Kyou 23

Helios: "So, what are you going to do now then? It would be better if you took out those favors now…"
Aegnor says (9:39 AM):
'Right now, I was thinking of eating and going to sleep, prefarably in that order.'
Happy says (9:39 AM):
"You know what I want," Simone says
Shadowcaller says (9:40 AM):
"…we have to disscus that."
Aegnor says (9:41 AM):
'Actually, if she wants to use her favour for… whatever it is, there shouldn't be anything to discuss. Unless it's beyond your power.'
(Darnit SC's was the last post of the page. )
Shadowcaller says (9:41 AM):
"Really? I'm not going to grant you anything that would in any way harm me."
(I realized that.)
Aegnor says (9:42 AM):
(I'm so hungry that the sweat on my hands smells to me like fried potatoes. Oo)
Happy says (9:42 AM):
"I want to know everything. But maybe you leave out part on how to kill a god. My friends already knowing how to do that."
Aegnor says (9:43 AM):
'That's… quite a wish.'
Shadowcaller says (9:43 AM):
"See what I mean?"
Aegnor says (9:43 AM):
(Yay. She said 'friends'. )
Happy says (9:44 AM):
Simone grins. "And you surprised I would have stolen from Miss Cessie to get it?"
Aegnor says (9:44 AM):
'No, just somewhat disappointed.' *smile*
'Anyway, if it's beyond your power I guess she'll have to settle for knowing everything you do…'
Shadowcaller says (9:45 AM):
"Her mind would not handle such a thing."
Happy says (9:45 AM):
"You offered it before."
Shadowcaller says (9:46 AM):
"…in a differnet way."
Wolfbane says (9:46 AM):
Shadowcaller says (9:46 AM):
"I can't actually just dump into all knowledge at once into your mind, it would overload."
Happy says (9:47 AM):
"Then you be my teacher. It not have to be all at once."
Aegnor says (9:48 AM):
(Yum… fried potatoes… willpower… have to… not… lick fingers…)
Shadowcaller says (9:48 AM):
"Teacher?… if you step into the cirlce I can introduce an alternative."
Aegnor says (9:49 AM):
'And just what would that entail?'
Shadowcaller says (9:49 AM):
"Nothing dangerous of course."
Happy says (9:50 AM):
"You promising to return me?" *grinning*
Shadowcaller says (9:50 AM):
"She will come back in the exact same state as she entered in, amybe knowing a few more things…"
Shadowcaller says (9:51 AM):
"Come back to this exact location that is." If the two eyes had pupils, they would roll right about now
Wolfbane says (9:51 AM):
(Murska, SC, great way to send a message)
Shadowcaller says (9:51 AM):
Happy says (9:52 AM):
Simone scrambles to her feet and steps into the circle.
The book is sitting on the floor of the hut.
Shadowcaller says (9:53 AM):
It looks like the shadows swallow her as she enters
She finds herself into a huge library
Happy says (9:54 AM):
Shadowcaller says (9:54 AM):
There are books everywhere, not a thing appears to be out of place here
Shadowcaller says (9:55 AM):
In front of her a figure starts to appears
Shadowcaller says (9:57 AM):
Its Helios as you saw him in casters tower, a humanoid shape with two red eyes without puppils
"So… we had a deal."
Behind him another figure starts to appear
Happy says (9:57 AM):
"Yes, Sir."
Shadowcaller says (9:58 AM):
She can see its the woman she saw in Arik's room when she encountered Helios/Helia for the first time
Shadowcaller says (9:59 AM):
Helia: "We can give you anything you want dear, it will be a pleasure to enligthen one so hungry for knowledge."
A third and a fourth figure also appears, near Helios and Helia
Happy says (10:00 AM):
"I tried to steal orb, but I got caught. And then they wanting me to be a friend and not steal from them."
Shadowcaller says (10:00 AM):
One is a female wolfen with most of her body hidden in a black robe, the fourth one is a thin man
Shadowcaller says (10:01 AM):
Helia: "I… see, well, we have gained a lot thanks to you dear."
Wolfen: "Where are the others?"
Happy says (10:01 AM):
"You not angry at me?"
Shadowcaller says (10:02 AM):
Helia: "Of course not, we will get that orb one way or another…"
Shadowcaller says (10:03 AM):
Helios to wolfen: "Do you really think they want to come to such a useless meeting? I'm suprised you two showed up to."
The thin man remains silent
Happy says (10:03 AM):
"There being a meeting? I be in the way?"
Shadowcaller says (10:04 AM):
Helia: "A meeting with you dear, some parts of us jsut don't think they are all too high and migthy to show up."
Shadowcaller says (10:05 AM):
(man I did a lot of misstakes there.)
(Maybe since I'm hungry >.>)
Aegnor says (10:05 AM):
(I'm hungrier!)
Aegnor says (10:06 AM):
Back at the hut, Aegnor looks at Cessie. 'I guess I'll save my favour for later. After all, I already have everything I could ever want.'
Happy says (10:07 AM):
"Oh." Simone curtseys at the Wolfen and the thin man. "I honoured to meet you."
Back in their hut, Hope wakes up after a short nap. "Hey handome," she murmurs sleepily.
Shadowcaller says (10:08 AM):
The man remains quite, observing her every move
Cessie: "Well, he better grant me the same thing he granted Simone."
Shadowcaller says (10:09 AM):
Wolfen: "So, this is your candidate then Helia?"
"Is she even a wizard?"
Wolfbane says (10:09 AM):
Promise nuzzles her having been awake the entire time. "How did you sleep, my love?"
Happy says (10:09 AM):
"I am not a wizard. I am a scholar."
Aegnor says (10:09 AM):
'Not going to try for immortality? Or, well, I could use my favour to give you the knowledge aswell.'
Shadowcaller says (10:10 AM):
Cessie: "The only way he cound grant me immortality would be making me his servant once I die… I think."
Happy says (10:11 AM):
"I didn't mean to sleep." She sits up and stretches. "How long was I out?"
Aegnor says (10:11 AM):
'Maybe it's worth asking. Or he might know of a way, without being able to actually do it.'
Shadowcaller says (10:12 AM):
Cessie: "Well, there are many ways to become immortal, but any plausible way I mean."
Shadowcaller says (10:13 AM):
WOlfen: "You don't look like a scholar…"
A fifth figure appears, this one is a elf
Aegnor says (10:13 AM):
Happy says (10:14 AM):
"I having to steal what I learn. But I still learn fast."
Shadowcaller says (10:14 AM):
Elf: "Isn't that the thief that was supposed to steal the orb?"
Wolfbane says (10:14 AM):
Promise stands and stretches himself. "Not too long, about an hour at most."
Shadowcaller says (10:15 AM):
Helios: "Well, yes."
Elf: "But she failed… what is she doing here?"
Happy says (10:15 AM):
"Maybe they are back with the orb then?" Hope says.
Shadowcaller says (10:16 AM):
Helia: "I think she could be a possible candidate… she reminds me of myself."
Shadowcaller says (10:17 AM):
The elf laughs
Happy says (10:17 AM):
"A candidate for what?"
Shadowcaller says (10:17 AM):
The elf ingores you "She isn't even a wizard! Do you know long it took for me to accept a Human!?"
Wolfbane says (10:18 AM):
"Lets check. And we should also have Cessie look at the scroll." Promise gets dressed.
Happy says (10:18 AM):
Hope does as well. And then the head to Cessie's hut and knock on the door.
Shadowcaller says (10:18 AM):
Helios to Simone: "Nothing important, I'm not sure they should disscuss that here…"
Cessie opens it "Oh, hello."
Happy says (10:19 AM):
"If you won't tell me that, will you answer other questions?"
Aegnor says (10:19 AM):
'Hi there.'
Happy says (10:19 AM):
Hope hugs Cessie. "You're safe!"
Wolfbane says (10:19 AM):
Promise smiles. "Good to see that you have returned. In one piece I hope."
Aegnor says (10:20 AM):
'Yup. Simone is… getting her wish granted at the moment, I suppose.'
Shadowcaller says (10:20 AM):
Cessie appears suprised by Hope's hug "Of course I am."
Shadowcaller says (10:21 AM):
All the figures voices grow more distance, as they were slowly walking away, but yet they remain at the same place. Helios and the Wolfen are the only one left.
Shadowcaller says (10:22 AM):
Wolfen: "You know, I would actually rather accept her then another Wolfen."
Cessie: "She is…"
Aegnor says (10:22 AM):
'So, I guess you two haven't managed to get yourself in too much trouble while we were gone?'
Aegnor says (10:23 AM):
'Or should I prepare for a lynch mob?'
Happy says (10:23 AM):
Simone crosses her arms. "I not coming here to listen to you talk about me. I coming here to learn."
Shadowcaller says (10:23 AM):
Helios: "Quiet Nidra…"
Wolfbane says (10:23 AM):
"No, we aren't in any trouble, but we did find something that we want Cessie to take a look at before we give it to Dal."
Shadowcaller says (10:24 AM):
Helios: "Simone, here is my offer, if you want to listen."
Helios: "Just ignore the others, they are unimportant rigth now."
Shadowcaller says (10:25 AM):
Cessie: "You found a scroll? Where?"
Aegnor says (10:25 AM):
(I guess he showed her the scroll then)
Wolfbane says (10:25 AM):
(I guess)
Happy says (10:26 AM):
"I am listening."
Shadowcaller says (10:26 AM):
Helios: "So… every time you want to learn something, just think of a question in your mind and I will answer the best way I can."
"How do that sound?"
Aegnor says (10:26 AM):
'I hope this doesn't lead us on to another epic quest to do something that tops off our achievements here.' *smile*
Shadowcaller says (10:26 AM):
Cessie rolls her eyes
Happy says (10:27 AM):
Cessie examines the scroll case and can sense a very small bit of magic to it.
Wolfbane says (10:27 AM):
Promise hands it over. "Dal had a dream and we followed it to a tomb. Inside there was the spirit of an elf wizard. He gave this to us to give to Dal. And we will, but we want you to check it out before we do so."
Happy says (10:27 AM):
"Every time? Any question?" Simone asks, wide-eyed.
Shadowcaller says (10:28 AM):
Wolfen: "I hope you know what you are getting yourself into…"
Shadowcaller says (10:29 AM):
Cessie: "Only in this party that appears perfectly normal."
Happy says (10:29 AM):
Hope: "He seemed very concerned about someone called the Yokai wolf. The spirit that tried to stop us, I guess."
Does Cessie break the seal on the scroll case?
Shadowcaller says (10:29 AM):
(Not yet.)
Wolfbane says (10:30 AM):
"Be careful with it, I still want Dal to read it."
Shadowcaller says (10:30 AM):
Helios ingores Nidra (that appears to be the wolfens name): "Well… in practice."
Happy says (10:31 AM):
Hope: "Cessie knows how to take care of stuff like that."
"I wanting to know whose eye we saw in the Deep Realm."
Shadowcaller says (10:32 AM):
Cessie: "Opening a magical scroll is never safe, there could be all types of course on this one."
Wolfbane says (10:32 AM):
"Sorry, its just that we went through all those…"he shudders. "Nevermind, sorry. He seemed trustworthy."
Shadowcaller says (10:34 AM):
Helios: "The eye? I'm afraid I don't know much about it… yet. You ahve changed all that…"
Aegnor says (10:34 AM):
(mine, duh)
( )
Shadowcaller says (10:34 AM):
Cessie: "You cna never be too sure, the magic on this scroll is quite weak however."
Aegnor says (10:35 AM):
'Yokai wolf, eh? He didn't seem like that bad a fellow… It's a pity we had to get past. Maybe I should try calling him?'
Shadowcaller says (10:36 AM):
Wolfbane says (10:36 AM):
"Please do, the spirit wanted to see him one last time before crossing over."
Shadowcaller says (10:36 AM):
Cessie: "You open it then Promise."
Wolfbane says (10:37 AM):
"Will it lose it's magic if I do?"
Happy says (10:37 AM):
Simone: "What do you know about it?"
Shadowcaller says (10:38 AM):
Cessie: "Well, whatever inside the scroll will activated, whatever it might be."
Aegnor says (10:39 AM):
'Maybe it's meant for Dal, though…'
Shadowcaller says (10:39 AM):
Helios: "Its a oni, I think its the so called "Watcher"."
Wolfbane says (10:39 AM):
"Then no. The spirit said that it was for Dal. He'll be the one to open it."
Happy says (10:40 AM):
"We don't think the spirit means any harm to Dal, but he seemed kind of forgetful. He kept saying he was going to the gate soon."
Simone: "What does it watch?"
Shadowcaller says (10:41 AM):
Helios: "Everything, it most likely saw your right into your soul… "Before it all things must be told." Helios quotes."
Shadowcaller says (10:42 AM):
Cessie: "Well, either we open it, or we don't."
Wolfbane says (10:43 AM):
"Let Dal open it, but we should be there to make sure nothing happens."
Aegnor says (10:43 AM):
'I suppose I'll contact the Yokai Wolf now, if nobody has anything against it?'
Shadowcaller says (10:45 AM):
"I don't have anything against it Aegnor."
Wolfbane says (10:45 AM):
"I don't, but try to tell him that the elf in the tomb wants to see him."
Aegnor says (10:45 AM):
Aegnor attempts, then. /I have a message for you./ (Press 1 if you want to hear it, 2 to delete it or 3 to ignore it for now)
Shadowcaller says (10:48 AM):
(Don't tell me I must control 3 different characters at once? )
Aegnor says (10:49 AM):
(Okay, I won't.)
Happy says (10:51 AM):
Simone: "Oh. Then he knows who you are. The things there chased Miss Cessie. Was it because she is wizard?"
Shadowcaller says (10:53 AM):
Helios: "Well, since you won't remember eveything that will happend here, I guess I can explain…"
Happy says (10:53 AM):
Yokai: /leave me be/
Simone: "I won't remember?!"
Shadowcaller says (10:53 AM):
Helios: "Not this explanation, but the rest you will remember crystal clear."
Happy says (10:54 AM):
"I hope so. Knowledge no use without remembering!" /indignant
Shadowcaller says (10:54 AM):
Helios: "See, I could have entered the deep realm, but I had not idea what could happend to me once I was inside."
"So, instead I send you there, just to see what exactly happend."
Aegnor says (10:55 AM):
/Are you in the middle of something important? Do realize that being generally angry at things or wallowing in self-pity and shame isn't important./
Happy says (10:55 AM):
"Why you not just say 'I wanting to send you to Deep Realm to see what will happen'? Why so much trickery?"
Shadowcaller says (10:56 AM):
"Would you have accepted? If I send you to a place where you might have been torn apart by mysterious forces.?"
Shadowcaller says (10:57 AM):
(See, like he would have sent you to space.)
Happy says (10:58 AM):
/I failed at my task. You bested me. Must I listen to you gloat?/
"For this?" Simone gestures at the library. "You seeing in my mind. You know how much I want this."
Shadowcaller says (10:59 AM):
Helios: "You might have wanted it, but the other didn't, beside, they would have wanted that I would collect it."
Aegnor says (10:59 AM):
/Iname bested you. And now we have to do your job of keeping the slavers away? In any case, I'm not here about that. But I was told that a certain elf spirit in a tomb would want to see you before going to the gate./
Shadowcaller says (11:00 AM):
Shadowcaller says (11:01 AM):
"Anyhow, now I can explore the deep realm myself… once I get that book back."
"You have no idea how much that book helped you there…"
Happy says (11:02 AM):
Simone grins. "What you give me for that book then? I want to read it."
Shadowcaller says (11:03 AM):
"Trust me, you don't want to read that book until you are protected by strong magic."
Happy says (11:03 AM):
/My people… still live? Are still free?/
Aegnor says (11:04 AM):
/Well, obviously. You didn't believe us when we said we weren't there to hurt them?/
Happy says (11:04 AM):
Simone: "You can protect me."
Shadowcaller says (11:05 AM):
"If a I protect you while you read the book, can you give it to me once you are done?."
Happy says (11:05 AM):
(Would her geas allow her to do that? Or would it be stealing from the party?)
Happy says (11:06 AM):
/Reorn told me that if I failed, the slavers would come./
Aegnor says (11:07 AM):
/Well, Reorn is dead, that's true. But the villagers are doing better than they would've with him. Except that we just had to go kill a band of slavers to stop them from stealing children./
Shadowcaller says (11:07 AM):
(Well, since she don't have the book right now anyway… I guess the geas would be blocking her from doing that.)
Shadowcaller says (11:08 AM):
"Is that a geas preventing you Simone?"
Happy says (11:09 AM):
"I let them do it. They wanting to trust me."
Aegnor hears an anguished howling in his mind. /I failed them again./
Shadowcaller says (11:09 AM):
"Do you want to get rid of it?"
"They would not notice a thing."
Shadowcaller says (11:10 AM):
"I can create a fake one."
Happy says (11:10 AM):
Simone: "I am learning something new from it. Something there not be in books."
Shadowcaller says (11:10 AM):
"How exactly could a geas learn you anything?"
Shadowcaller says (11:11 AM):
(Brb, food.)
Aegnor says (11:12 AM):
/And you could, you know, stop whining about it and actually do something. Anyway, if you listened to me before, that elf spirit would like to see you again at some point./
Happy says (11:15 AM):
/I don't know how to get back./
Aegnor says (11:16 AM):
/…well, where are you?/
Happy says (11:18 AM):
Simone: "I not know exactly. Something Mr Promise try to telling me about names and honor. I not understand it, so I not do what he say and do geas instead." She looks at her feet. "I not having honor, but I not wanting him to think less of me."
Happy says (11:21 AM):
/Far from home./
Aegnor says (11:22 AM):
(They don't pay me enough for this… no wait, they don't pay me at all. >.<) /Aegnor's thoughts.
/And… That is very unspecific, you know./
Shadowcaller says (11:26 AM):
Happy says (11:28 AM):
/Beyond the gate./
Shadowcaller says (11:28 AM):
Nidra: "Honor? Names? Thats the idiotcy my parents, my people tried to convince me off."
Shadowcaller says (11:29 AM):
"The very same reason wolfen remains weak…"
Shadowcaller says (11:30 AM):
Happy says (11:30 AM):
Simone: "And maybe when I understanding it I think so too. But I having to understand it first before I rejecting it."
Aegnor says (11:30 AM):
/So… in the spirit realm?/
Shadowcaller says (11:32 AM):
Nidra: "Well, I suffered from it, its not easy to break away from the ways of my people."
Happy says (11:33 AM):
/I don't know how to return./
Aegnor says (11:33 AM):
/Well, I don't know how to return you either. Any idea who would?/
Shadowcaller says (11:34 AM):
Nidra: "Simone, you don't have such crushing things to fight against, you are free to do what you like. You should not let such a thing as a geas imprison you."
Happy says (11:34 AM):
"Bah. You just say that because you want me to steal book for you."
Happy says (11:37 AM):
/Before Reorn, there was another goddess who ruled us. One with many faces and no face at all. She might know./
Aegnor says (11:38 AM):
/Zubera? Worth a try. A friend of mine has a connection to her./
'Hey Promise…'
Wolfbane says (11:38 AM):
Shadowcaller says (11:38 AM):
Nidra: "I'm not…him." She gives Helios a quick glare "I'm just talking from personal experience here, you as a human should use the freedom you have the best way you can. All else would be an insult to us that have to struggle against years of stupid traditions."
Aegnor says (11:39 AM):
'The spirit's saying that it's stuck behind the gate and doesn't know how to come back, but that Zubera might know.'
Happy says (11:39 AM):
"I was free to not take geas. To lie and say I understand what Promise talking about. So when I take it, that my choice too."
Wolfbane says (11:40 AM):
"Do we have any of the powder left for another circle?"
Shadowcaller says (11:40 AM):
Helios: "Can you try to convince them of this then? I could dispel that geas wherever you want or not."
Aegnor says (11:41 AM):
(Assassins has almost 30 already. )
Shadowcaller says (11:41 AM):
(As I said )
Happy says (11:42 AM):
(Trixie's just annoyed that Lex is more popular)
Wolfbane says (11:42 AM):
(Trixie? Unpopular? /Never/ )
Happy says (11:43 AM):
Simone: "I telling them you let me read book if I give it back to you. But I not know if they like that after you trying to trick them with orb."
Happy says (11:48 AM):
Hope: "Will Simone be back soon, so we can use the same circle?"
Shadowcaller says (11:49 AM):
Helios: "Oh, think it like this Simone, you are back in Isandwana and a fat merchant enters the Flying Pig (the inn where thieves could find their easiest picks) and he carry a lagre fat of gold, he is drunk and there is none else there then you, him, the innkeeper and another guest that the inkeeper is busy with at the moment."
Aegnor says (11:49 AM):
(Haha. I'm gonna be meditating in the afterlife, guys. Catch me if you can. )
Shadowcaller says (11:50 AM):
"Now, this man obviosly WANTS to have his gold stolen, he is perctially giving it to you right?"
Happy says (11:52 AM):
Simone: "Of course he is."
Shadowcaller says (11:53 AM):
"Well, this was such a moment, you leaved a obvious hole in the deal and I really wanted to send someone to deep realm, how exactly am I supposed to resist?"
Happy says (11:54 AM):
Simone grins. "But fat merchant think twice before going back to Flying Pig, don't he?"
Shadowcaller says (11:55 AM):
"Exactly, as the merchant have learned his lesson, so have you by not hurry a deal over and leave it open for interpretation."
Aegnor says (11:56 AM):
(Actually, by not dealing with you at all if in any way possible.)
( )
Happy says (11:57 AM):
"I want to read book. I not care what happens to it next. But others might not think same."
Shadowcaller says (11:59 AM):
"Convince them then… Hm, you know, there is a thing I could give you if you like."
Happy says (11:59 AM):
"They would say 'Why, Simone? What he do with it if he have evil book that drinks blood?' And I say 'I don't know'. Bah. Very convincing."
Shadowcaller says (12:00 PM):
"Well, if you had something to trade for it then? Hm?"
Shadowcaller says (12:01 PM):
"Since they don't actually know what I cna offer, their demands on me will be… easy to pay off."
"But I can give you something that they would never have demanded off me."
Happy says (12:02 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:02 PM):
The place around you shifts, suddenly you are in something that looks like a underground valute
Shadowcaller says (12:03 PM):
There are multiple doors everyhwere in the room
Helios soon appears in front of Simone
"This is the artifact valute."
Shadowcaller says (12:04 PM):
"You can pick anything you want in here, in trade for the book."
Happy says (12:04 PM):
"What things are in here? Things that make person immortal?"
Shadowcaller says (12:06 PM):
"Well… most of the things here aren't exactly safe, some of the others worked as keepers of dangerous artifacts…"
Happy says (12:08 PM):
"Hmph. I like library better. Things are just things, but words are powerful."
"If you having thing for immortality though, Cessie trade book for it."
Happy says (12:09 PM):
*Miss Cessie
Shadowcaller says (12:09 PM):
"Lets see what we have…" Suddenly a 9 different objects is on the floor behind Helios, laying in a row
Aegnor says (12:10 PM):
(Cessie gonna answer soon, btw?)
Shadowcaller says (12:10 PM):
(you asked me something? I didn't notice.)
(What did you ask?)
Aegnor says (12:10 PM):
(About the amount of powder left and if Simone will be back soon)
(Promise and Hope, respectively
Shadowcaller says (12:11 PM):
"Well, last time I checked I think we have enough for about 1-2 more summons."
"And I have no idea when Simone might be back really."
Wolfbane says (12:12 PM):
"Then it may be best if I summoned Zubera now and ask."
Happy says (12:13 PM):
"No, let's not use the last of the powder yet."
Simone looks at the objects.
Happy says (12:20 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:21 PM):
There is one object covered by a black blanket, a blue wand, a huge bastard sword, a mumified head, a huge claw that looks to have come from a enormous animal of sort, a black book, a brown box, a drum and a crown.
(just came up with something for everything)
Wolfbane says (12:21 PM):
Promise nods. "I'll wait then."
Happy says (12:21 PM):
Simone's eyes, of course, are drawn to the book, though she occasionally glances at the covered item.
Shadowcaller says (12:22 PM):
"So… think they would be intrested in any of these items?"
Happy says (12:22 PM):
"They might be. You've known them longer than I have."
Shadowcaller says (12:23 PM):
"Point something out and I will explain what it dose."
Happy says (12:23 PM):
"The book."
Shadowcaller says (12:24 PM):
"Ahh, it was once owned by Nathan Tyris, a famous necromancer and lich."
Shadowcaller says (12:25 PM):
"It contains about every necromancy spell in the world."
Happy says (12:25 PM):
"Bah. No use to me then. But Miss Cessie might like it. What is under the blanket?"
Shadowcaller says (12:25 PM):
"Um, the mirror of opposites."
Shadowcaller says (12:26 PM):
"Don't remove the blanket…"
Happy says (12:27 PM):
"What does it do? Show pretty people as ugly?"
Shadowcaller says (12:27 PM):
"It creates the mentally opposite of one person."
Shadowcaller says (12:28 PM):
"Everyone that looks in it…"
Happy says (12:28 PM):
"Sound stupid. What in the box?"
Shadowcaller says (12:29 PM):
"The neckance of ethernal youth."
Happy says (12:29 PM):
"So that make Miss Cessie live forever?"
Shadowcaller says (12:30 PM):
"Well… its not that easy, anyone who wears the necklance can extend their own life by draining life energy from other beings."
"Its quite useful as long as you don't feed on sapien beings."
Happy says (12:31 PM):
"What happen if you do? It killing them?"
Shadowcaller says (12:32 PM):
"The more you drain the older the "subject" becomes."
Aegnor says (12:33 PM):
(Hey, now Aegnor can give Cessie his life.)
Shadowcaller says (12:33 PM):
(I doubt she would accept it.)
Happy says (12:34 PM):
"So you can making animals older and it make you live longer? Or it have to be people?"
Shadowcaller says (12:35 PM):
"Animals will do just fine… the process is quite… intoxicating thought. Its easy to be addicted to it if you use it too much."
Happy says (12:38 PM):
"She probably willing to trade book for that. But I still want to read it first."
Shadowcaller says (12:38 PM):
"Of course, these items are bound to this place however, I can return them here whenever I want."
Shadowcaller says (12:39 PM):
"So pick whatever you want here and then try to trade something for them."
"I will cut the cord with the thing they trade."
Happy says (12:40 PM):
"You want me to take these things back? Like a merchant?"
Shadowcaller says (12:40 PM):
"No, I'm not stupid, the items will return here when I want them to."
Happy says (12:41 PM):
"I understand that part. But you want me to be taking them and showing them to Miss Cessie and Mr Aegnor, right? And try to make deal with them?"
Shadowcaller says (12:41 PM):
"Yes, they appears to trust you more then me, especially with that geas of yours."
Shadowcaller says (12:42 PM):
Happy says (12:42 PM):
"Then tell me what everything else do."
Shadowcaller says (12:42 PM):
"Just point at everything and I will explain them."
Happy says (12:43 PM):
She points at the blue wand.
Shadowcaller says (12:43 PM):
"Thats the wand of wonders."
Shadowcaller says (12:44 PM):
"Every time its used it produces a completly random magical effect."
Wolfbane says (12:44 PM):
(Must be a hoot at parties )
Aegnor says (12:44 PM):
(Let's take that one and play Russian Roulette with it!)
( )
Shadowcaller says (12:44 PM):
"…last time it was used it started raining wands."
(You remember the wand right Murska?
Aegnor says (12:44 PM):
(Heh. Yup.)
Happy says (12:45 PM):
"Also sound stupid. What about big sword? Meant for small men, right?"
Shadowcaller says (12:46 PM):
Helios laughs "You are very much like Helia…"
Aegnor says (12:46 PM):
(Still. Russian Roulette with the Wand of Wonders. *points at head…* *click* PHEW)
Happy says (12:46 PM):
"Why there so many of you?"
Wolfbane says (12:47 PM):
(*takes wand and points at head…* *BANG* *drops dead* )
Shadowcaller says (12:47 PM):
"Well, we gods don't live forever, every time one of us is close to die, a moeral takes our place."
Aegnor says (12:48 PM):
(*takes wand and points at head *poof* turns into a gigantic flying vampire toad* …eh)
Happy says (12:48 PM):
"But then you still here, and alive."
Shadowcaller says (12:49 PM):
"I was also a mortal long ago."
Shadowcaller says (12:50 PM):
"We have changed names countless of times…"
Happy says (12:50 PM):
"But why the other you's still alive?"
Shadowcaller says (12:51 PM):
"Thier memory remains intact, iamgine you had a book that described every detail of a humans life, they are such books."
Happy says (12:52 PM):
"So they not being real? Just your memory of them?"
Shadowcaller says (12:52 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:53 PM):
"Well, they give the newest one of us all the knowledge they had of themselves and the rest of the world, so basicallly yes."
Happy says (12:53 PM):
"Is you a memory, or still alive?"
Shadowcaller says (12:54 PM):
"I'm still alive, for now, but unless I get that orb I will also just be a memory once someone else takes my place."
Happy says (12:55 PM):
"And who will take your place?"
Shadowcaller says (12:55 PM):
"We are disscussing that…"
Happy says (12:55 PM):
"Helia think maybe me?"
Shadowcaller says (12:56 PM):
"She have strange ideas, you are not even a wizard."
Happy says (12:57 PM):
Simone grins. "You wizards think magic fix everything. What do sword do?"
Shadowcaller says (12:58 PM):
"Its a heavily magically enchanted sword."
Shadowcaller says (12:59 PM):
"Once its drawn, it must have blood before it can be put down again."
"A lot of it…"
Happy says (1:00 PM):
Simone makes a face. "Stupid. What about skull?"
Shadowcaller says (1:00 PM):
"A wish granting head of a Naullya."
"The wishes are /very/ hard to get correct."
Happy says (1:02 PM):
"Heh. Like making deal with you, yes?"
Shadowcaller says (1:02 PM):
"Worse then that… I don't kill people like that."
Happy says (1:03 PM):
"The claw?"
Shadowcaller says (1:03 PM):
"Its a powerful magical regent, it can be used to enchant magic, just be careful to use it too much…"
Shadowcaller says (1:04 PM):
"It was a dragons."
Happy says (1:04 PM):
"The drum?"
Shadowcaller says (1:04 PM):
"It makes people dance and sing."
Happy says (1:05 PM):
"Any drum do that. You mean if they not want to?"
Shadowcaller says (1:06 PM):
"No, it makes them want to do it, it brings song to their hearth so to speak."
Aegnor says (1:07 PM):
(Well, I can already do that. )
Happy says (1:07 PM):
"And the crown?"
Shadowcaller says (1:08 PM):
"It makes you really intelligent, inspiration and such."
Happy says (1:08 PM):
"I already smart."
Shadowcaller says (1:08 PM):
"Well, smarter."
"It gives you other attributes too."
Shadowcaller says (1:09 PM):
"Like beauty and such…"
Shadowcaller says (1:10 PM):
"It becomes invisible once you put it on."
Aegnor says (1:11 PM):
(Happy: Want to join our Russian Roulette in the other chat?
Happy says (1:12 PM):
"Hmph. I not need beauty, and I already have intelligence without knowledge. Much better to work on knowledge now. When I fill up brains, then maybe try get smarter."
Wolfbane says (1:12 PM):
(With the wand of wonders)
Happy says (1:12 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:13 PM):
"Well, now you know all of them…"
Happy says (1:15 PM):
"So now I supposed to play merchant for you?" Simone grins. "Okay. I try to make deal for you then."
Shadowcaller says (1:15 PM):
"Great, see you later…" *Simone is back at the circle*
Shadowcaller says (1:17 PM):
(with the items.)
Happy says (1:18 PM):
So Simone tells them that Helios wants to trade the book for one of the items, but she gets to read it first.

[21:35] Happy: Simone: "Helios wanting that book. He say he give me spell to let me read it if I give it to him when I done. I say I not steal it from you. So he say 'I make geas go away, they never know', but I still stay I not steal it. So he say 'I make a trade then'.
[21:35] Happy: "And he show me these things and say he trade them for book."
[21:35] Shadowcaller: "What are they?"
[21:37] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks over the collection.
[21:37] Shadowcaller: "You said Helios gave you all this? Hmm…"
[21:38] Happy: "He say he can take them all back. But that if you choosing one, he sever his bond to it."
[21:39] Shadowcaller: "Are they dangerous? I can feel a very strong magic about them…"
[21:39] Happy: "I tell you what he say about them," Simone says. And she does that.
[21:40] Shadowcaller: "Wow… some of these items sounds a bit risky.." Cessie gives the brown box a side-look
[21:41] Happy: "I tell him you would like that one best," Simone says.
[21:41] Shadowcaller: "No wonder they were trapped there…"
[21:41] Shadowcaller: (we could use Hope's option.)
[21:44] Shadowcaller: "There are intresting things thought…"
[21:44] Happy: Hope: "The book probably should be trapped there too. If we think Helios won't do something horrible with it."
[21:45] Shadowcaller: "Maybe thats what he is planning to do with it?"
[21:46] Shadowcaller: "We don't have nay use of the book anyway…"
[21:46] Happy: "I still want to read it," Simone says, stroking the book, and feeling her fingers grow cold.
[21:46] Happy: "The other book though - it just necromancy spells."
[21:47] Shadowcaller: "That could… be intresting."
[21:48] Shadowcaller: "I guess you aren't intrested in any of these things Hope?"
[21:52] Happy: Her eyes fall on the crown for a moment, but she says, "No. Besides, I have no claim on the book."
[21:52] Shadowcaller: "I don't think any of you have nay really intrest in gaining powers…"
[21:53] Shadowcaller: *any
[21:53] Shadowcaller: "What is Helios going to use the book?"
[21:54] Happy: "He not say." Simone thinks the question. /Cessie want to know what you going to use book for./
[21:55] Shadowcaller: /Really? Well, gain knowledge, nothing more, nothing less./
[21:57] Happy: Simone rolls her eyes. "He saying he use it for gaining knowledge. He not like to give real answers."
[21:57] Shadowcaller: "Thats pretty vague, can you ask him to specify?"
[22:04] Happy: (hahaha! Supagoof song in the wwc thread)
[22:04] Happy: /Miss Cessie say you too vague./
[22:04] Shadowcaller: (Hm?)
[22:04] Happy:
[22:07] Shadowcaller: Where do he get all this? o.O
[22:09] Shadowcaller: /Well… I'm going to use the book to enter the deep realm./
[22:09] Happy: /Can I go too?/
[22:09] Happy: (Where the hell does she get these ideas?)
[22:10] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[22:10] Shadowcaller: /Why would you want to enter the deep realm?/
[22:11] Happy: /I want to understand it. I want to know the Watcher./
[22:12] Shadowcaller: /…but you could easily die, you are just a mortal yet./
[22:14] Shadowcaller: /I don't think Helia would allowe me to risk your life… thought I technically already did…/
[22:16] Happy: /I could have dying a hundred times for a coin or a crust of bread. If I die trying to learn what no one else knows, that much better./
[22:16] Happy: /Of course even better not die at all and still learn./
[22:17] Shadowcaller: /But would not the.. mortals you know protest?/
[22:17] Happy: /They my friends, they not my masters./
[22:17] Happy: "He say he using book to go to Deep Realms."
[22:19] Shadowcaller: "The deep realms?… I guess that would be okay.. right?"
[22:20] Shadowcaller: "I have nothing against it at least."
[22:21] Shadowcaller: (I guess Aegnor might have thought…)
[22:25] Happy: Hope: "I don't know. Whatever you think."
[22:28] Shadowcaller: "I would like to trade it for something at least… I need to think about it."
[22:28] Happy: /I think they too tired to decide yet. Deep Realms were very tirying, even for me./
[22:29] Shadowcaller: /Very well, the artifacts can be there for a while, as long as no one is stupid enough to use them…/
[22:30] Happy: /I tell you when they decide./
[22:30] Shadowcaller: /Good…/
[22:30] Shadowcaller: (Hehe, a buch of extremly dangerous artifacts, way to go.)
[22:32] Shadowcaller: (Wonder if anyone is going to try them?^^)
[22:37] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[22:38] Happy: /What will happen when I read book?/
[22:39] Shadowcaller: /The book is filled with.. dangerous knowledge, for mortals that is…/
[22:40] Shadowcaller: /Its all the deepest secrets of the world, of the beginning./
[22:40] Wolfbane: (Done with the game, but I have to get dinner with my brother)
[22:44] Happy: Simone doesn't say anything, but Helios will feel her longing for the book only increase.
[22:45] Shadowcaller: /…you are a very strange mortal, you know that?/
[22:50] Shadowcaller: /Besides, don't the geas make it impossible for you to leave them?/
[22:51] Happy: /Geas say I cannot hurt them or steal from them or tell their secrets./
[22:54] Shadowcaller: /Thats it? Well, I prefere to work alone, you will just be in the way.. whatever Helia might think./
[23:00] Happy: /Hmph./ But she doesn't argue. She's used to being thought in the way.
[23:01] Shadowcaller: /You can gain knowledge outside the deep realm too, if you die, you will be gone forever./
[23:02] Happy: /If the Watcher speaks to you… will you tell me what it says?/
[23:02] Shadowcaller: /I doubt I will understand any of it. But yes, if it speaks to me./
[23:04] Wolfbane: (back)
[23:05] Shadowcaller: (any options of the artifacts? Should they trade them for the book?)
[23:06] Shadowcaller: (Cessie obviosly wants so…)
[23:07] Wolfbane: "It is whatever you decide. None of the items would be very useful to me."
[23:07] Shadowcaller: "A wish is always useful…"
[23:08] Happy: "He say that skull dangerous and tricky."
[23:09] Wolfbane: Promise smiles at Hope. "What would I wish for? I have everything I want right here."
[23:09] Shadowcaller: "Well, how do you keep this permanent?"
[23:10] Shadowcaller: "We should always have new goals… Aegnor is one, but I have others."
[23:10] Shadowcaller: She smiles at him
[23:10] Shadowcaller: (as if he was there >.<)
[23:11] Shadowcaller: "Isn't there anything else you want out of life?"
[23:13] Happy: "A good trail to follow. A clean kill of my game," Hope says.
[23:13] Happy: Simone rolls her eyes.
[23:14] Shadowcaller: "…I'm not sure I know what that means."
[23:16] Wolfbane: "As of now, there isn't anything that I would wish for other to be happy with Hope. And I am."
[23:17] Happy: "Bah. Love makes people act foolish. I never do that."
[23:17] Shadowcaller: "Well, I'm happy with Aegnor, but I have other goals too, there is so much else to do…"
[23:17] Shadowcaller: "You think I'm foolish Simone?"
[23:18] Wolfbane: Promise chuckles. "You'll understand some day Simone."
[23:19] Happy: "I think you all act foolish sometimes."
[23:19] Shadowcaller: "Like when?"
[23:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie demands
[23:24] Happy: Simone looks uncomfortable. "Maybe I just not understand."
[23:27] Shadowcaller: "Hmph, then you should not say things like that."
[23:27] Shadowcaller: "Did Helios say we could try the items?"
[23:28] Happy: "He say it be stupid to use them."
[23:29] Happy: (Is Helios gone from the circle now?)
[23:29] Shadowcaller: (yes.)
[23:29] Happy: (Then Promise can try and call Zubera)
[23:30] Shadowcaller: "If its stupid to use them, why do he think we want to trade them for the book?"
[23:31] Happy: "He say…" Simone closes her eyes for a moment to remember. "He say artifacts can stay here as long as no one is stupid enough to use them."
[23:31] Happy: "He also say we shouldn't use book either, remember?"
[23:32] Shadowcaller: "Well, if we want to trade the items, we must be able to use them right?"
[23:32] Shadowcaller: "Sure, I would not sure that mirror or anything…"
[23:32] Shadowcaller: "Why would anyone want that anyway?"
[23:34] Shadowcaller: "But I mean the necklance, or the skull…"
[23:35] Happy: /Or the crown/ Hope thinks, but still doesn't speak.
[23:36] Shadowcaller: "I know all the dangers with magical items, but as long these are not cursed and do exactly what he tells them to do…"
[23:37] Wolfbane: "The skull would be useful if you knew how to ask for the wish."
[23:39] Shadowcaller: "Simone, could you ask him if we can try out the less dangerous items?"
[23:39] Happy: "Which ones?!
[23:39] Happy: *"
[23:40] Shadowcaller: "Well, the book for instance…"
[23:40] Shadowcaller: "The necklance."
[23:40] Happy: /Miss Cessie want to try to use the book and the necklace. Is that okay?/
[23:41] Shadowcaller: /Sure… I can allow her to remember something from the book./
[23:42] Happy: "He say he can allow you to remember something from the book."
[23:43] Shadowcaller: "Right…" (I don't think we should go any further without Murska.)

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