2:55:26 Aegnor: Shadowcaller sanoo: "He would kill? What are you are talking about? Is this the best reason you can come with? That he might kill someone? What about Kuori huh? What about the person he might kill? What about the people that know them? Are they unimportant since they are killed by your god Hope?" "And you don't even know him, you just assume that he will go and kill people?"
2:56:31 Happy: Hope looks up, with pain in her eyes. "I don't have answers for you, Cessie. I'm not smart enough to debate things the way you do with Aegnor. I don't know how civilized people deal with people like Arik."
2:57:10 Aegnor: (:D JX is possibly being lynched. )
2:58:59 Shadowcaller: (I didn't dissapear there.)
3:04:20 Shadowcaller: "Well, first of all we don't kill people before we have even tired anything else…" Cessie stops herself there, looking at Hope with a similar pained expression. "I- I will deal with Arik Hope, I will deal with him my way."
3:14:48 Happy: "I'm sorry, Cessie. I know what you must think of me."
3:21:02 Aegnor: (poke)
3:22:44 Shadowcaller: "I just didn't think you would go so far Hope…" She shakes her head sadly, "Just… I don't know. I need to think…" She turns around, leabing 8again.)
3:22:49 Shadowcaller: *(again.)
3:24:18 Happy: This time Hope lets her.
3:25:01 Shadowcaller: (Um, so. What else?)
3:27:45 Shadowcaller: (You didn't think Cessie was mean right?)
3:28:22 Happy: No. Hope /is/ a savage
3:29:19 Happy: I can see both points of view. Hope knows instinctively that Arik is a killer, but she couldn't prove it.
3:30:37 Shadowcaller: (Well, the entier part are killers really, murderers on the other hand…)
3:31:30 Shadowcaller: *entire
3:31:42 Shadowcaller: (Anyway, should Aegnor do something?)
3:31:42 Aegnor: (Is someone gonna find Aegnor or will he come back on his own?)
3:33:36 Shadowcaller: (Well, I think Cessie went off on her won since she didn't know were Aegnor was.)
3:34:24 Shadowcaller: *were
3:35:45 Shadowcaller: (Unless someone else finds him that is.)
3:36:34 Aegnor: (Hey, I dunno. Anyone coming close would probably hear him playing, but he'll pack up and come back to camp soon anyway.)
3:37:05 Shadowcaller: (Aren't we in Gallion?)
3:38:00 Aegnor: (yeah, village, whatever)
3:38:06 Aegnor: (Place with people)
3:39:20 Shadowcaller: (Cessie needs some along time, but then she will seek out Aegnor.)
3:40:55 Shadowcaller: (Do anything else happends?)
3:43:39 Aegnor: (Happy? What ya doin?)
3:43:46 Happy: No, nothing yet
3:44:32 Aegnor: Okay, so let's say Cessie finds Aegnor just as he walks back into the camp?
3:45:00 Shadowcaller: (yeah.)
3:47:25 Aegnor: He's looking calm, with a small smile, as she sees him on the edge of the village, heading inwards.
3:50:25 Aegnor: (I'll go fetch food I guess. This is moving abit slowly. :P)
3:50:55 Shadowcaller: (Hey, I'm starting to write exactly when you finish.)
3:51:31 Shadowcaller: (I just need to think a bit how she reacts.)
3:52:20 Shadowcaller: Cessie on the other hand is looking depressed and tired. She looks at him with begging eyes as she comes closer "Aegnor…"
3:56:45 Aegnor: He turns to her as she approaches. 'Cessie? What's wrong?'
3:58:37 Shadowcaller: "Hope and i was in a argument… she said she was planning to kill him. Kill Arik." The last part is uttered almost in a whisper.
3:59:44 Shadowcaller: "Why is everyone suddenly acting like idiots? Why?" She hugs Aegnor, hard.
4:00:01 Aegnor: Aegnor holds her tightly, his smile gone.
4:00:52 Shadowcaller: "Firs Arik, then Michicora and now Hope? What have gone into them?"
4:02:54 Aegnor: 'We can work it out, don't worry.'
4:03:57 Shadowcaller: "They all want to kill each other Aegnor, this is serious."
4:05:22 Aegnor: 'Nobody will die. The Worm hasn't managed to kill us and I won't let us do the work for it.'
4:07:20 Shadowcaller: "And I haven't even talked to Arik yet, it feels like everything has become chaos, I don't know what to belive anymore."
4:11:32 Aegnor: 'It'll work out. We'll talk to them all and settle the matter.'
4:12:58 Shadowcaller: She pulls back a bit and looks him directly in the eyes "Are you sure? Do you really we can settle all this civil? Hope didn't think so…"
4:18:19 Aegnor: He looks back at her steadily. 'I'm sure we can, and will.'
4:20:17 Shadowcaller: "If there anyone that can convince them its you…" He can feel how she relaxes a bit more in his arms.
4:22:06 Aegnor: 'Have you even had breakfast yet? I haven't.' He smiles at her again.
4:24:22 Shadowcaller: A slight smile forms on her lips "I ate breakfast a while ago, but I would not mind joining you actually."
4:25:43 Aegnor: 'Let's go see what they have, then?' Aegnor withdraws from the hug but keeps a hand on her wrist.
4:26:42 Shadowcaller: "Yeah…" She follows him then i guess.
4:27:27 Aegnor: Aegnor chats with her about nothing in particular, trying to cheer her up a bit, while he eats.
4:29:27 Shadowcaller: She is not the easiest person to cheer up, but still appears in a better mood then she was when they met.
4:31:09 Happy: Hope avoids her for the day.
4:31:39 Shadowcaller: (Yah, i suspected so…)
4:32:20 Shadowcaller: *yeah
4:32:31 Shadowcaller: (ANything else happends?)
4:32:38 Shadowcaller: (Darn my inner watch…)
4:32:41 Aegnor: (Don't we have anything to do? :P)
4:32:54 Aegnor: (Like, decide what to do next. wasn't Gallion about to move? )
4:33:28 Shadowcaller: (You never actually annoced that in-game.)
4:33:37 Shadowcaller: -annonced
4:33:46 Happy: It's been talked about. Just never officially planned.
4:33:55 Shadowcaller: Mhm
4:34:17 Happy: But with Kyou in revolt, this is probably the best opportunity
4:34:44 Shadowcaller: Someone better suggest it then
4:35:17 Aegnor: Anyway. Where to?
4:35:39 Shadowcaller: Where we shall move them?
4:36:17 Aegnor: I asked that! :P
4:36:46 Shadowcaller: Yeah, well I tried to clarify if it was that you wanted to know
4:36:48 Happy: SC, you're the one with the mental map
4:37:03 Aegnor: Yes, it was me who wanted to know. :P
4:37:16 Shadowcaller: …
4:37:35 Shadowcaller: Did you even read what I said?
4:37:41 Aegnor: I'm not sure.
4:37:43 Aegnor: What'd you say?
4:38:02 Shadowcaller: Anyhow, to the south there are wilderness
4:38:26 Shadowcaller: Wolfen tribes that may or may not be hostile
4:38:50 Shadowcaller: And possibly a few Hyrillian ooutposts
4:39:03 Shadowcaller: As well as minor human tribes
4:41:10 Shadowcaller: North leads deeper into Hyrillian and so dose west. East leads deeper into Uokai and eventually into another human kingdom called kyrus, its not a very friendly place >.>
4:41:19 Shadowcaller: *Yokai
4:41:51 Aegnor: So, south I assume? :P
4:43:07 Shadowcaller: Well, don't ask me
4:43:43 Shadowcaller: I will leave it up to you
4:45:49 Happy: Well now that the players know what the characters know, I imagine we can talk it over in character.
4:46:16 Aegnor: Yeah. So, how to bring it up?
4:47:35 Shadowcaller: Cessie is not going to do it…
4:47:57 Aegnor: And Aegnor's staying with her and Hope's avoiding them
4:49:10 Happy: Then perhaps Eladrin would bring it up
4:50:28 Shadowcaller: Yeah
4:52:08 Aegnor: Sure. :P

10:32:53 Shadowcaller: Well, I don't really get why the chat eneded?
10:32:59 Shadowcaller: Or well, the IF
10:33:13 Aegnor: Hm. You disappeared?
10:33:37 Shadowcaller: Um, yeah. But so early that is
10:34:01 Shadowcaller: You basically said one thing after my "yeah" and nothing else
10:34:37 Aegnor: *shrug* Yeah?
10:35:01 Shadowcaller: I did say it was you would be the ones to decide where they would go:P
10:35:13 Shadowcaller: We could really go either east or north
10:35:46 Aegnor: deeper into the empire?
10:35:47 Shadowcaller: Kyrus is not that bad if your into necromancy really
10:35:54 Shadowcaller: Err… south
10:36:05 Aegnor: Kyrus has slavery?
10:36:06 Shadowcaller: South or east
10:36:15 Shadowcaller: Nope
10:36:22 Shadowcaller: Its outlawed there
10:36:54 Shadowcaller: They see it as something unholy…
10:36:56 Aegnor: Yay.
10:37:05 Aegnor: Still, it's a human empire. Kinda. I'm voting south.
10:37:25 Aegnor: They wouldn't allow us to create another empire in Kyrus, I assume. :P
10:37:32 Aegnor: Also, Cyrus the Great Emperor of Kyrus.
10:37:49 Happy: how about you call a village meeting and discuss it all IC?
10:37:59 Shadowcaller: Well… they are still okay with killing cirminals and using them as undead slaves >.>
10:38:09 Aegnor: Sounds reasonably.
10:38:13 Aegnor: Reasonable*
10:38:14 Aegnor: both of those
10:38:30 Shadowcaller: Since they are not technically slaves
10:38:37 Shadowcaller: Missing will and all
10:38:54 Shadowcaller: Would you be active enough Happy?

10:50:06 Happy: That evening, Freedom and Gilraen call a town meeting.
10:51:09 Happy: Well, Gilraen mostly, since Freedom is still pretty shook up
10:52:37 Shadowcaller: Okay, I guess Cessie would join that, not that she would be very active
10:52:49 Happy: She asks Eladrin to explain to everyone the situation in Kyou.
10:54:58 Happy: When he's done: "We have spoken before about attempting to migrate our people out of the Hyrillian Empire. Though this is sooner than we had expected, the unrest may provide the best opportunity for us to act.
10:56:39 Happy: While the focus of the empire is inwards, they will hopefully be unable to prevent our leaving."
10:57:52 Shadowcaller: (Well, Cessie is not going to say anything yet.)
10:59:33 Aegnor: Someone listening: 'But where would we go?'
11:00:40 Happy: "That's why we're here. We have to decide, as a community, whether we leave, and if so, where."
11:01:42 Happy: Someone else will describe the geographical and social setting, and the alternatives are produced.
11:01:57 Happy: Which are pretty much… SC? Recap?
11:02:04 Happy: (doesn't have to be IC)
11:02:04 Shadowcaller: Um, okay
11:03:59 Aegnor: (Meanwhile go press end turn quickly? :P)
11:04:24 Shadowcaller: Well, to the south there are desert-like wilderness inhabited by different tribes (but mostly unpopulated). Beyond the desert are the Yellow Mountains where a dwarven city is rumored to be.
11:05:16 Shadowcaller: They could go north, throught the empire all the way up to the wilder regions where the Kuori hunters live
11:05:32 Shadowcaller: Both these options are quite riskful
11:07:35 Shadowcaller: West would lead you back to Kyou and Mikokoro Bay, East would go deep throught Yokai until you reach Kyrus which no one knows that much about beside it being a human empire
11:08:56 Aegnor: So… 'desert-like wilderness'
11:09:13 Aegnor: I don't think they'd head for an unknown human empire
11:09:18 Shadowcaller: Well, it runs hot and cold, like all desert do
11:09:20 Aegnor: and the wild north.
11:09:39 Shadowcaller: The wild noth is a mountain region
11:09:44 Shadowcaller: *north
11:09:52 Shadowcaller: WOuld be easy to hide there I guess
11:10:04 Shadowcaller: By watch out for the countless bandit raids…
11:10:17 Aegnor: Yeah, and we aren't really going to find a place to hide
11:10:19 Aegnor: but a place to live
11:10:23 Shadowcaller: Not sure you would be welcome be either the wolfen tribes or the kuori hunters
11:10:39 Shadowcaller: Is a desert better?:P
11:10:49 Aegnor: Yeah. Mountains or desert, both are dead tiles
11:11:08 Shadowcaller: Well, all the good spots are taken >.>
11:11:12 Aegnor: Break up the empire and claim a spot.
11:11:39 Shadowcaller: I guess people all over will be doing that now
11:12:19 Shadowcaller: Depends on what spot we would claim
11:12:49 Shadowcaller: The people here really see elves and wolfen as lower beings so they aren't going to be very happy about it
11:13:11 Happy: Well a desert can be lived in, if you aren't trying to rapidly grow your empire
11:13:19 Shadowcaller: Cessie might add that that Kyrus is a nectomantic state if she feels up to it
11:14:57 Aegnor: But if we grab a suitable spot from Kyou, it'd be much easier to free and gather slaves there
11:15:09 Aegnor: or at least nearby.
11:15:27 Shadowcaller: What about the armies that would plat you flat?
11:16:07 Aegnor: They oughta be fighting amongst themselves for a while, and then if we're quiet enough maybe they'll hit the other dozen or so rebellious splinter states first
11:16:32 Aegnor: Anyway, sure, let's head for the desert
11:16:35 Aegnor: at least that's away from Kyou
11:16:37 Shadowcaller: Lots of "maybes"
11:17:22 Shadowcaller: Technically, any way but west is away from kyou
11:17:53 Aegnor: Truly.
11:18:10 Aegnor: But East is out, and North is through the lands of said armies which would squish us flat.
11:18:22 Shadowcaller: Not east
11:18:38 Shadowcaller: There are no armies in Yokai
11:18:51 Aegnor: yeah?
11:18:53 Aegnor: 'East is out'
11:18:56 Shadowcaller: Thought there would be outposts of course, but so would south
11:18:56 Aegnor: cuz there's nowhere to go
11:19:44 Aegnor: They're trying to flee from a human empire, so would they reasonably pick to go towards another, unknown, human empire which VERY probably wouldn't give them their own little spot of land to live in, especially if Cessie notes it's a necromantic one? :P
11:20:53 Shadowcaller: Hey, jus beacuse they are necromancers don't mean they are "evil"
11:21:29 Aegnor: Yeah, WE know that. >.>
11:22:07 Happy: Everyone pretty much agrees that wilderness is preferable to inhabited lands.
11:22:16 Shadowcaller: Technically Cessie is a necromancer you know, since it goes by the houses screwed defenition of it
11:22:18 Happy: So Kyrus is ruled out.
11:23:01 Shadowcaller: Okay, so we are facing the tribes then?
11:24:02 Aegnor: I suppose they'd probably feel more confident facing wolfen tribes than facing humans worshipping Kuori, not to mention the trek through the empire.
11:24:58 Happy: The trek through the empire during a time of unrest too
11:25:14 Shadowcaller: Possibly, the wolfen are not that okay with strangers however
11:25:18 Shadowcaller: But it might work
11:25:38 Shadowcaller: We could even try to dwarves if the first thing dosen't work^^
11:25:48 Shadowcaller: Or go even further south
11:26:02 Aegnor: (Oh, and Happy: Convert? )
11:27:25 Shadowcaller: So I guess they decide to go south?
11:27:53 Aegnor: yup
11:29:47 Shadowcaller: Um, so…
11:30:02 Aegnor: (*shrug*)
11:31:08 Shadowcaller: (Hppy?)
11:31:19 Shadowcaller: *appy
11:31:23 Shadowcaller: *Happy…
11:32:02 Aegnor: (civ negotiations :P)
11:32:35 Happy: Has anyone had any direct contact with the wolfen tribes?
11:33:34 Shadowcaller: Not really, most wolfen have been born on Hyrillian soil
11:35:00 Happy: Unless someone wants to roleplay an npc, I think people will pretty much agree that south sounds like the best option.
11:36:12 Shadowcaller: Leaving this place would mean that they get further away from the gate however…
11:36:24 Happy: (SC: )
11:36:41 Shadowcaller: (Um yeah?)
11:36:58 Happy: Does that matter to them? I don't think most of them knew anything about the gate until the spirits went mad.
11:37:10 Happy: (the avatar. It's very… you)
11:37:14 Shadowcaller: Too the party that is >.>
11:37:17 Shadowcaller: It is? o.O
11:37:45 Happy: (well, the kind of vilain you like to throw at us)
11:38:17 Shadowcaller: (Hehe, I have planned out things for the worm, but they are not like that, trust me:P)
11:38:56 Aegnor: 'kay, so, decisions are made. Now that where is done, comes the 'when'.
11:40:45 Shadowcaller: Yes, when…
11:41:47 Happy: And that's where a lot of people look to Aegnor.
11:42:56 Aegnor: Aegnor asks to know roughly how long getting ready to depart would take. He's on the 'as soon as reasonably possible' stance.
11:45:23 Happy: Well with everyone still on a war footing, it will be easier than otherwise.
11:46:34 Aegnor: Still. They need to take with them everything for the trip and for the rebuilding at the destination.
11:46:52 Happy: And I have no idea what is reasonable for that…
11:48:53 Shadowcaller: (So…)
11:49:04 Happy: (Sorry, but giving the most powerful empire in the world more power? doesn't seem like a winning strategy :P)
11:49:19 Aegnor: (Oh well.)
11:51:12 Shadowcaller: (So, what will they take with them?)
11:51:33 Aegnor: (I'd assume they need pretty much whatever they can carry. :P)
11:51:39 Aegnor: (Especially food, of course, and tools)
11:52:14 Shadowcaller: (Not sure how much they can take with them really… but then again, they live in huts.)
11:53:02 Aegnor: (Perhaps Yokai wolf who still has no name but has epic carrying capacity and speed can help)
11:53:12 Happy: (How about Windwalker?)
11:53:52 Aegnor: (I guess. It sounds very familiar somehow.)
11:53:52 Shadowcaller: (Would work I guess.)
11:54:08 Shadowcaller: (LoZ: The windwalker?)
11:54:38 Shadowcaller: (Or was it just "windwalker"? Can't remember.)
11:56:13 Shadowcaller: (Now I see, why the game didn't go on without me >.>)
11:56:23 Aegnor: (:P)
11:56:27 Aegnor: (Had a long turn. >.>
11:56:35 Aegnor: (All cities got stuff done at the same time)
11:58:42 Shadowcaller: Well, Windwalker is a good name
11:58:49 Aegnor: Yah.
11:58:58 Shadowcaller: We could use him to carry stuff I guess
11:59:07 Aegnor: Now I wonder what Happy is doing. >.>
11:59:48 Happy: (all my cities got done too.)
12:02:03 Happy: (So… ideas on how long it takes a village of 200ish people to get ready to up and depart?)
12:02:43 Aegnor: (No idea. Do we really need to say any specific time?)
12:03:33 Happy: (Let's say a week, since they own next to nothing anyway
12:03:58 Happy: (They'll have to hunt and forage along the way, so it will be a slow journey)
12:04:20 Happy: (don't think Windwalker could carry the whole village. That would be too much like teleportation)
12:04:57 Shadowcaller: (He would not.)
12:05:10 Shadowcaller: (Ten people maximum.)
12:05:15 Aegnor: (Yeah, but he could carry stuff. Or make round trips if we found out where to go.)
12:05:25 Shadowcaller: (Yeah:)
12:09:05 Shadowcaller: (Um, so…)
12:12:42 Aegnor: -.-
12:12:59 Shadowcaller: >.>
12:13:59 Happy: So… everyone is pretty much agreed on being ready to leave in a week's time. Though there was probably hours worth of debate and back and forth to gett o that point
12:14:08 Aegnor: yeah
12:14:12 Shadowcaller: Mhm
12:15:14 Happy: btw, which direction is the temple city?
12:15:22 Shadowcaller: North
12:17:08 Shadowcaller: So, everyone is ordered to start packing?
12:20:15 Happy: Yes
12:22:28 Shadowcaller: Okay, so we go packing then. Not that the party have much to pack…
12:23:29 Happy: And Cessie? How is she holding up?
12:24:14 Shadowcaller: Well, I think she will stay away from Hope and Michicora for a while, it will take her some time to forgive Hope
12:24:28 Shadowcaller: SHe don't even want to talk to Michicora again
12:27:39 Shadowcaller: I don't think she is going to help out that much, unless she can do it with her magic
12:31:53 Aegnor: Hmm. So, what next?
12:32:08 Aegnor: Aegnor'll talk to Iname at some point.
12:33:08 Shadowcaller: Hm, okay
12:33:48 Happy: And at some point, the next phase of the adventure starts. But we'll leave that for tonight
12:33:54 Shadowcaller: Aren't he going to tell Cessie aout, the spirit thing?
12:34:02 Shadowcaller: Yeah
12:34:34 Shadowcaller: Just remember that I do get a bit tired after 2 am >.>
12:34:47 Shadowcaller: aT MOST TIMES
12:34:50 Shadowcaller: *caps
12:35:31 Aegnor: He will, yeah.
12:37:07 Aegnor: The Iname thing will be short though
12:37:19 Shadowcaller: Okay, contact him now then
12:37:20 Aegnor: He'll probably just contact it while doing something else.
12:37:26 Aegnor: /Greetings./
12:39:23 Shadowcaller: /First voice: Speaker? You appears to have survived./
12:39:35 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: Many, countless are dead…/
12:39:59 Aegnor: /Indeed, I have. How are things now that the gate is open?/
12:42:10 Shadowcaller: /First voice: It will be better./
12:42:46 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: We fear that some have been taken by the whisperers however./
12:43:34 Aegnor: /Whisperers?/
12:43:59 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: Yes, the madness that have hunted us./
12:44:48 Aegnor: /But the situation will stabilize?/
12:45:14 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: Possibly, we have more lives to end however…/
12:47:19 Shadowcaller: /First voice: We have become blind I fear, the madness still lingers here, but its source is untracable…/
12:50:09 Aegnor: /Indeed…/
12:51:39 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: IS there anything you may tell us speaker? The mortal world has yet to paid the prize for this./
12:52:24 Shadowcaller: /First voice: Do they need to pay it? It was not their world who broke the balance, it was a few inviduals./
12:52:37 Aegnor: /According to what we know, it was a Legion./
12:53:15 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: We do not know what that is speaker, we can not even feel the world around us anymore./
12:53:50 Shadowcaller: /First voice: A deep perversion… but life must go on, we will see what will happend to the mortal world./
12:54:07 Aegnor: /I'm not sure we know what it is anymore either… But yes, it's good things are at least somewhat better./
12:55:46 Shadowcaller: /First voice: Yes./
12:56:26 Shadowcaller: /Secon voice: I suggest you take cover speaker, if you do not like to feel are incoming wrath upon your world./
12:56:33 Shadowcaller: *second
12:58:05 Aegnor: /I would rather you targeted the one responsible, but if I can't persuade you, then I would plead for protection for Gallion's inhabitants./
12:59:11 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: Leave this land and they will be spared, we will only make limits to this land. Everything ends after all./
12:59:52 Shadowcaller: /First voice: Yes, you need to leave, as soon as possible. We may not make exeptions between mortals./
13:00:59 Aegnor: /We are leaving as soon as we can./
13:02:12 Shadowcaller: /First voice: Do so./
13:02:53 Shadowcaller: /Second voice: Is this done now?/
13:03:20 Aegnor: /Yeah, there was nothing else pressing to converse about. Farewell./
13:04:25 Shadowcaller: There is no response
13:05:40 Aegnor: Happy? Any of your characters RP at all?
13:06:30 Shadowcaller: (Maybe Hope and Aegnor should tak?)
13:08:49 Happy: Sure
13:08:52 Happy: Either one
13:10:37 Aegnor: Hmm.
13:10:43 Aegnor: 'bout what exactly? :P
13:11:01 Happy: Cessie and Arik?
13:11:31 Aegnor: Well yeah. I don't know what to say but then Aegnor doesn't either.
13:12:00 Shadowcaller: o.O
13:12:10 Shadowcaller: Another outrage eh? >.>
13:12:54 Aegnor: I have no idea how, but a mosquito has caught me in my thumb
13:12:55 Aegnor: >.>
13:13:19 Shadowcaller: Bah, darn mosquitos
13:14:32 Shadowcaller: So what are we going to do first?
13:15:32 Aegnor: Dunno. Aegnor probably wouldn't go find Hope yet, he is not very confident about the whole situation since it involves his friends arguing and he hasn't dealt with that before. »
13:16:55 Shadowcaller: Well, Arik returning requiers some GM'ing and reactions from other players
13:17:49 Aegnor: and there's the Aegnor's shocking reveal 'Uh… I'm a dragon' :P
13:18:21 Shadowcaller: Hey, he is *not* a dragon >.>
13:19:07 Aegnor: But it's not remotely as epic to say 'someone of my ancestors had dragon blood'
13:20:23 Shadowcaller: But its the truth
13:20:39 Aegnor: Bah. :P
13:21:09 Shadowcaller: Well, we could do that I guess
13:22:05 Aegnor: 'kay
13:25:21 Shadowcaller: Cessie is in her hut I guess
13:25:41 Happy: well i'm still learning the game
13:26:41 Aegnor: Aegnor arrives in the hut at some point when he notices he doesn't have anything vitally important to do right at the moment, then.
13:28:24 Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
13:28:48 Shadowcaller: She is sitting on her bed, but looks up when he enters "Hey…"
13:29:40 Aegnor: 'Hi.' He walks a few steps into the room. 'Thought I'd come to check on what you're doing.' *smile*
13:31:48 Shadowcaller: As always Aegnor's smile can somehow make her smile too, no matter what mood she is in (well, there are exceptions >.>) "Miserable, how are you?"
13:32:37 Aegnor: 'Somewhat overworked and confused.' He walks closer and sits near her.
13:33:17 Shadowcaller: "Confused?… I guess we all are that right now."
13:34:45 Aegnor: 'So, I know you probably wouldn't like to be bothered but… Remember Vheez?'
13:35:39 Shadowcaller: "The dragon lich? What about him? I don't think I asked what he said to you…"
13:36:54 Aegnor: 'Yeah, well, we had a nice little chat and he proceeded to reveal to me the fact that spirit speaking is a skill linked to being related to a dragon.'
13:38:07 Shadowcaller: SH gives you a strange look "What? A dragon? Really?"
13:39:13 Aegnor: 'Yeah. And then he told me I should seek training from the great Dragon spirits, namely the leader of the green dragons since it seems that's the one in my bloodline.'
13:40:57 Shadowcaller: "Um, okay. So what dose that mean exactly? You don't exactly look like a dragon…."
13:41:27 Shadowcaller: "How can you even be related to one?"
13:41:29 Aegnor: 'No, it's very distant. I don't know much about it myself.'
13:43:22 Shadowcaller: "Well, what dose it mean exactly? Since your so distant and all…"
13:45:11 Aegnor: 'Well, as far as I know there are some abilities that I can learn, such as spiritspeaking. I haven't had time to learn much since.'
13:46:53 Shadowcaller: "Okay… why did he tell you this?"
13:47:42 Shadowcaller: "You gain things from your ancestory, there is nothing else?"
13:48:50 Aegnor: 'As I said, I don't really know what exactly it means. And I do need training to use them.'
13:50:11 Shadowcaller: "Whatever you deem safe Aegnor, I don't want you to get in any trouble couase of this."
13:51:14 Aegnor: 'Yeah… I'll be careful.'
13:53:02 Shadowcaller: "Good, could I follow your training? What is the results of it?"
13:53:35 Aegnor: 'Thus far? Weird visions.'
13:54:15 Shadowcaller: "Of what?"
13:55:21 Aegnor: 'It was pretty odd, hard to describe…'
13:56:25 Shadowcaller: "Try, maybe I can make sense of it."
13:57:55 Aegnor: He describes the two drugtrips somewhat, although it is quite difficult.
13:58:25 Shadowcaller: (The one where he saw her?)
13:58:58 Aegnor: (Hmm. he'll describe the other first)
14:00:05 Shadowcaller: (the one with spirits?)
14:00:26 Aegnor: (yeah)
14:01:30 Shadowcaller: "So you saw spirits? But thats not really unusual right?"
14:05:33 Aegnor: 'Well, it's not like I usually see them. But it was different…'
14:05:40 Shadowcaller: "Different?"
14:10:52 Aegnor: 'I can't explain it, really…'
14:11:46 Shadowcaller: "Hm, okay. I don't really know anything about spirits so I can't help you there. The other vision then?"
14:13:00 Aegnor: 'Well… I saw you… and, I don't know. What you… thought? Felt? It's even less clear…'
14:13:27 Shadowcaller: "You saw me? In the vision?"
14:14:52 Aegnor: 'I saw… things, when I looked at you.'
14:16:42 Shadowcaller: "Oh… what did you see about me?"
14:19:54 Aegnor: 'I saw you love me.' He smiles. 'And I also saw your worries about… you know, Arik, Michicora…'
14:22:01 Shadowcaller: "Hopefully you don't need a vision to see that… Sounds like a very wierd experience, was there any pattern in these visions?"
14:22:35 Aegnor: 'Well, there were only two so I can't really say yet…'
14:22:52 Aegnor: Suddenly he chuckles a bit.
14:23:01 Shadowcaller: (Happy has to come up with more visions….)
14:23:30 Shadowcaller: "Whats so funny?"
14:25:00 Aegnor: 'You.' He grins. 'It's so like you, studying me like a scholar looking at a previously unknown phenomenon.'
14:26:59 Shadowcaller: She blushes "Ugh, did I really sound like that? I don't think I can help myself. I'm so sorry Aegnor, I didn't mean to sound like that."
14:27:49 Aegnor: 'I don't mind.' He smiles. 'Your curiosity was pretty nice when we met.'
14:33:47 Shadowcaller: "Well I- well, thank you I guess. I can say I liked that I was… curious, when we met."
14:36:40 Shadowcaller: She grins "I guess you are something of a "unkown phenomenon""
14:37:41 Aegnor: 'Well, I don't mind you trying to figure me out.' *smile*
14:40:02 Shadowcaller: Cessie giggles "I will put my best efforts into you, maybe I have you figured out at the end of the week?"
14:40:24 Shadowcaller: (huge grin)
14:40:56 Aegnor: 'But then you'd have to go find something more interesting to study. I'll have to try my best to remain a mystery.'
14:40:59 Happy: (Hope is such a simple character compared to you two massively complex ones :P)
14:41:15 Aegnor: (Naaah. :P)
14:42:49 Shadowcaller: "I see that you do." She says with a meaningful wink, her troubles forgotten for now at least.
14:43:46 Aegnor: 'Oh, but how could I hide anything from such beautiful eyes…' Aegnor theatrically brings a hand on his heart.
14:47:39 Shadowcaller: "How could I ever be without you?" Cessie moves in and gives Aegnor a long slow kiss.
14:57:15 Aegnor: As they separate, he whispers: 'You won't ever have to.'
14:58:40 Shadowcaller: "I know." she whispers back.

17:06:45 Shadowcaller: So, when is this?
17:06:58 Aegnor: the next evening, I suppose
17:07:12 Shadowcaller: Okay
17:07:37 Shadowcaller: Err was Jugan supposed to contact him or Aegnor supposed to contact Jugan?
17:08:26 Aegnor: I have no idea but Aegnor was going to contact him. :P
17:08:49 Shadowcaller: Okay
17:09:01 Shadowcaller: So you start then I suppose
17:09:44 Aegnor: Yeah. Aegnor, remembering last time, sits down and leans his back on the wall before starting. /Hello./
17:10:39 Shadowcaller: /What? Wh- Oh Hello again./
17:11:06 Aegnor: /Bad time?/
17:13:49 Shadowcaller: /I was communicating with Kukusho, I Hope you don't mind that?/
17:14:07 Shadowcaller: /He is a bit tense with your blood./
17:14:31 Aegnor: /I don't mind… not that I know who he is./
17:15:32 Shadowcaller: /You don't remember? He seems quite sure he have spooken to you at least./
17:16:05 Aegnor: /Maybe we have spoken then. My life has been rather chaotic lately./
17:18:00 Shadowcaller: /I understand, I think, our minds are still vastly different after all elfblood. We must reach deeper within you to-/
17:19:17 Shadowcaller: /Would you mind if he joins our conversation? It might be a bit strained, as I said, he dislikes mortals./
17:20:42 Aegnor: /Okay, then. I've met quite a lot of beings who dislike me, so I'll hope we manage./
17:21:10 Shadowcaller: /Great, frankly I hope he leaves us soon, but please do not mention that…/
17:21:59 Shadowcaller: You feel another presence, much like Jugans but a bit different, you realize you very much have spooken to this spirit before.
17:22:41 Aegnor: (Heh. I did have a hunch… :P)
17:23:04 Shadowcaller: Kokusho: /You again? You dare to ask me for more?/
17:24:10 Aegnor: /Well hello to you too./
17:24:11 Shadowcaller: Jugan: /Great Vhees saw enormous potential in this one brother of mine./
17:24:45 Shadowcaller: Kokusho: /We already have one of dragon blood, my blood. What do we need this one for?/
17:24:58 Shadowcaller: Jugan: /She was taken away remember?/
17:25:51 Shadowcaller: Kokusho: /Hmph, very well. If you wish to claim to be above the rest of your kin, mortal. Tell me what you can do./
17:27:05 Aegnor: /Not much at all, that's why I was told to talk to Jugan by Vheez./
17:28:18 Shadowcaller: Kokusho: /One with true potential would already have awaken his dormant abilities, this one is weak./
17:29:23 Shadowcaller: Jugan: /He might have been dormant for other reasons bother of mine, don't be so judgmental./
17:30:51 Shadowcaller: Kokusho: /Tell me if he get scales, then we know./
17:30:52 Shadowcaller: Jugan: /Scales have nothing to do with it, the most potent speakers of all never had scales./
17:31:37 Aegnor: Aegnor raises his eyebrows slightly.
17:31:47 Shadowcaller: Kokusho: /Weak elfblood… I have other things to do brother of mine, contact me once you are done with this one./
17:32:07 Shadowcaller: You feel Kokusho presence leave you.
17:32:44 Shadowcaller: Jugan: /Trully I can gaze upon the future like the oracles of old. He left./
17:33:19 Shadowcaller: Jugan: /Now, where were we? Was there any questions?/
17:35:14 Aegnor: /Well, I'd like to know more about what exactly… this… means. And I've had some odd visions today, you told me to inform you about changes such as these./
17:35:52 Shadowcaller: /Ah, yes. First tell me about your visions./
17:36:17 Aegnor: He describes them in as much detail as he can muster.
17:38:34 Shadowcaller: /You saw that mortals kami, or inner spirit as you did see the spirits in the woods. Your connection to the spirit world grows deeper, in time these "surges" will be permanent, or hopefully at will. I won't lie to you when I say there are a number of complications with this traning./
17:39:01 Shadowcaller: /It all depends on how "pure-blooded" you are and how well you can take this traning./
17:41:01 Aegnor: /Yeah, if I don't learn how to control them they might get a bit distracting./
17:42:25 Shadowcaller: /Yes, there are a number of physical changes too… but everyone reacts differently to the training. No case is the same./
17:42:40 Aegnor: /You said something about scales…?/
17:44:29 Shadowcaller: /Ah yes, a few numbers of dragonbloods gain scales as well as other of our characterizations once they get more in touch with their blood./
17:44:48 Shadowcaller: /Some of us see this as a sign of true connection to the blood./
17:46:44 Shadowcaller: /…is this worrying?/
17:47:19 Aegnor: /Hm. I'll manage, I just wonder how Cessie'd react./
17:48:43 Shadowcaller: /The mortal? Hm, well do not worry, I have seen many speakers without the scales, its different in each case after all./
17:49:51 Aegnor: /Could you tell me what usually happens, so it doesn't all come as a complete surprise?/
17:50:48 Shadowcaller: /Each case is unique, its not my place to know such things. There have been many years since I last trained a mortal such as yourself./
17:52:34 Aegnor: /I'll await my fate with a mixture of anticipation and nervousness then, I guess./ His tone is light.
17:53:15 Shadowcaller: /You may stop if you like, its not a fate I want to force you upon./
17:54:27 Aegnor: /What would happen if I did? Would the surges disappear and such?/
17:56:07 Shadowcaller: /I could make your dragon sleep forever if you like. That would end all the connections with us./
17:58:12 Aegnor: /Well, that'd be very unlike me. No, I'll see this through, at least until it conflicts with something I prioritize higher./
17:59:51 Shadowcaller: /Well, losing you would have me dissapointing great old Vhees so I will make a confession that I was hoping you would stay./
18:00:14 Shadowcaller: (the grammar is inteded by the way:P)
18:00:30 Aegnor: (Yeah, it makes sense and isn't wrong. :P)
18:01:22 Aegnor: /Glad to hear at least someone welcomes me./ (Darnit someone has to invent mental emoticons)
18:03:38 Shadowcaller: /There have been many years since I talked to a mortal since, I was beliving that my mortal kin had been wiped out. You are a proof that it have not and you appears to be a good person too. It will be a honor to train you Aegnor of the elven blood, as long as you like./
18:04:20 Aegnor: /It is an honour to receive your training./
18:05:01 Shadowcaller: /Thank you, but enough comments, let us continue shall we?/
18:05:10 Aegnor: /Indeed./
18:06:37 Shadowcaller: /Follow my voice, is it clearer now then last time?/
18:06:41 Shadowcaller: (it is.)
18:06:48 Aegnor: /Yes./
18:08:08 Shadowcaller: /Good, concentrate on it. Now, there will be a physciall test if you are okay with it?/
18:08:26 Aegnor: /Okay./
18:08:28 Shadowcaller: (Hm, stores are closing in about 52 minutes…)

18:47:15 Shadowcaller: Um where were we?
18:47:39 Aegnor: Shadowcaller sanoo: /Good, concentrate on it. Now, there will be a physciall test if you are okay with it?/ Aegnor sanoo: /Okay./
18:49:29 Shadowcaller: There is a another surge, stronger then the last two ones theworld becomes… greener
18:49:53 Shadowcaller: It looks like you see it throught green linses
18:50:42 Shadowcaller: A green ball appears before you, its hard to see since it shares color with the bakground
18:51:52 Shadowcaller: /Catch the ball…/ Ann with those words the ball flies away from you
18:52:23 Aegnor: He chases after it, I guess. :P
18:53:55 Shadowcaller: As you chase it, you come to the realization that the world around you have changed more thrn color, you can see no signs of Gallion or any other signs of civilization around you.
18:54:45 Aegnor: How does the ball appear to be behaving?
18:55:01 Shadowcaller: The green ball darts just in front of you, never too far away, but never close enough so you can catch it.
18:55:53 Aegnor: He tests if he can slow down and then suddenly leap to catch it, without much hopes for success. :P
18:57:24 Shadowcaller: Aegnor slowes down and the ball almost appears to fly away completly but then it stops. Aegnor leaps after it, but it changes direction with the blink of an eye.
18:57:57 Aegnor: He tries to focus on it to see some kind of a pattern, weakness he could exploit.
19:00:02 Shadowcaller: The ball appears to be made of pure greeness (if that is a word) if he listens close enough it makes some type of buzzing sound.
19:00:46 Shadowcaller: It don't seems to be able to go throught the vegitation, if your wondering
19:01:43 Shadowcaller: The ball appears bound to him, keeping itself just close enough so he can see it
19:03:02 Shadowcaller: He can hear water in the distance, around him are trees and rocks
19:03:22 Shadowcaller: A few very green insects can be seen flying around
19:03:38 Aegnor: Anything he could possibly trap it against?
19:04:23 Shadowcaller: More specific?
19:04:55 Aegnor: Well, since it doesn't seem to be capable of going through things, and it's faster and more mobile than Aegnor, he needs something to limit it's movements. Obstructing vegetation, whatever.
19:06:25 Shadowcaller: Well, there are trees, leaves, grass…
19:06:41 Shadowcaller: Rocks:P
19:06:46 Shadowcaller: Flowers
19:06:53 Shadowcaller: Different kind of exotic plants
19:06:57 Shadowcaller: *kinds
19:07:14 Aegnor: Thick thickets, brushes, stuff like that?
19:07:28 Shadowcaller: Yeah
19:08:21 Aegnor: Aegnor attempts to herd the ball to such a place, moving less than at his full speed, and then leaping at it once it's obstructed.
19:11:34 Shadowcaller: He grabs it and there is a flash. Then it appears to be gone again, but he can still hear the buzz, it sounds much louder then before he caught the ball.
19:12:06 Shadowcaller: /Now its your turn, flee./
19:12:29 Shadowcaller: A gigantic green ball comes out in the open
19:12:57 Aegnor: Aegnor runs away, then. >.> Darnit being chased by personifications of myself. :P
19:13:19 Aegnor: It's large, and shouldn't be able to go through stuff so he uses trees and vegetation to his advantage again
19:15:48 Shadowcaller: The ball moves slowly throught the vegitation, its like a gigangtic ball of acid, it melts everything it comes in contact with (but anything outside it is fine).
19:16:01 Shadowcaller: So it makes holes in the vegitation
19:16:46 Aegnor: Okay, then he attempts to make some distance between himself and it and avoids vegetation which seems to slow him down more than it.
19:17:39 Shadowcaller: How dose he run? Is he running straight forward or changing direction all the time?
19:19:05 Aegnor: He changes direction if the enemy starts closing in and especially if he notices it's turning is slower than it's normal movement. Also he has to change direction somewhat because of the trees and such, but since he's trying to add some distance he'll move pretty straight.
19:19:36 Shadowcaller: Since the ball don't actually have a "front" it turns quite fast
19:21:27 Shadowcaller: Eventually he comes to end, there is no ground beoyond this point. It appears he is one some type of air-island
19:22:56 Shadowcaller: He can still hear the ball buzz behind him
19:23:06 Aegnor: He'll lead it in a merry circle then.
19:24:06 Shadowcaller: THe ball looks like it moves faster once it have cleared the vegitation around it. Every time it touches something, its slowed down a bit
19:24:51 Aegnor: Since it's slower, he'll be able to use the paths it makes to the vegetation while still forcing it, if it uses the shortest possible route towards him, to pass through fresh patches
19:27:08 Shadowcaller: It slowly gathers speed once it spends time in a clear area
19:28:37 Shadowcaller: So eventually, it might match his speed or even surpass it
19:28:56 Aegnor: Yeah, since the island doesn't have infinite vegetation
19:29:03 Aegnor: but nothing much he can do against that, eh?
19:30:35 Shadowcaller: All vegetation is cleared around it, leaving only earth and rocks.
19:31:44 Shadowcaller: Aegnor feels that his energy us running out, he won't be able to match the balls constant speed soon
19:32:34 Aegnor: He looks around for anything he hasn't noticed that could help. How exactly does the ball move? Floating? How high?
19:33:05 Shadowcaller: The ball is floating yes, just a few centimeters above the ground
19:33:42 Shadowcaller: He can see a mountain in the distance and he ran pass a river a few moments ago
19:34:03 Aegnor: How wide is the river?
19:34:27 Shadowcaller: About a meter wide.
19:35:29 Aegnor: He'll jump over it and observe if it has any effect whatsoever on the ball.
19:36:01 Shadowcaller: The ball sinks down in the water, it dosen't stop moving but its slowed considerably
19:36:13 Aegnor: How deep does the river seem to be?
19:36:45 Shadowcaller: He would guess… 2 meters?
19:36:55 Shadowcaller: More or less
19:37:19 Shadowcaller: Its a really strange river:P
19:37:21 Aegnor: He heads upstream then, leaping over the river if the ball seems to be reaching a shore, and slowing his speed to catch his breath.
19:38:43 Shadowcaller: The ball buzzes furiously (or so he imagines) as its unable to catch him.
19:38:50 Shadowcaller: /Good work, now finish it./
19:39:18 Aegnor: He has all his normal equipment? Or not?
19:39:24 Shadowcaller: He dose yes
19:39:44 Aegnor: Hmm…
19:39:59 Aegnor: I wish I could try fighting it with fire
19:40:02 Aegnor: but it's sorta in the water
19:40:21 Shadowcaller: The ball just sticks up in the water
19:40:30 Shadowcaller: He can see its green outline
19:40:47 Aegnor: He keeps to one shore until it's halfway to reaching the shore and then, as a test, launches a dagger at it.
19:42:10 Shadowcaller: The dagger appears to go right throught the ball
19:42:30 Shadowcaller: Its not slowed down by it
19:42:44 Aegnor: And the dagger isn't melted?
19:43:26 Shadowcaller: Well, he can't actually see what happend to the dagger but it appears to have made it throught in one piece at least
19:43:55 Aegnor: Hmm. Since I'm following the river upstream, I assume I'm heading towards the mountain?
19:44:01 Shadowcaller: Yeah
19:44:09 Aegnor: How close?
19:44:39 Shadowcaller: Quite some distance still
19:44:51 Shadowcaller: He can see the peaks of it in the distance
19:46:20 Aegnor: He tries to sense the ball the same way he senses spirits. While moving towards the mountains.
19:46:57 Shadowcaller: It feels like some type of spirit, but it don't respond to him like they usually do
19:47:18 Aegnor: He tries to send random noise at it to see if it reacts in any way
19:48:16 Shadowcaller: How exactly?
19:48:36 Aegnor: Like he speaks to spirits, using thoughts, but without any actual content.
19:50:14 Shadowcaller: And making it sound like his voice is someplace else?
19:50:39 Shadowcaller: Even thought they can't really see where you are if you are speaking to them
19:51:06 Aegnor: He doesn't know how to make his presence feel like it's somewhere else, afaik
19:51:18 Aegnor: he just tries to see if it reacts to being contacted with something
19:52:01 Shadowcaller: He can hear it buzz inside his spirit mind too now
19:52:51 Aegnor: (He figures out the resonance for the buzzing and buzzes back in a way to amplify the sound waves in it's head? :P)
19:53:44 Shadowcaller: He is figuring them out in 10 minutes while he at the same time is running for his life?^^
19:53:55 Aegnor: Heh.
19:54:11 Aegnor: Anyway, if nothing else works, he'll head for the mountains and try to see if there's someplace to trigger a landslide on the darn thing
19:55:59 Shadowcaller: He is still follwoing the river right?
19:56:03 Aegnor: yup
19:57:08 Shadowcaller: The mountain is not very large, he doubts he couyld create a lansslide here, the river goes into a cave of some sort into the moutain, you can't reach this cave by foot however since the entrace is mostly under water
19:57:41 Aegnor: Hmm. Well, no pain, no gain. He dives in and heads for the cave entrance.
19:59:01 Shadowcaller: The current is much stronger here he finds himself dragged underwater by it
19:59:19 Aegnor: Well isn't that the point? :P
20:00:03 Shadowcaller: Well yeah, he feels himself losing precious air quite fast as he is dragged along the underground river
20:00:24 Aegnor: He attempts to get to the surface while holding his breath.
20:00:52 Aegnor: And if there is no surface, then at least the side which will be surface if the cave opens up a bit.
20:01:18 Shadowcaller: He manages to get a quick breath, then he is dragged down again.
20:02:08 Shadowcaller: After a few chaotic moments underwater he finds himself in the air again. Falling down a waterfall.
20:02:20 Shadowcaller: His body meets water once agin
20:02:20 Aegnor: (Whee! )
20:02:22 Shadowcaller: *again
20:02:59 Aegnor: He uses the calmer spot after the waterfall to regain his breath and try to examine his surroundings.
20:05:46 Shadowcaller: You appears to have end up in a underground cave, the water here is quite deep but there is one rocky island here.
20:06:04 Aegnor: He makes his way to the island.
20:06:18 Aegnor: Where's the light coming from?
20:06:30 Aegnor: (Also, very weird river since I thought I was following it upstream. :P)
20:06:50 Shadowcaller: (Well, it run down again.)
20:07:10 Shadowcaller: (it changed direction.)
20:07:19 Shadowcaller: (You only said you were following it >.>)
20:07:58 Shadowcaller: Anyhow, the light is coming from a hole in the cave
20:07:59 Aegnor: (Heh.)
20:08:04 Aegnor: roof?
20:08:13 Shadowcaller: Yes, its a cave after all
20:08:32 Shadowcaller: There is a hole in the cave roof
20:08:39 Aegnor: Where exactly?
20:08:46 Aegnor: and how large is it?
20:09:26 Shadowcaller: Its medium, maybe a bit smaller then Aegnor but he might manage to squeez throguth it
20:09:42 Shadowcaller: Its above him however
20:10:06 Aegnor: How high?
20:10:26 Shadowcaller: A few meters, there is not much to climb on
20:10:58 Aegnor: At this point it'd be neat to have a rope. >.>
20:11:11 Shadowcaller: What do you got in you backpack anyway?
20:11:34 Shadowcaller: Didn't you listen to what Sam in Lotr said? Always being rope

20:11:37 Shadowcaller: *bring
20:11:42 Aegnor: I'm guessing food and fire equipment, waterskin, bedroll, whatever. :P
20:11:52 Aegnor: And I've not once seen a stealable rope in the whole IF
20:11:53 Aegnor: >.>
20:12:13 Shadowcaller: I'm sure you could have bought one in Kyou while you were there…
20:12:19 Shadowcaller: Or asked for one in Gallion
20:12:21 Aegnor: possibly. :P
20:12:27 Aegnor: But hey, who thinks of these things?
20:12:54 Aegnor: What's the island soil made of?
20:12:58 Aegnor: Pure stone?
20:12:58 Shadowcaller: Rocks
20:13:04 Aegnor: can they be piled?
20:13:06 Shadowcaller: Yeah, many small and alrges rocks
20:13:12 Shadowcaller: YEah, they could
20:13:16 Shadowcaller: *larger
20:13:24 Aegnor: I use my shovel for leverage and start piling them to get to the hole
20:13:53 Shadowcaller: That have to be one gigantic pile of rocks…
20:14:35 Shadowcaller: But yeah, after what feels like hours of work you finally appears to almost be able to reach the hole
20:14:46 Shadowcaller: But at the same time you can hear the buzz again
20:14:48 Aegnor: I'd assume it's also made of stone
20:14:52 Shadowcaller: Yeah
20:15:02 Happy has been added to the conversation.
20:15:07 Shadowcaller: >.>
20:15:18 Shadowcaller: (He never went to sleep >.>)
20:15:28 Aegnor: hmm. Does it seem like he could get a grasp of the edge if he jumped? Or is it too smooth?
20:15:52 Happy: ohai
20:15:54 Aegnor: hai
20:16:05 Shadowcaller: Too smooth, he needs a few more rocks to reach the top
20:16:13 Aegnor: Then he hurries up. >.>
20:16:13 Shadowcaller: He could jump, but it looks dangerous
20:17:00 Aegnor: piles afew rocks and trusts on his strong fingers to get a grasp, then supports himself against the edges with his legs to squeeze through
20:18:02 Shadowcaller: He dose so, and just manages to get throught, but a bit of his shirt gets stuck in a sharp piece of stone in the tight hole.
20:18:11 Shadowcaller: He can hear it buzzing up after him
20:18:21 Shadowcaller: (The ball that is.)
20:18:45 Aegnor: He cuts it off. (So the ball can fly after all?)
20:18:57 Shadowcaller: No, its buzzing up his pile
20:19:13 Aegnor: Well, the hole oughta be too small for it anyway
20:19:26 Shadowcaller: It appears so yes
20:19:39 Aegnor: He observes what it does for a moment
20:20:24 Shadowcaller: It stays there, buzzing angy, it can't move out of the hole so it stays just at the top of the pile
20:20:36 Aegnor: Hmm. Could I reach it with a sword thrust?
20:21:19 Shadowcaller: Yes, but it would not be a very good strike
20:21:24 Shadowcaller: He can just reach it
20:21:30 Aegnor: He just attempts to hit it with the very tip of his sword
20:21:36 Aegnor: then retracts the blade and checks what happens to it
20:22:08 Shadowcaller: The ball don't seems to notice the sword, when he checks it up it appears unscratched
20:22:25 Aegnor: He looks around for any vegetation. Mostly looking for a long stick.
20:23:01 Shadowcaller: There are a few small gnarled trees gorwing around him
20:24:13 Aegnor: He tries to find one relatively suitable for a spear shaft which doesn't actually need to survive in a battle, just be strong enough to hold together for some poking
20:25:30 Shadowcaller: Okay, but even the best piece of stick he can find up here is quite twisted, but He guesses it will do.
20:25:54 Aegnor: He un-strings his bow and uses the string to carefully and firmly tie Godslayer to the stick
20:25:58 Aegnor: then proceeds with some poke testing
20:26:22 Aegnor: Also he doesn't strike deep at the thing, avoiding having the stick touch the ball
20:27:32 Shadowcaller: Once the godslayer touches the ball it buzzes angry, almost as its screaming, it backs away
20:28:03 Aegnor: He slices at it if it's in range
20:28:17 Aegnor: and if not, retracts the 'spear' and tries to see what it does
20:28:27 Shadowcaller: Its not, it is now further down the pile
20:29:15 Shadowcaller: What it dose?
20:29:20 Aegnor: yeah
20:29:22 Aegnor: the ball
20:29:30 Shadowcaller: Well, the godslayer is unharmed
20:29:49 Shadowcaller: And so is the stick
20:29:57 Aegnor: Did I notice any effect to the ball itself? Like, say, a wound?
20:29:59 Shadowcaller: Oh, the ball
20:30:16 Shadowcaller: Not really, its as green as ever
20:30:45 Shadowcaller: It comes right back up the pile once he retreats the godslayer
20:30:56 Shadowcaller: It appears to be afraid of the knife now
20:31:26 Aegnor: He pokes it with the other head of the stick, keeping hold of the end with the knife, to see if the stick is harmed since it's part of the natural vegetation of the area
20:31:32 Aegnor: which the ball seemed to destroy pretty easily last time
20:32:23 Shadowcaller: Yeah, the part he sticks into the ball is completly gone once he retreats it
20:32:59 Aegnor: Hmm. So his own equipment isn't affected.
20:33:18 Shadowcaller: Well, the stones were neither…
20:33:29 Shadowcaller: *weren't either
20:33:38 Aegnor: Does it seem possible to collapse the cave roof
20:33:38 Aegnor: ?
20:34:15 Shadowcaller: Not wqith the equipment he currently possesses no.
20:34:21 Shadowcaller: *with
20:34:32 Shadowcaller: Unless he spends a lot of time with it
20:34:36 Aegnor: Hmm. Does the longbow itself seem suitable for the task of poking?
20:34:51 Shadowcaller: If its long enough?
20:35:07 Aegnor: Well that's what I'm asking you. But if a longsword reached it, a longbow would
20:35:13 Aegnor: anyway, even funnier idea. :P
20:36:21 Aegnor: I un-combine the stick and the knife and instead just attach the bowstring which was unaffected by my hit earlier tightly to the knife, then keep a hold of the other end of the string(or tie it to the remainder of the stick and keep a hold of that) while swinging the knife on the other end at the enemy. :P
20:38:22 Shadowcaller: You swing the godslayer against the ball, that with a buzzing scream dissapears without a trace.
20:38:34 Shadowcaller: /You made it!/
20:39:16 Shadowcaller: Aegnor feels how he wakes up, like from a dream and finds himself at the very same spot he started at
20:39:30 Shadowcaller: (You should get some sleep now >.>)
20:39:55 Shadowcaller: You gained spirit sense once per day + improved endurace and speed
20:40:37 Aegnor: (any comments? :P)
20:40:44 Aegnor: (By my observer trainer)
20:40:59 Shadowcaller: /Perfect, you completed all the challenges set before you. You have proven a worthy speaker./
20:41:29 Aegnor: /Thank you./ Aegnor quickly checks his equipment. Mainly, is the bow unstringed and such.
20:41:33 Shadowcaller: /You used really intressting ideas against that dragon breath… in the future you may controll one yourself./
20:42:05 Shadowcaller: All his equipment looked exactly like it was when he last checked it (outside the "dream" that is.)
20:42:38 Shadowcaller: /It consumes all organic material and may change shape at will./
20:43:06 Shadowcaller: /The larger the ball is the slower it becomes, but the more powerful it is./
20:43:26 Aegnor: /Hmm. That would have some quite interesting applications./
20:45:00 Shadowcaller: /Yes, and since you have bested it, you might even manifest such abilities in the future. Return to me next time you start manifesting another ability and we may speak again./
20:45:34 Aegnor: /Yes, I shall./ I'd imagine he's quite tired again?
20:45:43 Shadowcaller: Yeah, he is.
20:46:04 Shadowcaller: /Farwell for now Aegnor the elf…/
20:46:12 Aegnor: /Farewell./
20:46:28 Shadowcaller: He goes back to Gallion to sleep I guess?
20:46:54 Aegnor: Hm. Didn't his dream start from where he contacted the spirit from
20:46:58 Aegnor: that is, inside the hut
20:47:05 Shadowcaller: Oh
20:47:06 Shadowcaller: Okay
20:47:09 Aegnor: Anyway, yeah
20:47:18 Aegnor: he quickly falls asleep.
20:47:28 Shadowcaller: As so should you:P
20:47:30 Aegnor: (Now then, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning at 10am
20:47:43 Shadowcaller: He dreams pleasant dreams I guess

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