Nature Spirits

Land nymphs

o Alseids (glens, groves)
o Auloniads (pastures)
o Hesperides (nymphs of the west, daughters of Atlas)
+ Aegle ("dazzling light")
+ Arethusa
+ Erytheia (or Eratheis)
+ Hespera (or Hespere)
+ Hesperia (or Hispereia)
+ Saraesa (beautiful wind)
o Leimakids (meadows)
o Minthe (mint)
o Napaeae (mountain valleys, glens)
o Oreads (mountains, grottoes)

Wood nymphs

o Dryads (trees)
+ Hamadryads (oak tree and others)
+ Epimeliad (apple tree)
+ Leuce (white poplar tree)
+ Meliae (manna-ash tree)

Water nymphs

o Helead (fen)
o Naiads (usually fresh water)
+ Crinaeae (fountains)
+ Eleionomae (marshes)
+ Hyades (rain)
+ Limnades or Limnatides (lakes)
+ Pegaeae (springs)
+ Potameides (rivers)

o Nereids
o Oceanids

Other nymphs

o Lampades (underworld)
o The Muses
o Nephelae (clouds)

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