Kyou 9

[16:13] Happy: Simone is awake, siting in the hallway with her knife.
[16:15] Shadowcaller: *subconscious voice in every awake party members head* walk out
[16:16] Happy: outside the inn?
[16:16] Shadowcaller: (Well, just out of the room.)
[16:16] Shadowcaller: (But if you see it that way…)
[16:17] Happy: Simone is already in the hallway.
[16:17] Happy: Hope is still asleep.
[16:17] Wolfbane: Promise wakes up and after a few minutes, slips out of the bed quietly to get dressed.
[16:17] Shadowcaller: *subconscious voice in head* they are coming for you, they are going to kill you all…
[16:18] Shadowcaller: *subconscious voice in head* kill them before they can kill you…
[16:18] Wolfbane: (Can they actually hear that voice clearly? Or is more like instinct?)
[16:18] Happy: (heh, Simone already thinks everyone's out to get her)
[16:19] Shadowcaller: (not a instinct, its subconscious.)
[16:19] Happy: Simone hides in the shadows in the hallway, watching for 'Them'
[16:19] Shadowcaller: (Lets call it a suggestion.)
[16:20] Wolfbane: (So they know something is /off/?)
[16:22] Shadowcaller: (no, its… do you know about subliminal perception?)
[16:22] Wolfbane: (ah)
[16:22] Shadowcaller: (Like that, but a voice.)
[16:22] Happy: (they think it's their own thought, right?)
[16:22] Shadowcaller: (Exactly.)
[16:23] Shadowcaller: Promise can hear something going on downstairs
[16:24] Wolfbane: Promise shakes Hope's shoulder gently. "Something is coming."
[16:24] Happy: She wakes, grabs her sword, and then realizesshe's not dressed.
[16:25] Happy: "How close?" she whispers, as she pulls on a tunic
[16:25] Wolfbane: He pulls his spear out. "Downstairs."
[16:26] Murska: (Aegnor will get up, wake Cessie up, equip himself and go meet up with the others.
[16:26] Murska: (someone control him)=
[16:27] Shadowcaller: (Err… sure.)
[16:27] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Whats going on?"
[16:27] Happy: Hope follows Promise out. She doesn't see Simone waiting in the shadows.
[16:29] Shadowcaller: (Out, as in out the inn?)
[16:29] Happy: (Out of the room and downstairs)
[16:30] Shadowcaller: Downstairs the innkeeper appears very worried about something, you can't see any of the servants
[16:30] Shadowcaller: He says something you can't understand
[16:30] Shadowcaller: (unless Simone is there.9
[16:30] Shadowcaller: *)
[16:30] Happy: Simone creeps behind them, trying to remain unseen.
[16:31] Wolfbane: (Don't forget, Promise looks Wolfen)
[16:32] Shadowcaller: (o.O)
[16:32] Wolfbane: (The mask is in Cessie and Aegnor's room)
[16:32] Shadowcaller: (And the innkeeper sees this?)
[16:33] Wolfbane: (Up to you, I could make it so he gets the mask and puts it on first)
[16:33] Shadowcaller: (Well… its up to you, your character, I just do the consequences for your actions.)
[16:34] Wolfbane: ((I'd personally would like if he had it, but if he is being controlled subliminally, he wouldn't think about it)
[16:34] Wolfbane: (Especially if there was danger)
[16:35] Wolfbane: (Cessie or Aegnor could possibly see it and toss it to him on the stairs)
[16:35] Wolfbane: (Depends if they remember too)
[16:36] Shadowcaller: (Gah, can somone else make that choice? It feels like that is up to the players.)
[16:36] Wolfbane: (Would Aegnor remember?)
[16:37] Happy: (Cessie would never think of such a think. Aegnor might.)
[16:37] Happy: (i'll flip a coin. heads he thinks of it, tails he doesn't)
[16:37] Happy: (heads)
[16:38] Shadowcaller: (Very well…)
[16:38] Happy: Aegnor puts a hand on Promise as he gets to the steps. "Wait…"
[16:38] Wolfbane: Promise turns around and raises an eyebrow.
[16:39] Happy: "You look Wolfen." (He doesn't have the mask with him though.)
[16:40] Wolfbane: Promise realizes it. "Thanks, give me one second." He goes to Aegnor's room and looks for the mask.
[16:41] Shadowcaller: Simone hear the innkeeper saying this: "There is a group of people… looking for you, please don't involve me in this." Promise can hear shouts outside the inn
[16:41] Shadowcaller: (You find it.)
[16:41] Wolfbane: Making sure no one is looking, he puts on the mask. After a moment, he goes back. "Okay, I am ready."
[16:42] Happy: Simone tells the group what the innkeeper just said.
[16:42] Happy: "We must going out and killing them first," she says in a dark voice, knife in hand.
[16:44] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "It sounds like a mob…"
[16:44] Wolfbane: "Why would there be a mob?" He looks at Hope. "You don't think…"
[16:45] Happy: Aegnor to Cessie: "Stay behind me. I won't let them hurt you." He has a dagger in each hand and goes to look out the window, trying not to be seen.
[16:46] Happy: Hope: "Does it matter why? We need to stop them. Kill them now before they kill us."
[16:46] Shadowcaller: Outside the window he can see a small mob that have gathered outside the inn
[16:46] Happy: (What are they armed with?)
[16:46] Shadowcaller: (traditional mob weapons.)
[16:46] Happy: (And is Cessie affected by the voices?)
[16:47] Shadowcaller: (Aegnor and Cessie are currently not affected.)
[16:47] Happy: (Oh. i've been playing him as if he were. Eh, I guess he hasn't done anything out of character yet.)
[16:48] Wolfbane: "You're right. Lets get ready for them."
[16:48] Happy: (Well one of them should notice Hope talking about killing a mob… not typical for her. And since I'm playing Aegnor, I'd rather it were Cessie)
[16:49] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Wait, we are going to kill them? In the middle of the street?"
[16:49] Shadowcaller: "Have you gone crazy? These aren't monsters, they are villagers."
[16:50] Happy: "They want us dead," Simone says. "Better them than us."
[16:50] Wolfbane: "There is an angry mob out there. We are the only ones here. We are the only reason why they would come."
[16:50] Shadowcaller: "Well yes, but there must be a better way to solve this then killing them."
[16:52] Happy: Hope: "Is this one of those 'magic can solve everything' scenarios?"
[16:52] Wolfbane: "Sometimes there is no better way."
[16:53] Shadowcaller: "Diplomacy, or magic, either would work."
[16:54] Happy: Aegnor: "I'll go and talk to them." Softly to Cessie (though possibly overheard by Promise) 'Try and keep them inside. I don't want a war starting.'
[16:55] Wolfbane: Promise hears, but ignores it in favor of getting ready for the fight.
[16:55] Shadowcaller: *subconscious voice in head* they are trying to kill your loved ones, you must protect them…
[16:57] Happy: Aegnor: "Simone, come with me to translate." Simone nods, gripping her knife tightly.
[16:58] Happy: Aegnor: "Give me the knife." Simone: "You would leaving me defenceless?"
[16:58] Shadowcaller: If he exits the inn, they will start throwing things at him
[16:59] Happy: Aegnor just stares her down, and she finally hands over the knife. He steps outside. And then gets things thrown at him.
[16:59] Wolfbane: Promise grinds his teeth.
[17:00] Happy: Hope puts a hand to Promise. "We should go out the back, circle around.)
[17:00] Shadowcaller: They are pretty angry, calling him murderer and outsider
[17:00] Happy: "Listen to me!" Aegnor tries to shout them down.
[17:00] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "Is there a back door?"
[17:01] Happy: "Who is your leader? Let me talk to them."
[17:01] Shadowcaller: The mob appears to be leader-less, they are not very talketive
[17:01] Happy: Hope and Promise go to look for a back door, unless Cessie does something to stop them.
[17:01] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Wheere are you going?"
[17:02] Shadowcaller: *where
[17:02] Happy: Hope: "To stop the mob and protect Aegnor."
[17:02] Shadowcaller: "How exactly were you going to do that?"
[17:02] Wolfbane: Promise looks at her. "How do you think?"
[17:02] Shadowcaller: (Got to eat dinner, ill be back in a bit.)
[17:03] Shadowcaller: <.<
[17:08] Happy: Hope has her sword drawn. "I won't let them hurt you or Aegnor. Trust me, Cessie."
[17:18] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[17:19] Happy: Aegnor looks through the spyglass.
[17:19] Shadowcaller: There are no apperent spirits there, but the spyglas is shaking…
[17:20] Happy: (does it only shake when hostile spirits are around, or when anyone hostile is around?)
[17:20] Shadowcaller: (hostile spirits.)
[17:21] Happy: /Kowa-Tengu? Are you here?/
[17:21] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "We are not in a forest, or the wilderness, this is a town, it got laws."
[17:21] Shadowcaller: /What is it speaker?/
[17:22] Happy: /There is a hostile spirit nearby, but I cannot see it./
[17:22] Happy: Aegnor takes out his kazoo and tries to play music to calm the crowd, using only the lightest touch of magic.
[17:23] Shadowcaller: /Neither can I…/
[17:23] Wolfbane: "If there are laws, do you think that the mob cares?"
[17:23] Shadowcaller: "If they don't, they will be punished, as you will if you don't follow them."
[17:24] Wolfbane: "This is self-defense. I won't let them come in here and kill us."
[17:24] Happy: Hope: "And how will the law help us if they burn this place down and we all die?"
[17:24] Shadowcaller: Its hard to play music when they are throwing things at you, they appear to be ready to charge at any moment.
[17:25] Happy: /Do you know any way to disperse this mob without hurting them?/
[17:25] Shadowcaller: /I can not affect the world of mortals I'm afraid…/
[17:25] Wolfbane: Promise looks at Hope. "Are you ready?"
[17:26] Shadowcaller: "The guards won't see it that way…"
[17:26] Wolfbane: "I don't think the guards would care if outsiders were killed."
[17:26] Shadowcaller: "Well, I'm not letting you go out there to kill those people."
[17:27] Happy: Hope: "I'm ready." She seems to be ignoring Cessie.
[17:27] Wolfbane: "Cessie, you don't have much of a choice." Promise nods at Hope and starts to go to the back door.
[17:28] Shadowcaller: *subconscious voice in head* do whatever you must…
[17:28] Shadowcaller: "Don't make me stop you…"
[17:28] Happy: Hope is right behind him.
[17:28] Happy: /Can you affect the weather?/
[17:29] Shadowcaller: /No, that could harm mortals, its against my code./
[17:30] Happy: /They're about to harm themselves regardless. A heavy rainstorm right now might cool tempers./
[17:31] Wolfbane: He turns to Cessie one last time. "Cessie, you will be smarter than I will ever be, but you must understand that there are times when laws just don't matter. Any minute, that mob will burst in here and try to kill us. If we can strike first, we may be able to scare them off." He readies his spear and turns to the door. "Ready."
[17:31] Shadowcaller: /I am sorry, but a rainstorm have many more effects then for what you intend./
[17:32] Happy: Aegnor opens the door, pushing Simone inside ahead of him, and closing and locking it behind him.. "Where are you two going?"
[17:32] Shadowcaller: "They are trying to kill those people and I'm trying to stop them"
[17:34] Wolfbane: "If we don't get to them first, they /will/ kill us! And if we get to them, a few of them will escape if they are smart, but I will not just stand here waiting to die."
[17:35] Happy: Aegnor to Cessie: "Stop them."
[17:35] Wolfbane: Promise obviously isn't his normal self.
[17:35] Shadowcaller: "I will stop you Promise, I'm stopping those villagers too if they should enter."
[17:36] Wolfbane: He looks at them straight in their eyes. "Try." He turns back to the door.
[17:36] Happy: "I really don't like doing this…" he mutters. He takes out the flute and begins playing it.
[17:37] Wolfbane: (I don't think Promise knows what the flute does.)
[17:39] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[17:39] Shadowcaller: Cessie casts a spell, hold person
[17:40] Wolfbane: (On who? Promise first?)
[17:40] Shadowcaller: (yes.)
[17:40] * Aegnor has left the conversation.
[17:40] Wolfbane: (Is he still able to speak?)
[17:40] Shadowcaller: (nope.)
[17:41] Wolfbane: Promise freezes, trying to fight the spell.
[17:42] Shadowcaller: Cessie cast it again, this time on Hope (she cna cast it twixe a day <.<)
[17:42] Shadowcaller: *twice
[17:43] Happy: Hope is frozen. Simone turns to Cessie. "What you doing that for? We needing them to kill the enemy!"
[17:44] Happy: Aegnor tries to use the flute to suggest calming, going home, going to bed, being at peace.
[17:44] Shadowcaller: (I thought Aegnor were inside the inn?)
[17:45] Happy: (he is)
[17:45] Shadowcaller: (Then the crowd won't hear him, but we will.)
[17:45] Shadowcaller: (the flute don't work that way, you say something after you played.)
[17:45] Happy: (Oh. Does Aegnor know this?)
[17:46] Shadowcaller: (Well, Arik wrote that up.)
[17:46] Happy: (okay)
[17:46] Happy: Once Cessie has dealt with Hope and Promise, Aegnor opens a window and plays the flute to the crowd.
[17:47] Shadowcaller: "They won't kill those villager… they would turn this whole town against us."
[17:47] Happy: Simone: "Town is already against us! They want us dead! We killing them first."
[17:47] Shadowcaller: The crowd hears his music (as dose everyone inside the inn.) but nothing seems to happend
[17:48] Happy: Aegnor puts the flute down. "It's late. You'd rather be at home. You don't want to hurt anyone."
[17:48] Shadowcaller: "If they wanted us dead, do you really think they would send this mob instead of trained guards?"
[17:49] Happy: "No one here is a threat to you. You want to go home and go to bed."
[17:49] Shadowcaller: The crowd continues throwing things, but after a few moments they stops, look at each other and then slowly being to return home
[17:51] Shadowcaller: Hope and Promise still lies on the floor, unable to move
[17:51] Happy: Aegnor puts the flute away, but is afraid to say anything to his friends in case it becomes a suggestion.
[17:52] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "I think I want to go home…" She shakes her head "What?"
[17:52] Happy: (Isn't Cessie immune to that sort of mind affecting stuff?)
[17:53] Shadowcaller: (She have not learned that kind of spells yet, she is resistant, due er will thought.,)
[17:53] Shadowcaller: *her
[17:53] Happy: Simone wanders to the staircase. "I going to bed."
[17:54] Shadowcaller: "That flute is dangerous Aegnor… I know this might be good, but imagine what else it can do?"
[17:54] Happy: (Did Arik tell him how long the effects last?)
[17:55] Happy: (can he tell if the party is still suggestible?)
[17:55] Shadowcaller: (He can't.)
[17:55] Shadowcaller: (Arik didn't think the suggestion worked very long however, but no exact time.)
[17:56] Happy: Aegnor doesn't answer yet. He goes to check on Promise and Hope to make sure they are alright.
[17:58] Shadowcaller: They are unharmed, they appear to be calmer then before
[17:58] Happy: Aegnor still says nothing, but he disarms them just in case.
[18:00] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Thank the gods that went well…"
[18:01] Shadowcaller: "But how can they forgive me after that spell?"
[18:01] Happy: Aegnor to Cessie: "If you're still suggestible, stand on one foot."
[18:02] Shadowcaller: "I don't think I am.."
[18:02] Shadowcaller: "But you would think that was funny, wouldn't you?"
[18:02] Wolfbane: (Are Promise and Hope back in their right state of minds yet?)
[18:03] Shadowcaller: (RIght now they want to sleep and go home.)
[18:03] Shadowcaller: (not kill villagers.)
[18:03] Happy: Aegnor sighs in relief. "There was a spirit nearby, but I couldn't see it. And neither could Kowa-Tengu." (is the spyglass still shaking?)
[18:03] Shadowcaller: (it is not.)
[18:05] Happy: brb
[18:05] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Well… we can't have them like that… I need to dismiss the spell."
[18:06] Happy: Aegnor nods. "One at a time, to be sure."
[18:07] Shadowcaller: Cessie appears very remorseful that she even cast the spell, "Well… here goes nothing."
[18:08] Shadowcaller: "Promise… I am so, so, so sorry about the spell, but you could not kill those villager, the guards would come and… well, it would not end well."
[18:08] Happy: Aegnor puts his hand on her shoulder.
[18:08] Shadowcaller: She dismisses Promises spell
[18:09] Wolfbane: Promise gets up a little unsteadily. (Has he stopped wanting to kill villagers?)
[18:10] Shadowcaller: (he have.)
[18:10] Shadowcaller: (the second suggestion conuntered the first one.)
[18:10] Happy: Aegnor watches Promise, ready to act if Promise makes a hostile move.
[18:11] Happy: Simone has gotten to her room by now and is fast asleep.
[18:11] Wolfbane: He shakes his head a bit, feeling slightly confused. "Thank you. I don't know what came over me. Was I really going to go and kill them?"
[18:11] Shadowcaller: "…what are you talking about? You don't remember?"
[18:12] Wolfbane: (Does he?)
[18:13] Shadowcaller: (He remember everything he did, he did really want to kill them at that moment, remember that he thought the voice was his own.)
[18:14] Wolfbane: "I do remember. I remember wanting to do so, but why?"
[18:14] Shadowcaller: She dismisses Hopes spell
[18:15] Shadowcaller: "Well.. I don't know why you want to do things, I just wanted to stop you."
[18:15] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "Thank you for doing so."
[18:16] Shadowcaller: She raises a eyebrown, "Have you been drinking or something?"
[18:16] Happy: Hope gets to her feet. "It was this thought that I had. I was so sure I had to kill them first." She yawns.
[18:16] Wolfbane: He shakes his head. "No. I haven't."
[18:17] Shadowcaller: "State of temporary rage? Do you wolfen have that?"
[18:17] Happy: "Whatever it was affected Simone too. She was ready to charge the mob by herself."
[18:18] Shadowcaller: (Gah, gigntic conversation o.O)
[18:18] Shadowcaller: *gigantic
[18:18] Happy: (that last was Aegnor)
[18:18] Shadowcaller: (okay.)
[18:18] Wolfbane: "Yes, but it needs the scent of blood and only a few can actually fall into it."
[18:19] Happy: Hope: "I was trained to rage, but not like this."
[18:19] Shadowcaller: "Any other reason? Just… well, can you come up with anything else?"
[18:20] Wolfbane: He shakes his head sadly. "No, but I am afraid Hope it right. It just happened."
[18:22] Happy: "What could affect Promise, Hope and Simone, but leave the two of us unaffected?" Aegnor asks Cessie.
[18:23] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks doubtful "Maybe they were just in that state of mind… I don't know really, magic maybe?"
[18:23] Happy: "You were asleep when the mob arrived?" Aegnor asks Promise.
[18:23] Shadowcaller: "But I could not feel any.."
[18:24] Wolfbane: "Yes."
[18:24] Happy: "And have either of you ever woken up already in battle rage?"
[18:25] Happy: Hope shakes her head. "No. It only happens once battle is joined, and then only in certain circumstances."
[18:25] Wolfbane: Promise shakes his head. "No, there was no scent of blood and I wasn't in a fight."
[18:25] Shadowcaller: "Well, you were not affected by magic, so you can't use that excuse."
[18:26] Happy: "And Simone isn't a fighter. She talks tough, but she knows the value of running away from a fight rather than towards it."
[18:26] Shadowcaller: "Yeah.. it dose seems to be a bit uncharacteristic of her yes."
[18:28] Wolfbane: Promise looks at Cessie . "I'm not trying to excuse my actions. I am wanting to find out why I wanted to do it in the first place."
[18:30] Shadowcaller: Cessie still don't seem to fully belive that Promise didn't do this on his own will "But… maybe you were drugged?"
[18:31] Shadowcaller: (can someone invite Murska?)
[18:32] Happy: (it won't let me)
[18:32] *** moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[18:32] Happy: there he is
[18:32] Murska: (yo)
[18:32] Wolfbane: "I don't think so. The thoughts were my own, but they don't make any sense." He doesn't mention that they made perfect sense for the circumstances. Just not /his/ kind of sense.

[18:33] Shadowcaller: (Um… anyone want to summarize?)
[18:34] Happy: (transcript up)
[18:34] Murska: (thanks, will go check)
[18:34] Shadowcaller: (Insaniwar post up.)
[18:35] Shadowcaller: *insanowar
[18:38] Happy: "I thought I needed to kill them to keep my clan safe," Hope says. "Whatever Cessie said to try and dissuade us didn't matter."
[18:39] Shadowcaller: "I doubt they could have killed us Hope, they weren't that amny of them after all."
[18:39] Shadowcaller: *many
[18:41] Shadowcaller: "And yet, we should have waited for the guard to calm them down, I'm sure they would have come eventually."
[18:42] Wolfbane: "They could have been here to blame us for the killings. If so, do you think the guards would have done anything? After all, we are the outsiders."
[18:42] Wolfbane: (I take it the innkeeper is asleep in his own room now :P)
[18:43] Shadowcaller: (indeed.)
[18:43] Shadowcaller: "I still trust they would keep the law, its their duty after all."
[18:44] Wolfbane: "Maybe, but I doubt that very much."
[18:44] Happy: "We're wondering about the wrong thing." Hope says
[18:45] Happy: "It doesn't matter what the guard would have done. What's important is why some of us were ready to kill."
[18:45] Shadowcaller: "You were still tried after waking up maybe? Still hard to think?"
[18:45] Murska: (read)
[18:45] Shadowcaller: "I know I'm easily irritated in the mornings…"
[18:45] Wolfbane: "No, I seemed to be thinking very clearly. I woke up and was ready to fight."
[18:45] Murska: 'I believe it was the hostile spirit.'
[18:46] Happy: "But you didn't fireball the person who was annoying you, no matter how irritated you were," Hope says.
[18:46] Shadowcaller: "Could you see her?"
[18:46] Murska: (Scary thought… Especially after sleeping in the same bed. :P)
[18:46] Murska: 'No… The spyglass warned me about it but I saw nothing.'
[18:47] Shadowcaller: To Hope "True… so how did the spirit do it then?"
[18:48] Murska: 'Some kind of magic, obviously.'
[18:48] Shadowcaller: "I didn't feel any magic… spirit energy."
[18:48] Wolfbane: "But why didn't it effect you two?
[18:48] Wolfbane: "
[18:48] Shadowcaller: "Well… Aegnor is a spirit speaker, maybe that gives him some kind of resistance?"
[18:49] Murska: 'Or maybe the spirit only had a certain amount of strength…'
[18:49] Happy: "It seemed like my own thoughts," Hope says. "And it is the kind of thing I might think in some situations. But not when we were threatened by a mob of untrained villagers."
[18:50] Shadowcaller: "Hm… the spirit must have controlled them too!"
[18:50] Murska: 'Also, a spirit entering our room would have caused the spyglass to warn me.'
[18:50] Shadowcaller: "This can't be a coincidence."
[18:51] Shadowcaller: "So, it must have done it at a distance then?"
[18:51] Murska: (Hm. Nobody in our room was affected.)
[18:51] Murska: (Thus…)
[18:51] Happy: "Does your wizard training make you immune, Cessie?"
[18:51] Murska: 'The spirit didn't visit our room, but it might've visited yours.'
[18:52] Shadowcaller: "Um… I don't know really."
[18:52] Murska: 'This was probably meant to put the blame on us for murders, so we would be hunted by the guards. A deliberate attack, and too close to succeeding.'
[18:53] Wolfbane: Promise looks around. "Umm… since I am unclawed right now, could I have my spear back?"
[18:53] Wolfbane: "I'll only defend myself."
[18:53] Wolfbane: Promise thinks. "Nevermind. That may not be a good idea."
[18:54] Shadowcaller: "What if it can do it again?"
[18:54] Happy: "Maybe knowing about it will allow us to question our own thoughts? If not, you'll have to incapacitate us."
[18:55] Murska: 'And… we have a counter.' Aegnor says hesitantly.
[18:55] Shadowcaller: "We do?"
[18:55] Murska: 'The flute.'
[18:56] Shadowcaller: "Oh, I thought you meant something to counter the effect in the first place."
[18:57] Murska: 'As long as I remain unaffected, I can just cancel the effects on you. But this is yet another reason to not get separated.'
[18:58] Shadowcaller: "This won't be the spirits last attempt i'm afraid."
[18:58] Murska: 'Maybe they'll see how ineffective this was and decide to not use it anymore…' /I hope./ Aegnor adds in his mind.
[18:58] Shadowcaller: "In other ways…"
[18:58] Happy: "But what if you don't realize we're affected?"
[18:59] Murska: 'If you don't do anything that would be harmful, it would be like you're not affected at all.'
[18:59] Murska: 'Of course… if they guide you into a trap…'
[19:01] Shadowcaller: "So now we know they can attack us in yet another way…"
[19:01] Shadowcaller: "We need to get to them before they can get to us."
[19:01] Murska: 'Maybe Zubera could help.'
[19:02] Wolfbane: "What do you want me to ask?"
[19:02] Wolfbane: "If she could extend her protection?"
[19:03] Happy: Hope is silent.
[19:03] Murska: 'If she knows anything about the enemy that could help… Anything useful at all.'
[19:04] Wolfbane: Promise squeezes Hope's shoulder gently. "I'll ask."
[19:05] Shadowcaller: Cessie look doubtful
[19:05] Happy: She flinches at his touch. "Isn't there any other way? Wasn't Arik going to try and learn something?"
[19:07] Murska: 'We are under attack by an enemy we cannot see, track, pursue or in any way damage. We have to use all the advantages we can get.' Aegnor isn't too sure about himself but Simone is probably the only one who could see this.
[19:07] Wolfbane: "And Arik hasn't returned. We don't know when he'll come back."
[19:07] Shadowcaller: Cessie remains silent, looking at Hope
[19:08] Happy: "If you have to," she finally says, in a low voice.
[19:09] Shadowcaller: "If you think Hope can cope with it." Cessie adds
[19:09] Happy: "I'll cope."
[19:10] Shadowcaller: Cessie nods a bit doubtful in agreement once she hear this
[19:10] Wolfbane: "Hope, please trust me. She is good now. And maybe I can even convince my brother to visit." (If he is able to)
[19:10] Happy: "I said I'll cope."
[19:11] Wolfbane: Promise nods, not wanting to puch it further. "Let me set it up." He then goes to Arik's room.
[19:12] Wolfbane: push*
[19:12] Shadowcaller: Cessie follows you
[19:12] Murska: Aegnor aswell. Staying together is of utmost priority if the enemy can affect their minds and he's the only one with something that can detect it.
[19:16] Happy: Simone is in her own room, asleep.
[19:18] Shadowcaller: "So… we don't have much powder left, we really need to find that other bottle…"
[19:18] Happy: (Simone gave it to Aegnor)
[19:18] Shadowcaller: (She did?)
[19:19] Wolfbane: (Is the circle still there from teh night before?)
[19:19] Wolfbane: the*
[19:19] Happy: (yeah, back when she was confessing everything)
[19:19] Murska: (Aegnor gave it to Arik.)
[19:19] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I guess.)
[19:19] Murska: (No idea what happened to it afterwards)
[19:19] Wolfbane: (Promise never broke the circle, so it could still be there)
[19:20] Shadowcaller: (It is then.)
[19:20] Wolfbane: Promise walks up to the circle. "Zubera, are you there?
[19:20] Wolfbane: "
[19:21] Shadowcaller: At first nothing happend, but as you know, in the end, something always be there.
[19:22] Wolfbane: He waits patiently.
[19:22] Happy: Hope is there, but hanging way back.
[19:22] Shadowcaller: A woman appear in the circle, if thats Zubera, she changed quite a lot since the last time you saw her, her clothes are different, her hair is done in a different way, her eyes… are different. She looks much better
[19:23] Shadowcaller: (Link:
[19:23] Shadowcaller: "Promise… I hope I thanked you enough since we last met?"
[19:24] Wolfbane: He smiles. "Naming my brother and showing him our tribe was more than enough."
[19:24] Shadowcaller: "There is not help in the world to repay what you did Promise… I am at your service." She bows
[19:26] Murska: (Tracking the progress of our IF addiction is funny. The first sessions were a couple days, even longer, apart… :P)
[19:26] Happy: If Cessie is sitting on the bed, then Hope sits down next to her.
[19:26] Shadowcaller: (she dose.)
[19:26] Shadowcaller: Looking quite suprised at Zubera
[19:27] Murska: Aegnor stands near the door.
[19:27] Wolfbane: Promise returns the bow. "We were attacked by a spirit a short while ago. It had made a mob show up and affected Mine, my mate's and another's mind. We were unable to see the spirit and would like your help if you are able to."
[19:27] Happy: Hope sits so that Cessie is between her and Zubera, and doesn't look at the circle at all.
[19:28] Shadowcaller: "I… am still weak after my "death" by Kuori's hand but I will still help you in any way I can, I am recovering after all."
[19:29] Wolfbane: "Thank you. Do you know where the spirit is?"
[19:30] Shadowcaller: "The spirit is moving around in the village, and so are her allies."
[19:31] Shadowcaller: "You have no idea how it feels to be able to think clearly again…" She adds, somehow embaressed
[19:32] Wolfbane: He smiles at her. "I am glad you are able to. Do you know where the other spirit speaker is?"
[19:34] Shadowcaller: "No, I'm afraid I don't…" She looks around the room, focusing at every person there, like to see if they are trustworthy then she adds "do you mind if I tell yuo
[19:34] Shadowcaller: *Do you mind if I tell you something?"
[19:35] Wolfbane: "I do not."
[19:36] Shadowcaller: "I followed you Promise, or Wolfbane as you were know by then, ever since the… accident." For a moment she lose that peaceful expression but she quickly recovers and adds, "I knew you were the one."
[19:37] Wolfbane: "The one for what?"
[19:38] Shadowcaller: "To free me, to make me better, after the fight at the tower, I could not keep myself from contacting you anymore."
[19:39] Shadowcaller: "And you came, despite my madness."
[19:40] Shadowcaller: She smiles, but you can see that she also look a bit sad, her eyes are moist
[19:42] Wolfbane: He smiles back. "What did you expect me to do?"
[19:43] Shadowcaller: "I don't know… you were a bit like me in ways, there was something about you that was unlike anyone else i met."
[19:44] Wolfbane: He raises an eyebrow. "And what was that?"
[19:46] Shadowcaller: "You didn't fear death, or at least you pretended to, you had to prejudices, you showed that in the dream."
[19:46] Shadowcaller: *no
[19:48] Wolfbane: Promise nods.
[19:48] Shadowcaller: "There… there might be a thing that could help you."
[19:49] Shadowcaller: "During my… darker days, a few summers ago, I was contacted by someone."
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "He said that he could grant me immortality, but only if I could collect a certain orb.."
[19:50] Murska: Aegnor raises his eyebrows.
[19:51] Shadowcaller: "I don't know why I agreed, but then again, I was mad back then."
[19:51] Murska: (Helios / Helena's orb?)
[19:51] Shadowcaller: (that which was taken…)
[19:51] Shadowcaller: (Remember the game?)
[19:51] Murska: (No. :P)
[19:51] Shadowcaller: (Well, there was a orb the wolves were supposed to take.)
[19:52] Murska: (Right. That thing.)
[19:52] Murska: (We basically went 'screw it' and killed everyone instead.)
[19:52] Shadowcaller: (indeed you did.)
[19:52] Murska: (Mostly since the goddarn Masons didn't die fast enough. :P)
[19:52] Murska: (So many people online, no giant chat?)
[19:53] Shadowcaller: "I found the human keeping it, I.. did my thing with him, and then I did that thing to the rest of his family, but still no orb."
[19:54] Shadowcaller: "I soon found out that his brother had fled, to Kyou of all places, I think he belived the spirits could protect him or something."
[19:54] Shadowcaller: (There is a chat, and I think you just joined it.)
[19:54] Murska: (ayup)
[19:54] Shadowcaller: (Its too chaty for me.)
[19:55] Murska: (too quiet for me)
[19:55] Murska: (When is it Kyou 2 time again?)
[19:56] Shadowcaller: She stops a while, there is a singel crystal clear tear falling down her cheek, "Then I met the girl you saw as in the first place."
[19:56] Shadowcaller: (monday.)
[19:56] Shadowcaller: (Maybe earlier.)
[19:56] Happy: (does anyone want my May 18 game slot? I don't think I'll be up to running anything)
[19:57] Wolfbane: Promise waits for Zubera to finish her story. (Unfortunately, I can't)
[19:57] Shadowcaller: *me as
[19:57] Shadowcaller: (Murska?:P)
[19:58] Shadowcaller: "I think you can guess what happend to her, she was that brothers daughter."
[19:58] Murska: (Yeah right. :P)
[19:58] Murska: (SC can start both Kyou and LOZ. :P)
[19:58] Shadowcaller: (…I got other thigs to do you know.)
[19:58] Murska: (Yeah, IF. :P)
[19:58] Shadowcaller: (And school.)
[19:58] Murska: (That isn't something you do, it's just something that happens, like sleeping and eating.)
[19:59] Happy: Hope is still concentrating very hard on anything other than Zubera.
[19:59] Shadowcaller: "Anyhow.." You can see that this is getting more and more painful to her.
[20:00] Shadowcaller: "I came to Kyou, killed its protective spirit and a lot of villagers, including Mino…"
[20:00] Murska: (And I helped! )
[20:01] Wolfbane: (:P)
[20:01] Shadowcaller: She takes a deep breath, "Sorry, this is a bit hard to me."
[20:01] Wolfbane: "It is okay. I understand."
[20:01] Shadowcaller: "I will never be able to forget aobut this.."
[20:01] Shadowcaller: *about
[20:02] Shadowcaller: "And I don't wan to, I deserve.. to live with this pain."
[20:02] Shadowcaller: *want
[20:02] Shadowcaller: She remains silent for a moment.
[20:03] Wolfbane: "It may take a while, but someday, it will go away. If you let it."
[20:04] Shadowcaller: "No, I don't deserve to forget, I must remember every face, I will not let them be forgotten, they didn't deserve… at least I can give them that."
[20:06] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "What is supposed to help us? The orb?"
[20:07] Shadowcaller: She sigh, "Sorry for that… anyhow, when I was a arms reach from my goal, Kuori killed me, with Grievers help, I "died and the orb was lost."
[20:08] Shadowcaller: "The orb must hold enormous power, if you can get it, you could easily dispatch the spirits attacking you."
[20:08] Murska: (Although he totally didn't if we go by game-events. We won easily and helped Kuori win while keeping him unaware of us.)
[20:09] Shadowcaller: (Well, it was kind of his second victory condition, and Griever wanted a "good" ending:P)
[20:09] Wolfbane: "Do you know where this orb is?"
[20:10] Shadowcaller: "If I did, don't you think I would have it right now? I think its outside the village… but not too far away."
[20:10] Shadowcaller: "I can still feel it."
[20:12] Wolfbane: Promise looks at the others. "Should we try and find it or try to find the speaker as soon as possible?"
[20:13] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "I'm not sure… I think we should go for the spirits first."
[20:13] Happy: No answer from Hope.
[20:14] Happy: (what time of day/night is it?)
[20:15] Shadowcaller: (Morning.)
[20:15] Murska: 'I think the speaker is the greatest threat, but we have no idea how to find her.'
[20:15] Happy: In her own room, Simone wakes up, wondering why she went back to sleep in the first place. She steps out to look for the others.
[20:16] Shadowcaller: (the door is open and Aegnor stads in the doorway
[20:16] Shadowcaller: *stands
[20:16] Shadowcaller: (to Ariks room that is.)
[20:18] Wolfbane: Promise turns towards Zubera, feeling worried that Hope didn't answer. "Whatever we decide, thank you for telling us. Is there a way that you can protect us from the spirits while we are here?"
[20:19] Shadowcaller: "I can try, there are many people needing my protection right now and I want to repay them for the things that I have done… but I will try to protect you the best way I can."
[20:19] Wolfbane: "Thank you."
[20:20] Shadowcaller: "Just tell her that I'm sorry okay?" She looks at Hope, "I was not myself…"
[20:20] Wolfbane: "I will. Do you know of a way we could locate the orb?"
[20:21] Shadowcaller: "Well its black, quite small… there was a certain power about it, magic power."
[20:24] Wolfbane: "Could you perhaps give us which direction it is in so we do not search blindly?"
[20:25] Wolfbane: He has a suspicion of what she is talking about, but doesn't show it.
[20:25] Shadowcaller: "West, thats all I can tell you I'm afraid… myabe the wizard can feel it?"
[20:25] Shadowcaller: *Maybe
[20:28] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks doubtful "Depends on how much energy it really contains, or if its shielded…"
[20:30] Happy: (ripper updated)
[20:30] Shadowcaller: (indeed.)
[20:30] Wolfbane: "I am sure that we will find it."
[20:31] Shadowcaller: "Well be better do something today, I can't just wait here for another attack…"
[20:31] Shadowcaller: Zubera: "You were attacked again?"
[20:31] Wolfbane: (he had said so earlier)
[20:32] Shadowcaller: (Right.)
[20:32] Shadowcaller: 8Scratch that then.)
[20:32] Shadowcaller: *(
[20:33] Shadowcaller: Zubera: "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
[20:36] Wolfbane: Promise smiles at her. "Thank you for all of your help, but there is one last thing. Is my brother there? I'd like to introduce him to someone."
[20:36] Shadowcaller: "I can feel him… I can send him into the circle if you like."
[20:36] Murska: (And am I the one who has to RP him again? :P)
[20:36] Shadowcaller: (You are.)
[20:37] Wolfbane: Promise bows. "If you could, please."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: She disappears and in her place is Spiritguard
[20:38] Wolfbane: "Greetings brother."
[20:38] Happy: (who is probably rather surprised that a human is calling him brother :P)
[20:39] Murska: 'Uh… hello?' (:P)
[20:39] Wolfbane: Promise realizes that he looks human and chuckles. "Sorry, I forgot. I am in disguise right now. It is me, Promise."
[20:40] Murska: 'Oh.' He smiles. 'Glad to see you, brother.' He looks somewhat less lost than the last time you saw him.
[20:41] Wolfbane: "I hope you are doing better than before."
[20:42] Murska: 'I guess I am, actually… What about you? Why are you disguised?'
[20:43] Wolfbane: "I am in a human city right now. Trust me, it is a /very/ long story. But I have someone that I would like you to meet."
[20:44] Murska: 'Of course.' His eyes wander around the room. 'You do seem to travel in odd company.'
[20:44] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks away a bit
[20:45] Happy: Hope stands up slowly and goes to stand next to Promise.
[20:47] Wolfbane: Promise smiles. "Yes, I seem to." He gently puts a hand on Hope's shoulder. "Brother, this is Hope. The one I told you about. Hope, this is my brother, Spiritguard."
[20:49] Murska: 'Oh.' He pauses for a second. 'Nice to meet you. It's a pity you have to be in disguise.'
[20:50] Shadowcaller: (I knew he was going to say that^^)
[20:50] Happy: Hope forces a smile. "I am honoured to meet my mate's kin."
[20:50] Wolfbane: (As did I)
[20:50] Murska: (It's kind of obvious, after all. :P)
[20:51] Shadowcaller: (indeed.)
[20:51] Murska: He gives her a slight bow. 'I'm glad my brother found someone. I'm sure you will be a great companion for him.'
[20:52] Happy: "Thank y-you. I am h-happy that you are w-well."
[20:52] Wolfbane: Promise squeezes her shoulder gently. "Brother, there is one thing you should know about Hope. She isn't in disguise."
[20:53] Wolfbane: (And the other shoe falls :P)
[20:53] Shadowcaller: (ouch, awkward)
[20:53] Murska: 'Oh… what? Wait, that means…' His eyes widen slightly. 'A human?'
[20:54] Happy: "Yes."
[20:54] Wolfbane: "I hope you don't mind. But after being away for so long, you change."
[20:55] Murska: 'I… of course not, it was just… suprising.'
[20:55] Shadowcaller: /I think it was a bit more then suprising…/
[20:56] Murska: (Simone, meanwhile…?)
[20:56] Happy: (Oh right… let's say she's just now walking out into the hallway then)
[20:57] Happy: She sees Aegnor in the doorway. "What is happening?"
[20:57] Happy: Hope smiles nervously, probably making a rather poor impression.
[20:57] Murska: Aegnor turns to her and answers quietly. 'Promise's brother.'
[20:58] Wolfbane: "Brother, as much as it may surprise you, I believe it surprised us much more."
[20:58] Happy: "But the mob… and why did I go to sleep?" Simone whispers, obviously confused.
[20:59] Murska: Aegnor: 'Sorry about that, I'll explain it in a bit.'
[21:01] Murska: Spiritguard seems slightly embarrassed at his own behaviour. 'Right. I hope you two will be happy with each other. I understand a lot of things have changed in eight years… It's difficult to adjust so quickly.'
[21:04] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "I understand. I am glad that you do not disapprove."
[21:05] Happy: If Promise were in his own form, he'd know that Hope is becoming panicky again. But his human nose can't tell.
[21:05] Murska: arg…
[21:05] Murska: cya -.-
[21:05] Wolfbane: (later)
[21:06] Happy: (bai :()
[21:06] *** Aegnor has left the conversation.
[21:07] Wolfbane: (and that probably means Spiritguard makes his leave too)
[21:07] Shadowcaller: (Yes… he dissapears suddenly, before he can even say farwell.)
[21:08] Wolfbane: (I meant saying farewell too. He'd have good manners I hope :P)
[21:08] Shadowcaller: (It was without his choice.)
[21:09] Shadowcaller: (Hehe… I think I got a pretty good plot going here… anyhow, continue.)
[21:09] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "What happend?"
[21:09] Wolfbane: Promise blinks. "I don't know."
[21:10] Shadowcaller: "…well maybe we should concentrate on doing something instead then?"
[21:10] Happy: Hope, breathing heavily, leans against the wall.
[21:11] Happy: (should I be Aegnor, or did he vanish too?)
[21:11] Shadowcaller: Cessie rushes to her side, "Whats wrong?"
[21:11] Wolfbane: As does Promise. "Hope? Whats wrong?"
[21:11] Shadowcaller: (You can be Aegnor I guess.)
[21:12] Happy: She flinches when Promise touches her. "I'm f-f-fine. Just cr-crowded in here."
[21:12] Shadowcaller: /She is deeply troubled…/
[21:13] Wolfbane: Promise notices her flinching. "Hope, I will be right back, okay?" He goes out to the hallway.
[21:13] Shadowcaller: Cessie remains at her side, trying to comfort her
[21:14] Happy: Hope hugs Cessie. "I'm f-f-fine," she says, though she is shaking.
[21:14] Wolfbane: Promise looks around to make sure no one is looking and takes off the mask. He puts it into his side pouch.
[21:14] Wolfbane: He returns to the room and goes to Hope.
[21:15] Shadowcaller: Cessie and Hope are still hugging but when Cessie see you, she whispers to Hope "I'm going to go out a second okay? You talk to Promise a bit…"
[21:16] Shadowcaller: "I be back later."
[21:17] Happy: Hope lets Cessie go.
[21:17] Shadowcaller: She goes out of the room, but before she leaves she looks back and says "I be near if you need anything, I never go too far away…"
[21:18] Shadowcaller: Then she and Aegnor have left the room and closed the door
[21:18] Wolfbane: Promise puts a paw on Hope's shoulder. "Hope?"
[21:19] Happy: Hope hugs him. "I'm s-sorry. I tr-tried."
[21:20] Wolfbane: He holds her tightly. "I don't like hiding either."
[21:22] Happy: Aegnor looks worried. "Do you think she was referring to Helena's orb?" he asks Cessie.
[21:23] Shadowcaller: "She said west… its possible… she was talking about one just like it."
[21:23] Happy: (Was Cessie west of the circle?)
[21:23] Shadowcaller: (nope.)
[21:23] Shadowcaller: (NAd she said it was outside the town.)
[21:23] Shadowcaller: *and
[21:24] Shadowcaller: (but still not too far away.)
[21:24] Happy: "An orb that grants immortality. Sounds like the sort of thing you've been looking for." *half smile*
[21:25] Happy: Hope just cries for a while.
[21:25] Shadowcaller: "Well, I only think it grants that to gods… but one can always hope." She looks hopefully at Aegnor.
[21:27] Wolfbane: Promise nuzzles her face gently. "Please don't cry. I understand. You tried, that is all that mattered."
[21:27] Happy: "So if it makes a god immortal, that would explain why Helios wanted it."
[21:28] Shadowcaller: "Well… it must have been made by your people, the elves, what was the name of that wizard again? That Helena told us about?"
[21:30] Happy: "Your br-brother m-must think I'm…" she starts crying again, before finishing the sentence.
[21:30] Happy: "Reorn."
[21:31] Shadowcaller: "Right… he must have made it."
[21:31] Wolfbane: He holds her. "He approves. I can tell."
[21:32] Happy: "…w-w-weak."
[21:32] Happy: "And will this one have a goddess living in it too?"
[21:33] Shadowcaller: "I don't know, maybe its empty?"
[21:34] Wolfbane: He lifts her chin to look into her eyes. "Hope, you are /not/ weak. You never have been. Don't let anyone ever tell you that. Especially yourself."
[21:35] Happy: "It's the only lead we have right now. As soon as Hope is calmed down, we should look for it. I don't want to leave them behind." In case the mind controlling spirit returns.
[21:36] Shadowcaller: "If we can track it that is…"
[21:36] Happy: Hope nods shakily, and tries to calm herself.
[21:36] Happy: Aegnor hands her the compass. "Maybe this can help."
[21:37] Shadowcaller: "I read Arik's note… we need something with connection to the orb thought."
[21:38] Happy: "Like your orb? If they were made by the same person."
[21:39] Shadowcaller: "Thats a good idea, I should ask Helena too…"
[21:39] Wolfbane: He nuzzles her face again, trying to wipe away a few tears. "Hope, you are one of the strongest people I have ever met."
[21:42] Happy: Hope nods again, allowing him to comfort her, and relaxing a bit in his arms.
[21:43] Shadowcaller: She picks the orb out of her pocket
[21:43] Happy: Simone watches, a bit wistfully.
[21:44] Shadowcaller: Cessie notices Simone, "Hm, do you like to see?"
[21:44] Happy: Simone immediately looks alarmed. "I not stealing it!"
[21:45] Shadowcaller: "Of course not" Cessie says, trying to calm her, "I just asked if you wanted to see it, met Helena."
[21:46] Happy: "Yes, I would like that," Simone says, immediately cheerful again once she realizes she's not under suspicion.
[21:46] Wolfbane: Promise holds her close. "Do you believe me?"
[21:47] Shadowcaller: (Hm, a room with 3 persons you control happy?:P)
[21:47] Happy: (Can Helena even reach through anymore, since the other gods are being blocked off?)
[21:48] Shadowcaller: (Zubera is in the village, she can't be blocked, depends on how you see Helena, is she at the location of the orb, or dose it just call her out of someplace else?)
[21:49] Shadowcaller: Cessie attempts to contact Helena
[21:52] Happy: (She's wherever gods normally live, but she has ties to the orb. The first time Cessie tried to contact her, from the temple, Helena complained about how she hated being summoned from that place because of the interference of the magical perversion.)
[21:52] Shadowcaller: (Hm, I guess Zubera is a more "down-to-earth" goddess then.)
[21:53] Shadowcaller: (They should met…)
[21:53] Shadowcaller: (Well, says that she can't contact her then.)
[21:53] Shadowcaller: *say
[21:55] Happy: Cessie sees a bit of a flicker in the orb, but then it disappears.
[21:57] Shadowcaller: "Gods be damned! Its not working…"
[21:59] Shadowcaller: She sigh and gives it and the compass to Aegnor, "Maybe you can try to see the connection? I might need to channel some magic in it."
[21:59] Shadowcaller: (Respond to Promise?)
[21:59] Happy: Hope nods to him.
[22:00] Happy: Aegnor looks at the compass and the orb.
[22:01] Wolfbane: "Good. Because it is true."
[22:02] Shadowcaller: The compass hand is spinning around, stopping briefly at 4 different symbols
[22:02] Happy: Aegnor takes note of the symbols.
[22:03] Shadowcaller: The wizard, the elf, the house and the spirit
[22:04] Happy: Did Arik leave any notes on those symbols?
[22:05] Shadowcaller: Cessie also take note of the result, "I wonder what that mean exactly…"
[22:05] Shadowcaller: (he dide.)
[22:05] Shadowcaller: *did
[22:09] Happy: Aegnor looks at the notes then.
[22:09] Happy: Hope roughly wipes her face, and forces a smile. "I'm okay. Really."
[22:10] Shadowcaller: Cessie picks up the note and reads, "Elf: doomed, elusive, rare, Wizard: magic, powerful, arrogant, House: village, home, safe, Spirit: mysterious, ancient, elusive
[22:11] Shadowcaller: "It also says that the symbols might mean exactly what they are…"
[22:12] Happy: "She's an elven goddess, made immortal with the help of a wizard."
[22:12] Shadowcaller: "Yes, I can see that, but this thing is supposed to see the connection this thing have with other things."
[22:13] Shadowcaller: "Maybe you should try again? Focus on the history a bit more."
[22:13] Wolfbane: Promise nuzzles her. "Good."
[22:14] Happy: "If you think…" Aegnor tries again, thinking about Reorn.
[22:16] Shadowcaller: The hand of the compass starts spinning again, this time it stops briefly at Wizard, Fence, Dark, Spirit, Dragon
[22:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie reads the note again "Fence: Trapped, closed, sealed, Dark: hidden, shadow, void, Dragon: hatred, rage, death."
[22:20] Shadowcaller: "Any idea what that means?"
[22:20] Happy: "Something to do with the gate between the worlds?"
[22:21] Shadowcaller: "Maybe… I'm not sure, its something we are missing here."
[22:23] Shadowcaller: "What do you think Simone?"
[22:25] Happy: "Wizard come up both times. Maybe Jopo involved?"
[22:26] Shadowcaller: "Thats possible, he was not exactly the most trustworthy person I ever seen…"
[22:26] Happy: (who would you recommend as an experienced ww narrator to help someone with a rule call?)
[22:27] Shadowcaller: (What game are we talking about here?)
[22:27] Shadowcaller: (I often try to add all my rules in the start.)
[22:27] Happy: (Trixie PM'd me about Fate)
[22:27] Shadowcaller: (Okay, i'm dead there anyway.)
[22:27] Wolfbane: (I can't affect the game any unless I die)
[22:28] Shadowcaller: (Lets chat privatly?)
[22:33] Happy: (okay, PM to trixie sent)
[22:33] Wolfbane: (I'm dead, aren't I?)
[22:33] Happy: "Spirit… maybe Yuki-joro?"
[22:34] Shadowcaller: "If we combined them… gah, it still don't make much sense."
[22:34] Shadowcaller: "What if someone else try?"
[22:40] Happy: "You should try. You've spent the most time with the orb," Aegnor says to Cessie.
[22:40] Happy: Hope takes Promise's paw and walks out of the room with him to join the others
[22:40] Shadowcaller: "Okay.." She takes the compass
[22:40] Shadowcaller: (they enter our room?)
[22:40] Happy: (yes)
[22:41] Shadowcaller: "Hope, are you okay?" She looks worried at her.
[22:42] Happy: "I'm fine," she says.
[22:43] Shadowcaller: It don't look like Cessie is very convinced about that, but she appears to let it drop and focus on the compass instead.
[22:44] Shadowcaller: "Elf… wizard… fence… drago.. dragon…dragon.." She says, mostly to herself and then adds "It stopped at dragon."
[22:46] Happy: Simone tries to think if she's seen any dragon statues during her sneakings about.
[22:46] Shadowcaller: She have not, she have seen paintings of dragons however
[22:46] Happy: Where at?
[22:47] Shadowcaller: (Inside the inn, at the gates, inside the guild house, at a few of the more richer houses.)
[22:47] Shadowcaller: "Either we are dealing with a dragon, or someone who hates something a lot."
[22:48] Happy: "Like the other speaker."
[22:48] Shadowcaller: "Why do she hates us so much? Or the village for that matter…"
[22:49] Shadowcaller: "If I only knew what Ai did that made them kill him…"
[22:50] Shadowcaller: "Who had best contact with Ai here? Did he have any possessions?"
[22:50] Happy: (Did Hope ever notice him with anything?)
[22:51] Shadowcaller: (Hm, not really, he appeared to make it without wordly possessions.)
[22:51] Happy: "I don't think he owned anything," Hope says.
[22:53] Shadowcaller: "His room then?" Cessie looks a bit uncomfortable when she says that
[22:54] Happy: Simone: "He saying Miss Hope was his best friend in truth or dare game."
[22:55] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… I remember that."
[22:56] Shadowcaller: She shows the compass to Hope "Do you mind?.."
[22:56] Happy: "What do you want me to do?"
[22:56] Shadowcaller: "Take this to Ai's room…"
[22:57] Wolfbane: "Should I follow?"
[22:57] Shadowcaller: "If she like."
[22:58] Shadowcaller: "Its up ot her, if she want to do it or not."
[22:58] Happy: Hope takes the compass. "Of c-course I'll try. But what d-do I do there?"
[22:59] Shadowcaller: "Just… think of Ai I guess." Cessie looks troubled, "Its for his sake you do it."
[23:00] Happy: Hope goes into Ai's room.
[23:00] Shadowcaller: Cessie follows, if Hope wants
[23:00] Shadowcaller: (so dose the rest in that case.)
[23:01] Wolfbane: (yep)
[23:01] Happy: Hope seems to expect Cessie to come along.
[23:02] Shadowcaller: "So… if you feel up to it." She says as they stand in Ai'squite normal looking room, the ice from the walls is gone, it don't look like anyone ever lived there
[23:03] Happy: Hope blinks back tears and thinks of Ai. His goodness. His joy at the happiness of others. How he was always ready to listen to her.
[23:03] Shadowcaller: Suddendly visions flash by Hope
[23:03] Shadowcaller: Strong ones
[23:04] Shadowcaller: Ai is in his room, he is talking with something invisible
[23:04] Shadowcaller: He is talking with the white woman, trying to convince her of something
[23:05] Happy: /no, get out, please, you're in danger/
[23:05] Shadowcaller: She laughs at him and in the background you can see three other spirits appear around Ai
[23:05] Shadowcaller: He don't hear you
[23:06] Happy: (She's just thinking it, not expecting it to work)
[23:07] Shadowcaller: One is a small goblin-like creature, one is a small racoon-like creature, one is a man in a clock and a bird mask covering most of his face
[23:07] Shadowcaller: But Ai don't show any fear, he continues to talk
[23:08] Shadowcaller: He wants them to make peace, he wants them to stop the killing
[23:09] Shadowcaller: Ai says that its many other peoples desire that they do so
[23:09] Happy: The others will see tears spilling down Hope's face.
[23:10] Shadowcaller: The spirits look at him doubtfully, they appear to be in doubt
[23:10] Shadowcaller: But the white woman just smiles
[23:10] Shadowcaller: "Do you think we will stop only beacuse of your words?"
[23:11] Shadowcaller: "I do not care about the mortals, they can all die, and so can you…"
[23:11] Shadowcaller: Ai don't flinch
[23:11] Shadowcaller: The other spirits disappear
[23:11] Shadowcaller: She draws closer to him, he just stares at her
[23:12] Shadowcaller: "It don't need to be in this way… we can all live in peace."
[23:12] Shadowcaller: She kisses him
[23:12] Happy: "No!"
[23:12] Shadowcaller: He falls to the floor, frozen
[23:12] Shadowcaller: He is dead
[23:13] Shadowcaller: His body fades into nothingness
[23:14] Shadowcaller: You can see yourself coming into the room, the white woman smiles at you… and then the vision ends
[23:16] Happy: Hope unblanks. "Oh, Ai.."
[23:16] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Hope?"
[23:16] Wolfbane: Promise rushes to Hope and holds her.
[23:16] Happy: "He was trying to talk to the spirits, to convince them to stop the killing."
[23:17] Shadowcaller: "Why didn't he tell us that? We could have helped him…"
[23:18] Happy: "He didn't have time." Hope tells them what she saw.
[23:18] Wolfbane: Promise makes sure that he is near her the entire time.
[23:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie closes her eyes, she don't open them for a while
[23:20] Happy: Hope looks at the compass. "You didn't tell me it gave visions."
[23:20] Shadowcaller: "I didn't think it did."
[23:20] Shadowcaller: "Maybe only if you have strong enough connection…"
[23:21] Happy: "I didn't even see if it did anything."
[23:22] Shadowcaller: "It just spinned, never stopping… I was too focused on you to really notice thought."
[23:23] Shadowcaller: She sigh, "So… what do we know now?"
[23:24] Happy: Aegnor looks through the spyglass.
[23:25] Shadowcaller: There are no spirits here at the moment apparently
[23:32] Happy: Aegnor: "We know that Aegnor felt a presence. He tried to contact the spirits, learned from them about the killings, and was killed for his efforts." /So it wasn't about me, after all./
[23:33] Shadowcaller: (you mean Ai? ;))
[23:33] Happy: :P
[23:33] Shadowcaller: (Unless he talks about himself in third person?)
[23:33] Wolfbane: (He is a bard after all)
[23:33] Shadowcaller: (They do that?)
[23:34] Wolfbane: (No, but this is Aegnor, he isn't your average bard :P)
[23:35] Shadowcaller: "And of the other hostile spirits…"
[23:35] Happy: "I can ask Kowa-Tengu who they are." (but we'll let Murska do that :P)
[23:35] Shadowcaller: (Indeed.)
[23:37] Happy: "And where is Arik? He's been gone a long time."
[23:38] Shadowcaller: "I wish I knew… I know that he is safe at least."
[23:38] Shadowcaller: "He is much safer then all of us together."
[23:40] Shadowcaller: "Anyhow, the question still remains, how do we strike back?"
[23:40] Shadowcaller: "Promise?"
[23:41] Wolfbane: "Well, we still don't know where the orb is, or the speaker. All we know is that the orb is west of us, but that is a better lead than nothing."
[23:42] Shadowcaller: Cessie sigh, "Hope?"
[23:44] Happy: "I agree. Let's look for the orb. It's outside Kyou, right?"
[23:45] Shadowcaller: "Yes… I imagine you would feel better outside, but still, we should ask someone about it."
[23:45] Happy: Simone, "Like Jopo."
[23:45] Shadowcaller: "We have no idea whats outside this village."
[23:46] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… like Jope I guess."
[23:47] Shadowcaller: "Maybe he knows were Arik is too…"
[23:48] Happy: Hope "Can't you talk to him? If he heard me when we were hunting, surely he'd hear you."
[23:48] Shadowcaller: "Me? Why me?"
[23:50] Happy: "Because you're his sister?"
[23:51] Shadowcaller: (Um, I thought you were talking about Jopo-)
[23:52] Shadowcaller: (Oh well… lets scratch that, we don't even know were Arik is.)
[23:52] Happy: (Hope still asks if Cessie has a way to communicate with him)
[23:53] Shadowcaller: "No… I can't reach him."
[23:54] Happy: "Doesn't that worry you?"
[23:55] Shadowcaller: "Well, he can be a very private person somtimes, he could leave suddenly a few days or even moths, but he always returned thought."
[23:57] Shadowcaller: "I guess this is one of these times… at the worst possible moment."
[23:59] Wolfbane: "Maybe he'll find something."
[00:00] Shadowcaller: "I hope he returns any time soon, I can't bear to wait for him while we are in danger."
[00:02] Wolfbane: "Well, Zubera said that she would try to protect us, so we have help from her."
[00:03] Happy: Promise can feel Hope tense up all over when Zubera is mentioned, but she doesn't seem to be about to panic again.
[00:03] Wolfbane: Promise squeezes Hope gently trying to reassure her.
[00:04] Happy: (and pause here for tomorrow? I don't like deciding what we should do without Murska here.)
[00:04] Wolfbane: (Yeah)
[00:04] Shadowcaller: (Hm, end session here? I don't think we can come much further without Murska.)
[00:04] Shadowcaller: (Was just about to say that.P)
[00:09] Wolfbane: (What now?)
[00:09] Shadowcaller: (Sleepy time?)
[00:10] Wolfbane: (For you two :P)
[00:10] Shadowcaller: (Exactly.)
[00:10] Shadowcaller: (Unless you go to bed 7 PM…)
[00:11] Wolfbane: (6pm here)
[00:11] Shadowcaller: (Oh, I was close at least, you have two different time-zones in USA after all.)
[00:12] Wolfbane: 4 actually
[00:12] Wolfbane: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific
[00:12] Happy: (just in the mainland)
[00:12] Shadowcaller: Thats what I meant…
[00:13] Happy: (6 total)
[00:13] Shadowcaller: Do you really say you live in the USA if you live on Hawaii?
[00:13] Happy: yes
[00:14] Shadowcaller: Bah, we can do just finw with one time-zone
[00:14] Shadowcaller: *fine

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