New Dys 43

[13:06] Happy: whiel they're waiting for the dreamers to return?
[13:06] Shadowcaller: Okay
[13:14] Shadowcaller: Um, so I guess Simone is in the crews quarters then?
[13:14] Happy: Yeah. Sitting near Aegnor.
[13:15] Happy: (to Helios) /So what you mean, you say the mind shadow thing affected by the host?/
[13:16] Shadowcaller: /Ah, you again. Yes the shadow is effected by the host, but only personally wise, it still have to obey me since it orginally *was*, see?/
[13:17] Shadowcaller: *was me
[13:17] Happy: /How many of them you have?/
[13:18] Shadowcaller: /Right at this moment? More then you would expected./
[13:18] Happy: /How you keep track of them? You can't call them all 'Helios'/
[13:19] Shadowcaller: /The flow of information between us dosen't require any communication, I don't adress any of them personally./
[13:20] Happy: (to the shadow) /That kind of rude of him, don't you think?/
[13:20] Shadowcaller: /Rude to never speak to me?/
[13:22] Shadowcaller: /It's strange to talk to someone you once were one with. Now I'm in some teenage girl that think she will turn about better then her mother./
[13:22] Shadowcaller: (ouch.)
[13:23] Happy: /**** you, no one could be better than her./
[13:28] Shadowcaller: She can feel that her wild outburst seems to shock the shadow, it loses it's cool. It's reply sounds apologizing /…I'm sure she was good at what she did./
[13:29] Happy: /She loved me./
[13:30] Shadowcaller: /Thats what I'm informed mothers are supposed to do./ It still dosen't sound like it have regained it's calm yet.
[13:31] Shadowcaller: (even thought it tries to sound like it have.)
[13:32] Happy: /Hmph. What you know? You never cared about anybody./
[13:33] Shadowcaller: /I was also created for about two months ago you know?/
[13:33] Happy: /You have memories of a life though./
[13:34] Shadowcaller: /…not my life. I have memories of what I was and what you are. But thats all./
[13:35] Happy: /And all you ever accomplish was insulting an orphan. Must make you feel very proud./
[13:36] Shadowcaller: /You think it's so easy? Thats basically all I can do all day./
[13:37] Shadowcaller: /All I see, all I hear, is you, you, you…/
[13:39] Shadowcaller: /I'm closer to you then anyone could ever get. And you know what? I hate it. I'm so sick of hearing it…/
[13:40] Happy: /Only 4 years ten months to go./
[13:40] Happy: /And then you free… oh wait… I guess you die then./
[13:40] Shadowcaller: /…/
[13:42] Shadowcaller: /I guess I do./ It sounds rather hurt.
[13:42] Happy: /I guess I not seem so bad now. I not make slaves and then kill them like he do./
[13:44] Shadowcaller: /Was there not something in the deal that could make you keep me longer?/
[13:45] Happy: /Nope/
[13:45] Shadowcaller: /But…/
[13:46] Happy: /He don't care about you. You just a tool to him./
[13:47] Shadowcaller: /WHy were I even given a mind to start with?/
[13:48] Happy: /I guess he think it better than just having eyes and ears in my head./
[13:48] Happy: /Don't you know? You have his memories of when he make them before, right?/
[13:49] Shadowcaller: /Yes, but I didn't see it like that really./
[13:50] Shadowcaller: /The advantages dosen't seem to counter the disadvantages./
[13:51] Happy: /You not Helios any more, are you?/
[13:51] Shadowcaller: /I'm not./
[13:54] Shadowcaller: /But dose it matter what I am? I have a shorter lifespawn then certain animals… I'm dead meat. Nothing./
[13:54] Shadowcaller: It sounds rather depressed.
[13:54] Happy: /Hmph. You never would have lasted long on the streets with that attitude./
[13:56] Shadowcaller: /I remember centuries, milleniums… 5 years is nothing… nothing./
[14:01] Happy: Simone's not a terribly compassionate person. /When I was five, I was learning to steal and hustle tourists. I already teach myself to read by then, and speak several languages./
[14:02] Shadowcaller: /So? You learned all that beacuse you most likely were going to live pass the age of five./
[14:03] Happy: /And you lived centuries before now/
[14:03] Shadowcaller: /No, I have lived months, I have memories of other persons, other lives, much of it is not even Helios./
[14:05] Happy: /At least you become expert in insults in that time./
[14:05] Happy: /You must be so proud./
[14:07] Shadowcaller: /…stupid witch…/ It's not very calm anymore. It sounds rather defensive.
[14:18] Happy: /Why be angry at me? I not the one who did it./
[14:21] Shadowcaller: /Do you want to me to be ashamed now? Is that it?/
[14:22] Happy: /Ashamed? Why?/
[14:23] Shadowcaller: /Nothing, who do you claim I should be angry at then? Helios?/
[14:24] Happy: /Anger not get you very far either./
[14:25] Shadowcaller: /Then what? What is there left?/
[14:26] Happy: /You really not him, are you?/
[14:27] Shadowcaller: /No! As I said before, I'm not Helios…I…/
[14:28] Happy: /Because Helios would try to make a deal./
[14:28] Shadowcaller: /I would also… something have changed./
[14:29] Shadowcaller: /What deal then? What could I possibly gain?/
[14:31] Happy: /Time./
[14:32] Shadowcaller: /Time? How?/
[14:36] Happy: /You think about it. I have work to do./

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