Exodus 26

[18:08] Shadowcaller: Oh, I know what we can do, Hope need to tell Cessie about Aegnors… passing out
[18:09] Happy: So what did Hope see?
[18:10] Shadowcaller: Well, first of all. Aegnor leaned against the wall for support. Then he sort of went limp
[18:11] Shadowcaller: Before that, it was like he was looking at the world with new eyes
[18:11] Shadowcaller: After he had passed out a while, he suddenly woke up again, trying to stand up, after that he threw up and passed out
[18:12] Shadowcaller: Again
[18:12] Shadowcaller: He was looking at her very strangely, he started to shiver at some point and sweating
[18:14] Shadowcaller: And thats it basically
[18:20] Happy: Hope will clean the vomit off of him and put a damp cloth on his forehead. She won't go to get Cessie though, if it means leaving him.
[18:21] Murska: x.x
[18:21] Murska: Friends over sowwy
[18:21] Shadowcaller: Where are they exactly? A tent near the rocks I assume?
[18:22] Shadowcaller: (Oh, hi.)
[18:24] Happy: *hug rezzes Murska*
[18:24] Happy: Hope was keeping watch. But I guess they'd have gone somewhere sheltered before she gave it to him, and she left Michicora on watch.
[18:24] Shadowcaller: Okay, so a tent then?
[18:26] Shadowcaller: Or however you set up the camp… Cessie is sleeping in her own tent right now. Thought Aegnor must have sneaked out at that point. She wanted to be with him when he talked with the spirits
[18:27] Happy: Well he wouldh ave left to talk to Hope
[18:27] Happy: So I guess that's when he snuck out
[18:28] Happy: Anyway, Hope and Michicora are probably sharing a tent, and that's where Aegnor and Hope are now.
[18:29] Shadowcaller: And Aegnor have passed out, with gear and everything?
[18:30] Shadowcaller: I guess she will stay with him until he wakes up?
[18:31] Happy: Yes, but she'll take his weapons off of him. Just in case he's not himself when he wakes.
[18:31] Happy: Not all of them, just the longbow and sword.
[18:32] Shadowcaller: Lets say he wakes up then, he got a really bad headace… his mind feels heavy
[18:33] Shadowcaller: It feels like it would take an effort to even open his eyes
[18:37] Happy: Hope has a damp cloth on his head, and is sitting nearby.
[18:43] Shadowcaller: (I guess I should go to the bathroom while we wait…)

[19:01] Happy: so back to him being still passed out then?
[19:02] Shadowcaller: Sure
[19:02] Shadowcaller: I guess he goes back to sleep quite quickly after he woke up
[19:02] Shadowcaller: He seems to breath regulary at least
[19:05] Shadowcaller: (Maybe she should tell someone else to ask for Cessie then? Michicora is still out scouting… is there anyone else there?)
[19:07] Happy: Suroshian
[19:07] Shadowcaller: (Well, Hope can hear him outside the tent.)
[19:07] Shadowcaller: (He is washing of some dust from his clothes.)
[19:08] Happy: "Suroshian?"
[19:08] Shadowcaller: She hears his voice, a bit distracted "What?"
[19:09] Happy: She decides she can leave Aegnor for a moment and steps out. "Is something wrong?"
[19:12] Shadowcaller: He is bend over a wooden wash-tub, shirtless. Cleaning his clothes… and others from the looks of it. He seems to have kept himself busy this morning "No, I'm okay. Just a bit distracted thats all." Its easy to see how old he really is now, it looks like haven't slept at all.
[19:17] Shadowcaller: "Do you need anything cleaned?" He have a veterans body, scars and muscles together. It looks like have have manged to survive quite many fights, but he is awfully thin
[19:18] Happy: "Not at the moment." At least not while she might get thrown up on again. "When you have a chance, could you ask Cessie to come and see me?"
[19:19] Shadowcaller: "What for? Is it urgent?"
[19:20] Happy: "No. Aegnor went into a trance to contact the spirits. He's not in any danger, but I thought she should know."
[19:21] Shadowcaller: "What should I tell her?"
[19:22] Shadowcaller: He seems to be able to talk while washing, only looking up from time to time
[19:23] Happy: "I imagine no matter what you tell her, she'll assume the worst and immediately contact me telepathically."
[19:24] Shadowcaller: "Don't shoot the messager…" He mumbles
[19:24] Shadowcaller: *mutters under his breath
[19:24] Happy: Hope chuckles. "Tell her Aegnor is fine."
[19:26] Shadowcaller: "I will, I will… not that I'm in the habit of waking young ladies from their sleep."
[19:28] Shadowcaller: "I guess I should put a shirt on first, she seems to mind that types of things."
[19:33] Shadowcaller: He stops washing and puts a shirt on and walks way towards Cessies tent

[19:44] Shadowcaller: There
[19:44] Murska: hai
[19:45] Happy: Does Cessie arrive?
[19:45] Shadowcaller: I guess she dose, I thought Hope would do something first thought:P
[19:45] Happy: She just goes back in the tent to keep watch over Aegnor.
[19:45] Happy: What else would she do?
[19:46] Shadowcaller: *shrug*
[19:46] Murska: Hm, so.
[19:48] Happy: So… you're in Hope's tent, with her watching over you.
[19:48] Shadowcaller: Cessie enters the tent, from the shocked look on her face, Suroshian didn't tell her very much. She walks up to Hope, constantly stating at Aegnor (that might wake up wherever he wants.)
[19:48] Happy: And you're beginning to wake.
[19:48] Happy: "Cessie, h e's fine."
[19:48] Shadowcaller: "What happned?!"
[19:48] Happy: "Please don't worry."
[19:49] Murska: And, he wakes, I guess?
[19:49] Happy: Yes, please.
[19:49] Murska: How is he feeling?
[19:49] Shadowcaller: Shadowcaller säger:
Lets say he wakes up then, he got a really bad headace… his mind feels heavy
It feels like it would take an effort to even open his eyes

[19:50] Murska: 'Uhh…'
[19:51] Shadowcaller: "Aegnor? Are you okay?" She sits down in front of him
[19:51] Happy: "I gave him some herbs to help him trance."
[19:51] Happy: She gives Cessie her waterskin. "He'll probably want some water."
[19:52] Shadowcaller: She puts the waterskin to his mouth
[19:52] Shadowcaller: Shaking her head sadly
[19:52] Murska: He drinks a bit. 'That was weird.'
[19:53] Shadowcaller: Cessie takes a deep breath of relif and says something in Hestopian.
[19:53] Shadowcaller: "Aegnor… how are you feeling?"
[19:54] Murska: 'I'm fine. A bit of a headache.'
[19:54] Shadowcaller: "Mind explaning to me why you have a headace and why I wasn't told about it?"
[19:55] Murska: 'I was trying to train methods of banishing the spirit. And you were sleeping.'
[19:58] Shadowcaller: "You could have waked me up? I told you I was intrested in these things and…" She suddenly turns to Hope "What in Aratris name did you gave to him?"
[19:58] Happy: "A mild infusion of cappi vine."
[19:59] Murska: /Jugan?/
[20:00] Shadowcaller: /Speaker./
[20:00] Shadowcaller: "Cappi vine? Whats that?"
[20:02] Murska: /Um, do you have any idea if what just happened did anything?/
[20:02] Happy: "It's used by the priests of the tribes to commune with the spirits."
[20:03] Shadowcaller: /I tried to reach you Aegnor, as soon as you reached your spirit state, but many minor kami reacted to your presence and sought you out./
[20:03] Murska: /I didn't manage to actually focus enough on any of the voices./
[20:04] Shadowcaller: "Spirits… Aegnor, what did that drug do to you?"
[20:05] Shadowcaller: She turns back to Aegnor again
[20:05] Murska: 'Well, I did reach the proper state it seems, but I wasn't focused enough.'
[20:06] Shadowcaller: /No… such things takes training. You need to show the spirits that you aren't intrested in them./
[20:07] Shadowcaller: "So you are going to do this again?"
[20:08] Happy: "Cessie you have to remember, this will make him better able to defeat hostile spirits like Kataki."
[20:08] Shadowcaller: "Isn't there a simpler way then drugging yourself mindless?"
[20:09] Happy: "He wasn't mindless. His mind was elsewhere."
[20:09] Murska: /Hmm. But we don't have much time./
[20:09] Happy: "Are you mindless when you possess your air elemental?"
[20:09] Shadowcaller: "It was just an expression…"
[20:10] Shadowcaller: /You may have all the time in the world from what I heard Aegnor, but this is of course not a dragons form of spirit walk./
[20:10] Shadowcaller: /Once you have achived that, you can do this at will./
[20:12] Shadowcaller: "That drug might cuase brain damage… I heard it can have lasting effects."
[20:13] Happy: "Where did you hear that? You had to ask me what it was."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: "Well… I kind of assumed all drugs did."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: "Thats why you call them drugs."
[20:15] Shadowcaller: /You might need to try a second time Aegnor, perhaps then your spirit can fly free./
[20:15] Murska: /In the same way, I guess?/
[20:15] Happy: "Cessie, you can trust that I wouldn't do anything to bring harm to Aegnor."
[20:17] Shadowcaller: "Well… he dose appear to be fading out and in." She replies, looking at Aegnor that do look like he is not really there.
[20:17] Shadowcaller: /Unless you know another./
[20:18] Murska: /Well, this one worked./
[20:18] Murska: 'Hmm. Jugon suggested trying again. I should be able to do it at will if I get it right.'
[20:19] Shadowcaller: "Do you really need to? If Hope only tried once, she can't know what a second dose will do."
[20:20] Shadowcaller: "Hope, are you absolutely sure this cuase no damage at all? Going into a trance… it dose seems pretty bad."
[20:24] Happy: "The priests of my tribe did it regularly."
[20:25] Shadowcaller: "Did your priests act strange?"
[20:30] Happy: "No stranger than anyone else."
[20:31] Shadowcaller: Cessie sigh "…I guess I must take your word for it then."
[20:31] Shadowcaller: /Then try it again speaker./
[20:32] Murska: /Right./
[20:32] Murska: 'Okay…' Aegnor attempts to stand up again.
[20:33] Shadowcaller: He feels quite feebel, both in body and in mind
[20:33] Shadowcaller: It feels like he have trouble concentrating
[20:33] Shadowcaller: But he stands up, just shaking a bit
[20:34] Shadowcaller: But its over after a few moments
[20:35] Happy: Hope stands next to him, ready to catch him if he falls.
[20:36] Shadowcaller: Cessie helps him up, looking very worried as he starts to shake "Are you sure you are okay?" She whispers in his ear
[20:36] Murska: 'I'm fine.' He smiles at her.
[20:38] Shadowcaller: She still looks quite worried but at least tries to smile back, "I hope so…"
[20:42] Shadowcaller: "You better get to bed again Aegnor, you don't look so good…"
[20:43] Murska: 'So, when do we try take two?'
[20:44] Shadowcaller: "Take two?"
[20:44] Happy: "How do you feel?" Hope says. "And I need the truth."
[20:44] Happy: She takes his wrist to check his pulse.
[20:44] Murska: 'A bit tired.'
[20:45] Shadowcaller: His pulse is normal enough
[20:46] Shadowcaller: "You can't do again without a rest at least, maybe you should go to my tent… unless you need to watch over him Hope?"
[20:47] Shadowcaller: "Do this drug have any effects beside the spirit vision?"
[20:47] Happy: "It should be physically safe for you to try again. At any rate, you don't have anything left in your stomach. But I can't judge your mental state."
[20:49] Murska: He smiles slightly at this. 'Maybe I should rest a bit first.'
[20:49] Shadowcaller: "You better will Aegnor."
[20:51] Shadowcaller: "I assume its safe to have him in my tent then Hope?"
[20:54] Happy: "Yes, it's fine. But you can summon me in a moment if there's anything that worries you."
[20:55] Shadowcaller: "Okay…I will" She takes her arms under Aegnors, "Are you feeling well enough to go to my tent?"
[20:56] Murska: 'Of course I am.' He smiles.
[20:57] Shadowcaller: She smiles back, a bit less worried this time "Follow me then, say if you need a flight instead."
[20:58] Murska: He follows her obediently. :P
[20:58] Shadowcaller: (Too bossy?;))
[20:58] Murska: (Overly worried. :P)
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (Bah, she just dosen't trust drugs.)
[21:02] Happy: (I doubt Cessie have any flight left, after helping the villagers up)
[21:02] Shadowcaller: (She just slept.)
[21:02] Happy: (only a few hours)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: They go to her tent then, Cessie makes his bed and asks if he needs anything else
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (Well… how long do a wizard sleep or be in a calm sense of mind before they regain their spells?)
[21:04] Shadowcaller: (Do we have any brrr… "rules".. for that?)
[21:04] Murska: He takes her arms. 'I'm fine, really.' *smile*
[21:05] Happy: (it's up to you. You make the magic)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: "You keep saying that… but you don't look the role."
[21:05] Shadowcaller: "Now get to bed and I will get some water for you."
[21:05] Shadowcaller: *some more
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (Hm, let me think about that…)
[21:07] Murska: (Heh. Motherly instincts? ;))
[21:07] Murska: Aegnor gets on the bed then.
[21:08] Shadowcaller: (Cessie? Motherly instincts? >.>)
[21:09] Shadowcaller: She picks up an empty waterskin and fills it with water summoned from her finger tip. Then she gives it to Aegnor.
[21:09] Murska: Aegnor drinks some of it and then lays down.
[21:10] Shadowcaller: (She would lhave liked the premade version >.>)
[21:10] Shadowcaller: *have
[21:11] Shadowcaller: "Is there anything else I can do for you? Anything else you need?"
[21:11] Shadowcaller: (Hm, is Hope doing anything:P)
[21:12] Shadowcaller: (I don't want to turn this into yet another Cessie/Aegnor conversation…)
[21:13] Murska: 'Just sleep some more yourself. We're travelling again tomorrow, and you'll have to find the water.'
[21:15] Shadowcaller: "Are you sure you don't need anything?"
[21:15] Murska: 'Yes, yes.'
[21:17] Happy: Hope probably went back to being on watch.
[21:17] Shadowcaller: She lets out a small yawn "I'm not that tired really, I will keep an watch on you while you rest." She sits down in her own makeshift bed that just is a few inches/centimeters away from Aegnors.
[21:18] Shadowcaller: (Hm, do you have any other characters here? )
[21:20] Murska: 'I promise I won't go anywhere without waking you. But you should sleep.'
[21:21] Shadowcaller: "No, no. I have energy enough. It would be hard for me to fall asleep again after all this excitment."
[21:21] Happy: Saranna is studying the spirit knife.
[21:22] Shadowcaller: She can sense its made of silver, and is enchanted with force energy
[21:23] Murska: He looks at her for a moment, then closes his eyes.
[21:26] Shadowcaller: Cessie will watch over him from her bed until she falls asleep herself
[21:27] Shadowcaller: Next morning then…
[21:29] Shadowcaller: (Happy? Are you here?)
[21:31] Happy: i'm here
[21:32] Shadowcaller: Where is Hope later on during the morning?
[21:37] Happy: Probably making breakfast.
[21:38] Shadowcaller: Suroshian (and Saranna?) Is there with her, Michicora is still out scouting somewhere
[21:39] Shadowcaller: Suroshian helps her with the breakfast, but he seems worriedsome, he stops sometimes and just look out over the horrizon for something
[21:40] Shadowcaller: Aegnor wakes up, Cessie seems to have fallen asleep on her watch
[21:41] Happy: "Don't worry," Saranna says to Suroshian, shyly.
[21:43] Shadowcaller: "…just being on the alert." he replies somewhat hastily "We need to go back to the main camp now, they need me."
[21:45] Happy: "You don't think Kataki is closer then?" Hope asks.
[21:46] Shadowcaller: "It have been feeling close for days, I can't let that control me."
[21:50] Shadowcaller: "It will come when it will come, and then I will be ready…"
[21:54] Happy: "I… should have spirit arrows for you by then…"
[21:56] Shadowcaller: "Spirit arrows? I didn't quite catch you name miss…?" Suroshian really seems to pay attention to Saranna for the first time
[21:57] Happy: "Saranna."
[22:02] Shadowcaller: "Of course… you can make these spirit arrows?" He looks at her a bit oddly and his voice do betray a uncertainty about talking with a woman made of water
[22:02] Shadowcaller: (Um, are you here Murska?)
[22:03] Shadowcaller: (Or is it SC session again? I think it was…)
[22:05] Happy: "I can't make the arrows… I only enchant them."
[22:06] Shadowcaller: "I see. So how will that work?"
[22:11] Happy: "I'd need to use silver to coat the tips, and enchant it by moonlight to make it into moonsilver. " She stammers a bit, unused to talking so much in front of someone she doesn't know.
[22:12] Shadowcaller: "…I see. Well, I won't prentend I understand all that, but if it hurts that creature I'm grateful."
[22:13] Shadowcaller: He makes a slight bow
[22:13] Shadowcaller: (S.E.U. updated by the way.)
[22:20] Shadowcaller: (*sigh* I need something to do while I wait:S)
[22:20] Happy: (insanowar?)
[22:21] Shadowcaller: (Oh, right…)
[22:21] Shadowcaller: (Its hard to write whit a laptop thought…)
[22:21] Shadowcaller: *with
[22:22] Shadowcaller: (At least long narrations and stuff.)
[22:22] Shadowcaller: (I don't even have microsoft word on this.)
[22:23] Murska: (sowwy, soldat clanmatch)
[22:23] Murska: so
[22:23] Murska: back now
[22:24] Shadowcaller: Indeed
[22:24] Shadowcaller: Check the upper section
[22:24] Happy: (you guys chat while i catch up on giant)
[22:24] Murska: check'd
[22:24] Shadowcaller: (Civ makes you not catch up on giant? o.O)
[22:24] Murska: Aegnor sits up.
[22:25] Murska: (He does so. :P)
[22:25] Shadowcaller: He feels less dizzy, he can still feel that strange feeling in the back of his head but its clear now
[22:26] Shadowcaller: He dosen't feel very rested however
[22:27] Shadowcaller: He got this sleezy feeling all over him
[22:27] Murska: He takes a look at Cessie and then spends some time examining himself mentally and trying to remember details about both the drug and the music usage thingy.
[22:27] Happy: civ + IF does, yes
[22:28] Shadowcaller: (the music usage thingy?)
[22:28] Murska: (On his own mind)
[22:29] Shadowcaller: (Right, he remembers the drug trip somewhat vaguely, colors… Hope… voices… jugan… of the music he remembers more however
[22:30] Shadowcaller: He remember playing and how he almost managed to get into a trance before he was stopped by his own music
[22:32] Shadowcaller: Cessie turns in her bed a bit, letting out a soft moan
[22:34] Murska: Aegnor looks around and retrieves his kazoo. Then he starts quietly playing the lullaby tone again without any magic.
[22:36] Shadowcaller: Cessie stops turning as he plays the lullaby, there is a smile on her lips
[22:39] Shadowcaller: She seems to sleep more relaxed now
[22:39] Shadowcaller: (Hm, thought that dosen't make much sense.)
[22:39] Murska: (Mental conditioning? :P)
[22:40] Shadowcaller: (No, if you suddenly heard a sound you would woke up, even if it was a lullaby.)
[22:40] Murska: (Only if it was a loud sound)
[22:40] Murska: (There are lots of sounds during the night.)
[22:41] Shadowcaller: (I guess..)
[22:41] Murska: (I mean, you don't wake up when you swallow a spider in your dreams.)
[22:41] Shadowcaller: (You don't swallow spiders that often…)
[22:42] Murska: (And you wake up during it even more rarely)
[22:42] Shadowcaller: (How do you know you do swallow spiders in your sleep?)
[22:42] Shadowcaller: (*know.)
[22:42] Shadowcaller: Anyhow… she is sleeping
[22:43] Shadowcaller: Outside he can hear the others walking around
[22:44] Murska: (You open your stomach and look? :P)
[22:44] Murska: He just plays the music and thinks about things, not much to RP here.
[22:44] Shadowcaller: (Nope, want to play forward to you return to main camp?)
[22:45] Murska: (Forward to Cessie waking up? :P)
[22:45] Shadowcaller: (Hm, okay.)
[22:45] Murska: (He'll have to take the second dose of the drug anyway)
[22:47] Shadowcaller: "…how- how long have I been sleeping?" He can hear Cessie say suddenly
[22:47] Murska: 'A while.' He puts the kazoo away.
[22:48] Shadowcaller: "I must have been more tired then I thought… I don't even remember falling asleep."
[22:49] Murska: 'Well, do you feel refreshed now?'
[22:49] Shadowcaller: "No, I still feel tired. Or well, I feel awake, but I know I will feel tired later on."
[22:50] Shadowcaller: "You don't have to worry about such thing do you? With being elf and all…"
[22:51] Murska: 'I get tired.'
[22:51] Shadowcaller: "Well, you must think I sleep my life away I mean."
[22:52] Murska: 'I'm used to sleeping less than anyone around me.'
[22:53] Shadowcaller: "Don't you get bored sometimes with everyone sleeping so much?"
[22:54] Murska: 'Not very often, no.' He smiles.
[22:55] Shadowcaller: "I wish I didn't need so much sleep… I would have been much easier being an elf like you."
[22:57] Shadowcaller: "I mean… physically."
[22:59] Murska: He smiles. 'I like you as you are. And I don't think something like that is going to hold you back from accomplishing whatever you want to do.'
[23:01] Shadowcaller: "But… I mean, we llive like 60-70 years maybe? We grow old and die…"
[23:01] Shadowcaller: "You are about 200 years old, and you only look a bit older then me, its so unfair really…"
[23:04] Shadowcaller: "You don't even need to sleep as much as you we do during our short lives."
[23:04] Shadowcaller: *you don't even need to sleep as much as we do
[23:06] Murska: He touches her arm. 'You know I'd give you mine.'
[23:07] Shadowcaller: "…I know." She pauses "What would that mean anyway? I read of elf bonding…"
[23:09] Murska: (Hm. What's that and am I supposed to know about it? :P)
[23:10] Shadowcaller: (Hey, you do the elf section, it might be anything.)
[23:12] Shadowcaller: (Are you here Happy?)
[23:12] Shadowcaller: (Aegnor and Cessie take up way too much space…)
[23:14] Happy: (I'm here)
[23:15] Murska: (Okay, I might have an idea as to what it is.)
[23:15] Murska: 'I've heard that term somewhere…'
[23:16] Shadowcaller: "What do you know about it?"
[23:17] Murska: 'I'm not sure. Some kind of a ritual.'
[23:17] Shadowcaller: "A magic ritual?"
[23:17] Shadowcaller: "Its only something elves can do right?"
[23:18] Murska: 'I don't know. I don't even remember where I heard it.'
[23:19] Shadowcaller: "Well, its called elf bonding…"
[23:19] Shadowcaller: "Maybe it have another name where you are from?"
[23:20] Happy: (tell her you have to chase her through the jungle ;) )
[23:20] Murska: 'Or maybe it's something not commonly explained to children.' He shrugs.
[23:20] Shadowcaller: (bah, she would just fly up and summon a air elemental.)
[23:21] Murska: (Cheater. :P)
[23:21] Shadowcaller: (Then she could burn down the jungel…)
[23:21] Murska: (With him in it?)
[23:21] Shadowcaller: 8No, when she ordered the air elemental to take him of course;))
[23:22] Murska: (Then they'd be floating in the air, with the burning jungle under them, probably in moonlight… :P)
[23:22] Shadowcaller: "Hm, you elves have so many inner abilities…"
[23:23] Shadowcaller: (Sounds romatic
[23:23] Shadowcaller: (Aegnor did like to burn down stuff…:P)
[23:23] Shadowcaller: (And she is really good at burning down stuff= perfect pair!)
[23:23] Murska: (Awesome. :P)
[23:25] Shadowcaller: "Are you sure you don't remeber anything? Do it have anything to do with that life giving gift you have?
[23:26] Murska: (I think the first time they talked of it, Aegnor asked if she knew of a way to share life.)
[23:26] Shadowcaller: (Well, she didn't unless he wants her to drain away his life >.>)
[23:27] Murska: (But she should know it's possible.)
[23:28] Shadowcaller: 8Well yes, but it wasn't possible for her until much later on.)
[23:28] Murska: 'Maybe the other elves would know of it.'
[23:28] Murska: (Anyway, Aegnor doesn't have any innate way of giving his life to her. :P)
[23:29] Happy: (humans need some kind of special ability)
[23:29] Shadowcaller: (Like? Breed fast?:P)
[23:32] Shadowcaller: (I can't think of something, Cessie is a bit jelous on Aegnor for being a elf.)
[23:33] Shadowcaller: (He is physically superior to her in every regard.)
[23:36] Happy: I guess everyone is waiting for you two.
[23:36] Shadowcaller: (Um, yeah.)
[23:37] Shadowcaller: (Hm, being human really stink compared to being a elf, no wonder the humans enslaved them:P)
[23:39] Shadowcaller: (Cessie, after hanging around with Aegnor do feel quite… weak.)
[23:40] Shadowcaller: "Maybe…" She sigh "Where are the others then? I guess I have to get used to this aging body of mine."
[23:41] Murska: 'I promised you I wouldn't leave without telling you. I guess they're outside.'
[23:42] Shadowcaller: "Lets go outside then…"
[23:44] Murska: He gets up, and they head outside, I guess.
[23:45] Happy: Hope, Saranna, Suroshian, and maybe Michicora are there eating breakfast. Well, not Saranna, I guess.
[23:46] Shadowcaller: Cessie is quiet and sits down with the others to eat breakfast I guess
[23:47] Murska: Aegnor sits down with the others.
[23:48] Happy: "How are you feeling?" Hope asks Aegnor.
[23:48] Murska: 'Better.'
[23:48] Happy: "Don't eat too much, but drink plenty of water."
[23:49] Happy: "And there's some good news… Saranna says she can make spirit arrows."
[23:49] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Spirit arrows? As in force?"
[23:50] Happy: "L-like the knife." Saranna says, a little nervously. "It's moonsilver enchanted with force magic."
[23:51] Shadowcaller: "Oh! Moonsilver! Why didn't I think of that…"
[23:51] Murska: 'Well that sounds good.'
[23:51] Murska: (My poor previously unique and afterwards less-unique but still one of two Godslayer)
[23:52] Happy: (Don't worry… it's still rare. I don't think Saranna can forge blades.)
[23:52] Shadowcaller: "Enchanting is not my strong side, but could you try to learn me some of that Saranna?"
[23:52] Happy: "I could… we'll need silver though. That will be the bottleneck."
[23:55] Shadowcaller: "Mhm… thought silver must be very hard to get."
[23:57] Happy: "Are you any good with earth?"
[23:57] Shadowcaller: "Not as such no…"
[23:58] Shadowcaller: "I never really used earth before."
[23:59] Happy: "That would be the best way to get silver, with an earth elemental."
[23:59] Shadowcaller: "It can make silver?"
[00:00] Happy: "No, but it can find it."
[00:00] Shadowcaller: "Oh… but I can't imagine there would be much silver in a desert."
[00:04] Happy: "Climate doesn't matter for that."
[00:05] Shadowcaller: "No, but I imagined you found silver in mountains and such areas, but I can't say I know much about it."
[00:07] Shadowcaller: Suroshian quietly to Aegnor "Do they always do this? We need to start moving back soon…"
[00:12] Happy: Hope is packing up the tents.
[00:12] Shadowcaller: Michicora and Suroshian is packing up the rest of the camp
[00:13] Murska: 'Heh. Probably.' Aegnor also helps with that.
[00:14] Shadowcaller: So they return to the main camp?
[00:14] Happy: They do.
[00:15] Shadowcaller: Cessie will ask around in the elf comminity after elven bounding once she gets there
[00:15] Shadowcaller: *community
[00:15] Happy: Gilraen?
[00:15] Shadowcaller: Yeah, I guess
[00:15] Shadowcaller: The villagers don't appear that eager to leave
[00:16] Happy: Really? They want to just hang out and wait for soldiers to appear? :P
[00:16] Shadowcaller: THey sort of think they are safe now
[00:16] Shadowcaller: There have been no traces of the soldiers yet
[00:16] Murska: She probably gathers a few stories and legends. Nothing concrete on what it is, she gathers it's some sort of a ritual in stories between lovers.
[00:17] Happy: Does Windwalker have any reports on the soldiers?
[00:17] Shadowcaller: "So its not commonly known?
[00:17] Happy: (you mean there are no bonded couples in the village? How sad. :( )
[00:17] Shadowcaller: (Murska deciedes about the soldiers >.>)
[00:17] Murska: (They've forgotten how to do it a long ago)
[00:18] Murska: (Since it's magical in nature)
[00:18] Happy: (Helena would probably know)
[00:18] Shadowcaller: (She is as old and magical there is…)
[00:18] Murska: And, depending on how exactly Windwalker has scouted, he finds no tracks or anything and there aren't soldiers near them.
[00:19] Shadowcaller: Some think they soilders thought they died in the sandstorm or something
[00:19] Shadowcaller: *the
[00:20] Happy: All he can do is go to where they last were, and search for signs or smell of them.
[00:20] Shadowcaller: Cessie will ask Helena then
[00:20] Murska: The duststorm has blown away all tracks and the smell.
[00:22] Happy: He'll scout the area around the villagers, then, 1 day's travel in every direction.
[00:22] Murska: Nothing.
[00:23] Happy: Then he reports that information to Aegnor.
[00:24] Murska: He relays it to people.
[00:25] Shadowcaller: Well, they seems to take the news as good and it only confirms their belif that the soldiers have forgotten about them
[00:26] Shadowcaller: Some are more worried howeve
[00:26] Shadowcaller: *however
[00:27] Shadowcaller: Anyhow, will Helena tell Cessie anything?
[00:27] Shadowcaller: What are the others doing?
[00:27] Murska: Well, she might if they talk.
[00:27] Murska: You're not gonna RP that?
[00:28] Shadowcaller: We are
[00:29] Shadowcaller: If happy feels like she is awake enough >.>
[00:32] Happy: go ahead
[00:32] Shadowcaller: Okay… um so how do Cessie contact Helena anyway? Her orb?
[00:33] Happy: Yes.
[00:34] Shadowcaller: She picks up the irb and attempts to contact her then /Helena? Are you there?/ (lets assume she have talked to her during all this time >.>)
[00:34] Shadowcaller: *orb
[00:35] Happy: (yeah)
[00:35] Happy: /Hello, Cessie. You're back safe then?/
[00:36] Shadowcaller: /Yes, that spirit didn't show up today either./
[00:36] Shadowcaller: /Aegnor.. took some drugs to reach some spirit state… but he is okay./
[00:37] Happy: /I'm surprised you let him do that/ *smiling*
[00:38] Shadowcaller: /I didn't really… but apperently they are going to do it again./
[00:38] Shadowcaller: /Hope gave me her word that is was safe thought, so I had to let him do it./
[00:40] Happy: /Good. I can't imagine how you would feel if something were to happen to him./
[00:41] Shadowcaller: /I try my best to protect him, but he needs to do what he likes too. I can't watch him all the time./
[00:43] Happy: /Oh to be young and in love…/ Helena says fondly.
[00:45] Shadowcaller: Cessie blushes "Well… only one of us is actually young…"
[00:48] Happy: /He's young compared to me/
[00:49] Shadowcaller: (Everyone is young compared to you:P) /…I guess you can look it in that way too./
[00:49] Happy: (you going to bring it up?)
[00:49] Shadowcaller: /How is the priestess doing? Is everything in the village okay?/
[00:49] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, soon.
[00:49] Happy: /Yes. Freedom is almost recovered./
[00:50] Shadowcaller: /Almost?… she have been sick for so long…/
[00:51] Shadowcaller: /Anyway… there was one thing… I was talking to Aegnor and the subject of "elf bonding" came up./
[00:51] Shadowcaller: /Do you have any idea what that is?/
[00:51] Shadowcaller: /I have seen the word used in a few books, but I didn't get what it was./
[00:52] Happy: /Elf-bonding… you mean the romantic tales?/
[00:53] Shadowcaller: /Um, i guess so. Not really sure what magic have to do with romance however./
[00:55] Happy: /There aren't many who would accept a bond like that from any other than a lover./
[00:55] Shadowcaller: /So, it have a few backsides then?/
[00:55] Shadowcaller: /Tell me more./
[00:56] Happy: /Freedom's condition is an example of what can go wrong./
[00:57] Shadowcaller: /But wasn't Giraen also connected to you?/
[00:58] Happy: /Yes. But Freedom's attachment was stronger, and so she suffered more when we were separated./
[00:58] Happy: /Though even that isn't as close as the soul bonding you speak of./
[00:59] Shadowcaller: /Sould bounding… how dose that work?/
[01:02] Happy: /It's a permanent bond between two people. They will always feel the presence of the other, can sense the other's thoughts and feelings. And only death can break it./
[01:04] Shadowcaller: /Hm, feelings and thoughts? Anything else?/
[01:05] Happy: /I've never experienced it. To trust someone that much… it's pretty rare./
[01:06] Shadowcaller: /Well, it dosen't sound… I don't think anyone would like to hear someone else thoughts all the time./
[01:07] Shadowcaller: /Or feel their feelings… there must be some privacy, otherwise no relationship would work out./
[01:11] Happy: /Though I had a worshipper, many years ago, who bonded with her mate. The bond only grew deeper over the years. They shared a closeness that I don't think anyone from the outside could understand./
[01:12] Shadowcaller: /Well yes, but I don't like to have *all* my thoughts shared with someone, not even with Aegnor. I can't really say I would understand sucha bond either./
[01:12] Shadowcaller: /No wonder why they are so rare…"
[01:14] Happy: /I don't think it's quite that bad. You are still two minds after all./
[01:15] Shadowcaller: /Yes, but all everyday thoughts, it would be a constant chatter. And when one of them sleep then? Do the bond shut off?/
[01:21] Happy: /The bond is never shut off. But it isn't quite so bad as you describe, hearing every thought of someone else. Ebreal described it … as when you are in bed and you can feel the physical presense of your lover even if you aren't touching them, just by the warmth of their body. She said she could feel his mind that way. That she knew he was there, all the time, even if she wasn't actually touching his thoughts./
[01:27] Shadowcaller: /I don't know… how about privacy? I know that I like to focus my mind elsewhere sometimes. I know I would have a *very* hard time concentrating on anything else if I felt Aegnor nearby all the time. And… would you not get a bit… well, used to it after a time? If you can feel them all the time, what would the differance be when you actually met? It would not be special anymore./
[01:30] Happy: /Oh Cessie, I wasn't trying to say you should do it. You're so young for a commitment like that./
[01:31] Shadowcaller: /It dosen't sound like the best type of commitment to me, I don't think that is anything for me, now or ever actually./
[01:31] Shadowcaller: (Better wording.)
[01:32] Shadowcaller: /But thanks anyway, now I know at least./
[01:33] Shadowcaller: She sounds slightly dissapointed
[01:35] Happy: Helena's image disappears from the orb.
[01:36] Shadowcaller: Hm, what are the others doing?
[01:37] Happy: Hope is checking on Naib.
[01:38] Happy: And her other patients
[01:38] Shadowcaller: Michicora is helping around too, as do Suroshian
[01:40] Shadowcaller: He wants them to get moving again
[01:41] Happy: Simone has been reading up on Kataki.
[01:42] Shadowcaller: So, now she knows about everything Aegnor knows about it. Kataki don't really have a real form, instead he is made up by broken shields and armors from ancient wars
[01:44] Shadowcaller: He lives inside these weapons and can reform as long as there are any weapons left in the area
[01:47] Shadowcaller: The book notes many times to keep your distance away from it, other wise you should worry about its swarm of flying swords
[01:49] Happy: Simone asks if there's any known way to remove the swords and shields that make up its body?
[01:50] Shadowcaller: Well, the book replies that the swords and shields could be scattered the normal way (with force) but that Kataki quickly would try to reform himself once that would happend
[01:55] Happy: Are the villagers preparing to move on?
[01:56] Shadowcaller: There are some arguments about that
[01:56] Shadowcaller: So its really up to the party
[01:57] Murska: Well what do they expect, settle down here in the middle of the desert? Get moving, people. :P
[01:57] Shadowcaller: They get moving I guess
[01:57] Shadowcaller: Or rather, preparing to move
[01:58] Shadowcaller: Cessoe will tell Aegnor about the bonding, even thought she isn't really intrested in it
[01:58] Shadowcaller: *Cessie
[02:01] Shadowcaller: What dose he think?
[02:01] Shadowcaller: Or maybe we should RP that..
[02:01] Happy: yeah
[02:03] Murska: sure
[02:03] Shadowcaller: Where is he then?
[02:04] Murska: Uh. Somewhere not particularly interesting?
[02:06] Shadowcaller: She walks up to him "Hi there."
[02:07] Murska: 'Hey.'
[02:08] Shadowcaller: "I found out about the elf bondig, thought it was a bit of a dissapointment…"
[02:08] Murska: 'Oh?'
[02:09] Shadowcaller: "Well, I had thought it had something to do with life and such things, but it was more of a connection of thoughts and feelings."
[02:09] Happy: (Oh, and it doesn't have to actually involve an elf either. She forgot that part.)
[02:09] Murska: (It's just elves who invented the thing.)
[02:10] Shadowcaller: "It didn't really sound like a good type of commitment, so its no suprise its so rare."
[02:11] Shadowcaller: (I guess she describes it in more detail, like Helena.)
[02:12] Murska: 'Hm. Heh, sounds like good story-material.'
[02:13] Shadowcaller: "Sounds good on the paper, but I doubt it would work that well in practice."
[02:15] Murska: 'Don't know what it'd be like.'
[02:15] Shadowcaller: "Eh, neither do I. But I would not like to try it anyway."
[02:16] Murska: 'The words 'permanent' and 'experimental' don't mesh too well.' Aegnor smiles.
[02:18] Murska: (It might be useful in some situations, though. Hope'd know Promise is alive and if he's injured or not, or scared or whatever. :P)
[02:19] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, maybe for those two that got married right away, but its nothing for Cessie.)
[02:20] Shadowcaller: "So, is there anything else you have heard might create eternal life?" She smiles
[02:21] Murska: 'Nothing specific, I'm afraid.'
[02:21] Shadowcaller: "While I'm still young…"
[02:24] Shadowcaller: "Any way I can become an elf then?" She says still smiling
[02:24] Murska: 'Hm. Maybe, but I don't know.'
[02:25] Shadowcaller: Cessie chuckles "Of course you don't, there is no way to change someones race. How would that work?"
[02:26] Murska: 'Hey, quite a lot of things are possible. Saranna wasn't always a water elemental, was she?'
[02:27] Shadowcaller: "Thats different, water elementals can be summoned and possessed, you can't *create* a elf body and possess it thought."
[02:28] Murska: 'Maybe not.'
[02:29] Shadowcaller: "See? While I know morphomancy exists, I never heard someone changing someones race with it."
[02:29] Murska: 'And I didn't even know it exists.' He smiles.
[02:30] Shadowcaller: "No… I'm still aiming for the djinn, that will able to solve my problems once and for all."
[02:31] Murska: 'What does it do?'
[02:32] Shadowcaller: "Well, djinns are primal elements, minds within the mind… um that is, they have a separate mind from the four "hive" minds that control each elemental plane"
[02:33] Shadowcaller: "They are extremly powerful and can grant wishes, welll with a few limits."
[02:33] Murska: 'How does that work?'
[02:33] Shadowcaller: "There are a lot of rules about how to summon them…"
[02:35] Shadowcaller: "First of all you need a summoning circle, then a huge amount of wards. The trick is to bind the djinn tp yourself by directing the wish to yourself. The wish must be *very* simpel ot the djinn might use the confusion to ignore it."
[02:37] Shadowcaller: "Every time you wish something, the djinn will be allowed to use power, to grant the wish of course, if you wish something about yourself, then its bounded to you and can't harm you. But often the djinn will once its allowed to use its power, use it for more then just granting the wish…"
[02:38] Shadowcaller: "Like showing how much it hates this world…"
[02:38] Murska: 'How do they grant the wishes then? Just with a lot of magic?'
[02:39] Shadowcaller: "Yes, a huge amount of magic, it can't grant you anything of course. But its enough for me."
[02:39] Murska: 'So technically anything it does is also achievable normally by a huge amount of magic?'
[02:39] Murska: 'Theoretically, that is.'
[02:40] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, but no wizard have really come up to that level of course."
[02:40] Shadowcaller: "The question is, what should I wish for?"
[02:41] Shadowcaller: "Any suggestions? Remember it needs to be simpel."
[02:42] Murska: 'Hmm…'
[02:42] Shadowcaller: "And about the one who summon it, most wizards just wish for more magic."
[02:45] Murska: 'Well, you want it to make you live forever, right?'
[02:46] Shadowcaller: "Well… yeah."
[02:48] Shadowcaller: "I would have been once of my ideas, but rather maybe… die wherever you like?"
[02:49] Shadowcaller: "Or something, that wish sounds dangerous thought… maybe something else…."
[02:49] Murska: 'Only be able to die by your own hand?'
[02:50] Shadowcaller: "Hm, suicide don't really seem so glamorous."
[02:51] Shadowcaller: "But I don't like talking about death, I'm sure I will think of something once I'm there."
[02:52] Murska: He smiles. 'True.'
[02:52] Shadowcaller: "Of course, you don't need to worry about that…"
[02:55] Murska: 'No point in worrying now. We're here and things are mostly fine.'
[02:56] Shadowcaller: "Yes, but later on? I will grow old Aegnor, you won't."
[02:56] Shadowcaller: "Its so unfair…"
[02:58] Murska: He looks a bit sad, and steps to her. 'I'm sure you'll find a way.'
[03:01] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, but I can't be sure can I? What if I don't? What if turn old, feeble and then die? Losing you…"
[03:03] Murska: He puts a hand on her shoulder. 'Weren't you the one who said we shouldn't worry about things going badly in the future?'
[03:05] Shadowcaller: She looks him in the eyes with a saddened expression "Sorry…" She looks down on the ground "Its just I'm so frustrated by my own frail body."
[03:07] Shadowcaller: "Why do humans live so short life? Why do we need to sleep so much? Whats wrong with us?"
[03:10] Murska: 'There's nothing wrong with you.' (If only I had known what it'd lead to back when I made up the trancing on a whim… »)
[03:10] Shadowcaller: "There is something wrong…why can't I be like you?"
[03:13] Murska: He puts a hand on her other shoulder, looking straight at her. 'Cessie, you're good as you are and there's nothing you can't achieve if you set your mind to it.'
[03:15] Shadowcaller: "Well, I have magic, I might be able to take away that weakness I was cursed with at birth… but Hope and Simone then? They will die before you Aegnor…"
[03:16] Shadowcaller: She speaks the word "weakness" with disguist
[03:17] Murska: 'How can you know that's a bad thing? It isn't the length of your life, it's how you spend it, and we don't know what comes after.'
[03:20] Shadowcaller: "Thats easy for you to say, you aren't cursed like me…" She closes her eyes as tears starts coming "There is nothing after this… why would there be? We will just live our short lives, sleeping most of the time and then just fade away.."
[03:21] Happy: (need sleep)
[03:21] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, thats what she is talking about:P)
[03:22] Murska: He hugs her, trying to comfort her somehow, just unable to find the right words.
[03:22] Murska: (Yeah, maybe sleep soonish = good)
[03:23] Shadowcaller: (Lets continue tomorrow? We are all cursed anyway;))
[03:23] Murska: (Now you made me all sad and I'm totally gonna have nightmares I don't remember anything about in the morning.)
[03:24] Happy: (we have to think up some advantages for humans :P )
[03:24] Murska: (They die faster and thus get to the much better next world faster? :P)
[03:24] Murska: (They get to sleep more, so they don't have to be awake in the horrible uncaring world?)
[03:25] Shadowcaller: (I don't think that will cut it…)
[03:25] Shadowcaller: (Cessie don't have a negative world image after all…)
[03:25] Murska: (Cessie's a bit too focused on aging, being 19 or something… »)
[03:26] Shadowcaller: (Hey, I'm focused on ageing too.)
[03:27] Shadowcaller: (Besides, its easier understanable if you see her past. Arik might have something to do with it >.>)
[03:27] Happy: (bah._
[03:27] Happy: (life is long)
[03:27] Murska: (I'm pretty sure I'll be bored of this life once all the some 8x my current lifespan has gone past.)
[03:27] Murska: (I mean, it's boring already, if not for internet)
[03:27] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[03:27] Happy: anyway. goodnight
[03:27] Happy: *hugs*
[03:28] Shadowcaller: (Well, just blame Arik:P)
[03:28] Murska: night *hug*
[03:28] Shadowcaller: Night
[03:28] Murska: (Sure.)
[03:28] Murska: (GODDARN YOU Arik)
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