Exodus 43

Happy says (10:26 AM):
Hope and Michicora first
Shadowcaller says (10:27 AM):
Okay, you need to start then >.>
Happy says (10:28 AM):
Hope follows Michicora out of the tent.
Shadowcaller says (10:30 AM):
Michicora keeps a steady stride away from the tent, it looks like she's wants to get away from the camp
Happy says (10:31 AM):
Hope follows.
Shadowcaller says (10:32 AM):
She stops all of sudden and turns around, looking quite furious "What?"
Happy says (10:33 AM):
Hope is shocked at her anger. "I wanted to talk to you."
Shadowcaller says (10:34 AM):
She appears to calm down, suddenly afraid to met Hope's gaze "…sorry."
Happy says (10:35 AM):
"I know you hate Helios. I hate him too."
Shadowcaller says (10:36 AM):
"You talk to him…"
Happy says (10:37 AM):
"He brought Promise back to me."
"Zubera and Kuori couldn't do that."
Shadowcaller says (10:38 AM):
"Yes, but for what? Your souls?"
Happy says (10:39 AM):
"We were going to hunt the worm anyway."
Happy says (10:40 AM):
"You didn't sign anything. You can tell Kuori exactly what was said."
Wolfbane says (10:41 AM):
(Narration up)
Shadowcaller says (10:41 AM):
Wolfbane says (10:41 AM):
(Not a very good one, but should be sort of funny)
Shadowcaller says (10:42 AM):
"Yes but… I still don't like this Hope. He's tricking you, I'm sure of it."
Shadowcaller says (10:46 AM):
"WHy have he not told Kuori about this? Why haven't I been ordered to hunt the worm?"
Happy says (10:47 AM):
"I don't know, Michi." A pause. "Are you coming with us?"
Shadowcaller says (10:48 AM):
She silently nods "Of course…"
Happy says (10:49 AM):
Hope smiles. "I'm glad."
Shadowcaller says (10:50 AM):
For the first time she really /looks/ at you "So am I."
Happy says (10:52 AM):
"The night the gate closed, you were cut off from Kuori and I lost my mate. We were like two widows comforting each other."
Shadowcaller says (10:53 AM):
"When you say it like that… I'm so glad I found you Hope. Your the onlt one I really got close to…"
Shadowcaller says (10:56 AM):
Her expression is much more open then it used to be. You have only seen her like this a few times when she's been with you
Happy says (10:58 AM):
"If you hadn't been there for me, it would have been a lot harder." She smiles. "And now we both have back what we lost, and we will be on the hunt again."
Shadowcaller says (11:02 AM):
"Thanks… I- I want to hunt with you Hope, always. Kuori will guide our paths."
Shadowcaller says (11:03 AM):
She looks like she think she said something stupid and attempts to change the subject, she blushes wildely "Um… how ir Promise?"
Happy says (11:05 AM):
"He is well. His wounds are healing fast."
Wolfbane says (11:05 AM):
(I wouldn't call him well, but he is doing remarkably better)
Shadowcaller says (11:07 AM):
"Good." She pauses "He seems… strong."
Happy says (11:09 AM):
"Yes. A true warrior."

Aegnor has been added to the conversation.

Wolfbane says (11:10 AM):
(I got an Insanowar post up Murska, not very good, but at least it is one)
Aegnor says (11:11 AM):
(I'm a bit worried.)
Happy says (11:11 AM):
(how you feeling?)
Aegnor says (11:11 AM):
(I just slept 21,5 hours)
Wolfbane says (11:11 AM):
Happy says (11:11 AM):
(*hugs* how long have you been sick?)
Aegnor says (11:11 AM):
(Well I haven't been sick enough to be home from school at all)
Shadowcaller says (11:11 AM):
She nods, fingering her bastard sword nervously "Yes."
Happy says (11:12 AM):
"Is something wrong?"
Shadowcaller says (11:13 AM):
"No, nothing is wrong." She pauses again, still looking nervous "I'm just glad that your happy again."
Shadowcaller says (11:16 AM):
(21.5 hours? o.O Why do everyone need to be sick? )
Happy says (11:17 AM):
(Maybe if you'd stayed home from school, you wouldn't have needed so much sleep. But how long have you been sick but not sick enough to stay home?)
Aegnor says (11:17 AM):
(I feel fuzzy)
(From… thursday?)
Wolfbane says (11:18 AM):
(But /I'm/ supposed to be the fuzzy one. =P)
Shadowcaller says (11:18 AM):
(Oh, haha )
Happy says (11:18 AM):
(If you're still sick on Monday, you should go to the doctor. And if you're catching CFS from me, I will cry.)
Shadowcaller says (11:23 AM):
(Yeah, by the internet connection… happy is infecting the internet >.>=
Happy says (11:23 AM):
Hope smiles very broadly. "I am /very/ happy. It's so good to have him back."
Aegnor says (11:24 AM):
(I hope I stop feeling tired soon)
Shadowcaller says (11:27 AM):
Michicora smiles sligthly "And thats all I need."
Happy says (11:27 AM):
Hope hugs Michicora tightly
Shadowcaller says (11:30 AM):
She hugs her back
Shadowcaller says (11:32 AM):
"Where did you met him?"
She says as you stop hugging
Happy says (11:33 AM):
"It was just before our first battle against the worm. I was in the woods when…" (insert story here)
Shadowcaller says (11:36 AM):
She listens quetly (What details to you mention.)
Shadowcaller says (11:38 AM):
Happy says (11:38 AM):
How he volunteered to join the battle as soon as he learned that people were in danger. A few anecdotes about his prowess in battle. The dream afterwards that she, Aegnor, and Promise shared with conflicting goals, and how that led them to Kyou.
Aegnor says (11:41 AM):
(That reminds me, Aegnor still hasn't played for Zubera has he? )
Shadowcaller says (11:41 AM):
She nods as you go on with the story
Happy says (11:42 AM):
Hope does not tell about Promise having once been an exile.
Shadowcaller says (11:42 AM):
"Helios aided the worm… he told the leaders of you."
Happy says (11:43 AM):
Hope inhales sharply. "You're right. I had forgotten that."
Shadowcaller says (11:46 AM):
"See what games he's playing? I don't want you to be trapped in his webs Hope…"
Happy says (11:48 AM):
"I understand. As soon as Promise is free, I don't mean to deal with him again."
Shadowcaller says (11:49 AM):
"It might already be too late Hope, this mission… there is no telling what will happend."
Wolfbane says (11:51 AM):
(I swear, if Michicora tries to knock off Promise…>.>)
Shadowcaller says (11:52 AM):
(She isn't like that >.>)
Wolfbane says (11:53 AM):
(Whew. I was actually worried.)
Shadowcaller says (11:58 AM):
"He might have planned…" Her voice fades away
Shadowcaller says (12:02 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:04 PM):
"I will safeguard you Hope, you and Promise."
Happy says (12:05 PM):
Hope looks at Michicora, suddenly blinking back tears.
Shadowcaller says (12:06 PM):
Michicora seems confused "…sorry, I didn't mean…"
Happy says (12:07 PM):
"… you mean so much to me, Michi."
Shadowcaller says (12:12 PM):
SHe looks unsure what to say, her face have gone deeply red. "I- thanks… I try to keep it up.. I guess?"
Shadowcaller says (12:16 PM):
Hope can see how she tries to distance herself a bit
Happy says (12:17 PM):
Hope looks away, back over the camp to give Michicora some space.
Happy says (12:18 PM):
"It'll be hard leaving these people."
Shadowcaller says (12:19 PM):
There is a paus as she calms down a bit "Yes…"
Aegnor says (12:20 PM):
(Hey! It was her who whined to Aegnor about not leaving fast enough)
Shadowcaller says (12:22 PM):
(She will agree with Hope on anything >.>)
Happy says (12:26 PM):
"I guess we have to decide how soon we are leaving, and how we will tell the villagers." Hope sighs. "I had better get back and check on Peya and her baby."
Shadowcaller says (12:29 PM):
"Do- do you want help?"
Happy says (12:32 PM):
"Only if you want to. I understand you may need to speak to Kuori about what is going on."
Shadowcaller says (12:32 PM):
Michicora blinks "No, I can do that later on. I will tell him later."
Happy says (12:33 PM):
"Okay." Hope returns to the camp.
Shadowcaller says (12:35 PM):
She sheepishly follows her
Shadowcaller says (12:36 PM):
(Um, so what now?)
Wolfbane says (12:37 PM):
(I think you were planning a Seren/Cessie talk?)
Shadowcaller says (12:37 PM):
(We did… but you guys get nothing.)
Happy says (12:37 PM):
(I need a break)
Wolfbane says (12:37 PM):
The rock still sits at Cessie's feet. >.>
Shadowcaller says (12:38 PM):
I suppose Cessie will give it back to Goldie then
Wolfbane says (12:38 PM):
Does she pick up Arik the Rock?
Shadowcaller says (12:39 PM):
Yeah, she is giving it back right?
Wolfbane says (12:40 PM):
When she picks up the rock, she'll notice that it seems a little cool. Much cooler than it should be in a desert.
Shadowcaller says (12:40 PM):
(at day time that is….)
Wolfbane says (12:40 PM):
(Isn't it daytime?)
Shadowcaller says (12:40 PM):
(It is yes.)
Wolfbane says (12:40 PM):
(Okay then, move along. )
Aegnor says (12:41 PM):
(I could start up Aegnor/Allyria some time soon)
Shadowcaller says (12:42 PM):
She shrugs and goes to find Goldie
Wolfbane says (12:42 PM):
She'll eventually find Goldie laying an a nearby sand dune on a blanket, right at the edge of the camp.
Shadowcaller says (12:43 PM):
(We need to decide how telepathy works…)
Shadowcaller says (12:44 PM):
(Since who can Cessie use it on for example? I think there should be a distance limit.)
Shadowcaller says (12:45 PM):
(Is goldie the only "blond" wolfen? It would be hard to find her otherwise…)
Wolfbane says (12:45 PM):
(Pretty much. Most are varying shades of brown, gray, and black)
Aegnor says (12:45 PM):
(I suggest you have to use the 'telepathy'-spell on someone first, and then you can contact him/her mentally. )
Shadowcaller says (12:46 PM):
(Sure, that would work.)
Shadowcaller says (12:47 PM):
She puts the stone near her
Wolfbane says (12:48 PM):
Since Goldie is awake, she opens her eyes at the noise and smiles at Cessie. "Hi Miss Cessie!
Shadowcaller says (12:48 PM):
"Oh, your awake… I was only going to return your stone."
Wolfbane says (12:49 PM):
She picks up Arik the Rock and smiles. "Thanks Miss Cessie, he likes to wander around sometimes."
Shadowcaller says (12:50 PM):
"Um, yeah."
"Rocks do that…"
Happy says (12:51 PM):
(cute turtle story: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20090821/ARTICLES/908219932/1349?Title=Lucky-gets-new-legs )
Wolfbane says (12:53 PM):
Goldie's ear twitches and a rather puzzled look appears on her face. "Arik the Rock says you talked to a scary shadow man. Is he part of the village?"
Shadowcaller says (12:55 PM):
Cessie looks puzzled "No… he's not."
Shadowcaller says (12:57 PM):
"It's nothing you need to worry yourself about Goldie, it's just a bad person."
Wolfbane says (12:57 PM):
"Who is he?"
Shadowcaller says (12:58 PM):
"Just a wizard of sort. He's not very polite if you get my meaning."
Wolfbane says (12:59 PM):
Goldie ponders, her ear twitching slightly occaisonally. "But why did you agree to help him?"
Shadowcaller says (1:02 PM):
Cessie looks even more confused "How…" She pauses "We just agreed to something we were going to do anyway, it was a trick."
Wolfbane says (1:04 PM):
"You tricked scary shadow man?"
Aegnor says (1:04 PM):
(scary shadow man watches over us all!)
Aegnor says (1:05 PM):
(he even controls what she's saying right now!)
Shadowcaller says (1:05 PM):
She smiles "We did, you don't need to worry about him at all."
Wolfbane says (1:07 PM):
Goldie smiles, but frowns again when her ear twitches. "Arik the Rock says that you are going to be leaving soon."
Happy says (1:10 PM):
(going to go lay down for a little while)
(*hugs* )
Wolfbane says (1:10 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:10 PM):
(See you.)
Aegnor says (1:11 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:12 PM):
Cessie looks around, as for help to explain this for GOldie "Err… Yes, we need to leave soon Goldie. I'm sorry, but we really need to."
Wolfbane says (1:13 PM):
Goldie hugs her tightly. "Its okay Miss Cessie." She lets go and smiles. "I know! Do you want to play a game?"
Wolfbane says (1:17 PM):
(Its a simple question. >.>)
Shadowcaller says (1:18 PM):
Cessie smiles "I'm glad you understand Goldie and I suppose I could play a game, depending on what it is."
(sorry… other game o.O)
Wolfbane says (1:19 PM):
"Hide and seek!" She says with a smile.
Shadowcaller says (1:21 PM):
"Thats… I'm not really good with games. I fear I won't be a good opponent."
Wolfbane says (1:22 PM):
Goldie looks up at her. "Please, Miss Cessie? I'll even let you Seek first." O.O *obligitory lip quiver*
Wolfbane says (1:23 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:23 PM):
"Eh, sure. Of course. How long should I count?"
Wolfbane says (1:26 PM):
Goldie squees. "Count till 20." Goldie hugs Cessie and scampers off into the camp with a pitter patter of paws.
Shadowcaller says (1:26 PM):
SHe closes her eyes and counts to 20 then
Wolfbane says (1:28 PM):
When she opens them, the first things Cessie notices are Goldie's tracks in the sand since there was only the two of them in the area.
Three is Cessie counts Arik the Rock, but he leaves no trail.
Shadowcaller says (1:29 PM):
I suppose she follows Goldies tracks then
Wolfbane says (1:31 PM):
Meanwhile, Aegnor can hear a light pitterpatter of wolfen paws (and a giggle) right before a small wolfen girl enters his tent.
Aegnor says (1:31 PM):
'Hello?' /wolfen
Wolfbane says (1:31 PM):
Cessie will notice that the path is rather familiar
Wolfbane says (1:32 PM):
"Hi Mr. Aegnor!"
"I'm hiding!" SHe says with a smile.
Shadowcaller says (1:32 PM):
(He knows wolfen? Bah!)
Wolfbane says (1:32 PM):
(Goldie is speaking Elvish by the way)
Aegnor says (1:33 PM):
(of course he does, why?)(
(Not very much though)
'From who?'
Wolfbane says (1:33 PM):
"Miss Cessie! She is playing hide and seek with us!"
Aegnor says (1:33 PM):
His eyes widen slightly. 'Really?'
Wolfbane says (1:34 PM):
"Uh huh! Me and Arik the Rock are hiding from her." she giggles.
Aegnor says (1:34 PM):
'You and who?'
Wolfbane says (1:35 PM):
Goldie takes out her pet rock. "He is Arik the Rock. Cessie gave him the name."
Shadowcaller says (1:35 PM):
Cessie will follow the trail of course
Wolfbane says (1:36 PM):
Cessie soon finds herself in front of her and Aegnor's tent. SHe can hear to voices speaking from inside.
(Make that Miss Cessie*)
Aegnor says (1:36 PM):
'Oh. Well, this might not be the best possible hiding spot…'
Shadowcaller says (1:37 PM):
She enters I suppose
Not really feeling up for a game
Wolfbane says (1:38 PM):
Goldie sees Cessie. "Aww… you found us."
Shadowcaller says (1:40 PM):
Cessie smiles "Hello Goldie. Why were you trying to hide here?" She glances at Aegnor too, still smiling
Aegnor says (1:40 PM):
Aegnor smiles back.
Wolfbane says (1:41 PM):
"Because I thought it would be the last place you'd look."
Shadowcaller says (1:43 PM):
"Here with Aegnor?"
Wolfbane says (1:44 PM):
"I thought that since we were playing a game, the last place you'd go would be to your tent. Arik the Rock thought it was a good idea too."
Aegnor says (1:45 PM):
'Ah, but did you remember to clean your trail off first?'
Wolfbane says (1:46 PM):
Goldie looks at Arik the Rock with a partly serious expression. "I knew we forgot something."
Aegnor says (1:46 PM):
'You should first go to a heavily travelled area like near the food, before going to wherever your actual hiding place is.' He winks.
Shadowcaller says (1:48 PM):
"Don't tell her how to hide Aegnor, how will her parents ever find her now?" Cessie says with a amused, not very serious voice
Wolfbane says (1:49 PM):
Goldie looks down at the ground, quiet for once.
Shadowcaller says (1:51 PM):
(Well, who could have known a PC don't have any parents? >.>)
Aegnor says (1:52 PM):
Awkward silence time?
Wolfbane says (1:52 PM):
Yeah, awkward silence time
Shadowcaller says (1:54 PM):
Cessie looks up at Aegnor, not really sure what to do.
Aegnor says (2:00 PM):
'Uh. What's wrong?' He asks Goldie quietly. (Dumb, I know, but we're very very stuck )
Wolfbane says (2:01 PM):
"I-I'm an orphan." she says quietly.
Aegnor says (2:02 PM):
'…what happened?'
Wolfbane says (2:03 PM):
She looks down. "Papa died before I was born and my mother didn't make it."
Shadowcaller says (2:04 PM):
Cessie looks like she want to sink into the ground
Aegnor says (2:04 PM):
'Who takes care of you here?'
Wolfbane says (2:05 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:06 PM):
(I need to eat, brb.)
Aegnor says (2:07 PM):
Wolfbane says (2:10 PM):
"Freedom does sometimes, but other than her, Arik the Rock does. He reminds me when I need to eat and stuff." She pets the rock as she talks.
Aegnor says (2:14 PM):
Aegnor looks a bit puzzled. 'Okay…?'
Wolfbane says (2:22 PM):
Goldie stands there, her ear's twitching occaisonally, as if listening to something speaking.
Wolfbane says (2:23 PM):
Aegnor will probably notice that.
Aegnor says (2:24 PM):
He tries to feel any trace of spirits.
Wolfbane says (2:25 PM):
Nothing that he can sense.
Aegnor says (2:27 PM):
Aegnor is confused, then.
Wolfbane says (2:29 PM):
Goldie looks at the two, smiling agian. "Arik the Rock says I should probably get some food now and take a nap. Thanks for playing with me Miss Cessie." Goldie gives her a hug.
Aegnor says (2:41 PM):
(How long can going to fetch food to the computer take? )
Wolfbane says (2:42 PM):
(I have no idea whatsoever. )
(Any guesses yet?)
Aegnor says (2:42 PM):
(About what?)
Wolfbane says (2:42 PM):
(Goldie and Arik the Rock)
Aegnor says (2:42 PM):
(That's not a question)
Wolfbane says (2:43 PM):
(I just want to know your theories on her)
Aegnor says (2:43 PM):
(But since the rock is named Arik, it's totally evil. Despite SC being the one to name it. )
Wolfbane says (2:44 PM):
(Arik the Rock is /not/ evil)
Aegnor says (2:44 PM):
(Bah, melt the thing)
Wolfbane says (2:45 PM):
(O.o You'd hurt Goldie's little beating heart if you did that!)
Aegnor says (2:45 PM):
(oh well, I'm a neutral)
Aegnor says (2:46 PM):
(Anyway, since she can speak to all rocks'n'trees I suppose this will mean another long and difficult session of sorting the game mechanics and making the world make sense again.
Wolfbane says (2:47 PM):
("Sowwy." Goldie says as she looks at the world shattering around her. =P)
Aegnor says (2:47 PM):
('No way. You're not getting off this with a 'sowwy' this time, young lady. You're fixing the world, RIGHT NOW.'
Aegnor says (2:48 PM):
(I'm never going to finish that essay on the structure of the world, am I? »)
Wolfbane says (2:48 PM):
(I guess not )
Aegnor says (2:49 PM):
('WHERE is that essay, young man? It's late AGAIN!' 'I'm sorry, I'd get it ready but the world keeps changing…'
Wolfbane says (2:49 PM):
Aegnor says (2:52 PM):
(Hmm. Trees and rocks were created before magic existed and they're just a shell of materia so they don't have spirit energy either. Nobody else in known history has ever been able to talk to them. So how do they have minds… Two choices: A third form or everything being magically infused by Mother. Or someone's messing with the poor girl's mind.)
Wolfbane says (2:53 PM):
(Or they /do/ have minds, just on a level that most people can't reach)
Aegnor says (2:53 PM):
(But minds have to consist of something, that's the point)
Wolfbane says (2:53 PM):
(Hmm, true)
Aegnor says (2:54 PM):
(Animals, trees and plants have, as far as we've thought it thus far, worked like they do in real world, without spirit or magic energy, normally that is.)
Aegnor says (2:55 PM):
(The theoretical 'sapience' in this world is because of the core spirit/life energy, I suppose)
Wolfbane says (2:56 PM):
(Maybe things have a certain "normal" amount of magic energy, but we don't normally take it into account since it is an everyday thing)
Aegnor says (2:56 PM):
(Option 2 then?)
Wolfbane says (2:56 PM):
Aegnor says (2:56 PM):
(So when the first link to elemental magic was formed to this world, by the arrival of Mother, everything was infused with a bit of that.)
Wolfbane says (2:57 PM):
(I have another idea. "A GM did it!" )
Aegnor says (2:58 PM):
(After hours and hours of hard work to create a setting that makes logical sense, I'd like to keep that. )
Wolfbane says (2:58 PM):
(I was only kidding)
Aegnor says (2:58 PM):
(It's sort of funny how the forces that are usually 'good', spirits who keep nature in line and such, are originally meant to keep the world strictly in line as a life energy battery.)
Wolfbane says (2:59 PM):
(And technically, I suppose something could be messing with her mind)
Aegnor says (2:59 PM):
(Arik the Rock, to hide himself? )
Wolfbane says (2:59 PM):
(Arik the Rock is not Arik the Lich )
*pokes SC*
Aegnor says (3:00 PM):
(*shrug* It may not be evil and still decide that it's best people don't know about whatever it is.)
Wolfbane says (3:02 PM):
(Well, it put what it was /extremely/ simply to Goldie, because otherwise she wouldn't have understood. It really is good.)
Aegnor says (3:02 PM):
(a talking rock. That's simple. )
Wolfbane says (3:03 PM):
(Basically, yes.)
Aegnor says (3:03 PM):
(But I'm interested in learning more about it. After all, it'd quite possibly be the first 'good' thing we've ever met.)
Wolfbane says (3:03 PM):
*munches on delivered Sesame Chicken and Crab Rangoons*
Wolfbane says (3:04 PM):
(It really is. It doesn't want Goldie to come to harm in any way. Think of it as akin to an older brother figure.)
Aegnor says (3:04 PM):
(Arik doesn't want Cessie to come to harm in any way.)
Wolfbane says (3:05 PM):
(Well, Arik the Rock has self imposed limits to what he'd do)
(*will have to come up with a different name than Arik the Rock*)
Aegnor says (3:05 PM):
(Most people do, and most people care about something. I don't really want to try and define good but…)
Wolfbane says (3:07 PM):
(Arik the Rock would protect Goldie from physical harm, but wouldn't go out to actively kill those who /could/ harm her)
Aegnor says (3:09 PM):
(Well, I doubt he's irredeemably evil then.)
Aegnor says (3:10 PM):
(Meh, I'll also go eat then)
Shadowcaller says (3:17 PM):
the dog ran away…

Wolfbane says (3:17 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:17 PM):

Its back
Shadowcaller says (3:18 PM):
Had to go look for it everywhere
Shadowcaller says (3:19 PM):
Someone had turned it into the police
Wolfbane says (3:19 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:20 PM):
Now the food is cold too…
Wolfbane says (3:20 PM):
Is your dog okay?
Shadowcaller says (3:20 PM):
It dragged a chair with it o.O
Wolfbane says (3:20 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:20 PM):
I had tied it to a chair, got the food and was out in like 10 seconds
Shadowcaller says (3:21 PM):
Then it was gone
Where were we anyway?
Wolfbane says (3:22 PM):
Wolfbane says (2:10 PM):
"Freedom does sometimes, but other than her, Arik the Rock does. He reminds me when I need to eat and stuff." She pets the rock as she talks.
Aegnor says (2:14 PM):
Aegnor looks a bit puzzled. 'Okay…?'
Wolfbane says (2:22 PM):
Goldie stands there, her ear's twitching occaisonally, as if listening to something speaking.
Wolfbane says (2:23 PM):
Aegnor will
Wolfbane says (3:23 PM):
Wolfbane says (2:23 PM):
Aegnor will probably notice that.
Aegnor says (2:24 PM):
He tries to feel any trace of spirits.
Wolfbane says (2:25 PM):
Nothing that he can sense.

Aegnor says (2:27 PM):
Aegnor is confused, then.
Wolfbane says (2:29 PM):
Goldie looks at the two, smiling agian. "Arik the Rock says I should probably get some food now and take a nap. Thanks for playing with me Miss Cessie." Goldie gives her a hug.

And that was it
Shadowcaller says (3:24 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:26 PM):
Cessie hugs her back "You can play with me anytime I'm not busy Goldie, just ask."
Wolfbane says (3:26 PM):
Goldie smiles. "Okay, Miss Cessie. Bye!" She leaves on a pitterpatter of paws.
Wolfbane says (3:27 PM):
There is no giggle this time
Shadowcaller says (3:27 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:29 PM):
Cessie shoulder sink down as soon as Goldie leaves and sigh lets out a sigh
Shadowcaller says (3:33 PM):
*"I'm no good with children…"
Wolfbane says (3:33 PM):
(Actually, I'd say she is plenty good, just socially awkward)
Shadowcaller says (3:35 PM):
(She is?)
Wolfbane says (3:35 PM):
(Why else would Goldie keep coming back?)
(/besides/ being an NPC)
Shadowcaller says (3:35 PM):
(Maybe… she just like magic >.>)
Wolfbane says (3:36 PM):
(She likes Cessie, that is why she wanted to play a game.)
Shadowcaller says (3:38 PM):
(She continues to making strange misstakes, she dosen't really understand children.)
(Or thats what she thinks.)
Wolfbane says (3:38 PM):
(There was no way that she could have known that Goldie didn't have parents)
Shadowcaller says (3:39 PM):
(True, but it felt like she killed that moment.)
Wolfbane says (3:40 PM):
(If anything, it made Goldie like Cessie more because it shows that she actually cares what happens to her)
Wolfbane says (3:41 PM):
(And besides, Arik the Rock told her that Cessie couldn't have known and it comforted her)
Shadowcaller says (3:41 PM):
Wolfbane says (3:42 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:43 PM):
What did you say to Murska the rock was?
Wolfbane says (3:43 PM):
I never told him /what/ it was. Just that it will protect Goldie if it feels the need to.
Shadowcaller says (3:43 PM):
I see…
Wolfbane says (3:45 PM):
Wolfbane says (3:46 PM):
I know what it is, do you have any guesses?
Shadowcaller says (3:47 PM):
Its not a spirit, its not magic. It must be a legion >.<
Wolfbane says (3:48 PM):

It is /not/ a legion
Shadowcaller says (3:48 PM):
Thats what they want you to think
Wolfbane says (3:50 PM):
Trust me, it isn't
Aegnor says (3:50 PM):
(Why would we trust YOU?)
Shadowcaller says (3:50 PM):
(Hello… did you read what happend?)
Wolfbane says (3:50 PM):
(Because I don't want to kill Goldie?)
Aegnor says (3:50 PM):
(Make it a legion that cares about a girl then?
Aegnor says (3:51 PM):
(Besides, that's just circular reasoning, we can't trust you to not want to kill Goldie either)
Wolfbane says (3:51 PM):
(…that is actually a pretty neat thought really)
No wolfie!
Bad idea!
Aegnor says (3:51 PM):
*pokes SC* doesn't he look just like he wants to kill Goldie to you?
Wolfbane says (3:52 PM):
I have too much fun with her to kill her off!
Shadowcaller says (3:52 PM):
Aegnor says (3:53 PM):
(But killing something off is always fun!)
Shadowcaller says (3:53 PM):
(Not if its you.)
Aegnor says (3:53 PM):
(Hmm. Never tried.
Aegnor says (3:54 PM):
Who knows, suicide might be the most hilarious thing ever to happen in one's life)
(I can just see it, they die and then get treated to a perfect sight of what they just left behind and start giggling uncontrollably)
Shadowcaller says (3:55 PM):
Anyway… is Aegnor going to respond to Cessie? And did you read what happend?
Aegnor says (3:55 PM):
'You couldn't have known…'
Shadowcaller says (3:57 PM):
"I know I am Aegnor. I'm so insensitive…"
Aegnor says (3:58 PM):
'That's just not true.'
('Though it was quite a nasty thing to do to cause an awkward situation and then brb to let me handle it… )
Shadowcaller says (3:59 PM):
"I could not even handle the situation I had created."
Aegnor says (4:00 PM):
'Trust me, there is no way to handle a situation like that well.' »
Shadowcaller says (4:01 PM):
"Well, I bet I would only make it worse…" She sigh
Shadowcaller says (4:03 PM):
"I never socialized with one singel person when I grew up."
Happy says (4:03 PM):
(blargh. is awake ish)
Wolfbane says (4:03 PM):
(*hugs happy*)
Shadowcaller says (4:03 PM):
(Did you read what happend Happy? )
Aegnor says (4:04 PM):
He puts a hand on her shoulder.
Shadowcaller says (4:06 PM):
"No friends… which isn't a suprise."
Happy says (4:07 PM):
(just finished reading)
Shadowcaller says (4:09 PM):
"I'm suprised you actually got close to me…"
Aegnor says (4:11 PM):
'Stop bashing yourself. You have friends and, while maybe not the noisiest one in the room, it's not like that's a bad thing.'
Shadowcaller says (4:14 PM):
She stops herself and looks at Aegnor "Yeah…" She facepalms "I'm just overly emotional again. Sorry."
Aegnor says (4:15 PM):
'Didn't I just tell you to stop doing that.' He smiles.
Shadowcaller says (4:16 PM):
"Its hard when your me I suppose…"
Aegnor says (4:18 PM):
He hugs her.
Shadowcaller says (4:18 PM):
She takes a deep breath and hugs him back
Shadowcaller says (4:20 PM):
"Glad I have some support by my side then…"
Aegnor says (4:20 PM):
'Glad to have you by my side.'
Shadowcaller says (4:21 PM):
8What time of day is it?)
Wolfbane says (4:22 PM):
(I'd say a little after noon)
(early evening maybe)
Shadowcaller says (4:23 PM):
She lets go a bit of Aegnor "What do you want to do? Do you have any work left?"
Aegnor says (4:25 PM):
'Nothing that important…' He smiles.
Shadowcaller says (4:26 PM):
She titles her head a bit "Well…?" having a hint of a smile
On her face
Aegnor says (4:26 PM):
(where else? )
Shadowcaller says (4:26 PM):
(Sounded better.)
Aegnor says (4:26 PM):
He steps closer and kisses her, right on that smile or hers.
Shadowcaller says (4:30 PM):
Aegnor can feel how Cessie relaxes as he kisses her, while she's still quite tense its nothing like she was before.
Shadowcaller says (4:31 PM):
She kisses him back "Any more meetings?" Cessie coos
Aegnor says (4:32 PM):
'I don't think there's anything to disturb us for a while…'
Shadowcaller says (4:35 PM):
She suddenly hesitates "But… Goldie then? Maybe I should say I'm sorry?"
Wolfbane says (4:35 PM):
(none that I know of)
Aegnor says (4:36 PM):
'She knows you couldn't know.'
Shadowcaller says (4:38 PM):
"It still feels a bit wrong…"
Aegnor says (4:39 PM):
'Well, if you feel you should, she said she was going to eat.'
Shadowcaller says (4:41 PM):
"…don't go anywhere. I will be right back." Cessie carefully lets you go and exits the tent looking for Goldie
Wolfbane says (4:42 PM):
She'll eventually find Goldie back on her blanket with a waterskin and a few pieces of dried meat.
Shadowcaller says (4:42 PM):
She sits down close to her
Wolfbane says (4:43 PM):
Goldie smiles as Cessie sits down, her tail wags slightly. "Hi Miss Cessie!"
Shadowcaller says (4:43 PM):
"Hello Goldie, how are you?"
Wolfbane says (4:44 PM):
"I'm doing good." Her ear twitches towards the rock next to her. "Arik the Rock says he is doing good too."
Wolfbane says (4:45 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:46 PM):
"Thats… good." She pauses, trying to think something to say "Goldie, I'm sorry for making you sad like that."
Wolfbane says (4:46 PM):
Goldie's ears droop sightly. "It's okay Miss Cessie, you didn't know."
Shadowcaller says (4:49 PM):
"I should still have handled it, instead of just letting Aegnor talk…"
Wolfbane says (4:49 PM):
Goldie hugs Cessie. "Its okay. I understand."
Shadowcaller says (4:52 PM):
SHe hugs her back "Thanks for understand Goldie."
Wolfbane says (4:52 PM):
She smiles.
Shadowcaller says (4:54 PM):
/Hm, when are we going to do Aegnor and Allyria? Or Cessie and Seren?)
(WOlfy should be somewhere too >.>)
Wolfbane says (4:57 PM):
(I don't care)
Shadowcaller says (4:58 PM):
Cessie slimes back "Hope I didn't interrupting anything?"
Wolfbane says (4:59 PM):
"No, I was just eating."
Happy says (4:59 PM):
(slimes? what is that a typo for?)
Shadowcaller says (4:59 PM):
"Well, I will leave you to that then…"
Wolfbane says (5:00 PM):
"Bye Miss. Cessie!" She says with a smile.
Shadowcaller says (5:01 PM):
She carefully lets go of Goldie "Farwell Goldie, see you later." She turns her back to her and slowly walks to Aegnors and her tent
Wolfbane says (5:03 PM):
Goldie lets go and continues eating.
Shadowcaller says (5:03 PM):
Cessie comes into the tent again
Aegnor says (5:06 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:07 PM):
"She accepted the appology. I'm sure she's fine."
Happy says (5:07 PM):
(grr… scanner doing the stupid thing where it keeps scanning the same page over and over)
Shadowcaller says (5:11 PM):
Cessie seems a lot more relaxed now. She sits down on the bed and takes a few relaxing breaths
Aegnor says (5:11 PM):
'Feels better now, doesn't it?'
Shadowcaller says (5:12 PM):
Cessie nods "It dose.. I'm glad I did it."
Shadowcaller says (5:13 PM):
She sinks down in the bed
Shadowcaller says (5:16 PM):
(So… I guess some other conversation then?)
Happy says (5:17 PM):
(Aegnor and Allyria?)
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
Aegnor says (5:17 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:18 PM):
(Well, Aegnor wasn't doing anything >.>=
Aegnor says (5:19 PM):
(I'm stuck playing at the same time »)
(I'd best have something I'm not an active participant in »)
Aegnor says (5:20 PM):
(Or remotely active)
Happy says (5:21 PM):
(Promise and Michicora?)
Aegnor says (5:21 PM):
(or active, since it seems the session died already Oo)
Wolfbane says (5:22 PM):
(He'll talk to Michi)
(He'll want to thank her for being there for Hope)
(I'm pretty sure Hope would have told him that Michi helped her)
Aegnor says (5:25 PM):
(well, so…)
Aegnor smiles at her and sits on the bed. 'Yeah.' (And now we start up a few conversations for everyone. )
Happy says (5:25 PM):
(Or we can decide ooc what we're doing about the villagers)
Shadowcaller says (5:26 PM):
(So, what conversation?)
Happy says (5:27 PM):
(I want to see Michi and Promise)
Aegnor says (5:27 PM):
(Let's go with that.)
(Or SC can help Happy play Allyria so everyone has something to do)
Wolfbane says (5:28 PM):
(Would Michi seek Promise out on her own?)
Happy says (5:28 PM):
(I'm still trying to wake up… >.> )
Aegnor says (5:28 PM):
(Me too, Happy, me too…)
Shadowcaller says (5:28 PM):
Wolfbane says (5:29 PM):
(Would she even /want/ to see Promise?)
Shadowcaller says (5:30 PM):
(Michi would wait for Promise to come to her, she don't start conversations >.>)
Wolfbane says (5:30 PM):
Promise goes to find Michicora.
Shadowcaller says (5:31 PM):
She will be quite hard to find actually
As she leaves no smell
Wolfbane says (5:32 PM):
Promise is actually quite confused by this, so asks around if anyone has seen her.
Shadowcaller says (5:33 PM):
One wolfen says to have seen her around the camp, scouting, hunting
Wolfbane says (5:34 PM):
Promise follows the rumor as best he can.
Trying to stay silent of course, just in case she is hunting.
Shadowcaller says (5:35 PM):
"What do you want?" He suddenly hears a female voice nearby as he's looking
Wolfbane says (5:36 PM):
Promise turns towards her. "Mostly? To say thank you."
Shadowcaller says (5:37 PM):
As he turns around, he can see her glowing eyes looking right at him, the rest of her features are hidden in the dark. It makes him realize just how far away they are from camp, and how late it is.
Shadowcaller says (5:38 PM):
"Thank… you?"
Wolfbane says (5:38 PM):
"Yes. Hope told me that after we were cut off from each other, you were there to help her stay strong."
Shadowcaller says (5:40 PM):
You notice just how she nods. "Yes, we are strong."
Wolfbane says (5:41 PM):
"I never doubted it, but I appreciate it very much."
Shadowcaller says (5:44 PM):
There is a long paus before she asks "Do you love her?" As Promises eyes have grown more used to the dark he can see more of her features and how she looks perfectly calm as she says that
Wolfbane says (5:45 PM):
Promise draws his cloak around himself to ward off the chill of the oncoming night. "Yes, very much."
Happy says (5:46 PM):
(so now we just need someone who is in love with Promise, and we'll all have unrequited lovers ^^)
Wolfbane says (5:46 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:47 PM):
"I love her too… in a way."
Wolfbane says (5:47 PM):
Promise says nothing and raises an eyebrow.
Shadowcaller says (5:48 PM):
"Why do you look at me like that?" Her eyebrows narrow
Wolfbane says (5:49 PM):
"I'm only trying to figure out what you mean. I meant no offense."
Shadowcaller says (5:51 PM):
"Its not like that…"
Wolfbane says (5:53 PM):
Promise shrugs. "I honestly don't know what you are trying to imply, that is all. You don't need to tell me if you don't wish to."
Shadowcaller says (5:55 PM):
She looks at him for a while, then with a simple "Good Bye… Promise." She's gone once again.
Wolfbane says (5:55 PM):
"Wait, there is one last thing I need to ask."
Shadowcaller says (5:56 PM):
Not sure she even heard you, you wait for her eyes to turn up again. Which they do ina while "What is it?"
*in a
Wolfbane says (5:59 PM):
"Ever since I was separated from Hope, I've had to think about things I shouldn't have to, a lot." She'll see that this is kind of hard for him to say. "Should one day I /can't/ return, do you think you could help Hope stay strong without me like you have before?"
Happy says (6:00 PM):
(Hope would be awfully pissed off at you if you don't come back )
Happy says (6:01 PM):
(and by 'you', I mean 'You, the player')
Wolfbane says (6:01 PM):
(I know. =P)
Shadowcaller says (6:01 PM):
"Yes, I can take care of her."
Wolfbane says (6:02 PM):
Promise nods. "Again, thank you. I just wanted to make sure, just in case anything should happen to me."
Shadowcaller says (6:02 PM):
"I understand."
Wolfbane says (6:02 PM):
(But Promise will have had a /lot/ of time to think about what would happen if he would die)
(Too much time)
"Is there anything else you wish to ask me?"
Shadowcaller says (6:04 PM):
She appears to ponder that question a while "No."
Wolfbane says (6:06 PM):
Promise nods respectfully. "Should you ever need to, just ask since I can honestly never repay what you did for me."
Shadowcaller says (6:08 PM):
As he finish the sentance Michicora blinks which makes him notice that she haven't done that during their entire conversation "If you think so."
Happy says (6:09 PM):
(I want to know what Michicora is thinking)
Shadowcaller says (6:09 PM):
Wolfbane says (6:09 PM):
He shakes his head. "I honestly can't. You were there for Hope when I couldn't be."
(Same here)
Shadowcaller says (6:09 PM):
"Are we done?"
Wolfbane says (6:11 PM):
"Unless you have anything else to say."
Shadowcaller says (6:12 PM):
Michicora shakes head and takes a step backwards
Wolfbane says (6:12 PM):
"Thank you again."
Shadowcaller says (6:12 PM):
"Yes." She dissapears into the darkness

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