Mar 2

Well, Damon is down in the blood chamber with Wren, Derek, Luna and the metal demon of Sanna
She have just revealed that the vial in the upper chamber contains the blood of a child, whoever will drink it will count as a child and gain the power of memory wipe.

does that happen for anyone drinking blood from someone in the group? or does the blood have to be specially prepared?
The whole vial must be consumed.
it's specially prepared
or at least the demoness said so
Karen, Arim, Sylvia and Maelstrus are in the upper chamber.
Memory wipe… that's just evil
Indeed, it is
pour it on the pyramid and get rid of it
unless Maelly wants it
i mean, wants it used on him. not that we'd give him the power
It can be selective.
Anyway, what are you going to do with Sanna?
He's lost his memories once already. I doubt this would keep his older memories away permanently.
Karen doesn't know anything about it. But if she did, she'd want to try and reassemble her and turn her back
and we don't really like drinking blood either
Sanna offers that if you let her go, she will go deep into demon space and never have anything to do with the mortal world again.
RP that :P
Well, I guess you gather in the upper chamber.
Sanna: "Well?" A pause "I swear I never will have anything." A pause "With this world again."
'You don't wish to try and turn back?'
He shrugs. 'Bad question to ask an Ithari. Probably a better life, though.'
"Because you're human! Not demon," Karen says passionately.
"I have been a demon for years." A pause. "Can't turn back." A pause. "Can't be that weak again."
Luna: "At least you would speak normally…"
Maelly is still outside of the cave
'Being strong is not the most important thing.'
She shrugs. "It's a longer life." A pause. "Other worlds out there."
Karen starts crying. >.>
Arim: "Karen…" He puts his arm around her, holding her close.
'So you like it? What do you get of your life now?'
Sylvia: "This is all so stupid…"
food. later
General "Creme Eggs!" Shrimp har lämnat konversationen.
(Oh well…)
"You were a /person/, a /human/! Why would you give that up?"
Sylvia: "I don't think she is clear headed anymore. I felt it as well, it's… addicting."
"You must force her." She says fiercly.
And the demoness herself?
Sanna: "You can't understand." A pause. "Demons are like human." A pause. "Only immortal and more powerful."
"What about your life? Your family?"
"…they think I'm dead." A pause. "Can't return to them." A pause. "Not after everything I have done."
'You have a chance to atone now. You could rejoin your family, help people. What important does being a demon give you?'
"They'd want you back."
She shakes her head "I'm already lost." A pause. "In the creators eyes." A pause. "Would kill me out of guilt." A pause. "Can't. Simply can't."
"Killed so many." A pause. "I'm beyond redemption."
"Couldn't look any of them in the eyes."
'And even if you are, you're too selfish to even try to atone?'
"Selfish?…" A pause. "I'm a demon."
'You don't need to be. And however many you have killed, doing something to help people will be good for them. The ones who are dead won't be coming back either way.'
"They'd want you back… I know they would."
('What does not belong?')
"Dosen't change anything." A pause. "Might as well be dead." A pause. "My family as well." A pause. "The father can't protect you anymore." A pause. "Sulfron, the black night." A pause. "This world will bu put on the flame."
'Yeah right. Stop being fatalistic. As long as you can move, you can help the world be a better place.'
"You won't even try?!" Karen gets up and stomps out into the ocld.
(This is kinda rare for me. 10 cities, 1 coastal)
Sanna shakes her head "You haven't seen." A pause. "I am the agent of the father." A pause "I have." A pause. "It's meaningless to try." A pause. "I can't make anything better." A pause. " I have sinned so much." A pause. "My soul is tainted." A pause. "I would never be able to look at them." A pause. "If they asked… can't, can't…"
'You can. That you have sinned is no excuse to stop trying. It's never over as long as you draw breath.'
"Commited murder." A pause "Would have to turn myself in."
'And so? I'm pretty sure you can draw a rather good case on happening to be a demon at the time.'
(Derek never gave Maelly this speech. And Maelly was actually attempting to be good.)
General "Creme Eggs!" Shrimp har lagts till i konversationen.
(He's not a very good person.)
(He's actually trying to change where this demoness is not wanting to and likes what she is.)
(Hrrm, oh, hey folks.)
(Derek isn't, I meant)
'You won't be executed.'
"No, they would burn me." A pause. "I know they would." Pause. "They remember me as… innocent… pure." A pause. "Thats the person they loved." A pause. "The little church girl." Pause. "Not this, not…" She frowns which is the most excessive facial she have made this far. "I can't.. please…"
"I have killed children."
A pause. "Changed my mind." Pause. "Kill me."
Maelly will see Karen come storming out, crying.
'The coward's way? You should be better than that.'
Maelstrus sighs. "What happened?"
"Can't live like this."
"She won't go back."
Arim is following her.
'However much you fear, you should try to make up for what you've done. You might never feel redeemed but at least you can do /something/. Your family might take you back or they might not, but don't you think they deserve the chance to?'
"She said… maybe it's like Sylvia said and she is just corrupted Karen?" He tries.
He shakes his head. "I didn't think she would. Being changed into a demon would be addicting. You saw what it did to Sylvia and she was corrupted for only a short time."
"…can't die.." A pause. "How would turn back?" Derek aren't sure she actually listened to him thought.
*I turn back
'We have an amulet. Kind of the opposite of what was used on you.'
(Didn't you leave it back in Derim?)
(we did)
(yep, with…Jenn(?))
"What if it's the same with her?" she asks, looking into Arim's eyes in anguish.
"Karen, Maelstrus say it's corruption, like an extreme drug. She would not be in her best senses. She would be confused, mentally ill."
*cross that last section.
(The mentally ill part.)
Sanna: "Give it to me."
'It's not with us. It is in Derim. It's much too valuable to risk like this.'
"Then I will try another way."
She steps out of the cave.
Derek goes after her. 'Such as?'
She goes past Arim, Karen and Maelstrus. "Death." She replies.
Derek keeps following her. 'Why?'
"You think we should force her?"
"Too much." Pause. "Can't live like this."
Maelly sighs loudly when he hears this. "Do what I've done. Become a Baelron. I could even open a portal to the Burning Light if you wish to do it now."
Arim: "Well… if you want Karen. Let's just meet her first okay? Your her daughter, I'm sure you could convince her."
"Death…iss the choice of the weak." That's pretty much all Damon is going to say, and he doesn't say it very loud anyway.
'Then try to make a difference and change the way you live.'
(Do I get an achievement for talking a demon to suicide?)
(No, you don't:P)
(If you manage to talk the last boss to suicide, then I might consider it thought^^)
"Can't… can't…" She goes down on her knees her hands drawn to her face.
(She ignore's Maelly?)
(She just broke down.)
Derek puts his unwounded(and unfrozen) hand on her back. 'You can.'
Karen breaks down as well, sobbing into Arim's shoulder
He should probably wear shoulderpads
giant pauldrons
"Sanna, /I/ have changed, whether or not anyone here may believe it. If I can, so can you."
Arim hugs Karen gently. "Shhh… it's going to be okay…"
Sanna dosen't reply.
"More demonss changing their wayss?" Damon sniffs, "I do not approve, but if sshe turnss out like you, Maelsstruss, then I ssupposse it would be a good idea."
Luna goes out of the cave and sigh. "Well… I just think we should go on."
"We could take her with us or something, mayeb we can get an amulet back in the capital?"
"And demons never change shadow man…"
(What form is Damon right now?)
(Shadow form)
(Pssh, not really :P) "Sss…what do you mean? Maelsstruss sseemss like a far better persson than any other demonss I've encountered."
Luna rolls her eyes "Yeah, right. I wouldn't trust him if I were you."
"Oh? Do you remember thosse fiendss we encountered in my world? They wanted him." Damon nods at Maelstrus, "They sseemed…quite eager to get him back. Thosse demonss, at leasst, ssee him ass a threat now."
"Yeah, to another demon lord."
Maelstrus sighs and unlatches a pouch at his side and offers them to Luna. "You don't trust me? Then why would I hand *these*? Found these hidden in a pile of ashes and dirt just outside the entrance."
offers it*
Luna blinks and backs away from the thing Maelstrus is offering her "Those… destroy them, get them away from me."
"I'm not touching them."
"What are they?"
"Corruption amulets…"
"About a half dozen. They were hidden, buried."
Derek is still standing next to Sanna.
"Corruption…amuletsss?" Those shadow demons that had been with /him/, had they been created through some similar means to those amulets? Damon hisses angrily.
"Destroy them…"

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