Kyou 47

Shadowcaller sanoo:
SHe awoke drenched in sweat, hear hearth pounding
Aegnor sanoo:
So, eh. What does she do, I guess?
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She puts he hand on her forehead, trying to see if she have some kind of fever
She is breathing heavily
Aegnor sanoo:
Her hand shakes slightly. She isn't feverish, though.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Her forehead is drenched in sweat, she feel very uncomfortable
She rises up from the bed, swaying a bit. Feeling empty head.
Aegnor sanoo:
She feels woozy and oddly weak.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She looks for water, something to drink
Aegnor sanoo:
There's some food and water right outside the door if she goes there.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Well, she uses a light spell to see in the dark, this might be seen from the outside
But I guess there is no food/water in the hut?
Aegnor sanoo:
The villagers respect her privacy. Simone didn't bring the food this time.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She puts out the light and goes outside, still feeling empty headed and woozy
Aegnor sanoo:
The light outside makes her head hurt. But she notices the food/water.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
/I guess I didn't sleep that long…/
She picks up whatever type of container the water is in
Aegnor sanoo:
She still feels oddly weak. (Let's say it's some sort of a flask.)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
SHe pours some water in her face, then she drinks the rest of it
Aegnor sanoo:
It tastes like chicken! No, water. Sorry.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She blinks a few times, while the water did refresh her, her clothes still feel sweaty
She sniffs, trying to sense her own smell
Aegnor sanoo:
(Am I supposed to say something to that?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Well, how do she smell? )
Aegnor sanoo:
(Sweaty, I'd assume)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
SHe tries to think of some type of lake… but then she remembers its the middle of the day
(Is there a lake nearby?)
Aegnor sanoo:
(The village has a stream going to a lake not very far away. But the whole thought of going that far makes her feel tired.)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She goes back to the bed again
Aegnor sanoo:
She stumbles as she steps in the hut and has to take hold of the wall. She then lowers herself unsteadily onto the bed.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
I guess she goes to sleep again then
How eventful
Aegnor sanoo:
Her dreams are no longer clear, they're like broken fragments as she keeps slipping from dreams to being awake.
Later on, she wakes to see Aegnor sitting next to her, looking at her.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Aegnor?…" (Dose she still feel weak?)
Aegnor sanoo:
He looks a bit worried. 'How do you feel?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Weak… I had a really wierd dream."
Aegnor sanoo:
'You don't look so good…'
(ooh, never thought Aegnor'd say that, eh?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I don't feel very good…"
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor places his hand on her forehead. 'Hmm. I don't think you have a fever, though.'
'Do you think you could eat?' She notices the food platter from earlier, laying untouched next to her.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Am I hungry?)
Aegnor sanoo:
(Not very.)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Its okay, I don't feel like eating right now."
"How long have I have been sleeping?"
Aegnor sanoo:
'Well, you seem to have drank the water at some point but it's late afternoon now.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"But I still feel tired…"
(Or weak.)
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor mutters something she doesn't catch.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Ugh, I can't be sick now."
Aegnor sanoo:
'You should rest. Maybe it'll pass.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
…someone wants people to come as themselves on the freeform role playign forum.
"Maybe… I don't usually sleep this much thought."
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor just looks at her, worried.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I can't be sick now, I just can't be… maybe its the food or something?"
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor shakes his head slightly. 'Should I play you to sleep again?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I don't know, I don't want to sleep… but I feel so weak."
"Maybe I should…"
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor reaches for the kazoo from his clothing and takes it out.
'I think you'd better sleep. Maybe eat something afterwards.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Yeah… maybe I should."
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor starts playing for her. She hears it as though through a fog…
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She falls aslepp, again
Aegnor sanoo:

Shadowcaller sanoo:
Tell me when I wake up next
Aegnor sanoo:
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Aegnor sanoo:
Okay, done cutting off a part of my finger with a knife. Let's proceed, shall we?
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Strange man…
Aegnor sanoo:
The next time Cessie wakes up, Aegnor is again beside her. He is looking at a parchment, though, and not at her face like last time.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(I still feel weak?)
Aegnor sanoo:
(Not at all tired, but the 'feeling weak' isn't really noticeable while laying down. You don't feel good, anyway.)
The parchment is instantly abandoned. 'You're awake?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(God-damn dream >.>)
Aegnor sanoo:
She notices that Aegnor's cloak is on the blanket on her.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I think so."
Aegnor sanoo:
'Feel any better?'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"I feel less tired, but I still don't feel very good."
Aegnor sanoo:
His eyes seem to examine her carefully. 'You need to eat.'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Mhm… something light please."
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor motions to the food platter next to her. The food, as usual in the village, is pretty light but it seems to have every kind they have to offer, including some of the meat which is in quite short supply.
She notices she's very thirsty.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Water, please."
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor hands her a full flask.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She drinks greedily
Aegnor sanoo:
(Does she sit up to drink?)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Just a little bit
Aegnor sanoo:
It feels like she's trying to do push-ups…
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Yet, she moves herself up a bit to drink the water
(Not that Cessie ever have don sit-ups in her life >.>)
She spils some of it, but don't really care. She soon sinks down in the bed again
Aegnor sanoo:
'You have to eat..'
Shadowcaller sanoo:
"Yeah… I just feel a bit weak…"
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor moves to help her sit up.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She sits up carefully with Aegnors help
"Uhh… I must have eaten something bad."
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor waits for her to eat
Shadowcaller sanoo:
SHe eats slowly I guess
(The dungeon started.)
Aegnor sanoo:
She doesn't feel like eating at all
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Well, she eats a bit anyway
Not very much, she is afraid of becoming more sick
*even more
Aegnor sanoo:
Aegnor tries to encourage her to eat more.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
SHe eats as much as she can, but then just lays down on the bed again.
Aegnor sanoo:
She soon falls asleep.
Even though she doesn't feel tired.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
She dose
Tell me when she wakes up again, or dream
Aegnor sanoo:
The next time she can later remember waking up, it is to Aegnor's hand on her forehead. As soon as he notices she's awake, he tells her to go back to sleep. She doesn't have the strength to argue.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Well, next time then?
Aegnor sanoo:
(I say we wait for Simone's player to appear for next time)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Aegnor sanoo:
(Oh, and she has a fever now. This way the timelines of the two trips will go closer to each other.)
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(I figured.)
Aegnor sanoo:
(Also, the contacting Cessie by the scouts has to be retconned. )
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Well, that was some time after right?)
Aegnor sanoo:
(It was what, four days after they left or five. Not sure.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
(Hm, she really should learn to move around stuff with magic…)

[20:38] Happy: want to set the scene? How would Simone and Arik find out that Arik is sick?
[20:39] Shadowcaller: Arik is sick?:P
[20:40] Happy: bah
[20:44] Shadowcaller: I think thats physically impossible actually;)
[20:47] Murska: If you mean Cessie, then the word would probably spread pretty quickly in the village.
[20:47] Happy: I imagine Simone would have to tell Arik though. No one else would dare disturb him.
[20:48] Murska: Would she, anyway?
[20:49] Happy: Unless you want Aegnor to tlk to Arik first.
[20:50] Murska: He probably wouldn't at first, but he'd go tell him on the second day of her sickness at some point, probably.
[20:51] Happy: Okay, Simone knocks on the door.
[20:51] Happy: (or frame)
[20:51] Shadowcaller: To Ariks hut? That like all huts don't have a door?
[20:51] Happy: No, Cessie's.
[20:52] Murska: What's the silence spell do exactly?
[20:53] Shadowcaller: You can't hear sounds made inside the area
[20:54] Shadowcaller: (outside that is.)
[20:54] Shadowcaller: So, he would hear her knock
[20:54] Murska: He goes open it then
[20:54] Shadowcaller: It really depends on the cansters intentions thought
[20:54] Shadowcaller: *casters
[20:55] Happy: Simone is standing outside looking worried. "Miss Cessie?"
[20:56] Shadowcaller: (She is sleeping most likely.)
[20:57] Happy: (It's more of a question about her, than asking for her.)
[20:57] Murska: 'She's sleeping.'
[20:57] Shadowcaller: (Yes, I am aware.)
[20:58] Happy: "What is wrong with her?"
[20:59] Shadowcaller: (new game.)
[20:59] Murska: 'She seems to be ill… Could you watch her for a while?'
[21:00] Happy: (Tbhe 73 year old breakdancer is on(
[21:01] Happy: (he goes clubbing every night!)
[21:01] Shadowcaller: (>.>)
[21:02] Happy: "I will," Simone says, and comes right in.
[21:04] Murska: She sees Cessie sleeping on one of the 'beds', covered by a blanket and Aegnor's cloak. Beside her is a platter of food which has been eaten a bit from and a flask with some water. 'I'll be back soon.'
[21:05] Happy: Simone sits down next to her, and feels her head.
[21:06] Murska: She has a fever, although it isn't that high yet. She's sweaty and pale.
[21:06] Murska: Aegnor goes outside.
[21:06] Happy: Simone asks her book about what her illness might be, naming her symptoms.
[21:06] Happy: (Probably gets a long list though)
[21:06] Murska: (Uh. >.>)
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (hehe.)
[21:07] Murska: (I'll just say she gets a very long list of weird-sounding diseases.)
[21:07] Happy: (Well fever, sweating, and lethargy is fairly non-specific. A lot of things would cause it.)
[21:10] Shadowcaller: (Insanowar 5 is… wait, insanowar 5?…)
[21:10] Shadowcaller: (Why did NS steal our number?)
[21:12] Happy: (We'll get him to change his title)
[21:19] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[21:20] Happy: Simone sits and watches over Cessie.
[21:20] Murska: Up to her if she wakes up. Would make for more interesting game, though. :P
[21:21] Shadowcaller: (I had imagined you were going for Arik?)
[21:21] Murska: (He'll go get more water and talk to Gilraen to ask for a healer, first.)
[21:22] Murska: (That is, who else knows of herbs and such than Hope)
[21:22] Shadowcaller: (Arik knows quite a lot about diseases actually… err how to cuase them.)
[21:23] Shadowcaller: Besides, I said you would tell me when I woke up
[21:23] Happy: (I imagine the village has an herbalist)
[21:23] Murska: (I'm the GM, I don't care about what you said would happen!) :P
[21:24] Happy: (haha)
[21:24] Shadowcaller: (Err… what?)
[21:24] Shadowcaller: (I imagine that its the GM's job to tell the players what happens?…)
[21:25] Murska: (It's the GM's job to give players choices)
[21:25] Murska: (:P)
[21:25] Happy: Right. Then Simone takes a pillow and smushes it down over Cessie's face.
[21:26] Shadowcaller: (Yes, but since you told me the last times I woke up, I don't imagine this being any different.)
[21:26] Murska: So, er, I guess Cessie wakes up to Simone trying to kill her. >.>
[21:26] Shadowcaller: *sigh*
[21:26] Happy: (or maybe that never happened…)
[21:27] Murska: Your call, of course.
[21:27] Happy: The pillow to the face is more like a damp cloth to the forehead.
[21:28] Murska: She wakes up then, since SC doesn't have any initiative. >.>
[21:28] Shadowcaller: Well, you told me the last times, as I said
[21:28] Happy: "Miss Cessie?"
[21:28] Murska: That was mostly since I timeskipped the times inbetween you waking
[21:28] Shadowcaller: "…Simone?"
[21:28] Murska: since nothing was happening
[21:28] Murska: )
[21:29] Shadowcaller: (I could really see a SEU RP game…)
[21:29] Happy: "How do you feel?"
[21:30] Shadowcaller: "Not very well… where is Aegnor?"
[21:31] Happy: "He not leave you until I come to look over you. He very worried. Are you thirsty?"
[21:31] Shadowcaller: "A bit."
[21:31] Happy: Simone puts her arm under Cessie's shoulder and raises her up enough to drink some water.
[21:32] Shadowcaller: She drinks water then
[21:32] Happy: "Water make you feel better. Drink lots."
[21:33] Shadowcaller: Cessie starts to cough a bit as more water comes down in her throat then she wanted to
[21:33] Happy: "Oh no. I sorry."
[21:34] Shadowcaller: *cough* "…Its *cough* no problem."
[21:35] Happy: Simone raises her up more to help her cough.
[21:35] Shadowcaller: After she done so, she sinks down in the bed again
[21:36] Murska: (Someone want to RP a NPC herbalist? I don't know anything about herbs. >.>)
[21:36] Happy: (I can)
[21:37] Shadowcaller: (No one told Arik yet huh?)
[21:37] Murska: ('kay)
[21:37] Murska: (On it. :P)
[21:39] Murska: (…so?)
[21:39] Shadowcaller: (Well?)
[21:39] Murska: (You're not going to talk any more?)
[21:39] Murska: (I'm trying to keep the timeline intact)
[21:40] Shadowcaller: (Well, you started talking about the herbalist, so we assumed that was going to happend.)
[21:40] Murska: (She's not at the hut yet.)
[21:41] Happy: (It's an elderly elven man)
[21:41] Shadowcaller: (Well, Cessie is feeling really weak so she don't have anything to say.)
[21:41] Murska: (Ah. Okay.)
[21:42] Happy: He arrives at the hut, with his young Wolfen apprentice.
[21:42] Murska: and with water. Which is a given, of course, but…
[21:42] Happy: (Aegnor should probably be there too, so I don't have to talk to myself…)
[21:43] Murska: (He's going to talk to Arik first.)
[21:43] Happy: (okay. Do that then)
[21:44] Murska: Arik's hut door gets knocked.
[21:44] Murska: frame.
[21:44] Murska: whatever
[21:44] Shadowcaller: Aegnor can a huge amount of magic reposition itself as he knocks on the frame
[21:45] Shadowcaller: "What is it?" He can hear inside the hut
[21:45] Murska: (Oops, I accidentally can a huge amount of magic)
[21:45] Murska: 'It's Cessie. She's gotten sick.'

[21:50] Murska: 'It's Cessie. She's gotten sick.'
[21:51] Shadowcaller: Aegnor can hear someone move inside the hut.
[21:51] Murska: He waits for a while.
[21:51] Shadowcaller: Arik emerges "Sick? What do you mean?"
[21:52] Shadowcaller: "What kind of disease?"
[21:52] Murska: Aegnor quickly explains the symptoms.
[21:53] Shadowcaller: "Huh, sounds like a ordinary virus. It should pass…"
[21:53] Murska: 'Anyway, I'll be going back now. Thought you should know.'

[22:02] Murska: Herbalist/apprentice entered Cessie's hut, Arik was babbling with modern terms like viruses and immune system, and Aegnor was turning his back at him and leaving back towards Cessie's hut.
[22:02] Shadowcaller: (Yes, immunsystems:P)
[22:03] Shadowcaller: "I might need to give her a boost…"
[22:06] Happy: brb
[22:07] Shadowcaller: "Her body needs to build up defenses for these things thought. It would really be all that much easier if she could boost herself."
[22:07] Shadowcaller: "Maybe you could convince her? Its her health we are talking about here."
[22:08] Murska: 'As you said, it'll probably pass soon anyway.' Aegnor is already walking.
[22:08] Shadowcaller: "Well, tell me if it don't…"
[22:09] Shadowcaller: He follows

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