List Of Powers

Control wind
Control water - Melwin Jagger at Lugia's Cove
Control light
Walk on liquid/air
Animate dead
Control fire
Danger sense
Control beasts
Superhuman relfexes
Sound control
Plant control
Lighting control
Limitless stamina

Mediumship AKA being able to speak with the dead.
Summoning, being able to summon lesser demons at will.
Phase, being able to walk throught solid matter for some time.
Blink, being able to teleport to visible locations.

Limited invisibility, you aren't invisible, just hard to see. Is controlled by Jora Greensword, at Oakes.
Danger sense is controlled by Jillian Neverath along with animate dead, immortality and control fire.
Illusion is controlled by Demir Stormside at Tempest Hold, a local lord.
Eradin Woodrunner, a man living in a small village called Wind Pine
Luna Moontouched controls the blink power, she's a druid that lives at Cerons Keep.
Arim Ishal controls the phase power, he is apparently located in Stormwind city at the moment.
Limited incorporeality, you can't be hurt for a period of time, but you can't hurt anyone either. The incorporeality power is controlled by Tam Isanael, in on Iron top mountain.
Shield power, being able to create power shields. Controlled by Ryella Tombkeeper at Dark Lake.
Super sight, you can see throught objects and very far, controlled by Jim Woodcutter at Lightshire.

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