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[12:48] MrEdwardNigma: saves us from having to repeat stuff
[12:48] Shadowcaller: Indeed
[12:48] Shadowcaller: We are thinking up a backstory here
[12:48] Shadowcaller: For the memeory loss
[12:48] Happy: hiya
[12:49] Shadowcaller: Since we all ended up at the same place (the cave we started in) we must have a similar backstory
[12:50] MrEdwardNigma: Nigma stole his artifact, and then found happy and sc, friends travelling together
[12:51] MrEdwardNigma: he found out sc had the rock, another artifact, and joined them to be able to steal it
[12:51] Happy: artifact = the stick?
[12:51] MrEdwardNigma: ys
[12:51] MrEdwardNigma: *yes
[12:51] MrEdwardNigma: then, on the hunt for a third artifact, which sc or happy knew about, they ended up at the cave we started in
[12:52] MrEdwardNigma: and accidentally activated a curse
[12:52] MrEdwardNigma: amnesia
[12:52] Happy: why was Cessie travelling with you? Or was your personality different before the curse?
[12:52] Shadowcaller: Um… I'm not sure who I was:P
[12:54] Happy: okay, well either one of you was different, or Nigma was concealing his general sneaky thiefiness
[12:55] MrEdwardNigma: Nigma was pretending to be a nice guy to get closer to the rock
[12:56] Happy: okay
[12:56] Shadowcaller: How did we end up with those rags?
[12:56] Shadowcaller: And no food or anything…
[12:57] MrEdwardNigma: We were abducted by aliens
[12:57] MrEdwardNigma: or robbed
[12:57] MrEdwardNigma: whichever
[12:57] Happy: i have some ideas for the curse
[12:58] MrEdwardNigma: in case of the aliens, we could just say they caused the memory loss as well and then dropped us off at the temple we were heading for
[12:58] MrEdwardNigma: what curse?
[12:58] Shadowcaller: Our memory curse:P
[12:58] Shadowcaller: If there was aliens cuasing it, I doube the wizard can help you
[12:58] Shadowcaller: *doubt
[12:59] Shadowcaller: Unless they used magic too
[12:59] Happy: it wasn't aliens
[12:59] Shadowcaller: Ahh good
[13:00] Shadowcaller: (Not too found of them in this setting:P)
[13:00] Shadowcaller: (maybe they can be related to that god Nigma is investigating?)
[13:00] MrEdwardNigma: The walking Mountain?
[13:00] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[13:01] Happy: and the stick triggered something
[13:01] Happy: where is the rock now?
[13:01] MrEdwardNigma: anyways, memory curse caused by temple, stuff taken by bandits before that?
[13:01] Shadowcaller: in my backpack
[13:01] Shadowcaller: Sounds resonable
[13:01] Shadowcaller: It always return to me remember?
[13:02] Happy: okay
[13:02] MrEdwardNigma: yeah, you're totally gona have to find an explanation for that :P
[13:02] Happy: so it hasn't been reattached to the stick
[13:02] Happy: no, the memory curse happened in the cave
[13:02] Happy: at the start
[13:02] MrEdwardNigma: Yes, the "temple"
[13:03] Happy: oh, i thought you meant the druid temple
[13:03] MrEdwardNigma: it had a door, so it's a building
[13:03] MrEdwardNigma: nope, I mean the cave
[13:03] MrEdwardNigma: where we were looking for an artifact
[13:03] Happy: we need more names for things
[13:03] Shadowcaller: Four Mist Staves
2.Standing Burg
3.Five Drear Princes
4.Dozen Chant
5.Lone Bracken Crowns
6.Sleek Point
7.Hundred Valley Clefts
9.Snake hall
10.Reek and Lore Inn
11.Way and Pass Inn
12.Holy Weed
13.Younger Dungeon
18.Seven Snow Oakes
19.Dwarrow gorge
20.Five Nine Dunes
[13:03] Shadowcaller: ^^
[13:03] Shadowcaller: Hundred Little Moors
36.Smoke Duchy
38.Passes of Stone
40.SiLady Vale
41.Tooth Colony
42.Ageless Tower
43.Sooth Diggings
44.Nags Catacombs
45.Enthroned Obelisk
46.Dove Wall
48.Brown Hillock
49.Broad County
50.x Eastern Wolf

[13:05] MrEdwardNigma: wtf
[13:05] Shadowcaller: Just some names I wrote up:P
[13:06] MrEdwardNigma: for what?
[13:06] Shadowcaller: The game
[13:07] MrEdwardNigma: those are locations we've been to?
[13:07] Shadowcaller: Not really, if you would have been asking for the name of a location I would have used one of these that would be most fitting
[13:08] Happy: okay, so which one was the starting cave?
[13:08] Shadowcaller: Pick any, I'm looking for that generator right now…
[13:09] Shadowcaller: (Link: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/index-name.php)http://www.seventhsanctum.com/index-name.php
[13:09] Shadowcaller: Names for everything
[13:10] Shadowcaller: Hehe just look at some of these names:
[13:10] Shadowcaller: Vi-Ylelpoh, The Idiot Insane Eater of the Underworld with a Hundred Young
[13:11] Shadowcaller: Satanawekik, The Blasphemous Forbidden Carrier of the Howling Key
[13:19] Happy: i gotta go for now. see you guys tonight
[13:19] Shadowcaller: See you happy
[13:19] MrEdwardNigma: bye
Session Close (Group Conversation 32685): Sat Feb 21 13:19:31 2009

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