Kyou 22

[19:29] Wolfbane: Promise gent;y squeezes Hope's shoulder. "They'll be back soon." /I hope./
[19:33] Happy: "I know," she says. /I hope/
[19:37] Happy: The mood of the villagers is subdued after all the recent events. They've been through a lot of excitement lately.
[19:38] Wolfbane: Promise nuzzles Hope. "What do you want to do while we wait?"
[19:41] Happy: "That depends on how you are feeling. How tired are you feeling?"
[19:41] Happy: (it's early afternoon)
[19:41] Wolfbane: "Only a litte."
[19:45] Happy: "Do you need to rest?"
[19:46] Wolfbane: Promise smiles. "No, I think I will be fine."
[19:47] Happy: She kisses his ear. "Good. Let's see if we can find some way to help out then."
[19:47] Wolfbane: brb, laundry
[20:00] Happy: poke to keep alive
[20:05] Wolfbane: Promise's ear twitches at the kiss. "Yes, lets see."
[20:08] Happy: They go outside and find the mood of the village subdued. Sort of emotional fatigue after everything.
[20:10] Wolfbane: Promise keeps an arm around Hope as they walk. For support is the least of the reasons why.
[20:17] Happy: They draw some stares and hear some murmuring around them.
[20:23] Wolfbane: Promise ignores them. "Any ideas of where to start?"
[20:27] Happy: "Not really. You?"
[20:28] Wolfbane: He thinks for a moment. "We could ask Freedom."
[20:28] Happy: (:P I waas hoping someone that was not me would think of something…)
[20:36] Happy: You see the children sitting around in the grass, Dal and Red Sock among them
[20:39] Wolfbane: Promise smiles when he sees them. "I hope you aren't planning on getting into any more mischief already."
[20:40] Happy: "Is Dal really a wizard?" Red Sock asks skeptically.
[20:42] Happy: (brb food)
[20:48] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "We think that he may be a wizard, but we do know that he has magic of some kind."
[21:00] Happy: "Can anyone learn to be a wizard?"
[21:04] Wolfbane: "I'm not sure. I don't believe so, but I will ask one of my companions the next chance I get to make sure."
[21:08] Happy: Dal hesitates, and then he says, "I had a strange dream last night."
[21:09] Wolfbane: "What happened in it?"
[21:11] Happy: "I dreamed that I found the grave of the Dawn Wolf. But I'm not even a Wolfen."
[21:14] Happy: The Dawn Wolf is told in stories to be the first Wolfen.
[21:16] Happy: "My Grand-Da says that the Dawn Wolf is buried here, and that is why we live here. But Da says that's only a story."
[21:16] Happy: (Red Sock)
[21:17] Wolfbane: Promise thinks deeply. "I don't think this is a coincidence. Do you remember where it is in your dream?"
[21:20] Happy: "Yes, but Ma will wring my ears if I go into the forst again…"
[21:20] Happy: His elven ears droop a little at the thought.
[21:22] Wolfbane: "Do you know where your mother is? Maybe if we asked her, she would let you take us there."
[21:25] Happy: "He's still got a sprained ankle," Hope says.
[21:26] Happy: "Well…. remember where I was when I fell? In the dream it was near there. There was a hole in the side of the river bank." He hesitates. "Why did I call it a river bank? It's just a creek."
[21:27] Wolfbane: Promise nods and looks at Hope. "Want to check it out?"
[21:28] Happy: "Sure. I guess if it was dangerous, it would have bothered us yesterday."
[21:30] Wolfbane: "We'll check out the spot and see if anything becomes of it." He smiles at the children. "Make sure you don't get into /too/ much mischief."
[21:32] Happy: "Yes, Sir," the kids agree, most of them (even the elves) adopting submissive postures.
[21:32] Happy: "Will you tell us if you find anything?" Dal asks.
[21:34] Wolfbane: "Of course! I'll tell you everything we find out."
[21:34] Happy: "Do you remember how to get there?" Hope asks. "The straight way, not the roundabout way we took following the children's trails."
[21:36] Wolfbane: "I'm pretty sure we can find out on the way." He smiles. "We have all day anyways."
[21:40] Happy: Hope leads him into the woods. "When I had Dal yesterday, he was barely conscious. But he was able to point out a few trees he recognized. Imagine living so long in one place that you know every tree."
[21:41] Wolfbane: Promise walks beside her. "It would be sort of comforting I think. Knowing everything in the area."
[21:42] Wolfbane: "But I'm not sure if I would like it."
[21:43] Happy: "You can see the tracks I left. I wasn't trying to be stealthy." Following Hope's backtrail, they soon reach the creek.
[21:45] Wolfbane: Promise climbs down into the creek. "He said a hole in the bank, right?"
[21:46] Wolfbane: He offers a paw to help Hope down if needed.
[21:46] Happy: Hope bats his paw away. "Stop that. You're one paw down, remember?"
[21:46] Happy: She climbs down easily.
[21:48] Wolfbane: Promise smiles and sighs. "Sorry, I keep forgetting about it."
[21:49] Happy: "Of course even if we find something, it'll just be an animal's den or something."
[21:50] Wolfbane: Promise starts to search. "Maybe, but I don't think it is a coincidence about him being magical, then having a dream about The Dawn Wolf."
[21:50] Happy: "Tell me about the Dawn Wolf"
[22:00] Wolfbane: "The Dawn Wolf is supposedly one of the first of the Wolfen. Legend says that she had golden fur, was just as strong as her mate and where ever she went, light came with her."
[22:05] Happy: "I think I like your white fur better," Hope says, as she searches.
[22:11] Wolfbane: "She had been the sky, and made herself a wolf body for herself and for her mate, the earth. Taking possession of the bodies, became The Dawn Wolf and Fenris. They mated, and so the Wolfen race began." He smiles at her. "And you are much more beautiful than anyone with fur."
[22:12] Happy: Hope blushes, and returns to searching the banks. "But if her grave is here, is his here as well?"
[22:15] Wolfbane: "Sadly, after she died, no one is sure how anymore, he took to wandering the earth. No one saw him afterwards."
[22:15] Wolfbane: has seen*
[22:16] Happy: "That's sad. I don't like to think about burying you and leaving you behind."
[22:19] Wolfbane: "And I couldn't imagine ever leaving you. But as I said, no one has heard or seen him since. He could be here for all we know."
[22:22] Happy: Promise notices a hole in the bank, under some tree roots.
[22:23] Wolfbane: "I think I have found something."
[22:23] Happy: Hope goes over next to him. "It looks small." She takes a stick and pokes at the opening, expanding it.
[22:24] Wolfbane: Promise starts to dig around it slowly with his claws.
[22:31] Happy: The dirt falls away from the bank easily, and it doesn't take long to reveal a stone lined tunnel.
[22:31] Wolfbane: Promise grins at Hope. "Shall we?"
[22:36] Happy: She grins back. "I'd better go first. If I get stuck, you can pull me out, but if you get stuck…"
[22:37] Happy: Then she stops. "Promise, maybe we shouldn't."
[22:38] Shadowcaller: (Really, if that tomb was that old, most of the building would have rotten away by now.)
[22:38] Shadowcaller: (Lets say a wizard did it:P)
[22:39] Happy: (:P)
[22:39] Happy: (trust me)
[22:40] Happy: (Also, stone is remarkably resistance to rot)
[22:40] Wolfbane: Promise puts his arms around her and smiles. "Why not? It would be great to have our own little adventure while the others go on their's. Just the two of us."
[22:40] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, but the thing holding the stone togheter is not.)
[22:40] Murska: (Maybe it's been built with just careful placement of stones)
[22:40] Murska: (Without any of that stuff)
[22:40] Happy: "I mean… what if it really is a sacred place for the Wolfen? They might not want to leave."
[22:41] Shadowcaller: (Only we can discover the tomb of the first wolfen outside a village…^^)
[22:41] Happy: (Exactly. Megalithic construction doesn't use mortar)
[22:42] Shadowcaller: (Still, a stone made tomb for a wolfen?)
[22:42] Wolfbane: "If it is what we think it may be, it would need to be protected from people who would want to plunder it."
[22:42] Happy: "It would be better protected by covering it back up and forgetting about it than anything we could do."
[22:43] Wolfbane: "Can we at least explore it though? Afterwards, we can cover it up."
[22:45] Happy: She smiles. "Okay."
[22:45] Wolfbane: Promise smiles back.
[22:46] Happy: She lights a torch and creeps into the tunnel. It's actually easier for Promise than for her, as it is the right height for a Wolfen walking on all fours.
[22:47] Wolfbane: Promise follows Hope through the tunnel.
[22:50] Happy: Of course Promise can only really go three limbed, with his left arm, but then Hope has a torch to carry, so is three limbed as well.
[22:52] Happy: They suddenly emerge into a larger chamber…
Happy says (2:43 PM):
So… Hope crawls deeper into the tunnel, holding the torch. Promise follows behind
Wolfbane says (2:44 PM):
Wolfbane says (2:48 PM):
And he is looking right ahead too.

Happy says (2:48 PM):
Too bad Hope is wearing trousers.
Shadowcaller says (2:48 PM):
(Dirty wolfens >.>)
Wolfbane says (2:48 PM):
( )
Happy says (2:50 PM):
The tunnel was built of giant megaliths, but cracks have formed in some of them over the years, and water seeps through some of them.
The air is damp.
Happy says (2:51 PM):
(And I can guarantee if this were Cessie and Aegnor, he'd be staring straight ahead too )
Shadowcaller says (2:52 PM):
(Damn elves…)
Happy says (2:52 PM):
(or me and Mr HT for that matter >.>)
Shadowcaller says (2:52 PM):
(Well, I suppose its just a sign of attraction, *sigh*)
Happy says (2:53 PM):
(Indeed. And when the person they are looking at doesn't mind them looking…)
Drops of moisture fall from the low ceiling of the tunnel.
Wolfbane says (2:53 PM):
Does Promise smell anything?
Wolfbane says (2:57 PM):
Besides Hope that is.
Happy says (2:57 PM):
Age. Dampness. Fungus. Nothing specific.
Wolfbane says (2:58 PM):
He keeps following then.
Happy says (3:05 PM):
Hope emerges into a larger chamber, still with stone walls, floor, and ceiling, but with several stone boxes within, large enough to be coffins.
Wolfbane says (3:06 PM):
Promise stands up if able to. "A burial chamber?" He looks closer at one of the boxes.
Happy says (3:07 PM):
The ceiling is just high enough for him to stand. "It appears so. A lot of work went into this."
Wolfbane says (3:09 PM):
Promise looks around to see if there are any other exits.
Happy says (3:10 PM):
There are none
Happy says (3:11 PM):
One corner seems to have been infiltrated by tree roots seeking moisture. The stone there is crumbled.
Hope turns around with the torch to face you, and she suddenly gets the O.O look.
Wolfbane says (3:12 PM):
"Whats wrong?"
Happy says (3:13 PM):
"Please don't freak out."
Wolfbane says (3:13 PM):
Happy says (3:14 PM):
"Um…" she steps forward and reaches out for your left shoulder, and pulls off a slug.
Wolfbane says (3:16 PM):
Promise's fur stands on end and he stiffens up. "Are…th-there any more?"
Happy says (3:16 PM):
"I'm afraid so."
Wolfbane says (3:17 PM):
Promise closes his eyes to keep from freaking out. "Could…please?"
Happy says (3:19 PM):
She pulls a few more off, tossing them through the flame of the torch to kill them. "I'm not sure if I got them all. Turn around?"
Wolfbane says (3:20 PM):
Promsie does so rigidly. Obviously freaked out.
Happy says (3:22 PM):
His back is covered with them. Obviously the dropped down from the ceiling during the tunnel crawl. And they're going to have to crawl back out that way to leave….
Happy says (3:23 PM):
She doesn't say anything, just plucks them off briskly, trying to get as many in one go as she can so he doesn't realize how many there really were.
Wolfbane says (3:27 PM):
"Are…are you done? How bad was it? Wait, don't tell me."
Happy says (3:27 PM):
"Sure, all gone, Love," she says.
Happy says (3:30 PM):
She reaches up and strokes his ears, trying to calm him.
Wolfbane says (3:32 PM):
It takes him a while, but he finally calms down a little and nuzzles her. "Thank you. Want to open one of these up? Just to make sure?"
Happy says (3:36 PM):
"Make sure of what?" a voice says.
Wolfbane says (3:37 PM):
Wolfbane says (3:40 PM):
Promise looks around. "To see if this place really is The Dawn Wolf's resting chamber. I apologize if we are intruding."
Happy says (3:40 PM):
The words are in elven, but the meaning is placed into your minds as he speaks.
Happy says (3:42 PM):
"It isn't. There are no Wolfen buried here."
"I thought the boy would come."
Wolfbane says (3:43 PM):
"He was not permitted to by his mother. We came here in his stead."
Happy says (3:43 PM):
"He was injured as well," Hope adds.
Happy says (3:44 PM):
"Oh. I should have remembered." The ghost shakes his head, and sits on one of the coffins. "You had to carry him."
Wolfbane says (3:46 PM):
"Why did you need him to come here?"
Happy says (3:51 PM):
"I have something for him. I suppose once I give it do him, I can use the gate. I've been here a long time. But then, with the Yokai wolf gone, I don't know who will protect them." He looks at you accusingly. "You shouldn't have run him off."
Wolfbane says (3:52 PM):
Promise shakes his head. "He would not let us through, we had no choice."
Happy says (3:55 PM):
"You shamed him."
Wolfbane says (3:57 PM):
"He was only doing his duty, we know that, but we had to do our's or thousands of lives would have been lost, if not more."
Happy says (3:59 PM):
The ghost sighs, looking very weary. "I don't know what will become of the villagers now. The slavers will come. And I don't know how I can protect them alone."
Happy says (4:00 PM):
"Maybe if the boy were already trained… but it will be years before he is a wizard."
Wolfbane says (4:00 PM):
"You aren't alone. The goddess Helena is protecting them now."
Happy says (4:02 PM):
"If I give you something for the boy, you'll take it to him? You won't keep it for yourself?"
Wolfbane says (4:03 PM):
"Of course I would give it to the boy provided it was not harmful to him."
Happy says (4:07 PM):
"Of course not. No, I didn't even know the village had a wizard until he was so close yesterday. It's not easy for me to get far from my tomb. And it isn't of use to anyone other than a wizard." He reaches through the stone lid of one of the coffins and pulls out a scroll case. "It's been preserved from the dampness. Don't open it in here. It would be tragic if it survived the centuries only to get ruined when it was first open. It's only a few scrolls of arcane research. My life's work, when I was alive."
Happy says (4:09 PM):
"What is it?" Hope asks. He explains, but the mental translation fails. Neither of you have enough arcane knowledge for his concepts to be put into thoughts in your head.
Wolfbane says (4:13 PM):
"Whatever it is, I will make sure he gets it. Maybe I can even arrange it so he can come and take lessons if you wish."
Happy says (4:15 PM):
"The villagers will probably be moving soon," Hope said. "Helena means to take them out of the Hyrullian Empire."
Happy says (4:19 PM):
"Then I suppose I should go to the gate. I am not strong enough to travel if they go. And I'm so weary…"
Wolfbane says (4:19 PM):
"The gate?"
Happy says (4:21 PM):
"To the spirit realm."
Wolfbane says (4:24 PM):
Promise thinks. "Do you have to stay in the tomb, or with your body?
Happy says (4:26 PM):
"You mean if my body were removed from the tomb? I don't know." He thinks for a moment. "No, I can't go with them. I've done all I can. I just wish I could see the Yokai wolf once more. He was always so much stronger than me."
Wolfbane says (4:28 PM):
Promise nods and accepts the scrolls. "I will make sure these get to the boy, and if I can contact the Yokai wolf, I will tell him to visit you. I wish there were a way for you to go with the village and help teach the boy."
Happy says (4:30 PM):
"I can still send him dreams, as long as he is here. But the scrolls are what's important. He can learn more from them than he ever could have learned from a weary ghost with a failing memory."
Wolfbane says (4:31 PM):
"Maybe in knowledge, but not in how to use it when he should."
Happy says (4:32 PM):
"What would you have us do with this tomb?" Hope asks.
Happy says (4:36 PM):
"It doesn't matter. Once I'm gone, it'll be empty. The others who were buried here left for the gate long ago."
Wolfbane says (4:38 PM):
"Is there any other requests you want done in regards to the boy?"
Happy says (4:42 PM):
"No, just give him that, keep him safe. You can go now, I need to rest."
Wolfbane says (4:43 PM):
Promise puts the scrolls into his pouch. "I hope you find the rest you are looking for. Do you want us to seal up the entrance when we leave?"
Happy says (4:44 PM):
"Yes, do that," he says, his voice and image fading.
Happy says (4:45 PM):
"Farewell," Hope says.
Wolfbane says (4:46 PM):
Promise nods. "Do not worry about the boy, he will be taken care of."
Happy says (4:46 PM):
The ghost disappears.
Happy says (4:47 PM):
Hope looks at Promise and smiles, and decides not to mention that there is another slug on his shoulder.
Wolfbane says (4:52 PM):
Promise returns the smile. "Lets give him some peace then."
Happy says (4:53 PM):
"How is your grip? Do you think you can hold a torch?"
Wolfbane says (4:54 PM):
Promise holds his paw out to her. "I don't know, you will have to tell me."
Happy says (4:56 PM):
"It seems okay," she says, testing his paw. "But that doesn't mean you can hold a torch for the ten or fifteenminutes it will take to crawl out of here." She takes out another torch anyway and lights it. "There's enough moisture that you can easily put it out if you can't hold it though." She hands him the one that's been burning longest.
Wolfbane says (4:57 PM):
Promise nods. "If I can't hold it any more, I will douse it."
Happy says (4:58 PM):
"Even if you can't, i don't think it will do any harm, with stone and dirt all around. I'll go first and try to burn anything that might be clinging to the ceiling, okay?" She gives him a crooked smile. "Or would you rather go first to get out quicker?"
Wolfbane says (4:59 PM):
"Um…you can burn please." He looks freaked out.
Happy says (5:00 PM):
Hope goes first, creating a slug holocaust as she goes.
Wolfbane says (5:00 PM):
Promise follows.
Happy says (5:01 PM):
Is he looking for slugs too? Or just following?
Wolfbane says (5:01 PM):
He is torching any slugs that are left behind.
Happy says (5:02 PM):
Hope gets most of them, but he still sees a few that escape her notice
Or squeezed out of crevices after she passed
Wolfbane says (5:03 PM):
"Could you go slightly faster please?" Promise sounds like he is starting to panic slightly, imagining slugs crawling at him from behind.
Happy says (5:04 PM):
Hope speeds up, but this means that she isn't as thorough with the slug burning.
Wolfbane says (5:05 PM):
Promise doesn't care, he just wants out as quickly as possible.
Happy says (5:06 PM):
About ten minutes later, they emerge into the open.
Wolfbane says (5:07 PM):
Promise instantly starts to paw at his fur trying to get the swarm of imaginary and real slugs off of himself. (the scrolls are in his pouch by the way)
Happy says (5:08 PM):
"Stop. Sit still. Close your eyes."
Wolfbane says (5:08 PM):
Promise does as he is told, but is obviously squemish.
Happy says (5:09 PM):
Hope strokes his ears with one hand and removes slugs with the other, "Shhh, I'll get them all. Don't worry."
Wolfbane says (5:11 PM):
He starts to calm down slightly. "Please?"
Happy says (5:14 PM):
"It's okay." she says, scooting a little closer as she works on his back. "Almost done."
Wolfbane says (5:15 PM):
"After this, I need to take a long bath and get cleaned."
Shadowcaller says (5:15 PM):
(Promise, bath?^^)
Wolfbane says (5:15 PM):
(He has done it before)
Shadowcaller says (5:16 PM):
(Well, not that often.)
Happy says (5:18 PM):
"It sounds lovely. Am I allowed to join you?"
Wolfbane says (5:18 PM):
Promise turns and smiles at her. "I wouldn't have it any other way."
Happy says (5:19 PM):
"All gone," she says, and leans forward to kiss him.
Though he might be slightly freaked out that there are slugs on her back as well….
Wolfbane says (5:20 PM):
Promise shudders. "Um… you have a few on your back." He shakes a bit. "I-I'll get them off." He starts to do so slowly.
Happy says (5:22 PM):
"It's okay, you don't have to," she says, getting a stick and using it to swipe at her back.
Wolfbane says (5:23 PM):
Promise still tries to help pick off the stray ones.
Happy says (5:24 PM):
"Ready to head back?"
Wolfbane says (5:24 PM):
"Lets close the entrance and then we can go."
Wolfbane says (5:25 PM):
Promise starts to close up the entrance.
Happy says (5:25 PM):
They cover the entrance with rocks and dirt, and soon it is indistinguishable from the rest of the bank.
Wolfbane says (5:27 PM):
*is almost out of gummy bears*
Happy says (5:27 PM):
(oh dear)
Wolfbane says (5:27 PM):
Promise smiles at her. "Okay. I am ready."
Happy says (5:28 PM):
They climb the bank and head back to the village.
Hope leads them by Cessie's hut first, to see if they are back yet. But they aren't.
Shadowcaller says (5:28 PM):
(Thats a lot of gummy bears…)
Wolfbane says (5:30 PM):
"Should we give the scroll to Dal now, or wait till the morning?"
Happy says (5:30 PM):
"I'd rather have Cessie look at it first. I doubt the ghost intends any danger, but he seemed a little … absentminded maybe?"
Wolfbane says (5:32 PM):
Promise nods. "As long at he gets the scroll in working order at the end. In the meantime, how about we get cleaned up then?" He smiles.
Happy says (5:32 PM):
"That sounds good." Considering the two of them are covered in dirt, even without considering any slugs that might still be around.
Happy says (5:33 PM):
After asking around, they manage to borrow one of the few bathtubs in the village, and carry it to their hut to begin heating water for it.
Wolfbane says (5:33 PM):
Promise sets his pouch to the side and helps with the water.
Happy says (5:36 PM):
And once they have a tub full of hot water, Hope goes through every bit of his fur, washing it and verifying that it is slug free.
Wolfbane says (5:37 PM):
Promise hugs her. "Thank you. Sorry for the freak out earlier."
Happy says (5:39 PM):
"You have nothing to apologize for."
Wolfbane says (5:44 PM):
Promise nuzzles her. "Thank you."
Happy says (5:47 PM):
The bath isn't really large enough for two, especially when one of the two is a Wolfen, so Hope waits until he is done before taking her turn.
Shadowcaller says (5:48 PM):
(I'm suprised they even have bath's here.)
(Don't they bath is some nearby river or something?)
Wolfbane says (5:48 PM):
Promise steps out of the tube and helps Hope get cleaned.
Happy says (5:50 PM):
(They couldn't bathe sick people that way)
(I figure the village would have a few bathtubs)
Shadowcaller says (5:50 PM):
(Well, its a medival setting, how much did they know about health?)
Happy says (5:51 PM):
(they knew cold made people sick)
Wolfbane says (5:51 PM):
(They would know the basics and how to take care of the ones that can't really help themselves.)
Shadowcaller says (5:51 PM):
(Not what I meant, but carry on.)
Happy says (5:53 PM):
After they bathe, Hope combs through Promise's fur for him.
Wolfbane says (5:57 PM):
Promise relaxes and pulls Hope into his arms. He nuzzles her. "Have I mentioned I love you?"
Happy says (5:58 PM):
"Maybe once or twice," she says, snuggling against him, and not minding his damp fur. The fire's been built up enough that the hut is comfortably warm.
Wolfbane says (5:59 PM):
"Only once or twice? I need to say it much more often then."
Happy says (6:04 PM):
"I never thought I could feel so close to anyone. I didn't even know it was possible."
Wolfbane says (6:07 PM):
"I feel the same. I didn't think I could get close to anyone, let alone /this/ close." He nuzzles her her neck.
Happy says (6:12 PM):
"It feels like you're part of my soul," she says drowsily, as the night of sitting up and worrying about his wound starts to catch up with her.
Wolfbane says (6:15 PM):
Promise keeps holding her. "Again, I feel the same and I wouldn't have it any other way."
Happy says (6:16 PM):
Hope falls asleep in his arms.

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