New Dys 36

Happy says (5:09 PM):
Cessie in this window, Zubera in the other?
Wolfbane says (5:09 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:09 PM):
(What did Simone tell her?)
Happy says (5:10 PM):
"Cessie… Helios says you can communicate telepathically with Goldie, if you touch her."
Wolfbane says (5:10 PM):
Promise's ears perk up a bit at the news.
Shadowcaller says (5:12 PM):
"I.. but Aegnor.." She glances at his sleeping form. "Okay, I just.. touch her forehead then?"
Happy says (5:13 PM):
/She just touches Goldie's forehead?/
Shadowcaller says (5:15 PM):
/She can touch whatever part she likes…/
Happy says (5:15 PM):
"Just touch her anywhere."
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
Cessie touches Goldie's forehead (And here I'm having trouble to intergate the stories.)
Happy says (5:17 PM):
(after we made earplugs, but before we returned to Aegnor)
Wolfbane says (5:17 PM):
(Sounds good?)
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
(Wouldn't tehy tell that to Aegnor then? o.O)
Wolfbane says (5:18 PM):
(We haven't gotten bak to him yet)
Shadowcaller says (5:18 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:21 PM):
Wolfbane says (5:21 PM):
Goldie stops her walking. /Miss Cessie?!?!/
Happy says (5:22 PM):
Hope stops and looks at Goldie.
Shadowcaller says (5:23 PM):
/…is that really you?! I can't hear you that clearly…/
Wolfbane says (5:23 PM):
/Its me, Goldie! How…?/
"Its Miss Cessie!"
Happy says (5:24 PM):
"Is she okay? Is Promise okay?"
Wolfbane says (5:24 PM):
/Is everyone okay?/
Shadowcaller says (5:24 PM):
/Are you okay? Whats going on?/
/We are hardly the ones you need to worry about, whats going on?/
Wolfbane says (5:25 PM):
"I think she says they are fine. What shall I tell her?"
Shadowcaller says (5:26 PM):
(*sigh* My mother apperently think 12 PM is very late.)
Happy says (5:26 PM):
"Tell her we're all okay and we have a plan to get home. And ask her to tell Promise that I love him."
Wolfbane says (5:26 PM):
*Goldie tells the message*
Shadowcaller says (5:28 PM):
/…hos is Aegnor? Is he there?/
Wolfbane says (5:28 PM):
/He is fine. We're going to get out of here by music contest if possible, we have a backup plan too/
Shadowcaller says (5:29 PM):
/Music contest?… could you please start from the beginning./
"They are all okay, Hope says she loves you Promise…"
Wolfbane says (5:30 PM):
/We don't have much time before it begins, but if Aegnor wins, we all get let go and we don't need to return. Ever./
Wolfbane says (5:31 PM):
Promise smiles. "Tell her I love her too."
Shadowcaller says (5:32 PM):
/Aegnor will win. But why are you in such a hurry? Are you in danger?/
Wolfbane says (5:33 PM):
/A little, but we can take care of it. We just don't have much time before the contest begins./
Shadowcaller says (5:35 PM):
/A little? What do you mean?… I can't relax without… *deep breath* can you at least tell me why you have a competition and how that's going to get you out?/
Wolfbane says (5:35 PM):
/Nodo will let us go if we win the competition/
Shadowcaller says (5:36 PM):
/…okay, how lonw?/
Wolfbane says (5:37 PM):
(How long is it for them?)
Shadowcaller says (5:38 PM):
(Until the competiton begins?)
Wolfbane says (5:38 PM):
Happy says (5:38 PM):
"Goldie, tell her not to send anyone after us."
Wolfbane says (5:40 PM):
/Just make sure no one comes in after us. We don't want to change the situation/
Shadowcaller says (5:40 PM):
/…we can't get to you anyway./
Shadowcaller says (5:45 PM):
/I'll tell them that, but tell Aegnor that I'm with him, here, physically. Tell him I won't leave him okay?/
Shadowcaller says (5:46 PM):
(it sounded like she was about to say something else.)
Wolfbane says (5:46 PM):
/Okay, I will. I'll also tell him you love him. Tell Promise that Hope and I will return to him as soon as possible./
Shadowcaller says (5:47 PM):
(Also? )
Wolfbane says (5:47 PM):
(Along with everyone being okay)
Shadowcaller says (5:47 PM):
(Cessie didn't want to add that since he *knows* that… she just wanted him to know that she's near him.)
Shadowcaller says (5:50 PM):
/Okay, I- I'm sure you will return later. You talk to me all the way right? I need to know your okay all the time./
Wolfbane says (5:51 PM):
/Okay, Miss Cessie./
"She is wanting to keep contact. I didn't tell her about our other plan because that would worry her."
/whisper in Wolfen
Shadowcaller says (5:52 PM):
(Why whisper? )
Wolfbane says (5:52 PM):
(In case anyone is nearby)
Shadowcaller says (5:53 PM):
(Your in the middle of a glas corridor.)
(no one in sight.)
(Except the animals outside of course.)
Shadowcaller says (5:55 PM):
/Thank you Goldie./
Shadowcaller says (5:56 PM):
/I'll keep in touch… *deep breath (mentally )/
Happy says (5:56 PM):
"That's okay. But Aegnor might want to tell her."
Wolfbane says (5:57 PM):
/Is there any way you can talk to Aegnor too?/
Shadowcaller says (5:58 PM):
/No, in that case I would have contacted him first…/
Wolfbane says (5:59 PM):
"She says she can't talk to Aegnor."

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