Exodus 06

0:20:28 Shadowcaller: The storm was coming
0:20:44 Shadowcaller: Cessie was helping with whatever she could along with the air elemental
0:20:54 Shadowcaller: Darn fire elemental is only good for combat
0:24:01 Hope: Everyone else is doing what they can, or just staying out of the way.
0:25:16 Aegnor: The storm approaches very quickly, and they barely manage to get some shelter together thanks to Naib before it hits. The sound of the wind is horrible, they're unable to hear anything else and the flying dust obstructs the view, not that there's much to see.
0:26:22 Shadowcaller: Hm, are they separated?
0:26:33 Shadowcaller: I don't think everyone can be in the same tent
0:26:38 Aegnor: They are
0:27:03 Shadowcaller: Cessies protection must shield from the storm right?
0:27:20 Aegnor: What protection does she have again? :P
0:27:41 Shadowcaller: That shield
0:27:59 Shadowcaller: And I'm not talking about the protection she uses against Aegnor >.>
0:28:14 Shadowcaller: I'm talking about the shiled the got from Seren
0:28:22 Shadowcaller: *shield
0:28:38 Shadowcaller: You know, the one who could take hits from sword and arrows?
0:29:04 Aegnor: Yeah, it prevents her from being physically mauled by the sand, although the wind is still strong enough to force her to stay in cover or risk being floated off somewhere
0:29:15 Shadowcaller: Okay
0:29:55 Aegnor: So, of the party, Aegnor, Cessie and Hope are in the same 'tent' which is barely holding together, and the other important-ish characters are elsewhere
0:30:07 Shadowcaller: Okay
0:30:19 Hope: So everyone huddles togeteher, with the children and elderly and frail in the center and warriors on the outside.
0:31:07 Aegnor: Time passes and sand gathers against the carts.
0:31:27 Aegnor: A while later, everyone feels the ground shake and hears over the howling winds a sort of a deep rumble.
0:31:37 Shadowcaller: The air elemental protects their tent
0:31:42 Shadowcaller: From too much wind
0:32:10 Hope: Hope to Naib: "What is that?"
0:32:27 Shadowcaller: (He's not in the same tent.)
0:32:35 Shadowcaller: (I think.)
0:32:39 Aegnor: And they couldn't really talk very well anyway, except by shouting into each other's ear
0:32:57 Hope: (n/m then)
0:33:11 Hope: Hope wonders what it is and worries to herself then.
0:33:42 Shadowcaller: Have the storm ceased in any way?
0:33:55 Aegnor: Not yet.
0:34:57 Aegnor: Then under the farthest tent, incidentally the one we're at, the ground starts shifting.
0:36:24 Shadowcaller: Cessie notices this and casts fly on Aegnor, hope and herself, not that she think they would fly very well in the storm but it would be better then falling down and die
0:37:47 Aegnor: The ground under them, as well as the tent and the cart, and the whole area starts sinking. They'll have to risk either staying in cover from the wind or trying to fly in it and being carried off to who knows where.
0:37:48 Hope: Simone clutches Aegnor.
0:37:59 Aegnor: Aegnor keeps a hold of her.
0:38:00 Shadowcaller: (Shes
0:38:05 Aegnor: (She's not. :P)
0:38:07 Shadowcaller: (SHe's not there either.P)
0:38:16 Aegnor: (She's in this tent, let's say.)
0:38:35 Shadowcaller: (Okay,.)
0:38:40 Aegnor: (Since she'd have been sleeping nearby anyway)
0:39:40 Hope: Flying in the duststorm would result in everyone but Cessie getting scoured to the bone by sand.
0:39:57 Shadowcaller: Levitate down then?
0:40:09 Shadowcaller: Its more to prevent them from dying of the fall
0:40:16 Shadowcaller: Not actually fly out of there
0:40:17 Aegnor: The people are panicing
0:41:38 Aegnor: Aegnor'll be holding on to Simone and staying right next to Cessie, levitating downwards to keep in cover. The ground starts falling faster, the other carts are also caught in it.
0:42:26 Shadowcaller: Well, Cessie is also levitating down
0:42:36 Aegnor: and, I assume, Hope?
0:42:51 Hope: Yeah
0:43:17 Hope: Holding on to whoever is nearest that she can ehlp
0:43:42 Aegnor: You hear a loud cracking noice, the ground seems to disappear. You're now under ground level so most of the duststorm is passing abovehead.
0:43:56 Aegnor: People fall amongst the sands, with the cart and all kinds of stuff
0:44:55 Aegnor: but not for too far… out of seemingly nowhere a piece of wood hits Hope on the head, she falls unconscious and(I assume) falls down among the others(unless the spell keeps her in midair, which I don't think it would)
0:45:39 Shadowcaller: (No, you need to stay consccious.)
0:45:57 Shadowcaller: (So she will fall down >.>)
0:46:09 Shadowcaller: (Bad news is that Cessie only had 3 fly spells.)
0:46:21 Shadowcaller: (So one of them is falling down anyway.)
0:46:32 Shadowcaller: (Why did you have to move in Simone there?:S)
0:46:38 Aegnor: (Aegnor is holding on to her)
0:46:43 Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
0:47:05 Hope: I think even Cessie could carry Simone for a short time at least. She's very thin.
0:47:28 Aegnor: Sand falls down from the edges onto Cessie and Aegnor, pushing them downwards with the others
0:47:43 Aegnor: amongst it are pieces of wood and some other material which they don't really have time to study right now
0:47:56 Shadowcaller: Cessies protection should give them some cover
0:48:08 Aegnor: I'd assume the air elemental is giving them some cover
0:48:15 Shadowcaller: Yeah
0:48:18 Aegnor: anyway, I dunno what happens to it if a ton of sand falls on it
0:48:58 Shadowcaller: The sand will fall right throught it if it gets too heavy
0:50:29 Aegnor: well yeah, but what happens to the elemental itself? Nothing?
0:50:47 Shadowcaller: Not really
0:51:17 Hope: So Hope is lying unconscious amidst people and Simone is clinging to Aegnor.
0:51:43 Aegnor: they hit the bottom of whatever they're falling in, and sand piles on top of them
0:52:24 Aegnor: Aegnor attempts to compose himself and digs Simone and himself out.
0:53:34 Shadowcaller: Cessie have not been hit by the sand thanks to her shield spell. She dimisses it and tries to help the others
0:53:47 Shadowcaller: By digging up Simone with her bare hands
0:53:58 Shadowcaller: They must be quite dusty now
0:54:35 Aegnor: Ya think? :P
0:54:46 Aegnor: Hope happens to be shielded by the piece of wood so as not to suffocate
0:54:56 Hope: How many people have fallen? Just our tent, or the whole caravan?
0:55:17 Aegnor: You're not sure, you didn't actually see anything outside your tent.
0:55:52 Aegnor: Aegnor helps people and tries to find out how many are wounded. Mostly minor wounds, luckily.
0:56:22 Shadowcaller: The air elemental flies down and since it don't know complicated tasks, Cessie must possess it again
0:56:36 Shadowcaller: To dig out the villagers and such
0:57:04 Aegnor: One of the wolfen finds Hope and digs her out.
0:57:14 Shadowcaller: Cessie is not wounded at all, the shield even protected her from being dusty, but she now is since she helped digged Simone up
0:58:23 Aegnor: Aegnor notices Hope and rushes to her, checking if she's still alive and breathing out a sigh of relief when he notices she is.
0:59:25 Shadowcaller: The air elemental blows away a lot of the dust covering Hope and Aegnor
1:00:00 Aegnor: Hope could roleplay some of the villagers?
1:00:02 Aegnor: To not get bored here.
1:00:10 Shadowcaller: Then it goes searching for more villagers
1:00:29 Shadowcaller: Blowing away dust wherever it goes
1:00:45 Shadowcaller: If it sees signs of them, it stays there and tires to release them
1:01:03 Shadowcaller: (Cessie shaped air-elemental that is.)
1:01:59 Hope: Seren is reaching out telepathically, scanning for anyone who is in trouble and needs rescue.
1:03:09 Shadowcaller: (He should summon the earth elemental.)
1:03:38 Aegnor: People are gathering together, helping the wounded, families finding each other. It doesn't seem THAT bad, casualty wise, but they've lost a lot of supplies and water.
1:03:55 Hope: (Is the dust storm still overhead?)
1:04:00 Aegnor: (yup, it's very dark here)
1:04:22 Aegnor: Then some people make contact with people from the other tents, it appears they've also fallen
1:05:42 Shadowcaller: What do Cessie (or the elemental she currently possesses) see?
1:07:08 Aegnor: Not much since it's very dark. A lot of floating dust and small trickles of sand and people.
1:07:18 Aegnor: (No, not small trickles of people.)
1:07:23 Shadowcaller: ^^
1:07:56 Shadowcaller: It blows away the sand, trying to uncover more people
1:08:20 Hope: The soldiers are checking up on families, trying to find who has fallen and who might still be above.
1:08:50 Aegnor: It's pretty chaotic but at least most people seem to be alive and uncovered. The healers are led to the wounded, including Hope.
1:10:41 Hope: Is most of the caravan down below then?
1:10:46 Aegnor: yup
1:11:14 Shadowcaller: Cessie leaves the elemental and goes to check on Hope
1:11:35 Aegnor: People, including Hope, are tended to…
1:11:39 Aegnor: Time passes as people try to save as much as possible and do all this stuff.
1:12:30 Aegnor: Some time after, Hope comes to. Her first sight being directly upwards. Wooden beams criscross in her vision and through the holes she sees bright blue sky.
1:12:34 Aegnor: The duststorm seems to be over.
1:12:58 Shadowcaller: I hope the fly spell still last?
1:13:11 Aegnor: I guess. Not for long though.
1:13:24 Hope: Hope tries to sit up.
1:13:28 Shadowcaller: Cessie is there when Hope wakes up
1:13:29 Aegnor: She has a horrible headache.
1:13:33 Shadowcaller: She instantly hugs her
1:13:36 Shadowcaller: "Hope!"
1:13:41 Aegnor: Aegnor is helping direct efforts of the villagers.
1:13:51 Aegnor: The healers also rush to her as she starts moving
1:13:55 Aegnor: and she oughta control those, I'm no healer. :P
1:14:55 Hope: Not much you can do for a knot on the head.
1:15:08 Hope: Well, apply ice, but I somehow think our supplies of ice are low…
1:15:16 Aegnor: :P
1:15:55 Shadowcaller: http://superdickery.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=34:suffering-sappho-index&id=527:best-wonder-woman-bondage-yet&Itemid=39
1:16:40 Shadowcaller: Well, Cessie leaves Hope a bit for the healers care then. She won't say anything unless the respond
1:17:50 Shadowcaller: (Don't say you got stuck on that site not >.>)
1:18:03 Hope: (no… brb though)
1:19:02 Shadowcaller: *too
1:19:26 Shadowcaller: (Um, so do anything else happends while Hope is waking up?)
1:19:49 Shadowcaller: (Cessie would have flied up and looked once the storm was over.)
1:20:43 Aegnor: There are a few people up there who're looking at the hole rather bewildered, and are very relieved when she flies up and hopefully tells them that the others are still alive
1:20:49 Aegnor: No signs of the soldiers
1:20:52 Aegnor: the enemy ones that is
1:21:15 Shadowcaller: Must be strange to see a flying woman thought:P
1:21:31 Shadowcaller: She dose so, how many are still up there?
1:21:59 Aegnor: Some twenty?
1:22:10 Shadowcaller: Okay
1:22:36 Shadowcaller: She tells them that the others are alright and that they don't need to worry about them
1:22:51 Hope: Simone investigates the surroundings.
1:23:01 Shadowcaller: What dose it look like up there?
1:23:09 Shadowcaller: Is the storm completely gone?
1:23:27 Aegnor: Yeah, she sees no trace of it. Which Naib could tell her was odd, if she asked.
1:23:34 Hope: The healers can't do much for Hope except clean the wound.
1:23:38 Aegnor: The original duststorm is still there though, but smaller.
1:23:56 Aegnor: If she floats higher, she can almost see something past it.
1:24:05 Aegnor: and in the Hope awakening timeline
1:24:09 Shadowcaller: What exactly?
1:24:23 Aegnor: Shapes. Some sort of a building maybe?
1:24:50 Shadowcaller: Intresting, she looks back at the hole but cab't resist flying a bit closer to it
1:24:56 Shadowcaller: *can't
1:25:05 Shadowcaller: Trying to see what it is
1:25:25 Aegnor: Flying closer doesn't really help unless she actually flies much closer
1:25:58 Shadowcaller: Well the close as she can before entering the storm
1:26:09 Shadowcaller: I guess you invented a limit of flying high?:P
1:26:37 Aegnor: Well yeah. :P Anyway, the storm is kilometers away so if she really wants to fly there, it'll take a while
1:27:38 Shadowcaller: SHe decides not to and flies back down into the hole, but not before reasuring the villagers that they are doing everything they can to help people down there
1:28:02 Hope: What does Simone see below?
1:28:06 Aegnor: They are quite happy to know that the others seem to be alive
1:29:53 Aegnor: Simone sees that, for one, they seem to have fallen through some odd material, according to pieces of it around, which feels cool to touch and is smooth and carved, as well as some wooden structural reinforcement stuff. Assuming she doesn't stray too far from the group, that's all.
1:30:35 Shadowcaller: She flies down again then
1:30:44 Shadowcaller: Back to the Hope waking up timeline
1:31:16 Aegnor: Shadowcaller sanoo: Cessie is there when Hope wakes up Aegnor sanoo: She has a horrible headache. Shadowcaller sanoo: She instantly hugs her "Hope!"
1:31:36 Hope: "What… happened?"
1:32:34 Shadowcaller: "Something fell on your head I think. But don't worry we are taking care of you and the others now." She smiles, but she dose look quite tired at the same time
1:33:06 Shadowcaller: "We are in some underground tunnel or something, I think most of us are alright thought…"
1:33:30 Hope: "Where is Promise?"
1:34:22 Shadowcaller: "Promise?" She gives her a odd look "He haven't been here for weeks, he is still in the spirit world remember?"
1:35:04 Hope: "… oh"
1:35:43 Shadowcaller: "…I guess I should let the healers take care of you now."
1:36:00 Shadowcaller: She lets Hope go
1:36:26 Hope: "Where are we?"
1:37:03 Shadowcaller: "As i said, in some underground tunnel or something."
1:37:23 Shadowcaller: "…in the desert. How hard did that thing hit you?"
1:37:51 Hope: Healer: "She may be suffering some confusion."
1:38:20 Shadowcaller: She looks worried, "How bad is it?"
1:38:56 Aegnor: brb
1:40:57 Hope: "Any blow hard enough to cause loss of consciousness is serious. But as long as she doesn't overdo it, she should recover on her own."
1:41:41 Shadowcaller: "Overdo what?"
1:43:03 Aegnor: back
1:43:16 Hope: "Physical activity. She'll need to rest. Travel in one of the carts…" The healer looks around, realizing the extent of the destruction. "I'm not sure any of the carts survived…."
1:44:01 Shadowcaller: "Oh dear… I'm sure we can make something for her."
1:44:33 Shadowcaller: "Hope, how are you feeling?"
1:45:04 Hope: "My head hurts. Aegnor is okay? And Simone?"
1:45:16 Shadowcaller: "They are both okay."
1:45:27 Hope: Once all the people are accounted for, Gilraen will start doing an inventory of supplies.
1:46:32 Aegnor: They're dangerously low on water and quite low on food aswell, some other stuff has broken but most is salvageable
1:47:03 Aegnor: Cessie suddenly feels a short burst of magic to one direction, deeper into the tunnel
1:47:27 Hope: Simone picks up a piece of the strange material that is small enough to easily carry.
1:47:39 Aegnor: It's quite light.
1:47:43 Shadowcaller: She looks that direction
1:47:53 Shadowcaller: NOt really sure if she want to leave Hope yet
1:48:01 Aegnor: She doesn't see anything special, just some people and darkness
1:48:04 Shadowcaller: Also, she summons some water to help Hope
1:48:35 Aegnor: Another burst.
1:48:48 Aegnor: (Seren react to this?)
1:49:05 Hope: (Does he feel it?)
1:49:13 Aegnor: yup
1:49:26 Shadowcaller: "Wait here a minute Hope, there is some magic down here…"
1:49:37 Shadowcaller: (Quite unessecary to say that but…:P)
1:50:00 Aegnor: Everyone hears some rumbling again, from the direction of the magic
1:50:06 Shadowcaller: She brushes off some of the sand from her robe and goes toward the burst of magic
1:50:13 Shadowcaller: Quite entralled by it
1:50:58 Hope: Seren tries to stop her.
1:51:04 Aegnor: She, and everyone else, are met by a waist-high wave of water which slows down to a small trickle. The piles of sand upon which the rescued equipment and the wounded have been placed remain dry.
1:51:13 Hope: /Cessie, we don't know what's there./
1:51:39 Shadowcaller: /We need to find out don't we?/
1:51:44 Hope: Gilraen to Naib: "Do you have any idea what this place is?"
1:51:56 Aegnor: 'No… I've never seen anything like this.'
1:51:56 Hope: /Not by yourself./
1:52:06 Shadowcaller: /Are you coming with me then?/
1:52:23 Shadowcaller: Where is Aegnor?
1:52:57 Aegnor: He's somewhere helping Gilraen with the supply count, or, more like gathering the water into anything that can hold it and is empty.
1:53:32 Shadowcaller: She looks at him briefly /Aegnor?/
1:54:07 Aegnor: /Cessie?/
1:54:45 Shadowcaller: /Yes, its me silly. I'm going to check out some magic I sense here, just so you know./
1:55:25 Aegnor: /Wait! Don't go alone, we don't know what's here./
1:56:00 Shadowcaller: /We need to know if its dangerous… I can take Seren with me if you are busy./
1:57:04 Aegnor: /We'll gather up a group for exploration. We'll have to find some way out anyway./
1:58:01 Shadowcaller: /Well we could wait a few days and let me cast fly on everyone in turns… if there is no other choice that is./
1:58:44 Shadowcaller: /This magic could be *very* dangerous… we need to find out what it is as soon as possible./
1:58:44 Hope: (I imagine ropes would be faster)
1:58:57 Shadowcaller: (We have that long ropes?)
1:59:07 Aegnor: (and we'd have to have something to tie them to)
1:59:08 Shadowcaller: (And where would we tie them?)
1:59:30 Hope: (How far down are we?)
1:59:35 Aegnor: /Okay… How's Hope?/
1:59:43 Shadowcaller: (Not that far I guess…)
1:59:55 Shadowcaller: (SInce everyone survived the fall.)
2:00:04 Aegnor: (Well, it was pretty slow at first)
2:00:27 Shadowcaller: (Shes fine, just a bit… confused thats all. She need to take it easy for a couple of days I think./
2:00:36 Shadowcaller: *she's
2:01:49 Aegnor: /Good to hear./
2:02:13 Aegnor: /So, I guess we'll go with Naib, Michicora and Seren?/
2:02:39 Shadowcaller: /If you find that that enough, then yes./
2:02:50 Shadowcaller: Michicora is most likely helping as everyone else is
2:03:35 Shadowcaller: So, dose something happend before this group is gathered?
2:03:46 Aegnor: No, the water keeps flowing and there are no bursts of water.
2:03:50 Shadowcaller: And should not Happy have a character to controll there?:P
2:03:51 Aegnor: or magic.
2:03:52 Hope: Simone wants to go as well.
2:03:58 Aegnor: Yeah, I was waiting for that. :P
2:04:01 Hope: I'm Seren, remember?
2:04:05 Shadowcaller: Right >.>
2:04:13 Aegnor: Aegnor assumes it's futile to try and stop her anyway. :P
2:04:30 Aegnor: Naib's right next to Aegnor since he was talking to Gilraen.
2:04:41 Aegnor: Michi's found pretty soon and Cessie probably calls Seren via mind.
2:04:50 Shadowcaller: Yeah
2:05:01 Shadowcaller: So off they go then
2:05:28 Shadowcaller: Michicora have quite good dark vision
2:05:32 Hope: I'm going to need to rest :(
2:05:45 Shadowcaller: But Cessie is using a light spell to enlight the dungeon
2:05:48 Shadowcaller: Okay:S
2:06:14 Shadowcaller: (The tiredness is going in waves, correct?)
2:06:43 Shadowcaller: (Some periods you can stay up quite much, others… not so much.)
2:07:04 Aegnor: *hugs Happy* Okay, I guess that's that for now?
2:07:04 Hope: (yeah. Of course today was a pretty demanding day)
2:07:22 Shadowcaller: *sigh* I really wanted to know what was down there
2:07:45 Shadowcaller: Starting early tomorrow? >.>
2:07:51 Hope: heh
2:08:03 Hope: I need to eat before I lay down again. So we can go for a little while longer.
2:08:09 Shadowcaller: Okay
2:09:02 Aegnor: So, you head down the tunnel. Some walking after, you find a pile of rocks and earth which seems to have been blasted aside for the water to flow.
2:09:36 Shadowcaller: Cessie shields herself and enters
2:09:48 Shadowcaller: Letting the air elemental protect her
2:10:23 Shadowcaller: Um, further into the tunnel that is
2:10:53 Aegnor: It starts curving soon.
2:10:54 Shadowcaller: What dose it look like around here? Is there some type of Hole?
2:11:12 Aegnor: It's still a tunnel, but the area after the blasted stuff seems to have walls made out of the odd light smooth material
2:11:20 Aegnor: there's still earth and water on the bottom, they'll have to wade in it
2:11:42 Shadowcaller: /This is really ruining my clothes…/
2:12:09 Aegnor: To herself?
2:12:13 Shadowcaller: (Yeah:P)
2:12:28 Shadowcaller: She takes the lead
2:12:40 Shadowcaller: Letting the air elemental clear the way
2:12:43 Hope: Seren tries to identify the type of magic involved.
2:13:05 Aegnor: Er. I don't know if it leaves traces or something.
2:13:14 Aegnor: But it's quite clear that something's blasted the stuff aside.
2:13:16 Aegnor: If that helps. :P
2:13:23 Shadowcaller: Yeah, we figured
2:13:45 Shadowcaller: So, we go further (down? up?)
2:13:50 Aegnor: The curve ends and the tunnel straightens out again.
2:14:00 Hope: (You said we sensed magic)
2:14:07 Aegnor: (Yeah, two bursts of magic.)
2:14:48 Shadowcaller: Well, we continue to follow it I guess, not much else to do
2:15:22 Shadowcaller: Cessie casts as many protective spells on her as possible (which only are two, not including invisibility.)
2:15:49 Shadowcaller: The air elemental in front
2:16:04 Aegnor: It goes on for a while, until finally they see the water flowing into the tunnel from a small pipe near the ceiling, the tunnel starting from there.
2:16:17 Aegnor: There are some markings revealed by the light on the wall here.
2:16:20 Shadowcaller: Dead end?
2:16:25 Aegnor: Yup.
2:16:41 Shadowcaller: Cessie attempts to read the markings in the light of her spell
2:16:51 Shadowcaller: The air elemental is now behind her
2:17:13 Aegnor: She has no idea what they mean, but as she and the others examine the wall they find that there's the outline of a door there.
2:17:13 Shadowcaller: "There are markings…"
2:17:33 Shadowcaller: "Anyone can read this?"
2:17:44 Aegnor: No.
2:17:52 Hope: Simone tries. Of course she can't read very many languages.
2:18:19 Aegnor: They don't even resemble anything anyone's seen before.
2:18:40 Shadowcaller: "Very well… I guess we need to go back again."
2:18:53 Hope: "There's a door."
2:18:58 Shadowcaller: "Very, very strange.. a door?"
2:19:04 Shadowcaller: "Where?"
2:19:26 Aegnor: Cessie, staring at the markings, almost remembers something… but is disturbed by the mention of the door.
2:19:29 Shadowcaller: "I should copy these down.. anyone have paper?"
2:19:45 Aegnor: I don't think anyone has paper. :P
2:19:56 Shadowcaller: (neither do I.)
2:20:26 Shadowcaller: "Um, I just try to memorize them then."
2:20:35 Shadowcaller: (she dose so.)
2:21:14 Aegnor: The others examine the door. Cessie feels a passing familiarity at some of the markings, but can't place it.
2:21:58 Shadowcaller: She shrugs and promises herself to bring down some paper and pen next time she visits this place
2:22:38 Shadowcaller: Then as she have tried to memorize the words, she turns to this "door"
2:23:32 Aegnor: There's an outline of a door, but no obvious way to open it.
2:23:38 Hope: Simone takes out her book. "What would make pipes in the desert?"
2:24:01 Shadowcaller: (You controll the book now Murska, it have no personality anyway.)
2:24:26 Aegnor: Er…
2:24:42 Shadowcaller: (And should't she ask the book what the text is?)
2:24:59 Aegnor: 'Pipes imply a construction effort by one of the intelligent races.'
2:25:02 Shadowcaller: (You can always go with: please, clarify your question.)
2:26:02 Hope: (How can she ask the book about the text? It can't 'see' it, can it?)
2:26:15 Shadowcaller: (Hm, I guess not.)
2:26:44 Shadowcaller: Cessie tries to find a way of opening the door, she feels around the "edges" of it
2:27:03 Aegnor: She doesn't find anything helpful.
2:27:25 Shadowcaller: "Hm, stand back a while and let me try something."
2:27:40 Aegnor: They get out of the way I assume.
2:27:54 Hope: Seren: "Are you sure it's safe? What are you doing?"
2:28:11 Shadowcaller: "I'm just trying a easy fireball on it, nothing serious."
2:28:37 Shadowcaller: "I don't really expect it to help, but you can always try with the earth elemental later."
2:28:59 Shadowcaller: She cast fireball upon the door
2:29:20 Aegnor: It impacts the door and leaves a slightly blackened spot but doesn't seem to have much effect.
2:29:40 Shadowcaller: "As expected…" Cessie sigh
2:29:48 Shadowcaller: "Your turn I guess Seren."
2:29:58 Shadowcaller: She walks away from the door
2:31:10 Hope: "I'm not sure smashing our way through it a good idea."
2:31:28 Shadowcaller: "I can't think of something else at the moment."
2:31:56 Aegnor: Naib: 'Please step aside for a moment?'
2:31:58 Hope: (So there's nothing to pick?)
2:32:22 Shadowcaller: "Um, sure."
2:32:42 Aegnor: (Nobody really searched for secret opening mechanisms around the wall or whatever)
2:33:21 Aegnor: Naib raises his fist and punches the door hard. It cracks and his fist goes through it, leaving a hole.
2:33:27 Shadowcaller: (I assumed they did really.)
2:33:47 Aegnor: 'Hm. Not that strong.'
2:34:18 Hope: (Oh well. Simone's player was eating, so i guess Simone was absorbed in the book and forgot she was the party rogue)
2:35:00 Aegnor: (Well, the small lever wouldn't have actually done anything, since the mechanism is broken)
2:35:07 Aegnor: He punches the hole larger.
2:35:15 Shadowcaller: "Well, then we can crush or way into it then." (And Cessie also assumed that they searched already.)
2:36:31 Aegnor: Soon, there's a hole big enough for them to fit through
2:36:44 Aegnor: There's a short tunnel and then a lot of stairs.
2:36:49 Shadowcaller: Once the hole is large enough Cessie will go inside
2:37:13 Shadowcaller: Going up the stairs, letting the air elemental go first again
2:37:49 Hope: Seren stays close to Cessie.
2:38:26 Hope: (And that's it for me. :( )
2:38:36 Hope: (I don't mind if you continue on without me though)
2:38:53 Aegnor: (Nah, we better not. :P)
2:38:59 Shadowcaller: (Eh, I don't know. Its not the same without you >.>)
2:39:24 Aegnor: Anyway, Aegnor passes her and heads up the stairs first, Naib goes last and Simone's somewhere in the middle.
2:39:47 Shadowcaller: Pass both her and the air elemental?
2:39:53 Shadowcaller: She really wanted to lead this one
2:40:05 Shadowcaller: How wide are these stairs anyway?
2:40:25 Aegnor: The air elemental can go first
2:40:49 Aegnor: but Aegnor ain't gonna let Cessie go first if there's no space to jump in front of her in case of an attack. :P
2:40:54 Aegnor: They're two people wide
2:40:56 Aegnor: barely
2:41:10 Shadowcaller: Well, she dose have a shield…
2:41:20 Shadowcaller: She isn't really unprotected
2:41:38 Shadowcaller: She might even protest if he tries to pass her
2:41:43 Hope: Then do it
2:41:45 Hope: In character.
2:42:04 Shadowcaller: Well, he first then >.>
2:42:16 Shadowcaller: Since its a response to his characters action:P
2:42:18 Aegnor: Well, he doesn't actually say anything. >.>
2:42:37 Shadowcaller: No, but he triest to pass her isn't he?
2:42:40 Aegnor: Yup.
2:42:43 Aegnor: Which I already said.
2:42:47 Shadowcaller: I can't react to something that isn't written
2:43:03 Hope: Anyway, Aegnor passes her and heads up the stairs first,
2:43:18 Shadowcaller: "Wait, I want to go first Aegnor."
2:43:28 Shadowcaller: "This place is magic, I know magic."
2:44:18 Aegnor: 'But…'
2:44:41 Shadowcaller: "Yes?"
2:44:45 Hope: Seren: "You should let him go first. We don't know what's in there."
2:45:09 Shadowcaller: "Well, he can't sense the magic, thats what we are here for isn't it?"
2:45:27 Aegnor: 'You can sense it one step behind me aswell, can't you?'
2:45:46 Shadowcaller: "And I'm more protected then he is."
2:46:01 Shadowcaller: "I'm not letting you take the fall for me."
2:46:53 Hope: "Magic may not be the only danger here."
2:47:38 Shadowcaller: "I don't really see what he can protect himself against that I can't? And besides, the air elemental is going first."
2:47:41 Hope: (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the sewars!)
2:48:28 Hope: "If he needs to throw a dagger at something, you'll be in his way."
2:48:37 Aegnor: He steps onto the stairs.
2:49:05 Shadowcaller: "And if I need to cast fireball at something, he will be in my way."
2:49:21 Hope: Seren suddenly realizes he's being way too obvious and shuts up.
2:49:51 Shadowcaller: "Can't I just lead? Why are you two being so protective all od sudden?"
2:50:05 Shadowcaller: *of
2:50:54 Aegnor: Aegnor heads up right next to the wall. 'If something attacks, fireball it past me.'
2:51:50 Shadowcaller: She sigh "Why are yo being so childish?"
2:51:57 Shadowcaller: *you
2:52:20 Shadowcaller: "If you want to go first, fine. Lead on then."
2:53:16 Shadowcaller: She mumbles something in Hestopian under her breath
2:53:41 Aegnor: The others behind Cessie and Seren are wanting for them to get moving already before Aegnor disappears from sight.
2:54:02 Hope: Seren follows behind Cessie.
2:54:14 Shadowcaller: They move on then, Cessie is a bit irritated
2:55:31 Shadowcaller: (Really, she didn't like that >.>)
2:56:57 Hope: (I guess she'll have to have a fight with Aegnor about it later then.)
2:57:48 Aegnor: More tunnels, more stairs, no deadly traps, nothing interesting… oh wait, a door blocking the way.
2:57:55 Shadowcaller: (Not sure if it would go that far, but she don't like that he tries to protect her when she thinks she can do a much better job protecting him.)
2:58:02 Aegnor: This one is quite a bit heavier looking, made of stone.
2:58:51 Aegnor: (Well, to Aegnor, Aegnor's expendable.)
2:59:10 Shadowcaller: (Why he needs to puts himself in constant danger for her… she can just do it much better.)
2:59:19 Shadowcaller: (He's not to Cessie.)
2:59:43 Hope: (He's not to Hope or Simone either)
3:00:02 Shadowcaller: (It was like she was being seen as weak, she didn't like that.)
3:00:27 Shadowcaller: (Or thats how she saw it anyway.)
3:00:32 Aegnor: (x-com style, even though a veteran in power armour is more likely to survive a shot, the redshirt with no armour goes in first.)
3:01:01 Hope: (I understand how Cessie feels. But Seren wouldn't want her to go first.)
3:01:19 Shadowcaller: (Yeah, we are not exaclty using cold logic here:P)
3:02:03 Hope: This is also the first time Seren's spent time around both Cessie and Aegnor. He's a little distracted by that.
3:02:26 Aegnor: (Cold logic would dictate Aegnor or Naib, probably Naib, with a shield spell, would go in first. :P)
3:02:33 Shadowcaller: (*exactly.)
3:02:43 Shadowcaller: (Naib have a spell shield?)
3:02:55 Aegnor: (No. But he's the fastest.)
3:03:02 Aegnor: (Reaction wise)
3:03:13 Shadowcaller: (Not easy to dodge anything in these stairs…)
3:03:31 Hope: (Anyway, I'm going to bed)
3:03:43 Aegnor: We end at the door then.
3:03:51 Aegnor: Oh, by the way, it has a dragon carved into it.
3:03:53 Aegnor: If anyone cares.
3:03:56 Shadowcaller: Ohh
3:04:09 Shadowcaller: Err.. you should know a thing or two about dragons…
3:04:21 Shadowcaller: Is there a dragon anywhere?:P
3:04:26 Aegnor: No, hopefully.
3:04:37 Shadowcaller: Well they are all dead mostly^^
3:04:54 Shadowcaller: Next plot will have something to do with that >.>
3:05:44 Aegnor: Anyway, it appears to be a stylized carving of one. Nothing spectacular, but fine work nevertheless.
3:06:15 Shadowcaller: Well, Cessie will be the first to try to open it, trying to take the lead again
3:06:47 Aegnor: She arrives to the door. What exactly does she do to try and open it?
3:06:59 Shadowcaller: It there a handle?
3:07:05 Shadowcaller: Or is it a push door?
3:07:12 Aegnor: No. It's just a slab of stone, actually.
3:07:18 Aegnor: But you assume it's a door, since the tunnel leads there.
3:07:34 Shadowcaller: Well, first she puts her hand on it, trying to sense any magic
3:07:49 Hope: goodnight. Have fun
3:07:52 Aegnor: Night.
3:07:55 Shadowcaller: Night
3:08:01 Aegnor: And no, the door isn't magical.
3:08:21 Shadowcaller: She tries to push it a bit, with both hands
3:08:29 Aegnor: It doesn't budge.
3:08:55 Shadowcaller: She looks for any kind of sign on it
3:08:56 Hope on poistunut keskustelusta.
3:09:11 Aegnor: There's nothing but the carving of a dragon.
3:09:13 Shadowcaller: If she knocks it, dose it sound like there is something on the other side?
3:09:42 Aegnor: Well, yeah, there is a large empty space on the other side. But the stone is too thick to make much of a sound.
3:10:16 Shadowcaller: She steps back and lets the air elemental try to go under it
3:10:26 Shadowcaller: I assume there is still air on the other side:P
3:10:40 Aegnor: Yeah. Under it, there's no space, though.
3:10:57 Shadowcaller: No space at all?
3:11:02 Aegnor: Well… no. :P
3:11:13 Aegnor: It's not hanging in the air or anything.
3:11:42 Shadowcaller: It tries above it then
3:12:09 Shadowcaller: Well, then there is more of a slav then a door
3:12:12 Shadowcaller: *slab
3:12:12 Aegnor: It manages to squeeze through a small gap, there seems to be an empty space above the door. It squeezes to the other side of the door.
3:12:24 Shadowcaller: Since there are no claps
3:12:35 Shadowcaller: Okay, she possesses it once it enters
3:12:47 Aegnor: She sees nothing whatsoever, it's utterly dark.
3:13:34 Shadowcaller: Hm, she leaves the elemental and asks everyone to stay way back
3:13:47 Aegnor: (You know… Eh, whatever. :P)
3:13:52 Aegnor: Everyone retreats, I guess.
3:14:05 Shadowcaller: Then she summons the fire elemental
3:14:21 Aegnor: It feels somehow much easier than she'd have thought.
3:14:53 Shadowcaller: SHe tries to force it throught the door the same way as the air elemental
3:15:05 Shadowcaller: (Its a reactional really:P)
3:15:07 Aegnor: I guess it manages.
3:15:50 Shadowcaller: She possesses it this time, and it ends up looking a bit like magic cessie did when Aegnor was inside her mind
3:16:04 Aegnor: She's in a large hall.
3:16:12 Aegnor: It's got a row of supporting pillars in the middle
3:16:29 Aegnor: and they're all carved with the odd symbols and markings she saw down in the tunnel, but these are clearly much more artistic.
3:16:35 Aegnor: One pillar has broken.
3:17:39 Shadowcaller: The both elementals move inside, the Cessie possessed one tries to sense anything, elementals are highly influenced by magic since they are made by it
3:18:42 Aegnor: It senses a somehow dimmed sensation of a very strong magic somewhere outside the hall.
3:19:21 Shadowcaller: On our side?
3:19:30 Aegnor: In the tunnel? No.
3:19:41 Shadowcaller: It moves in that direction then
3:20:04 Aegnor: The others are waiting behind Cessie in the tunnel, I guess.
3:20:33 Shadowcaller: They are, she is currently not able to respond, her eyes are closed
3:20:43 Aegnor: The whole room seems to be artistically decorated by carvings, with a strong dragon theme but other natural ones aswell and a lot of water aswell. Rivers, lakes…
3:20:43 Shadowcaller: She is leaning slightly against the door
3:21:03 Shadowcaller: Almost sitting
3:21:34 Shadowcaller: It moves on, carefully observing the carvings
3:21:48 Shadowcaller: (hm, this matches very well with the next plot.)
3:22:47 Aegnor: There is a large double door at the end of the hall, at the wall your door is at there are three other such slabs and there's a smaller door near the other end of the wall. There's a small bit of heightened floor, but nothing else, in that end.
3:24:00 Shadowcaller: It moves to the small door first
3:24:24 Shadowcaller: The air elemental is at our door, trying to push it somehow
3:24:41 Aegnor: It doesn't move. But there's a small protruding tile on the wall next to it.
3:25:26 Shadowcaller: Well, sadly the air elemental isn't smart enough to realize that on its own
3:25:42 Shadowcaller: So back to the fire elemental
3:25:46 Aegnor: I'd assume the fire elemental might've seen those too
3:25:51 Aegnor: there's one next to each door on our wall
3:25:54 Shadowcaller: Yes, it would have
3:26:10 Shadowcaller: But it was turned away from it
3:26:18 Aegnor: (And if anyone pays any attention, there's one under some moss on our side of the door aswell.)
3:26:28 Shadowcaller: And more focused on the drawings
3:26:51 Shadowcaller: Well, some may have started to investigate the door while Cessie is "away"
3:27:17 Shadowcaller: She have glided down into a sitting position, still leaning against the door
3:27:35 Shadowcaller: She is entierly focused on the fire elemental right now
3:28:40 Shadowcaller: The fire elemental is checking the small door
3:30:33 Aegnor: The small door is… a small door.
3:30:35 Aegnor: Stone.
3:30:39 Aegnor: Has a slab next to it.
3:31:24 Shadowcaller: It checks the slab
3:31:46 Aegnor: It's a small protruding tile from the wall.
3:32:10 Shadowcaller: It checksour door for the same things
3:32:17 Shadowcaller: (It can't actually press them.)
3:32:28 Aegnor: Yup.
3:32:56 Shadowcaller: It commands the air elemental to press the slabs, first at the small door
3:33:19 Aegnor: Hmm. It requires some strength to push, actually.
3:34:13 Shadowcaller: Well, the air elemental is all about pressure. Its about at human level
3:34:53 Shadowcaller: If it dosn't work directly, Cessie will possess it instead and focus all its power on it.
3:35:16 Aegnor: She does that and it manages to push the tile in.
3:35:33 Aegnor: The small door slides to the side, accompanied by some rumbling.
3:36:06 Shadowcaller: SHe changes elemental again and lets the fire elemental enter first
3:36:23 Shadowcaller: (To check so there aren't anything dangerous before they proceed.)
3:37:37 Aegnor: It's a short tunnel, which opens to a larger cavern. This one isn't worked, it looks more like a natural cave. It has a large lake in the middle of it. The presence of magic is suddenly overwhelmingly strong.
3:38:24 Shadowcaller: Its urged towards it, both Cessie and the elemental are attracted to this source of magic
3:38:39 Shadowcaller: The air elemental follws too, even without order
3:39:24 Aegnor: Suddenly, a large glob of water rises from the lake and splashes at the fire elemental, attempting to extinguish it.
3:40:00 Shadowcaller: It backs away, but is very weakened
3:40:14 Shadowcaller: Cessie instinctivily changes elemental
3:40:20 Aegnor: The water follows, aggressively trying to get rid of the fire elemental.
3:41:15 Shadowcaller: It flees, the air elemental that now have assumed Cessie shape instead tries to attack this watery foe by strong winds
3:41:39 Aegnor: The water blob is thrown at great speed at the fleeing fire elemental, doesn't seem to be much affected by the wind.
3:41:48 Aegnor: It splashes over it again.
3:42:09 Shadowcaller: I guess the fire elemental dies then
3:42:34 Shadowcaller: Or well, goes to the water realm and becomes a water elemental
3:42:42 Shadowcaller: But to us, it simply died
3:42:44 Aegnor: Yeah.
3:42:56 Aegnor: The water drops to the ground.
3:43:01 Aegnor: and flows slowly into the lake.
3:43:19 Shadowcaller: Ignoring the air elemental?
3:43:24 Aegnor: Yup.
3:43:43 Shadowcaller: It must be very dark again then?
3:43:47 Aegnor: The ceiling of this cavern seems to be luminous
3:43:53 Aegnor: It's still quite dark though.
3:44:19 Shadowcaller: It as a elemental tries to sense the magic once again
3:44:52 Aegnor: The lake itself seems magical but there's a stronger magic around… somewhere. It can't really point a direction.
3:45:43 Shadowcaller: It searches around the room then
3:45:54 Aegnor: The cavern?
3:46:00 Shadowcaller: Yeah
3:46:14 Aegnor: It's on a ledge of stone which oversees the lake. There doesn't seem to be anything else there.
3:46:46 Aegnor: (We really oughta stop soon… I need to sleep and I want Happy to also be in on this. :P)
3:48:15 Shadowcaller: Okay, since one elemental already have died in here, she won't risk the other one before opening that door (even thought she suspect there are slabs on the other side too.)
3:48:38 Shadowcaller: It returns to the room and pushes the slabs with all its might
3:48:49 Aegnor: It doesn't actually see anything in the hall
3:48:54 Aegnor: so it's quite difficult to find the door
3:49:10 Aegnor: ("The critical question is this: do dead elf bones yield more crossbow bolts than the average number of bolts necessary to kill an elf?" :P)
3:49:31 Shadowcaller: (Hehe, from where?:P)
3:49:54 Aegnor: (Dwarf Fortress)
3:50:01 Shadowcaller: (Ah^^)
3:50:35 Shadowcaller: Now sure if elementals even can feel, can it see some light around the door then?
3:50:50 Shadowcaller: Otherwise it won't even be able to return
3:51:36 Shadowcaller: Of course, she could just un-possess it, but she's not sure there is a slab on the other side
3:52:03 Aegnor: Nah, there's no light coming through the door
3:52:14 Aegnor: the gaps it squeezed through were very, very small.
3:52:39 Shadowcaller: Well, I guess a elemental must be able to feel something… or maybe not
3:52:58 Shadowcaller: They change shape all the time anyway
3:53:18 Shadowcaller: She un-possess it and looks for a slab on the other side then
3:53:33 Shadowcaller: Waking up from her sleep-like state
3:53:39 Aegnor: 'Well?'
3:53:45 Shadowcaller: They might have checked the door already
3:54:16 Shadowcaller: "There was a hall… and some magical lake… I think there is supposed to be a stone slab beside the door."
3:54:28 Aegnor: ("This is why artificial intelligences won't be taking over the world within the next ten years or so: NORMAL people don't have to be TOLD not to milk a cow that's on fire!" )
3:55:37 Aegnor: They find it pretty soon and, although it's quite stuck, manage to push it, the door slides upwards with a loud rumble and gets stuck two thirds up, leaving enough space to crouch through.
3:55:48 Shadowcaller: "There was a double door… maybe I should scout that too first?"
3:56:36 Aegnor: (Let's stop here, since we'll need Happy's input)
3:56:48 Shadowcaller: (yeah, thats what I wanted.)
3:59:09 Shadowcaller: Good night then, Cessie have the tendency to solve things with magic, that don't really need magic at all:P
3:59:41 Shadowcaller: I guess the scouting thing was good thought, but they lost a fire elemental
3:59:46 Aegnor: Heh.
3:59:48 Aegnor: Night.

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