New Dys 42

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Wolfbane says (6:10 PM):
Helena in this one
Shadowcaller says (6:12 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:15 PM):
So… this is shortly after they have had… done things Aegnor and her
Shadowcaller says (6:18 PM):
Wolfbane says (6:18 PM):
/Hello. How'd it all go?/
Shadowcaller says (6:18 PM):
/Uh… good./ >.>
Shadowcaller says (6:20 PM):
/It was very educational./
Shadowcaller says (6:21 PM):
(Helena is an elven goddess after all >.>)
Wolfbane says (6:22 PM):
/Thats good to hear./
Shadowcaller says (6:22 PM):
/The ears…/
Shadowcaller says (6:23 PM):
/Why are they so… sensitive?/
Shadowcaller says (6:25 PM):
(…she really needs to know that? It's not like gods are masters in biology.)
Wolfbane says (6:25 PM):
/They've always been that way I think. I don't know./
Shadowcaller says (6:26 PM):
/It felt kind of different./
/But I guess I should return to myself now./
Wolfbane says (6:27 PM):
/Want me to do that now?/
Shadowcaller says (6:28 PM):
/I guess… but we need to talk about an disguise, in case./
Wolfbane says (6:29 PM):
/A disguise for who?/
Shadowcaller says (6:29 PM):
/I was supposed to be banished from Hestopia in five years of time. I need a disguise./
Wolfbane says (6:29 PM):
/Okay. What did you have in mind?/
Shadowcaller says (6:30 PM):
/I don't know. I don't want to look too different./
Shadowcaller says (6:31 PM):
/Any suggestions? I'm not really good at thinking of… features./
/Just changing haircolors is sadly not enough…/
Wolfbane says (6:32 PM):
/Want me to do some things and show an image for something you like?/
Shadowcaller says (6:32 PM):
(I guess Aegnor have left the room.)
/Sure… I'll keep the door locked./
Shadowcaller says (6:33 PM):
/Even thought I really shouldn't./ >.>
Wolfbane says (6:34 PM):
/I'm sure they won't mind, let me think of something and I'll show an image of the disguise./
Happy says (6:36 PM):
(I have no idea what part of the log is missing, Wolfie)
Wolfbane says (6:36 PM):
(Before I entered. When Aegnor was doing things alone)
Happy says (6:36 PM):
(more specific?)
(which log?)
Wolfbane says (6:36 PM):
I came in when Aegnor was talking to Zola, before the fight
Shadowcaller says (6:37 PM):
Wolfbane says (6:38 PM):
An image appears before Cessie. It looks a little like her, but her hair is blonde and shorter, her features a little sharper, and she is a bit heavier in weight, but still beautiful. /How is that?/
Her eyes are also a dark blue.
Happy says (6:39 PM):
(which log?)
Wolfbane says (6:39 PM):
New Dys 40 I think
Shadowcaller says (6:40 PM):
/No, I think I need something else./
Wolfbane says (6:40 PM):
/What do you have in mind?/
Shadowcaller says (6:42 PM):
/I don't know, I don't want extra weight at least. Maybe… hmm../
Wolfbane says (6:42 PM):
The figure becomes a bit slimmer.
Shadowcaller says (6:44 PM):
/It's only a disguise… keep that image. But show me another example./
Wolfbane says (6:48 PM):
/Okay/ The image is returned to what it was, but a second appears beside it. This one has /very/ short red hair, an 3-4 cm in length, is a bit shorter in height, and just as slim as Cessie is. Her bust is noticably smaller and her skin tone is a dark tan.
Shadowcaller says (6:49 PM):
/Dark and red? That can't be natural./
Wolfbane says (6:49 PM):
/It is, as long as you get in the sun a lot/
Shadowcaller says (6:51 PM):
/Um… it reminds me a bit of my old self. Just not as… dark./
Wolfbane says (6:51 PM):
The skin tone lightens a bit. /Better?/
Shadowcaller says (6:52 PM):
/No, I don't like to be reminded about my old self really. That was before Aegnor./
/I was alone and miserable./
Wolfbane says (6:53 PM):
/Sorry…/ The image dissapears.
Shadowcaller says (6:53 PM):
She laughs a bit /I don'y mind Helena./
Shadowcaller says (6:54 PM):
/You don't need to be sorry./
Shadowcaller says (6:55 PM):
/Just show me another one. *mental smile*/
Wolfbane says (6:55 PM):
It is replaced by an image of a well muscled tall blonde, hip length hair, with a slightly larger chest. She could pass as Hope's sister. /How is that one?/
Shadowcaller says (6:56 PM):
/Oh./ o.O /Err… I rather not be like Hope./
Shadowcaller says (6:57 PM):
/That would just be strange./
Wolfbane says (6:58 PM):
/It would be easier if you had some guidlines/
Shadowcaller says (6:59 PM):
She its down on the bed /I guess… but I'm not really sure what I want./
Shadowcaller says (7:01 PM):
/Guidelines… I want the same waist. I don't want musscles or anything… thats just not me… even thought thats the point of the whole thing, I'm not sure I would be comfortable with that./
Shadowcaller says (7:02 PM):
/Maybe, maybe try an elf?/
Wolfbane says (7:02 PM):
The elven version of her appears beside the two other images
Wolfbane says (7:03 PM):
/Are elves common there?/
Shadowcaller says (7:03 PM):
/I don't know, but I will be with Aegnor all the time so I guess that would look neutral./
Shadowcaller says (7:04 PM):
She sounds michevious /A female Aegnor, how do you think that would look like?/
Wolfbane says (7:06 PM):
An image of Aegnor appears, and it shifts slowly to a female form, slightly shorter than he is, a bit muscled, but not so much, longish red hair. /Like that, I suppose?/
Shadowcaller says (7:08 PM):
She giggles /Very intresting morph there./
Wolfbane says (7:09 PM):
Helena giggles. /I thought you'd find it fun to watch/
Shadowcaller says (7:12 PM):
/Hmm… while we are at it, female Promise./
Shadowcaller says (7:13 PM):
/Male me? Male Hope… this is fun./
Wolfbane says (7:14 PM):
She laughs, enjoying herself. /Which first?/
Shadowcaller says (7:14 PM):
/You pick./
Wolfbane says (7:16 PM):
Hope appears and slowly starts to change. SHe grows a little taller, and her shoulders broaden as her chest flattens into more muscle. The hair still stays long, but is only tied back into a single braid. Hope's jawline becomes a little more square. "He" looks a lot more like the image of a classical barbarian than Hope did.
Wolfbane says (7:17 PM):
Most girls would fine "Hope" attractive.
Shadowcaller says (7:17 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:18 PM):
/Thats… not bad at all./
Shadowcaller says (7:19 PM):
/Hope would like that if she had been male? Wow./ o.O
Wolfbane says (7:19 PM):
/Its only how I think she would be/
Shadowcaller says (7:20 PM):
/True. But still very… err… just show me the next one./ >.>
Wolfbane says (7:20 PM):
She giggles. /Promise then/
Shadowcaller says (7:21 PM):
Cessie giggles a bit along with Helena
Wolfbane says (7:25 PM):
The image of Promise appears and he shrinks in both height and width. His muzzle shortens a little and his tail grows a bit longer and bushier. By the end, he is noticably female as he now has a decent bust. His fur also shines a little more.
Shadowcaller says (7:26 PM):
/Hm, I can't say anything about wolfen thought./
Wolfbane says (7:27 PM):
/He'd probably be seen as an exceptional mate to say the least with that build, but I'm still a bit confused about their attraction to one another./
Shadowcaller says (7:28 PM):
/Uh, yeah./ >.>
/I have gotten used to it, they do really… like each other./
Shadowcaller says (7:29 PM):
/I'm happy they got together, but the concept is still a bit wierd for me./
(Cessie dosen't even know homosexuallity exists >.>)
Wolfbane says (7:30 PM):
/You now?/
Shadowcaller says (7:31 PM):
/Gods, this is going to be wierd, but sure, why not?/
Wolfbane says (7:31 PM):
She giggles again. /Don't worry./
Wolfbane says (7:32 PM):
An image of Cessie appears and starts to shift…
Wolfbane says (7:36 PM):
She gains a few inches in height, and her hair shortens enough to be neck length, tied into a braid. Her shoulder's broaden and her chest dissolves. "she" is a little more muscular and has a neatly kept goatee. By all means he would be a heart throb for any young lady.
Shadowcaller says (7:37 PM):
(>.>) /You think I would have a braid?… this is really… disturbing to look at./
Wolfbane says (7:38 PM):
/I've seen other young wizards have them./
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
/Not in fashion in Hestopia thought, not since I was there last time at least./ (fashion in hestopia=plain )
(No, not really >.>)
Wolfbane says (7:39 PM):
(Not really what?)
Shadowcaller says (7:40 PM):
(fashion in Hestopia isn't just plain clothes.)
Shadowcaller says (7:41 PM):
/A goatee thought?/
Happy says (7:41 PM):
(might have been the fashion back when Helena was alive)
Shadowcaller says (7:41 PM):
(Hestopia didn't exist back then >.>)
Happy says (7:42 PM):
(I mean in Helena's homeland)
Shadowcaller says (7:42 PM):
(Hm, yeah.)
Wolfbane says (7:42 PM):
/Do you like it?
Shadowcaller says (7:43 PM):
/Uh, I'm not sure if I'm not going to like ot br distubed by the fact that thats a really handsome person./ >.>
Wolfbane says (7:44 PM):
She laughs. /You're a beautiful person Cessie, I don't see how that would change./
Shadowcaller says (7:45 PM):
/…thanks I guess./
Shadowcaller says (7:46 PM):
/Before we do anyone else, can you make some random adjustments to elf me?/ (she is still an elf by the way.)
Wolfbane says (7:51 PM):
/Sure!/ The image of her elf self appears and some adjustments are made. Light brown hair, a slightly different face, and a tiny bit more weight, just enough to make her features a bit smoother.
Shadowcaller says (7:52 PM):
/Go back with the face, it already looked elven enough./
Wolfbane says (7:53 PM):
The face changes back
Shadowcaller says (7:54 PM):
/I like it./
Wolfbane says (7:54 PM):
/I'm glad you do. Anything else?/
Shadowcaller says (7:56 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:57 PM):
/Whats that ring you have? It's beautiful./
Shadowcaller says (7:59 PM):
/Oh it's… Aegnor gave it to me. We are engaged now Helena. I should have told you sooner, but it must have slipped my mind with all this./ She sounds very happy.
Wolfbane says (8:00 PM):
/Thats…thats…wonderful!/ she sounds very happy as well.
Shadowcaller says (8:02 PM):
/I know./ She smiles widely, her eyes looking a bit teary as she look down on the ring. /It's everything I could have wished for./
Wolfbane says (8:05 PM):
Helena appears in front of Cessie. Smiling, she hugs her. "Thats wonderful Cessie. I hope its everything you hoped it is."
Shadowcaller says (8:07 PM):
She hugs Helena back, her eyebrows risen slightly in suprise "I already know how it's going to be, the marriage is only a cermony after all."
Wolfbane says (8:07 PM):
She smiles. "I'm invited, right?"
Shadowcaller says (8:08 PM):
"We haven't even invited outself yet Helena." She smiles back, holding Helenas shoulders.
Shadowcaller says (8:09 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:10 PM):
"But we will invite you of course, when the day comes."
Wolfbane says (8:11 PM):
She lets go and smiles. "I better return, I don't want to use all my energy, but I thought I should congratulate you in person."
Shadowcaller says (8:12 PM):
"Um, yeah. I don't want you to empty all your energies on me, but I thank you for it."
Shadowcaller says (8:13 PM):
"It was nice to see you in person."
Wolfbane says (8:13 PM):
She smiles then dissapears.
Wolfbane says (8:14 PM):
/Is there anything else you want to see?/ she sounds happy.
Shadowcaller says (8:14 PM):
/Yes, first of all I guess I should return to my orginal form now./
Wolfbane says (8:15 PM):
Cessie can feel herself do so.
Shadowcaller says (8:15 PM):
She feels her ears.
Wolfbane says (8:15 PM):
They are normal
Shadowcaller says (8:16 PM):
/Hm, I liked the ears thought./
Wolfbane says (8:16 PM):
/I can make them sensitive again if you want/
Shadowcaller says (8:16 PM):
/Uh, you can?/ >.>
Wolfbane says (8:17 PM):
(Its only a minor physical change, ins't it?)
Shadowcaller says (8:18 PM):
(Yeah.) /So you can more inner stuff then?/
Wolfbane says (8:18 PM):
/Maybe? I think it would have to depend on what they were./
Shadowcaller says (8:19 PM):
/So they would feel different if they were normal?/
Wolfbane says (8:19 PM):
/I can make them sensitive and not be pointy if you want/
Shadowcaller says (8:21 PM):
/Uh yeah… let me think about that while you show…/ She giggles /Show Arik as female./
Shadowcaller says (8:22 PM):
/He would be so annyoed if he knew I asked this./ She winks at nothing.
Wolfbane says (8:27 PM):
She giggles and the illusion of Arik appears, shifting. His hair lengthens a bit and he gets a small bust, but even when done, its noticably Arik even though he is now a she. The oddest thing is the appearence of a smile.
Shadowcaller says (8:28 PM):
/A smile?/
Wolfbane says (8:28 PM):
/I decided to have a bit of fun with him./ she giggles
Wolfbane says (8:30 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:32 PM):
/He did actually smile more then people thought. But it's still quite funny to watch./ She giggles along with Helena. (technically, he smiled all the time )
Shadowcaller says (8:33 PM):
(hehe, dogs sure are crazy
Wolfbane says (8:33 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:34 PM):
/Who now?/
Shadowcaller says (8:34 PM):
As she have recovered a bit /Simone./
Shadowcaller says (8:35 PM):
(Yeah, lets do Helios… wait… )
Shadowcaller says (8:36 PM):
(You can't even have that kind of fun with him…)
Shadowcaller says (8:38 PM):
(The closest thing we got is "vaguely humanoid figure draped in shadows, pupil-less red eyes and some resemblance of a smile behind that.)
Wolfbane says (8:39 PM):
The image of Simone appears and and shifts. By the end, its not much different. Her cheekbones aren't as prominant. Her hair is shorter, but honestly, there isn't that much that is different.
Happy says (8:40 PM):
(different clothing)
Wolfbane says (8:40 PM):
(Besides that)
Shadowcaller says (8:41 PM):
/Hmm, she looks about the same./
Shadowcaller says (8:42 PM):
/I guess you should do Michicora now./
Wolfbane says (8:45 PM):
Michicora appears and looks none too pleased. She shifts and her hair becomes shorter and her shoulders widen. By the time she's done, there is a well muscled, fairly tall, male elven warrior, still with a neutral look on his face.
Shadowcaller says (8:46 PM):
(Do we even have a description of Naib?)
Wolfbane says (8:46 PM):
(I don't think so)
Shadowcaller says (8:46 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:47 PM):
(Still one other I can think of)
Shadowcaller says (8:47 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:47 PM):
(Goldie )
Shadowcaller says (8:47 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:48 PM):
/Oh, she looks about the same mentally at least *roll eyes*/
Wolfbane says (8:48 PM):
She chuckles. /Just don't tell her I did that./
Shadowcaller says (8:49 PM):
(Michicora wouldn't care thought.)
Shadowcaller says (8:51 PM):
(She mostly see her womanhood as slightly negative as there as disadvatages with her comared to males in her opinion.) /I don't talk very much with her anyway./
/Goldie then, she have followed us a bit after all./
Wolfbane says (8:54 PM):
/Okay./ An image of Goldie as she was before she left. SHe becomes slightly larger and her fur dulls slightly, but other than that, there isn't much difference. /Thats the best I know/
Happy says (8:55 PM):
(i'm of to bed now)
Wolfbane says (8:55 PM):
And also Cessie gets the distinct feeling that its definitely male for some reason.
Shadowcaller says (8:56 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:57 PM):
/She's so young, I didn't expect much differance really.
Shadowcaller says (8:58 PM):
/Hm, go back to female Aegnor, I didn't a long enough look (description)./
Happy says (8:58 PM):
(see you tomorrow)
Shadowcaller says (8:58 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:58 PM):

Happy has left the conversation.

Shadowcaller says (9:01 PM):
*didin't get a long enough
Wolfbane says (9:03 PM):
The image goes back to Female Aegnor. Her red hair is shoulder length. She has decent muscles, a boyish, but attractive figure, and looks remarkable in the white dress that Helena shows "Aegnor" in.
The male version of Cessie appears by her. /You two still look wonderful together./
Shadowcaller says (9:04 PM):
/Ugh, I can't see that./ >.>
Shadowcaller says (9:05 PM):
/There is something wrong with it somehow./
Wolfbane says (9:06 PM):
She giggles. /You're right./ a ring appears on "Aegnor's" hand. /Better?/
She is still laughing.
Shadowcaller says (9:06 PM):
/…it's not that funny./ >.>
Shadowcaller says (9:07 PM):
She is blushing a bit
Wolfbane says (9:07 PM):
The image of the male Cessie fades. /Sorry./
Shadowcaller says (9:07 PM):
/Out of curiosity, what would you call her?/
Wolfbane says (9:08 PM):
/Hmm… I'm not sure. Do you have a name?/
Shadowcaller says (9:09 PM):
/Agina? I'm not sure./
Wolfbane says (9:09 PM):
/That sounds good enough./
Shadowcaller says (9:10 PM):
/You can't actually change a persons gender can you?/
Wolfbane says (9:10 PM):
(Could she?) O.o
Wolfbane says (9:11 PM):
(Its all physical changes…)
Shadowcaller says (9:11 PM):
(I don't know >.>)
(What do you think?)
Shadowcaller says (9:12 PM):
(It's possible magical speaking I guess.)
Wolfbane says (9:12 PM):
(I think /maybe/ but I don't think the person would be able to reproduce, could they?)
Shadowcaller says (9:12 PM):
(Like gender change today?)
Wolfbane says (9:13 PM):
(Sure, but more complete physically speaking)
(A flawless change physically)
Shadowcaller says (9:13 PM):
(Yeah, just not… the womb.)
Wolfbane says (9:14 PM):
/For the most part, yes, but they won't be able to reproduce like that./
Shadowcaller says (9:15 PM):
/Not that I would ever ask for it. Eww…/
Wolfbane says (9:15 PM):
She laughs. /I would never tell if you did, but I understand./
Shadowcaller says (9:16 PM):
/Yes, I'm quite pleased with who I am./
Shadowcaller says (9:17 PM):
/Hmm… can you do a check up on me?/
Wolfbane says (9:18 PM):
/How so?/
Shadowcaller says (9:18 PM):
/I need to see… if I have other blood then human./
Shadowcaller says (9:20 PM):
/Just check my blood or something. How much of it is non-human?/
Shadowcaller says (9:21 PM):
(procenage I guess…)
Wolfbane says (9:21 PM):
/Umm… I guess I can try to check./
Cessie can feel a warmth flood through her. It feels pleasent.
Shadowcaller says (9:22 PM):
She shivers a bit as the feeling rish throught her.
Wolfbane says (9:24 PM):
/I don't know what to say…there is a small part that isn't…/
Shadowcaller says (9:24 PM):
/How much?/
/…what blood?/
Wolfbane says (9:25 PM):
/Not a lot. Several generations back. Some kind of nature spirit or fey I believe./
Shadowcaller says (9:26 PM):
/Can you change blood?/
Wolfbane says (9:26 PM):
/No, that is beyond me. That would be more than just physical appearence./
/Is something wrong with it?/
Shadowcaller says (9:27 PM):
/Well I- I I'm not sure I want to be a part of heriage./
Shadowcaller says (9:28 PM):
Wolfbane says (9:29 PM):
/Why not? I don't think there is anything wrong with it./
Shadowcaller says (9:29 PM):
/It's what we back home would call "wild blood" ./
Wolfbane says (9:31 PM):
/Blood doesn't make you a wild person Cessie. And you aren't one./
Shadowcaller says (9:32 PM):
/Most people are afraid of it, some even leaves such childs for the mercy of nature."
Shadowcaller says (9:33 PM):
/Everyone keeps telling me that and I know I'm not a wild person… but I an sometimes./
Wolfbane says (9:33 PM):
/When? I've never seen you act wild./
Shadowcaller says (9:35 PM):
/No thats beacuse… well, I don't do it a lot. It was not until Aegno came it started./
Wolfbane says (9:35 PM):
SHe giggles. /Everyone is a bit wild with their lover./
Shadowcaller says (9:36 PM):
>.> /…do even gods do that?/
Wolfbane says (9:37 PM):
/I see no reason why they couldn't. Nega likely does./
Shadowcaller says (9:37 PM):
/So you haven't?…/
Shadowcaller says (9:38 PM):
(She did while she was alive.)
(Or "mortal")
Wolfbane says (9:38 PM):
/Not in a *long* time. I do miss the company sometimes./
Shadowcaller says (9:39 PM):
/Thats sad… you should try to find someone./
/I got very happy from it./ >.>
Wolfbane says (9:42 PM):
/I will try some time. But I've been a bit busy with the village lately./
Shadowcaller says (9:45 PM):
/ANything specific?/ SHe sounds curious.
Wolfbane says (9:45 PM):
/Nothing really, just making sure everything is being taken care of and no one gets hurt./
Shadowcaller says (9:46 PM):
(How are classes tomorrow?)
Wolfbane says (9:47 PM):
(Busy most of the day)
Shadowcaller says (9:47 PM):
(Okay… can we continue this whenever we don't have anything else to do?)
(Need to sleep…)
Wolfbane says (9:48 PM):
(Okay. ANd go ahead and continue the escape without me)
Shadowcaller says (9:48 PM):
(EH, we will see…)
Wolfbane says (9:48 PM):
Have a good night
Shadowcaller says (9:49 PM):

9/28/2009 12:05:09 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /I wish I also could settle down someplace…/
9/28/2009 12:06:36 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /I'm sure you will someday Cessie./
9/28/2009 12:08:02 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /It's not that easy…/
9/28/2009 12:09:15 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /I want to get back to Hestopia, but I can't and what if Aegnor dosen't like it?/
9/28/2009 12:12:04 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /I know its not that easy Cessie. Is there any other place you'd also want to settle in?/
9/28/2009 12:12:57 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /I haven't been to many places in my life and the few ones I been to haven't exactly been perfect./
9/28/2009 12:13:35 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /It's that, I want to continue my studies and I can't do that at the tree./
9/28/2009 12:14:44 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Wouldn't Caster be able to help you with the studies? And no place is perfect./
9/28/2009 12:15:52 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /I need more then caster, he's not a teacher after all. I have fallen out of loop ever since I left the academy./
9/28/2009 12:17:50 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /…is there something you can teach me?/
9/28/2009 12:18:25 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Is there?)
9/28/2009 12:19:17 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (I dunno, maybe? Helena have her type of magic.)
9/28/2009 12:19:53 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (She wasn't much of a wizard in life, was she?)
9/28/2009 12:21:13 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (She was a illusionist I belive. Charms and stuff.)
9/28/2009 12:21:37 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (She did live on other wizards/kings/lords)
9/28/2009 12:22:39 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Maybe? I used to know a few charms. I could always teach you better illusions./
9/28/2009 12:24:10 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (And now…) /I don't discriminate in what I'm learned./
9/28/2009 12:24:53 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (What do you mean "And now…"?)
9/28/2009 12:26:05 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Um, I was going to have another sectance there, I need to think how they learn new spells. But I guess you can come up with that if you like. It might just be "show and practice")
9/28/2009 12:26:23 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Like, Helena shows a spell… yada, yada.)
9/28/2009 12:26:32 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Okay)
9/28/2009 12:27:00 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /What kind do you want to learn? Physical illusions like when I made you into an elf?/
9/28/2009 12:28:15 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Or is that way too powerful?)
9/28/2009 12:28:17 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Hmm… wouldn't that be remodeling flesh?) /How would that work?/
9/28/2009 12:28:30 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Not really if it's limited.)
9/28/2009 12:28:38 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (And only on herself.)
9/28/2009 12:28:49 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (There are doppelgangers after all.)
9/28/2009 12:28:57 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Not sure how they do it thought:P)
9/28/2009 12:29:01 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (I'll think of something else for now)
9/28/2009 12:29:28 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Can you make mirror images of yourself?/
9/28/2009 12:29:43 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Not really./
9/28/2009 12:30:03 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /It takes a bit of effort to maintain illussions for me./
9/28/2009 12:31:46 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /This isn't supposed to last too long, just for showing an image of yourself in front of you./
9/28/2009 12:32:57 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Oh… I guess that could be useful./
9/28/2009 12:33:25 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Its quite simple really./
9/28/2009 12:34:14 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Show me then. I try to see the pattern./
9/28/2009 12:34:40 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /You already know how to make an illusion of yourself, right?/
9/28/2009 12:35:56 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Or any illusion will do I guess/
9/28/2009 12:36:26 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Pick anything./
9/28/2009 12:37:36 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Its the same theory as making a normal illusion, but there is an extra step. You've seen mirrors, right?/
9/28/2009 12:38:08 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Yes, back home yes./
9/28/2009 12:38:28 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Normal illussions such as invisibility take a lot of effort, this takes less?/
9/28/2009 12:39:57 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /It isn't covering what is there, just "showing" what there already is. Now, imagine a full length mirror in front of you. Imagine that you can feel it phsyically and magically./
9/28/2009 12:41:48 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Ah, okay./ She dose that I guess. Staring into the empty hull of the ship
9/28/2009 12:43:15 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Imagine your image in the mirror and begin to put magic into it./
9/28/2009 12:43:24 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /This may take a lot since its the first time/
9/28/2009 12:43:57 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /But wouldn't the image be twisted a bit? I might not have the best selfimage >.>/
9/28/2009 12:44:38 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /It should adjust a bit, and you really are beautiful Cessie, don't worry./
9/28/2009 12:46:40 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /I know, It's just that… I can't imagine myself. I didn't use mirrors at back home./
9/28/2009 12:47:04 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *back home
9/28/2009 12:47:05 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /Want me to show an image of yourself for you?/
9/28/2009 12:47:35 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (hehe, since the image we have of Helena is seeing herself in a mirror )
9/28/2009 12:48:02 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller brb, classes
9/28/2009 12:48:09 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Ah, see you later then.)
9/28/2009 3:13:09 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller back
9/28/2009 3:13:14 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Greetings
9/28/2009 3:15:02 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Ah, so what should we do?
9/28/2009 3:15:19 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Wolfbane says (12:47 PM): /Want me to show an image of yourself for you?/
9/28/2009 3:16:13 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (hehe, watching reviwes of really stupid horror movies.) /Yes, please do./
9/28/2009 3:21:33 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Helena does so.
9/28/2009 3:22:59 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane /Hm, can I only make a image of myself?/
9/28/2009 3:25:51 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller /This way, yes./
Shadowcaller says (11:55 AM):
(What did she do that image on her own or did Helena do it?)
Wolfbane says (11:57 AM):
(Helena did the image of Cessie so she'd have a reference to do her own)
Shadowcaller says (11:58 AM):
/Okay, let me try it out./ She attempts to do what she was told by Helena, copying the image she made.
Wolfbane says (11:59 AM):
It takes a moment, and quite a bit of energy, but an image of Cessie slowly appears, as she is now.
Shadowcaller says (12:00 PM):
/…I think it's right./
Shadowcaller says (12:01 PM):
She dismissives it quite quickly.
Wolfbane says (12:01 PM):
/It was good./
Shadowcaller says (12:02 PM):
/Yes, a good first try… thanks for showing me./
/Is there anything else you could show me?/
Wolfbane says (12:05 PM):
/I'm not sure/
Shadowcaller says (12:05 PM):
/Hm, may I ask you another question then?/
Wolfbane says (12:05 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:05 PM):
/Do you know anything about Nymphs? How are they… born?/
Wolfbane says (12:06 PM):
/From other nymphs I believe./
Shadowcaller says (12:06 PM):
/But there can't be any fullblood nymphs./
/Since there are no male nymphs./
Wolfbane says (12:07 PM):
/Satyrs are their male counterparts./
/Why do you think they chase the nymphs all the time?/
Shadowcaller says (12:07 PM):
/Satyrs?/ O.o
Wolfbane says (12:08 PM):
(I'm going off of lots of different fantasy literature here, give me a break <.<)
Shadowcaller says (12:08 PM):
(I don't think it's a bad explenation you know
Shadowcaller says (12:09 PM):
(She is just suprised by it.)
Shadowcaller says (12:10 PM):
/But… they look so different./ (And I have read the same literature so… >.>)
*some of the same
Wolfbane says (12:11 PM):
/Thats how it works. Male children are satyrs, female are nymphs./
Shadowcaller says (12:13 PM):
/Right, do you know of other types of offspring?/
Shadowcaller says (12:14 PM):
/From nymphs I mean, I heard that they can have interspecies relationships./
Wolfbane says (12:14 PM):
/If what I felt is right, you're proof of that./
Wolfbane says (12:15 PM):
/They can mate with a few other races, humans mostly. Sometimes elves. I don't know about dwarves or Wolfen./
Shadowcaller says (12:15 PM):
/Oh, you knew./ >.>
Shadowcaller says (12:16 PM):
(I'm pretty sure they can't do it with Heliots or Carnians )
Wolfbane says (12:16 PM):
(SHe felt some kind of wild spirit or fey when she checked, suddenly questions about nymphs? She isn't stupid <.<)
Shadowcaller says (12:16 PM):
(Yeah… I know^^)
Wolfbane says (12:17 PM):
/Not until you asked that last question. Until then, it could have been a few other kinds of wild spirits/
Shadowcaller says (12:18 PM):
/*sigh* I guess, well now you know./
Wolfbane says (12:19 PM):
/Its not a bad thing Cessie/
Shadowcaller says (12:20 PM):
/So I have been told…/
Shadowcaller says (12:22 PM):
/It's just not easy to accept./
Wolfbane says (12:22 PM):
/Why not? It doesn't change how I look at you./
Shadowcaller says (12:23 PM):
/No, but it might change how other people look at me./ >.>
Wolfbane says (12:24 PM):
/Who would know unless you told them?/
Shadowcaller says (12:25 PM):
/There are reccords you know… thats how I know about it./
Wolfbane says (12:27 PM):
/How many people even know that for sure?/
Shadowcaller says (12:28 PM):
/I guess… you know what, I'm so tired being worried about it. The ones who really knew won't care anyway as you said./
Shadowcaller says (12:30 PM):
/If they don't know there is nothing negative about as far as I have seen./
Wolfbane says (12:30 PM):
/Thats a good way to think./
Shadowcaller says (12:33 PM):
/You don't happend to know… I spoke to my nymph relative recently. She showed me a few abilities I apperently had inherited. You don't happend to know anything about them?/
Wolfbane says (12:33 PM):
/Such as what?/
Shadowcaller says (12:34 PM):
/Uhh… some minor control over plants./ >.>
Wolfbane says (12:34 PM):
/Is that a problem?/
Shadowcaller says (12:35 PM):
/I guess not… thought I feel a bit less human./
Wolfbane says (12:35 PM):
/Just think of it as another spell/
Shadowcaller says (12:36 PM):
/Thats exactly what she said./
Wolfbane says (12:36 PM):
/Thats because its how you should think of it/
Shadowcaller says (12:37 PM):
/…yes, is there something else I should know then? She also told me about charms./
Wolfbane says (12:37 PM):
/Yes, nymphs can charm people. A lot of them, naturally./
Shadowcaller says (12:38 PM):
/…you don't happend to feel if I may have that?/
Wolfbane says (12:39 PM):
/Its a very powerful ability. I don't think it would have passed that far down the line to you./
Shadowcaller says (12:40 PM):
/Oh, good. WHat else can nymphs do? It's not until know I really started to be intrested in them./
Shadowcaller says (12:41 PM):
/I despited them really…/ >.>
Wolfbane says (12:42 PM):
/Cessie, please don't despise them. They are what they are. As for other things, they can hide well and control a large section of nature./
Shadowcaller says (12:43 PM):
/I belive I have started to accept them a bit, they are a part of my family tree after all…/
Shadowcaller says (12:44 PM):
/But they are sort of going against all I have been raised with./
Shadowcaller says (12:46 PM):
/…could you tell if I had… other abilities? Or is that hard to see?/
Wolfbane says (12:47 PM):
/I can't tell, but I'm sure the nymph would have told you if you had others./
Shadowcaller says (12:49 PM):
/I suppose, it's still really. Of all the things she did with flowers, she did it to create dresses./
Wolfbane says (12:50 PM):
She giggles. /Its probably something she likes to do./
Shadowcaller says (12:51 PM):
Cessie chuckles /Well, for all my love for clothes, I never tried anything *that* exotic./
Shadowcaller says (12:53 PM):
(I'm sure Helena has thought )
Shadowcaller says (12:55 PM):
/I mean, you had to be naked to do it. It felt really wierd…/
Wolfbane says (12:55 PM):
/You'd be surprised how fun it is sometimes./
Wolfbane says (12:56 PM):
/Its good to cut loose once in a while./
Shadowcaller says (12:56 PM):
/Cut loose?/
Wolfbane says (12:57 PM):
/Relax, try new things/
Shadowcaller says (12:58 PM):
/I did try it you know, or well in the dream. I haven't tried in real life yet./
Wolfbane says (1:01 PM):
/I hope it goes well when you try it again./
Shadowcaller says (1:01 PM):
/When I try it again?/ o.O
Shadowcaller says (1:02 PM):
/I'm not sure…/
Wolfbane says (1:02 PM):
/Why not? What have you to lose?/
Shadowcaller says (1:03 PM):
/Going out in the middle of the forest naked and let flowers warp all over my body?/
Shadowcaller says (1:04 PM):
/That dosen't sound like me./ >.>
Wolfbane says (1:06 PM):
/Try it, you may find it fun./
Shadowcaller says (1:07 PM):
Cessie blushes (as she dose a lot ) /…Maybe./ <.<
Wolfbane says (1:09 PM):
She giggles. /I won't tell anyone./
Shadowcaller says (1:11 PM):
Cessie is looking quite shy /*If* I would try it, it would be after we arrived back home thought…/
Shadowcaller says (1:13 PM):
/And most of it is a city, there would be no privacy./
Wolfbane says (1:13 PM):
/I'm sure you'd find a place./
Shadowcaller says (1:15 PM):
/…*If* I would try it that is./ >.>
Wolfbane says (1:15 PM):
She chuckles. /If you were to try, that is./
Shadowcaller says (1:17 PM):
/Uh yeah, *if*./
Shadowcaller says (1:18 PM):
/Well, I wish I could see you in your realm somtimes Helena, it was quite nice to be there last time./
Wolfbane says (1:21 PM):
Wolfbane says (1:25 PM):
/It would be nice to have you here again. Its good to have visitors./
Shadowcaller says (1:27 PM):
/I promise we will visit again sometime, we can't do it on the boat sadly./
Wolfbane says (1:27 PM):
/I understand. Is there anything else you wish of me?/
Shadowcaller says (1:28 PM):
/Not, really. Just saying good bye in a long way I guess./ She smiles
Wolfbane says (1:28 PM):
/Then I will hear from you sometime soon./
she sounds happy
Shadowcaller says (1:29 PM):
/Yes, you will, I promise./
Wolfbane says (1:30 PM):
/I hope so. Farewell./ /Connection

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