Kyou 3

Shadowcaller says:
Many types of spirits visit you during your vigile
Only Arik is up to keep you company
A thing that that looks like a gigantic bird looks of the wall
Another creature that looks like a mix of a fox and a human comes out of the door
Aegnor says:
At the same time?
Shadowcaller says:
They don't appear to notice each other
Aegnor says:
/Who are you?/ towards both.
Shadowcaller says:
/I am Kitsune, greetings mortal, I did not know your kind could speak?/
Aegnor says:
/I seem to be one of those who can./
Shadowcaller says:
/Kowa-tengu, what do you do for a living mortal?/ (bird.)
Aegnor says:
/Whatever happens to come my way./
(Yeah, Aegnor's getting better at having two conversations at the same time.)
Shadowcaller says:
Kitsune: /Intresting… I never had a conversation with a mortal before, how is that? Being a mortal I mean?/
Aegnor says:
/I wouldn't know, I don't have anything to compare it to./
Shadowcaller says:
Kowa-Tengu: /Sounds a bit easy going, my relatives are such, I hope you can get your act straight./
Aegnor says:
/I haven't had the opportunity to settle down thus far./ Aegnor removes his disguise.
Shadowcaller says:
Kitsune: /Too bad, I have just come from the spirit world, there is so much I need to learn of this place…/
Aegnor says:
/There is a conflict abound here./
Shadowcaller says:
Kowa-Tengu: /Ha! I knew I had seen your kind, I still remember those old days… your kind was the real deal./
Aegnor says:
/Unfortunately it's meant, until recently, that I've had to keep on the move./
Shadowcaller says:
Kitsune: /A conflict? I'm afraid I do not gasp the meaning behind your words, there is so many differences between
Aegnor says:
/There's another speaker, who is trying to raise the spirits against the mortals./
/And my group has decided to try and prevent that./
Shadowcaller says:
Kowa-Tengu: /Move? You should not need to move, a hearth belongs to a place, not to a person./
Aegnor says:
/Well, I've defeated those who would hunt me down, for now. But I haven't found a place to settle down in yet./
Shadowcaller says:
Kitsune: /You speak with grievance in your voice mortal, my life has until this point been nothing but bliss, I do
not understand mortal sorrows./
Kowa-Tengu: /Tell me mortal, who is the other one I have heard whispering?/
/My cousines seem to have decided to serve this other./
Aegnor says:
@Kitsune: /Mortal life is largely comprised of sorrows./ @Kowa-Tengu: /She is another speaker. She is trying to get
the spirits to harm the mortals, in order to create something evil./
Shadowcaller says:
Kitsune: /Ah, there is much I need to learn then, would you mind if I tried one of your minds? I need to see how you
work for a moment or two./
Aegnor says:
/What do you mean?/
Shadowcaller says:
/Lets see… the right word… possession? Yes thats it./
Kowa-Tengu: /Bah, such foolishness, trying to change the order… I am ashamed that one of my closest relatives have
choosen such a path./
Aegnor says:
@Kitsune: /What would that entail?/ Kowa-Tengu:/The other speaker is gathering souls into one, to create a 'twisted'
sort of god./
Shadowcaller says:
Kitsune: /To see how you work of course, I am but a child in this world right now and… thats how my kind learns, we
enter your minds and share infromation between each other, all my relatives have done the same./
Kowa-Tengu: /Is there any way to stop this mortal? I do not sound like a thing I would want… over my honour./
Aegnor says:
@Kitsune: /So you would take over my mind?/ Kowa-Tengu: /We have to find the necromancer who's doing it./

[13:35] Shadowcaller: Kitsune: /"Take over" is a harsh term, "share" is much better, I assume that a moral would not like to lose control over themselves?/
[13:35] Happy: NS is online
[13:37] Shadowcaller: Kowa-Tengu: /A "necromancer"? This sounds like something I should take part of, unatural things going on in the middle of us…/
[13:37] Murska: nah, he's pretty nice actually
[13:38] Murska: apologized for his acting last night and thanked me for being understanding
[13:38] Murska: @Kitsune: /Yeah, we wouldn't… so it'd be letting you into my mind, just to look around?/
[13:39] Happy: (he is a good guy. One of my oldest gitp friends. But he loses his temper a little too easily.)
[13:39] Murska: @Kowa-Tengu: /Well, we would need help to stop any attacks by the spirits that are on her side. One of my companions was already killed./
[13:41] Shadowcaller: Kitsune: /Yes, or letting myself into another mind, to share information. that is how my kind learn of the ways of mortals./
[13:41] Murska: (Hmm. Totally let it into Simone's mind and then ask it about it. :P But nah.)
[13:42] Shadowcaller: Kowa-Tengu: /Spirits killing mortals? This is a outrage! I will gladly help you in any way I can!/
[13:42] Murska: /I guess it'll be fine… after all, Helios saw my mind and that means everyone who wants to know about it knows already./
[13:42] Murska: @Kowa-Tengu: /I thank you for any assistance you can provide./
[13:44] Shadowcaller: Kitsune: /Err… there is a limit however, traditionally my kind, or rather, my gender are only allowed to enter, the opposite one./
[13:46] Shadowcaller: Kowa-Tengu: /If you fight these things, just call upon me any time you feel it nessecary, I will come to your aid./
[13:46] Murska: /Um… Well, if you're going to enter someone else's, I'll have to relay your request to them. I can't decide for anyone else./
[13:47] Murska: @Kowa-Tengu: /Again, I can only offer my gratitude./
[13:48] Shadowcaller: Kitsune: /Can you do that then? If I'm to stay in this world, I need to know something about it./
[13:49] Happy: (Simone would let it in >.>)
[13:49] Shadowcaller: Kowa-Tengu: /*bows* Call me any time mortal./ *leaves*
[13:50] Murska: /I will, once they wake up, if you are willing to stay that long. But we were attacked recently and I don't want to deprive them of their rest./
[13:51] Shadowcaller: Kitsune: /Very well, I do not see any other mortals being able to speak to me, and I do not like to enter someone uninvited./
[13:53] Murska: /A courtesy too often neglected, nowadays./
[13:54] Happy: (Link:
[13:54] Shadowcaller: /I'm afraid I know very little of that, but if you say so mortal./
[13:55] Shadowcaller: (Fast forward until they wake up?)
[13:56] Murska: (sure)
[13:56] Shadowcaller: (Who wakes up then? They decide.)
[13:56] Murska: (Promise will sleep quite long. Hope wakes up probably pretty early… Simone too. happy decides on those.)
[13:57] Shadowcaller: (Cessie will wake up shortly after hope, or before her.)

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