] Shadowcaller: (…>.>)
[03:24] Happy 8 ): And she tries to meet Promise's eyes.
[03:24] Happy 8 ): While stroking Goldie's mane.
[03:25] Wolfbane: Promise's eyes are closed, he looks shamed. Goldie hugs Hope after a while.
[03:27] Happy 8 ): Hope scoots a little so her foot can touch his then.
[03:27] Happy 8 ): "Goldie, do you remember what I told you after we spoke to Sligaroshi?"
[03:27] Wolfbane: (What was that?)
[03:27] Wolfbane: (Which part, I mean)
[03:28] Happy 8 ): ("Survival is a virtue")
[03:29] Shadowcaller: (Mwahaha, Sligaroshi will come from the grave! *kraa* *kraa*)
[03:29] Wolfbane: She nods. "Yes…" Goldie lets go of Hope and returns to Promise, hugging him. "I'm sorry."
[03:30] Wolfbane: He returns it. "Its okay, I understand." He still sounds saddened.
[03:33] Happy 8 ): "Do you still… want to be ours?"
[03:35] Wolfbane: SHe hugs tighter. "Of course. I'm sorry, I just didn't understand."
[03:38] Happy 8 ): "All of us have done things we're ashamed of."
[03:43] Wolfbane: She holds him tight, crying, repeating sorry.
[03:44] Happy 8 ): Hope hugs both of them, crying herself now.
[03:45] Wolfbane: Promise does as well.
[03:47] Happy 8 ): (we're an awfully emotional little family)
[03:48] Wolfbane: After a while, Goldie sniffs and giggles. "Sorry, I overreacted."
[03:51] Shadowcaller: (Michicora makes it up >.>)
[03:51] Shadowcaller: (Cessie, Simone and Aegnor aren't that emotional either.)
[03:55] Wolfbane: Promise chuckles. "Its okay."
[03:55] Happy 8 ): "Do you want to move into the hold with us? It'll be pretty crowded, so it's okay if you'd rather stay here."
[03:57] Wolfbane: She sniffs and smiles. "If I'm allowed to, I'll go with you."
[04:04] Wolfbane: She hugs Hope and Promise tightly again. "I'm sorry."
[04:04] Happy 8 ): "Oh Goldie, you didn't do anything wrong."
[04:08] Wolfbane: She looks down, a bit ashamed of herself. "Yes I did. I knew Promise before the story. It shouldn't have changed anything about how I thought about him."
[04:16] Happy 8 ): "Okay, then we forgive you. How's that." She nuzzles Goldie.
[04:18] Wolfbane: She nuzzles back. "Thank you."
[04:22] Wolfbane: Promise nuzzles both of them as well.
[04:24] Happy 8 ): (all done here?)
[04:25] Wolfbane: (Just that Goldie wants to take a nap)
[04:28] Wolfbane: Goldie yawns. "Can we take a nap?"
[04:28] Happy 8 ): "Sure."
[04:28] Wolfbane: "You want to go to the hold then?" /Promise
[04:38] Shadowcaller: …
[04:42] Happy 8 ): They go to the hold and have a nap then.

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