Exodus 07

Session Start (moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit#moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit:Group Conversation 16157): Tue Jul 14 23:08:57 2009
[23:08] Shadowcaller: You sleep a long time there >.>
[23:09] Hope: yeah
[23:09] Shadowcaller: *slept
[23:09] Shadowcaller: Also, S.E.U. updated in a bit
[23:09] Murska: I'd want to be a wolf in it once
[23:09] Murska: it's frustrating as a villager
[23:10] Murska: you never know anything, no information is secure and hunting wolves is SO VERY DIFFICULT. :P
[23:10] Murska: Challenge is fun, but yeah.
[23:10] Hope: *pets Murska*
[23:12] Shadowcaller: Well, are you awake enough?
[23:12] Hope: sure
[23:13] Shadowcaller: Um, can you start up Murska? I need to post this plus scry results and stuff
[23:13] Murska: let's wait for you instead?
[23:14] Shadowcaller: Eh, can RP at the same time
[23:14] Shadowcaller: I'm not that bad at multitasking
[23:14] Shadowcaller: The narration is already done
[23:15] Murska: but I'm playing v.v
[23:16] Shadowcaller: Bah
[23:17] Murska: fine
[23:19] Hope: whatcha playing?
[23:19] Murska: Soldat
[23:20] Murska: tho I stopped no
[23:20] Murska: w
[23:20] Murska: Anyway. Where were we? The door opens.
[23:20] Shadowcaller: Yes, the door opens
[23:21] Murska: Cessie's light illuminates the dark hall. Everyone steps in, the arching ceiling above them glittering in the light, and the decorated row of pillars casting deep shadows onto the opposite wall.
[23:22] Shadowcaller: We see the air elemental?
[23:22] Murska: As much as it can be 'seen', yes.
[23:24] Shadowcaller: "Follow me, there is a small door on the other side, there was some type of magical lake with a guardian transformed… err killed my fire elemental."
[23:24] Shadowcaller: "It didn't attack the air elemental thought…"
[23:24] Shadowcaller: She leads them to the small door
[23:24] Murska: They follow, casting glances at the architecture and carvings.
[23:25] Murska: I'd assume they do. Naib and Aegnor do, anyway. :P
[23:25] Hope: Yes, they do. Seren: "It killed your fire elemental? How?"
[23:26] Shadowcaller: "With water, its more like it forced to go back to its realm and change form… but yeah, with water."
[23:28] Shadowcaller: She carefully enter the little room with the magical like
[23:28] Shadowcaller: *lake
[23:29] Murska: The stone ledge seems to have once had a protective wall, which has long since been washed away.
[23:30] Shadowcaller: She carefully goes closer to it, trying to see any movement
[23:30] Shadowcaller: How dose the water look like? how clear is it?
[23:31] Murska: It's quite clear, in fact. It's pretty dark here but the water looks to be clean.
[23:31] Murska: She feels the magical presence in the lake suddenly move quickly farther from the room and from them.
[23:32] Shadowcaller: She stops, the water itself is not magical then?
[23:32] Murska: Apparently not. At least not anymore.
[23:33] Murska: She feels quite a lot of magic somewhere, and if she's attentive enough, she does feel slight traces of it in the water itself aswell.
[23:33] Shadowcaller: She puts her hand in the water, trying to sense the magic
[23:34] Murska: It just feels like cold water.
[23:34] Murska: Naib is looking at the lake. 'There's a lot of water here… where would it come from?'
[23:34] Shadowcaller: She can't sense its magic?
[23:35] Shadowcaller: Like putting your hand on a door that is
[23:35] Murska: Well, it's got traces of magic, yes. What exactly are you trying to sense about it?
[23:36] Shadowcaller: What type of magic?
[23:36] Shadowcaller: What could it be used for?
[23:37] Murska: There's very little. It feels like… 'leftovers', like the water had been in touch with a lot of magic.
[23:37] Murska: Aegnor looks into the lake. 'There's someone… a spirit there?'
[23:37] Shadowcaller: "A spirit? What type of spirit?"
[23:38] Hope: Aegnor can feel the spirit trying to hide from them.
[23:38] Murska: /Hello there./ He tries to sound unthreatening. /Who're you?/
[23:39] Hope: /You can't see me you can't see me you can't see me/
[23:39] Murska: /Calm down… we won't do anything to you./
[23:40] Hope: /You're trying to trick me! Using a spirit speaker is cheating!/
[23:40] Murska: /Who are you?/
[23:41] Hope: /Do you give up? Do I win?/
[23:43] Murska: /What do you win?/
[23:43] Hope: /The game! I won't come out unless you admit that I won./
[23:44] Murska: /But I'm not participating./
[23:44] Hope: /Then why are you trying to find me?/ *great confusion*
[23:44] Murska: /Because you're trying to hide./
[23:44] Hope: /Then you *are* playing!/
[23:45] Murska: /Oh, okay. I guess you won then, since I don't know the rules./
[23:45] Hope: (I just remembered my dream. I was cooking bacon, and now I want some. v.v )
[23:45] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[23:45] Murska: (:P)
[23:46] Hope: A shape suddenly hurtles out of the water.
[23:46] Shadowcaller: Cessie reacts instictivily and stands back
[23:47] Hope: Seren steps in front of Cessie.
[23:47] Murska: Aegnor doesn't move.
[23:48] Hope: A water nymph lands right in front of Aegnor and does a little happy dance. "I won! I won!"
[23:48] Murska: 'Nice to meet you too.' Aegnor smiles slightly.
[23:48] Shadowcaller: "Great, another nymph…"
[23:49] Hope: "I knew no one would ever find me! I have the best hiding spot."
[23:50] Hope: Simone looks curiously at her, since she's never met a nymph before.
[23:50] Murska: 'Who are you?'
[23:50] Shadowcaller: "Is there magic in this room? What is this place?"
[23:52] Hope: "I'm… I'm… " She looks confused. "I don't remember."
[23:52] Murska: Aegnor looks a bit worried. 'Is there anyone else around here?
[23:52] Murska: '
[23:52] Shadowcaller: "You don't remember anything?"
[23:53] Hope: "I… was playing hide and seek with my sisters."
[23:53] Hope: "But I won! They never find me here." :)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: "Right…"
[23:54] Murska: 'Where are they?'
[23:54] Hope: "…"
[23:55] Hope: "Where are they?"
[23:55] Murska: 'Since you won, isn't it your turn now to find them?'
[23:55] Hope: "You're all looking at me!" O.O
[23:55] Shadowcaller: "I'm not looking at you…"
[23:55] Shadowcaller: (She is looking anywhere but the nymph:P)
[23:56] Hope: (haha)
[23:56] Hope: The nymph tries to hide behind Aegnor.
[23:56] Murska: 'What's wrong?'
[23:56] Shadowcaller: "Is she going to be okay?"
[23:57] Hope: /I'm scared…/
[23:57] Murska: /Why? We're friends. Is there something else here?/
[00:00] Hope: She stands on tiptoes and whispers in Aegnor's ear: "The water is alive."
[00:01] Murska: /Oh? What does it do?/
[00:02] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks like she is waiting for Aegnor and the nymph to finish, still avoiding to look at it
[00:02] Murska: Naib is standing nearby, he's used to meeting strange things with this group but is still quite curious.
[00:03] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, darn naked woman comes up and they are suddenly very intrested in whats going on:P)
[00:03] Murska: (Well wouldn't you be if suddenly a naked woman-spirit jumped up from a lake? :P)
[00:03] Hope: Well you can't see much in this light.
[00:04] Shadowcaller: (…No.)
[00:04] Shadowcaller: (I be looking away!)
[00:04] Murska: (Have you no curiosity? Oo)
[00:04] Murska: (I'd be quite shocked at the existance of nature spirits)
[00:04] Shadowcaller: Cessies light is quite good thank you
[00:05] Hope: "It moves things."
[00:05] Hope: "It's very strong."
[00:05] Shadowcaller: (Is she still whispering this?)
[00:06] Shadowcaller: (I bet the males are quite enthralled…)
[00:06] Murska: /Where did you come here from?/
[00:06] Shadowcaller: (Well except Aegnor of course >.>)
[00:06] Hope: No, she's speaking aloud now.
[00:07] Shadowcaller: "What is she talking about?"
[00:07] Hope: "Why won't she look at me?" The nymph sounds worried. "Am I in trouble?"
[00:07] Shadowcaller: "Your… naked."
[00:08] Hope: "What is naked?"
[00:08] Shadowcaller: "Without clothes."
[00:09] Shadowcaller: Her eyes are closed
[00:10] Shadowcaller: She puts her hand on her own dress "This, this is clothes." Cessie says, holding out a piece of garnment.
[00:11] Hope: "What is clothes for?"
[00:11] Shadowcaller: "To cover up, to prevent you from freezing."
[00:11] Murska: Aegnor is following this conversation with a small hint of a smile.
[00:11] Hope: "The water here never freezes."
[00:12] Murska: 'She told me the water is alive, and moves things.'
[00:12] Murska: Cessie feels the magical whatever returning quickly towards the lake along some unknown route.
[00:12] Shadowcaller: "To cover up then… she did? I saw the very same thing…"
[00:12] Shadowcaller: "Its returning."
[00:13] Shadowcaller: "It might be a water elemental."
[00:13] Hope: The nymph's face suddenly breaks out into a big smile. "Ooooh! It helps you hide! Can I have a clothes?"
[00:14] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks midly suprised "Um of course you can." She pulls out her backpack "Check for anything that moves, it might be here any moment."
[00:15] Shadowcaller: *mildly
[00:15] Murska: Aegnor repeats his question mentally. /So, how did you come here?/
[00:16] Hope: "I swam here."
[00:16] Hope: Simone kneels down by the pool and looks into it."
[00:16] Shadowcaller: Cessie soon pulls out on of her dresses, still looking up at the water from time to time
[00:16] Shadowcaller: "Wait, Simone. Step away from that water."
[00:17] Shadowcaller: "It might be dagerous, I can feel the magic presence coming closer."
[00:17] Murska: /Where did you come from then?/
[00:17] Murska: A small wave appears on the lake, moving towards the group.
[00:18] Hope: Simone stands and takes a few steps back, but is still watching it curiously. Her hand is at her spirit dagger.
[00:18] Hope: "From the oasis. We all live at the oasis."
[00:19] Shadowcaller: Michicora decides to try something and fires a arrow at the wave, just to see what happends
[00:19] Murska: It disappears into the water.
[00:20] Murska: The wave reaches the edge of the stone and splashes slightly.
[00:20] Shadowcaller: Where is the nymph and Aegnor?
[00:20] Murska: On the rocky whatever, a step or two from the water's edge.
[00:21] Shadowcaller: Cessie is a bit further away
[00:21] Shadowcaller: Still holding that dress in her hand
[00:21] Shadowcaller: Can she feel the presence?
[00:22] Hope: The nymph steps over to Cessie, looking at the dress. "How does it work?"
[00:22] Murska: Yeah. The lake feels magical again.
[00:22] Shadowcaller: She casts dispel magic at the lake
[00:22] Shadowcaller: And just absentmindly gives the nymph the dress mumbeling that she should be careful with it
[00:24] Murska: The lake withdraws from where the spell hits, and splashes around creating larger waves.
[00:24] Shadowcaller: "The whole lake is magical, intresting…"
[00:25] Hope: The nymph takes the dress and wraps it around herself like a scarf.
[00:25] Shadowcaller: "No! you need to put it over you head, like I am see?"
[00:26] Murska: Aegnor is looking at the lake, taking a single step away from it.
[00:26] Shadowcaller: Cessie is currenly concentrating on two things at once
[00:26] Shadowcaller: "I wonder what would happend if anyone drank from the lake…"
[00:26] Hope: "Kore! My name is Kore!" The nymph breaks out in a dazzling smile,
[00:26] Murska: (The evil dwarf paladin? Oo)
[00:27] Shadowcaller: (Stop quoting goblins >.>)
[00:27] Murska: (:P)
[00:27] Murska: /Say… does that 'water' do anything more than move things?/
[00:28] Shadowcaller: (Do the nymph listen to Cessies advice? She is really ruining the dress >.>)
[00:29] Hope: (She's not ruining the dress. She just doesn't know how to put it on)
[00:29] Hope: Kore tries to follow instructions to put the dress on properly. "It moves things. It's very good at moving things."
[00:30] Shadowcaller: Cessie tries to instruct the nymph about how to put on the dress
[00:31] Hope: Congratulations! There are no longer any naked people in the room. ;)
[00:31] Shadowcaller: Yay!
[00:32] Shadowcaller: As she have done so, she smiles at the nymph and then focuses her attention on the water
[00:32] Shadowcaller: She sets a bit closer, letting the air elemental cover her
[00:34] Shadowcaller: /Any theories what it can be Seren? I'm sure it is a water elemental, maybe it somehow have effected the water around it…"
[00:34] Shadowcaller: */
[00:34] Shadowcaller: She is talking in a very scholoary tone
[00:34] Murska: Aegnor smiles at the sight of a nymph in a dress. 'So… do you remember how to get back to where your sisters are?'
[00:35] Hope: "I could swim there. Can you still see me?"
[00:36] Hope: /I'm not sure. A guardian perhaps?/
[00:37] Shadowcaller: /Possible… I'm still intrested in what effects the water could have. Its doing a very poor job as a guardian really. Unless it was guarding this place from fire that is…"
[00:37] Shadowcaller: */
[00:37] Murska: 'You're still visible, yeah.'
[00:38] Shadowcaller: "We can still see you Kore, and I advice you to not use the clothes in the water, if you really need to swim, please take them off will you?… modestly."
[00:38] Shadowcaller: "Anyone have a container of some kind?"
[00:39] Murska: Well they all have a flask of water. Naib has three.
[00:40] Hope: "I thought it would help me hide better."
[00:40] Shadowcaller: She pours out the water in the bottle and fills it with the water of the lake.
[00:41] Shadowcaller: "No clothes covers your… sensitive parts."
[00:42] Shadowcaller: "The ones that you ought not be showing." She appears to be having trouble to pay attention to the nymph and the lake at the same time
[00:42] Shadowcaller: She is sitting down at the strand of it
[00:42] Murska: 'How long have you been hiding?'
[00:42] Shadowcaller: The air elemental nearby
[00:43] Murska: (Strand meant 'beach' or something similar, wasn't it?)
[00:43] Murska: (Edge of water)
[00:43] Shadowcaller: (yeah.)
[00:43] Murska: (I have a friend with that as surname)
[00:43] Hope: "I don't know. Longer than anyone else."
[00:44] Hope: "Did my sisters give up yet?"
[00:44] Murska: 'I haven't met them.'
[00:44] Hope: "They didn't send you?"
[00:44] Shadowcaller: "What else can you tell us about this "living water" Kore?"
[00:45] Murska: 'No… we fell into a pipe and followed it here to investigate.'
[00:46] Hope: "Oh! The pipes all lead here."
[00:47] Murska: Naib: 'Pipes…'
[00:47] Hope: "And the water goes along the pipes and moves anything that tries to block them."
[00:47] Murska: Naib: 'They lead to the oases?'
[00:48] Hope: Kore nods. "Yes. The pipes come from the oasis to here."
[00:48] Shadowcaller: "And the living water?"
[00:48] Murska: Naib looks shocked. 'Who made them?'
[00:50] Hope: "The living water keeps the pipes open." She looks confused at Naib. "Weren't they always here?"
[00:51] Shadowcaller: "Some type of advanced magical pumping station…"
[00:51] Shadowcaller: "Anyone willing to try the water?"
[00:53] Hope: "The water won't hurt you."
[00:53] Shadowcaller: "It won't? Have you been drinking it Kore?"
[00:53] Murska: If she examines the water in the flask, she notices that it no longer has a magical presence, only the traces she felt earlier
[00:54] Shadowcaller: "Strange… maybe we should move on then?"
[00:54] Hope: "I live in the water. I am the water."
[00:55] Murska: 'There's still the other doors.'
[00:55] Shadowcaller: "Anything strange that have happend to you while you were here?"
[00:55] Hope: "I just have to hide from the living water, so it won't move me. But I'm very good at hiding."
[00:56] Shadowcaller: "Okay… well we should move on, will you stay here Kore?"
[00:56] Murska: 'I think you should swim to your sisters.'
[00:57] Shadowcaller: "Not in my dress she should…"
[00:57] Hope: "You'll tell them I won, right?"
[00:57] Murska: 'If I meet them I will.'
[00:59] Hope: Kore spends a few minutes trying to get out of the dress again.
[01:00] Hope: "Why do you want this if you can't swim with it?"
[01:01] Shadowcaller: "I already said why you are supposed to wear it, not that it fits into your kind I guess… but people can be really uncofortable with you running around naked."
[01:01] Shadowcaller: "How well did it fit? It wasn't that bad was it?"
[01:02] Hope: "It's funny. I like it. Even though it doesn't help me hide."
[01:03] Shadowcaller: "Well, thats good I guess."
[01:03] Hope: She hands the dress back to Cessie and dives into the pool.
[01:03] Shadowcaller: She packs it into her packpack again
[01:04] Hope: /Goodbye! I'll see you at the oasis./
[01:04] Murska: /Farewell./
[01:04] Shadowcaller: Then she stands up "Well, we ought get moving."
[01:04] Hope: Simone: "Are all nymphs so… silly?"
[01:04] Shadowcaller: "I think they are… running around naked…"
[01:05] Shadowcaller: "I wonder how they breed anyway."
[01:05] Shadowcaller: "If they breed that is."
[01:05] Shadowcaller: "Not really sure how spirits came to be."
[01:05] Shadowcaller: *come
[01:06] Murska: 'They're mostly like that, yeah. Quite playful, usually. And they like music.'
[01:06] Hope: Seren: "I've never seen them before. The spirits I've encountered have been much more… formidable."
[01:07] Shadowcaller: "Lets not put your mind on it too much…"
[01:07] Shadowcaller: "Why are they all females anyway? Why do they even look like us? So many questions, so little answers."
[01:08] Shadowcaller: She steps out from the room again, the air elemental following her
[01:08] Hope: (Pan wasn't female)
[01:08] Shadowcaller: (Well, nymphs that is.)
[01:08] Hope: Seren and Simone follow her
[01:08] Murska: Aegnor follows her, and Naib after a long glance at the lake.
[01:09] Hope: (He's missing the Tree :( )
[01:09] Shadowcaller: (WHo is missing the tree?)
[01:09] Shadowcaller: She walks up to the door and then lets the air elemental approach it first
[01:09] Murska: (Well, Aegnor is but I meant Naib took the glance.)
[01:10] Murska: (He's very interested at the apparent oasification project)
[01:10] Murska: This door appears to actually be a door
[01:10] Murska: and not any kind of a 'push slab' system
[01:10] Shadowcaller: The elemental carefully push the door open
[01:10] Shadowcaller: Or drags it open, whatever way it opens
[01:11] Murska: Pushes.
[01:11] Murska: The doors open to a wide tunnel with even MORE stairs at the end of it.
[01:12] Shadowcaller: She lets the air elemental go first again and she quickly follows it
[01:12] Shadowcaller: She is walking a bit faster now
[01:12] Hope: Seren tries to keep up.
[01:13] Murska: They head up the stairs, which level out quite soon into a short tunnel and another set of doors, a bit heavier.
[01:13] Shadowcaller: She lets the air elemental push open these doors too
[01:13] Murska: They take a bit more work but open. Pale daylight greets them.
[01:15] Murska: They seem to be… inside the cover of the duststorm. There are a few buildings around, and a centrally located area which looks like it's once had a fountain. Everything looks quite old although well preserved.
[01:15] Shadowcaller: "So thats what I saw…" Cessie says to herself
[01:16] Shadowcaller: Not spending a lot of time being amazed, she orders the air elemntal out of the tunnel and follows it
[01:18] Murska: She and the others step out of the building. Outside, the eroded walls show signs of also once being decorated, although they're completely unrecognizable by now.
[01:19] Shadowcaller: WHat buildings are there?
[01:20] Murska: Not including the one you just came out of, there is a large sort of pyramid-shaped building and two smaller ones along the sides of the clearing
[01:21] Shadowcaller: Cessie approaches the pyramid looking one then, since it looks most important
[01:21] Murska: The others look around for a moment, following her a bit slower.
[01:22] Shadowcaller: I assume there is a door of some kind?
[01:22] Shadowcaller: Can she sense magic here+
[01:22] Shadowcaller: *?
[01:22] Murska: There's a lot of magic, yeah. It seems to be 'thickest' in the pyramid.
[01:22] Murska: And yeah, there's a doorway
[01:22] Murska: no door though
[01:23] Hope: Simone to Aegnor: "There were a lot of nymphs on the Tree, weren't there?"
[01:23] Murska: 'Yeah, there were. They tended to not show themselves much, but they liked listening to my playing.'
[01:23] Shadowcaller: She stops for a moment, looking up at the mighty pyramid, then she enters it, with the elemental moving in first
[01:23] Shadowcaller: (nymphs and dryads.
[01:23] Shadowcaller: *)
[01:24] Hope: "Everybody like to hear you," Simone says, smiling.
[01:24] Hope: Seren: "There's something here. Can you feel it?"
[01:24] Hope: He's following Cessie.
[01:25] Murska: 'Hey, wai…' As Cessie enters, the floor rises up right behind her at the doorway.
[01:25] Murska: Small wisps of dust float across the clearing near the others, and more rumbling is heard.
[01:25] Murska: Aegnor rushes to the doorway, but it's completely blocked.
[01:26] Shadowcaller: (No one but Cessie manged to enter?)
[01:26] Murska: (the elemental did)
[01:28] Shadowcaller: She attempts to contact Aegnor telepathically
[01:28] Hope: Seren rushes forward as well. What's blocking the doorway?
[01:29] Murska: A lot of stone, originally floor, now it's just a solid wall. The dust forms small trombs around the clearing.
[01:29] Murska: Three, in fact, although nobody pays any attention to them.
[01:29] Hope: (trombs?)
[01:29] Murska: (tiny tornadoes)
[01:29] Hope: (kay)
[01:29] Hope: /Cessie?/
[01:30] Shadowcaller: (Can she hear?)
[01:30] Murska: Very faintly
[01:30] Shadowcaller: /Yes, I'm okay Seren./
[01:30] Shadowcaller: /How are the others?/
[01:30] Murska: Seren can barely hear anything
[01:31] Hope: /Cessie? Can you hear me? I'll try and get that wall down./
[01:31] Hope: He tries to summon an earth elemental.
[01:31] Murska: The pyramid rumbles slightly. Aegnor punches the wall.
[01:31] Shadowcaller: / I can hear you./
[01:31] Murska: Seren's spell somehow feels more difficult than usual. And the dust thingies keep growing, at this point someone might notice them
[01:32] Hope: Simone does. "Aegnor…"
[01:32] Murska: 'What?'
[01:32] Hope: "The dust looks… alive."
[01:33] Murska: '…what?' Aegnor turns and sees the now around two-meters high pillars of sand and dust floating, starting to move towards them. 'Uh oh.'
[01:33] Hope: Seren pays no attention and keeps trying to summon his earth elemental to batter down the wall.
[01:33] Murska: Seren's spell finally succeeds and the elemental appears.
[01:34] Murska: 'We need to get away from those things!'
[01:34] Hope: He orders it to batter down the wall.
[01:34] Shadowcaller: /Are you there? I can hardly hear you./
[01:34] Murska: As it attacks the wall, it's… fist? just gets sucked into the wall, stuck.
[01:35] Murska: Aegnor points at one of the smaller buildings. 'Let's go there.'
[01:35] Hope: Simone runs back the way they came.
[01:35] Hope: Or not.
[01:35] Murska: It's on the opposite side of the clearing
[01:35] Hope: Changes direction and goes where Aegnor says.
[01:35] Murska: Naib also goes that way.
[01:35] Shadowcaller: Michicora keeps herself ready to fight these things
[01:35] Hope: "We have to get Cessie out of here!" Seren says,
[01:36] Shadowcaller: Michicora follows Aegnor then, fiering off a arrow against the elementals
[01:36] Shadowcaller: Or wahtever they are
[01:36] Shadowcaller: *whatever
[01:37] Murska: Aegnor grabs his wrist. 'We'll find a way in, but those things look hostile.' The closest one fires a rock towards Michicora, the arrow passing through it harmlessly.
[01:37] Murska: 'Correction, they ARE hostile.'
[01:37] Hope: Seren allows himself to be dragged off, but the elemental keeps trying to batter through.
[01:39] Murska: The elemental gets stuck in the wall which mercilessly attempts to crush it. They run towards the buildings as the dust thingies follow them rather slowly.
[01:40] Hope: The elemental keeps fighting as long as it can. Though I suspect this isn't going to be long.
[01:41] Murska: I dunno what happens to a stone elemental once a stone wall eats and crushes it. >.>
[01:41] Murska: But probably nothing good.
[01:41] Hope: Absorbed and incoporated, I would think.
[01:41] Hope: No longer independent, or under Seren's control, I would guess.
[01:42] Murska: Let's go with that.
[01:42] Shadowcaller: Michicora follows the others
[01:42] Murska: The group holes up in the building.
[01:42] Murska: It seems to be rather ruined from the inside, with nothing much but a few empty rooms.
[01:43] Murska: Meanwhile, Cessie is left in the dark pyramid.
[01:44] Shadowcaller: How dark is it?
[01:44] Murska: Well, she has her light
[01:44] Murska: otherwise it'd be pitch black
[01:44] Shadowcaller: Yeah, but still
[01:44] Shadowcaller: Okay
[01:44] Shadowcaller: She looks around
[01:45] Murska: It's rather hard to make out the shape of the room but it looks like it's an entry hall
[01:45] Shadowcaller: /Seren? Are you there?/
[01:45] Shadowcaller: /Aegnor?/
[01:46] Murska: She doesn't hear any response.
[01:46] Murska: But there's something magical and powerful nearby.
[01:46] Shadowcaller: She did hear him once, the walls must be blocking it somehow
[01:47] Shadowcaller: She moves on I guess, finding no other choice
[01:47] Hope: (She still has her elemental)
[01:47] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[01:47] Murska: She feels slight rumbling again.
[01:47] Shadowcaller: (I know.)
[01:48] Shadowcaller: She lets the elemental go first (as always) and follows it, in a much slower pace
[01:48] Murska: Suddenly an unfamiliar female voice speaks in her mind. /Watch out!/
[01:49] Shadowcaller: She ducks I guess
[01:50] Murska: The floor under her shakes and crumbles, but with the advance warning, she manages to leap out of the way.
[01:51] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I knew that. But she isn't comgortable jumping on a hard floor:P)
[01:52] Shadowcaller: She slowly crawls up from the floor again, she might have scrapped her knee /Who is this?/
[01:53] Murska: /Can't… speak now. You need to reach the top room./
[01:53] Shadowcaller: While she is talking, she goes onwards, more careful about the floor ctumbling under her
[01:53] Shadowcaller: *crumbling
[01:53] Shadowcaller: /Why? What do you want with me?/
[01:53] Murska: More rumbling and some other sounds come from around her. She feels a lot of magic.
[01:53] Murska: /Just go!/
[01:54] Shadowcaller: She orders the elemental to give a light push to every section of the floor it passes
[01:55] Shadowcaller: /I would be much willing to comply if you just told me what this is about./
[01:55] Murska: It all feels quite as solid. She doesn't get a response this time. The wall on her left side shakes.
[01:55] Shadowcaller: /Whoever you are./
[01:56] Shadowcaller: She follows the elemental closely
[01:57] Shadowcaller: How do the building look like then?
[01:57] Shadowcaller: Inside
[01:57] Murska: She has left the entry hall along a corridor leading deeper into the pyramid.
[01:58] Murska: It's really rather dark.
[01:58] Shadowcaller: Well she goes deeper into it I guess
[02:00] Shadowcaller: Trying to see anything out of the ordinary around her
[02:00] Shadowcaller: That is in out of the ordinary in a dark magic pyramid
[02:00] Shadowcaller: Trying to sense magic
[02:00] Murska: The corridor ends into a T-junction
[02:00] Shadowcaller: Everywhere she goes
[02:01] Murska: Well, there's magic around her so it's quite difficult to sense anything specific
[02:01] Shadowcaller: She goes left then the elemental first
[02:02] Murska: As she turns the corner, the floor under her turns to sand, her feet sinking into it
[02:02] Shadowcaller: She leaps out of the way I guess, ordering the elemental to help her
[02:02] Murska: One of her shoes gets stuck and is pulled off her leg
[02:03] Shadowcaller: /Damn it…/
[02:03] Shadowcaller: She looks in the left direction once she is on safe ground, dose she see a end?
[02:04] Shadowcaller: She tries to enlarge the light as much as possible
[02:04] Murska: She sees a few doorways along the way and an end to the corridor.
[02:04] Shadowcaller: How long is the sandhole?
[02:04] Murska: long?
[02:04] Shadowcaller: Yeah, how far dose it extend?
[02:05] Shadowcaller: Along the left corridor
[02:05] Murska: It was just under her feet.
[02:05] Murska: she can jump over it if she wants
[02:05] Shadowcaller: She dose so
[02:06] Shadowcaller: Have she replenished her fly spells by the way?
[02:06] Murska: No
[02:06] Murska: not really had time
[02:06] Murska: :P
[02:06] Shadowcaller: She continues down the left corridor then
[02:06] Shadowcaller: The elemental is still pushing stones
[02:07] Murska: She comes to the first doorway. The light doesn't illuminate much of the room inside
[02:07] Shadowcaller: As it was a human walking over
[02:07] Shadowcaller: She lets the elemental enter first
[02:08] Shadowcaller: Then after it been there for a minute or so, she enters too
[02:08] Murska: The room has two stone 'benches', chest height, along with a fallen-over bookshelf-looking thing, also made from stone.
[02:08] Murska: It's broken.
[02:08] Shadowcaller: (Lizardmen lies egg by the way.)
[02:09] Shadowcaller: She oberves the benches
[02:09] Murska: They, as everything else, look old and worn.
[02:10] Murska: There are small pieces of stone and some of the light material down in the pipe around.
[02:10] Shadowcaller: The bookshelf then, anything intresting about it?
[02:10] Murska: It's cracked in half.
[02:10] Shadowcaller: She decides to move on
[02:10] Shadowcaller: The elemental first
[02:11] Shadowcaller: Into the next room
[02:11] Murska: The next room is similar, but the bookshelf is upright. There's something glittering in the light on it.
[02:11] Shadowcaller: She tries to see what is is
[02:12] Murska: It's on a shelf higher than her head.
[02:12] Shadowcaller: She orders the elemental to pick it down
[02:12] Murska: It appears to be a small black metallic object, magical one.
[02:13] Shadowcaller: What type of magic?
[02:13] Murska: What are types of magic?
[02:13] Shadowcaller: Can she tell its function?
[02:13] Shadowcaller: Well, function then
[02:13] Murska: Not without any study
[02:13] Murska: It's shaped like a short wand.
[02:13] Shadowcaller: /Could be cursed…/
[02:14] Murska: The room shakes and the bookshelf creaks a bit.
[02:14] Shadowcaller: She decies to put it in her pocket and move on to the next room
[02:14] Murska: Then it suddenly tips over, falling towards her
[02:15] Shadowcaller: She dives for cover then
[02:15] Shadowcaller: She shield would block the hit a bit
[02:15] Murska: She manages to get under a bench, while the shelf cracks to pieces, smashing on top of it.
[02:15] Murska: Shards of stone hit her shield.
[02:16] Murska: Behind the shelf, there's a small protruding piece of the wall, looking oddly like it's grown from it.
[02:16] Shadowcaller: She brush of dusts from her clothes and limps (since she only have one shoe) over there and investigates this piece of wall
[02:17] Murska: It's probably what tipped the shelf over.
[02:17] Shadowcaller: She moves on to the next room
[02:18] Shadowcaller: Taking a bit of the material with her
[02:18] Shadowcaller: A small bit that is
[02:18] Murska: The next room looks just like the last with nothing interesting-looking on the shelf or anywhere else for that matter.
[02:19] Shadowcaller: She shrugs and moves on to the next room
[02:19] Shadowcaller: And so on until she seen all the rooms
[02:20] Murska: As she approaches the next room, the voice returns. /What are you doing? I can't hold it off much longer!/
[02:20] Shadowcaller: /Well, if you told me who you are…/
[02:20] Shadowcaller: /And why I should hurry in the first place?/
[02:20] Shadowcaller: /Give me a reason here./
[02:21] Murska: She sounds really angry. /The spell is trying to KILL you, isn't that reason enough?/
[02:21] Shadowcaller: /Spell?…/
[02:22] Shadowcaller: She decides to move on then, regretfully
[02:22] Shadowcaller: Any specific with this female voice?
[02:22] Murska: ?
[02:22] Shadowcaller: Well accent and such?
[02:23] Murska: Doesn't sound familiar.
[02:23] Murska: It's speaking elvish without the 'flow' of it.
[02:24] Shadowcaller: Well, she continues deeper into the pyramid, wondering what spell that possibly would be effecting her, she hasn't feel anything yet
[02:25] Hope: (This is why no one wants to let Cessie lead the way. She doesn't seem properly anxious about something trying to kill her.)
[02:26] Shadowcaller: (Well, there are signs of a ancient civilization here, they might not be here for long.)
[02:26] Shadowcaller: (And there are no signs of this spell either.)
[02:26] Hope: (And /she/ might not be here for long.)
[02:26] Hope: (um… floor trying to eat you? Things being knocked over on you? Those are kind of like signs… :P)
[02:26] Murska: (Giant neon signs?)
[02:27] Shadowcaller: (thats just the old bulding falling into pieces she figures.)
[02:27] Hope: (And this is why no one wants to let Cessie lead the way)
[02:27] Murska: even the floor turning into sand? :P
[02:27] Shadowcaller: (It haven't effected her in any place other then this building.)
[02:27] Shadowcaller: (I read it as it collapsed or something.)
[02:28] Hope: (The wall that trapped her in the building? That wasn't deliberate either?)
[02:29] Murska: So, the left corridor only has those pretty much identical rooms
[02:29] Murska: she goes back to the right one?
[02:29] Shadowcaller: (There is no logic reason there would be a spell trying to kill her inside this bulding. So she makes up other reasons:P)
[02:29] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[02:30] Shadowcaller: Besides, all that might have been magical traps.)
[02:30] Hope: Even though the only person she's contacted since she's entered has /told/ her something is trying to kill her….
[02:30] Shadowcaller: It did?
[02:30] Hope: Seren: "Face it, Aegnor, we can't let her go anywhere alone."
[02:30] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[02:31] Hope: (It did.)
[02:31] Murska: I guess they're busy attempting to figure out a way to stay alive.
[02:31] Shadowcaller: (And she can take care of herself >.>)
[02:31] Murska: (Technically she very much can't. :P)
[02:31] Shadowcaller: (How so?)
[02:31] Hope: (She can. Unless there is something interesting nearby that is distracting her from taking care of herself)
[02:31] Murska: (Well the voice's barely managing to keep her alive)
[02:32] Shadowcaller: (I mean, in norma situations, not inside pyramids of doom.)
[02:32] Shadowcaller: *normal
[02:32] Hope: (*dies laughing*)
[02:33] Hope: (If Aegnor ever finds out what is happening inside the pyramid of doom, he'll never let Cessie out of his arm reach again)
[02:33] Shadowcaller: (bah.)
[02:33] Murska: (Never. EVER. :P)
[02:33] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, that will work out…)
[02:33] Shadowcaller: (not.)
[02:33] Shadowcaller: (Its not like he would be able to anyway.)
[02:34] Hope: (So.. Cessie continues on her little casual exploration)
[02:34] Shadowcaller: She dose
[02:34] Shadowcaller: She don't really trust that voice anyway
[02:34] Shadowcaller: But she continues on
[02:35] Murska: The right corridor is quite a bit longer and branches out at one point
[02:35] Shadowcaller: Well she continues down it
[02:35] Hope: brb
[02:36] Shadowcaller: Its a magical pyramid, she figured that all things were just traps really
[02:36] Murska: augh, brb
[02:36] Shadowcaller: Bah
[02:37] Hope: apparantly I can't scan my benefits documents while doing other things. It's gone into a permanent loop
Session Close (Group Conversation 16157): Wed Jul 15 02:37:17 2009

[02:53] Shadowcaller: It flies up in the air
[02:53] Shadowcaller: Hopefully where it can't reach it
[02:53] Hope: (how much did I miss)
[02:54] Shadowcaller: Not much
[02:54] Murska: Could you please GM for ten minutes while I prepare myself dinner?
[02:55] Shadowcaller: breakfast you mean? it must be 5 AM over there
[02:55] Murska: well technically
[02:55] Hope: I can if someone pastes in what I missed
[02:55] Murska: but consisting of foodstuffs usually reserved for dinner
[02:56] Murska: She continues down the corridor
Why not transform the thing holding the celling into send instead?
Eh, anyway…
Aegnor sanoo:
The corridor continues for a while. Then opens up into a room with a giant staircase in the middle of it. The thing holding the ceiling is a lot of stone in the walls.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Transform a few stones into sand then?^^ She goes up the stairs
[02:56] Murska: Aegnor sanoo:
Well what'd that help? The top of the staircase is blocked by an earth elemental.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
The whole thing would come falling down
The stones are pressed against each other
An earth elemental?
Dose it move?
Aegnor sanoo:
Actually since the walls are solid stone…
anyway, it's not moving
Shadowcaller sanoo:
Wait, solid stone? no blocks?
Aegnor sanoo:
[02:56] Murska: There were blocks on the outside though.
Shadowcaller sanoo:
So they carved this whole thing out? o.O
Cessie orders the elemental to approach the earth elemental
Aegnor sanoo:
As the air elemental ascends the staircase, at halfway point the earth elemental attacks it.
[02:56] Murska: that's that
[02:57] Hope: okay.
[02:58] Shadowcaller: The air elemental flies up into the air
[02:58] Shadowcaller: Out of reach
[02:59] Hope: Backwards then?
[02:59] Shadowcaller: Yes
[03:00] Hope: The earth elemental returns to its former position.
[03:00] Shadowcaller: She casts invisibility on herself
[03:00] Shadowcaller: Then silence
[03:01] Shadowcaller: The air elemental descends, stopping before the step the earth elemental attacked it on
[03:01] Hope: Nothing happens.
[03:01] Shadowcaller: Cessie also positions herself here, but as far away
[03:02] Shadowcaller: from the air elemental as possible while still staying at the same step
[03:02] Shadowcaller: Then the air elemntal moves up and so dose Cessie at the same time
[03:03] Shadowcaller: Up the stairs that is
[03:04] Hope: The earth elemental attacks the air elemental. As it does, one of its massive rocky 'arms' swings at Cessie.
[03:05] Shadowcaller: She tries to dodge it, she and the air elemntal moves in separate directions while still stayin g on the ground
[03:05] Shadowcaller: Her shield is still there by the way
[03:05] Shadowcaller: *elemental
[03:06] Hope: She dodges successfully, but loses her footing briefly, managing to catch herself before falling down the stairs.
[03:06] Hope: The earth elemental keeps trying to attack the air elemental unless it moves back down the steps again.
[03:06] Shadowcaller: It dosen't t
[03:07] Shadowcaller: It tries to dodge the earth elemntals attacks while Cessie runs up the stairs
[03:07] Hope: /Holy crap, do you know how dangerous that thing is? O.o/
[03:08] Shadowcaller: She casts dispel magic upon it while she runs
[03:09] Shadowcaller: Not really listening to the voice
[03:09] Shadowcaller: She first makes a good distance away from it vefore she casts it
[03:09] Shadowcaller: *before
[03:09] Hope: It doesn't seem to notice her as she's running, busy trying to absorb the air elemental into itself. But as soon as she casts the spell, its attention turns on her at once.
[03:10] Shadowcaller: Well, she keeps on running casting another dispel magic on it as she dose so
[03:10] Hope: She might be able to squeeze through the door at the top before it reaches her, but she's just as likely to be crushed by it. She'd have a better chance of safely retreating.
[03:11] Shadowcaller: Wait, retreating? How?
[03:11] Shadowcaller: That dosen't make much sense
[03:12] Shadowcaller: The earth elemental that Seren summoned were quite slow anyway
[03:12] Hope: Retreating back downt he steps
[03:12] Hope: Yes, this one is still slow, though faster and more powerful than Seren's.
[03:12] Shadowcaller: She had made quite a good distance between it and herself before she cast it
[03:13] Hope: So is she going up, or down?
[03:13] Shadowcaller: Heck she should be at the top of the stairs by now
[03:13] Shadowcaller: Its longer down then up
[03:13] Hope: She reaches the top just as the elemental does.
[03:13] Shadowcaller: So since she is more likely to get crushed by it by going down the stairs…
[03:14] Shadowcaller: I mean, right against it
[03:14] Hope: It smashes its massive fist at her, trying to smash her against the doorway.
[03:15] Hope: And it hits.
[03:15] Hope: Fortunately, the fist smashes against the shield.
[03:15] Shadowcaller: Well, some of these things didn't make much sense >.>
[03:16] Murska: http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=3152877
[03:16] Shadowcaller: Like how she would be safer by going down the stairs once it discovers her
[03:16] Hope: Rocks and dirt crumble away from the fist, and Cessie makes it through the doorway unharmed. Though she can tell by the force of the blow that if she hadn't been shielded, she would have been crushed.
[03:17] Shadowcaller: *discovered
[03:17] Hope: (mostly because there'd be more room to dodge going down)
[03:17] Hope: (Anyway…
[03:17] Murska: (yeah, so. Wanna continue? :P)
[03:17] Shadowcaller: Um, yeah
[03:17] Hope: (Removes GM hat, places on eyeball)
[03:17] Murska: (Hmpf.)
[03:17] Hope: (goes to take 3 am bubble bath)
[03:18] Murska: Soo. She escapes through the doorway as the elemental follows her.
[03:18] Shadowcaller: How long were those stairs anyway?
[03:18] Murska: Quite long.
[03:18] * Aegnor has left the conversation.
[03:19] *
moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[03:20] Shadowcaller: Well by good distance I meant "at top of stairs" since I didn't know how long they were at first
[03:20] Shadowcaller: I thought they were quite short
[03:20] Shadowcaller: Anyway, can the elemental follow her?
[03:21] Murska: darn disconnects
[03:21] Murska: please repeat everything after 'quite long'?
[03:22] Shadowcaller: Nothing
[03:22] Murska: 'kay
[03:22] Murska: So. Yeah, it can.
[03:22] Hope: (brb bath)
[03:23] Murska: It pretty much punched her through the doorway
[03:23] Shadowcaller: Invite again, the stupid mouse pad is scrweing up the text
[03:23] * Shadowcaller has left the conversation.
[03:23] *
moc.liamtoh|norewes#moc.liamtoh|norewes (Shadowcaller) has joined the conversation.
[03:23] Murska: did
[03:24] Shadowcaller: So, write what you said again
[03:24] Shadowcaller: Or whatever, just copy the last thing you wrote
[03:24] Murska: Aegnor sanoo:
It pretty much punched her through the doorway

[03:25] Shadowcaller: Still… it sould not have been able to follow her that quickly…
[03:25] Shadowcaller: *should
[03:25] Shadowcaller: Anyway, she is a bit dizzy after that
[03:26] Shadowcaller: Trying to collect her thoughts she slowly moves forward
[03:26] Shadowcaller: Whats there?
[03:27] Shadowcaller: The air elental will fly up as soon as the earth elemental left it
[03:27] Murska: It is following her
[03:27] Murska: right now
[03:27] Shadowcaller: It is? Really you need to say the size of these doorsways/stairs
[03:27] Murska: There's another hall, and two corridors. They seem… odd. Not quite natural.
[03:28] Murska: the main ones are quite large, let's say four people wide
[03:28] Shadowcaller: And these corridors are large enough for the elemental?
[03:28] Murska: Yup
[03:28] Shadowcaller: If it can move so fast up the stairs she shpuld not stand a cahnce against it
[03:28] Shadowcaller: *should
[03:29] Shadowcaller: She would never be able to outrun it in the corridor
[03:29] Murska: /Get into a corridor!/
[03:30] Shadowcaller: She dose so
[03:31] Murska: She runs, barely ahead of the thing, into a corridor, and as it enters behind her, the whole ceiling collapses on it. It isn't really a 'collapse' but it more like seems the rock, which looks a bit like a natural cave wall here, 'grows' around it. She manages to clear the phenomenon.
[03:31] Murska: /Keep moving!/
[03:31] Shadowcaller: She dose so:P
[03:32] Murska: She glances back, nearing the end of the corridor where it turns, and as she turns back towards where she's going, she suddenly sees a face in the wall, inches from her.
[03:34] Shadowcaller: She feels like she don't have control of the situation (which she lost a long time ago) Cessie stares at the face (how dose it look like?)
[03:34] Murska: Not suprised at all, it seems.
[03:35] Murska: Well, the face, in the order of what she notices, is a lizardman's, has a look of horror on it and is actually made of stone.
[03:36] Shadowcaller: What are the walls made of+
[03:36] Shadowcaller: *?
[03:36] Murska: Stone.
[03:36] Murska: They kinda look like natural cave walls.
[03:36] Murska: Unlike down below.
[03:37] Shadowcaller: yeah, thats what I was wondering
[03:37] Shadowcaller: Do she hear anything?
[03:38] Murska: Some rumbling, which seems quite common.
[03:38] Shadowcaller: /Hello? What is this stone face?/
[03:39] Shadowcaller: She looks further down the corridor, is there anything there?
[03:40] Murska: It curves soon, she can't see past it
[03:40] Shadowcaller: How light is it here? Did the pyramid appeared this large from the outside?
[03:40] Murska: You didn't quite catch it's dimensions outside. It's possible it was this large.
[03:41] Murska: And still no light sources
[03:41] Shadowcaller: Dose the voice respond?
[03:41] Murska: Yes, it's sounding rather tired. /Just keep moving./
[03:41] Shadowcaller: She dose so then
[03:42] Shadowcaller: Much faster then she did before
[03:42] Murska: The tunnel starts curving upwards aswell, and soon separates into three more.
[03:42] Shadowcaller: /Which one?/
[03:43] Murska: /They… change. Second from the right, for now./
[03:43] Shadowcaller: She follows that advice
[03:43] Shadowcaller: ANd isn't easier to say the middle one?^^
[03:44] Murska: three more = 1+3
[03:44] Shadowcaller: Unless I missunderstood
[03:44] Murska: no middle one
[03:44] Shadowcaller: yeah, it was either 4 or 3
[03:44] Shadowcaller: Well I'm going that direction
[03:45] Murska: She heads down the tunnel and finds a cave, with a spring, a small pond and even some vegetation, with a hole in the ceiling showing sky far above. The pyramid definetly didn't seem this big.
[03:45] Shadowcaller: Putting up a new shield spell, the last one
[03:46] Shadowcaller: So any exits? beside the one in the celling
[03:46] Shadowcaller: She dosn't trust water inside pyramids of doom >.>
[03:47] Murska: There's an exit from the cave onwards. Oddly enough, it's a brick staircase. Just like the one before. Looks very out of place in a cave.
[03:47] Shadowcaller: How thirsty is she anyway?
[03:48] Murska: Well she hasn't drank in a while so she's somewhat thirsty, not to mention she poured away all her water for the water from the magic lake, but she probably wouldn't think of it right now
[03:49] Shadowcaller: She drinks some water from her bottle then, not sure how many times she can summon water in a day
[03:49] Shadowcaller: Lets say three times?
[03:50] Murska: She's already used one.
[03:50] Shadowcaller: Two actually
[03:50] Murska: ah.
[03:50] Shadowcaller: She drinks some water and continues
[03:50] Hope: (back)
[03:50] Murska: She passes a very realistic statue of a fallen lizardman.
[03:51] Murska: Up the stairs?
[03:51] Shadowcaller: Is there another way?
[03:51] Murska: Up the ceiling?
[03:51] Murska: :P
[03:51] Shadowcaller: If she had fly spells left…
[03:51] Shadowcaller: She calls on the air elemental
[03:52] Shadowcaller: Which should be alive somewhere
[03:52] Murska: Hmm. It was left behind with the earth elemental
[03:52] Shadowcaller: yeah, it can fly thought
[03:52] Murska: well, the corridor was completely sealed temporarily
[03:52] Murska: then the earth elemental broke through, didn't see Cessie and returned to where it was
[03:53] Murska: or attacked the air one if it noticed it
[03:53] Shadowcaller: Well it had retreated back and was flying
[03:53] Shadowcaller: You decide if it finds her thought
[03:54] Murska: Well, it doesn't yet, at least.
[03:54] Shadowcaller: Okay
[03:54] Shadowcaller: She casts ward on herself
[03:55] Shadowcaller: She is still under the effects of invisibility and silence by the way
[03:55] Shadowcaller: She goes up the stairs then
[03:56] Murska: As she's walking, she feels the rock heat up in her clothing
[03:57] Shadowcaller: She continues I guess
[03:57] Shadowcaller: She summones some water to cool down
[03:57] Murska: the red firemagic focus rock of returning, that is.
[03:57] Shadowcaller: Oh, she picks it up then
[03:58] Murska: It's glowing somewhat.
[03:58] Shadowcaller: She don't summon water then
[03:58] Shadowcaller: Holding it in her right hand, she continues
[03:59] Shadowcaller: She got clothes and a few ransons in her backoack
[03:59] Shadowcaller: *backpack
[03:59] Shadowcaller: Including a knife
[04:00] Murska: The one Aegnor gave her?
[04:00] Shadowcaller: yeah
[04:00] Murska: Anyway, she climbs the stairs, she's quite tired by now.
[04:00] Murska: Been a looooong day.
[04:00] Shadowcaller: Indeed
[04:00] Murska: (and so am I)
[04:00] Shadowcaller: /stupid pyramids…/
[04:01] Shadowcaller: (Well, she can't really fall asleep can she?)
[04:01] Hope: (Since it's not really dangerous here, why not? :P)
[04:01] Murska: (Heh. Anyway, I'm going to fall asleep soon and I'm really uninspired today9
[04:01] Shadowcaller: (Well by know it have intensified some.)
[04:01] Shadowcaller: (Sure, we can end it there.)Session Close (Group Conversation 12316): Wed Jul 15 03:18:42 2009

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