5:19:56 Happy: A few nights before everyone is ready to leave, Aegnor and Cessie are in their hut. Very late,
so it's likely you're asleep/trancing whatever.
5:20:11 Shadowcaller: Yeah
5:20:19 Shadowcaller: Aegnor got spirit vision now
5:20:22 Shadowcaller: Once per day
5:20:26 Shadowcaller: He can control it
5:21:44 Aegnor: yays. :P
5:21:47 Aegnor: What else did I get again?
5:22:03 Shadowcaller: Endurance + speed
5:22:27 Aegnor: sorry if I'm REALLY slow in Civ, playing SC aswell
5:22:35 Shadowcaller: o.O
5:25:33 Aegnor: so
5:25:35 Happy: In Cessie's mind: /Cessie. Not a word to Aegnor. I need to see you./ (Arik)
5:27:21 Shadowcaller: /Wh- Arik?! Have you any idea… where are you?/
5:28:50 Happy: /Not far from you. Just outside the village. Heh. The sentries don't even know I'm here./
5:29:48 Shadowcaller: /…I'm coming out, I need to talk to you./
5:30:17 Shadowcaller: She quietly casts a silence spell on herself and leaves the bed.
5:30:29 Happy: /Make yourself invisible. Don't let anyone know, especially Aegnor./
5:30:58 Shadowcaller: /What exactly is this? I'm coming out to talk to you, nothing more./
5:32:02 Happy: /Yes, but it'll be easier to talk if he's not there./
5:32:42 Happy: He describes where he is so she can find him. But it's still Cessie trying to find her way
around outside in the dark.
5:33:01 Shadowcaller: She casts a invisibility spell on herself then, not she can't be heard or seen.
5:33:28 Shadowcaller: she steps outside the hut and tries to find Arik the best way she can
5:33:38 Happy: And it's up to Murska whether Aegnor notices or not.
5:33:58 Shadowcaller: Completly silent and invisible:P
5:34:01 Shadowcaller: ?
5:34:10 Aegnor: He'll sleep
5:34:23 Aegnor: lessay this was the night where he had fought da ball and was exhausted
5:34:30 Happy: Completely silent and invisible, but in the same bed. So yeah, he might notice. :P
5:34:48 Shadowcaller: True
5:37:54 Happy: (*poke to civ*)
5:39:30 Happy: She finds Arik. /Let's go a bit further off so we can talk normally./
5:40:33 Shadowcaller: /Sure, whatever./
5:41:05 Shadowcaller: She follows Arik.
5:42:26 Happy: He goes to pick her up to fly somewhere else.
5:42:55 Shadowcaller: /Wait, how far away are we going?/
5:44:05 Happy: (Does he get hold of her?)
5:44:33 Shadowcaller: (No, she stays away from him.)
5:44:57 Happy: /What's wrong?
5:46:44 Shadowcaller: /A lot of things are wrong Arik, but why do you need to carry me off so far, are you
afraid of something?/
5:47:11 Happy: /Should I be?
5:47:36 Shadowcaller: /Just tell me why you don't want to be near the camp./
5:48:10 Happy: /Because none of them are wizards/
5:48:18 Happy: /This doesn't concern them./
5:57:47 Shadowcaller: /They won't hear us here, why must you always be so secretive?/
6:03:26 Happy: /Because people aren't capable of undersatanding
6:04:30 Shadowcaller: /So where exactly are you dragging me off now?/
6:05:32 Happy: /There's a meeting. I want you there. If you still trust me that is./
6:06:43 Shadowcaller: /What meeting Arik? I wanted to talk to *you* not getting dragged off to some meeting./
6:07:49 Happy: /Then talk/
6:09:31 Shadowcaller: "Okay, I will talk Arik. When in every gods name did you completly lost control of
yourself? Can I even trust you to not starting blasting people right here? Have you gone completly insane?!"
6:15:25 Happy: "Do you know what that stupid savage did?/
6:16:45 Shadowcaller: "I don't care what she did Arik, she was an *ally* if you should have a problem with what
she did, you should have talked to her, thats what civilized people do. Not blasting them with magic, *thats* what
savages do Arik."
6:23:55 Happy: "But she's fine now. So what's the problem?"
6:25:15 Shadowcaller: "Whats the problem? Whats the problem?! They were planning to kill you Arik! Have you any
idea what you actually did at all? Or have you lost all your senses too?"
6:32:27 Happy: "I don't really think I have anything to worry about."
6:35:01 Shadowcaller: "Thats not even the point! They hate you Arik they really, really hate you. Don't you see
any problem with that? Hope is my friend Arik and she wanted to kill you, she thought you were going to kill more
innocent people. Don't that worry you even a little bit?"
6:36:27 Shadowcaller: *dosen't
6:39:58 Happy: "No, it doesn't."
6:44:40 Shadowcaller: "…What? I know Hope Arik, she's not dumb, if she belived you to be capable of doing such
things and now your doing this? Please, tell me something… why are you doing all this?"
6:50:35 Aegnor: poke
6:56:51 Shadowcaller: poke
7:01:34 Aegnor: poke
7:03:10 Happy: "Do you realize how dangerous the world is? The only way I can keep you safe is if I have the
power to fight it."
7:05:03 Shadowcaller: "Keep me safe? I'm not defeseless Arik, I managed fine until you came along. I just
enjoyed your company, do you know how happy I was to see you the first time? And now you do this? Its breaking my
7:06:04 Happy: "I /needed/ to drain that warmage, Cessie. Don't you understand? She got in the way."
7:09:11 Happy: (Can't believe Murska caught up in points so quickly -,-)
7:09:46 Shadowcaller: "So you just blast evetyhing that go into your way? Your not you anymore… I can't stand
to see you like this…"
7:09:56 Shadowcaller: (Eh, I'm not really suprised.)
7:10:10 Shadowcaller: (This is the first time I ever play this game after all.)
7:14:32 Shadowcaller: She shakes her head sadly "I didn't know it had come this far…"
7:33:28 Happy: "Listen, Cessie, just come with me to the meeting. You'll understand better then."
7:37:22 Shadowcaller: "What is there to understand Arik? Can you tell me that?"
7:37:41 Shadowcaller: "You have already betrayed my trust."
7:39:36 Happy: A brief look of pain spread over Arik's face for a moment, but of course it couldn't be seen.
"Cessie, don't you understand? I do this for you. To keep you safe."
7:39:46 Happy: (Poke Civ)
7:41:57 Shadowcaller: "If you are doing this for me then I want you to stop it, now. I can't handle this
7:42:26 Happy: "Stop what, Cessie?"
7:45:30 Shadowcaller: "All this, your attitude, your secrets… I just wanted you to be a friend Arik, nothing
7:52:04 Happy: "I have to keep secrets from you. YOu said yourself you tell your friends everything."
7:53:45 Shadowcaller: "So why are you keepin secrets from my friends? Are you afraid of them Arik? WHy won't you
trust them?"
7:54:02 Shadowcaller: "They won't trust you."
7:55:17 Happy: "They wouldn't understand. Aegnor maybe. At least he isn't an illiterate savage."
7:57:33 Shadowcaller: "If they won't understand, why not tell them? You got anothing to fear."
8:53:29 Happy: "I can't tell them /because/ they won't understand. You know how close minded people deal with
people like us. Exile if we're lucky."
8:55:50 Shadowcaller: "Arik, was your intention that Michicora would have made it out alive?"
8:56:15 Shadowcaller: "Or did you just plainly want to kill her? Beacuse thats what you almost did."
8:59:02 Happy: "If I had intended to kill her, I assure you, she would be dead right now."
9:00:38 Shadowcaller: "But you hurt her, just you said you woul hurt ayone who toodin your way. I have to assume
that that includes my friends too?"
9:00:48 Shadowcaller: *stand
9:01:07 Shadowcaller: (keyboard getting slow…)
9:01:08 Happy: "A Servant of one of the Greater Gods… I probably should have drained her. It might have
almost made up for not getting to drain the warmage."
9:02:19 Shadowcaller: "Thats disgusting!"
9:03:10 Happy: "That's what people always say about us, Cessie. You're starting to believe it aren't you?"
9:04:50 Shadowcaller: "Killing allies Arik, do you think anyone would work with a person who did that? They are
not the undead, they are not your puppets."
9:06:51 Happy: "Which is why I didn't do it. Because it would have been foolish. Not because it would have been
9:08:10 Happy: (how am I doing roleplaying him? >.> )
9:08:52 Shadowcaller: "its disgursting that you even considered it,whats wrong with you? If you considered that,
what else have you done? ulyou kill people who hd donne noting against you just for power?"
9:09:57 Shadowcaller: *would you
9:10:09 Shadowcaller: *had done nothing
9:10:14 Shadowcaller: (darn keyboard.)
9:12:37 Happy: "Cessie, there isn't time to have this debate. Just come with me. I'll have you back by
9:14:04 Shadowcaller: "What could that possibly change? Where are you going?"
9:14:55 Happy: "It's a meeting of necromancers. Maybe I can finally convince you of what we're up against."
9:15:36 Aegnor: (I'll start on mah insanowar in the meanwhile)
9:17:10 Shadowcaller: "Necromancers? What do that have to do with anything? You still managed to almost kill one
of our allies, not to talk about what you did to Simone. Hope hates you and don't think Aegnor likes you that much
9:19:39 Shadowcaller: "What am I supposed to think of you when you do all this?"
9:20:01 Happy: "What do you want me to do, Cessie?"
9:21:14 Shadowcaller: "I don't know Arik, I don't even know anymore… I protected you, they always said you
were a bad person, but I protected you every time, and now this?"
9:24:07 Shadowcaller: "I trust you, I trusted you more then you realized, but now all that trust is shattered…
I don't even know what to think of you anymore."
9:25:52 Happy: /Please… don't say that. Cessie…/ Arik's mental voice holds a vulnerability to it.
9:28:22 Shadowcaller: She blinks, her rage is suddenly mixed with sadness /Arik… I don't know… you are
makingthis very hard for me./
9:30:45 Shadowcaller: /Could you please just stop doing all this Arik? Please?/
9:32:28 Happy: /… do you want me to leave?/
9:32:47 Shadowcaller: /I don't want to lose you, but I don't want to lose the other either. And I'm afraid I
will if I keep protecting you./ Cessies voice is filled with sadness and grief, all rage washed away.
9:32:58 Shadowcaller: *others
9:36:00 Shadowcaller: /You- you… where would you go? I don't want you to dissapear forever again… I don't../
9:37:02 Happy: /It would probably be better for you if I did
9:38:32 Shadowcaller: /You will contact me right? We can still keep in touch?/ Her eyes are starting to fill
with tears, but she quickly wipes them away.
9:43:36 Happy: /I doon't know. Maybe I shouldn't/
9:45:27 Shadowcaller: /I just want to hear your voice sometimes… you can do that for me right? Please./
9:45:49 Shadowcaller: (We could do it without RP really:)
9:45:54 Shadowcaller: *.)
9:47:21 Shadowcaller: (I could just say Arik conctacted her at certain points.)
9:48:43 Happy: (So she isn't going to the meeting then? )
9:49:38 Shadowcaller: (Well, I don't know. She is curious about it, but she was so mad at him…)
9:50:04 Shadowcaller: (She's really confused now:()
9:51:46 Aegnor: post'd
9:51:56 Shadowcaller: /I don't think she would be in the mood for a meeting, she just want to distance herself
from the world, or be with Aegnor.)
9:53:03 Happy: "I never mean to hurt you." He says. He reaches out to put a hand against her cheek, but of
course it's skeletal.
9:55:09 Shadowcaller: "I know Arik, you never meant to hurt me." She smiles and yet again wipes the tears away,
she don't appear to mind at all that his hand lacks flesh and blood.
9:56:20 Shadowcaller: (even thought its really cold.)
9:59:34 Shadowcaller: "Thanks so much for everything you did for me Arik, thanks for making this easier…"
10:02:04 Shadowcaller: She hugs him, if he could feel anything, he would feel tears falling on his robe
10:02:09 Happy: "Are you really going to be happy living like this?"
10:04:15 Shadowcaller: "I am happy Arik, don't worry, I'm very happy, just as you would have wished." She says
in a whisper.
10:08:31 Happy: "Living in a hut with a dirt floor and a thatched roof? No access to books? Surrounded by
people who don't speak your language?"
10:09:45 Shadowcaller: "I have books and we aren't going to stay here forever, it will be better, I promise."
10:11:06 Aegnor: Aegnor opens his eyes, the remnants of his dream quickly fading from his memory. Then he
realizes Cessie isn't there and is completely awakened.
10:12:54 Aegnor: He gets up and dresses, then takes a look outside.
10:16:30 Shadowcaller: (Um, she is at the outside of the village I guess.)
10:16:41 Happy: (Hmm… would his dragon senses tell him that?)
10:16:44 Shadowcaller: (But Happy decides that.)
10:16:54 Shadowcaller: (Not really.)
10:17:20 Shadowcaller: (Its more of a lie detector with more uses.)
10:17:57 Aegnor: (He checks the time, mostly)
10:21:45 Shadowcaller: (>.>)
10:22:57 Aegnor: ('hmm. A bit over 10am…')
10:23:04 Aegnor: (OMG THAT LATE! Back to sleep.)
10:23:14 Shadowcaller: (:P)
10:23:46 Aegnor: (But I did sleep already. :))
10:23:52 Aegnor: (For a whole five hours
10:23:54 Aegnor: (Awesome)
10:26:02 Aegnor: (…so. :P)
10:26:20 Shadowcaller: (Maybe she fell alseep this time^^)
10:26:21 Aegnor: (Read my insanowar?)
10:26:26 Shadowcaller: (I did.)
10:26:36 Happy: (i'm here, sorry
10:26:48 Shadowcaller: (What happend?)
10:29:14 Aegnor: (.)
10:30:11 Happy: i was distracted
10:30:23 Shadowcaller: (by?:P)
10:30:38 Aegnor: (Me. :P)
10:30:45 Happy: (civ)
10:30:46 Aegnor: (So, Aegnor checks what the time is.)
10:30:48 Happy: (then insanowar)
10:30:53 Happy: It's the middle of the night
10:30:59 Shadowcaller: (Not civ again..>.>)
10:31:16 Aegnor: He goes outside then, looking around quizzically.
10:31:29 Aegnor: (continue the conversation between you two aswell)
10:33:01 Shadowcaller: (Well, I'm waiting for a respons.)
10:36:48 Shadowcaller: (Happy… I want to sleep >.>)
10:36:58 Shadowcaller: (But first I want to finish this.)
10:42:23 Happy: "Tell Aegnor he'd better keep you safe. Since I can't. Cessie… do you really know what you're
up against?"
10:43:15 Shadowcaller: She takes a deep breath, trying to recover from her tears "What do you mean Arik?"
10:46:10 Shadowcaller: (…)
10:47:49 Shadowcaller: (Having trouble keeping awake…)
10:48:51 Shadowcaller: |-)
10:49:43 Aegnor: v.v
10:50:54 Happy: (hmm.. i don't know if Arik knows about Isandwana or not)
10:50:57 Shadowcaller: (really…)
10:51:21 Aegnor: Meanwhile Aegnor looks around the village for Cessie.
10:51:30 Shadowcaller: (Um, I think he might be.)
10:51:46 Shadowcaller: (Helios/Other reasons.)
10:52:20 Aegnor: (Okay, he knows)
10:53:33 Shadowcaller: …
10:54:43 Shadowcaller: (I know you can be up this long all the time, but I can't really…)
10:55:31 Aegnor: (v.v »)
10:57:45 Shadowcaller: (…
10:58:37 Happy: "The perversion, from the Tree. It wasn't destroyed."
10:59:19 Shadowcaller: "I know Arik, we larned that when we visited the gods."
10:59:41 Happy: "Then you heard about Isandwana."
10:59:52 Shadowcaller: "I did…"
11:00:19 Happy: "To destroy a city like that… don't you see why I need more power?"
11:00:47 Shadowcaller: "The gods could take care of it…"
11:03:06 Shadowcaller: (Ugh, do you really need to check back on the game every time?)
11:03:41 Happy: "The gods are more vulnerable than we are."
11:04:34 Shadowcaller: "But… the houses then, I'm sure someone can stop it."
11:06:47 Happy: "The houses don't get it. You don't get it. The only way it's going to be stopped is with
11:07:20 Shadowcaller: "I know how a legion works Arik…"
11:07:52 Aegnor: You hear Aegnor shouting for Cessie, coming from the direction of the village. (To end the
conversation for sleepytimes? :))
11:08:10 Shadowcaller: "But Helios had a book… we almost killed it with that ritual."
11:11:22 Shadowcaller: "Aegnor…"
11:12:51 Shadowcaller: (Stupid game…)
11:13:26 Happy: "Next time, you have to finish it."
11:14:43 Shadowcaller: "We will, I'm sure Helios have a plan. Don't worry about me." She smiles again, her eyes
glistening with remaning tears.
11:17:04 Happy: "Don't ask that of me. Worrying about you… "
11:18:01 Shadowcaller: "I will tell you if there is anything, I promise…" (where is Aegnor now?)
11:18:30 Happy: "I think you've been missed."
11:18:44 Happy: /Goodbye/
11:18:45 Aegnor: (Towards the village from here.)
11:20:05 Shadowcaller: She blinks and with a very weak voice she whispers in his head /Good bye big brother…/
11:21:11 Happy: /… it's all I have, you know./
11:21:38 Shadowcaller: /You won't lose it, I will be here./
11:22:04 Aegnor: (Dammit you made him kinda almost human! How am I gonna hate him now?)
11:23:24 Shadowcaller: (Hey she is playing the role by the scrip really >.>)
11:24:33 Happy: (the human part of him is still there. barely)
11:24:47 Aegnor: (Anyway. Continue.)
11:26:18 Happy: And he's gone from her mind
11:26:23 Happy: She didn't even see him.
11:27:19 Aegnor: She hears Aegnor shout from somewhat closer this time
11:28:38 Shadowcaller: "Arik…" She says to herself, a few tears falling from her eyes again, She wipes them
away, takes a deep breath trying to calm herself down and then goes in the direction of Aegnors shouts.
11:29:28 Aegnor: 'Cessie!' He rushes to her, spotting her before she notices him. 'What are you doing here?'
11:30:38 Shadowcaller: "I was… doing my bussniess in the woods." She lies "Sorry to scary you like that."
11:31:54 Aegnor: He studies her with his gaze for a short moment. 'Ah. I'm just too jumpy, I guess.'
11:32:34 Happy: Aegnor can see from her aura that she's not telling him something.
11:33:21 Aegnor: He notices it from the way she looks, aswell, but doesn't push it.
11:33:22 Shadowcaller: She walks up to him and hugs him hard and passionated. "Can we go to sleep now please?"
11:33:50 Aegnor: He hugs him tightly, then lets go. 'Yeah, let's.'
11:33:57 Aegnor: They head for the village, I guess.
11:34:36 Shadowcaller: Yeah, she keeping herself very close to Aegnor

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