Exodus 08

[05:06] Shadowcaller: Well, she was still going up those stairs
[05:07] Shadowcaller: With the very rarely used red stone in her right hand
[05:08] Murska: Yeah. The stairs end… in a ceiling.
[05:08] Murska: Which is flat where the stairs end and made out of stone.
[05:09] Shadowcaller: Um, so no entrance then?
[05:10] Shadowcaller: Or wait, I might have missunderstood you
[05:10] Shadowcaller: She was outdoors…
[05:10] Murska: the stairs go up… until there's a ceiling.
[05:10] Murska: she was not? Oo
[05:10] Shadowcaller: She wasn't? Okay
[05:10] Murska: there was a hole in the ceiling
[05:10] Murska: with light
[05:11] Murska: it's not where the stairs are, however
[05:11] Shadowcaller: Well… she goes on? Or can she do that? I don't get the same mental image as you here
[05:12] Murska: er.
[05:12] Murska: she's in a cave. She finds a staircase
[05:12] Murska: it leads up, there are walls around it, it's like an upwards leading corridor
[05:12] Murska: diagonally upwards
[05:12] Murska: then it ends
[05:12] Murska: into a ceiling
[05:13] Murska: Dead end.
[05:13] Murska: That seems to be.
[05:13] Shadowcaller: Yeah, thats what I figured
[05:13] Shadowcaller: /What now?/
[05:14] Shadowcaller: She examins the celling
[05:14] Murska: It's made out of stone, but not natural like the cave walls. It's completely flat'n'smooth and all
[05:14] Shadowcaller: Trying to feel some type of specific magic from it
[05:14] Murska: It's not specifically magica
[05:14] Murska: l
[05:15] Shadowcaller: She looks for anything that might be a switch
[05:16] Shadowcaller: Anything that sticks out from the walls or the celling
[05:16] Shadowcaller: Or some symbol
[05:16] Murska: The wall has some almost worn-out carvings and two round slots.
[05:16] Shadowcaller: Round slots?
[05:17] Murska: hmm
[05:17] Shadowcaller: Holes?
[05:17] Murska: not quite… whatever
[05:18] Murska: round things in the wall where it looks like a half of a ball has been cut out
[05:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie touches one of the slots
[05:20] Shadowcaller: ANy specfic magical thing about it?
[05:20] Shadowcaller: Or some type of reaction?
[05:20] Murska: It feels magical
[05:20] Murska: no reaction though
[05:21] Shadowcaller: She attemps to put each hand on one slot
[05:21] Shadowcaller: One hand
[05:21] Shadowcaller: On each slot
[05:22] Murska: She feels a slight jolt, like electricity in real world does
[05:23] Shadowcaller: She pulls her hands away, trying to see any reaction.
[05:24] Murska: Nothing really. She doesn't notice even if something does happen.
[05:24] Shadowcaller: Anything else that stands out of the normal?
[05:25] Shadowcaller: ANy symbols that seems to have connection to the slots?
[05:25] Murska: The symbols are quite too worn to make any sense out of even if she could read them
[05:26] Shadowcaller: She draws her hands alongside the wall, trying to sense some edge of some type
[05:27] Murska: the edge between the ceiling and the wall is very sharp
[05:28] Shadowcaller: She puts her hands on the slots again, pressing them against them hard
[05:29] Murska: She feels a slightly painful stronger jolt of energy
[05:29] Shadowcaller: /Ouch…/
[05:30] Shadowcaller: She summons magic at the same time she dose so
[05:30] Murska: Whatever that means, the results are the same.
[05:30] Shadowcaller: She pulls her hands away
[05:31] Shadowcaller: What was between the slots again?
[05:32] Murska: worn out symbols
[05:33] Shadowcaller: These slots are on the ceeling right?
[05:34] Murska: No, the wall
[05:34] Murska: The one directly in front of you, in fact.
[05:34] Murska: well, obviously. :P
[05:34] Murska: since you turned to put both hands in the slots
[05:34] Murska: >.>
[05:34] Murska: I'm tired I guess?
[05:35] Shadowcaller: Other then the slots there are no other markings?
[05:35] Murska: Well there are some worn symbols.
[05:35] Murska: which you can't make sense of.
[05:35] Shadowcaller: On the celling then?
[05:35] Shadowcaller: And the other walls?
[05:35] Murska: There's nothing whatsoever on the ceiling
[05:35] Murska: and the other walls have fewer, if any, symbols
[05:36] Shadowcaller: Cessie presses her hands against the slots thinking /Open./
[05:37] Murska: Nothing still happens.
[05:37] Murska: except said jolt
[05:38] Shadowcaller: She puts one hand on one slot instead, keeping off the other one
[05:39] Shadowcaller: IS the slot moveable?
[05:39] Shadowcaller: In any way?
[05:39] Murska: Nnnno.
[05:39] Murska: It's a part of stone missing from the wall.
[05:39] Murska: >.>
[05:39] Murska: and this time there's no jolt
[05:40] Shadowcaller: She puts her stone into the slot
[05:40] Murska: It fits nicely.
[05:40] Shadowcaller: Any reaction?
[05:41] Murska: No.
[05:41] Shadowcaller: She puts her hand on the other slot
[05:42] Murska: A jolt, although not painful. It's much stronger this time, though, and the energy gathers into the rock*
[05:42] Shadowcaller: I forgot all about the rock apperenlty…
[05:43] Shadowcaller: It had been inactive for about 100 sessions thought…:P
[05:43] Murska: :P
[05:43] Shadowcaller: Gathers into the rock?
[05:44] Shadowcaller: is there a visual thing or?
[05:44] Murska: She feels it
[05:44] Murska: with the hand holding the rock
[05:44] Shadowcaller: /Open?/
[05:45] Murska: She's still keeping the hand/rock in the slots?
[05:45] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[05:45] Murska: Nnnothing.
[05:45] Murska: :P
[05:46] Shadowcaller: She pulls out the rock, trying to sense the magic about it
[05:47] Murska: It glows as she takes it out, and illuminates the ceiling… which also begins glowing, small glowing lines spreading across it's surface.
[05:48] Shadowcaller: It would have been easier if you had stopped the session at the slots last time
[05:49] Murska: But they didn't exist back then. »
[05:49] Shadowcaller: Ah
[05:49] Shadowcaller: She hold out the rock against the celling
[05:50] Murska: The lines spread and form a single glowing symbol.
[05:50] Murska: It has a clearly defined round center point.
[05:51] Shadowcaller: She lets the rock touch that center point
[05:51] Murska: It goes in without much of resistance
[05:52] Shadowcaller: Reactions?
[05:52] Murska: Does she push it wholly in?
[05:52] Shadowcaller: And there sure are a lot of slots for that stone…:P
[05:53] Shadowcaller: I guess she dose
[05:54] Murska: She can feel the magic leaving the rock into the ceiling
[05:54] Shadowcaller: (I find FC's comment in W&W rather ironic.)
[05:54] Murska: which slowly rises, as if on a hinge, leaving the way open for her
[05:54] Murska: the bright sunlight dazzles her
[05:55] Shadowcaller: She finally decides to take off her other shoe holding it in her hand, the righ foot feel very numb after so much walking
[05:55] Murska: (…hmm. Truly. >.>)
[05:56] Shadowcaller: *right
[05:56] Murska: Um, yeah, she takes her shoe off.
[05:56] Murska: Still dazzled.
[05:56] Shadowcaller: Indeed
[05:56] Shadowcaller: Before she steps put she tries to get used to the sunlight
[05:57] Shadowcaller: That should not be too different from the light of her spell
[05:57] Murska: As her eyes get used to it, she sees… a meadow. Which seems to be in the middle of a forest.
[05:57] Murska: There's a small shining stream passing through it.
[05:59] Shadowcaller: Right… somewhat confused she steps out into this very strangely located forest
[06:00] Shadowcaller: Observing her sourroundings
[06:00] Shadowcaller: (Hm, I could GM the other part if you like.)
[06:00] Murska: The grass beneath her feet tickles her a bit, it feels moist.
[06:00] Murska: (yeah, that'd be nice. )
[06:00] Murska: She hears birds singing in the distance.
[06:00] Murska: A slight breeze passes through, shaking the leaves.
[06:01] Shadowcaller: Well she walks on looking around, do she feel any magic here?
[06:02] Murska: Well, the magical presence is even stronger here, but nothing specific, no.
[06:03] Shadowcaller: She starst to hum a old Hestopian traveling song to herself as she continues to look around
[06:03] Murska: (Oo :P)
[06:03] Murska: She finds no tracks, no paths. Not that she'd know much about wilderness.
[06:04] Murska: Just a mat of grass, the flowing stream, and a forest.
[06:04] Shadowcaller: /Hello?/
[06:04] Murska: /Please hurry…/
[06:05] Shadowcaller: She follows the stream then
[06:05] Shadowcaller: Whatever it leads
[06:05] Shadowcaller: Trying to avoid walking on the rocks
[06:05] Shadowcaller: Keeping her feets on the grass
[06:07] Murska: downstream or upstream?
[06:08] Shadowcaller: Well whatever leads directly away from the place she left (forward that is)
[06:08] Shadowcaller: The celling
[06:08] Shadowcaller: She lost the rock then?
[06:08] Murska: well neither leads DIRECTLY away
[06:08] Murska: and the rock is still in her hand
[06:08] Shadowcaller: Ah
[06:08] Murska: it's returning
[06:08] Murska: remember? :P
[06:08] Shadowcaller: Yeah, but you never said so
[06:09] Shadowcaller: >.>
[06:09] Shadowcaller: Never said it did that is
[06:09] Murska: well it did.
[06:09] Shadowcaller: She goes downsteams then
[06:09] Murska: stay in her hand.
[06:09] Murska: all the time.
[06:09] Murska: She heads alongside the stream which heads into the forest soon.
[06:09] Shadowcaller: *stream
[06:10] Murska: It links up with another, a bit larger stream soon.
[06:10] Shadowcaller: She follows that one downstream then
[06:10] Murska: She comes to a small, shallow lake.
[06:11] Murska: It reminds her slightly of the glade, in fact.
[06:11] Murska: She might notice how tired she is at some point.
[06:11] Shadowcaller: She looks around, trying to sense magic
[06:11] Murska: There's no specific magic.
[06:11] Shadowcaller: /Can't fall asleep…/
[06:12] Shadowcaller: Cessie goes along the edges of the lake
[06:12] Shadowcaller: She tries to keep herself up
[06:13] Shadowcaller: Dose she see anything around it?
[06:13] Murska: There's a single stream, or almost a river, leading away from it.
[06:13] Murska: She still hasn't seen any animals
[06:13] Murska: although she has heard birds
[06:14] Shadowcaller: She follows that stream then
[06:14] Shadowcaller: Cursing this ethernal walking
[06:14] Shadowcaller: *eternal
[06:14] Shadowcaller: or whatever
[06:14] Shadowcaller: Humming that melody again
[06:15] Murska: She sees the forest end… along with the ground. The stream falls off the edge.
[06:16] Shadowcaller: /damnation…/
[06:16] Shadowcaller: She looks down the edge
[06:17] Shadowcaller: She is keeping herself up by power of will alone
[06:17] Shadowcaller: (the flesh is weak:P)
[06:17] Shadowcaller: !
[06:18] Murska: She sees the ground, and the duststorm. The side of the pyramid is first soil for a few meters, then stone and then blocks/bricks/whatever for most of the way.
[06:18] Shadowcaller: /oookay./
[06:19] Shadowcaller: She follows the stream upstreams this time
[06:20] Murska: She follows it back the whoooole way…
[06:20] Murska: the forest gets thicker upstream
[06:20] Murska: her feet are getting numb
[06:20] Murska: walking in the wild without shoes
[06:20] Shadowcaller: (The song she hums sounds mysteriously like "once upon a december" by the way.)
[06:21] Murska: Finally she reaches the start of the stream.
[06:21] Murska: It comes from a spring, water splashing out from underground.
[06:21] Murska: It feels quite magical.
[06:21] Shadowcaller: /Maybe its refreshing?…/
[06:22] Shadowcaller: She sits down near the stream
[06:22] Shadowcaller: Do the water itself feel magical?
[06:22] Murska: A bit.
[06:23] Murska: There's something in the spring though, creating the water.
[06:23] Shadowcaller: She takes a small sip from it
[06:23] Murska: It tastes very, very clean and clear
[06:23] Murska: and it's cold
[06:23] Shadowcaller: /Hello?/
[06:24] Murska: /You ne…/ the voice is cut off
[06:24] Shadowcaller: She slowly stands up again, her legs aching from the hours of walking (at least it feels like hours.)
[06:25] Murska: She spots the first animal she's seen, a bird on a nearby tree branch.
[06:25] Shadowcaller: Where is the magical thing centered?
[06:26] Murska: It's hard to say, it's around, but you'd venture a guess that it'd be a farther into the direction you were walking to, following the stream.
[06:26] Shadowcaller: Upstreams?
[06:27] Shadowcaller: She goes in that direction then feeling her mind a bit clouded from the tiredness
[06:28] Murska: The birds sing around her, and the sun is quite hot.
[06:28] Murska: There's no stream near her anymore, though.
[06:28] Shadowcaller: /Darn birds…/
[06:28] Murska: The trees keep getting thicker and larger.
[06:28] Murska: (At least there's no mosquitoes)
[06:29] Shadowcaller: (Indeed.)
[06:29] Shadowcaller: She follows the magic
[06:29] Shadowcaller: Wherever its centered
[06:29] Murska: She stumbles a bit at a root and almost hits a tree.
[06:30] Murska: There are a lot of roots around, her feet don't like it.
[06:30] Shadowcaller: /ugh…/
[06:30] Shadowcaller: She carefully walks on, avoiding the roots
[06:30] Shadowcaller: /Why dose all this happend to me?/
[06:31] Murska: She manages to get a slight cut into her foot from a twig, since she's too tired to really attentively watch where she's stepping.
[06:32] Shadowcaller: /Artaris curse this forest…/
[06:32] Shadowcaller: She walks on
[06:32] Murska: The birds quieten, leaving her as she walks deeper.
[06:32] Murska: into the forest.
[06:33] Shadowcaller: Trying to keep herself somewhat dignified
[06:33] Shadowcaller: Walking on…
[06:34] Murska: She hears a screech from the trees.
[06:34] Shadowcaller: She sloths a bit, but once she hears that, she turns her attention that way
[06:35] Murska: She doesn't see anything. But hears another screech. And another.
[06:36] Shadowcaller: /What now?../
[06:36] Shadowcaller: She recasts invisibility and silence and walks on in the direction of the magic
[06:36] Murska: Something flies straight into her, almost knocking her down.
[06:37] Shadowcaller: She stops, trying to regain her composture
[06:37] Shadowcaller: Looking around at whatever hit her
[06:37] Shadowcaller: (Where did it hit her?)
[06:37] Murska: The something flutters for a moment, dazzled. It appears to be a brown bird… although it has entirely too much sharp claws for a bird.
[06:38] Murska: (chest)
[06:38] Murska: It screeches loudly and flies at her again, this time claws first
[06:38] Shadowcaller: She casts a fireball at it, darn birds that can sense magic…
[06:39] Murska: It burns like a torch, with a horrible smell
[06:39] Murska: Another screech from behind her
[06:39] Murska: and another from above
[06:39] Shadowcaller: /Why me?…/
[06:40] Shadowcaller: With some adrenalin she manages to start running
[06:40] Shadowcaller: Toward the magic again
[06:41] Shadowcaller: /Completly undignified…/
[06:41] Murska: She runs, but the forest is unnaturally filled with trees and shrubs, it's getting difficult to move onwards.
[06:42] Shadowcaller: Not that a dress is the best type of cloth to run in…
[06:42] Murska: She trips off a root.
[06:42] Shadowcaller: She screams as she falls
[06:42] Murska: The screeches follow her
[06:42] Murska: A whoosh as one of the birds passes overhead
[06:43] Shadowcaller: She steps up again and continues, trying to get away from those cursed birds again
[06:43] Murska: She just manages to get to her feet as one of the birds' claws scrapes her back.
[06:44] Shadowcaller: Well, she is now beyond the point… she tries to get her hands on the bird
[06:46] Shadowcaller: If she manages to do so, she will drain the freaking life out of that thing
[06:46] Murska: It's too fast.
[06:46] Shadowcaller: She runs on then
[06:46] Murska: Another one dives at her.
[06:47] Murska: It messes up her hair but doesn't do any other damgae.
[06:47] Murska: damage*
[06:47] Shadowcaller: Well, she keeps running
[06:48] Shadowcaller: Her hearth beating faster now
[06:48] Shadowcaller: Still somewhat focused on the magic
[06:48] Murska: She has to stop when no less than THREE large trees block her way, with too small gaps to squeeze through.
[06:49] Shadowcaller: She stops for a few seconds and then tries to run around them
[06:49] Shadowcaller: Right now she wants to burn this cursed forest to the ground:P
[06:50] Shadowcaller: /burn, burn!/
[06:50] Murska: A bird causes a gash at her arm
[06:50] Murska: she doesn't seem to be able to shake them
[06:51] Shadowcaller: Well how much closer do the magic feel?
[06:51] Shadowcaller: Didn't the magic feel easier to do?
[06:51] Murska: Well she fireballed the bird which burnt to dust in seconds
[06:51] Murska: it did feel rather easy.
[06:52] Murska: and the magic is rather close now
[06:52] Shadowcaller: Well she turns around a few seconds and throws her stone at the birds, then she keeps running again
[06:52] Murska: The branches, bushes and stuff tear her clothing a bit and strike her face
[06:53] Murska: the rock actually hits a bird, with a lucky throw
[06:53] Murska: and yes, soon returns to her hand
[06:53] Shadowcaller: Well, now I assume it since its not being used in some magical lock
[06:54] Shadowcaller: She continues on then, afraid to stop
[06:55] Shadowcaller: She tears her lower dress a bit, to make it easier to run
[06:55] Murska: It is very difficult to run.
[06:55] Murska: And the birds keep attacking her, scratching her
[06:56] Shadowcaller: Well, it always was
[06:56] Shadowcaller: She attemps to touch the birds once they attack her, but she mainly concentrates on running
[06:57] Murska: She manages to touch and drain one of them as it attempts to claw out her eyes
[06:57] Shadowcaller: Yay, regained energy
[06:58] Murska: Soon it's completely impossible to continue running.
[06:58] Shadowcaller: Why? Not enough stamina?
[06:58] Shadowcaller: She did drain that bird >.>
[06:58] Murska: It's like she's trying to run in a wide fence, made out of vegetation.
[06:58] Murska: She has to squeeze past the trees.
[06:59] Murska: The birds unerringly fly around them, though.
[06:59] Shadowcaller: She summons shadows then, since the birds can see her despite invisibilty…
[07:01] Shadowcaller: She attempts to climb over these natural fences
[07:02] Murska: She makes slow progress, the birds are flying around but the attacks are infrequent. Somehow they're less 'coordinated' although they still swoop at her from time to time.
[07:02] Murska: (And she can still cast a lot of fireballs if necessary)
[07:03] Shadowcaller: She still tries to touch them once they attack
[07:03] Murska: (Due to the rock-focus being much stronger around here)
[07:03] Shadowcaller: (she can?)
[07:03] Shadowcaller: Ah
[07:04] Shadowcaller: Well, it would be quite stupid with all the vegetation around here
[07:04] Shadowcaller: Unless she like to die in a forest fire…
[07:05] Shadowcaller: How damage is she now?
[07:06] Shadowcaller: She continues on, if one of the birds die near her, she will swallow her pride and raise it
[07:06] Shadowcaller: From the dead that is
[07:07] Hope: (hi)
[07:07] Murska: She's bleeding from multiple cuts and gashes.
[07:07] Murska: hi.
[07:07] Murska: The birds' attacks seem to finally cease, though.
[07:08] Shadowcaller: She allows herslelf to rest a moment (fixing her hair >.>)
[07:08] Shadowcaller: And other things that can be fixed
[07:09] Shadowcaller: How is her clothing?
[07:09] Murska: pretty bad
[07:09] Murska: >.>
[07:09] Shadowcaller: Darn
[07:09] Shadowcaller: Can it be fixed?
[07:09] Murska: Possibly? Would she know?
[07:09] Shadowcaller: Not really…
[07:10] Shadowcaller: She continues on after a while
[07:10] Shadowcaller: /I look like a savage…/
[07:11] Shadowcaller: Wait, she stops and changes dress
[07:11] Murska: In the middle of the forest. :P
[07:11] Shadowcaller: Or maybe not
[07:11] Shadowcaller: Well, there are no humans there are there? But she keeps herself focused on the magic
[07:12] Shadowcaller: Or othet humanoid creatures…
[07:12] Shadowcaller: *other
[07:12] Shadowcaller: Depends on how bad the clothing is damaged thought
[07:12] Shadowcaller: Is it still decent?
[07:13] Shadowcaller: Or rather, is she still decent
[07:13] Murska: yeah. But has quite a lot of cuts, the blood is making it stick to her
[07:14] Shadowcaller: She goes on
[07:14] Shadowcaller: Trying to remain focused, but its slipping
[07:14] Murska: Finally, she's very close to where she senses the magic, but faces a… she can't call it anything else but a 'wall' of trees, with no way to get past
[07:15] Shadowcaller: She is very close to giving up, she collapses on the forest floor
[07:15] Shadowcaller: After a while Cessie somehow manages to stand up again
[07:16] Shadowcaller: She goes around the wall of trees
[07:16] Shadowcaller: Trying to see a opening
[07:18] Murska: There's a small gap between two trees, it's the largest she finds, but it isn't large enough for her to fit through.
[07:18] Hope: (grr… can't find the garbage bags)
[07:18] Shadowcaller: (:S)
[07:19] Hope: (I haven't done much cleaning during the paperwork binging)
[07:19] Hope: (I guess I should try and catch up on that)
[07:19] Shadowcaller: The gasp is larger higher up right?
[07:19] Shadowcaller: (What about mr HT?)
[07:20] Murska: Yeah, it is
[07:20] Hope: (He does what he can. He has really bad arthritis, so we're both disabled. He's still working though.)
[07:20] Shadowcaller: Is there any way to climb the trees?
[07:20] Shadowcaller: (Okay:S)
[07:20] Murska: Well, she could try… she's exhausted and wounded though.
[07:20] Shadowcaller: Indeed she is
[07:21] Shadowcaller: Is there any lower brances or cuts
[07:21] Shadowcaller: ?
[07:21] Shadowcaller: In te trees
[07:21] Shadowcaller: *the
[07:21] Murska: There's a single branch within her reach near the gap
[07:23] Shadowcaller: She did drain that bird which means she got extra energy, so she tries to climb up that one and when she is as high she can climb, she tries to squeeze herself throught the gasp of the trees
[07:24] Murska: She somehow manages to get a few branches up, but one of them snap and she just grabs the lower one in time to avoid falling, too exhausted to continue.
[07:24] Shadowcaller: She is quite thin
[07:24] Shadowcaller: Well, she did rest twice
[07:24] Murska: She's also bleeding.
[07:25] Shadowcaller: How far down?
[07:25] Murska: not much
[07:25] Murska: 1,5m?
[07:25] Murska: from her feet to the ground
[07:25] Shadowcaller: She drops down then, not much else she can do
[07:26] Shadowcaller: She tries to rest without falling asleep
[07:26] Murska: Her feet hurt and give in under her.
[07:26] Shadowcaller: As she did before
[07:26] Shadowcaller: She is silently humming that meldy again
[07:26] Shadowcaller: *melody
[07:27] Murska: After what feels like a short moment, the voice contacts her again. /Almost there! You need to enter the room./
[07:27] Shadowcaller: /The… room?/
[07:28] Murska: /Just beyond the trees./
[07:28] Shadowcaller: Well she tries to do the same thing she did last time then
[07:28] Shadowcaller: If she feel like she recovered
[07:28] Shadowcaller: *have recovered
[07:28] Murska: She doesn't, really. /What's wrong?/
[07:29] Shadowcaller: /I'm a bit… tired./
[07:29] Shadowcaller: /I need to rest before I can go on./
[07:30] Murska: /But it's just a few steps!/
[07:30] Shadowcaller: She drinks some more from her water container./
[07:30] Shadowcaller: /I don't have the enrgy to climb the trees simply…/
[07:30] Shadowcaller: *energy
[07:30] Murska: /Ah! I can help!/
[07:31] Shadowcaller: /How exactly?/
[07:31] Murska: One of the trees next to the gap suddenly just… falls inwards. It doesn't seem to have that much roots, oddly.
[07:31] Murska: It crashes onto the ground.
[07:31] Shadowcaller: She stands up
[07:32] Shadowcaller: Swaying a bit
[07:32] Shadowcaller: Then she continues
[07:32] Shadowcaller: /Thanks…/
[07:32] Shadowcaller: Her head hurts as well as about all other parts of her body
[07:32] Shadowcaller: (the flesh is weak!/
[07:33] Shadowcaller: (Thats why you should have magical bodies >.>)
[07:33] Hope: (like Arik's?)
[07:33] Shadowcaller: (Um, without the downsides.)
[07:34] Murska: She stumbles into a small clearing, in the middle of which there's a… building. A small one, made of bricks with golden decorations and exquisite carvings of scenes of natural beauty.
[07:34] Shadowcaller: /This better have been worth it…/
[07:34] Shadowcaller: She stops for a while, trying to regain her wits
[07:34] Murska: She hears some rustling from the forest behind her.
[07:35] Hope: ("Welcome to my inner lair! By the way, all your friends are dead. Bwahahahahaha!)
[07:35] Shadowcaller: (
[07:35] Murska: (:P)
[07:35] Shadowcaller: She slowly looks that way
[07:35] Murska: (Spoken by the reanimated headless corpse of Aegnor?)
[07:35] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[07:35] Hope: (Or the corpse-less head. Either works.)
[07:35] Murska: There's something heading her way through the forest. /Quickly now!/
[07:36] Shadowcaller: (How to top that…)
[07:36] Shadowcaller: She slowy walks against the building
[07:36] Shadowcaller: Glancing behind her
[07:36] Hope: (She doesn't follow instructions well, does she?)
[07:37] Murska: There's a wooden door, polished, with more golden decorations and carvings. It's a beautiful piece of work.
[07:37] Murska: She sees a… tree? But it's moving. And not as big.
[07:37] Shadowcaller: (Nope, she don't like to follow instructions >.>)
[07:37] Murska: It stops at the gap where the tree fell.
[07:37] Hope: (Heh.. you think Law would)
[07:37] Shadowcaller: (Stubborn.)
[07:37] Hope: (power-mad)
[07:38] Shadowcaller: (hey, all wizards are:P
[07:38] Murska: (My 'windows updates have finished restart' thing was just postponed for the fourth time, for four hours)
[07:38] Hope: (ha! He admits it finally!)
[07:38] Shadowcaller: Err.. same thing for me
[07:38] Shadowcaller: She opens the door
[07:38] Shadowcaller: (Well, power mad to a lesser extend.)
[07:38] Murska: There's a room beyond…

[07:50] Hope:
As you enter the chamber you feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingle as an eerie silence engulfs you. Sounds from outside seem to just vanish.
[07:51] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks around the room, shivering a bit from the feeling
[07:51] Murska: (Can't eat cereal without milk, eww)
[07:52] Shadowcaller: (I never eat cereal without psatured milk or whatever you call it.)
[07:52] Hope: The room is brightly lit with natural sunlight, but very cold.
[07:52] Shadowcaller: *pastured
[07:52] Hope: The ceiling is thick glass.
[07:53] Hope: There are bookshelves around the room, filled with books.
[07:54] Hope: In the center of the room is a circular raised dias, with a pedastal. On the pedastal is a round blue gem, swirling with magical energy.
[07:55] Hope: Holding the gem is what appears to be a human woman, but there's something… wrong… about her.
[07:55] Shadowcaller: /So… here you are./
[07:56] Shadowcaller: /Can you tell me whats going on now?/
[07:56] Murska: /Finally… you're safe here./
[07:57] Shadowcaller: Shivering Cessie steps a bit closer, but still keeps her distance from the woman
[07:57] Shadowcaller: /Why did you lead me here? What is this spell?/
[07:58] Murska: /This jewel… it's an artifact. *a word Cessie doesn't recognize*/ She is completely unmoving.
[07:59] Murska: (Note, this mind-to-mind conversation doesn't have a language barrier9
[08:00] Shadowcaller: /I didn't hear that last part…/
[08:00] Murska: /It's one of the *she repeats the word*/
[08:00] Murska: It sounds something like 'Khorgs'
[08:01] Shadowcaller: /I don't really understand that, but please continue. Why am I here?/
[08:01] Shadowcaller: /Who are you? What is this place?/
[08:01] Murska: /Someone set it to attack 'intruders'… it can't affect this room./
[08:02] Murska: /I apologize. I am Saranna./
[08:02] Shadowcaller: /I see, so what are you exactly? Some type of… spell?/
[08:02] Murska: She keeps staring at the gem, unmoving.
[08:03] Murska: /I'm a mage./
[08:03] Murska: /From Krysalia, actually./
[08:03] Shadowcaller: /Ah, sorry if I sounded harsh there./
[08:03] Murska: (She might or might not remember such a name from history.)
[08:04] Shadowcaller: /I'm Cessie Mithar, nice to met you I guess./
[08:04] Shadowcaller: /But not the best cursimstances thought…/
[08:04] Shadowcaller: /Are you trapped here?/
[08:06] Murska: Cessie still gets a weird feeling from her. /…yes. The spell is… it was… stronger than I thought./
[08:07] Shadowcaller: /How long have you been here?/
[08:07] Shadowcaller: /And what do you know of this place?/
[08:09] Murska: /Long… I don't know. This place is an old ruin, of lizardmen I believe. But once, it had a more important purpose. I believe it was to be used as a center for some sort of a terraforming project./
[08:10] Shadowcaller: /Yeah, we found traces of it in the ruins./
[08:10] Shadowcaller: /So the artifact have you trapped here then? Is there any way I can free you?/
[08:11] Murska: She sounds a bit desperate, although she tries to hide it. /Please. I don't know how…/
[08:12] Shadowcaller: /First of all, tell me what happend./
[08:13] Murska: /I was… travelling past in a caravan, when I happened upon the ruins./
[08:14] Murska: /I…/ She pauses for a moment. /I investigated, of course, but it wasn't in very good shape. I found multiple interesting items and even a few stone tablets, along with all the carvings on the walls…/
[08:15] Shadowcaller: /All the doors were closed… the artifact must have done that./
[08:16] Murska: /The spell made the doors. We had trouble…/ She pauses for a longer moment.
[08:16] Murska: /…we…/
[08:16] Shadowcaller: /"we"?/
[08:16] Murska: She sounds shocked. /Ensel… no, how could I…/
[08:17] Shadowcaller: /Please, try to tell me what happend?/
[08:18] Murska: /We… he got trapped… it collapsed. I went just to find a route to him. I didn't mean to…/
[08:18] Shadowcaller: /Mean to do what?/
[08:19] Murska: /I happened upon this room. The artifact… it was so strong, magical… I couldn't help but to go to it, take it…/
[08:20] Murska: /I tried to use it./ She sounds sad, ashamed, quiet.
[08:20] Shadowcaller: /And then you got trapped?/
[08:21] Murska: /It woke up. It's mind was so strong… it drew me in./ At this point Cessie looks more carefully at the woman… there's no life in her. It's just a corpse.
[08:21] Shadowcaller: /What exactly did it do to you?/
[08:23] Shadowcaller: /Is the artifact a sentient?/
[08:23] Shadowcaller: (corpse how? It still have flesh and stuff?)
[08:24] Murska: (It's perfectly preserved. Just not… alive.)
[08:24] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[08:24] Shadowcaller: *-a
[08:24] Murska: /It's strong, but only with a single purpose. It was supposed to modify the land… but someone told it to destroy intruders. It didn't work right./
[08:25] Shadowcaller: /Let me guess… it killed them too?/
[08:26] Murska: /It was originally dwarven. When the lizardmen told it to defend them… it killed everything non-dwarven./
[08:26] Shadowcaller: /Oh…/
[08:27] Shadowcaller: /Well how come you can speak to me then?/
[08:27] Murska: /When I activated it again it drew me in. I'm a… mind in a spell now./
[08:28] Shadowcaller: /I suspected it was something like that./
[08:28] Shadowcaller: /You did the dreams right?/
[08:29] Murska: /I wasn't awake… but yes. You have something from here./
[08:30] Shadowcaller: /What exactly?/
[08:30] Shadowcaller: /Why did you call on help?/
[08:31] Murska: /Can't you see?/ She says, in a fiery tone. /I don't want this! I never wanted this!/
[08:32] Shadowcaller: /…I'm sorry./
[08:33] Murska: She doesn't say anything to that, but instead returns to her previous question. /It's a stone. I found one like it from here… it should still be…/ she pauses for a moment. /In the pocket of me./
[08:34] Shadowcaller: She steps a bit closer /Will the artifact react to my presense?/
[08:34] Murska: /It doesn't, unless you try to affect it./
[08:35] Shadowcaller: /I try not to…/
[08:36] Shadowcaller: Cessie takes another step towards the dead woman and beings as respectfully as possible search her pockets
[08:36] Murska: She finds a small knife, some notes, a waterskin, a small ring and, in another pocket, a rock, similar to yours.
[08:37] Shadowcaller: She puts it all on the floor
[08:38] Murska: The woman sobs slightly in her mind as Cessie puts the ring on the floor.
[08:38] Shadowcaller: /The ring… it was his wasn't it?/
[08:39] Murska: /He gave it to me when we were children… it was the only thing I kept./ She sounds sad. /And I… killed him…/
[08:41] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks sadly at what remains of Saranna /It must all have been so very long time ago…/
[08:41] Shadowcaller: /Where is he buried?/
[08:41] Shadowcaller: /Or well, the place he died../
[08:43] Murska: /The buildings have changed. I don't know where that place is anymore… or if it exists./ She breaks down into sobbing again. /How could I… I was just going to be a mage… why did I…/
[08:44] Shadowcaller: /It's… not easy. You could not have known./
[08:44] Murska: /I promised him! I said I'd be back… I'd just go see if there was another way…/
[08:47] Shadowcaller: Her toughts goes to Aegnor and the others (not of the first time on the journey mind you, but the first time I mention it) "…Everyone can make that misstake./
[08:47] Shadowcaller: (She says this aloud as well.)
[08:47] Shadowcaller: "I- I might have too./
[08:49] Murska: /…/ He's quiet for a moment again. /Who are you, anyway?/
[08:49] Shadowcaller: /Cessie Mithar, from Hestopia./
[08:50] Shadowcaller: /Not my best moment however… but this is not the time to care about apperance./
[08:51] Shadowcaller: She suddenly reaches her thoughts for Aegnor again, trying to contact him, or any of the others
[08:52] Murska: She hears something, but isn't able to establish a link of communication.
[08:53] Shadowcaller: She feels better somewhat
[08:55] Shadowcaller: /I came here to investigate, much like you. Maybe a bit more forced but still./
[08:56] Murska: She sounds a bit ashamed. /I just want to get out…/
[08:57] Shadowcaller: She looks around the room /Any idea how that will work?/
[08:58] Murska: /I never read those books. I don't know… I don't even know what exactly has happened to me./
[08:58] Shadowcaller: /You do look… dead./
[09:00] Shadowcaller: She raises from the floor and takes out a book at random
[09:00] Murska: It's in the same symbols as the ones in the wall had been.
[09:00] Murska: /I… guess I am. I never thought it'd be like this…/
[09:00] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, suspected that.)
[09:00] Shadowcaller: Whoops
[09:01] Murska: (Hey, Happy made up the whole book thing. >.>)
[09:01] Shadowcaller: /There are worse ways to die I guess…/
[09:02] Shadowcaller: /That artifact, any idea how to dismantel it or destroy it?/
[09:02] Shadowcaller: /Maybe unactive it for a moment or two…/
[09:02] Hope: (but… it's magic! and powerful! It could be your key to immortality!)
[09:02] Shadowcaller: (She already got Reorns orb.)
[09:03] Shadowcaller: (^^)
[09:04] Murska: /There must be some way to give it orders./
[09:04] Shadowcaller: /I don't want to give it orders, I want to destroy it for good./
[09:05] Shadowcaller: /It has served its pourpse lone enough./
[09:06] Murska: /I don't know. It's dwarven, they aren't easy to destroy./
[09:07] Murska: (Cessie is still exhausted and covered in her own dried blood. >.>)
[09:08] Shadowcaller: (I know, Its not like she is doing a marathon here.)
[09:08] Shadowcaller: (She is sitting down on the floor quite shaken.)
[09:09] Shadowcaller: (but her mind is working like mad right now.)
[09:10] Shadowcaller: /And I don't even have anything to smash it with…/
[09:10] Shadowcaller: /Is there any way I can heal by the way?/
[09:10] Shadowcaller: /I think I need to…/
[09:11] Murska: /I cannot affect this room, since the spell can't. I'm sorry, but I can't help you with that./
[09:12] Shadowcaller: /Its… okay./
[09:12] Shadowcaller: She picks up the blue stone,
[09:13] Hope: (the artifact? O.o)
[09:13] Shadowcaller: (No >.>)
[09:14] Murska: (The woman's rock?)
[09:14] Shadowcaller: (yeah.)
[09:15] Murska: (It's actually black.)
[09:15] Shadowcaller: (ah.)
[09:15] Shadowcaller: /What would happend if I touched the artifact?/
[09:15] Shadowcaller: She says, looking at the rock
[09:16] Shadowcaller: Her hand trembeling a bit
[09:16] Hope: (I'm laying back down. *hugs* and have fun)
[09:16] Murska: /I'm not sure… it's strong. If you don't actually use it… I don't know./
[09:17] Murska: (Maybe we oughta stop, it's freaking 11am and I haven't slept)
[09:17] Shadowcaller: (So are we >.>)
[09:17] Shadowcaller: (Um, yeah.)
[09:17] Shadowcaller: /I just need to lay down a while… nothing can happend in here right?/
[09:18] Shadowcaller: /Before I go on…/
[09:18] Shadowcaller: (How comfy is the floor anyway?)
[09:19] Murska: (Well it's a… floor. Not very comfortable but it's not like she has much to choose from.)
[09:19] Murska: /This room is safe./
[09:19] Shadowcaller: /good…/
[09:19] Shadowcaller: She lays down, or almost collapses down, but without hitting her head
[09:20] Shadowcaller: She closes her eyes and finally lets herself relax
[09:20] Shadowcaller: Sleep comes almost instantly
[09:20] Shadowcaller: Even as she is laying on the floor
[09:21] Shadowcaller: She is using her pack back as a pillow by the way
[09:21] Shadowcaller: There, now we can all go to sleep.
[09:22] Hope: heh
[09:22] Murska: :P
[09:23] Murska: When she wakes, she'll be in pain. >.>
[09:23] Shadowcaller: Indeed
[09:23] Shadowcaller: Not that she had much choice as you said
[09:24] Shadowcaller: Is the floor made of wood or stone?
[09:24] Murska: Stone tiles.
[09:24] Shadowcaller: Ah, much pain then
[09:24] Murska: Not that much wood in the desert, anyway.

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