Exodus 35

[23:49] Happy: Cessie hears a voice from above "Stop right there."
[23:49] Murska: (sec)
[23:50] Shadowcaller: She looks in direction of the voice, silently creating a shield around herself at the same time
[23:50] Happy: She sees an elf in the tree, with an arrow notched and pointed at her.
[23:51] Shadowcaller: (I assume its elvish?)
[23:51] Happy: Cessie can understand what he's saying.
[23:53] Shadowcaller: "Um… I'm just passing by."
[23:54] Murska: 'Turn around and leave, then.'
[23:54] Shadowcaller: "Just… where am I? I think I may have gotten a bit lost out here."
[23:55] Murska: 'You are too near to the village.'
[23:56] Shadowcaller: "Well, I need to find a way back home so maybe you can give me some landmarks?"
[23:56] Happy: As soon as Cessie hears the word 'home', she sees a golden thread shimmering just out of the corner of her eye.
[23:56] Happy: *says the word
[23:57] Shadowcaller: She tries to look in that direction without turning her head
[23:57] Murska: 'No, you're too close. Go away.'
[23:57] Happy: She can sense that it is not a part of the landscape, and that if she takes hold of it, she'll exit Aegnor's mind and return to her own body.
[23:58] Shadowcaller: "Please? I have no idea where I am, I will leave as soon as I know.2
[23:59] Shadowcaller: *"
[23:59] Murska: He just repeats: 'You're too close.'
[00:00] Shadowcaller: She steps back a bit, "Maybe you can tell me the direction of the nearest town possibly?"
[00:01] Shadowcaller: "…I know a elf here."
[00:03] Murska: The elf drops down from the tree, still pointing an arrow at her. 'You can't go this way.'
[00:04] Shadowcaller: "His name is Aegnor, maybe you have seen him?" She takes another step back
[00:06] Murska: He looks at her a bit oddly. 'You can't go there.'
[00:07] Shadowcaller: "Can you just give him a message for me?"
[00:09] Shadowcaller: *from
[00:09] Murska: He seems a bit confused. 'I can't.'
[00:10] Shadowcaller: "Please? Its very important."
[00:10] Shadowcaller: "Your village… its about the attacks."
[00:11] Murska: '…attacks? How do you… No, I can't let anyone past.'
[00:14] Shadowcaller: "I might have crucial information about them… please, I need to met Aegnor."
[00:15] Murska: 'No. I mustn't let anyone pass. It's been infiltrated before…'
[00:16] Shadowcaller: "Do I look like a cultist to you? They don't have women among their ranks."
[00:17] Murska: He shakes his head. 'No-one must pass…'
[00:18] Shadowcaller: "Look, your village is in danger and I can help you… if I leave, can you at least inform your leader about me? They can decide if I can enter or not."
[00:21] Murska: He stands stubbornly in between her and the village. '…no-one must pass.'
[00:21] Happy: Cessie might notice the gemstone on the clasp of his cloak.
[00:21] Shadowcaller: (anything special on it?)
[00:22] Shadowcaller: *with it
[00:22] Happy: It's the same as the artifact gem she used to get here.
[00:24] Shadowcaller: "I'm not asking to enter, I just want you to tell your leaders about me okay? You don't need to leave your post or anything, just tell them about me."
[00:24] Shadowcaller: "My name is Cessie Mithar, just tell that to them and Aegnor okay?"
[00:27] Murska: '…Cessie?' He looks confused for a moment. 'But how can we trust you?'
[00:29] Shadowcaller: "A moment ago you just wanted me to leave… see here, I speak the same language as you do. I have been around elves, and got to know quite a lot of them. There is no way I'm going to harm any of you in any way. I just want to help."
[00:32] Murska: 'I can't let anyone past. We've been attacked before.'
[00:34] Shadowcaller: "Your afraid for a lost wanderer? I alone pose no threat whatsoever against you or your village. You can keep me there if you like, i'm not some spy. I just want to help okay? Aegnor is… a friend. A very dear friend, I don't want anything to happend to him or his village."
[00:37] Murska: He looks confused at her words again. 'I can't let anyone to Aegnor.'
[00:37] Shadowcaller: "Why? Is there something wrong with him?"
[00:41] Murska: 'I'm guarding Aegnor. Only he may pass.'
[00:42] Happy: (Sing to him, Cessie! ;) )
[00:43] Shadowcaller: (Bah, she won't just start singin like that.)
[00:43] Shadowcaller: *singing
[00:43] Shadowcaller: "I thought you were guarding the village? You keep changing your story all the time, what is this?"
[00:44] Murska: '…I'm guarding the village. Aegnor.'
[00:46] Shadowcaller: "You can't want me to leave that badly, we have been standing her speaking for what feels like hours. Aegnor knows me, if he is anything I belive he is, then he would let me inside."
[00:46] Happy: (only one hour xD )
[00:47] Shadowcaller: (what feels like hours, beside thats not game time.)
[00:47] Happy: (hence the XD smiley)
[00:48] Shadowcaller: (Right…)
[00:48] Murska: 'How do I know you are who you claim you are?'
[00:49] Shadowcaller: "Aegnor would know who I am, why don't you ask him?"
[00:50] Murska: He looks puzzled. 'How do /I/ know who you are?'
[00:52] Shadowcaller: "I don't know, I don't even know what you know aobut the person I claim I am. I mean, how many would know of her?"
[00:55] Murska: The elf has lowered his bow a bit, but hasn't moved. 'Just turn back and go away.'
[00:56] Shadowcaller: "Why? Ask me anything, I'm Cessie Mithar. This is starting to get silly.."
[00:59] Murska: 'Nobody without permission can pass.'
[00:59] Shadowcaller: "Aegnor would grant me permission at once, I thought we been over this?"
[00:59] Murska: 'Nobody has permission.'
[01:00] Shadowcaller: "Then why are we even disscussing this? And why do you even asked if you could trust me if you weren't going to let me in?"
[01:02] Shadowcaller: "I was going to leave at first, but you have left vague promises of me entering so i stayed. Now you are telling me you wasted my time? Don't you have anything better to do then disscussing this with me all day? Aren't you, you know, supposed to protect the village? Someone could easily have sneaked in while we been talking."
[01:03] Murska: 'That's not possible.'
[01:05] Shadowcaller: "What? Well, whatever, what I really want to know is why you deliberated have wasted my time all along."
[01:06] Murska: 'Because…' He shakes his head. 'The attacks… But I mustn't allow anyone to enter.'
[01:07] Shadowcaller: "…thats not a answer, if no one could have sneaked in while we were are talking, why even worry about the attacks?"
[01:08] Shadowcaller: (gah, if this have a set solution…)
[01:08] Murska: (If this even has a solution :P)
[01:08] Happy: (Cessie's not good at thinking outside the box)
[01:08] Happy: (She's onlyh tried one way of getting in)
[01:09] Shadowcaller: (She's lawful, what do you expect?)
[01:09] Shadowcaller: (She's like a battering ram)
[01:10] Happy: (Well even Cessie might think a different tactic might be in order)
[01:10] Shadowcaller: (And besides, the elf have left very confusing singnals.)
[01:11] Happy: (Doesn't she remember /any/ of what Aegnor told her of his trip through her own mind?)
[01:11] Shadowcaller: (It was one session ago, I don't really remember much of it no.)
[01:11] Shadowcaller: (Remember how the set rock thing worked out?)
[01:16] Murska: Cessie hears singing, coming closer from the village. The guard also hears this and doesn't say anything, pointing his bow back at her.
[01:17] Shadowcaller: (What dose the singing sound like?)
[01:17] Murska: (Aegnor-y. It's the song he wrote for them.)
[01:18] Shadowcaller: (*sigh* if the set solution was signing… thats a bit ooc for her.) "Thats.. thats Aegnor."
[01:18] Happy: (there is no set solution)
[01:19] Happy: (you've just only tried one thing)
[01:19] Murska: (The guard wasn't going to be convinced by talking, at least easily. :P)
[01:19] Murska: The singing comes closer.
[01:19] Shadowcaller: (Well, if he only had told me to go all the time, she might have gottent he message.)
[01:20] Murska: (But he doesn't want her to go. :P)
[01:20] Shadowcaller: (She was really about to leave until he started asking her about why he should trust her.)
[01:20] Shadowcaller: (And thats why she stayed and argued, easy right?)
[01:21] Happy: (she didn't give him any reason to trust her though)
[01:21] Shadowcaller: (What would she give?)
[01:23] Happy: (tell him things only Cessie would know, cast a spell, show the artifact… any number of things. But 'No, I really am, Ask Aegnor' was never going to work)
[01:23] Shadowcaller: (Thats not a reason to trust her, and she asked him to ask her anything.)
[01:23] Happy: (he's only a guardian. He doesn't ahve a lot of volition)
[01:24] Shadowcaller: (When he asked her of reason of trust, it was still at the village thing.)
[01:24] Murska: (Would she really have just left back to her body, anyway?)
[01:24] Shadowcaller: (What do you mean?)
[01:24] Happy: (that was the only way she could leave)
[01:25] Happy: (go into the village, or exit Aegnor's mind)
[01:25] Happy: (it's not like there are lots of towns in his head she could visit)
[01:27] Shadowcaller: She sigh and just stay there
[01:29] Murska: Soon she can see, behind the guard, Aegnor approaching. He has good, mostly green clothing, without any weapons she can see. He does have a few instrument cases on him.
[01:31] Murska: As he comes closer, she can see his face more clearly. He looks a bit younger, smiling peacefully with no worry lines or such.
[01:31] Shadowcaller: Cessie is unsure what to do, she glances at the guardian
[01:31] Murska: The guardian has moved a bit to the side although is still guarding her.
[01:32] Shadowcaller: "Aegnor?" She ask carefully
[01:33] Murska: He stops singing as he reaches the scene. 'Oh, what do we have here?'
[01:33] Shadowcaller: "You…" She raises an eyebrown "You don't recognize me?"
[01:34] Murska: 'Cessie. Or at least looks like. Why are you here?'
[01:35] Shadowcaller: "I'm here to wake you up of course, but this guard here…" She galnces at the guard again "Have not wanted to let me in."
[01:36] Murska: 'He's just doing his job. But… wake us up?'
[01:37] Shadowcaller: "Yes, you are asleep and you won't wake up. I'm very worried about you Aegnor."
[01:38] Murska: 'Hmm. Well, there has been something wrong recently…'
[01:40] Shadowcaller: "I can say that I'm very… how many times have you been close to death Aegnor? And every time I have felt like my hearth is about to burst with worry… Its hard for me to take."
[01:40] Shadowcaller: "I know its not your fault but… I don't know, I feel sick every time."
[01:41] Murska: He frowns. 'Don't worry. We'll be fine… it's probably nothing.'
[01:43] Shadowcaller: "Aegnor, I- I don't know how much longer I can continue like this, there is always something wrong…" She pauses, as she tries to calm her emotions from swelling up again.
[01:45] Shadowcaller: "I'm sorry…" She shakes her head "This is neither the time nor the place…" She looks up at him again. "So, whats wrong?" This time her tone is more calm, neutral, like she just put a lid over her emotions.
[01:45] Happy: Aegnor, of course, would know /nothing/ about how that is doen >.>
[01:46] Murska: He looks at her for a moment. 'I'm sure everything's all right.'
[01:47] Shadowcaller: "Its okay, we can talk about this later. Just tell me whats wrong so I can help you wake up again."
[01:48] Murska: 'I don't know… it's just this funny feeling.' He flashes a smile. 'You know, I'm not really supposed to let anyone in but nobody will mind if we just go take a peek, right?'
[01:49] Murska: (bee arr bee bread'n'drink)
[01:49] Shadowcaller: "Um, right."
[01:49] Shadowcaller: (See? When you are desperate, you will find food:P)
[01:56] Murska: He smiles and turns, offering his arm to her. 'This way, please.'
[01:57] Shadowcaller: Cessie takes his arm, despite her desperate state of being, she can't help but to smile back. "Thank you…" She says in a quiet voice
[02:00] Murska: And they head towards the village.
[02:00] Happy: (do you need sleep SC?)
[02:00] Shadowcaller: (Nope.)
[02:02] Happy: As you go into the village, there is something strange about the scene. Looking around, the huts seem to change in appearance, shifting subtly whenever you blink or look away and then back.
[02:03] Shadowcaller: Cessie continues to follow Aegnor
[02:03] Happy: But there is one hut that is perfectly solid, down to the smallest detail.
[02:04] Murska: Which is what they head towards.
[02:04] Shadowcaller: "I… thats your home right?"
[02:07] Murska: 'That's where we are, yes.' He steps to the door and opens it.
[02:08] Shadowcaller: She looks at him first, even thought he clearly wants her to go in, it feels like she steps into his core. She looks at him, as for confirmation that is really okay.
[02:09] Murska: He smiles encouragingly. 'After you.'
[02:10] Shadowcaller: SHe carefully steps into the hut, one step at the time, as afraid she might disturb something
[02:13] Murska: As she attempts to step inside, she feels like there's some sort of an elastic surface resisting her. Aegnor frowns and reaches over her shoulder with a hand, and it disappears.
[02:15] Shadowcaller: She stops and looks back at Aegnor. "Sorry…" Cessie says, feeling like an intruder here, "maybe I'm not supposed to be here…"
[02:16] Murska: 'I invited you, didn't I? Don't worry about it.' *smile*
[02:17] Shadowcaller: Cessie turns back, facing the inside of the hut again, then she takes a deep breath and take a long step inside
[02:20] Murska: (and brb agains, checking what time I'll have to go to school)
[02:21] Murska: (and back)
[02:22] Happy: The inside of the hut is much larger than the outside. There's a comfortable fire, warm rugs, and cushions for seating. There are also many doors leading off of it.
[02:23] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks around for anything living inside the hut
[02:23] Shadowcaller: Or anything she can recognize
[02:23] Happy: No one but herself.
[02:23] Murska: Aegnor steps in behind her.
[02:24] Shadowcaller: (thought she can't see herself can she?
[02:25] Shadowcaller: Cessie appears quite nervous, apperently waiting for Aegnor to take the intiative
[02:28] Murska: He steps beside her. 'Welcome.'
[02:29] Shadowcaller: "Thanks, where are we?" Whats inside the room?
[02:29] Shadowcaller: (Beside the things you already told.)
[02:29] Happy: *points to description above* :P
[02:29] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I noticed, anything else?)
[02:30] Happy: (Murska?)
[02:31] Murska: (In this room, nothing more worth mentioning.)
[02:32] Murska: (The heavy wooden plank floor appears to be decorated with a few simple patterns.)
[02:33] Murska: 'This is where we live. Would you want to stay at the fire or do you want to see my room?'
[02:34] Shadowcaller: "Where "we" live?" Cessie looks at him with a raised eyebrown
[02:35] Murska: 'Oh, you haven't met the others yet.' He smiles. 'I'm sure they'll want to see you.'
[02:36] Shadowcaller: "…this is going to be like my mind isn't it?"
[02:36] Shadowcaller: "Or are we talking… relatives here?"
[02:38] Murska: 'Oh, like your mind.' He smiles. 'It was very interesting.'
[02:39] Shadowcaller: "Oh dear… which part would you describe yourself as?"
[02:40] Murska: He tilts his head a bit. 'I don't know. I don't think we can examine ourselves from an outside perspective, at least very well.'
[02:41] Murska: He smiles. 'So, what do you want to do? See the places, or just talk a bit? It's great to have something so beautiful here… I could sing for you if you want.'
[02:42] Shadowcaller: She blushes a bit as he comments her "Well I… I think I need to find whats wrong with you."
[02:43] Shadowcaller: "I would love to hear you sing, but I rather hear it in the real world, with out other friends."
[02:44] Murska: He shrugs. 'I haven't had much time lately…'
[02:46] Shadowcaller: "I know, but we are helping others right? After this we will take a long break where we can do whatever we w-" She stops in the middle of the sentace as she just remembered something "Oh, you won't remember anything of this…"
[02:48] Murska: He smiles. 'It'll all work out in the end.'
[02:49] Happy: (seems to be his catchphrase ^^)
[02:51] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… well, you mind showing me where this problem is? I assume I will met the others soon enough…"
[02:54] Murska: 'Problem…' He looks puzzled. 'Yes, there's something wrong. That's why the security's all so tight now…'
[02:55] Shadowcaller: "Yes, mind showing me the way?" She dares to smile a bit
[02:56] Murska: He smiles a bit uncertainly. 'I… don't know what it is…'
[02:56] Shadowcaller: "Oh… well, is it inside this hut?"
[02:58] Murska: 'I think it is. No wait…' He looks confused. 'If it's inside, why would the outside security be higher? And why aren't we doing anything…'
[02:59] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, I thought about that too… I sort of assumed the sickness was assulting your mind from the inside and then had managed to infest it somehow… but I only got theories right now."
[02:59] Shadowcaller: "Its better if we find out for real isn't it?"
[02:59] Shadowcaller: *from the outside
[03:01] Murska: 'Yes… of course.'
[03:01] Shadowcaller: "Any idea where to start?"
[03:04] Murska: 'I don't know… no.'
[03:04] Shadowcaller: (How many doors are there?)
[03:07] Murska: (Seven.)
[03:07] Shadowcaller: "Hmm… but if there is something wrong, it must already be inside right?"
[03:08] Murska: 'I guess…'
[03:09] Shadowcaller: "But the question is where, is there anything specific outside this hut?"
[03:10] Murska: 'Outside… The others don't go there a lot. It's just piles of things everywhere.'
[03:10] Shadowcaller: "Piles of things?"
[03:11] Murska: 'You know… things. I look at them sometimes, to draw inspiration.'
[03:11] Shadowcaller: "I'm not really sure what you mean…"
[03:13] Shadowcaller: "The only thing my family, or rather, some of my brothers used for inspiration was a statue that I don't think they were allowed anyway."
[03:13] Shadowcaller: "I have no idea where who even allowed that kind of… err sorry, drifting off."
[03:13] Shadowcaller: "What did you mean again?"
[03:14] Murska: 'Well, there's a lot of things outside but nothing ever happens there.'
[03:15] Shadowcaller: "But its your mind, you must be able to create things by mere thought in here."
[03:17] Murska: 'I do create. But these are different kinds of things… you know. Real things.'
[03:18] Shadowcaller: "Hmm.. do you know anyone that might know where this problem is then?"
[03:20] Murska: 'Um… I don't know. Maybe we should ask him. He's the one who runs things around here nowadays.'
[03:21] Shadowcaller: "I assume "he" is a part of you and thus don't have a name?"
[03:22] Shadowcaller: "Maybe you can give me a short description of him too, before me met that is."
[03:24] Murska: 'He's busy, never has time to listen. Always worrying about something… He's been in charge for a while, not including that one incident.'
[03:25] Shadowcaller: "Ahh… that part. Well, I assume its best to talk to him then. On thw way, you can tell me of the others and this incident."
[03:28] Murska: 'Well, there was this one nobody had paid any attention to. A while ago he started getting bigger, and then he suddenly took over for a while…'
[03:29] Shadowcaller: (He leads her to one door I assume?)
[03:30] Murska: One of the door opens and another Aegnor steps in. This one looks weary, with worry lines and a haunted expression. 'What's going on here?'
[03:30] Shadowcaller: "Oh, hi… Aegnor."
[03:31] Murska: 'Cessie?' He looks surprised, then turns to Aegnor1. 'Are you sure this is her? Why was she let in?'
[03:31] Shadowcaller: She sigh, veary "Why wouldn't it be? Have anyone tried to inpersoned me, or what?"
[03:33] Murska: 'We can't just let anyone in who claims to be someone we know. There's enough troubles anyway.'
[03:34] Murska: Aegnor1: 'Calm down, I'm sure this is her.'
[03:34] Shadowcaller: "What troubles are there really?"
[03:37] Murska: 'All the people. We need to find places to stay and everyone has to be kept moving and the soldiers need to be kept in shape now that Suroshian is gone and there's the soldiers and the wolfen and the worm…' He takes a deep breath.
[03:39] Shadowcaller: "…I meant the inner problems Aegnor, whats going on inside here?"
[03:39] Shadowcaller: "Those problems will remain as long as you are asleep like this."
[03:41] Murska: 'Asleep? Yes… We've been sleeping too much. There's so much to do.'
[03:43] Shadowcaller: "…whatever, we both want you yo wake up, so just tell me whats wrong inside here so we may solve it."
[03:44] Murska: 'Wrong… here?'
[03:45] Shadowcaller: "Yes, there must be a reason why you aren't waking up."
[03:48] Murska: 'Yeah.' He seems to think. 'I remember something odd happening…'
[03:48] Shadowcaller: "Yes?"
[03:49] Murska: 'But…' He's quiet for a moment.
[03:50] Murska: Aegnor1: 'Well, we've all been less for a while.'
[03:50] Murska: Aegnor2: 'Yeah, tired, but there was something else…'
[03:51] Shadowcaller: "You are sick as you might remember and you been under a lot of stress too…"
[03:55] Murska: 'Yeah, so busy… sick?'
[03:55] Shadowcaller: "Mhm, thats why you won't wake up. Its cuasing nightmares or something."
[03:56] Shadowcaller: (Bah, in this rate, we will have visited Hopes, Promises and Simones minds in a manner of years:P)
[03:57] Happy: (Simone's guardians wouldn't let you in_
[03:58] Shadowcaller: (Assuming everyone survives that is… she might let in Aegnor.)
[03:58] Happy: (yeah, maybe Aegnor)
[03:58] Happy: (But it'd be tough for him)
[03:58] Shadowcaller: (And Helios forces himself pass all these things o.O)
[03:58] Shadowcaller: (Just imagine, the entire mind being filled by shadows.)
[03:59] Shadowcaller: (Filling every part of the mind, uncovering your deepest secrets.)
[04:00] Shadowcaller: (That must have happends here too.)
[04:00] Happy: (ugh. The guardians must have hated that)
[04:02] Murska: (Everyone must've hated that)
[04:02] Murska: 'We need to fix that somehow then. If only I could remember…'
[04:02] Shadowcaller: "Don't you have your memories here somewhere?"
[04:07] Murska: 'I… should remember what's happened here. Something's wrong…'
[04:08] Shadowcaller: She titles her head a bit, looking oddly cute "Whats wrong?"
[04:09] Shadowcaller: "Either you remember, or you don't… don't stress yourself over it."
[04:09] Murska: Aegnor2: 'But I should remember it… why don't I?'
[04:11] Shadowcaller: "I don't know, but you need to start somewhere. Whats different with this place? Beside the fact that I'm here."
[04:12] Murska: 'I… it…' He buries his face in his hands. 'So tired…'
[04:13] Happy: Back in the real world, Seren and Saranna watch over the pair.
[04:13] Shadowcaller: She sits down on the floor, "Aegnor… sit down with me, relax."
[04:13] Happy: Saranna has a hand on Aegnor's forehead, that can act as a damp cloth. "He seems to be growing calmer at least."
[04:15] Murska: Aegnor 2 sits down while Aegnor 1 watches over them on the side. 'I can't…'
[04:16] Shadowcaller: "Why not? Your sleeping on the outside anyway, no use stressing yourself up for problems you can't solve now anyway."
[04:17] Shadowcaller: "If you don't even relax when your asleep, then you aren't being very effective."
[04:19] Murska: 'But… I guess…'
[04:21] Shadowcaller: "Close your eyes. Just stop thinking for a second… you know, how I felt in the glade?"
[04:22] Shadowcaller: "Thats how I want you to feel, when we were there, I was for the first time finally able to let go of everything. I stopped thinking for once."
[04:22] Shadowcaller: "Can you do that for me?" Cessie smiles
[04:23] Murska: He manages a weak smile and closes his eyes. 'I'll try…'
[04:23] Shadowcaller: She closes her own eyes.
[04:24] Shadowcaller: She remains like that for a while, then she opens them again and looks at Aegnor2
[04:26] Murska: He still has his eyes closed, but looks a bit calmer.
[04:26] Shadowcaller: She waits until he opens them then
[04:27] Murska: He does, after a moment.
[04:29] Shadowcaller: "How are you feeling?" She asks quiely with a small smile on her lips
[04:29] Murska: 'Better. More focused.
[04:29] Murska: Aegnor1 smiles quietly.
[04:31] Shadowcaller: "Good… you have cleared you head a bit… maybe you can try to remember again now?"
[04:33] Murska: 'Hm. I… something came in here. But what… it did something…'
[04:34] Shadowcaller: She suddenly looks concerned "Where did it go?"
[04:37] Murska: 'I don't know. It's difficult to think about it…'
[04:39] Shadowcaller: "Describe what happend then. Or at least the parts you can remember."
[04:41] Murska: 'I can't keep it in my mind… Something's got to be affecting it.'
[04:41] Shadowcaller: "Any idea what?"
[04:45] Murska: 'Someone… You said I was sick?'
[04:46] Shadowcaller: "Yes, it only effects elves apperently… very strange. When I came to you at first, you were trapped in some kind of nightmare."
[04:47] Shadowcaller: "You were running from something I think…"
[04:47] Shadowcaller: "I only were there for a little while before the dream faded thought."
[04:49] Murska: 'Odd.'
[04:50] Murska: Aegnor1: 'Maybe we should talk somewhere more comfortable?'
[04:51] Shadowcaller: "The fact that there is two of you is /very/ confusing, if I meet even more… well, where do suggest we move then?"
[04:53] Murska: 'Well, my room has some seats and so do many others.'
[04:53] Shadowcaller: "Can you tell me of the others first? I will bump into all of them sooner or later anyway…"
[04:55] Murska: (Aww, spoiling all the surprises. »)
[04:55] Shadowcaller: (Hey, its Cessie. She asks these kind of stuff:P)
[04:56] Shadowcaller: (She is not too good with suprises, and not asking would almost be ooc for her;))
[04:58] Murska: 'Well, there's the one that took over recently. And there's the one that was in charge earlier. And his ward.'
[04:59] Shadowcaller: "How many of you are there?"
[05:01] Murska: 'Many. We rarely see most, they appear if we're needed.'
[05:02] Shadowcaller: "I still can't really gasp the concept of this mental build up, but I guess it works somehow. I saw a brain once, it didn't look to fit all this into it."
[05:03] Shadowcaller: "But I guess we go to your room then…"
[05:03] Shadowcaller: (ugh, why do all these strange thoughts come to me now?)
[05:04] Murska: 'Sure.' They stand and head towards a door which leads to a long corridor lined with more doors. And I guess we end here since I'm going to school very soon.

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