New Dys 02

[16:37] Shadowcaller: So, they step down on the landplank?
[16:40] Shadowcaller: (just remember, (Link: >.>)
[16:40] Wolfbane: The marketplace should be easy to find, with all the people there and everything. There is just about everything that you could want. There are many guards, they seem to be keeping a close eye on things.
[16:40] Wolfbane: (I'm using that)
[16:41] Shadowcaller: Cessie starts to look around for anything magical, or possibly books. (feel around for magic that is.)
[16:43] Wolfbane: She'll see a stall with cheap magic trinkets next to a stall with books.
[16:44] Murska: Aegnor looks around for mostly useful things but also for instruments(and listens for music) and weaponry.
[16:44] Murska: While accompanying Cessie.
[16:44] Wolfbane: He'll see that a little ways away is a stall with a few string instruments and there are plenty of weapon stalls around. Anything specific?
[16:45] Shadowcaller: "We have a limited economy. We need to buy only the most essatial."
[16:46] Shadowcaller: "We got food, we got clothes, we got water… space. Too bad that can't be bought…"
[16:47] Shadowcaller: "Anything else?"
[16:49] Murska: 'That seems like the essentials. Although I might argue the point about us having clothes…'
[16:51] Shadowcaller: She smiles knowingly and replies with a lowered voice "Not now… thought we won't be able to do it for two months…"
[16:52] Murska: 'At least we have our dreams.' He smiles back. 'Well then…'
[16:52] Murska: (How much do we have)
[16:53] Shadowcaller: (Um, 1 gold flliat, 6 silver flliat and 16 copper kuceb.)
[16:54] Shadowcaller: (Gah, need to eat… be back soon.)
[16:54] Murska: (horrible impossible-to-pronounce-let-alone-remember words… what does that mean in relative buying power)
[17:00] Wolfbane: brb, lunch
[17:07] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[17:08] Shadowcaller: (1 gold fillat = 10 silver fillat = 100 copper kuceb.)
[17:08] Shadowcaller: (We could call them all filliat.)
[17:08] Shadowcaller: (Thats easy to remember.)
[17:08] Shadowcaller: (In relative buying power… any idea how to explain that?)
[17:12] Murska: (Well what can you buy with that?)
[17:13] Shadowcaller: (Two weeks of food for a family of 5.)
[17:13] Shadowcaller: (WHich is relative too…)
[17:15] Murska: (Are they just called 'gold, silver' and such or do they contain such metals and if so, in what amounts?)
[17:15] Shadowcaller: (They contain very little amounts of the mental they are named of.)
[17:15] Shadowcaller: *metal
[17:16] Shadowcaller: (THink it as… about 650 euro?)
[17:16] Murska: (From that we can draw the conclusion that the empire using them has had a lot of inflation and thus might be in economical trouble)
[17:16] Shadowcaller: (Bah, figure out something better then.)
[17:17] Murska: (Why? That's all good.)
[17:17] Shadowcaller: (How did you figure out that by the way?)
[17:18] Murska: (Minted coin starts from nigh' pure precious metals, of course, since it's the next step from using pieces of said precious metal weighed on the spot)
[17:18] Murska: (When the empire has to mint more coin, they run out of metal
[17:18] Murska: (and dilute it)
[17:18] Murska: (more and more)
[17:18] Murska: (so it loses value)
[17:19] Shadowcaller: (Actually, the coins have never actually never been pure gold. It contains the same amount.)
[17:20] Shadowcaller: (Or silver for that matter.)
[17:20] Murska: (So how did they evolve minted coins then? People just one day decided that if we call this piece of whatever waste it happens to be gold and put a sign on it it's worth a piece of gold that size?)
[17:22] Wolfbane: back
[17:23] Shadowcaller: (They evolved from other coins, normally trade bars are used, but as other nations used "real" minted coins with a certain amount of gold, the empire started to make their own coins, with the same amount. It's a rule founded by some of the first trade empires to use precious metal within coins.)
[17:23] Murska: (Coin = A piece of metal which the nation minting them has an obligation to give a certain value of precious metal, such as gold, for)
[17:24] Shadowcaller: (Yes, its the same amount everywhere.)
[17:25] Shadowcaller: (Of minting that is.)
[17:25] Shadowcaller: (Anyhow…)
[17:26] Murska: (Well, that means either these people have huge storages of precious metals or their economy doesn't grow.)
[17:26] Murska: (If the former, let's break in!)
[17:27] Wolfbane: Cessie will recognize most of the magical trinkets as minor things such as sleeping aid spells, love charms which may or may not work, things like that. She'll also recognize a few of the books as being pretty hard to find and a few are even in common.
[17:27] Shadowcaller: "Yes, we ought to start somewhere…"
[17:28] Shadowcaller: (remember that "parmanent" magical items are supposed to be rare.)
[17:28] Wolfbane: (I know, these are one use things)
[17:29] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, just remembering you >.>) "Love potions? What immoral person would use such things?"
[17:29] Shadowcaller: *charms
[17:29] Wolfbane: brb
[17:29] Wolfbane: Probably their vender as he is a rather… large man.
[17:29] Wolfbane: :P
[17:30] Wolfbane: brb
[17:30] Shadowcaller: "I bet they don't even work…"
[17:31] Murska: 'It's not like you can't charm me without.' *smile*
[17:32] Murska: Aegnor examines the books.
[17:32] Shadowcaller: Cessie smiles back "I would hope so…"
[17:33] Wolfbane: back
[17:34] Shadowcaller: She looks over the enchantments.
[17:39] Wolfbane: The books are mostly stories, histories, and magic theory texts. Aegnor probably recognizes most of the stories. The enchantments are mostly cheap things, some that are supposed to bring good luck, a one use shield and other petty tricks.
[17:40] Shadowcaller: Cessie tries to avoid the venders attention and goes throught the books instead.
[17:40] Murska: 'Hmm. You know…'
[17:40] Shadowcaller: "Hm?"
[17:41] Murska: 'We thought of starting to teach Hope to read on the trip. But we'd need suitable books.'
[17:42] Shadowcaller: "Oh, you are teaching her to read? Thats wonderful!"
[17:42] Wolfbane: The most of the magic books are ones that she has, but one on Advanced Elemental Summonings catches her eye. There are also several stories that would be easy to teach people to read from.
[17:43] Shadowcaller: Cessie takes out the story book and flips throught a few pages. (if that seems to be okay here.)
[17:44] Wolfbane: The vendor keeps a close eye on you, but doesn't stop you.
[17:44] Shadowcaller: She shows the book to Aegnor "What do you think?"
[17:45] Murska: 'I suppose. Though books like that aren't /proper/ storytelling, they're probably easier for reading practice than the books on magical theory.' *grin*
[17:45] Murska: (in Common I suppose)
[17:45] Shadowcaller: (Yes.)
[17:45] Murska: (the book that is)
[17:45] Shadowcaller: (Ah.)
[17:45] Wolfbane: (Yes, a few of the books are)
[17:45] Shadowcaller: (Is this one?)
[17:45] Wolfbane: (Yes)
[17:46] Shadowcaller: "I read all stories I ever learned from books…"
[17:48] Shadowcaller: (Is Simone with us? I suppose they talk Kyouhen here?)
[17:48] Wolfbane: (Naib can translate, can't he?)
[17:48] Murska: (Yup.)
[17:48] Murska: (But he isn't on the whole trip, is he?)
[17:49] Wolfbane: (Hmm… Okay, Happy did say use Simone)
[17:49] Wolfbane: Simone is there, staying close so Cessie doesn't get pickpocketed.
[17:50] Shadowcaller: Cessie turns to Simone "Can you ask how much this one costs?" (I suppose Simone would haggle.)
[17:51] Wolfbane: (How much do you all have?)
[17:51] Wolfbane: Simone nods and begins to speak to the vendor.
[17:52] Shadowcaller: 1 gold flliat, 6 silver flliat and 16 copper filliat.)
[17:53] Wolfbane: After a short exchange, Simone turns to Cessie. "4 copper as it is only a story book."
[17:54] Wolfbane: (*is not entirely sure how cheap or expensive that is*)
[17:55] Shadowcaller: "Can we get a discount if we buy two? I would like this one too." She picks up the one about advanced elemental summonings.
[17:57] Wolfbane: Simone speaks to the vendor again. "He says it'll cost 1 silver total and that the book would normally be 2."
[17:58] Shadowcaller: Cessie appears to think a moment, then she picks up her bag and lets a singel silver filliat drop into her palm. "Say we accept that deal."
[17:59] Wolfbane: Simone does so and the vendor smiles, offering his hand for the coin.
[17:59] Murska: (Didn't she give the money to Aegnor anyway)
[18:00] Shadowcaller: She puts it in his hand. (She took some money, she dosen't have all of it.)
[18:00] Shadowcaller: (Most of the money is with him.)
[18:00] Wolfbane: The vendor takes it and goes back to ignoring the group.
[18:00] Wolfbane: (Where to now?)
[18:02] Shadowcaller: (Hm..)
[18:02] Shadowcaller: "So, where to now?"
[18:02] Shadowcaller: She turns away from the vendor
[18:03] Shadowcaller: Keeping the books close to her body.
[18:03] Murska: 'Hmm. Anything else we pressingly need?'
[18:03] Shadowcaller: "I don't know really? Maybe some sweets?"
[18:04] Shadowcaller: "I heard ships food is really bad… we should buy some fruits too."
[18:05] Murska: 'Yeah, though I'm not sure how long they'll last. Let's buy edibles last, though, so we don't have to ferry them around the city.'
[18:05] Murska: Meanwhile they walk around and Aegnor keeps an eye out for anything especially interesting. :P
[18:06] Shadowcaller: (Cessie don't really have the practical mind;))
[18:06] Shadowcaller: She eyes the crowd suspiciously, especially anyone looking in her direction. "Okay, so what now?"
[18:08] Wolfbane: There are a few weapon stalls, nothing too special, mostly cheaply made or ceremonial in make.
[18:08] Murska: 'Let's just look around for a while if we can't think of anything that important. There's nothing wrong with saving our money, either.'
[18:09] Murska: Aegnor doesn't bother much with the weapons, he just glances them over. Real good quality weaponry is the only thing really worth it and no point in wasting their money on something like that now.
[18:09] Shadowcaller: "I'm saving most of the money for New Dys Aegnor, don't worry."
[18:09] Murska: (Hope's herbs? Did we get some list or something? Or did she get those herself or something?)
[18:10] Wolfbane: There are a lot of clothing stands, most of their dresses are very expensive though. Plenty of food stalls, and jewelery. And yes, there is a stall for herbs and spices.
[18:11] Shadowcaller: (They sell dresses eh? Custom made I suppose…) The stall for herbs appears to catch Cessie's eyes "Let's buy some herbs then, Hope gave us a list."
[18:11] Shadowcaller: (We can always re-con that if it wasn't the case.)
[18:11] Murska: 'Yeah.'
[18:12] Shadowcaller: (brb, bathroom.)
[18:12] Wolfbane: Many of the herbs on the list are there, especially the ginger as this is a port town.
[18:14] Murska: (Heh. How can something especially be on sale in a stall? :P
[18:14] Wolfbane: (Many people get seasick. Ginger is a common cure)
[18:14] Murska: (Yeah, but it either is on sale or is not. What's the 'especially' doing?)
[18:14] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[18:15] Murska: They look over the herbs and pick the ones they need, I suppose.
[18:15] Wolfbane: (It just means there is a rather large supply of it)
[18:15] Shadowcaller: They do.
[18:16] Shadowcaller: "Um… Simone?" Cessie says after they bought the herbs (for how much?)
[18:16] Wolfbane: (4 copper, fairly cheap)
[18:16] Wolfbane: (After all, you just bought enough ginger for 2 months <.<)
[18:17] Shadowcaller: (Lets say Simone have haggled down all those prices as that is what she would have done.)
[18:17] Wolfbane: (SHe did)
[18:17] Shadowcaller: (They pay it.)
[18:18] Wolfbane: "Yes?"
[18:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie leans towards her mysteriosly, "Could you go to the cloth stand and…" She lowers her voice "See if you can buy some underwear for me?"
[18:20] Wolfbane: Does she give Simone money?
[18:21] Shadowcaller: (She dose.)
[18:21] Wolfbane: ((My professor emailed me for my next class. He is sick too))
[18:21] Shadowcaller: (o.O)
[18:21] Wolfbane: (Class is cancelled needless to say))
[18:21] Shadowcaller: She gives Simone her bag.
[18:22] Wolfbane: Simone takes it. "I'll be back in a moment." She heads off.
[18:22] Shadowcaller: "I need complete sets…"
[18:22] Wolfbane: "How many?"
[18:22] Shadowcaller: "Uh… depends on what they cost, three, four? Just to be safe."
[18:23] Murska: Aegnor is looking at the hushed up conversation from a few steps away, curious. :P
[18:23] Wolfbane: Simone nods and scampers off
[18:23] Shadowcaller: Cessie goes back to Aegnor.
[18:24] Murska: 'What was that about?'
[18:24] Shadowcaller: "Nothing special, I just wanted Simone to buy some clothes for me."
[18:24] Murska: 'Oh.' He looks curious but doesn't ask anything more.
[18:24] Shadowcaller: "What?"
[18:25] Murska: 'What what?'
[18:26] Shadowcaller: "…nevermind. Let's just wait for Simone here shall we?"
[18:26] Murska: (Chili in nose = uncomfortable)
[18:27] Shadowcaller: () /Simone? Be discret about it…/
[18:27] Murska: 'Okay.' Aegnor looks around, keeping watch for pickpockets and looking over the nearby stalls.
[18:28] Wolfbane: After a few moments, Simone returns and hands the bag to Cessie. "I found three. They were cheap, only 6 copper." she whispers to Cessie.
[18:29] Shadowcaller: "Thanks…"Cessie whispers back. She opens the bag and takes a quick look.
[18:30] Wolfbane: There is a set of white, black, and red. "They were the better ones." Simone whispers.
[18:31] Shadowcaller: "Colors?" o.O "Do I need to ask how the bad ones were?" She whispers back.
[18:32] Shadowcaller: (Cessie have her underwear plain:P)
[18:32] Wolfbane: "You don't want to know. These were modest."
[18:32] Shadowcaller: "…right. Thanks."
[18:33] Shadowcaller: She turns back to Aegnor "So, where to now?"
[18:34] Murska: 'Let's look around.' He'll stop if he sees ye olde music shoppe again.
[18:35] Shadowcaller: Cessie follows him this time, still looking around for people who might be watching them.
[18:35] Wolfbane: There is one, the intruments are mostly okay quality and there are no large ones. No one is following them.
[18:35] Shadowcaller: (Looking at them that is.)
[18:36] Murska: Any tabs/notes/chords/lyrics for easy songs? (to sing, that is)
[18:37] Wolfbane: There is a simple music book, its the only one in common.
[18:38] Shadowcaller: Cessie puts her books in the same bag as the underwear.
[18:39] Murska: He examines it critically. :P
[18:40] Wolfbane: …
[18:40] Wolfbane: The music book attacks Aegnor's face.
[18:40] Wolfbane: :P
[18:40] Wolfbane: j/k
[18:41] Shadowcaller: (It's allied with the crate! Run!)
[18:43] Shadowcaller: (Anyway… >.>)
[18:44] Wolfbane: Its only a simple song book, nothing special.
[18:44] Wolfbane: ANd yes, it has the notes the singer is supposed to reach.
[18:44] Murska: He shows it to Cessie. 'What do you think? Could you spend time for music even while I'm doing something else?'
[18:45] Shadowcaller: She looks at it "Uhh… maybe you ought to learn me notes and such things first? I get the texts and such, but I don't know the melody."
[18:46] Murska: (teach*)
[18:47] Shadowcaller: *teach, -and such.)
[18:47] Murska: 'Of course. But it's better if you can practice.'
[18:48] Shadowcaller: "Of course, but…" She glances sideways, lowing her voice "I can't sign for the crew."
[18:48] Shadowcaller: *in front
[18:49] Murska: 'Well, you can spend the time learning both the standard notation and tabulatures. And maybe there'll be somewhere suitable to practice the singing aswell.'
[18:50] Shadowcaller: "Perhaps… lets buy it then, if the price is resonable."
[18:51] Wolfbane: Simone asks. "3 copper."
[18:53] Shadowcaller: "Ask him if he can exhange a silver coin?" (Okay, lets say 1 silver is… 10 coppar? 100 is a bit too much to easily have in your pocket.)
[18:53] Shadowcaller: (Oh right, it is.)
[18:54] Wolfbane: Simone asks and the vendor nods.
[18:54] Shadowcaller: She gives him//her a silver coin.
[18:55] Wolfbane: The vendor exchanges it, smiling.
[18:55] Shadowcaller: She nods thankfully and leaves.
[18:56] Shadowcaller: "Should we go to the inner part of the city?" She asks as they walk along the shops
[18:57] Murska: 'Sure, why not?'
[18:58] Shadowcaller: "Okay." They go into the inner parts then.
[19:00] Wolfbane: brb
[19:02] Wolfbane: back
[19:03] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks around in the town
[19:04] Wolfbane: As you go deeper into the city, a few vendors start to sell more… questionable things. There are more actual stores rather than stalls.
[19:04] Wolfbane: What are you looking for?
[19:04] Shadowcaller: (Hello Happy.)
[19:05] Happy: (took them long enough in Titans)
[19:05] Shadowcaller: Magic of course.

[19:06] Wolfbane: You see only one real store that may contain magical things.
[19:06] Shadowcaller: Cessie goes to that shop then
[19:07] Wolfbane: Inside are shelves of potions, scrolls, and texts. Many of these are just cheap things. What are you looking for?
[19:07] Shadowcaller: Intresting one cast spells maybe?
[19:08] Wolfbane: The Vendor smiles at Cessie. "Can I help you?" she says in common.
[19:08] Shadowcaller: "Oh, you speak common?"
[19:09] Wolfbane: SHe grins. "I speak many languages. Now, how may I help you?"
[19:10] Shadowcaller: "I'm looking for spells…" She looks around a bit "Do you have anything particulary powerful?"
[19:11] Wolfbane: She leads Cessie to a shelf at the back filled with scrolls, potions, and even a few books. "What kind? I have several protection spells, a few summoning, I carry few harmful spells."
[19:13] Shadowcaller: "Hmm… what do you have for protection?"
[19:15] Shadowcaller: (Feel free to act on your own >.>)
[19:17] Wolfbane: The Vendor pulls a few scrolls from the shelves. "I have a large area shield spell, I also have one that keeps weather from affecting an area for a short time, and the standard protections from various elements."
[19:17] Shadowcaller: "You have a protection from fire spell, correct?"
[19:18] Wolfbane: She smiles. "Of course." she hands a scroll over to Cessie.
[19:18] Shadowcaller: "How much for it?"
[19:20] Wolfbane: The vendor eyes Cessie and walks around her, studying. "What house?"
[19:21] Shadowcaller: "Uh… Mithar?"
[19:21] Shadowcaller: "How did you know?"
[19:21] Wolfbane: "You carry yourself differently than those who aren't in one."
[19:24] Shadowcaller: "Okay, you have been around many house members then?" She eyes the merchant carefully
[19:25] Happy: (nausea is better. head still hurting)
[19:25] Shadowcaller: (:S)
[19:25] Happy: (i'd definitely rather have a headache than nausea, so it's all good)
[19:26] Wolfbane: "No. Only freelance magicians. But you obviously know what you are talking about, you passed right by everything flashy. That means you've had decent training."
[19:26] Wolfbane: (I have a half hour before I leave)
[19:26] Shadowcaller: (YEah >.>)
[19:28] Shadowcaller: "Thanks… I suppose. I actually studied a bit at the Toleran university, not that I expect anyone would know that name down here."
[19:28] Wolfbane: Nevermind, I am leaving early. Brother just called.
[19:28] Shadowcaller: (Right.)
[19:28] Shadowcaller: (See you on monday wolfy.)
[19:28] Wolfbane: The vendor looks at her. "Keep the scroll. For some reason, I think you need it."
[19:28] Wolfbane: later
[19:28] * Wolfbane has left the conversation.
[19:29] Shadowcaller: (I guess we can continue once Happy revocered maybe…)
[19:31] Shadowcaller: *recovered
[19:35] Happy: (we'll see)
[19:35] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, we will see.)
[19:39] *
moc.liamtoh|700enabflow#moc.liamtoh|700enabflow (Wolfbane) has joined the conversation.
[19:39] Happy: that was a quick weekend
[19:40] Shadowcaller: (I'm watching a kind of cool youtube movie…)
[19:40] Shadowcaller: (Dead space^^ Played the game?)
[19:40] Happy: (no, haven't heard of it)
[19:41] Shadowcaller: (Its S.E.U. -sih)
[19:41] Shadowcaller: *ish
[19:41] Murska: (Have heard. Mostly heard it trashed.)
[19:41] Wolfbane: (:P false alarm, my brother said leave by accidend instead of /loading/)
[19:41] Shadowcaller: (Meh, I'm going for the story instead of the game. But the game is not that bad either really.)
[19:42] Wolfbane: (I still have 15 minutes if you want to continue)
[19:42] Happy: *hugs the wolfie*
[19:42] Wolfbane: *hugs*
[19:42] Happy: I'll miss you. But at least it's just a weekend.
[19:43] Wolfbane: I'll be back Monday
[19:43] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks shocked at the vendor "What? You can't mean-" She pauses "Your giving it to me?" (Hope it will be fun:))
[19:43] Wolfbane: (Same here)
[19:45] Wolfbane: She shrugs. "I have a dozen others and besides…" She smiles. "Others here will pay any price I ask of them, I see no loss. At least you look like you are competent enough to use it right."
[19:46] Shadowcaller: "Uh…" She blushes "Thanks /so/ much."
[19:47] Shadowcaller: (Bahe, dose she blush at /any/ commnet?)
[19:47] Shadowcaller: *bah
[19:47] Wolfbane: "Is there anything else I can help you find? Not for free, but at discount at least."
[19:47] Shadowcaller: "I could use a summoning scroll…" She turns to Aegnor and says in elvish "Anything you think we need?"
[19:48] Murska: 'Well, if we're going to buy any food later on…'
[19:49] Wolfbane: The vendor looks at the shelves. "What are you trying to summon?"
[19:49] Happy: (and fabric to make a privacy curtain)
[19:50] Happy: (also, I'm totally getting an Admiral Ackbar vibe… >.> )
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "A type of fire elemental."
[19:50] Shadowcaller: (turning back to the vendor.)
[19:51] Wolfbane: The Vendor raises her eyebrow at Cessie. "What kind? Nothing /too/ dangerous, is it?"
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "Oh, no, no… just… medium perhaps?"
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "Nothing too weak, but nothing too powerful."
[19:52] Wolfbane: "Have you summoned something other than a normal elemental yet?"
[19:52] Wolfbane: (10 minutes max)
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "Not yet I'm afraid."
[19:55] Wolfbane: The vendor pulls down three scrolls and hands them to Cessie. "I recommend starting with these. They are for Fire Sprites, Flares, and a Firewalker. Be careful with that last one, they are strong, but not that intelligent. I'll part with these for 2 silver. Study them well."
[19:55] Wolfbane: (Flares are small floating orbs of fire that are weak, but are basically the trickster kind of fire elemental. Confused with Will-o-wisps)
[19:56] Wolfbane: (And the Fire Sprites are just another name for Sparks)
[19:56] Shadowcaller: "Okay… seems good enough." She takes up her bag, putting a few silver fallians on the shop table.
[19:57] Wolfbane: The Vendor smiles and takes the money. "Be careful with these, Cessie Mithar, fire burns."
[19:58] Shadowcaller: (How did she know her name? o.O)
[19:58] Wolfbane: (((Why don't you ask? ^^)))
[19:58] Murska: Aegnor looks at her, suspicious.
[19:58] Happy: ((GRAR! attack!))
[19:59] Happy: ((BURN THE CITY!))
[19:59] Wolfbane: =P
[19:59] Wolfbane: (Hurry SC, only a few minutes left)
[19:59] Shadowcaller: She gives her a strange glance "How did you-" She pauses "Have we met or something? I don't belive I told you my forename."
[19:59] Shadowcaller: She takes the scrolls very carefully
[20:00] Wolfbane: The vendor only smiles. "I'm sorry, but /that/ information would certainly cost somthing. Don't worry, nothing is wrong with those spells, I wouldn't hurt my best customer."
[20:00] Wolfbane: ((And later, bye *huggles*))

Shadowcaller says (12:25 PM):
"…what? I don't… I don't like secrets."
"I suggest you tell me whats going on here."
Aegnor says (12:27 PM):
Aegnor takes a small step so he's standing not between them but capable of moving between them with a single step.
Wolfbane says (12:27 PM):
The Vendor sighs. "Fine. Do you think that you and your brother are the /only/ wizards to have been banished?"
Shadowcaller says (12:29 PM):
o.O "Your… your from Hestopia?"
"How did you know about my brother? /Who/ are you?"
Shadowcaller says (12:31 PM):
(She have her shield activated.)
Wolfbane says (12:32 PM):
The Vendor bows. "I am Venessa Raken. The reason why we know about you and your brother is because while they try to keep such banishings quiet, we have networks. We tried to contact you before, but couldn't. We are here to help those who have been… forced out so they can try to settle in their new life."
Shadowcaller says (12:32 PM):
Wolfbane says (12:32 PM):
"I didn't exactly expect to meet you here though." She says with a smile. "You don't need your shield."
Aegnor says (12:33 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:35 PM):
"…I can't say I fully trust you."
Shadowcaller says (12:36 PM):
"This… Venessa? What do you want then? Why are you doing this? What do you get from it?"
Wolfbane says (12:38 PM):
She sighs. "/Please/, I may not know why, but our network at least knows that something big is happening." She looks at Cessie. "And that you are somehow connected to it. That is why I help. Along with the fact that we were banished for… similar reasons."
Shadowcaller says (12:40 PM):
Cessie raises an eyebrow "Necromancy?"
Wolfbane says (12:42 PM):
She nods. "I wasn't caught using it, but I accidentally walked in on a meeting of a few more… prestigious wizards using it. Even though I didn't see their faces, the next day I was orded to take what I could carry and leave. That was 40 years ago." SHe only looks maybe 30.
Aegnor says (12:43 PM):
'So what do you want?'
Wolfbane says (12:44 PM):
"/I/ want to help you."
Shadowcaller says (12:44 PM):
"How exaclty?"
Shadowcaller says (12:45 PM):
Wolfbane says (12:49 PM):
"First off, where are you going? It may be possible that I can send word that you are coming. That way others can aid you."
Aegnor says (12:50 PM):
'And how would they aid us, then?'
Shadowcaller says (12:51 PM):
"Do you even know what we are up against?"
Wolfbane says (12:54 PM):
"No, we don't know, but we'd like to. All we know is that trouble seems to follow your group around and that you also look for it." SHe looks at Aegnor. "We have caches of magic set all around. Chances are that the local informant will help. There are many more of us than you think."
Aegnor says (12:55 PM):
(How many wizards will a wizard-dependant nation with a low birthrate of them even banish? Oo)
Aegnor says (12:56 PM):
'So, you know there's trouble. It's pretty big, and I'm not at all sure you want to get involved.'
Wolfbane says (12:56 PM):
(There are local wizards, those who have the gift but never went to the university, and many informants aren't wizards)
Shadowcaller says (12:56 PM):
(Many for wizards maybe? )
Aegnor says (12:57 PM):
(So why would people even help such a network? I imagine their public image would be mostly people who were banished because they did something really bad with magic.)
Wolfbane says (12:57 PM):
(Think of it as a network to help banished people settle in. And to help smuggle out their belongings)
Shadowcaller says (12:57 PM):
"How are you funded? Do you have a leader?"
"A ideal organization?"
Wolfbane says (12:57 PM):
(There would also be people who were banished just because they got on a powerful person's bad side)
Aegnor says (12:58 PM):
(Well the whole system is made so there isn't /a/ powerful person but you need to get on the bad side of the top people on both Witchars and Wizards to get banished)
(Also they get their belongings. )
Wolfbane says (12:58 PM):
Venessa gestures around. "We are funded through shops like this. We have no real leader."
Wolfbane says (12:59 PM):
(Surely Cessie couldn't have gotten all of her dresses out? And I don't mean a /magically/ powerful person, I mean /politcally/ and wealthy)
Aegnor says (12:59 PM):
(Exactly what I meant. Political power is dispersed.)
Wolfbane says (12:59 PM):
(yes, but what if a /group/ of people worked together?)
Shadowcaller says (1:00 PM):
(Cessie got funded by her family, Arik wasn't banished, he was judged to execution.)
Aegnor says (1:00 PM):
(If you get on the bad side of enough people they'll have enough power to banish you.)
Shadowcaller says (1:00 PM):
(I mean life time jail >.>)
Aegnor says (1:00 PM):
(Lifetime of a Lich?)
Wolfbane says (1:00 PM):
(Kinda seems… redundant)
Shadowcaller says (1:01 PM):
(Yeah, well its the divine prison you sent Allyria^^)
Aegnor says (1:02 PM):
(Well, they can't really /redeem/ someone whose only fault is what he is)
(What is he gonna do, 'okay, I admit you were right, I won't be a lich anymore'?)
Wolfbane says (1:03 PM):
(I'd just dump him into holy water. That'd work. )
Shadowcaller says (1:03 PM):
(Eh, it's possible they send him to another country and execute him there.)
Wolfbane says (1:04 PM):
"Trust me Aegnor, don't be surprised that we know your name, if it would help people, we want to give whatever aid we can."
Shadowcaller says (1:04 PM):
"…I don't know." /What should we do?/
Shadowcaller says (1:07 PM):
"While I really appreciate the scroll, this seems…"
Aegnor says (1:07 PM):
/Aid is welcome, as long as we don't tell them anything that could jeopardize us./
'Well, let's just say that what we are doing certainly is better for people than if we were not doing it.'
Shadowcaller says (1:08 PM):
/should we tell them of the worm? I mean, a lot of people must know about /that/ by now./
Shadowcaller says (1:11 PM):
"I appricate any help you have to offer Venessa."
Aegnor says (1:12 PM):
/Hmm. Maybe./
Shadowcaller says (1:13 PM):
/They have connections to necromancers… that might not be good. The worm was /created/ by necromancers after all./
Wolfbane says (1:14 PM):
She nods. "Where are you going? I can tell you who to contact and what the regional symbol is."
Aegnor says (1:17 PM):
Aegnor still seems suspicious but doesn't say anything.
Shadowcaller says (1:17 PM):
/…that sounds a bit… I'm not very good with these things. But I can't say I fully trust her. What should we do+/
Wolfbane says (1:18 PM):
(hehe, paranoia >.>)
Shadowcaller says (1:18 PM):
(Paranoia? More like common sense )
Aegnor says (1:19 PM):
/It sounds very organized. They know our names, so they must've heard of us on the Tree and gotten the message this far or been very close to us somewhere along the way… but they still haven't been able to contact us./
Aegnor says (1:20 PM):
'How exactly did you hear my name?'
Shadowcaller says (1:20 PM):
/So did the cult… hmm… they knew out names too remember?/
Aegnor says (1:22 PM):
/True. I don't like everyone knowing more about us than we know of them./
Wolfbane says (1:24 PM):
"One of our informants overheard your conversations in Saltcross. By the time he was asked to make contact with you, you had already left by airship. Then, when we finally heard of you in Kyou, there was that whole mess with the spirits and we lost you in the confusion. Until today when you walk into my shop."
Wolfbane says (1:25 PM):
Aegnor says (1:26 PM):
'In Kyou… what did you hear?'
Wolfbane says (1:26 PM):
She shakes her head. "Not much. Just that you were there."
Aegnor says (1:29 PM):
'What with such an efficient organization, I'm sure you know where it's reasonable to get from here by ship and it appears your people already know our names and what we look like.'
Shadowcaller says (1:29 PM):
"And telepathy have a distance limit after all."
Wolfbane says (1:30 PM):
(What is Aegnor trying to say?)
Aegnor says (1:30 PM):
(That it's not like it matters if they don't tell where they're going.)
Wolfbane says (1:31 PM):
"Maybe, but if they get advanced warning of your arrival, we can have other things ready for you."
Shadowcaller says (1:32 PM):
"Like what?"
Wolfbane says (1:34 PM):
"Things like these scrolls and other supplies. And while we knew your names, we didn't know your physical descriptions that well."
Shadowcaller says (1:36 PM):
"Right… but you do apperently, I guess you will pass this around to the others?"
Wolfbane says (1:39 PM):
She shakes her head. "I only guessed. That is why I asked about what house you were from. And I guessed Aegnor's because we know that you two are in close proximity to each other most of the time."
Shadowcaller says (1:40 PM):
(His red hair is pretty eye catching, but he got it covered I assume.)
Shadowcaller says (1:41 PM):
"I think it should be pretty obvious where we are going."
Wolfbane says (1:42 PM):
"If it is where I think, I'll send word for them to prepare for your arrival. Is there anything specific you need?"
Aegnor says (1:45 PM):
'I doubt we can say yet. But money is generally useful.'
Wolfbane says (1:48 PM):
"I'll make sure there is some waiting for you, even though it won't likely be much. I can't offer any money because I need to bribe a few of the guards this week."
Shadowcaller says (1:49 PM):
"Why do you need to bribe them?"
Wolfbane says (1:50 PM):
"To make sure certain supplies make it through to me and other shops. Along with information."
Aegnor says (1:52 PM):
'So, that's all for now then?'
Shadowcaller says (1:53 PM):
"I guess so. We will find if you tell us the truth when we arrive I suppose."
Wolfbane says (1:54 PM):
"Have a safe Journey." She hesitates for a second. "Tell me, did you meet Caster?"
Aegnor says (1:55 PM):
'You could say so.'
Shadowcaller says (1:55 PM):
"We might…"
Wolfbane says (1:55 PM):
"How was he? It has been a long time since I've seen him. I'm thinking about visiting."
Aegnor says (1:57 PM):
'He was all right when we left, despite some things. If you do visit, say hello from us.'
Wolfbane says (1:57 PM):
"I'll make sure to do so. Thanks."
Aegnor says (1:58 PM):
He bows. 'Pleasure doing business with you.'
Shadowcaller says (1:59 PM):
Cessie also bows "Thanks for the scroll, I'll remember your generosity."
Wolfbane says (2:00 PM):
"No, thank you. I'm going to send word about you ahead then pack my things to visit my husband."
Shadowcaller says (2:02 PM):
"Oh… uh, okay. But I'm most gracious for everything you done… anyway."
Wolfbane says (2:02 PM):
"Take care."
Shadowcaller says (2:03 PM):
"Artaris Bless…" Cessie leaves the shop.
Aegnor says (2:04 PM):
Aegnor follows her.

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