Wolfbane says (10:06 PM):
Maybe they just run into each other for a meal?
Happy says (10:06 PM):
Wolfbane says (10:07 PM):
Goldie sees Aegnor. "Hi Mister Aegnor!"
Aegnor says (10:07 PM):
'Hello Goldie. How are you feeling?'
Wolfbane says (10:08 PM):
"I'm doing okay."
Happy says (10:10 PM):
Simone gets her food and sits down next to Aegnor.
Wolfbane says (10:12 PM):
She smiles at Simone. "You're Simone, right?"
Happy says (10:16 PM):
"That's right," Simone says, smiling.
Wolfbane says (10:17 PM):
"I'm Goldie, I'm going to be travelling with you."
Happy says (10:24 PM):
"You are, huh?" Simone gives Aegnor a glance.
Wolfbane says (10:26 PM):
*pokes Murska*
Aegnor says (10:26 PM):
'Yeah. We'll have to take her to the temple of Artaris to be healed.'
Happy says (10:28 PM):
"Are you going to miss it here?"
Wolfbane says (10:28 PM):
Goldie looks around. "A little."
Happy says (10:30 PM):
"Me too."
Wolfbane says (10:33 PM):
"You will?"
Happy says (10:34 PM):
"But it will be so nice to be in a /city/ again."

Shadowcaller has left the conversation.

Wolfbane says (10:36 PM):
"What about you Mister Aegnor?"
Wolfbane says (10:37 PM):
(Yep, he fell asleep)
Aegnor says (10:40 PM):
'Yeah… I'll miss these people.'
Happy says (10:50 PM):
(bah. i guess none of us have anything interesting to say.)
"Have you ever been in a city, Goldie?"
Wolfbane says (10:50 PM):
Goldie shakes her head. "Nope! Whats it like?"
Happy says (10:54 PM):
"The ground is packed so hard that it doesn't get muddy unless it rains very hard. There are so many people doing lots of different things, and merchants with things to sell."
Wolfbane says (10:55 PM):
Goldie's eyes twinkle. "It sounds neat."
Aegnor says (10:55 PM):
'Well, cities aren't very neat.' *smile*
Wolfbane says (10:55 PM):
"Oh…I'll wait to see then."
Happy says (10:58 PM):
"They smell different too, even to a human."
Wolfbane says (10:58 PM):
"Do they smell bad?"
Happy says (11:01 PM):
"I don't think so, but you might."
Aegnor says (11:04 PM):
'I prefer the great outdoors, smell-wise.'
Wolfbane says (11:05 PM):
"Is there anything else about cities I should know?"
Aegnor says (11:05 PM):
'Just don't get separated from the group.'
Happy says (11:06 PM):
"In Gallion, you know everybody here. But in a city, most of the people are strangers to each other. That means they can be pretty dangerous if you aren't careful."
Wolfbane says (11:06 PM):
"I'll stay close then. I promise not to run off."
Wolfbane says (11:07 PM):
Her ear twitches and she giggles. "Ferrous says he'll stay close too."
Aegnor says (11:13 PM):
'That's good. It's easy to get lost in a city… for most people, that is.' *glances at Simone*
Happy says (11:20 PM):
"And don't trust /anyone/ you meet there," Simone says.
Wolfbane says (11:20 PM):
She nods. "I think I'll be hiding as a slave, but okay."

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