1. Southshore
A large coastal city.
2. The dancing bear inn
A inn where Wren and Hector meet.
3. Derim
The largest city in the heartlands, home to the Ithari headquarters.
4. Stormwind City
The second largest city in the heartlands. Karen's home city.
5. Lugia's Cove
The cove where Lugia the dragon/angel makes his home.
6. Ashenvale
The forest where Luna, Arim and their father live.
7. Ander
A small village where Derek found and wiped out a demonic cult.
8. Wolf's Bane Inn
A inn
9. Sindra
A large town where the church of light is located.
10. Hill Post
A small village where Sylvia was born.
11. Hakkor's Gap
A small mountain pass which is the fastest way to Ruthan from the Heartlands.
12. Corbitt Manor
A supposedly haunted manor where Derek and Luna killed the wizard Corbitt and took his magic diamond.
13. Veron
A large kingdom worshiping the so-called "All-Father".
14. The Ion Sea
The sea connection many port cities but also plagued by water demons. Lugia guards these waters.
15. Sumbara
The third largest city in the heartlands.

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