Exodus 30

23:43:04 Aegnor: so what are we gonna do
23:44:26 Shadowcaller: Well, we could do the thing when Cessie and Aegnor wake up… or we could do some spirit
23:45:56 Aegnor: Either one works, I guess.
23:46:04 Shadowcaller: You pick one
23:47:29 Aegnor: Me.
23:47:36 Aegnor: Hmm.
23:47:37 Shadowcaller: …yeah
23:48:21 Aegnor: goddarn fingers… well, I guess we could converse with spirits a bit since we've already chatted
pages and pages with Cessie recently :P
23:48:36 Shadowcaller: Indeed….
23:49:34 Shadowcaller: Hm, usually Aegnor is the one that take the intiative. I guess you are going to do the favor
Jugan asked of you now?
23:52:17 Shadowcaller: Contacting the dragon godess
23:52:59 Aegnor: When is this anyway?
23:53:17 Shadowcaller: Hm, any point before the battle
23:54:55 Aegnor: Hmm. Before… Well, all right
23:55:03 Shadowcaller: Or maybe after
23:55:03 Aegnor: I type so slowly because I have moar blisters in mah fingers
23:55:14 Shadowcaller: That would work too really
23:55:28 Shadowcaller: Now that I think about it
23:55:44 Shadowcaller: In fact, it would be better if it was after >.>
23:56:56 Aegnor: yeah
23:57:04 Aegnor: well, okay, at some point in time
23:57:28 Shadowcaller: In a galaxy, far, far away…
23:58:48 Shadowcaller: Aegnor wakes up, Cessie is still sleeping next to him
23:59:52 Aegnor: How's he feeling?
23:59:56 Shadowcaller: Tired
0:00:07 Shadowcaller: Pretty much like yesterday
0:01:01 Aegnor: He turns onto his back and faces upwards.
0:01:28 Shadowcaller: He dose so
0:01:59 Shadowcaller: He can see the tent which is in some shade of brown
0:03:37 Aegnor: /Are you there, Jugan?/
0:04:22 Shadowcaller: /I'm always here, as kowa-Tengu may have told you./ He can sense Jugan's presense nearby
0:04:53 Aegnor: /Yeah. How long will I be feeling this tired?/
0:05:38 Shadowcaller: /Well, I did warn you…/
0:05:53 Shadowcaller: /You weren't quite ready for what you did there./
0:06:18 Aegnor: /Well, as long as it worked./
0:06:58 Shadowcaller: /You could have died there, taking Kowa-Tengu with you./
0:08:10 Shadowcaller: /BUt I guess you did pretty well for a first try, you don't look nearly as bad as Nestor did
when he tried it the first time./
0:13:03 Shadowcaller: /But to answer your question, maybe a week or two?/
0:14:49 Aegnor: /Well, both of us are still alive. But I can't help but to feel the battle was quite the failure./
0:15:39 Shadowcaller: /You banished a very powerful spirit there, thats quite a feat./
0:16:01 Aegnor: /But Suroshian is dead…/
0:17:14 Shadowcaller: /The mortal?… You did your best to defend him./
0:19:11 Shadowcaller: /I hope you won't feel to bad for his death, he lived remarkably long for a mortal./
0:19:49 Aegnor: /Well, what use was the whole battle if the result was the same./
0:20:30 Shadowcaller: /You banished the spirit, that have to count for something. You learned a lot./
0:21:19 Aegnor: *sigh* /I guess./
0:21:24 Happy: (try and find out what happened to Suroshian's soul :( _
0:21:48 Aegnor: /What happened to him? Did the spirit get his soul?/
0:24:11 Shadowcaller: /His soul? I haven't really watched for it… do you wish I should try to find it for you?
But I fear such a effort would be a waste. EIther his soul is trapped in Kataki's realm for an eternity of
suffering or it have now disolved into nothingness. Unless you think he's a ghost?/
0:24:46 Happy: (souls dissolve into nothingness? O.o)
0:25:22 Shadowcaller: (Well, or they go to some place that no living things can find.)
0:25:43 Aegnor: /If he's in Kataki's realm… there'll be some way to get him out./
0:26:38 Shadowcaller: /Well… yes. But that would involve killing the spirit itself./
0:27:48 Shadowcaller: /Kataki would have bonded Suroshian's soul to himself, if he got him./
0:28:50 Aegnor: /Still… could you find out?/
0:29:13 Shadowcaller: /I could… I have to trust kowa-Tengu to guard you./
0:30:12 Shadowcaller: /By the way… before I go, did you find out about my sisters?/
0:30:43 Aegnor: /Oh. I didn't have time yet, but now that the fight is over, I'll get right on it./
0:31:21 Shadowcaller: /Thank you speaker./
0:31:34 Aegnor: (now to go find THEIR names)
0:31:37 Aegnor: (way too many names arg)
0:31:43 Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
0:39:21 Happy: (an artillery has withdrawn from combat with your Scout? wth? O.o)
0:39:31 Aegnor: (artillery can't kill)
0:39:33 Shadowcaller: (:P)
0:39:39 Shadowcaller: (They can't >.>)
0:39:46 Shadowcaller: (I remember that now)
0:39:51 Happy: (ah. okay)
0:40:05 Aegnor: (sheesh. WHAT were the names of those I was supposed to find…)
0:40:50 Happy: (I'm sure all the soldiers who've been killed by artillery since its invention will be glad to know
that they aren't really dead…)
0:41:02 Aegnor: (Probably. Someone should tell them.)
0:42:58 Shadowcaller: (Kiega and Ryusei)
0:43:10 Shadowcaller: Keiga
0:43:36 Aegnor: Okay then. Aegnor takes a breath and attempts to find Keiga first. /Hello?/
0:44:25 Shadowcaller: There is a long silence, it feels like there is some type of barrier preventing the conection
0:44:30 Shadowcaller: *connection
0:45:24 Aegnor: Hmm. He tries it on Ryusei next. Just for completedness' sake. /Greetings?/
0:46:52 Shadowcaller: He can feel a presence.. rage… confusion… but there is no reply
0:47:32 Shadowcaller: But soon he can feel something else attempting to contact him, Allyria
0:48:10 Aegnor: He 'accepts the connection' :P /Hello./
0:48:59 Shadowcaller: /Aegnor! Finally… I felt your presense nearby and i simply had to contact you./
0:49:14 Aegnor: /How are you?/
0:50:08 Shadowcaller: /Better, I have gained a lot since you set me free from Reorn./
0:50:41 Happy: (clearly Cessie and Aegnor need to split up so that Allyria can have Aegnor and Seren can have
Cessie… ^^ )
0:51:10 Aegnor: /Oh?/
0:52:00 Shadowcaller: /Yes, I have a purpose now, a meaning, greater then anything I had before./
0:52:23 Shadowcaller: /…what about you?/
0:52:41 Shadowcaller: (Well, I control both Allyria and Cessie >.>)
0:53:08 Aegnor: /Well, my life's as eventful as before./
0:53:33 Shadowcaller: /What are you doing then?/
0:54:25 Aegnor: /Right now we're heading for somewhere safer with the villagers./
0:55:36 Shadowcaller: /I should have been there too… is everyone alright? I hope no one got hurt by the spirits
when the gate closed?/
0:56:16 Aegnor: /We've had our share of troubles./
0:57:01 Shadowcaller: /Is anyone.. gone?/
0:58:34 Aegnor: /Some. Most aren't, luckily./
1:00:20 Shadowcaller: /Who? WHo is gone?/ Aegnor notices how her voice breaks a bit as she speaks these words
1:01:08 Aegnor: (Uh, unnamed redshirts)
1:01:44 Happy: (she knows the villagers)
1:01:46 Shadowcaller: (well, they did have names, not that you need to know them. Just do "Aegnors tells her the
names he remembers")
1:02:25 Aegnor: Aegnors tells her the names he remembers
1:05:02 Shadowcaller: She is silent for a while before the continues, clearly effected by the deaths but trying to
sound lie normal /Thanks for telling me… they died for a good cause…/
1:05:50 Shadowcaller: She adds in a voice Aegnor barely can hear (or even was meant to hear) /I should have been
1:09:54 Aegnor: /They died well. And thanks to them, we're still alive, and the gate is open./
1:11:34 Shadowcaller: /Yes, the spirits didn't die thanks to them, I'm so proud of what they did… what you did
1:12:10 Shadowcaller: /You lead them right? I knew the moment I talked to you the first time that you were a true
1:12:44 Aegnor: /Sadly./
1:15:46 Shadowcaller: /Don't be sad Aegnor, thats why I like you… taking command of the situation like that, I
was mearly lead. A puppet dancing on strings. I wish I could have your will Aegnor, your mere presense made me to
cast aside the illusions Reorn had spunn around me./
1:19:03 Aegnor: /It's just somewhat tiring, is all./
1:21:23 Shadowcaller: /…well I'm going to try to be like you Aegnor, I have already taken command. Maybe… maybe
you can visit me someday? Then I can show you how much I learned./
1:21:54 Aegnor: /Maybe. What /are/ you doing lately?/
1:24:24 Shadowcaller: /Um… I'm doing my duty as a spirit speaker. I'm protecting the spirits and thier choosen
1:25:41 Aegnor: /No details then?/
1:26:45 Shadowcaller: /Well, we are on a mission. We are taking back some of their ancestral land as well as trying
to free a great spirit that have been trapped by the interloopers./
1:27:16 Shadowcaller: /And I'm the leader, just like you./
1:28:25 Aegnor: /I wish you luck, then. But be careful./
1:28:53 Shadowcaller: /I will of course… but I could use your help if you had time./
1:28:59 Happy: (i want to know who the interlopers are….)
1:29:13 Aegnor: (Heh. Details indeed.)
1:29:44 Aegnor: /My time has been quite tight lately but I'll help if I can./
1:32:24 Shadowcaller: /We are in the middle of the Seperian archipelago, ever heard of Aux Dys?/
1:32:50 Aegnor: /Not really. I'm not very well versed in the geography of the lower plane./
1:35:09 Shadowcaller: /Oh… well the spirit is trapped there somewhere and I think you need to go there or to Nogh
Dos to get to us./
1:35:25 Shadowcaller: /By boat of course… I'm not sure what ports./
1:35:52 Aegnor: /Well, I don't think I'll be there any time soon, in that case./
1:36:56 Shadowcaller: /Its not that far away actually, Segri claims that Hyrillian just is a ocean away./
1:38:59 Aegnor: /Well, we shall see./
1:40:50 Shadowcaller: /I won't take no for a answer Aegnor/ She says in a not-so-serious tone /We speakers should
stay together, we have a duty to protect the spirit world and their choosen ones./
1:42:33 Aegnor: /My priority will still be protecting my own chosen ones./ His tone is also light. /But yes, once
the… current events are over on my side, maybe we could meet./
1:42:57 Shadowcaller: *chosen
1:45:32 Shadowcaller: /I'm looking forward to it Aegnor, it will be a pleasure to see you again./ She can hardly
hide the excitement in her voice
1:47:33 Aegnor: /Likewise. Keep yourself together out there./
1:48:26 Shadowcaller: /Don't worry Aegnor, I have powerful allies, the spirits are on /our/ side after all./
1:50:28 Aegnor: /Good luck, and farewell for now./
1:51:04 Shadowcaller: /Farwell, take care Aegnor, I miss you already…/
1:52:39 Aegnor: 'Hmm.' Aegnor attempts, without pushing himself, to achieve the 'drugged' state without the drug.
1:55:04 Shadowcaller: He can feel the connection, the world are slowly starting to fade around him. This feels very
different from taking the drug.
1:55:26 Aegnor: no beautiful world effect :P
1:57:16 Shadowcaller: Well, as it dose fade, it glimmers with beauty
1:58:15 Shadowcaller: It stays like that for a while, maybe beacuse his own unconscious effort.
2:00:32 Shadowcaller: (dose he maintain it?)
2:02:35 Aegnor: he, despite having Cessie right next to him, willpowers to the spirit-state. :P
2:03:47 Shadowcaller: He can see the colors and hear the voices once again
2:05:44 Aegnor: He thinks of Issa, at first, to test it. (And to give Happy something to do)
2:06:04 Happy: gah!
2:06:06 Shadowcaller: (Issa?)
2:06:13 Aegnor: (desert-nymph)
2:06:22 Shadowcaller: (Oh right.)
2:06:36 Shadowcaller: (Well, happy decides where she is.)
2:06:43 Happy: a nearby oasis
2:07:18 Shadowcaller: He finds himself at a oasis, but not the one they are at right now, but a different one
2:07:41 Shadowcaller: (Hm seems like some nymphs once were mortal humans…)
2:08:00 Aegnor: /Hey there./
2:08:26 Happy: /Speaker!/
2:08:42 Happy: /I found my sisters/
2:09:05 Aegnor: /Good. How are you?/
2:09:55 Happy: /I'm bored! They don't like my games. They just want to swim and sing and make the flowers grow by
the water./
2:11:08 Aegnor: /Oh…/
2:11:37 Happy: /Are you coming to our oasis with your hiding friend?/
2:12:07 Aegnor: /I don't know yet. We're at another oasis right now./
2:12:32 Happy: /Do you like to swim?/
2:13:17 Aegnor: /Well, it is refreshing./
2:22:01 Aegnor: (.)
2:22:51 Happy: /Okay. If you come see us, we can all go swimming!/
2:23:33 Shadowcaller: (but Cessie don't have any bath clothes >.>)
2:23:43 Aegnor: /I don't really know where you are. Maybe you could come visit us sometime./
2:25:36 Happy: /okay! All you have to do is go to the water and call me./ :)
2:26:56 Aegnor: /Sure. But now I have to continue… Bye!/
2:31:13 Happy: /Bye!/
2:31:48 Aegnor: Next stop. Ruysei, I guess.
2:32:44 Shadowcaller: Aegnor suddenly finds himself high, high above the ground
2:32:57 Aegnor: He looks around warily.
2:33:45 Shadowcaller: He is on a mountain, around him he can see other moutains, its snowing here
2:34:46 Shadowcaller: As he turns around he can see a opening, some sort of cave into the moutain
2:34:59 Shadowcaller: He can feel a weak presense in there
2:36:02 Aegnor: He moves slowly and carefully closer.
2:37:16 Shadowcaller: He can sense death inside, restless spirits, but that however is not the presense he is feeling
2:38:36 Aegnor: He doesn't go inside, but stops at the entrance, trying to sense what's inside
2:39:05 Shadowcaller: He can sense confusion and rage inside the cave
2:39:09 Shadowcaller: Madness
2:40:10 Aegnor: /Ryusei?/
2:40:44 Shadowcaller: He hear a low hiss inside his head, a warning
2:41:36 Aegnor: He retreats a bit. /Jugan sent me…/
2:43:10 Shadowcaller: /Go away! Let me die alone!/ A powerful reptilian voice suddenly burst out into his head
2:44:25 Aegnor: /Why do you want to die?/
2:45:47 Shadowcaller: There is a pause as Ryusai is trying to recover from her outburst and then she repreats in a
much weaker voice /Please… go away…/
2:48:11 Aegnor: /What's wrong?/
2:50:47 Shadowcaller: /I'm dying thats whats wrong… and stop speaking, I just want to die in peace, is that too
much to ask for?/
2:51:03 Aegnor: /Well maybe I don't want you to die?/
2:52:43 Shadowcaller: /Who are you? Some mountain spirit? Neither you nor my brother can aid me so just go away./
2:53:37 Aegnor: /Just a speaker. If you told me what's happening maybe I could help./
2:55:04 Shadowcaller: /Humph, in my days the speakers had some manners, even dying, I am still your god./
2:55:25 Happy: (now get off my lawn!)
2:56:04 Aegnor: /Bah. Why would I ever respect, let alone worship, someone who just holes up somewhere to die?/
2:58:09 Shadowcaller: /You have quite the nerve speaking to me like that… if not for my condition,, you be
burning in dragon fire right now foolish mortal./
2:58:35 Aegnor: /What condition?/
3:00:16 Shadowcaller: /Nothing upshots like you need to worry about, go back to my brother instead and tell him I'm
3:00:18 Shadowcaller: /
3:00:39 Shadowcaller: *hot shots
3:01:19 Aegnor: /Right, I'll go tell him you're holed up in a cave wallowing in self pity. Farewell./
3:03:12 Shadowcaller: /….self pity? Your lack of respect is astonishing. Did Jugan even try to learn you the very
basics of respect?/
3:03:56 Aegnor: He heads away at a steady pace. /Respect is reserved for those worth it./
3:06:43 Shadowcaller: /I have killed more mortals then any other dragon, I have torched towns and burned down
forests, armies fled before me. And now some snotty elf is trying to calim I don't deserve respect? I hope Jugan
will punish you for this./
3:06:57 Shadowcaller: *claim
3:07:50 Aegnor: /And you think killing people commands respect?/
3:10:05 Shadowcaller: /Bah, you mammals don't even know the meaning of the word, we have existed long before you
and will still exist long after you are gone. Don't you dare try to teach a god what earns respect or not./
3:11:52 Aegnor: /Will exist. That is, if you don't, say, die./
3:12:33 Shadowcaller: /My race is strong… they will survive without me… they will revenge my death./
3:13:27 Aegnor: /Why would they when you don't even try to live?/
3:14:47 Shadowcaller: /I have earned their faith millions of times, they will understand… I must die with
3:15:14 Aegnor: /No, you need to live./
3:16:56 Shadowcaller: /You suddenly decide that little warm blood? You can decide wherever a god should die or now?
I may use my last energy just kill such a arrogant being./
3:17:05 Shadowcaller: *or not
3:17:53 Aegnor: /Hmpf. Well, have fun dying and be forgotten in a few short years, I'm off./ *leaves*
3:19:17 Shadowcaller: /Wait…/
3:19:39 Aegnor: *waits*, pretty far by now :P
3:20:37 Shadowcaller: /While you are here, you might as well at least try to heal my wounds./
3:21:01 Shadowcaller: /Give me your energy speaker./
3:21:44 Aegnor: /I just gave my energy to another spirit, I don't think I have enough to spare./
3:23:28 Shadowcaller: /Then why did you come to me? I need a healer, not some talking pet to keep me company./
3:23:57 Aegnor: /I was sent to find out where you are./
3:24:15 Happy: (take Hope with you…)
3:24:28 Shadowcaller: /Well, now you know./
3:24:36 Aegnor: (To remote mountains wherever they are. :P)
3:24:52 Shadowcaller: (She can also enter spirit state by the drug…)
3:25:38 Shadowcaller: (And what do you think of Ryusei?:P)
3:26:12 Aegnor: (Well I still don't know what's wrong, other than being wounded)
3:27:09 Aegnor: /And I'll relay that on. If you want to be healed, that is. Or should I just leave you to die?/
3:28:28 Shadowcaller: /I order you to tell Jugan my location then speaker, the others will be devasted by my
3:29:59 Shadowcaller: /Now run off like a good messager will you?/
3:30:05 Aegnor: /Fine. Bye./ *leaves for realz*
3:30:34 Shadowcaller: (Where do you transport too?)
3:31:23 Shadowcaller: *to
3:32:17 Aegnor: (Hmm. I have to have a destination, eh? Well, let's say he moves to Kowa-Tengu which should
hopefully mean near his own location, before attempting to find Keiga.
3:35:27 Shadowcaller: You find yourself some distance away from Cessies (and yours) tent, that is if you could have
seen mortals and their things in this out-of-body experience, instead you only see nature as it is, untouched by
mortal hand
3:35:49 Shadowcaller: You see Kowa-Tengu nearby, that bows before you
3:36:28 Aegnor: Aegnor gives him a polite bow. /Hello./
3:37:01 Shadowcaller: /Grettings speaker, may I ask what you are doing in such a poor state of being?/
3:37:15 Shadowcaller: /You should rest, you have sacrificed enough already./
3:37:47 Aegnor: /I'm just looking around quickly. Promised to help Jugan with something, but I won't push myself./
3:38:56 Shadowcaller: /I see, well let me know if I can aid you with anything./
3:41:54 Aegnor: /I will./
3:42:05 Aegnor: He attempts to locate Keiga now.
3:43:12 Shadowcaller: There is a distuption, something is trying to prevent him from transporting
3:43:28 Shadowcaller: Most likely from the location he is trying to get to
3:43:35 Shadowcaller: Like a barrier
3:44:01 Aegnor: He assumed this. How strong is it?
3:44:29 Shadowcaller: Quite strong, whatever it is, its not made by a spirit
3:44:55 Aegnor: He doesn't try to break it then. /Hmm…/
3:45:16 Shadowcaller: /Something on your mind?/
3:45:42 Aegnor: /There's a barrier. I guess I'll return to that later./
3:46:07 Aegnor: /But yes, now I should rest./
3:46:27 Shadowcaller: /I'm glad that you have taken that wise decision speaker./
3:47:07 Aegnor: /Truly an outstanding tactical insight. Farewell then./ He attempts to return to his body.
3:47:18 Shadowcaller: He dose so
3:47:41 Shadowcaller: He wakes up in his own body again, tired as before
3:48:11 Aegnor: He attempts to get some more sleep while Cessie is still there, I guess.
3:48:30 Happy: (not giving the message to Jugan first?)
3:49:24 Aegnor: (ah rite. I guess I am fuzzy although I don't feel tired. )
3:49:46 Aegnor: (:P The mortally wounded whiney one needs to be heard first)
3:50:00 Aegnor: /Jugan? I tried finding them./
3:51:02 Shadowcaller: /Yes?/ His usual monoton voice is now filled with hope
3:52:32 Aegnor: /There was a barrier preventing me from contacting Keiga but I did find Ryusei. Wounded, in a cave
in some mountains./ He tries to tell the location as well as he can.
3:53:51 Shadowcaller: /You found her?!? After all these years… I thank you with all my hearth Aegnor./
3:54:35 Shadowcaller: /I must ask Yusei to send his speakers to aid her, they might be her last hope…/
3:55:03 Aegnor: /Yes, she seemed quite… faint./
3:55:17 Shadowcaller: /Is there anything… I can do to repay you?/
3:55:20 Happy: (speakers? Others besides Aegnor and Allyria?)
3:55:27 Shadowcaller: (yeah.)
3:56:31 Shadowcaller: (Allyria is Kokusho's speaker, Aegnor is Jugans, Yusei seems to have more then one.)
3:57:03 Aegnor: /Nothing right now. I'll try to break the barrier once I've rested some. Still tired…/
3:57:53 Shadowcaller: /Sleep then, you have earned it more then you will ever know… now I must save my sister./
3:58:40 Aegnor: /Do so. I wish you luck./
3:59:10 Shadowcaller: /I thank you, now please rest your very eyes./
3:59:22 Shadowcaller: *veary
3:59:27 Aegnor: weary
3:59:32 Shadowcaller: right
3:59:33 Aegnor: He takes the advice.
4:00:19 Shadowcaller: Continue or end?
4:00:38 Aegnor: *shrug* Aegnor's going to sleep, I guess
4:00:46 Aegnor: so the next point of interest would be when Cessie wakes up
4:00:55 Shadowcaller: It would
4:01:56 Shadowcaller: Hm, do you have the energy to go on? I feel oddly awake…
4:02:13 Shadowcaller: For me at 3 AM that is
4:03:10 Shadowcaller: But I may also go to sleep…
4:03:42 Happy: I better sleep. I really need to go to the post office tomorrow
4:04:15 Shadowcaller: Murska starts school in 6 days o.O
4:04:17 Aegnor: I can go on.
4:05:57 Shadowcaller: I tell you when we can stop then, if I'm feeling really tired >.>
4:06:32 Aegnor: k
4:08:59 Shadowcaller: Aegnor wakes up again, Cessie is leaning against him this time
4:09:55 Shadowcaller: (Good Night Happy.)
4:10:05 Aegnor: night
4:10:05 Shadowcaller: (See you tomorrow.)
4:11:50 Aegnor: He raises his head slightly. (Is she awake?)
4:12:57 Shadowcaller: (Her eyes are closed, but from what he can tell from her breathing she is awake, but not
quite aware he is.)
4:13:47 Shadowcaller: She mumbles something and opens her eyes "Good morning," Cessie says sleepily
4:14:16 Aegnor: 'Morning beauty.' He smiles.
4:16:04 Happy: *hugs and goodnight*
4:16:05 Shadowcaller: Cessie yawns and streches herself a bit
4:16:07 Happy on poistunut keskustelusta.
4:17:27 Shadowcaller: "You look better." She seems to study his face carefully
4:17:58 Aegnor: 'You don't look too bad yourself.' *grin*
4:20:36 Shadowcaller: She smiles back and kisses him lightly on the lips "I know what you think of me."
4:21:18 Aegnor: 'Don't worry, I won't let you forget.'
4:22:45 Shadowcaller: "I won't… thought I'm going to need new clothes again."
4:24:07 Aegnor: 'Once we find somewhere to buy some.'
4:24:49 Shadowcaller: "Yes, I know how much you liked that robe…"
4:25:08 Shadowcaller: "Hope they have something just like it."
4:26:04 Aegnor: He smiles. 'I'm sure you'll find something suitable.'
4:27:40 Shadowcaller: "So do I, most of these new clothes are so… showy."
4:28:49 Aegnor: 'Easy to take off, perhaps?' *wink*
4:29:54 Shadowcaller: "Well, that is a feature I could live with." She kisses him again
4:32:10 Aegnor: A long kiss. 'Yeah…'
4:33:18 Shadowcaller: "Would you like that?" Cessie asks curiosly
4:34:36 Aegnor: 'Like what?'
4:34:56 Shadowcaller: "Showy clothes I mean."
4:36:55 Aegnor: 'I don't know about the clothes. It's you I want to see.'
4:38:18 Shadowcaller: "Come now, I want to feel as attractive to you as possible. There must be something you
4:39:55 Aegnor: 'I can't say I know much about clothing, I'm sorry.'
4:42:02 Shadowcaller: "Aegnor, come on. You really wouldn't notice a differance if I wore a robe or somthing
more… showy?"
4:43:26 Aegnor: He smiles. 'I'd see it, but I don't know enough about the subject to tell you what I'd like without
seeing it. Besides, you should choose what /you/ like, anyway.'
4:45:13 Shadowcaller: "Well, I mostly ask others what they think of the clothes I buy."
4:45:30 Shadowcaller: "…okay, maybe not so often."
4:46:45 Shadowcaller: "Or ever. But I wasn't intrested in their opinions, it didn't matter to me what they thought
of my clothing, but it matters what /you/ think, see?"
4:48:15 Aegnor: 'But shouldn't it matter what you think feels best?'
4:49:57 Shadowcaller: "Many clothes feel good, I wouldn't wear anything I absolutely hated beacuse you liked it,
its more of a shared opinion see?"
4:52:13 Aegnor: 'And then there's the impossible dilemma 'what do you look best in'. It's unanswerable, it implies
you look something else than perfect, whatever you wear.'
4:52:19 Shadowcaller: "Same with your clothes, you would not wear anything /I/ really thought was ugly do you?"
4:53:15 Shadowcaller: "Not that I would voice my opinions of the matter…"
4:53:46 Shadowcaller: *in the matter
4:54:05 Aegnor: 'I wouldn't.'
4:56:53 Shadowcaller: "See? While I love you no matter what you wear and you always have that inner charisma
burning in your eyes, I know what clothes you look good in and what you don't."
4:57:40 Aegnor: 'I'll rely on your expertise, for I don't.' *smile*
5:00:10 Shadowcaller: "THen maybe I should rely a bit on yours then? I mean, when ot comes to females…"
5:00:32 Shadowcaller: *to
5:01:22 Aegnor: 'Fine, fine.' He smiles.
5:03:09 Shadowcaller: "Just tell me what you like." She presses up against him, filling his view. Kissing him
passionatly yet again
5:05:19 Aegnor: They kiss again. 'Well. That.' He puts his arms around her again.
5:08:54 Shadowcaller: She smiles bitterly "Hm, I felt my wound there. We should take it more easy."
5:09:42 Aegnor: 'Oh! Sorry.' He retracts the hand, looking a bit ashamed.
5:10:37 Shadowcaller: "Oh, its nothing…. it felt nice too. Your touch makes me feel better."
5:11:43 Shadowcaller: "Just try to avoid that part shall we?" She grins
5:13:03 Aegnor: 'I will.'
5:15:53 Shadowcaller: "Good…" She puts her arms around him gently
5:17:15 Shadowcaller: (Hm, will he tell her about stuff tomorrow?)
5:17:41 Aegnor: (game-time or real time?)
5:18:22 Shadowcaller: (real time >.>)
5:18:37 Aegnor: (depends on how tired you are)
5:18:51 Shadowcaller: (how tired are you?)
5:19:08 Aegnor: (not at all)
5:19:18 Shadowcaller: (I see…)
5:19:34 Shadowcaller: (Tell her now then, or snuggle some more.)
5:20:36 Aegnor: He tries to place his arms around her in a way that they don't go near the wound, if possible.
5:23:06 Shadowcaller: She seems a bit tense at first but slowly relaxes as he carefully puts his arms around her
without touching the wound.
5:24:54 Aegnor: 'Guess who contacted me through the spirit world last night?'
5:25:31 Shadowcaller: "Um, Ai?"
5:25:41 Aegnor: 'Allyria, in fact.'
5:26:04 Shadowcaller: "Allyria?… she should be imprisoned you know."
5:26:59 Aegnor: 'Well, she seems to want to meet up some time. She was quite stricken by the news of the deaths of
the villagers.'
5:29:17 Shadowcaller: "I'm sure she were, but you aren't thinking of metting her are you? She's a escaped
5:30:05 Aegnor: 'Meeting escaped criminals isn't a crime, is it? Not that we probably can, she says she's across an
ocean from here.'
5:31:02 Shadowcaller: "Yeah, but she should face her punishment and /helping/ a escaped criminal is in fact a
5:34:30 Aegnor: 'Well, I was never such a strict follower of the rules anyway. If we do meet some day and she's,
say, under attack, I'm going to help.'
5:34:42 Aegnor: 'But that's a concern for another time.'
5:35:54 Shadowcaller: "…yeah, I don't want her to die, just to sit her setance. Anyway, you said across the
ocean, where is that?"
5:37:05 Aegnor: 'I think she said… Seperian archipelago.'
5:37:59 Shadowcaller: Cessie looks at you with big eyes "…oh, at New Dys?"
5:39:58 Aegnor: 'Umm… She did mention 'Aux Dys'. And 'Nogh Dos'. I'm not too familiar with the names.'
5:40:41 Shadowcaller: "Its Hestopian, "Aux" means "new" and "Nogh Dos" means "worlds end"."
5:41:11 Shadowcaller: "Its a old Hestopian colony."
5:41:25 Aegnor: 'Oh. What's it like?'
5:41:40 Shadowcaller: "No idea, I never actually been there."
5:41:49 Shadowcaller: "Just read about it."
5:42:31 Shadowcaller: "I didn't know we were that close…"
5:44:33 Aegnor: 'What have you read about it?'
5:47:55 Shadowcaller: "Well, it was started for almost 100 years ago by people who wanted to set up a zeepelin
station, then it grew. Its founder was the wizard Kathleen Mithar after she had fought "the sea serpent" that were
attacking the settlers."
5:48:07 Shadowcaller: "Its a bunch of myths."
5:49:34 Shadowcaller: "Its one of the largest trade centrums in Hestopia, almost as large as Hestopia (the city)
5:51:05 Shadowcaller: "They have the Rediv Collosus there…"
5:51:46 Aegnor: 'What's that?'
5:52:40 Shadowcaller: "Its a very large statue, I have seen a few pitcures of it actually. Its amazing that you can
build something so large without using magic."
5:53:12 Aegnor: 'Sounds like something worth seeing one day.'
5:53:52 Shadowcaller: "Yeah… I would like to see it myself actually… ohh they got a university there too."
5:54:58 Aegnor: 'And, probably, clothes.' *grin*
5:55:26 Shadowcaller: "Yes, a lot of clothes. Its famous for its silk you know?"
5:57:35 Aegnor: 'Maybe we should visit some day, once we have free time.'
5:58:00 Shadowcaller: "Yeah, I would like to see it…"
5:58:07 Aegnor: (Hmm. Aegnor just spent time in the middle of the night chatting to females in his head. »)
5:58:40 Shadowcaller: "There are supposed to be a lot of spirits there, so thats something for you."
5:58:54 Shadowcaller: (hehe)
5:59:17 Shadowcaller: (Cessie is talking to Seren a lot in her head;))
5:59:36 Aegnor: 'I don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing or not.' *smile*
6:00:03 Shadowcaller: (And one of the females he talked to was a freaking dragon o.O)
6:00:34 Aegnor: (One was a nymph and one was a dragonblood spiritspeaker. :P)
6:01:16 Shadowcaller: She smiles back "I'm sure you can get along just fine with any spirit."
6:01:37 Aegnor: 'Except the insane ones.'
6:01:59 Shadowcaller: (Well, Aegnor have a lot of beautiful women in his life
6:02:15 Shadowcaller: "…Suroshian."
6:03:25 Aegnor: '…I asked Jugan to find out what happened to him.'
6:03:54 Shadowcaller: "He died, what else?"
6:04:08 Aegnor: 'If Kataki… took him.'
6:06:26 Shadowcaller: She shakes her head, her black hair moving along, a few strands of hair falling over her face
"I don't even want to think about that…."
6:08:01 Aegnor: 'If it did, we'll have to get him out.'
6:10:05 Shadowcaller: "We would… how is it down there?" She blows away hair from her face that instantly falls
back again.
6:11:47 Aegnor Shadowcaller:touches her hair softly, moving the escaped strands back to their kin. 'Similar,
though not quite the same… it's hard to explain.'
6:14:08 Shadowcaller: She takes his hand and presses it firmly "Well… hopefully we don't need to get down there."
6:15:09 Aegnor: 'Yeah. Fighting it once was enough…'
6:16:59 Shadowcaller: She sigh "It was." She lets her other hand touch his face "You still feel pretty worn, aren't
you tired?"
6:19:39 Aegnor: 'A bit. But we should be deciding what to do next, and we'll need to explore the ruins again…'
6:20:09 Shadowcaller: "Yeah, we need to do a lot of things…"
6:22:01 Shadowcaller: "Want to do those things, or should be stay in bed all day?" She says grinning
6:26:36 Aegnor: 'The latter option sounds so much better… but there's the most important thing.' He's still
6:27:25 Shadowcaller: "Whats that?"
6:27:46 Aegnor: '…the funeral.'
6:28:18 Shadowcaller: "Oh… right.. we should get up."
6:28:28 Shadowcaller: (And I need to sleep >.>)
6:29:25 Aegnor: (Yeah, let's end here?)
6:29:38 Shadowcaller: (Yeah, night.)
6:29:45 Aegnor: (night)

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