Lugias Cove 3

[16:23] Happy: So… what does Derek see?
[16:24] Shadowcaller: He seem them go up I guess. If he had seen anything else he would have contacted them before right?
[16:24] Murska: How should I know? I don't even know what you're talking about.
[16:25] Happy: bah. Read the log.
[16:26] Shadowcaller: (Err… it's not up.)
[16:27] Murska: :P
[16:27] Murska: I tried.
[16:28] Happy: …
[16:28] Happy: *smacks self*
[16:31] Happy: up now
[16:33] Murska: ty
[16:37] Murska: Oky
[16:37] Murska: I still wonder what's with the misconception that Derek's bad at Diplomacy. He won with Italy once, for god's sake
[16:37] Shadowcaller: (Um continue the talk, need to eat badly.)
[16:38] Murska: Technically Derek'd have contacted Karen once they entered the cave but eh, let's say he totally spaced out.
[16:39] Happy: He had to take care of biological needs at the moment :P
[16:41] Happy: So… he sees her now?
[16:41] Happy: or contacts her now
[16:42] Murska: yup
[16:42] Murska: /Hey, anything happen?/
[16:43] Happy: /We found him. He was pretty wary at first, but he agreed to meet you down at the circle of candles./
[16:44] Murska: /Oh, great. I'll head there now./
[16:44] Murska: And then he contacts everyone else
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[16:48] Happy: Does he tell Karen he's contacting the others?
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[16:49] Murska: No, since he's still not good enough at it to hold many connections at once
[16:51] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[16:54] Murska: /Hector? They found the Child./
[16:55] General Shrimp: /Oh? Well that makes my searching a bit of a waste of time. Ah well…/
[16:56] Murska: /Gather at the inn, we'll be back once we're done here./
[16:57] General Shrimp: /Okay…I'm at the inn already. Have fun out there…or something./
[16:58] Murska: /All right, tell the others then would you./
[16:59] General Shrimp: /Okay./
"They've found the child. Hopefully Derek isn't the one doing all the talking. They're coming back here once they're done." That would be directed at…Luna and Wren? Maybe?
[17:00] Shadowcaller: "Hey, I want to see the child as well." Luna says, "Where are they?"
[17:01] General Shrimp: "Derek didn't tell me, so I guess you're stuck here…"
[17:01] Murska: And he heads down to the meeting spot I guess
[17:02] Happy: Karen and Arim are there.
[17:02] Shadowcaller: So is Melwin
[17:03] Shadowcaller: "What do you want?" The boy asks as Derek steps down. He still got his water shield.
[17:04] Happy: "This is my father, Derek." (Has he told Karen his surname?)
[17:05] Shadowcaller: (We agreed on one didn't we Murska?)
[17:05] Shadowcaller: (Do you remember it?:P)
[17:06] Shadowcaller: Luna sigh "They must be out there… ugh, I guess I just let myself dyr."
[17:06] Shadowcaller: *fry
[17:06] Shadowcaller: *dry…
[17:07] General Shrimp: "Sorry, Luna. If he contacts me again, I'll ask him."
[17:09] Murska: (No. :P)
[17:09] Shadowcaller: Luna sits down in her armchair (That the other guests strangely enough let her and Wren have all the time…)
[17:09] Murska: 'Good to meet you. You're Melwin Jagger?'
[17:10] Shadowcaller: "Dose it matter?"
[17:11] Murska: 'Yes, actually. But you obviously are.'
[17:11] Murska: 'I have to ask, do you know where your power comes from?'
[17:12] Shadowcaller: "Yes."
[17:12] Murska: 'Right, do you know that the original owner wants it back and is trying to kill or convert all of the Children?'
[17:12] Shadowcaller: He nods.
[17:13] Happy: "How did you find that out?"
[17:14] Shadowcaller: The boy shrugs "Not telling."
[17:15] Happy: "Was it the angel?"
[17:15] Shadowcaller: Melwin looks at you "…Maybe."
[17:16] Murska: 'Well, we're a group trying to kill the demon before it kills us. I'm glad to note that you at least seem to be safer than most.'
[17:17] Shadowcaller: "Like you care." Melwin glances back at the water for a moment.
[17:18] Happy: "Why wouldn't we care?"
[17:19] Shadowcaller: "People lie."
[17:20] Happy: "My father is risking his life every day to keep people safe! " Karen retorts
[17:21] Murska: He sighs.
[17:21] Shadowcaller: "Not good enough…"

[17:22] Murska: .
[17:22] Murska: 'Not like anything is good enough. But could you please promise that once you're found and they attack this village you'll try to protect them?'
[17:22] Happy: I would guess that I'm hiccuping from the snow
[17:24] Shadowcaller: "I can't protect it alone." He shakes his head.
[17:25] Happy: Karen has tears in her eyes again.
[17:26] Shadowcaller: Arim tries to comfort her "It's okay…" He says ina quiet voice
[17:26] Shadowcaller: (WHy is she crying?)
[17:26] Murska: He sighs again, sounding weary. 'All right then.'
[17:27] Happy: (Because she got angry, and then she started thinking about her father dying again…)
[17:27] Shadowcaller: (Oh >.>)
[17:27] Happy: "Why are you being so hostile?" she asks, sniffling a bit.
[17:30] Shadowcaller: Melwin looks down on the ground "Bad things happend to people near me."
[17:32] Murska: (join the club)
[17:32] Happy: "Demons?"
[17:32] Shadowcaller: He nods.
[17:32] Happy: (He's a PC masquerading as an NPC! O.o)
[17:33] Murska: 'That's exactly what we're working to stop.'
[17:33] Happy: "Who is the angel?"
[17:33] Shadowcaller: "Can't tell you." He says quietly.
[17:34] Shadowcaller: He seem to be ignoring Derek.
[17:34] Happy: "Can we meet it?"
[17:35] Shadowcaller: "If he wants."
[17:35] Happy: "When?"
[17:36] Shadowcaller: "He decides."
[17:36] Shadowcaller: "…if he wants."
[17:38] Shadowcaller: "COme back later." Melwin shrugs.
[17:39] Happy: "At dark?"
[17:40] Shadowcaller: He nods.
[17:41] Happy: "Thank you."
[17:42] Shadowcaller: He looks at Derek again "Was that all?"
[17:43] Murska: 'Of course. I can't do anything more than ask.' He turns and starts heading back.
[17:43] Happy: Karen rushes to catch up to him.
[17:43] Shadowcaller: Arim is after Karen.
[17:47] Happy: "He shouldn't have said that about you," Karen whispers furiously.
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[17:48] Murska: 'He didn't say anything wrong.'
[17:49] Happy: "He said you weren't doing enough."
[17:49] Shadowcaller: "That didn't go so well…" Arim says to himself mostly.
[17:49] Murska: 'And I am not. I'm just doing all I can. I can't tell anyone else to do the same.'
[17:51] Happy: Karen wraps her arms around Derk and hugs him, crying into his shoulder.
[17:52] Murska: He clumsily wraps an arm around her. 'Don't worry, I'm alive after all these years for a reason.'
[17:52] Shadowcaller: Arim stands back a bit, obviously nervous.
[17:54] Happy: "But I didn't know you then."
[17:57] Shadowcaller: "Eh, will you be okay Karen?" Arim asks, feeling like he is intruding on something.
[17:58] Shadowcaller: "I can go and wait for you at the inn."
[17:58] Happy: She looks back at him, and reaches her hand out to him. "I just cry too much."
[17:59] Shadowcaller: "My sister cry a lot too… it's normal." He takes her hand gently and smiles at her and Derek.
[17:59] Murska: 'Well, once this current trouble has a happy ending I'll try and retire somewhere quiet, okay?' He smiles and lets her go. 'I expect you to visit me with your family and my grandchildren every once in a while. I'll be the grumpy grandpa.'
[18:01] Happy: Karen smiles back at him, a little overcome at the image and not able to speak.
[18:02] Murska: He pats her shoulder. 'Let's head back to the inn. Last day here, after all.'
[18:03] Shadowcaller: "And now you have seen the see Karen."
[18:03] Shadowcaller: Arim sqeezes her hand.
[18:03] *
Elly has left the conversation.
[18:03] Happy: They head back to the inn.
[18:05] *** moc.liamtoh|a-ruohhtnevele#moc.liamtoh|a-ruohhtnevele (Elly) has joined the conversation.
[18:05] Shadowcaller: They head back to the inn.
[18:06] Elly: *test?*
[18:06] Happy: hi Elly
[18:06] General Shrimp: Elly is back! Yay!
[18:07] Happy: Karen might try and walk just a little slower with Arim to let Derek go on ahead of them. >.>
[18:08] Shadowcaller: (Uh, right >.>)
[18:09] Murska: Derek goes ahead then.
[18:10] Shadowcaller: Yeah, I guess he dose.
[18:12] Shadowcaller: Luna meets them as Derek enters "What happend?"
[18:12] Happy: She doesn't have anything in particular to say. She's just being an awkward teenager with her first crush. :P
[18:13] Elly: ( D'aww. :P )
[18:13] Shadowcaller: (I kind of figured <.<)
[18:13] Happy: So I guess they walk together being all awkward and shy and stuff
[18:13] Happy: And everyone arrives eventually?
[18:13] Shadowcaller: Yes.
[18:14] Murska: 'We met the Child. And yes, apparently the creature is a dragon and we have a chance of meeting it tonight. I doubt the Child wants to come with us though. Understandable considering he's pretty safe on his own.'
[18:16] Shadowcaller: "So we wait then, pretty simple."
[18:17] Shadowcaller: (Fast forward?)
[18:18] General Shrimp: "Why don't we call the dragon by its name? It might make the boy think we're serious about meeting it…"
[18:19] Happy: "He didn't tell us the dragon's name."
[18:20] General Shrimp: "Oh! Not all of my searching was wasted then! Although…it's not much of a surprise. It's called Lugia."
[18:20] Elly: "It's called that. Not nessecarily the name that it knows itself by."

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