New Dys 109

[02:03] Wolfbane: Promise and Hope here then?
[02:03] Happy [8]: yes
[02:03] Happy [8]: you set the scene
[02:04] Wolfbane: This is probably the night after they all met up. Zubera's realm good?
[02:04] Happy [8]: sure
[02:07] Wolfbane: Then once they are alone (as much as they can be there) "Hope?"
[02:08] Happy [8]: Hope smiles at him, though the smile is a little strained. "What is it, Promise?"
[02:09] Wolfbane: Promise takes her hand and squeezes it gently. "I wanted to apologize for earlier, and you're right."
[02:10] Happy [8]: "You don't have to apologize for anything."
[02:11] Wolfbane: He shakes his head slightly. "No, I need to. You're right about there being a lot more for us now. I can't be risking myself needlessly. Neither of us can now."
[02:13] Happy [8]: She leans against him and nuzzles him. "You are everything to me."
[02:17] Wolfbane: Promise puts his arms around her and nuzzles back. "As are you. I can't stand the thought of losing you, but don't forget, we have more than just ourselves to worry about now."
[02:18] Happy [8]: "I would never have tried to interfere if you were at full strength."
[02:20] Wolfbane: "Thank you for doing so. I had let my pride get in the way of thinking right. I just didn't like being treated like I'm actually this old."

[02:33] Happy [8]: "You aren't old. You're injured. You'll heal."
[02:34] Happy [8]: "But you should get used to it, because I intend that you will grow that old in the more customary way."
[02:34] Wolfbane: Promise smiles. "I'll be glad to as long as you're with me."
[02:37] Happy [8]: "I wouldn't be anywhere else."
[02:41] Wolfbane: "I know…" He looks a bit antsy.
[02:42] Happy [8]: She scratches under his chin, in the spot he likes. "Go on…"
[02:44] Wolfbane: He smiles a little before looking a bit tired and sad. "If we're to grow old together, I'm…I'm not sure we can keep doing this."
[02:46] Happy [8]: "No. This isn't the life I want for Goldie."
[02:47] Wolfbane: He nuzzles her. "No, it isn't a good one for her. She's been through a lot. /We've/ been through a lot."
[02:48] Happy [8]: "What do you think of going back to the Tree? Settling there?"
[02:50] Wolfbane: "Its an awful long way from here, but the idea is nice. There is also New Gallion if you wished. Wherever you think would be a good place."
[02:52] Happy [8]: "I want to be near Cessie and Aegnor."
[02:54] Wolfbane: He smiles. "I want to be near them as well. After this long together, it'd hardly due for us to be separated from them."
[02:55] Happy [8]: "I talked to them today… not at the same time. They feel the same way we do. They want to find a home. To settle."
[02:55] Wolfbane: "Its about time we /all/ settle down soon."
[02:57] Happy [8]: And maybe Goldie comes in now and they go to sleep in a big pile?
[02:58] Wolfbane: Sure
[03:00] Wolfbane: *hugs*
[03:00] Wolfbane: Have a good night

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