Kyou 52

Session Start (moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit#moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit:Group Conversation 11657): Tue Jun 09 19:56:40 2009
[19:56] Shadowcaller: Hello
[19:56] Murska: yo
[19:57] Shadowcaller: writing insanowar right now…
[19:58] Happy: yay
[20:03] Shadowcaller: Let see..
[20:07] Shadowcaller: I write a very short one
[20:09] Shadowcaller: There
[20:10] Shadowcaller: Will be better when there are any actions around here
[20:12] Happy: well that's the downside of treating the distances as realistic
[20:12] Happy: but we'll have conflict the next round
[20:13] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[20:13] Shadowcaller: Ink-eyes moves quite fast thought
[20:13] Murska: Why is it that I, the least talented writer, wrote the longest post? Overcompensation? :P
[20:13] Shadowcaller: You wanted to give your characters a good introduction?^^
[20:13] Shadowcaller: Becomes harder to kill them now
[20:14] Happy: or maybe you are actually talented :P
[20:14] Shadowcaller: Since they gained CHARACTERIZM
[20:14] Murska: Hey, I can't be. That'd be embarrassing, I can't be good at so many things. >.>
[20:14] Shadowcaller: and yes, that too
[20:15] Shadowcaller: Bah, of course you can
[20:17] Murska: Oo
[20:17] Murska: Someone is really, REALLY talented
[20:17] Murska: (Link:
[20:18] Shadowcaller: Not that I know much about it, but he dose appear quite good at what he is doing
[20:19] Murska: Ya kidding? The guy's in high school and playing one of the toughest instrumental guitarlines in the world
[20:19] Shadowcaller: As I said, I don't know much about it
[20:20] Shadowcaller: So… Happy's turn right?
[20:21] Happy: Give Loony another chance?
[20:21] Shadowcaller: We could
[20:21] Shadowcaller: In insanowar 3 we just let them deal with it later on
[20:21] Murska: Or we can have a random event of her army dropping down to the planet a bit later than the others
[20:22] Murska: due to a mistranslation in the Hivemind's contract :P
[20:23] Shadowcaller: We could
[20:24] Shadowcaller: Also, I guess I can GM today since I started all that "bird-mask" nonsens
[20:25] Shadowcaller: Um, did you save the last part Happy?
[20:27] Happy: i don't remember
[20:27] Shadowcaller: [03:56] Happy: "So you thinking this a new group?"
[03:58] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Just saying that it could be, or they simply changed weapons. But I'm too tired to think anyway… your desperate when your listening to people who's head feel very fuzzy…"
[20:27] Happy: yeah, that was the end, right?
[20:27] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[20:27] Happy: yup, is all up
[20:29] Shadowcaller: Arik: "Then go to bed, you still need to sleep after all." He glances back at Simone
[20:30] Shadowcaller: Cessie sigh "I guess… I hate sleeping all the time." ( >.>)
[20:31] Happy: Simone looks back at Arik, then at Aegnor. "You wanting me to stay and watch Miss Cessie?"
[20:33] Shadowcaller: Arik: "No, thats not needed, she can take care of herself. Lets leave her alone while we speak." He takes a step toward the exit of the hut. Cessie looks a bit bothered with him but don't respond.
[20:33] Happy: Simone leaves with Arik.
[20:33] Happy: Hope is still there.
[20:34] Happy: "Cessie, I'm sorry we pushed you to travel."
[20:36] Shadowcaller: "Its okay Hope, I just need to rest… It would have been worse if I had stayed in the village really. Its for the good of all." She don't look as enthuastic as she sounds
[20:37] Happy: Hope brings her an infusion. "Drink this, while I brush your hair. You should wake tomorrow feeling stronger."
[20:38] Happy: Simone looks up at Arik with a raised eyebrow.
[20:39] Shadowcaller: Her face lights up a bit "Thanks Hope, it means much to me, and while your at it, do you have something I can set it up with? I haven't dared asked any of the villagers yet…"
[20:39] Shadowcaller: Arik: /lets just leave, I need your book./
[20:40] Happy: "Of course. I have combs and pins you can use." She pulls out a few, carved from bone.
[20:41] Happy: /Planning on stealing it from me?/
[20:42] Shadowcaller: /Of course not, I haven't stolen anything from you after all. But if you care about my sister, I suggest you leave her to Hope's care./
[20:42] Happy: Simone goes with Arik.
[20:43] Shadowcaller: (lets see if Aegnor dose to…)
[20:51] Shadowcaller: (*pokes*)
[20:53] Shadowcaller: *too
[20:57] Shadowcaller: (>.>)
[20:58] Murska: *does
[20:58] Shadowcaller: Yes, exaclty
[20:58] Shadowcaller: *exactly
[20:59] Shadowcaller: Darn keyboard…
[20:59] Shadowcaller: I guess he dose then…
[20:59] Murska: Not with Arik, though.
[20:59] Shadowcaller: Okay, just back with the recruits?
[21:00] Murska: And other general arrangements for the ambush
[21:00] Shadowcaller: Mhm
[21:01] Shadowcaller: So everyone but Hope and Cessie have left the hut…
[21:01] Happy: Yeah. I'm sure they had the herbalist apprentice leave before they were talking tactics. He's probably off with the other wolfen.
[21:03] Shadowcaller: Cessie lays down on the bed, just to sit up again. "Can you show me how it works? I never really set it up before. Must students kept it short, as did I."
[21:04] Shadowcaller: (Um, how busy are you Murska?)
[21:04] Murska: (Hm. quite.)
[21:04] Shadowcaller: (Okay, so minor happenings then.)
[21:04] Murska: (I oughta be free later on)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: (Feel free to respond when you can.)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: Suroshian meets up with Aegnor some distance outside Cessies hut "So, what did you find out about it?"
[21:06] Happy: "You'd look prettiest with a crown braid. But that's hard to do on your own head, even with lots of practice. I can show you a French braid though." (which of course has a different name in this world…)
[21:09] Happy: Simone follows Arik.
[21:10] Shadowcaller: "How does that look like?" She asks, looking abit reluctant
[21:12] Happy: Hope takes down her own hair, brushes it out, and very quickly puts it into a french braid to show Cessie. Her fingers are very fast at it.
[21:14] Shadowcaller: Arik stops at what appears to be his own tiny hut in the camp "So, ask the book more about this group."
[21:15] Happy: "Tell me everything about Otheros that you know." Simone says to the book.
[21:15] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Oh… is it easy to unmake too?"
[21:17] Happy: "It holds it's shape pretty well against coming undone accidentally. But as soon as you untie it, just run your fingers through it." She does so, and the braid comes undone.
[21:17] Happy: "The smaller braids that I wear hold longer, and take longer to undo as well."
[21:19] Shadowcaller: The book tells Simone everything she already have heard before and… "Their leader was named Peri, their sign was the black crow. They were in oppisition with other groups at the time and fortificated their temples well. During the great cleanse, they and many other kami worshipping cults were wipped out by the imperial legion and the dragon wizards."
[21:20] Shadowcaller: "Their robes were green and about half of their members were male, the other half was female. All repported members came from hyrillian, no other races then human had joined the group."
[21:22] Shadowcaller: "Nothing else is know."
[21:24] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Okay, could you do it on me then? Just don't pull too hard, I got sensitive hair-roots."
[21:26] Happy: Hope brushes Cessie's hair for a few minutes first, to get her relaxed. And then very gently braids it.
[21:26] Happy: Simone: "Did any other kami-worshipping groups survive the great cleanse?"
[21:28] Shadowcaller: Book: "Not as far as its reccorded, there is possible that certain cults may have fleed or in any other way survived, but I do not know of any."
[21:29] Shadowcaller: Cessie remains calm, she even yawns
[21:29] Happy: Simone: "What is a dragon wizard?"
[21:29] Happy: Hope: "Go ahead and lay down. You need your rest."
[21:32] Shadowcaller: Book: "A dragon wizard is the title of a group of wizard in direct service of the Yuan Emperorline, they are a part of the Khares house."
[21:32] Shadowcaller: Cessie lays down, looking at Hope she says "Yeah… I just going to rest a bit…" She closes her eyes and appear to relax
[21:34] Happy: Hope boils some herbs over the fire that smell very nice and should relax her right off to sleep.
[21:35] Shadowcaller: It looks like she have fallen asleep already
[21:36] Happy: Simone: "Are there any kami with the power to block magic?"
[21:37] Happy: Hope will just stay and watch over Cessie until morning.
[21:38] Shadowcaller: Book: "There is many kami with such powers, at different levels of potential."
[21:39] Happy: "Are there any very strong ones known to work with mortals?"
[21:41] Shadowcaller: "Please define "strong"."
[21:41] Happy: "Strong enough to neutralize a fully trained wizard."
[21:45] Shadowcaller: "Yes, depending of the situation. Jugan, Keiga, Ryusei, Yosei and Kukusho."
[21:45] Happy: Simone looks at Arik. "You knowing of any of these?"
[21:47] Shadowcaller: He shakes his head "I don't very much about spirits I'm afraid. Not of the Hyrillian at least."
[21:48] Happy: Simone thinks, sadly, of Myubi, and hopes he is okay.
[21:49] Happy: "Do any of the spirits you just name have association with death or crows?"
[21:50] Shadowcaller: "Kukusho is associated with death."
[21:50] Happy: "Tell me more about Kukusho then."
[21:51] Murska: (So wait, what was I supposed to have figured more about?)
[21:52] Shadowcaller: (about the flat stone Nephelim gave you.)
[21:53] Murska: 'One-way communications, tells our master wizard.'
[21:54] Shadowcaller: "Kukusho is a dragon spirit, the self-proclaimed protector of the Tamuga swamps, it protects mortals from other spirits."
[21:55] Shadowcaller: Suroshian: "Ah, okay. Nothing cursed or something with it then?"
[21:58] Murska: 'I did show it to him, I assume he'd probably have bothered to mention any curses on it. That is, if he'd have noticed them.'
[21:58] Happy: Simone: "Did it have cults that worship it?"
[22:00] Shadowcaller: "We will see what those magicans or whatever they are have in mind them." He pauses "So… do you think the recruits are ready soon?"
[22:01] Shadowcaller: Book: "It had one cult worshipping it."
[22:01] Happy: "What was the name of the cult, and what do you know about it?"
[22:01] Murska: 'Frankly? I don't know if they'll ever be ready. And it all depends somewhat on how they'll face their baptism by fire. But as ready as we can make them? Yeah…'
[22:05] Shadowcaller: "They called themselves Ruyia which means "dragon born". Ruyia was a major power in the few settlements in Tamuga but was, as all other cults, wiped out in the great cleanse."
[22:06] Shadowcaller: Suroshian: "And thats my goal, there is however nothing we can do that fully prepares them for a real fight of life and death however."
[22:08] Murska: (Pretty much what Aegnor just said. Using the less-known term 'Baptism by fire', though, it's much more common in Finland.)
[22:08] Shadowcaller: (Indeed.)
[22:09] Happy: "Was Ruyia ever associated with Otheron?"
[22:09] Shadowcaller: "Not as far as i know."
[22:11] Shadowcaller: Suroshian: "Well I better get back there with them, tell me if that stone starts to blink or whatever it will do."
[22:12] Murska: 'Of course. Try and work on those squads if possible, we need them honed out so they don't freeze under fire.'
[22:13] Happy: Simone to Arik: "What other questions you having?"
[22:13] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, hopefully a ambush will be a better introduction to a fight then a straight battle would."
[22:15] Shadowcaller: Arik: "Lets see… where are they known be to located? The Otheros that is."
[22:16] Happy: Simone asks.
[22:17] Shadowcaller: Book: "They were known to be being at the old temple city of Kuraz along with other cults, each cult operated a different part of the city."
[22:18] Happy: "Where is Kuraz?"
[22:20] Shadowcaller: "Kuraz is located in Yokai, fifthy miles from this location."
[22:20] Happy: "Which direction?"
[22:24] Shadowcaller: The book begins to flip throught its pages by itself until it comes to a map that looks to be over Yokai, with Gallion, Kyou, Tiamzu (that I name that large city close to Kyou where the army comes from). A red dot appears quite close to Gallion on the map. "Here."
[22:25] Happy: To Arik: "Did you know of this place?"
[22:25] Shadowcaller: Arik: "No, I didn't otherwise i would not have ask should have I? But the name dose seem familiar… I think Jopo mentioned it once."
[22:29] Shadowcaller: "Its supposed to be a strong place of magic, I don't think you understand the magic terms but there is apperently many leylines going throught there."
[22:32] Happy: "Saren have a map of leylines," Simone says.
[22:32] Shadowcaller: "He dose? Well, I guess he should know too."
[22:33] Happy: "It written in elfish though. Promise and Miss Hope find it in an elf tomb. Cessie and Saren think it someone's life work."
[22:33] Shadowcaller: "Ah, sounds intresting… but I think I want to check out that city first. Ask the book about it."
[22:35] Happy: "Tell us about Kuraz"
[22:37] Shadowcaller: Shadowcaller säger:
"Ah, sounds intresting… but I think I want to check out that city first. Ask the book about it."
[22:37] Happy: "Tell us about Kuraz"
[22:41] Shadowcaller: "Kuraz was founded long before the Yuan emperor line at 2345 At. It was first a mine but it was closed down. Afterwards it was discovered that the place had a special connection to both magic and spirits so the Sun emperor Wanug let build a great tempel there."
[22:45] Shadowcaller: "For a long time it was both used by wizards and kami priests, but then the Garens took over and ended the Sun-line, starting the Gargen emperor line of Yuan. The Yuan's were greatly suspicious of spirits and magic and ordered the place closed. But many still remained there, it was not until the great cleansing the place trully was empty."
[22:46] Shadowcaller: "No cults or wizards have been repported entering it for about 15 years."
[22:47] Happy: "It might be worthwhile to check out," Simone says.
[22:48] Shadowcaller: Arik: "Yes, it does sound very intresting…"
[22:51] Shadowcaller: Arik leave the ground, floating in the air "I think I will head out there now actually."
[22:51] Happy: "Can I come?"
[22:52] Shadowcaller: "Ask Aegnor and Hope, I don't want to have to deal with them again."
[22:52] Shadowcaller: "But be quick about it!"
[22:52] Happy: Simone runs off to find Aegnor and ask him.
[22:58] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[22:58] Murska: I'm assuming that means she finds Aegnor.
[22:58] Shadowcaller: Um, yeah
[22:59] Murska: Who is a bit confused at the sudden need to go on a who-knows how long trip to the middle of nowhere useful in the middle of a war.
[23:00] Happy: "You might try and find spirit called Kukusho"

[23:06] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[23:06] Murska: Right. Well, I guess he tries that then. /Greetings?/
[23:07] Shadowcaller: /…who dares speak with me?/
[23:10] Murska: /I do. You're Kukusho?/
[23:11] Shadowcaller: /Who asks? What mortal is brave enough to ask me for anything?/
[23:12] Murska: /Aegnor, nice to meet you./ 'Hm. Found him. What should I talk to him about?'
[23:13] Happy: "He powerful spirit who often work with mortals to protect them from other spirits. He maybe be working with bird men."
[23:15] Shadowcaller: /Do this conversation have a meaning? I do not wish to spend my time chit-chatting with those I'm superior too./
[23:18] Murska: /Well yeah, I was working on opening this one gate to the Spirit World, you might've heard of it…/
[23:18] Murska: /Anyway, what I meant to ask was if you had worked with a group of mortals recently. But from your attitude, it doesn't seem that likely./
[23:20] Shadowcaller: /…was that all? Can you leave me alone now?/
[23:20] Murska: /'kay./ *cut*
[23:20] Murska: 'Okay, seems to be quite the jerk, don't think he's working with anyone. Doesn't want to talk.'
[23:23] Happy: "Okay. But maybe ask other spirits for help too. I'll see what we can find out at Kuraz."
[23:23] Happy: She races back to Arik.
[23:23] Shadowcaller: He looks quite impatient when she finds him, floating near his hut "Well?"
[23:24] Happy: "Let's go."
[23:25] Shadowcaller: Simone feels her feet leave the ground
[23:25] Shadowcaller: "Just don't stray away from me, keep yourself behind me all the time."
[23:25] Happy: Simone obeys.
[23:26] Shadowcaller: You two fly toward the location the book pointed out
[23:27] Happy: Luckily the cold weather means that Simone is already dressed warm and hopefully won't have hypothermia again.
[23:27] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[23:29] Shadowcaller: You start heading toward it, you fly a bit faster then when Cessie casts the spell
[23:30] Shadowcaller: (Hm, MC… second chance?)
[23:30] Shadowcaller: (Insanowar.)
[23:34] Shadowcaller: You fly pass seemingly endless rows of trees
[23:36] Shadowcaller: The jounrey is long, cold and boring, Arik don't say anything during it
[23:36] Shadowcaller: *journey
[23:36] Shadowcaller: Aegnor continues to train recruits I guess?
[23:37] Murska: (Anyone wish to remind me of spirits I need/should talk to?)
[23:37] Murska: Suroshian's the drill sergeant, the General shouldn't be training 'em
[23:37] Shadowcaller: (Yeah I know, but you oversee them or something I guess.)
[23:39] Happy: (Kowa-Tengu, Iname, the Kami of Silent Rest, the Yokai Wolf, the elf wizard if he's still around)
[23:40] Shadowcaller: The sun starts setting
[23:40] Shadowcaller: It becomes much darker, and colcer
[23:41] Shadowcaller: *colder
[23:41] Shadowcaller: And it starts to snow again
[23:41] Happy: Simone starts to regret coming along.
[23:41] Happy: But she wants to know what is in the city.
[23:43] Shadowcaller: Finally, you starts to see something that resembles civilization, open fields
[23:44] Shadowcaller: Or rather, overgrown open fields, it looks like the forest have started to reclaim this area again
[23:45] Shadowcaller: You can see stones and crude idols laying around the fields
[23:47] Shadowcaller: Something that looks like a catomb lays in the middle of it, in the darkness its hard to see much, but some distance away is a huge building, sorrounded by a small wall
[23:49] Shadowcaller: There are more building here, but you only vaugly see them in the dark
[23:49] Shadowcaller: Arik flies toward the huge building
[23:50] Happy: Simone follows
[23:50] Shadowcaller: You come to this area
[23:51] Shadowcaller:
[23:51] Murska: (The Temple of Elemental EVIL!)
[23:51] Shadowcaller: (Ever played it?)
[23:51] Murska: (For a couple minutes once. got bored.)
[23:52] Shadowcaller: (Aww…)
[23:52] Happy: (I beat the temple of elemental evil in 1st ed D&D with an Aztec paladin :) )
[23:53] Happy: (he liked to kill his enemies and rip their hearts out. Sort of like Elizabeth Bennett XD )
[23:53] Shadowcaller: (Well, the game crashed for me when I entered the elemental planes…)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: (Err… okay.)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: (Its quite easy to win if your evil.)
[23:54] Happy: (this was tabletop, not a computer game)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: (Just join one of the cults and then go to the greater tempel: win.)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, but still.)
[23:56] Happy: (so…)
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (Right… I might need to go to bed now >.>)
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (I got plans thought.)
[23:56] Happy: (okay, we can stop here)
[23:57] Murska: (Fine with me)
[23:57] Murska: (Not like I'm doing much)
[23:57] Murska: (:P)
[23:57] Shadowcaller: (yeah, I had kind of hoped the party would have gotten here but… well, you can't plan for everything.)
[23:57] Murska: (I couldn't justify it by any means)
[23:57] Shadowcaller: (Nope, but later on.)
[23:58] Shadowcaller: (I have that long term plans:P)
[23:58] Shadowcaller: (AKA after the battle.)
[23:58] Happy: (That's why you're the best GM)
[23:58] Shadowcaller: ( >.>)
[23:59] Murska: (The only one who actually bothers planning? :P)
[23:59] Murska: (Even if I happen to think up something that might be cool to happen at some point, I'll just rig it in on some of the spots where I can't think of anything for us to do. ;))
[00:00] Happy: I never plan
[00:00] Happy: it all happens on the spot
[00:00] Shadowcaller: (Like when did that happen?)
[00:01] Murska: (Heh. I don't plan coherently, I might have some general vague ideas of what might happen at some point, though.)
[00:02] Happy: well like the storm in the airship. I just started a storm. didn't think of it forcing the ship down until after the storm started. Didn't think of what might be on the ground until after it crashed.
[00:02] Shadowcaller: Hm, well we all adapt to the players actions
[00:02] Shadowcaller: and our own
[00:02] Happy: yeah, but you would have known everything about what was down there
[00:02] Murska: Heh. I had ideas about, say, the panther Hope killed. And the bandit leader who you guys captured
[00:03] Murska: but those'll have to wait
[00:05] Shadowcaller: Yeah… I liked Happy's GM, especially when you challenge the characters in different ways
[00:05] Shadowcaller: Like the sickness, the dream, the nymph thing…
[00:05] Murska: Happy does so much more fluff than I do, and is capable of elaborately crafting the sentences so it's easy to 'see' the stuff.
[00:06] Happy: yeah, I'm the fluff. you guys do the crunch
[00:06] Happy: I hate GMing fights
[00:06] Murska: nono
[00:06] Murska: I do the procrastination
[00:06] Murska: SC does the story, you do the fluff
[00:06] Murska: :P
[00:06] Murska: I like GMing fights, really
[00:06] Murska: for I can easily see the situations
[00:06] Murska: in my mind
[00:06] Shadowcaller: Maybe you could do that then?:P
[00:07] Shadowcaller: I don't like GM fights either
[00:07] Happy: well there we go. Pretty good division of labour
[00:07] Murska: Heh.
[00:07] Murska: But beware, when I GM fights, I'll expect detailed actions.
[00:07] Happy: >.>
[00:07] Murska: or I'll have to make them myself.
[00:07] Murska: >.>
[00:08] Happy: I… use my sharp metal… thing… to stab… things?
[00:08] Murska: 'I attack Soldier 1.' 'Eh. Okay, you toss a rock at him. He shrugs it off and blasts you with a full-auto shotgun.'
[00:08] Shadowcaller: Depends on what you have
[00:09] Shadowcaller: If I say " I shoot soldier 1", would you accept it?
[00:09] Murska: With what?
[00:09] Shadowcaller: And you have a gun
[00:09] Shadowcaller: In your hand
[00:09] Murska: Well yeah, obviously
[00:09] Murska: But I'd have to actually create the action in detail for your character in my head
[00:09] Murska: to be able to continue the fight
[00:11] Murska: As in, 'You take careful aim along the barrel of your rifle. As the line of enemies reaches the halfway point of the clearing, your shot rings out. The sergeant collapses with a gunshot wound in his thigh while you compensate for the recoil and start shooting with a quicker rate.
[00:11] Happy: yeah, you definitely get to GM the fights
[00:12] Murska: 'The enemies take cover, but the clearing is plain and offers no suitable protection. The machinegunner opens fire toward where the shot came from, but you've already switched location. Let's see how they take to being hunted.'
[00:12] Shadowcaller: I suck at writing fast, like you do
[00:12] Happy: can we have guns for the bridge battle then? :)
[00:13] Murska: :P
[00:13] Murska: I guess if someone justifies it in some logical manner…
[00:13] Happy: hmm…
[00:13] Happy: Simone *does* have the Book of Knowing Stuff
[00:14] Shadowcaller: You can't make a gun out of that, it don't know how to
[00:14] Happy: does it know about gunpowder?
[00:14] Happy: cannons?
[00:14] Murska: Aegnor's familiar with the basic idea
[00:14] Murska: So let's just advance sciences a bit.
[00:15] Murska: I claim Pystykorva sniper
[00:15] Shadowcaller: Well, it dose know about gunpowder I guess
[00:15] Happy: That would be useful for blowing up bridges, anyway
[00:15] Murska: We've established that guns were used in the war without magic
[00:15] Happy: but i don't remember how long it takes to make a useful amount of it
[00:15] Shadowcaller: We did? Like we established that Hope have a dog you mean?
[00:16] Happy: *Jedi force wave* There was no dog
[00:16] Murska: Eh, Aegnor talked about it over on the Tree once.
[00:16] Shadowcaller: I don't think thats going to happen
[00:17] Happy: Gunpowder was discovered in China in the 9th century by Taoist monks or alchemists searching for an elixir of immortality
[00:17] Shadowcaller: Yeah, its discovered here too
[00:17] Shadowcaller: But only here actually, they don't have much trade anyway
[00:19] Shadowcaller: But you are not inventing guns^^
[00:20] Happy: hmm… takes months to leach saltpeter out of urine or manure
[00:20] Happy: so unless we steal some from the enemy, we won't have gunpowder :(
[00:21] Murska: Then I'll just have to arrange for a… one-dimensional string collapse as it passes through this braan, carrying a, let's say, cache of Mass Effect-esque practically unlimited ammunition-carrying weapons
[00:21] Shadowcaller: Right, if you can do that, why not just kill the enemy, WITH YOU MIND

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