New Dys 30

[21:52] Shadowcaller: Goldie was sleeping
[21:52] Wolfbane: This could be before she fell asleep
[21:52] Shadowcaller: No, this is in fact… where is Hope?
[21:53] Wolfbane: Okay
[21:56] Happy: wherever you want her to be
[21:57] Shadowcaller: Right.. okay I got something
[21:58] Shadowcaller: (Is she sleeping? It's about lunch.)
[21:58] Shadowcaller: (I guess not…)
[21:59] Happy: Probably doing some leatherwork
[21:59] Shadowcaller: (You need to place her I'm afraid, the crews quarter?)
[21:59] Shadowcaller: (Near Goldie?)
[21:59] Happy: Sure
[22:00] Shadowcaller: Goldie is tossing in her sleep, and Hope can feel a strange feeling emitting from her.
[22:01] Happy: Hope goes to her hammock and puts a hand on her.
[22:02] Shadowcaller: Ha poweful jolt is send throught her body as she touches her, she is forced to let her go. It felt like something was trying to drag her in.
[22:03] Happy: "Goldie! Wake up!"
[22:03] Happy: She shakes the hammock.
[22:03] Wolfbane: (Does she?)
[22:04] Shadowcaller: (Nope.)
[22:05] Shadowcaller: Suddenly Goldie jolts, her eyes goes wide open. They are pure black. For a moment the whole world appears to be blurred, taking strange shapes.
[22:07] Shadowcaller: Hope suddenly feels drowsy, there is something not right, she can feel it in her whole body.
[22:08] Shadowcaller: (Still here.)
[22:09] Happy: Is anyone else around?
[22:10] Shadowcaller: Before she went to Goldie there were, now the whole ship appears strangely empty
[22:11] Happy: She touches Goldie again. "Please wake up."
[22:12] Shadowcaller: The whole world turns black as she touches her. She can feel herself passing out on the floor…
[22:12] Shadowcaller: …only to wake up again, now in a strange dark room.
[22:13] Happy: completely dark?
[22:14] Shadowcaller: (yes.)
[22:15] Happy: Can she hear Goldie's breathing?
[22:15] Shadowcaller: Nope, only herself
[22:16] Happy: She wasn't wearing her sword on shipboard, but she had a dagger strapped to her thigh. She checks to see if she still has it.
[22:17] Shadowcaller: It's there.
[22:17] Shadowcaller: She can feel the floor is made of stone
[22:17] Shadowcaller: Smooth stone
[22:20] Happy: She gets to her feet. Can she sense any sort of direction?
[22:21] Shadowcaller: As her eyes adjust to the darkness she can see the shapes of a door, light streaming throught it's edges.
[22:23] Happy: She heads that way.
[22:24] Happy: Dagger in hand.
[22:24] Shadowcaller: She can't really see much else of the room, there is a heavy layer of dust on the floor, the walls are made of stone aswell, sandcolored see can see now. From what she can see from the floor, it's completely bare, unless there is something underneath all that dust. (Dose she wear boots of any kind?)
[22:25] Happy: (More like mocassins)
[22:26] Shadowcaller: The floor feels quite cold.
[22:26] Shadowcaller: She's at the door now.
[22:26] Shadowcaller: It's a simpel wooden door.
[22:28] Shadowcaller: She can't hear much outside.
[22:29] Happy: She opens the door.
[22:31] Shadowcaller: She finds herself in a small room, lit by a small candle on a wooden table nearby. Beside the table is a chair with a skeleton sitting unmoving in it. There are many doors in this room, much like the one she exited from. They are 5 in total (indlucing hers). She can see a corridor leading out of it.
[22:34] Happy: She picks up the candle. And, knowing that this is risky, makes a loud call in Wolfen meant to gather the pack.
[22:36] Shadowcaller: The skeleton's head suddenly turns to her, it's arm remakes itself into a sharp knife.
[22:37] Shadowcaller: It cuts Hope at her chest.
[22:37] Shadowcaller: The pain is only superficial thought.
[22:37] Happy: Hope tries to push it away. "Where's my cub?" she hisses.
[22:38] Shadowcaller: The skeleton stares at her with it's empty eyes and falls backwards.
[22:38] Shadowcaller: Into the wall
[22:39] Happy: (like melting into the wall? Or through a hatch?)
[22:39] Shadowcaller: (No, it smashes against the wall.)
[22:40] Shadowcaller: (bad choice of words…)
[22:40] Happy: Is it still moving?
[22:41] Shadowcaller: Yes
[22:41] Shadowcaller: It stands up, still looking at her.
[22:41] Happy: Hope watches it warily
[22:42] Shadowcaller: It charges again, aiming it's bone blade at her throat
[22:43] Happy: She steps aside and pushes it, using its momentum to drive it into the table.
[22:43] Happy: And then try to pick up the chair and smash it against the skellie.
[22:44] Shadowcaller: The skelton that is not very agile is smashed against the table.
[22:45] Shadowcaller: And then it's head is crushed by the chair
[22:45] Shadowcaller: It lies scattered into pieces. She can hear a howl in the distance
[22:46] Happy: Goldie's howl?
[22:46] Shadowcaller: Err… sure
[22:46] Happy: -.-
[22:47] Happy: She goes in that direction.
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[22:49] Shadowcaller: (>.>)
[22:50] Shadowcaller: It comes from the corridor (Sorry about that, was slightly busy.)
[22:50] Happy: (Hope got sucked into Goldie's nightmare)
[22:50] Happy: She goes that way, with the candle and dagger.
[22:50] Shadowcaller: She can see light at the end of it
[22:51] Happy: *continues*
[22:51] Shadowcaller: There is a door made of glass in the distance, leading out into a green landscape.
[22:52] Happy: She's listening for the howl again.
[22:52] Shadowcaller: She can't hear it.
[22:53] Shadowcaller: She arrives at the door.
[22:54] Happy: She tries to open it.
[22:55] Shadowcaller: It opens up, she can feel fresh air coming towards her, even thought it feels a bit odd.
[22:56] Shadowcaller: (the garden looks very crudely like this:)
[22:56] Shadowcaller: (Link:
[22:57] Happy: She makes the wolfen call again.
[22:58] Shadowcaller: She hear Goldie's reply and can see her scutter towards her.
[22:58] Happy: (scutter?)
[22:58] Wolfbane: (heh)
[23:01] Shadowcaller: (…well changing comp.)
[23:01] Wolfbane: Goldie runs up to Hope and hugs her.
[23:02] Happy: Hope holds her tightly. "Are youokay?"
[23:03] Wolfbane: "I'm fine." She looks up, concerned. "How did you get here?"
[23:03] Happy: "I don't know. I think I was pulled here."
[23:04] Shadowcaller: (woho!)
[23:04] Wolfbane: ?
[23:04] *
Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
[23:11] Wolfbane: *twiddles thumbs*
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[23:11] Wolfbane: What were you cheering about? >.>
[23:12] Shadowcaller: No school tomorrow
[23:12] Shadowcaller: Then internet cut
[23:12] Wolfbane: heh
[23:12] Shadowcaller: …of some reason
[23:13] Shadowcaller: (Murska can join any time >.>)
[23:13] Shadowcaller: (Where were we?)
[23:13] Wolfbane: Wolfbane says (5:02 PM):
"I'm fine." She looks up, concerned. "How did you get here?"
Happy says (5:03 PM):
"I don't know. I think I was pulled here."

[23:14] Shadowcaller: Hope might hear something moving nearby (the pond is not visible on the map, but it's there. some distance away from the tree.)
[23:15] Happy: (I don't know where I am on the map)
[23:15] Shadowcaller: (You are near the glass doors.)
[23:15] Shadowcaller: Between them and the tree.)
[23:16] Happy: "How long have you been here?"
[23:16] Shadowcaller: (Goldie might also hear something moving nearby.)
[23:18] Wolfbane: "A long time, I guess. Not so long this time. Last time I think it was a few hours." Her ears twitch. "I think we need to keep moving. You can't stay in the same spot for too long here."
[23:21] Happy: "Okay."
[23:22] Wolfbane: "There is a temple near, we should go there. You don't want to go where I first came from." Goldie leads her to the chapel.
[23:23] Shadowcaller: Before they can go anywhere a huge tounge grips Hope's leg. SHe can feel how it instantly loses all feeling.
[23:24] Wolfbane: Goldie slashes at the tongue with her claws.
[23:24] * Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
[23:24] Wolfbane: …
[23:27] Happy: slashing with claws was probably not a good idea. :S
[23:28] Wolfbane: It should work though. Sharp claws against soft easy to cut flesh >.>
[23:28] Happy: but her claws will go numb
[23:28] Murska: Considering it's a tongue meant to grab (usually struggling) things with
[23:28] Murska: it might not be soft
[23:29] Happy: but probably not scaly or armored either
[23:29] Wolfbane: I think its supposed to be from pressure and claws themselves can't feel anything
[23:36] Murska: hm
[23:36] Murska: so what do we do with just the three of us?
[23:37] Happy: scheme in one of the games we're all alive in?
[23:37] Happy: which would be… Fears? I guess?
[23:38] Wolfbane: I think so
[23:38] Wolfbane: Or is Murska alive in Memes?
[23:38] Happy: no, the damn sniper got him
[23:39] Wolfbane: crap
[23:39] Wolfbane: I swear, if the sniper kills one more good person, I don't care if they are good or not, I'm going to lynch them.
[23:40] Happy: so… Fears?
[23:40] Wolfbane: Sure
[23:41] Murska: »
[23:41] Happy: hmm Murska's making shifty eyes
[23:41] Murska: any other game?
[23:42] Happy: oh /that's/ not suspicious
[23:42] Wolfbane: …
[23:42] Wolfbane: wow
[23:42] Happy: i'm alive in Assassins, Memesville, and Fears
[23:42] Happy: ?
[23:43] Murska: I'm alive in Kaos
[23:43] Murska: and Mafia
[23:43] Happy: Mafia yeah. That makes four games for me. No wonder I'm all confused
[23:48] Happy: so no scheming?
[23:48] Happy: how about Simone and Aegnor?
[23:50] *
moc.liamtoh|norewes#moc.liamtoh|norewes (Shadowcaller) has joined the conversation.
[23:50] Wolfbane: SC?
[23:50] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[23:50] Shadowcaller: Stupid computer…
[23:51] Shadowcaller: Internet connection… *sigh*
[23:51] Wolfbane: Shadowcaller says (5:23 PM):
Before they can go anywhere a huge tounge grips Hope's leg. SHe can feel how it instantly loses all feeling.
Wolfbane says (5:24 PM):
Goldie slashes at the tongue with her claws.

[23:52] Happy: And Hope slashes with her dagger.
[23:52] Shadowcaller: Goldie cuts the tounge, but not deep enough, it still holds a firm grip around Hope's leg
[23:52] Shadowcaller: The tounge let's go, but Hope still have no feeling in her left leg
[23:53] Happy: What is it attached to?
[23:53] Wolfbane: "Its the frog, run!"
[23:53] Wolfbane: Goldie helps Hope to the chapel if it is close by.
[23:53] Shadowcaller: A huge frog, almost as tall as Goldie
[23:55] Happy: Hope runs as best she can
[23:55] Happy: Is the entire leg numb, or just the part where it was touched? She can still move it?
[23:56] Shadowcaller: They go inside the chapel, the frog appears to not be intrested in them anymore as they cut it's tounge.
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (The lower part of the leg and foot.)
[00:04] * Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
[00:05] Wolfbane: Goldie hugs Hope. "I didn't wany any of you to come here."
[00:05] Wolfbane: want*
[00:07] Happy: "You didn't want to come here yourself either." Hope gives her a crooked smile.
[00:08] Wolfbane: She looks down. "I'm sorry."
[00:09] Happy: "Why? It isn't your fault."
[00:10] Wolfbane: "No, I just thought that maybe the person who sold me the potion had been telling the truth, but I should have known better."
[00:12] *
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[00:13] Wolfbane: Wolfbane says (6:04 PM):
Goldie hugs Hope. "I didn't wany any of you to come here."
Wolfbane says (6:05 PM):
Happy says (6:06 PM):
"You didn't want to come here yourself either." Hope gives her a crooked smile.

[00:13] Wolfbane: Wolfbane says (6:07 PM):
She looks down. "I'm sorry."
Happy says (6:09 PM):
"Why? It isn't your fault."
Wolfbane says (6:10 PM):
"No, I just thought that maybe the person who sold me the potion had been telling the truth, but I should have known better."

[00:14] Happy: "Aegnor was with you, and he didn't know."
[00:16] Shadowcaller: At each side of them are two rows of empty benches. The walls are filled with faded images of bizzare constructs. Right in front of them is an altar with a chalice on it and behind it is a large statue of an angel-like cyclopean construct.
[00:17] Wolfbane: "I think touching the cup makes the statue move. THat seems to be how things are done here."
[00:18] Happy: "And what happens if it moves?"
[00:18] Shadowcaller: (also if I drop again… just RP.)
[00:18] Wolfbane: "We run."
[00:19] Happy: "So we don't touch the cup then?"
[00:19] Wolfbane: "I don't think we should."
[00:19] Wolfbane: "Is your leg okay?"
[00:19] Happy: (is it?)
[00:20] Shadowcaller: (still no feeling in the lower part.)
[00:20] Shadowcaller: The frog appeared to lose intrest in you when you cut it.
[00:22] Happy: "It's a little bit numb. Are your claws okay?"
[00:22] Shadowcaller: You are still just inside the glass door. (they are.)
[00:22] Wolfbane: She nods. "They are. We should take a seat."
[00:23] Happy: "Okay. But why?"
[00:24] Wolfbane: "For your leg."
[00:24] Wolfbane: (Unless they are already seated)
[00:24] Wolfbane: "And to get away from the doors so nothing sees us."
[00:26] Happy: They do that then.
[00:26] Shadowcaller: The statue is pretty large, it have something in a alien language carved into it.
[00:26] Happy: "This is the third time you've been here?"
[00:26] Wolfbane: "Yes."
[00:28] Happy: "The first time, you got out by playing the trumpet."
[00:30] Wolfbane: brb
[00:34] Wolfbane: back
[00:34] Wolfbane: "No, I heard your voice and that was how I woke up."
[00:36] Wolfbane: "The second time, Raphel had to take me out because I had to bring someone else out too."
[00:36] Happy: "Wake up," Hope says.
[00:36] Wolfbane: (Does she?)
[00:36] Shadowcaller: (No, nothing happends.)
[00:36] Wolfbane: Goldie tries to.
[00:36] Shadowcaller: (Nothing.)
[00:37] Wolfbane: Goldie clings to Hope and cries.
[00:37] Happy: Hope chuckles softlyh. "I was afraid that wouldn't work."
[00:37] Wolfbane: "I don't want to be here anymore."
[00:38] Happy: She holds Goldie. "I know. But we're together now. It'll be okay."
[00:39] Wolfbane: "I guess we have to find Raphel again and make another deal. Or <creepyelfdude> may find us. This is his place."
[00:40] Shadowcaller: (Nodo.)
[00:45] Happy: "Or maybe we wait and someone will wake us up."
[00:46] Wolfbane: "Did you try to wake me up?"
[00:47] Happy: "Yeah."
[00:48] Wolfbane: "I don't want anyone else getting stuck here. Like I am…" her ears droop
[00:49] Happy: Hope nuzzles her ears. "You aren't. Remember who Aegnor is?"
[00:49] Wolfbane: She smiles weakly. "Yes."
[00:53] Happy: Hope tries to move her leg.
[00:54] Shadowcaller: She is recovering a bit
[00:54] Shadowcaller: She get some feeling in it
[00:56] Shadowcaller: Hope can move it, just not as fast.
[00:57] Happy: "I guess we better see if we can find Raphal. Or Nodo."
[00:58] Shadowcaller: Suddenly they can hear something in the direction of the statue.
[00:59] Wolfbane: Goldie looks.
[00:59] Shadowcaller: (Where?)
[00:59] Happy: (in the direction of the statue)
[00:59] Wolfbane: where the sound came from obviosuly
[01:00] Shadowcaller: (She looks *behind* the statue then and see a quite small reinforced door.
[01:02] Happy: Hope tries to stay between Goldie and the door. What kind of noise is it?
[01:02] Shadowcaller: It's clicking
[01:03] Murska: (it's a bomb!)
[01:03] Happy: Hope taps on the door.
[01:04] Wolfbane: Goldie stays near.
[01:05] Shadowcaller: Nothing happends really, but the clicking noises sounds like they are going away.
[01:05] Shadowcaller: Whatever is doing them are moving away.
[01:05] Happy: How small is the door?
[01:06] Shadowcaller: Goldie would have to duck to go throught it.
[01:08] Happy: "Hmm. I don't think we should go this way." Even if the GM has a big arrow over the door. -.-
[01:08] Shadowcaller: (Hey, there are other places you can go:P)
[01:08] Wolfbane: "Its either that or the frog."
[01:08] Shadowcaller: (It just made sense for it to make noises since there are things moving beyond it.)
[01:09] Shadowcaller: (back and fourth.)
[01:09] Wolfbane: Goldie looks for other doors.
[01:09] Happy: "How fast is the frog?"
[01:09] Shadowcaller: (There are no other doors in the chapel.)
[01:10] Wolfbane: "I don't want to know. THe way I came has a few other doors that I couldn't get to. One was locked and another had it so you aged or got younger the further you went."
[01:11] Murska: (did you even try going halfway, through the wall and halfway?)
[01:12] Wolfbane: (Checked, no door. )
[01:12] Murska: (well go through the wall)
[01:12] Murska: (it was soft)
[01:12] Wolfbane: (It would have taken a while, and Goldie didn't want to stay in the same spot for too long)
[01:12] Murska: (excuses)
[01:12] Shadowcaller: ()
[01:14] Shadowcaller: (There were more doors where Hope came from.)
[01:15] Happy: "There were more doors where I came from. There was also a skeleton that attacked me, but I crushed it."
[01:15] Wolfbane: "Only one?"
[01:16] Happy: "Only one."
[01:16] Wolfbane: "We should try there then."
[01:19] Happy: "Okay. We'll run for the glass door then."
[01:19] Wolfbane: "Okay."
[01:19] Shadowcaller: (more like "moving slowly" due Hopes leg.)
[01:20] Happy: (bah. she can run on an injured leg)
[01:20] Shadowcaller: (Okay,)
[01:21] Shadowcaller: You open the glas door and find the frog sitting under the tree again. It just stares at you.
[01:21] Happy: They run/limp for the glass door
[01:21] Happy: Hope tries to stay between Froggie and Goldie.
[01:22] Shadowcaller: It dosen't move. They open the glas door only to hear a scream coming from the corridor.
[01:23] Happy: Hope goes that way, dagger in hand.
[01:23] Happy: is there light in the corridor?
[01:24] Shadowcaller: There is a torch in a torchholder yes.
[01:25] Wolfbane: "Do you want to see what that was? They may be helpful.""
[01:26] Happy: "Yes. But stay behind me."
[01:26] Happy: Hope takes the torch and goes towards the scream.
[01:27] Wolfbane: Goldie follows.
[01:28] Shadowcaller: They come to the door Hope left, in the middle of it the body of a sailor lies, over it a skeleton with crushed skull stands, it's bladed hand dripping with blood.
[01:31] Wolfbane: "I thought you said you took care of it."
[01:31] Happy: "I thought I did."
[01:31] Happy: "It's pulling more people in."
[01:31] Happy: (She recognizes the sailor, right?)
[01:32] Wolfbane: (I imagine so)
[01:33] Shadowcaller: They can see someone standing in the open door Hope came from. The skeleton titles it's broken head as it notices them.
[01:33] Happy: "Stay back, Goldie." Is the chair within reach?
[01:35] Shadowcaller: (Nope, it's in the other corner of it.)
[01:36] Happy: Hope glances towards the open door, but not long enough for the skellie to take her by surprise.
[01:37] Shadowcaller: The skeleton rushes towards them. They can see something flash in the candlelight behind them.
[01:38] Shadowcaller: (behind the skeleton.)
[01:38] Happy: Hope thrusts the torch towards it.
[01:39] Murska: Aegnor attacks the skeleton from behind with an overhead swing
[01:39] Shadowcaller: The skeleton is crushed between them.

[01:40] Wolfbane: Goldie hugs Aegnor. "Not you too."
[01:40] Murska: 'I came in after you. The potion didn't work?'
[01:41] Wolfbane: "No. I'm sorry."
[01:41] Shadowcaller: The sailor is quite clearly dead,
[01:41] Happy: "I told you he would find us," Hope says to Goldie.
[01:42] Happy: "Poor Jensen."
[01:42] Happy: She reaches out and closes his eyes.
[01:42] Wolfbane: Goldie takes the bone blade, figuring its better than dulling her claws.
[01:42] Happy: "I thought I had destroyed it," she says sadly.
[01:43] Shadowcaller: (reformed, mwahahaha.)
[01:43] Murska: 'Hmm. What's this place like?'
[01:43] Wolfbane: "Bad. Didn't you listen when I described it?"
[01:43] Wolfbane: "I told both of you."
[01:43] Shadowcaller: (I'm /so/ glad I don't have school tomorrow >.>)
[01:44] Murska: 'Yes, yes, I suppose you haven't found an exit.'
[01:44] Murska: 'So where's that thing who let you out last time?'
[01:45] Wolfbane: "Probably back at the lantern and if what he says is true, he is the only way out."
[01:45] Murska: 'Let's go there then.'
[01:47] Wolfbane: "We have to be careful because of the frog. It attacked us earlier. And we'll probably have to owe him more favors."
[01:47] Murska: 'Hm.'
[01:47] Murska: Aegnor draws Godslayer.
[01:48] Murska: Sheathed the sword a while ago, when he was hugged. »
[01:48] Happy: "If he couldn't get you out longer than this, then it wasn't really worth a favor."
[01:49] Wolfbane: "I guess I have to show you where he is then."
[01:52] Happy: "What else might we face, besides the frog?"
[01:53] Wolfbane: She shrugs. "More skeletons, our shadows, maybe Nodo."
[01:54] Shadowcaller: (don't forget the dancing people >.>)
[01:54] Wolfbane: "The dancing people."
[01:55] Happy: "Stay between us, Goldie. I know you're tough, but I don't want you fighting unless you don't have a choice, okay?"
[01:56] Murska: 'Yeah.'
[01:56] Wolfbane: "Okay."
[01:56] Shadowcaller: (So, any of the other four doors or back to the garden?)
[01:57] Shadowcaller: (I might add that one of the doors is both larger and made by a different kind of wood then the others.)
[02:00] Wolfbane: "Do you want to go there or explore here?"
[02:01] Happy: "If we can get answers from Raphal, let's go there."
[02:02] Wolfbane: SHe nods. "We have to go to the big double door though, back the way I came."
[02:03] Shadowcaller: Aegnor might feel an enormous amount of spirit energy sweeping around here
[02:05] Murska: 'might'? :P
[02:05] Shadowcaller: (He dose feel it…)
[02:06] Murska: 'Lots of spirit energy.'
[02:06] Murska: they head towards Raphal.
[02:06] Shadowcaller: They come to the garden.
[02:06] Happy: Watch for Froggy
[02:06] Shadowcaller: The frog have crawled back into it's hole.
[02:07] Shadowcaller: It dosen't show up as you pass it.
[02:08] Shadowcaller: You open the double doors and come to the room with the six (thougth techincally 8) differently colored doors.)
[02:08] Wolfbane: Goldie goes to the one with the lantern
[02:09] Shadowcaller: The white one. She opens it. There is a curtain and then there is the lantern.
[02:09] Wolfbane: "Raphel?"
[02:09] Shadowcaller: No reply.
[02:10] Wolfbane: Goldie sighs. "I don't think he is here. He may be where I met the head though."
[02:10] Murska: 'Let's go check.'
[02:10] Happy: Hope keeps a hand on Goldie's shoulder.
[02:11] Shadowcaller: (Oh, right… music is coming from the hall beyond.)
[02:11] Shadowcaller: (The large one.)
[02:11] Shadowcaller: (Piano music.)
[02:12] Wolfbane: Is it enchanting like the music from before?
[02:12] Shadowcaller: (No, it's more normal music.)
[02:12] Murska: (Good?)
[02:12] Shadowcaller: (Quite.)
[02:13] Shadowcaller: (Maybe a bit unimaginative thought.)
[02:13] Wolfbane: "I don't think its Nodo, it sounds better than him."
[02:13] Shadowcaller: (Better? Nodo plays /really/ well.)
[02:13] Shadowcaller: (Just not… what you want to hear:P)
[02:17] Happy: "Should we check out the music then?"
[02:17] Wolfbane: "I think so."
[02:19] Shadowcaller: You open the door… and find a number of couples dancing. They are dressed in classic victorian style (thought you would not know that) female/male pairs (at least dress-wise) Dancing hand to hand.
[02:19] Happy: This is where the naked people were dancing before?
[02:19] Shadowcaller: They might notice that all the dancers are dressed up skeletons.
[02:19] Shadowcaller: (Nope.)
[02:20] Shadowcaller: (This place was empty last time Goldie checked it out.)
[02:20] Wolfbane: (Is there a way around?)
[02:21] Shadowcaller: (around the dancing skeletons? Not really, they are moving all over the dance floor.
[02:22] Wolfbane: "This is the only way to the other place as far as I know."
[02:24] Happy: "If they can all turn their hands into blades, I don't think we'd have a chance."
[02:24] Happy: "We'd better go a different way… unless…"
[02:24] Happy: "Aegnor, do you have the flute?"
[02:24] Murska: 'I do…'
[02:26] Happy: "… It might not work on them though. And it's probably not worth the risk until we've exhausted other options."
[02:31] Wolfbane: "They may not notice us."
[02:32] Happy: "But if they did, there's too many of them for us to fight.
[02:33] Wolfbane: Can they see who is playing the piano?
[02:34] Shadowcaller: The platform is not visible from the door, but if went foward or to their right, they might be able to see who.
[02:35] Wolfbane: "Want me to see who is playing?"
[02:35] Murska: Aegnor tries to see, since he's the tallest
[02:35] Murska: without going in, leaning
[02:35] Shadowcaller: Whoever is playing is very small as he can't see the person behind the piano.
[02:36] Murska: 'Someone small.'
[02:36] Shadowcaller: (it's a quite large piano thought.)
[02:40] Wolfbane: "Can you see anything about them?"
[02:41] Shadowcaller: (He might see some white hair moving a bit above the piano.)
[02:41] Wolfbane: (What color hair did Nodo have?)
[02:42] Shadowcaller: (white.)
[02:42] Shadowcaller: (Nodo was taller thought.)
[02:43] Wolfbane: "If you can't see who it is, we should be safe."
[02:45] Murska: 'I suppose… What now?'
[02:45] Murska: Any spirits he can feel?
[02:46] Shadowcaller: (It's hard due the high amount of spirit energy makes it's almost impossible to sense anything.)
[02:48] Wolfbane: "This is the only way I know of."
[02:48] Happy: "Okay. Let me go first, and don't enter until you see that it's safe."
[02:49] Wolfbane: She nods.
[02:50] Happy: Hope steps into the room.
[02:50] Shadowcaller: The skeletons continues to dance with each other, not paying much attention to her.
[02:51] Wolfbane: Goldie stays close, trying to nudge them to the far door.
[02:51] Happy: Hope goes that way.
[02:52] Shadowcaller: (the skeletons?)
[02:52] Wolfbane: (No, Hope and Aegnor)
[02:52] Shadowcaller: (RIght, I thought… eh never mind.)
[02:53] Murska: Aegnor goes last, I suppose
[02:53] Shadowcaller: Eventually, the come to the far door, the music still playing, it have changed tones serval times now, to Aegnor, it sounds like whoever is playing is practicing.
[02:54] Shadowcaller: They come to the far door.
[02:54] Shadowcaller: (Right, said that.)
[02:54] Happy: Hope steps through the far door.
[02:54] Happy: Which is now the near door.
[02:55] Shadowcaller: They come to a room with 2 other doors and a stone slab in the middle.
[02:55] Wolfbane: (This is a room Goldie had been in before, right?)
[02:55] Shadowcaller: (Yes.)
[02:55] Wolfbane: GOldie goes and opens one of the doors.
[02:56] Happy: Hope stays next to her.
[02:56] Happy: Goldie isn't getting out of her arms reach
[02:56] Shadowcaller: In the weak candle light she can see the work room, it stinks quite badly by now.
[02:56] Shadowcaller: It's quite dark.
[02:57] Wolfbane: "Raphel, are you here?"
[02:57] Happy: (Hope still has the torch)
[02:57] Shadowcaller: (Since there aren't any torches in it.) No reply
[02:57] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, thats why you can see at all…)
[02:57] Wolfbane: "There is a chest in here, maybe it holds something important."
[02:57] Happy: (you called it weak candle light)
[02:58] Shadowcaller: (Hm, torch light then, thought you kept the candle.)
[02:58] Happy: (anyway)
[02:59] Shadowcaller: You can see the chest in the light yes.
[02:59] Wolfbane: "I didn't have anything strong enough to break it open last time. Can you try?"
[03:00] Happy: "Swap blades with me," Hope says.
[03:00] Happy: She'll try using the bone blade to pry at the chest's list
[03:01] Happy: *lid
[03:01] Wolfbane: She does so.
[03:01] Murska: Aegnor still doesn't have an axe »
[03:01] Shadowcaller: She manipulates the lock a bit, but she met no resistance.
[03:02] Shadowcaller: (The lock is built into the chest.)
[03:02] Shadowcaller: The music suddenly stops.
[03:03] Wolfbane: Does the chest open?
[03:03] Happy: (she was trying to force it open with leverage, not pick the lock)
[03:03] Shadowcaller: (It was never locked >.>)
[03:04] Wolfbane: …
[03:04] Happy: (so it just needed to be opened?)
[03:04] Wolfbane: >.<
[03:04] Shadowcaller: (yeah:P)
[03:04] Shadowcaller: (Goldie never tried that…)
[03:04] Wolfbane: (What is the point of having a chest that isn't locked? <.<)
[03:05] Happy: (*sigh* you really need to give us some clues sometimes)
[03:05] Happy: (Goldie gets a lot more information than Wolfbane does, after all)
[03:06] Shadowcaller: (What do you mean?) The chest opens, inside are a beautiful black voilin sorrounded by a red soft material.
[03:06] Wolfbane: (I hope we get good LOOT)
[03:06] Wolfbane: Is it the one that Nodo played?
[03:07] Shadowcaller: (Nope.)
[03:07] Happy: (I'm fading)
[03:07] Shadowcaller: (:S)
[03:07] Wolfbane: "I'm not sure we should take it. All the other instruments are magical."
[03:07] Wolfbane: *huggles*
[03:11] Happy: "But the trumpet let you escape."
[03:12] Happy: "Or no, you said it was my voice."
[03:12] Shadowcaller: (call it then?)
[03:12] Shadowcaller: (It stunned the dancers >.>)
[03:12] Wolfbane: "It hurt though. I was told to keep my ears covered if I use it again though."
[03:12] Happy: "How can you keep your ears covered while playing a trumpet? It's a two handed instrument, isn't it Aegnor?"
[03:13] Murska: 'Yes…'
[03:13] Murska: 'You need ear protection.'
[03:13] Wolfbane: "I could use one hand on it, but that is why I didn't grab it this time."
[03:15] Happy: (does this room have any doors?)
[03:15] Wolfbane: (One to the cell where Syphonia was)
[03:15] Shadowcaller: You can hear someone walking (yes, an open door leading to the muse's cell.)
[03:16] Shadowcaller: towards you
[03:16] Wolfbane: Goldie whispers. "Someone's coming."
[03:17] Happy: Hope steps between Goldie and whoever's coming.
[03:20] Shadowcaller: One of the double doors opens up widely and a thin, albino, female elf in her early teens stands there, not noticing directly as she seems to be lost in her own thoughts.
[03:20] Shadowcaller: *noticing you direclty
[03:21] Happy: "Who are you?"
[03:21] Shadowcaller: She leaps up "Ahh!"
[03:21] Shadowcaller: Staring at your group shocked.
[03:22] Shadowcaller: (Nope, too shocked to speak >.>)
[03:23] Happy: *pokes Murska*
[03:24] Murska: 'Calm down.'
[03:24] Shadowcaller: (what language?)
[03:24] Murska: (Elvish)
[03:25] Shadowcaller: "Wh-who are you?" She stammers in elven, retreating back a bit.
[03:25] Murska: 'Aegnor. You?'
[03:27] Shadowcaller: "Fe-felia…" She pauses "Dad told me not to talk to stangers…"
[03:27] Murska: 'Who's your dad?'
[03:28] Shadowcaller: "Uhh… why? What are you doing here?"
[03:28] Murska: 'Trying to get out.
[03:29] Shadowcaller: She appears a bit nervous and very shy. She dosen't seem to interact with many people. "Get out?" o.O "Why would you want to get out?"
[03:29] Murska: 'Because we want to get back to our friends and lives?'
[03:30] Shadowcaller: "…your mad aren't you?" She backs away further.
[03:30] Happy: Hope quietly moves, trying to get behind the girl without her noticing.
[03:31] Murska: 'No. Are you?'
[03:31] Shadowcaller: (She is mostly focused on Aegnor so thats quite easy.) "…no. But anyone out there is."
[03:32] Happy: Shemakes sure she's cut off her escape then.
[03:33] Shadowcaller: Felia turns slightly towards the room where she see Hope "…Oh, Hi…"
[03:33] Shadowcaller: (*hall.)
[03:34] Wolfbane: "All we want to do is leave and never come back. We won't cause trouble."
[03:34] Murska: 'They go mad when they're forcibly brought here from their life.'
[03:35] Shadowcaller: She appears even more afraid shifting her gaze between all of you. "I- I don't know what you are tal-talking about."
[03:36] Wolfbane: "I've been kidnapped every time I've slept and brought here."
[03:36] Wolfbane: "I don't want to be here any more. I just want to go home and /stay/ there."
[03:37] Shadowcaller: Felia shakes her head "No, I don't know."
[03:37] Happy: "Who is your father?"
[03:37] Shadowcaller: "…Nodo. Wh- why?"
[03:38] Wolfbane: "He brought me here and tried to keep me here."
[03:38] Happy: "I think you need to take us to him."
[03:38] Shadowcaller: "I don't know about that…" She says as she looks right down to the floor.
[03:39] Wolfbane: "How don;t you know? He kept a muse locked up in that room *pointing*, a head in that jar, and tried to keep me here against my will."
[03:40] Shadowcaller: She shakes her head again, looking even more afraid by all these questions. "D-dad is busy. I- I'm not allowed to see h-him right no-now."
[03:41] Murska: 'Where?'
[03:42] Shadowcaller: "…at the Cyan room."
[03:42] Wolfbane: (What was in that room?)
[03:42] Shadowcaller: (You have no idea where that is.)
[03:42] Murska: 'Hm. Who was the one practicing with the piano?'
[03:43] Wolfbane: (Oh, I thought it was the one with the blue door)
[03:43] Shadowcaller: She just nods. "Me."
[03:43] Murska: 'It was pretty good.' He smiles.
[03:45] Shadowcaller: Felia looks supeised and blushes "T-thanks… I pr-practice a lot." She turns away her head, shy.
[03:45] Shadowcaller: *suprised
[03:45] Murska: 'It might be nice to play together some time if not for the whole kidnapping people from their dreams thing.'
[03:46] Shadowcaller: "Uh…" She pauses "I don't know about that… I just play…"
[03:46] Murska: 'Could you take us to the cyan room?'
[03:47] Shadowcaller: "I'm not supposed to be there…"
[03:47] Murska: 'Well just show us where it is?'
[03:47] Shadowcaller: "Dad says it's dangerous…"
[03:47] Shadowcaller: "…I gue- guess."
[03:49] Shadowcaller: She turns around, facing Hope. "It's this way…"
[03:50] Murska: » I suppose she steps aside and they follow her?
[03:50] Happy: Yes
[03:51] Shadowcaller: I guess. As they walk throught the large hall, all the skeletons are watching them "…should I take them along?"
[03:51] Shadowcaller: She appears to be a bit more condifent with them around.
[03:51] Shadowcaller: *confident
[03:51] Murska: 'I don't think they're needed.'
[03:52] Shadowcaller: "O-okay." You continue into the garden and then into the room with many doors.
[03:53] Shadowcaller: Felia turns to the large door. "Here is were my mothers used to be…"
[03:53] Shadowcaller: "I-in the room that is."
[03:54] Shadowcaller: She fishes out a small key from her pocket and unlocks the door.
[03:54] Shadowcaller: As she opens it you can feel a strong wind against you.
[03:55] Happy: "What happened to them?"
[03:55] Shadowcaller: "…dad said they went mad. A lot of people here do-dose."
[03:56] Murska: 'Not surprised.'
[03:56] Murska: 'You're the only one who hasn't yet as far as we know.'
[03:57] Shadowcaller: "…dad says the music keeps us sane."
[03:57] Shadowcaller: "He wants me to play every day."
[03:58] Murska: 'Mm.' What's the room beyond the door like?
[03:59] Shadowcaller: She steps beyond the door which leads into a corridor where all the walls are made by glas. outside the glas is a tropical envoirment. But the corridor seems to work like a wind tunnel for some reason. "It's safe… it fe-feels nice here."
[03:59] Happy: "Who else is here? Besides you and your dad?"
[04:01] Shadowcaller: "Oh, a lot of people, Raphel, Ulrich, Trion, Sl-Sl… I can't say his name." She looks at Hope awkardly.
[04:02] Shadowcaller: "I just call him Slime." >.>
[04:02] Wolfbane: "The giant frog thing?"
[04:03] Shadowcaller: "Jim? No, thats his pet."
[04:04] Shadowcaller: She continues down the corridor, there are a lot of strange animals wanderoing around outside the glass walls, its a whole tropical park outside.
[04:04] Shadowcaller: *wandering
[04:05] Shadowcaller: "The madness can't pass the walls… most of the time."
[04:05] Murska: /Her father seems to, though…/
[04:05] Wolfbane: "What madness?"
[04:06] Shadowcaller: "The one outside silly."
[04:06] Shadowcaller: "Thats why I don't understand why you like to go out there." o.O
[04:07] Wolfbane: "But there is no madness out there. I've lived there all my life and I'm fine."
[04:07] Murska: 'Not as much as in here, anyway.'
[04:07] Wolfbane: "And what would you care, all we want to do is go home."
[04:08] Shadowcaller: A large bird with two pair of wings settles down on the glass corridors celling.
[04:08] Happy: "Even if we are mad, shouldn't we be allowed to go back to our mad lives if we want?"
[04:09] Shadowcaller: "I never heard of that place you come from…" She looks down at the floor again. Her pupilless, bloodred eyes is hidden by her hand.
[04:10] Murska: 'You've lived here your entire life then?'
[04:10] Murska: (Naib would be horrified :P)
[04:10] Shadowcaller: She nods.
[04:11] Wolfbane: "Why were we brought here then?"
[04:11] Shadowcaller: "Brought?"
[04:11] Shadowcaller: As you continue down the corridor you see it split in two.
[04:11] Happy: "We weren't here before. Now we are," Hope says, a touch irritably. "How do you think that happened?"
[04:12] Wolfbane: "How else would we get here? I was on ship sleeping peacefully when I find myself here, being attacked by dancing people."
[04:12] Shadowcaller: "…I don't know. Dad says people like to visit sometimes."
[04:12] Shadowcaller: "I was born here of course."
[04:13] Shadowcaller: "I dunno how you got here."
[04:13] Murska: 'I can't see why anyone would WANT to visit here.'
[04:13] Shadowcaller: "…I think it's nice." >.>
[04:13] Murska: 'Well, you haven't lived anywhere else.'
[04:13] Shadowcaller: She turns right and you notice how the corridor starts to go upwards.
[04:14] Wolfbane: Does Goldie smell anything from her?
[04:14] Happy: "Felia, how would you feel if you suddenly found yourself somewhere else? Wouldn't you want to get back to your home?"
[04:14] Shadowcaller: "Of course!"
[04:15] Shadowcaller: She reeks of death, most likely from the skeletons.
[04:15] Wolfbane: "Thats how we feel. All we want to do is go home."
[04:15] Murska: 'Without being dragged back, that is.'
[04:15] Shadowcaller: "…I dunno." >.>
[04:17] Shadowcaller: After some time you reach another double door. There is a huge scoprion carved into it. She takes up a slightly larger key from her pocket and unlockes this one aswell.
[04:17] Happy: "What don't you know?"
[04:17] Shadowcaller: "Aobut you being dragged and stuff." >.>
[04:17] Shadowcaller: *about
[04:17] Wolfbane: "I certainly didn't /want/ to be here."
[04:17] Shadowcaller: *unlocks
[04:18] Shadowcaller: "…oka-okay. I'll hurry…"
[04:18] Shadowcaller: She pushes the door open.
[04:20] Shadowcaller: Inside a red-skinned lizardman (or at least something that resembles a lizardman vaguley) dressed in black sylish clothes turns to you. It's eyes are completely yellow. "Hi Trion." She waves at it.
[04:20] Murska: bee arr bee, shower
[04:22] Shadowcaller: The room looks quite comfortable. There are pillows and curtains in many different colors hanging around.
[04:24] Shadowcaller: You can see the silhouette of two quite clearly naked ladies in a sideroom hugging each other. "Sss…not supposed to be here Felia."
[04:25] Shadowcaller: The Lizardman turns to look at you "…new onesss?"
[04:25] Shadowcaller: She nods.
[04:25] Wolfbane: "We wish to go home, that is all."
[04:27] Shadowcaller: He smiles and appears to focus at Goldie "Who might you be then?" She can feel magic from him.
[04:27] Shadowcaller: Which is rather strange since Lizardmen aren't supposed to be able to handle that.
[04:28] Wolfbane: "Just a little girl who wants to be home and left alone."
[04:28] Wolfbane: She is a little irritated
[04:29] Shadowcaller: He shrugs "Thisss isn't a place for limited visssions."
[04:29] Happy: Hope puts a hand on Goldie's shoulder. (How tall is she now?)
[04:29] Wolfbane: (Almost 5ft)
[04:29] Wolfbane: (about as tall as Cessie)
[04:30] Shadowcaller: (She's taller then 5 feet >.>)
[04:30] Wolfbane: (Oh, then a little shorter than Cessie)
[04:32] Shadowcaller: There are some humans/elves moving around among the pillows and beds here, they are clearly naked. The lizardman appears to be rather bored however.
[04:32] Happy: "Can we move on?"
[04:33] Shadowcaller: She nods "Bye Tiron!" She waves at him again. He mearly makes a dissmissive geature at her. She opens a door to your right.
[04:33] Shadowcaller: *gesture
[04:34] Shadowcaller: You enter what appears to be an library.
[04:35] Shadowcaller: An quite empty library.
[04:36] Happy: We keep moving
[04:36] Shadowcaller: There are skeletons moving about. These ones are armored and wears helemets.
[04:36] Shadowcaller: They seem to ignore you as you move on however.
[04:37] Shadowcaller: On the floor are scattered remains of bizzare constructs. Much like the ones you saw inside the chapell.
[04:37] Shadowcaller: The skeletons seems to be breaking them apart.
[04:38] Shadowcaller: There are signs of battle everywhere.
[04:38] Shadowcaller: But not that recent.
[04:39] Shadowcaller: You walk among the shelves for a while, forced to take detours as some of them have fallen over.
[04:39] Shadowcaller: Finally you come to a door in the color of cyan.
[04:39] Murska: back
[04:40] Shadowcaller: "Here…" Felia smiles slightly.
[04:40] Wolfbane: (Has Hope and GOldie switched daggers?)
[04:41] Shadowcaller: And then pushes the door open. The cyan "room" is in fact a hall, a very large hall.
[04:41] Shadowcaller: You can see barricades that a group of skeletons are hiding behind.
[04:42] Shadowcaller: A clicking noise, much like the one in the chapell passes by.
[04:42] Shadowcaller: Followed by the sound of an explosion.
[04:42] Shadowcaller: "Dad?" Felia looks around.
[04:42] Happy: (No, they never did switch)
[04:43] Wolfbane: Goldie offers to switch. She doesn't like the feel of metal as much. >.>
[04:43] Happy: (Then they switch)
[04:44] Shadowcaller: "Felia?" Goldie shivers as she hears the voice.
[04:44] Wolfbane: Goldie clentches her teeth to keep from growling.
[04:45] Shadowcaller: You can see Nodo standing to your right, along with a group of heavily armored and armed skeletons.
[04:45] Wolfbane: Hope and Aegnor will probably notice her fur standing on edge a bit.
[04:45] Shadowcaller: Aegnor can feel a strong spirit energy, even stronger then the sorrounding area coming from this albino elf.
[04:46] Shadowcaller: He looks pretty much as Goldie remembered him, even the smug smile is there.
[04:47] Shadowcaller: He laughs soflty as he appears to notice you "…see what the dog dragged in."
[04:47] Shadowcaller: Felia appears to become very nervous by this.
[04:47] Wolfbane: "Just let me go home and stay there."
[04:49] Shadowcaller: "Go home?" He raises en eyebrow "This *is* your home now."
[04:49] Happy: "No, it's not."
[04:49] Murska: 'It is not.'
[04:49] Wolfbane: "No. It isn't."
[04:49] Murska: (:P)
[04:49] Wolfbane: "This was never my home."
[04:50] Murska: 'Why'd anyone want to live here?'
[04:50] Shadowcaller: He smiles, "It have it's advantages…"
[04:50] Wolfbane: "Did Ulritch call this home? Is that why he asked me to kill him?"
[04:50] Wolfbane: (I imagine that is news to Felia)
[04:51] Shadowcaller: "Ulrich? Ah, I'm glad you did that, poor fellow could not keep up anymore."
[04:52] Wolfbane: "Is that also why Syphonia begged to be freed from chains and torture?"
[04:52] Shadowcaller: Felia seems to shrink back as you speak, even more then usual.
[04:53] Happy: Hope takes a step closer to Felia.
[04:53] Shadowcaller: "Ah… sweet, sweet Syphonia, some of my best music came from her."
[04:53] Murska: 'Then how can you call it /your/ music?'
[04:53] Shadowcaller: "But she was drained, it was time to move on."
[04:54] Shadowcaller: "Inspiration of course."
[04:54] Wolfbane: "You /stole/ it from her."
[04:55] Shadowcaller: "No, I mearly gained… why am I even explaining this to you?"
[04:55] Happy: "Why are we even here? Let us go."
[04:56] Shadowcaller: "Beacuse I want you to be here. Well, maybe not you and him." He points at Aegnor. "But the wolfen girl will just be fine."
[04:56] Murska: 'Who cares about what you want?'
[04:56] Murska: 'You're just some freak.'
[04:57] Wolfbane: "And why me? Why did you kidnap me?"
[04:57] Shadowcaller: "Oh, I'm freakish alright, to the very core. The deep realms have that effect…"
[04:58] Murska: 'Didn't to me.'
[04:58] Shadowcaller: "You speak as you aren't there."
[04:58] Murska: Aegnor shrugs. 'It was a bit different last time.'
[04:59] Shadowcaller: "Yes… this place protects us. But enough time down here and you change after all."
[04:59] Wolfbane: "But isn't the Gate open now?"
[04:59] Happy: Hope takes another step closer to Felia.
[05:00] Shadowcaller: She is shivering at the moment. Afraid of either the battle field around her or the current conversation.
[05:01] Shadowcaller: "Gate?"
[05:02] Murska: 'So, let us all go home, never to return.'
[05:02] Shadowcaller: "…nevermind, I rather send you two back where you belong right away."
[05:02] Shadowcaller: "Raphel?"
[05:04] Shadowcaller: There is a spark near Nodo and Rephel appears "…you called oh mighty one?" his voice oozes of sarcasm.
[05:04] Happy: Hope tries to grab Felia.
[05:05] Shadowcaller: She grabs her and Nodo raises an eyebrow. Felia is too afraid to even resist, her heathbeat is very rapid.
[05:06] Shadowcaller: It sounds like she might go into shock >.>
[05:06] Shadowcaller: Raphel also turns his attention to the scene, along with every skeleton nearby.
[05:07] Happy: "You hurt my cub, and I'll hurt yours," Hope says.
[05:07] Murska: 'I don't think that'll work.'
[05:07] Shadowcaller: Nodo smiles "Your a clever one kin."
[05:07] Wolfbane: "Raphel, send us all back never to return, and I know someone who can send you to the fire plane if you want. You don't need to serve him."
[05:09] Shadowcaller: "Don't even think about it Raphel…"
[05:09] Wolfbane: "Raphel, if I stay here, I can't very well return the favors, can I?"
[05:10] Murska: Aegnor is holding Godslayer and another dagger in his hands, hidden in his clothing.
[05:10] Murska: /Jugan?/
[05:10] Shadowcaller: There is static.
[05:10] Happy: Hope puts her dagger to Felia's throat.
[05:11] Murska: 'Don't do that, she hasn't done anything wrong.'
[05:11] Shadowcaller: She starts to shake uncontrollably
[05:11] Wolfbane: "Raphel, I'll even make sure you get sent there free. And I'll still owe you a favor.
[05:11] Wolfbane: "
[05:12] Shadowcaller: Goldie can hear Raphels voice in her head /I can't send you home permanently… he is returning you every time./
[05:13] Wolfbane: /So the only way is to kill him?/
[05:13] Shadowcaller: /…challenge him./
[05:13] Wolfbane: /To what?/
[05:15] Shadowcaller: Nodo dosen't appear to be that touched by his child being threatened "Hm, little poor child…"
[05:15] Shadowcaller: /Music… yes, he can't resist that./
[05:16] Wolfbane: /But I'm not very good at anything other than Wolfen…/
[05:16] Shadowcaller: "I'm suprised you can hold her still when she shakes that much."
[05:17] Shadowcaller: /Then… that's all I got lady, sorry./
[05:17] Shadowcaller: "Then again, her mother was quite easy to handle…"
[05:18] Wolfbane: "I challenge you."
[05:18] Murska: Aegnor glances at her.
[05:18] Murska: (running out of time)
[05:18] Murska: (Namely, ten minutes)
[05:18] Shadowcaller: (Indeed…)
[05:19] Happy: Hope goes tense all over.
[05:19] Shadowcaller: "Hm?" He glances at Goldie.
[05:19] Shadowcaller: Felia is quite hard to hold still since she have gone into shock.
[05:19] Wolfbane: "Finally, you acknowledge my existance." /sarcasm
[05:20] Wolfbane: acknowledged*
[05:20] Wolfbane: '"You heard me."
[05:20] Happy: Hope sends a tiny amount of healing into her.
[05:21] Shadowcaller: She can feel that her own energy seems to almost endless here o.O
[05:21] Shadowcaller: (healing enenrgy that is.)
[05:21] Wolfbane: (Goldie suddenly summons a wall of pure stone up out of the ground and armor appears on her. :P))
[05:21] Shadowcaller: But that tiny dose dosen't help much. Felia is still shaking
[05:22] Shadowcaller: (Only spirit energy, sorry.)
[05:22] Wolfbane: :(
[05:22] Murska: (Aegnor combusts his brain with a whistle)
[05:22] Murska: (^^)
[05:22] Happy: She gives her a little more then, to try and stabilize her.
[05:23] Shadowcaller: "Would have sounded intresting… unless I knew it would be a utter waste of time."
[05:23] Shadowcaller: (Nodo is also a speaker >.>)
[05:23] Shadowcaller: (A powerful one to that.)
[05:24] Shadowcaller: R
[05:24] Murska: (Well, that has nothing to do with Aegnor's ability)
[05:24] Wolfbane: "I would declare my friend Aegnor my champion in a contest of music. Does that seem a waste of time now?"
[05:25] Shadowcaller: Felia appears to calm down a bit.
[05:25] Murska: Aegnor raises an eyebrow.
[05:26] Shadowcaller: Nodo laughs "Really? Then who might this Aegnor be made of then?" He glances At Aegnor.
[05:26] Murska: 'I suppose I can play.'
[05:26] Shadowcaller: "I don't just play against anybody."
[05:27] Murska: 'Nobody but those inferior to you?'
[05:27] Murska: 'If there are any, that is.'
[05:28] Shadowcaller: "Show me that you have some talent first and I might consider it. It needs to be a challange after all."
[05:28] Murska: (2 minutes, maybe leave this 'till later?)
[05:28] Happy: (yeah)
[05:28] Shadowcaller: (Sure.)
[05:29] Happy: (i'll do the log)
[05:29] Shadowcaller: (was planning that >.>=
[05:30] Shadowcaller: So, how was all that?
[05:30] Happy: see, this is why we always want you to GM
[05:30] Shadowcaller: >.>
[05:30] Happy: bai Murska
[05:30] Happy: *hugs*
[05:31] Wolfbane: Goldie is probably going to break down for a while after all this. Don't expect much of her afterwards.
[05:31] Shadowcaller: (Nodo cares a bit more about Felia that he likes to show >.>)
[05:31] Murska: can we abandon her?
[05:31] Shadowcaller: (Bye Murska.)
[05:31] Wolfbane: no
[05:31] Murska: v.v
[05:31] Murska: bye
[05:31] Murska: freak child »
[05:31] Wolfbane: heh
[05:31] *** Aegnor has left the conversation.

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