Hope, previously called Happy, is a young woman, perhaps twenty, with a muscular build, tanned skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair usually worn in braids. If one can get past her savage appearance, she is moderately attractive, though not beautiful.


  • Excellent melee combat skills, moderate ranged combat
  • Skilled at hunting, trapping, and outdoor survival
  • Healing, both mundane and magical
  • Holy magic, given to her as a Chosen One of Kuori
  • 'Prey sense', also from Kuori, allows her to know the location of every druid, worm, and undead (No longer needed after the prey was destroyed)


Happy was raised in a matriarchal tribe, ruled by a council of elder women. Marriage for life is uncommon, with most people choosing to mate for a few seasons. Men are considered responsible for the upbringing of their sister's children, with whom they have a confirmed genetic bond, rather than their own, where paternity may be uncertain.

Happy's parents were monogamous, however, and her father and uncle were often jealous of the other's influence over her. Happy was closest to her uncle, but kept the nickname 'Happy' that her father gave her, even though her uncle hated it and always called her by her real name 'Chelonie'. (Since then, she was given the name 'Hope' by her Wolfen mate Promise, as her earned name.)

Happy was trained as a warrior and as a shaman, where she learned healing. When she was of age, her uncle advised her to avoid mating, as he foresaw another destiny for her. Soon afterwards, the tribe was struck by a plague. She did what she could as a healer, but it did not seem to stop the tide of deaths. Though she had often faced injury without fear, the thought of illness terrified her. When her uncle encouraged her to leave the tribe to escape, she was not hard to persuade. Before she left, she killed her dying uncle to spare him further agony. She intended to try and find a cure and return, but the tribe did not survive.


Happy is obsessively tribal, unable to even contemplate being alone. Her emotions tend to be on the surface, easily revealed. She would do anything for the good of Cessie and Aegnor, and now even Ai is beginning to become part of her self-defined 'tribe'. She believes that she's stupid, since she is uneducated and illiterate, but she sometimes shows signs of having wisdom far beyond her experiences.


  • Sword
  • Long bow
  • 2 daggers
  • various animal skins and camping gear
  • healing kit
  • leather armour
  • clothing
  • bedroll
  • tent
  • 1 silver, 2 copper
  • white blanket
  • animal skin cloak, given to her by Promise
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